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Biden Admin Doubles Down on Ministry of Truth

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
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May 2, 2022 2:52 pm

Biden Admin Doubles Down on Ministry of Truth

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow

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Description of troops now information governance was coming out and we saw immediate concerns about free speech. You understand some of this pushback is no question that we could've done better job in communicating what it does want to hear from you. The cartels now you secretary Marcus about focus on her so how about protecting her away from actual threats not of verbal communications and if you really need to go after cartels.

You have the authority to do that without a disinformation governance board need to go after Russia had a propaganda. You have the authority to do that without a disinformation governance board appears to be targeting American speech, and here's why. It appears to be targeting American speech. The person you put in charge of this governance board. Let's flash back to what she was doing a an online forum on civic duty. This is again Nina J. Quick talking about. What is your civic duty bike two dozen Selleck Russia doesn't sound like I don't hear about cartels in this bike to form a powerful emotional content coming from the right. Look at the top 10 list engaged left posts on faith or twitter. And I usually post that are coming from the right right highly emotional rhetoric, highly emotional rhetoric. By the way, protected by the U.S. Constitution circuit anything about cartels arrested their notebooks, not because, listen. The fact that the department of homeland security has set up a disinformation and miss information governance board that let's look at the title of the group.

It's a board that's going to govern misinformation and disinformation.

So when the sensors at Facebook label something fake or partially false. They send that over. I guess to the governance board who does what would DHS takes legal action.

When this is the question I and I will really answer this because nobody can find the rules, regulations that this governance board has put in place but we do know this and I think we had to be clear on this. This government board actually is operating and has people on the panel.

Yeah that's right it's not just Nina. She's got a Deputy General Counsel assets at the department of homeland security as well as an undersecretary for policy at the Department of Homeland Security.

My concern is that that it's not Facebook going to them but it's it's the disinformation board going to know social media platforms and especially places like Twitter now with the new owner through social try to put pressure on them trying to put pressure on Instagram's that the wherever there is social media communication going on and they're doing under the guise of fighting back against cartels except for you don't need. This division to do that. You don't need this division to fight back on Russia in fact that she wrote that this is unnecessary that this entire division.

This entire against set up is it completely unnecessary. She wrote this back in 2017 so the height of all the Russia gave God sends us ready for the New York Times and she said all is not lost.

Disinformation can be defeated without the establishment of a shiny new initiative case to the language of Cold War 2.0 instead of rapid information operations. The United States were to systematically rebuild analytical skills across the American population and invested the media to ensure that is driven by truth that clicks like either of those statements. But guess what she's done. She's now joined the shiny new initiative case to the language of Cold War to point out yet but this is listed as the new census report and these are unconstitutional Will and later. The broadcast is nothing new for the Democrats. By the way they been doing this for a long time to call different things. This time it's called a board of governance misinformation and disinformation, but it's not something we should tolerate by the way, if you're watching on on our social media platforms including rumble encourage you to subscribe to those platforms, but specifically to rumble as well because we know there were not getting it censored by the misinformation and disinformation governance for this just adds another tool, but this time the tools controlled by the got bad enough when it was big. Now it's the government reaction this 1-800-684-3110 800-684-3110 about form of secularity or focus of this to 100 684 31 to because one of my top concerns of this entire effort is it of course we got our foyer and to learn more about this group we filed immediately on Friday it in with department of homeland security. If they don't respond about that 20 days which is about 30 calendar days were to be taken to court June there was an edge so to get this information, but it's also the idea that which the government announces something like this that we announce a disinformation governance board. It's going to be reviewing all of this speech it in the sense scares people was chilling of the speech so there's Dr. the First Amendment research and maybe I will write maybe I won't go that political rally, maybe I won't upside in my yard maybe I won't put the this thing on my social media), so if it the doctrine is that First Amendment prohibits the chilling of free speech that his activities taking by government actor designed to limit or basically scare people, kill, stop First Amendment activity because you think you might be violating the law now curates particularly onerous because the agency that's been tasked with working this through is the Department of Homeland Security which is a law enforcement mechanism, a law enforcement agency and the idea that a law enforcement agency now has a a board of governance with missing for misinformation and disinformation is chilling. Didn't the existence of the board itself is chilling to pray speech. Now the question becomes here were looking at this right now we would like to challenge his head on a misting needs to not come into existence with the problem is already been existence both for two months, which is now it's out publicly and you know Mallorca says all well and I did with the bite again or he says I could've rolled out better yet, let let's play that weekend. I mean this is this week we learned that DHS is disinformation governance board was coming out and we saw many concerns about free speech.

