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MSM Hypocrites Meltdown Over Musk

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
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April 26, 2022 1:06 pm

MSM Hypocrites Meltdown Over Musk

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow

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April 26, 2022 1:06 pm

The Left is losing its collective mind in the mainstream media after Elon Musk's $44 billion takeover of Twitter. Is this the end for viewpoint censorship on Twitter? Jay, Jordan, Logan, and the rest of the Sekulow team discuss the latest updates and reactions over Musk's massive Twitter purchase. This and more today on Sekulow.

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Main stream media. You must purchase of Twitter, you have to explain yourself to be transparent.

You could secretly band one party's candidate or all of its candidates. All of his nominees, or you could just secretly turn down the reach of their stuff and turn up the reach of something else in the rest of us might not even find out about itself after the election. We want to hear from you, Sharon poster, call one 800 license is that you must will be well served to have an independent board maybe bring back Jack Dorsey.

Others actually run the day-to-day decision-making of what content moderation is on the now your home. Party they don't like was very good that Ari Milberg Mr. BC thinks these are not just morons. These are people that have no prep or they're just so hypocritical the bubble. They live in their team allows to become out and appear to be moronic because truck was banned from twitter guys. And guess who else is been banned from twitter lots of conservative activists lots of conservative media outlets. If you even they would interview with Donald Trump. They ban you from twitter they D throttle conservatives all the time.

I think what you're scared about is that you are about to say to show the world the algorithm to see how it works see how it gets served. No other social media companies doing that they're not ever let you see how the sausage is made that is that is hurting them.

They are just melting down. I want to play Brian Stelter from CNN. This is a guy don't want to invite any of your party's pride never does get invited to parties is to close this an example of a broader question for twitter which is if you if you get invited to something where there are no rules.

Where there is total freedom forever. Everybody knew you actually want to go to that party or are you decide to stay home and that's a question for twitter users some four years my lovely idea. This will be absolutely no moderation and no rules.

All others might not want to be anywhere near that free party well over a party with a bunch of mass rules of the bunch. I show my papers and I got to do with this line and register this. To a test today before that's the parties. They started laughing their elite parties where they have to test all the staff and they have to still be a basket where the tuxedos they get to walk around however they want to what he does understands the real world as we love freedom the party we want to go to is the freedom party. We don't want to be at the party of the rule makers we don't get freedom and what legal department allows all freedom, that doesn't mean you allow crime is what freedom is about so they don't even understand the terms they use this meltdown. The fact that all of these guys are owned by billionaires and very big companies. They just don't like the boss is not some right wing conservative that created electric cars gets a lot of government subsidies for those electric cars has to work with the government allowed to get postcard what he does care about, which is a baseline to be an American.

I think it while you sleep here feels the loudmouths who both are from every immigrants and what they're saying is they want to protect the American they came to, they escaped what was going on in South Africa.

You are busted like apartheid did want to be part of that escaped ultimately to America wants to preserve the what they fled to Deerfield family immigrated from Germany.

They don't want us to become Europe, where they don't have freedom of speech and we see that time and time again we get kicked out of places in Europe because they don't have freedom of speech, but when we said that we had that experience herself as an organization and you know you on that when you're on that path, which we were on where that kind of media control is basically censorship and viewpoint censorship, which is the reports and the worst kind of censorship.

That's it.

Just the rules are changing and they just can't get used to absolutely were taken because you back on twitter with what we found out yesterday. Thousands of people, especially in the conservative world ended up back on a platform they had previously left and even find that what you just look at your numbers and you can give us a call and know your thoughts.

100 684 31 10,000 people.

The other side left a meeting so people like Jack Dorsey states Elon is the singular solution. I trust when it comes to twitter the people from all sides of the world not as well easily split up the question. This is just a big competition between these guys be interested in the American Center for Law and defending that we are grateful elders not in the way comes 100 constitutional and only one. A society can agree that the most vulnerable invoice is, is there any hope for that culture to survive. And that's exactly what you are saying when you stay in the American Center for Law and Justice, defendant the right to life. We've created three powerful publication offering a panoramic view of the ACLJ's battle for the unborn is called mission will show you how you are personally sealed/love the black like that of protest for this post like this like vigorous free speech. Except for you for you there favorite phrase for Barack Obama's favorite phrase that provides vapor phase.

All the Democrats content moderation content moderation be shutting out conservative since that is it is a key.

It is a word now that does not be what it should be what it should be this keeping criminals off off of these platforms as best as possible. You got some high school kids ready to shoot the school up. Figuring that had a heavy get that that is quickly as possible. How you not let the criminal element use it to sell drugs.

Okay, it's trafficking get that that's the real, but that's all the content moderation means anymore.