You understand some of this pushback: there is no question that we could've done better job in communicating what it does really don't they know what it does.

That's the time they know what exactly what it does. It's good to put a ton of pressure on social media companies that slant that it is harder.

Don't like the truth. Social lodged.

They don't like the twitters been bought by Elon musk.

They rushed up their announcement because of that date. They don't like Fox News. They don't like conservative talk radio, but especially where the pressure can be put on the social media companies because they opened the door to content moderation. That's their fault. They opened the door to say let's review these outside groups, outside organizations to moderate our own content and that we've gone through that process before the ACLJ that is to be a government agency helping them put more restrictions on the content that means more shadow bedding that means more Facebook jail. That means more getting kicked off the platform because of opinions and this is the difference if you want the cartel information which they could do but anyway without that you don't need a disinformation governance board going to subpoena, search warrant specifically Russia right you should be utilizing the FBI and other law enforcement agencies don't need to announce a board agreed to tell Russia that you're doing it.

That's why I don't believe either of those lines because you don't tell the cartels what you're going to do you don't tell the Russians what you're going to do and by the way here Russia target this agency now target these individuals were leaving the same as it it's the it's a game.

He came up with talking points for this because he knew his connect on Fox News answer questions you need to did a very poor job of doing it now was interesting but parent brought the steel dossier was that was in the barn information aimed at the former President listen to this when number 21 was the steel dossier disinformation.

I it's not for me to tell by now you know and imagine I was upright, is not for me to appoint what but wait a minute I thought you have a board of governors. That's for misinformation and disinformation. And here's the rest of his answer cast center censorship and that's it.

That's exactly that's exactly why we set this working group to make sure that our work to address allele threat to the homeland. The threat posed by Russian disinformation. The threat posed by Chinese disinformation Iranian disinformation the work that we do does not infringe on people's relatively sweet kid a person to head up the organization that has said the misinformation is incompetent or not she wasn't talking about Russia and and I ran she was talk about right-wing outlets right. This is the day I will play it for you gives you understand this is what Nina Executive Director of your new disinformation governance board. They were paying for their taxpayer dollars sit is the biggest problem bite to highly emotionally content coming from the right. Look at the top 10 and less engaged left posts on Facebook or twitter. And I usually stutter coming from the right and the right highly emotional rhetoric. She was a Wilson fellow on misinformation and disinformation at the Woodrow Wilson Center and I just think about this for Melissa personally put in charge of 32 years old. I don't know if she's a lawyer, not maybe I'd I don't know. I do know this, that the potential chilling of free speech here is drastic. So were not just talking about on this broadcast.

We have taken action putting up on the screen right now. Again, this is the freedom of information act request that we went out on the air with on we announce it. Friday we sent it out Friday. George can be doing Sean Hannity's radio television broadcast this evening on this.

We are looking at taking direct legal action. In addition to this, which the point will end up II suspect in court because they're either not want to produce documents what they produce is not going to result in this of the problem is not can result in the real in the real information right at me. We want to look at who are the DHS officials involved in establishing this board other than a Arcus and the other named people with were members of Congress evolved because they see a lot of Democrats pushing for this nongovernment entities. Left-leaning groups were they involved how involved was the White House staff.

Again we were even looking for certain words. Election candidate misinformation abortion, reproductive freedom, religion, Christian patriot conservative twitter musk free speech speech constitution First Amendment because we have the words because the IRS will remember the irate beta be on the lookout list within their agency.

This the same kind of problem here except DHS is even more power they to be on the lookout list for as George is listed for specific words and phrases. So we want to know that to we want to know their definition of disinformation where where, how are they going to define what different disinformation is always hurt his talking points about what it's not. And who it's supposed to be targeted at the divorce. None of that makes any sense want to take your phone because of this it wanted hundred 684 31 to join the broadcast at 2000 684-3110 is attack on our free speech rights is intact that we've really not seen before. At this level been distrusted by an administration with the law.

I would imagine Donald Trump and that they be scream at first, I want it applicant was really Barack Obama in the speech about a month ago who called for this so Barack Obama for President saying we need more content moderators on social media and guess what the by administration does they listen to Barack Obama and they say you know what reported unofficial office of content moderation. This to me is what scary. Here's because people want to have opinions and you should be able have opinions in this country without being deep demonized or criminalized or had the threat or fear of an agency like the department, homeland security, a law enforcement agency coming after you, because they don't like your opinion. This is a country founded on radical opinions are looking opinions that are outside the norm are okay opinions that I get it, opinion, and then of course there's people have a tough time now.

Who defines facts and truth. Now is also a game because it really depends on what media source you go to define what is a factor.

What is absolutely true, and sometimes in many situations like in war is hard to get truth because it's a messy situation right you get is best information as you can but sometimes in that best information comes disinformation from one of the two parties in the conflict. You know, I'm looking at some of the post. The comments are coming in and here's what's interesting.

A lot of people think enemy I can understand why you think this this can possibly be real on is this is this possibly I think was it was one of the centers over was Josh Ollier when the other ones who soon wrote a letter Tom Condon saying I thought this was, not real. When I heard about and somebody are saying the same thing. Could this possibly be real will not only is it real, it's been in existence for two months and they only leaked it out because it was about to get out. That's exactly why they leaked it out, but you have to understand when you got this, Jordan set the stage on this one for the chilling of free speech here can be dramatic. If you let this stand desiccated because I again the average person who hears about this.I'm not talking about to even most of you listen this broadcaster watching this broadcast the average folks out there who you know gets towards election time. They decide to say something online or tell the officer talking to friends about who they are to vote for baby put the yard sign up for the bumper sticker on their car may be attended event.

This makes them think twice because they know right now the party in charge. If there conservative doesn't like those events and is looking for a way to demonize that speech and criminalize that speech and block that speech from ever seeing the light of day. She could see this chilling effect it might have on unjust average folks who would he gets close to election time. Want to have an opinion of the candidates they choose the issues they care about support orchid, but I want to hear from you. One 800 684 31 to 2022.

This is happening in the United states of America was you call 1-800-684-3110. This is from your new executive director of the government disinformation board sheet. She said this back in 2020, about Pres. Trump and what she would never want to see the executive branch doing right. 23. L now calling all nations that have inconvenient for him stories is that they are getting out there crying thinking is now asking friends never want to see my executive branch had not started on the legislative process are duly elected officials is really important that certain consultative rulemaking process and and we can't just govern by Executive Order any executive branch is taking over and she's she's leaving it up. She never wanted to see the executive branch initiates at his shower. And now she is the executive director of that power under the executive branch of the government just exactly what she was afraid of.

She's now heading up me. I want you to think about this for moment, but here you said something in her prep meeting. That's interesting. This is not really new for them. You're precisely correct. So, Nina Janke, which is simply the latest iteration of the Democrats attempt to take over speech in the United States. Excuse me. It's important to remember that in the 2010 State of the Union address by Pres. Obama, he rebuked the United States Supreme Court. Why because it issued citizens United a free speech decision which protected the free speech rights of corporations which are persons within the meaning of the United States Constitution.

Secondly, in 2014. Sen. Udall formally proposed legislation to do what to shrink freedom of speech in order to quote unquote restore democracy. This amendment threatened with free speech rights of every single American.

If the amendment Udall amendment took effect. It would bar the national right rifle Association from distributing voter guides. It would bar potentially pro-life organizations from distributing pro-life information Congress could criminalize pastors from making an effort to get their parishioners out to vote. These are the commitments of the Democrats and in 2021.