Barack Obama says it doesn't mean that with a liberal say it it it means shutting down conservative dissent. We are disruptive spouse. We question authority, we question the FBI we don't trust the FBI. We question the CIA. We don't just blatantly trust them anymore, especially after what they did to present Trump for four years at the fighting that we've had to do will trust law enforcement like at the federal level will close the seventh floor at the FBI will trust numbers all livers are Congress and we certainly don't trust executive branch you question we disrupted you want to fight back. And every time they move you want to say why try to glisten toward Ukraine want to know that while you try to shut us up always the dissenters we got it again this idea there will be one platform that maybe if you on most of the right thing will be able actually share our quick takes without having to go through three internal checks her own organization. Make sure not to get banned by saying how we feel.

I can actually go back to twitter. Hopefully very soon and actually give you my opinion on things in real time. Yeah, I think people are hopeful that we are she saw that yesterday as people started to cut a flock back to twitter platform that most of us had at least left when it took time came to the door of the fun side, twitter, and some people still kept their their their business. I may be going on there but the fun part of twitter had largely left admin it's it's now just yeah yeah peoples the horrible people horrible opinions you threatened to correcting you. I sit content moderation to even mean what it did a year ago, which was, let's say someone put a death threat out toward you. Which maybe they dinner.

Maybe they did multiple times towards us. You could notify twitter usually within 24 hours. They had band that person. I can tell you firsthand that even started to fade away. The last six months or so. As people still continue to post those things and it would not matter. They were no longer taken seriously. What they would do is allow plenty of food to still have an account there land they had ahead of you to have an account, but again present Trump bill that was too far. People are seeing past hypocrisy when you saw those clips yesterday saw almost on cue, the liberal media in the mainstream media with their meltdown just responding the way that you fully expected them to enlistment born and always people to actually say really the talking points that a lot of conservatives have been saying, which is what happens with the concern that they could turn your your speech to look at. They could banned political candidates without a will and without any sense of hypocrisy without any sense of sarcasm in their voice when they say these things you look at it, you cannot believe these are the words coming on the valley below. Can we play the Ari Melbourne front. Yes, I remember the worst of the worst hidden bride settler.

I was helping join together started streaming service.

Nobody wants let's take a listen and try to let them have their 300 people and their freedom, and the party would know.

I part I get a good week when CNN plus folds and twitter is bought by Elon musk ale. At least we can say a free speech advocate, even if he's not this early on everyone's political same political free speech is a guy who cares a lot about free speech and you know is so nervous that someone is say all we could hear both sides of the issue that there are freaking out over the fact that we may not have viewpoint discrimination. Listen Ari Melbourne if you own all of twitter or Facebook or what have you.

You have to explain yourself.

You have to be transparent. You could secretly band one party's candidate or all of its candidates, all of its nominees or you could just secretly turn down the reach of their stuff and turn up the reach of something else in the residence might not even find out about until after the election exactly what happened where where they started and they could to ban you. They could not serve your content, they made a present to these people not think we know that's not think that they are just there. They live in a bubble there psychotic. They are morons.

They have horrible staff prepping them because they should know that every conservative is going to be on top of them calling them out for what the art which is the fact that he read that from the Teleprompter summary run for and he prepped that they got no sense of who they are where they are not in the alley think that they don't live in the real world of the freedom party. I don't want to go to the CNN plus Brian Stelter party of content moderators. That's boring. I want to go to place right have a fight a verbal fight fight back. Have a discussion like this is the fact is what America is about post something offensive. I'll post something just as offensive back to you. We all have our different ways to fit each other. That's what America is about go back to your founding fathers said horrible things about each other constantly get to debate and some at some very nasty see this and this all about just typing this. I know this is just this place is so much less than that. Actually going face-to-face in the town square where it is clear and he acknowledges that. And guess who wins when you put the ideas for the town square. We do here is my as we been shut out of media for way too long we have broadcast like ours to get the truth that believe you're the mainstream media is try to control the world and control the narrative and so for too long. They been that they could control that these platforms popped up and suddenly people said new ideas about like I want to be pro-American. I want to be a nationalist. I want to be popular, so take care my country, you don't. The response that was your racist because you love your country noticing that the guy who pretty much is single-handedly probably respond on all races before the biggest environmental shift in the automobile industry is not inviting him to the likely to buy electric car summit and invited his timeline must be cut it out, which is arguably the person took the most heat over electric cars, space expiration, the government stop doing it is pretty well here's the thing that I think we have to be clear, the reason the mainstream media is reacting this way is because they know once you have information come out and people can actually get both sides of the story or for sides of the story could save multiple sides of of these issues that what happens is people start thinking again and right now we got everybody in their little zone of where they're going to get their information so why is the left. Freaking out, which they are over the fact that a guy finally steps up to the plate and said you know what I'm just gonna buy twitter because it's it's censoring speech and I got the right and then twitter blow it off at first until one until he made an offer they had a take it out of this one from the ACLU is the ACLU lease. In today's world, a small handful private tech companies by the who they take donations from including twitter play profound and unique role in enabling our right to express ourselves online. We should be worried about any powerful central actor. Whether it's a government or wealthy individual even ACLU member which I guess you I must imply might be a doubt major donor to the ACLU and he still don't they still come out and say that they take money from these groups.