What did the Democrats propose HR were I'm sorry HR one, which is a house bill which would enable the Democrats to take over local elections in the United States Wall Street Journal's editorial board had an interesting comment talked a bit. Listen to what Majorca said on scene and stated January play that then they said this this is it reassuring the concern isn't that the board will spine Americans. The problem is that this new board may choose to play the role of national fact checker, a kind of government political put the little fact the look down from Mount Washington.

At this or that statement and vouchsafed to the masses. What is true and what is false, and that it says whatever may orchid's intentions may be, but refereeing political debate isn't the government's job. That's precisely what you've said here you said they may try to do this for 12 years but nothing done it.

That's right, every political speech is some of the most protected speech in our country in the courts been very clear about that and the freedom of speech is one of our most protected sacred rights, the courts have been very clear about that. If they drawing the lines is that they take it very difficult task at any time that they they feel like they might be silencing kind of any kind of speech because it's illegal, you know, and it even then I speech that is illegal is usually speech that leads to imminent criminal conduct that one day down the road, someone might commit a crime because they're crazy read something online, imminent criminal conduct. All of these laws already existed a bus that does not need to be a new agency to do exactly this way. We all, I think, understand where this is going towards is targeting us is targeting you is not targeting the cartels. They don't need this for that isn't targeting Russia. They don't need this for that this is you are getting it for that make sense if this is the national content moderate. If you had Russian disinformation coming into the United States. Why would you go to a governance board. Upon homeland security. Go to the FBI absolutely is my sulfate folks. It's also important to keep in mind that Majorca's has suggested that it's all right for instance, to spew anti-Jewish statements and rhetoric but it's not all right to take hostages at synagogues, will you don't need a disinformation board to prevent hostagetaking. So at the end of the day. I think Majorca is the DHS is simply a corrupt organization headed unfortunately by political hacks and we go to David Marilyn online to heyday welcome to secular you're on the air they guided my culture and got her about six months really appreciate Ray doing real quick question about Mallorca defendant Jacqueline Spacey saying she was an expert in disinformation. My question to you guys is what constitutes her as an expert in other words, what did she do to qualify herself as an expert VCC work for the Wilson Center as a disinformation expert, but we played the bite from her ready what she said. She said that she would not want to see the federal government through the executive branch have the authority to do exactly what she's now heading up so I would not I would totally discount Dave what she said she's going to do or not, she's also hyper partisan so I mean you go back to that the 2016 election, she was at Hillary Clinton supporter very anti-Tromp. So again, if you get a do this is the bite administration and you don't want to have this conservative outrage, and it should be American outrage is her free speech rights. You don't put in a hyper partisan actor would you want me in next time around the side. I like the liberal speech of his that is think with the right actors for that.

There is no right actor for this job though because this job shouldn't exist.

This bull United States America position this board. There is no one qualified to do this because in our Constitution. We have the freedom of speech and no one should be moderating it. One of things were looking at right now is to find out we file the Freeman information act request information if we don't get informational go to federal court.

There were also looking at the idea that this the board itself, ill-defined as it is. Harry is chilling free speech because your concern you're running afoul of the department of homeland security's governance board. It's going to automatically throttle speech in this country. I think you're precisely correct. So what we have is an intolerable infringement on Americans free speech rights, and so all Americans from the left and the right should react negatively to the attempt by the Biden administration to control what we say. Importantly, we should also note what the Supreme Court has said about our free speech rights.

That is, there is no such thing as a false idea and that is particularly true with respect to political ideas brought the homeland security department basically says that it has the right to decide what to believe what facts are true and this at the end of the day.

From a constitutional perspective is simply nonsense on steroids. In our second half hour record, I will be joining us. He's active again on social media platforms active in campaigns and political working understands again is that in the intelligence world to the world that would've handled if there was a proper cartel is that there is a problem. Russia that's the right world, not the department, which by the way, secure the border.