They take my guaranteed only to executive President of the musk was one of their top donors so that ACLU Eustis used to be a free-speech organization. They are not a Woodland at the freedom party with the bride.

Stelter was so afraid that because they would invite without outrage actors but that now they're just in tune with it defied the police and set up conservatives yeah there was a clip for about a month ago from Bill marsh program again, someone who, oddly enough, people are starting to really respect as he came comes around a little bit.

As someone who is been a true liberal, a true Democrat is something that we don't really care about a lot more your lot sensors. He allowed people don't understand what liberalism even meant a let's hear from Bill Barr about the ACLU a just about a month ago. The ACLU has long been synonymous with freedom of speech. They defended it from even the most hated groups like the Nazis, the clan, even the Jehovah witness and was never about what you were saying was about the liberal principle of your right to say it.

Well, they have new guidelines now, namely that before taking the case ACLU lawyer should consider if the case might cause offense to marginalized groups or if a potential client's values are contrary to our values contrary to our values, your values are free-speech and the First Amendment. Those are your values, your whole purpose in life is not to be worried about offense to marginalized groups because we understand that free-speech is an even more important value than ever being offended or used by marginalized groups. Look at the social protest movements of the 1950s black Americans. Dr. King, others utilize freedom of speech, civil protests and civil disobedience to put out their position. Now the ACLU would have to say, do we really believe that those positions even that would support free-speech. Supposedly, we like the end result of that speech. This is a group that represented the Nazis right to march in Skokie and now they're complaining about a free-speech forum that might now exist back on Twitter know that now that the socialist communist order control of the network there no longer free-speech advocates in the title you hear about the trip. He told her they don't await his resume.

Bill marsh right leg what they exist for they don't do it.

It's groups like us who are actually stating a little guys and say that we've voiced different tea party.

Fred shut down that movement and with the IRS and the FBI remembers recent no respect for the FBI no respect of the OJ no respect for our government. We question everything now because you see them turn the tools against the owner. We have received the government for these tools against candidates and political parties and political viewpoint to try to keep people off big candidates even because they don't like their viewpoints but that's what people want to elect this meal elected to elect than the that is a real problem as I did, and you can remove a canning that you like the only one.

A society can agree most vulnerable invoice is, is there any hope for that culture to survive. And that's exactly what you are saying when you stand with the American Center for Law and Justice, defendant the right to life. We've created free powerful publication offering a panoramic view of the ACLJ's battle for the unborn Gold edition will show you how you are personally sealed. Jesus powering the right question for you/the American Center for Law and engaged in critical issues at home and abroad.

Whether it's defending religious freedom. Protecting those faith covering corruption in the Washington bureaucracy fighting to protect life reports and in Congress ACLJ to support for that. We are grateful. Now there's an opportunity for you to help in the way comes $20, $50 gift comes 100 constitutional and is born she wrote it about this is slow to get her viewpoint is a really matter so much of this deal is dangerous for our democracy is socialist believe in the Democratic Republic of free market fix the free market is racist and unfair and sexist and the list goes on to things in a phobic to be a free market. Again, the idea that putting an American flag up now.

It makes you a white nationalist that's that's the narrative they created so they can kick you off the social media because if you got like American flag in your logo at you. You should be there there something wrong with you. All you stand for that. You do the. Your kids to the Pledge of Allegiance. You stand for the national anthem racist to me that that's that's member the viewpoint out Elon musk is not saying I want to keep those people offand is 20 which I retrieve that which of those great was yes it was. I hope that even my worst critics remain on Twitter is that is what free-speech means you know I'm list say this because we started this organization and many decades ago now and we represented controversial speech when you are blockading an abortion clinic in the 1980s was controversial speech okay when you were speaking out when a student gather. Remember this in the 1990s, a student praying in front of a flagpole was deemed controversial speech. It would be censored today so what I find interesting. Here is Japanese house Washington Post Amazon interesting question. Did the Chinese government just gained a bit of leverage over the town square. This is coming from a guy who owns Amazon, who by the way, the Chinese government uses on their servers but also those people that use and I do Amazon for a lot of your products come from China so you know this billionaire clash is interesting, but here's the question I want to ask your audience. I really want to know the answer.

This a lot of you went off Twitter or you just stop looking at bands Twitter's of even to get on the thing, exactly.

And since I have no influence over it.

But here's what I want to know from our audience that you got this change coming. Are you going to go back on our you to be participating in this the town square.

Now if in fact they allow free-speech on this broad-based 1-800-684-3110 are you on twitter and he stayed on what we would've your responses been we think about going back on now.

800-684-3110 Gabby is acting in this and you give them some time With downside is I got ready to swap the genres have to drain the swamp. It's whatever you're talking about the group who remember that this equipment equipment for salt allow the monk with because a pay lot to work these companies and it shows that you have come in clear house. A lot of bad actors make it clear everybody could keep thing working to figure out who's going to be the problem. People that it's easy to drain a corporate swamp that it is the US government that Donald Trump was talking about, but he will still get that backlash internally. This is a giant corporation that is got a lot of angry people right now particularly angry at him so he got a given time. This is not be fixed in a day number twitter just this weekend announcing that they were to start content moderating if they didn't like what your time at the climate. Please let fight back on a lot of of issues where I see that as a prodigy time in American energy independence that would then I guess we trigger some climate. At least they would put some kind of notice on your your message about climate, but again this is the political viewpoint is mainstream in America we should go back to being American energy independently half the country more believes that their good drilling there good with more fracking to go with more natural gas are good with Keystone XL is at least half the country felt like it's not even a minority viewpoint, and if it was that she still be protected to this idea that they were announcing even this past week and while this is all going down how the stop more of your ability speak out one 800 684 31 two that's 1-800-684-3110 join us on the air you I find it fascinating when you look at the comments we mentioned Elizabeth Warren mentioned that I mentioned your pieces and it Elon musk is the one who saying hey I want my those that disagree with me to stay on while as we said earlier, the American Civil Liberties Union, the champions of free speech as they were known as they're saying quote in today's world of small handful of private tech companies including twitter play profound and enabling our rights to express ourselves online.

We should be worried about any powerful central actor.

Whether it's a government or any wealthy individual even if it's an ACLU member having so much control over the boundaries of a political speech online. But it wasn't a problem when it was owned by the other people right. Okay. The thing about this for moment he got a new ownership coming in with the law mostly Negro coming and what is routing it had a 2% share before I the problem with that is the reason he's coming in is because he wants to make sure that there is a First Amendment free-speech public forum. Basically, a town square on social media. That's what he's trying to do what they want. The ACLU all that makes me nervous because what because you have free-speech in both sides of the issue and then you got every melt numbers where he said, saying all they could, you know, if we let one guy do this we can imagine one side of the political debate on silence stimulate what happened it is happening right now are faced with is that the entire right and that's admirable it's it's it's happening him millions and millions of followers. It means nothing.

Now a day doesn't get you because your message is a got estate the throttle you think that you are in Melbourne news. The terms so he acted like he thinks that this is a new thing, but yet his team writing his Teleprompter knew how to get that use the word the throttle and all these terms were used to now dealing with each other yet is there the ones benefiting from his Lord knows I need all the help they can get to keep their networks afloat and there, their paychecks coming in because people just don't want to listen to it in the sick and tired of being told with the idea that their whole thing is who wants to go to freedom party pride Celt who wants to go to your party. I mean, seriously, you can honestly media critic of critics of your own thing that didn't work and I probably won't be on TV.

I think with three or four months from that which which it that's just that's how our market works people to want to watch him and watch the antifreedom guy talk about the parties. He doesn't get invited to, because again, this idea of the audio content moderating parties, it's ascetics at the stake. Elizabeth call before the break, you hate Elizabeth welcome to secular year on year year grant that May be doing it on an iMac and I'm Able to gather there's no mention whatsoever of George Dorey actually spent controlling CC's and in particular sees that that's their Elizabeth cassettes there teammate is a benefactor decent yet he's that he's the biggest benefactor. He's their teammate, he's there, he's there support mechanism, the thing that so ironic here are acting as if Elon musk is some right wing conservative bees.

He's a conservative because he said what I think we should have a free-speech access on a public town square that now looks like twitter, twitter, that makes immigrants that makes him a conservative great work and service, but want censorship like this liberals brightness how they survive is by controlling what you get access to so that you you know that were all having to be extra careful not to get thrown off of all these platforms are. We do get your flag on these platforms you don't. The real issue we don't undertake the template play doing typist Sen. Claire McCaskill statement as I find this particularly offensive was split 16 private company I confused about what to do. Now we all use twitter my stop. I wait and see what happens.