May orchid us stop traveling on my free speech rights and get the border secured about do that first a 164 3110 if you want to join us on the broadcast we want you to be a part of the show. Give us a call one 800 684 31 to can you believe this is happening in your country the United States of America in 2022 and what it can be. It grandkids give us a call for decades. ACLJ is been on the frontlines protecting your freedom is defending your rights in court in Congress and in the public arena. The American Center for Law and Justice is on your side, you're already a member thinking. If you're not well this is the perfect time to stand with us,, where you can learn more about our life-changing work become a member today ACLJ keeping you informed and now is Jordan secular last week disinformation government governance board was announced by the bite administration through secretary Mallorca Sue is failing to protect us at the border. I think you're estimating what like 22,000 people a month at the border and that's a full on invasion of our country to deal with that. So putting that but putting that aside histories, focusing his attention how why he had to do the media rounds this week.

It because he created a disinformation governance board and put in his place.

The Executive Director was a hyper partisan actor who said this should never exist in the United States of America, even under Tromp.

We should never have something like this, even for dealing with figures like that, you hyper partisan has no business being this role and as I've said because no one does.

This should not exist in the United States of America. They are lying when they say they need this for cartels and they need this for Russia that is always an excuse.

Russia especially, we have intelligence agencies to do that.

The department homeland security job there again. Terrorism and border security, border security, something they are totally failing As we speak is just going to get worse so try to shift our attention to now trying to cop have a national Center for content moderation.

That is what the Biden administration is creating through this board and there to put pressure on and you see how that is already with these content providers and media platforms there to put that much more government pressure now for them to censor your conservative speech. Why do I say that your conservative speech because she said that the problem played the bite again. We are the problem to Nina. Jake awakes into this board highly emotionally content coming from the right. Look at the top 10 and less engaged left posts on faith or trainer at a given day.

I usually consider coming from the right and the right highly emotional rhetoric, emotional rhetoric is protected speech. I can be highly emotional about what I believe it. That does not need. I don't need a government since you ever step in there. There is no question about that hyper emotional rhetoric is protected speech. Folks will have pointed this out there producing this a very good point there training because they have an immediate problem now because this thing got out and it's creating all kinds of problems. Here's what they're saying.

This was for disinformation by cartels. First of all, any information by a cartel we think about that for about cartels giving disinformation like come to this particular place to go rather than go to the other place to go. I mean this what some ridiculous so they came up with this cartels and I ran who they want to cut a deal with by the way I observed as a word about the disinformation. Why would DHS have a board to dormant determinant, why would you just go after the cartels are engaged in illegal conduct because what you're trying to do is target free speech and you say that you say that having that their Executive Director is that it she said it. The decision of the all the information comes out of the right and it's all this this information. What if Donald Trump were to do this you know the cause of fake news and that makes it unconstitutional and what it doesn't. You have the right to make the statements but the idea that they're justifying it out by St. Paul. Well we have to do this because we have to get misinformation from drug cartels controlled as if the FBI and DHS can do that already right that that's why some snow is as follows what they're trying to pull over the American people bogus excuse focuses on undertaker photos. We come back recruit nails can be joining us as well. The lead department at a national intelligence as surrogate as a director of national intelligence, so this idea that these tools are Artie up place to go after real bad actors is bogus. We'll talk about that with him. I will take for your phone calls to 100-684-3110.

That's 100-684-3110 can support the work of ACLJ our FOIA on this. We got way out ahead of this first surf. The filing is in place on Friday with department homeland security. They don't respond will be in court next month with them, but you can read she could see that now understand were filing there and we are working on figuring out what more we can do as an organization to prevent this governance board from ever ever censoring you.

If your phone calls as well.