Please stop your your your loser candidate got voted out by your own people in Missouri you call people names so gross.

He's actually weird to be of your children create a multibillion-dollar decree electric cars to the go to space. Did they figure out how to do all your liberals favorite things to do needed so she's weird now. Now is a weird guy the Democrats how they think that I thought that's like you know like really bad. Should she could cancel now because when we are really ended in relation twitter under the current leadership in savings over to be deactivated or have a right because she's she's ashamed I wouldn't take your calls. 800-684-3110 Riverdale during this after the break. Don't forget support the work of the American Center for on critical issues at home and abroad for limited time you can participate in the ACLJ matching challenge for every dollar you donate will be $10 becomes $20, $50 gift becomes 100 protecting the constitutional and religious freedoms are most important to you and your family. You forgive today online keeping you informed and now Jordan secular secularity or phone calls 100-2000 684-3110 folks again were asked to post a victory back on Twitter. They get to be back on the platform where a lot of people. I think enjoyed the back-and-forth they got a lot of breaking news the breaking the news was able to cut through the mainstream media didn't matter if they were to commercial break.

You got the news you got the news there before it even got the notification on your phone you got insight from reporter's are you got that were three athletes that they may not have yet gone on television get to do their story.

I see you get it ahead of time and so you we use it pretty actively especially still for our radio broadcast of her TV broadcast of things like that but what I will tell you I stopped using it for the most part is I hardly ever just go on and start giving hot takes because that's real opinion and real opinion means it's raw and II could be Speedo given ACLJ flag to getting us flax up if we if if he builds a plan for the we can go back and trust. That's the big cake. Can we go back and trust.

Now it's up to him. He's got a he's gotta make arrive forward and actually just what you said is who taken some time to get out of the swamp.

It's a swamp just like IDC but this is the second world, now can we get Rebecca Rhode Island online to first-tier backup and back on you. It's interesting, it was some indication that the from the former present that he was not to go back on. I don't know that's because of his situation with true social, and maybe he can't use this let me let me well disagree a little bit with you. Rebecca understand why you would your position is if there was we stayed on, albeit at reduced engagement right me me at reduced engagement, but we stayed on so the question really crosses now that the law must is gonna take this openness and open up a free-speech will reengage more and I think the answer is yes were to give it a try were engaging already, but you I don't think my right of free speech is dependent on what President from dollars and present front may or may not go on the remake because of his own social media platform, he may decide not to firm the business reside. No idea. I think that should not be a hindrance for conservatives to go back on Twitter. If Twitter in fact, lives up to the expectations yeah that's right me that that's got to be the big question that everyone's Tassels to rename Michigan online for hearing it here program practically every day and 1/2 for years, but I guess I can say kudos for Eli on someone who is finally powerful enough to stand up against twitter and protect conservative views and and and write concise speeches concerning our First Amendment right not having that on twitter in years. You know, I'm just getting to the point, social media just doesn't interest me a lot, but knowing that I could go there and things I want to say you know it you know Nina not breaking the law you this is my opinion. I consider that but going back full-fledged.

Now, you see what actually happens. Later we I think I added yesterday will is the number we thought about 10,000 followers on twitter yesterday just from the announcement that we state state on twitter. Even during all this censorship nonsense like were on Facebook, but we really promote rumble why because with problem not worried about getting a stamp on false information when I'm reading from a court document which is what happens on on Facebook so we are to God's alternative platforms with the largest social media platform like in the in that kind of space twitter is actually open up a free-speech again were to be more robust piece in your to be more robust yet exactly what I want to know the trees made once they have algorithm is really proper to do that. Rick Janowski, rejoice next regular broadcast room get into this course is active on their it's good band. But before I on twitter just for going after liberals in a discussion in a debate the amount of pain he gets back on socially pretty amazing doesn't get since it doesn't get here, but he's also got some new information to other by the administration in Russian oil, which is not got a lot of news. It was pretty big deal rejoin the record and we come back, secular the American Center for Law and solutions at home and abroad. Whether it's defending religious freedom. Protecting those covering corruption in the Washington bureaucracy fighting to protect life in the courts and in Congress ACLJ for that. We are grateful to others, not in the way.

$20, $50 gift comes 100 constitutional and only one.

A society can agree the most vulnerable invoice is, is there any hope for that culture to survive.

And that's exactly what you are saying when you stand with the American Center for Law and Justice, defendant the right to life. We've created a free powerful publication offering a panoramic view of the ACLJ's battle for the unborn is called mission will show you how Jesus/so the biggest news really the past 24 hours was received played out of last two days is that you unmask purchase of twitter the pledge to open source twitters algorithm so that all the D throttling were talking about the that's good to be something that people can actually see how the algorithm works. No other social media come to do that yet. This is the big eyes and he's welcome me back your to be a free-speech what I think you got a swamp to drape the gift give the best time Ada pushed even get the purchase he and his heart is in the right place. It appears, which is a once more free-speech as he said, you know, if you hate me if you like me hope you stay on twitter because that's the whole point is that we have everybody on on twitter expressing their views record now is joining us our senior advisor for policy national security Rick, I wanted to touch before getting to twitter you sit us some news which is not getting reported a lot and is pretty shocking because they they've taken this very year that we got our secretary of defense over their Secretary of State is over in Europe. They were in Ukraine and now we find out that the by the administration is pushed Germany to delay their Russian oil bad until after the midterm elections to keep the price down early outrage in total manipulation of the politics of government power and concerned that what we have here is a willingness by the Biden team to allow Russia to continue getting money to continue being on the offense through this gas and oil money that they receive. Even though their sanctions and they are doing it just simply to to make the pain. Not so bad at the pump in the United States now be the terrible situation is that we already feel that incredible pain at the top, people can't afford to fill up their cars at that price it out there. They're having to make sacrifices in other areas there just no question about that. And now, what week the Biden team allowing Russia pain group that that Russia Russia Russia collusion hoaxed everywhere, is now allowing Russia to get more money just so that they could do better in the midterm understand this think this is really exciting so you got a war going on in Eastern Europe right now between Russia and Ukraine and Eastern European countries are in the midst of this, and United States. Of course, is giving a lot of aid and military equipment aid to Ukraine.

Meanwhile the way to choke off the rushing juggernaut economically would be to stop the oil imports but instead of stopping the oil imports now while you're saying all these things about Putin and we want the Ukrainians to be able to succeed. This is the position United States makes sense. They're saying but don't ban the oil imports until after the midterms. Now Rick this this is first. All this is not only written proposal. People are dying in these countries on both sides, Russian soldiers, Ukrainian soldiers, I mean this is this is a real war in Eastern Europe would implode here in an easy way to some economic impact would be direction oil exports, stopping but the binder ministration is saying wait until after the midterm help was politically let me put it into a different category.

We would've been able to leave Russia and not by air gas and oil and squeeze them of money they would have fewer dollar and 1/2 and I believed if Germany would have stopped immediately. A couple weeks ago instead of bowing to the pressure of the binder ministration. Russia may not be going into mulled over like they are right now they are expanding beyond Ukraine that going into Moldova.

This is escalating because Russia has money, giving Russian money. The Biden administration is doing it at least until November if they want to do better in the midterm election as I'm concerned about is we talk about this are prewritten radio meeting as it is, the United States can get Rick and Raymond George got question to get dragged into war.

We got have troops on the ground and II just that to me is a no win situation for the United States correct. And guess who's right next to him. Although Romania I know and I got Poland. There's a word today that Russia cutting off Poland energy so their weapon 19 energy every chance he got in here to buy in Germany to help with your Rick I want to talk to about the lab must move because the meltdown on the last your active on Twitter you get attacked on twitter yet you got control you all the time on twitter. Nasty stuff I don't see them by the accounts deleted.

No we say that these they should, but that the fact that we got MSNBC and Ari Melber say you with this kind of power he could he could take that a major political candidate twitter off of twitter like that think they don't know that that's happened, or that they could D throttle whole political parties viewpoint like that hasn't happened happened before and then we saw Brian Stelter safe you do you really want to go to the freedom party, Rick.

That's the part I want to go to the freedom party. I don't want to go to the content moderator party yet. What I can't twitter what happy birthday Ari Melber Inc. to be born yesterday because the been living under a rock.

I keep complaining that you are not just make shadow band people that he doesn't agree with which it been happening on twitter, suggesting that somehow Democratic politicians may now be canceled out social media. Despite the fact that we Charlie Kirk right now it's off twitter you been banned from twitter. You've got Donald Trump is been off for a long time.

Where is the nuts and beat the crowd.

Where have they been living where have they, what have they been reading because they clearly haven't been reading anything outside of their newsroom Ari Melber to go off and project that Elon musk made today and missed the fact that Jack Dorothy has been doing that is the height of the problem in Washington DC. My concern with this writer. So I think the idea that twitter will become more of a public form, in the sense of the marketplace of ideas which was the original idea I think is a good thing I and the idea that you not to censor a viewpoint I met. I spent my entire career going to court to stop viewpoint discrimination. I will let Lou decide to debate them, but we will let this I debated it seems to me though that what we're seeing is the hypocrisy of the left in a very significant weight gain dealt with in knowing when Stelter said I don't want the freedom party make that argument in the Supreme Court of the states where for limited freedom of speech. Wherefore, viewpoint appropriate Primus betwixt the ACLU, by the way, is now advocating to the so-called champions of liberty. I remember one actually work with the not anymore. I have prayed for doing it because without it we wouldn't be able to become a bit but let the reality of the dilemma is not a conservative is not a Republican just somebody who's really frustrated by the left. Right now, and that's one of the key talking points that we can make it lead to conservative have been ostracized so much by big tech that even the people that are not conservative. The Republicans have noted in our acting out and spending billions of dollars that really the key message here and I love your point today about letting ideas out there.