164 3110 recruit nails joining us in his role as acting director of national intelligence, a Rick, I would this first question because Mallorca's came out this week and he said you know we need this governance board because of a cartel disinformation and we needed because of Russian disinformation. I would imagine when you oversaw the as director of national intelligence, and through DHS that they have all the tools they need to do that without announcing a new governance board with a partisan hack as its Executive Director. Yeah, it's a great point on lookout to say this and I've said this before, I think here at ACLJ but it's worth repeating. And that is that the, the, you know me running the intelligence agencies. What I came to realize is that the rusted team that is looking at all of the Intel is extremely dramatic and partisan in the China team is set there very slow and judicious and so the leaks that come out and the innuendos and partisanship that gets done may access realize that 30 RSI 50 former intelligence officials are going to say that under Biden's laptop is Russian disinformation. And that is exactly what the Chinese want you to do. They don't want you looking at the laptop. The Chinese don't want you looking at the relationship with the Bidens. The Chinese don't want you looking at them and so every time a Democrat goes out and says Russia Russia Russia the Beijing crowd applauds. They love this. And so Mallorca's I think is is missing what's happening he's being whipped by the partisans inside DHS and inside the intelligence agencies and is not making Americans more say to pretend like somehow we need political people using the tools of government that shut down dissent and to set down our discussions, Rick. What's interesting to me here.

What's really troubling is the director of national intelligence, the Russian cartels are sending out missing for personal trust and govern drug cartels and the Russians are doing something that's illegal which the drug cartels are engaged in illegal enterprise. You don't need a governance board to determine whether their speech is appropriate or not. I mean this is where this is such a bogus reason to defend this group.

So what happened here was they were not prepared to defend the existence of this organization, but with inside DHS of this. What I'm trying to really focus our people want inside the department, homeland security, there is now a board of governance we think about this a board of governance on misinformation and disinformation. The head of which the Executive Director which said it's the right that engages in the disinformation and misinformation can say the cartels which it doesn't make sense that this governance board would deal with drug cartels Rick and you supervise these agencies. When we got to get a handle on them and I would I would argue that the majority by far the majority of career intelligence officials hate the leaks they hate the partisanship they want to keep America say what they see and they see it every single day and night, and let me be very clear that fascism is about shutting down dissent and what the Biden administration is doing is shutting down dissent. They're afraid to have a conversation.

We know this because they're afraid to have a conversation on the University levels. They don't want Hollywood anyone in Hollywood who pipes up and says something different than the official line is crossed, they are crushing dissent everywhere. They can including big tech including our conversations about elections, the phones at Joe in North Carolina online. One hey Joe Logan Sekulow hey thanks for having a guy got do a great job wanted as you are the same people who decided that the New York Post story on underbody with this information. Are those the same people who are good be deciding whether from here on out whether information will you know the new executive director for this governance board Rick. She took that it as as fact.

Once those 50 former Intel folks came out and said Hunter by laptop is disinformation. She said she tweeted out it's disinformation it's it's something we, the media should not look at. I want to speak very clearly to Joe.

I have one word answer yes it is the same people in the same people who want to set down dissent go a little literally went after the New York Post shut them down and and and again I want to be clear on this Russian propaganda because that's what it isn't you don't change the words of Russian disinformation but it's old-fashioned Russian propaganda.

They always do and we got a call and out and in that the reality is is that it didn't.

It wasn't about our elections.

It was about our election debates and it was largely on social media where they tried to inflame our debates so I tell everybody constantly. If you see on social media somebody that you don't know that is inflaming a debate on guns or abortion is probably a Russian by just ignoring and don't inflame the debate anymore because they want us to disagree, and that's their goal, they don't have an agenda of policy they have an agenda to get us to fight amongst ourselves American what you think about this for moment, could you imagine if we were all working in our different roles in the last administration if they were a proposal that the President was going to announce or the DHS directors and SRU organ announces director of national intelligence put this committee together.

This governance board and look, don't worry about it were just going to engage in reviewing misinformation and disinformation from everyone on the right right exactly so could you imagine what would be going on at CNN and MSNBC right now if that was coming out of your mouth to 1/2 years ago is now down to words or one word that would be a total meltdown just these people there had let explode and you know I learned J every single time. The left accuses me or others on the right of something they're doing in themselves that their whole game plan of trying to cover and so be aware when they accuse us they are doing the exact same thing to Diana Nevada because the risk involved in the political world all the time I die Logan Sekulow euro year all to make them their whole thing. I think you mentioned it on your program you days ago. The tactic of Hitler of the Soviet Union. Welch any kind of debate, and then put out their own information is being the only information you can take that and I think it our job here is to constantly taking every every bite at the dice don't bite at the 30 disinformation needs in 20 inflaming conversation. But now that it is going to happen in this country.