We have the power on social media.

You can block people that are annoying that you don't want to hear from. I encourage people to listen to the other side.

I follow a lot of people from the laughter you know a lot of him to get me outraged but I want to hear what they're saying and sometimes they make me think and I can have a better argument when I see that but you don't like someone you have the power to block them and the powers in your hand.

That should be in the hand. A big tech scholar New Mexico online to look at the secular in there with us. Thanks for taking my call and I just wanted to comment that on Saturday Night Live said that he's artistic and his accomplishments I think are encouraging to our statistic people and especially to autistic children and their parents, and he just really thinks differently and that's all I just make on.

I found that what made that so interesting when he did say the public in which I was very proud of him to do when I'm sure a lot of people knew that, but then for Claire McCaskill to make fun of fighting in plant private company get any of us cancel while believing cancellations on. I went to you would be canceled for that, Rick. If you said these were not yet as we autistic why I'm thankful for Pat to call her and her comment really what I think she painted world.children right and the reality is that I love that song about if we are the bodies lie our hands and feet, not moving out to reach other people definitely have to get back to tolerance and diversity clap in approval of someone's opinion have their opinion hundred percent electrically appreciated as always want to support the work of the American Center for Justice basically stay in the respect about 1-800-684-3110 if you want to talk to us whenever you want to be part of her matching challenge the last couple days here on, and be part of the broadcast is to get a segment if you call now you get on the year 1-800-684-3110. Your thoughts on the liberal meltdown with you must take what we hear from you 100-684-3110 at 2000 684-3110 are working part of this matching challenge building today ACLJ only one.

A society can agree most vulnerable invoice is, is there any hope for that culture to survive. And that's exactly what you are saying the American Center for Law and Justice, defendant the right to free powerful publication offering a panoramic view of the ACLJ's battle for the unborn is called mission will show you how Jesus powering the right question/the American Center for Law and engaged in critical issues at home and abroad. Whether it's defending religious freedom. Protecting those covering corruption in Washington fighting to protect the court seat in Congress. ACLJ for that. We are grateful to others and help way is $20 comes 100 constitutional and secular your photos to what hundred 684 31 to the 2000 683110 Pat on YouTube Road in the beauty of free speech is that sometimes you're going to hear things you disagree with everything we got so far from that. We are also creating a culture kids who were getting pretty far from that to that that also like that you know you hear one opinion and you demonize the other side the other. That means you know if you're if you stand up for the if you fly American flag if you stand up for the national anthem if used if you say that your patriot pro America you're a racist. If you if you don't want to erase the history of our founding fathers your racist route to George Washington University is not a conservative school by any means, but we also the mascot is the colonials. As you can see some issues could also be rising but will that school still be George Washington University by time I kids go to college.

I know I could. That's about would say yes right now to fluency is is that Georgetown also all these things here that ties back to the king of England the Queen of England and so these terms mean I get an energy GW.

The mascot baby colonial and got rid of. First, like the rebels run those ideas. The video and first it was that now you can be our founding fathers and the idea that you just instead of telling the good of the bad about everybody but not 100% demonizing everything and everybody that the fact that you white kids get demonized now at school it's it's all wrong and and now we have more platforms to speak out about this were in the majority of these issues when were able to figure that out with Burrell able to when they think about it, support freedom of speech. Yes, but this is what determines and asked whether most acquisition on Twitter was a cause for concern.

Absolutely it does. He said he wants to make it a global message board, my first question him is your message boards going to include Donald Trump. That's a key question if he lets that man rant and rave on Twitter not to buttress his best interests of America's future. But letting the Ayatollah rent rate was final report not or how about this one for Mark Warner talk about the level of regulation. He says I got some concerns. I think I will have to go through some level of appropriate regulatory review and am doing some of my own checking what appropriate regulatory review were they talking about is a private business judgment sold to new owners as I would open it up for free speech at George Mason at the clearance want to be an easy task got a Herculean task animal always up to it, but he's got a Herculean task and it was getting getting the company really had that the resources of their mocking, we say that rich enough is discussed in the world and he wasn't rich enough to prove the wrong it is that the company gather all sake keep those guys around.

Let's not put them to the curb. If your muscles do the right thing ever by the board is to be voted everybody leadership is to be booted out and most of the staff there that I be there's there's probably detected staff is not opinionated, they need them.

I was a drug platform get all these moderators to shut it down and restart with real what it should be, which is looking out for criminal activity as it will usually like to when using is calling it law must you call human oligarchy Sen. Merkley from Oregon. He's sexist. He's an oligarch. I mean this info so that the connotation right now it's very specific. Yes, right.

The oligarch is specific to these Eastern Europeans fall of Soviet Union.

Yes, he's the richest man in the world that's that we don't put them in that group because they they operate with under Western rules like so concern when an oligarch may be only the town's court so they can demonizing which area interesting pattern. YouTube said the breed beauty of free speech is that sometimes you hear things you disagree without alarming times and said that in this report, I die. Countless this is interesting. Also coming in from rumble. I don't use Twitter. Never have. That being said, thank you.

With ELON musk. I'm so enjoying the mainstream media and political meltdown. In short, they are really melting down over this. It's it's unreal but lucid that they've see it in his trolley party bought out so most of their opinion should be gone see them plus failed to try to revive the career of Chris Wallace don't want to watch the first place and fosters happy see go and what did they think the people who pay to watch Chris Wallace no pasty some old dude knows it paid to see the old angry guy who has no no opinion on either side try to play off play like he has no peer either side was really of a true blooded Democrat partisan hack and people don't want to pay for that you get for free under the CBC is that that stays in no viable will see the truth is that people want to go to places where they're not silly agree hundred percent you could ask questions you don't accept authority on everything you just why would we do that anymore. You see, the real witchhunts in real life. No yes, we have still going there. The people in authority don't I don't respect I would broadly say I start out with this view, I do not respect you if you work for the federal government at the top level proved to be.

Why should this is the opposite of how we used to think of Americans that unfortunately you used to think that you know what I could respect the FBI director now that I do not respect you. You gotta prove it to me and I like this current guy who is a vision hang around right the ghost about 9% increase of 59% of amount of police officers killed in an idiot. He barely because that by demonstration doesn't put him out so he barely get that message out is is is a huge issue. The biggest issue law enforcement about a policeman killed Carmen on Facebook writes liberals are afraid the conservatives will do what they are guilty of doing well. Conservatives don't censor other viewpoints. Liberals obviously not not classic liberalism, but the liberal daily calling it that it's more for gas and not vote for me that you can with the debate you want to go to war you want to see your kid to go die for Ukraine or not vote for me, you will win if you get these messages out.

They don't want the messages out. They want your kids going to dive Ukraine. The most amazing me that they're pushing for the short covering unite. That's why raise that with Rick and I were I will be there kids. But here's what I'm so concerning the touches tomorrow and the broadcast I want to say this, we're getting dangerously close in Ukraine dangerously close to US engagement and this is how world war starts will talk to what Smith Col. Smith about that tomorrow on the broadcast I will redo in this last segment.

There's so much happening right now that we really need to get that in.

This is the problem. You can get it we can get into a varied majority danger situation, but much more so in a very short order and US troops there in that region and now with that the situation Romania could be at issue Poland. This is serious stuff folks and we gotta be very cautious and I'd I be no I'm not. I'm just not convinced that the United States has a coherent plan on any of this.

Generally as we get to talk about on this broadcast and have those views aired that I want to say this as we get to the end of the program. Her folks, we are in the last few days. Our matching challenge campaign at the ACLJ and we've been fighting for free speech for four decades, and that writes about to get more intense, and we got some major major initiatives that were dealing with right now.

The ACLJ that are are significant. Your support of the ACLJ is really critical and especially in his matching challenge days because whatever you donate were getting a matching gift for the Jordan will encourage people right now to become part of that team. It's very very important folks that we end this month as it sets our budgets for the next couple more months.

We need to know where we stand financially. Your support makes a huge difference. Yet we are matching challenge until the end of the month you are you are the group that triggers those matches you in by your taking action make the donation. That's what triggers the group of donors that have said that they were Manchester nation so they don't they don't take action until you take the first step in making that donation online so it whether you are a longtime supporter ACLJ or the severe first donation is best time to do it because you're doubling your impact. When I play those goofy gave the QC seven times matches is if you donate your 40 bucks online. We gotta match 40 bucks with like $80 was a very simple matching child. We are to be charged your credit card is $40, but that triggers the matching nation from our group so I want to take part in it supported ACLJ battle donate the American Center for Law and solutions at home and abroad for limited time you can participate in the ACLJ matching challenge for every dollar you donate will be $10 and $20, $50 gift becomes 100 protecting the constitutional and religious freedoms to you and your family. You forgive today online

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