We need to vote against it because Keith's voting is not just the individual voting, but it's it's the individual be able talk to their friends and family about voting. That's how you build an organization and a group of people. That's how you actually win elections for all just silent again that that's also us. That's also hurts voting and hurts the chance of of winning elections to fight back if Diana same from Nevada don't take the bait. Every time but I think what she's saying is push out our own agenda pushing out our own positive points.

I hope I'm allowed to say that that animal acts of our great candidate in Nevada deserves Diane support. I don't know if I can say that I just did.

But the reality is, is we need as Diane is saying we need brave and courageous people fight for us and we also need Diane's and Joe's of the world. Every single person to fight back. They want you to be silent, and Juliet recently asked me there scares you into silence and all that is accessed or a homophile for the a Russian agent and so all that is designed to contain your voice away and that scare you into silence. You are the only person that can take away your voice is the truth of the matter is this is what we look what were looking at right now is whether litigation can be worked obviously doing the FOIA, but whether direct litigation on this governance board be taken because the chilling nature of what they're doing. This report is long held that when you chill free speech at the outset, it can subject to constitutional attack and I think this is one of the situations would be appreciated as always appreciate your insights. Folks, let let me say this and be really clear on this, the idea we have a board of governance for misinformation and disinformation.

Let me tell you disinformation. It's about drug cartels and and and rotten. That's why they need this.

That's the disinformation that's right an enemy. The fact is we have these places. Our government already have your secretary broken should be focusing his time is actually securing our border, protecting Americans not empowering a partisan actor to be the head of a new truth police. The Ministry of truth. This is not a joke. This is not satire. This is moving forward right now in your taxpayer-funded federal government of the ACLJ is taking action on party filed a FOIA we got way ahead on Friday. That's been filed with DHS. We've taken the court.

We will or also.

After this broadcast really talking about what else we can do to protect your rights on this, so let's keep the pressure up. That's very key here to take your phone calls at 164 30 wanted pressure. This administration maybe shut it down to Kaylee's call confidence of a non-line to hey Amy. Welcome to secular you're on the air refreshing one way or direct court find out about exactly what they're doing. Remember, are they just using words or they going to actually I think you will actually do something here.

I think that this is setting up a national content moderation board you know.

Interesting enough, a new new kind of piece of information for you, the executive director I needed to take with of this governance board disinformation governance board when she was at the Wilson Center as a disinformation fellow guests who was paying for Facebook. Okay, so they are you doing content moderation so this is like nationalizing content moderation so we file the FOIA to get as much information as we can. We are looking at whether or not announcing this alone is silencing speech is it is it again is it enough of an effect on speech that people are going to think twice before exercising their constitutional right of a data target chilling speech and I think that a lot of people wonder how can the US government. I it's shocking I know it's like what the senator said it's almost satire appears to be satire that the US government whose First Amendment right to its people. Is that right to speak.

So here's lately.

The irony of all this is a neat and what this why the four isn't very important here. The freedom of information act request. Such a predicate so we can find out exactly how this came into being exactly what they're doing with our rules and regulations. No one knows any of this. Now my orchids came out in damage control mode. That's what this was. Today damage control mode to say hey were not talk about free speech or we need this for drug cartels and Russian disinformation.

And again I say think about that for a moment you know that is not correct. They don't need a board of governance for misinformation and disinformation to go after drug cartels or Russia in a propaganda so that doesn't work for the American people, but the night, but what they're going to do is that this board is gonna work and now we know that her fellowship. The head of the board of governance for misinformation, disinformation's fellowship was partially funded by Facebook.

Oh, you mean the group that's already engaging in a lot of censorship in our view, flagging things and then at least take it back to know you're right we did.

We sent the flag that this is it now, but now you put me the Department of Homeland Security and criminal law enforcement behind it. But they're justifying this by saying this is what you get the we gotta go after the drug cartels which we want to go after which would mean protect us on the border, which they're not doing a very good job which is actually their mission, but instead they need a governance board to go after the drug cartels get a subpoena get an indictment get it get a search warrant.

That's how you do that.

That's how you lose law enforcement.

This is bogus. This is an attempt and she said it.

It's coming from the right. She said that in her previous statements. They did appoint some constitutional expert on this paper promoted an individual who has an agenda and she was so concerned that under the previous administration of executive power would've gotten this kind of control over content. What would mean now, she setting it up for this administration exactly which appeared about this is, again, to me what is so concerning is you got a now play between Facebook and the governance board. The US government and now US government content moderation board. We've got a fight back. Everyone understands we to fight back.

As I went to the state sheep. She went through this interview.

2020 when this was after she said I never want to see her executive branch have the sort of power which is now leading up by using example what's going on in Poland take Alyssa by 24 I'm thinking and tablets that process with ministry and add digitalization and faith.

And because like a chump administration and I wouldn't be surprised if the act outlined party got this idea from the truth. Administration may, I believe conservative bias and faith that even though there have been multiple studies that otherwise this company process where they send someone from the ministry digitalization to discuss with officers in Warsaw on the instant stands as unfair content moderation and some of them are being overturned through that political oppression at the tip line that people can report and making her content has been unjustly overturned on the trunk administration has a similar set of fodder for anti-democratic and online governance and very very scary and I think this is really where Congress needs to step in cheese and everything she just said that she dislikes and distrusting things is dangerous and violates the principles of constitutional politics and democracy, uniting up to do. Yes, everything is laid out exactly what you should do this and now she's doing it she's doing it from the executive branch the most. Again, the idea that we are going to have a national content moderator board is whether this is what this is it.

So what they're going to do.

She's Artie worked with Facebook the paper to get educated.

They paid for to become this disinformation expert. Whatever that means.

She is now gotten this position then Facebook who is looking for more content moderator today are there if they think they'll take it from the government if that helps them with their regulatory issues. They'll implement what the government wants because they don't mind silencing as she said, predominantly right-leaning speech. She's acknowledged that she said it's good to be right-leaning speech guestroom doesn't care about silencing right-leaning speech Facebook there to be totally on board with this, you can see this interplay between the private sector and of course the US government so Chris Hon. said when this discriminatory be discriminatory against speech that's precise or thing is viewpoint discrimination Patricia on Facebook says so how can this board be dismantled and occasionally brought in court since it appears to violate free speech in the Constitution we are working on that this afternoon and there's two ways. It can be dismantled.

Maybe through the courts, or maybe just political pressure, saying this was a huge mistake. We should not of done it yesterday at the FOIA were to work on the political pressure and figure out if there's any other legal action we can take right now.

So we are working on all three fronts at the American Center for Law and Justice, and we have been since the moment this was an ounce of fire FOIA was already in on Friday. Did we didn't take him today was in on Friday to make sure again were getting as much information as we can about this governance board. I mean, it is again to me shocking this is.

This is the top attack on free speech to be seen in our country in a very very long time because it's not just come from corporate America.

This is the US government taking action. This is the IRS just targeting the conservatives now coming from the apartment Hamlet homeland security targeting free speech. It's this and that was it. By like that was 10 years ago 12 years ago that we started that litigation. We one took us five years to litigated and when it's can it be a long fight here folks. But if we don't fight then you're just conceding to the government control of your thoughts and speech and you can allow that to happen. And again I go back to this idea that what my work is comes out the director home experiences we need this to go after the drug cartels that is such a poor excuse you have the tools to go after the drug cartels you don't need a governance board on misinformation. It's amazing that's the best they could come up with that's going to make his drug cartels and of course no had thrown rush towards his rush is blamed for everything severe like the content moderation governance committee blamed Russia for that. Let me encourage you to do this, so follow us on our social media applications, whether it is rumble which is our preferred site or YouTube or Facebook and also we are now on truth. Social at Jay Sekulow at Jordan secular at Logan Sekulow@ACLJ should sign up for those as well to stay engaged in all of our work in the course now more active again on Twitter now that the changes taking place there in the same handle for that talk you

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