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BREAKING: Musk Leading Hostile Takeover of Twitter

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
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April 14, 2022 3:03 pm

BREAKING: Musk Leading Hostile Takeover of Twitter

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow

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April 14, 2022 3:03 pm

Tesla CEO Elon Musk, who last week bought a 9% stake in the social media platform Twitter making him the largest single shareholder, just submitted a $43 BILLION offer to purchase the company outright. Musk has said he is an advocate of free speech and that Twitter needs to be “transformed.” As the owner, he could reinstate the accounts of conservatives who were previously deplatformed - which is causing many Left-leaning users to panic. Jordan and the Sekulow team discuss the details of the offer and the options for Twitter’s Board, as well as what it could mean for free speech. All this and more today on Sekulow.

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Leaving a hostile takeover of Twitter will be successful. Section by Ron is good for the dialogue is good for debate in the door while we may be conservative in our pigeons may reflect that that give the ideas that you will flood the marketplace of ideas and then ultimately people make decisions about what organizations they want to support what candidates they support what policies they support all these new places to have the discussion we used to talk a lot. They see LJ we still do it is for for public out for real your speech. It's on the sidewalk speech, whether to protest source.

A sidewalk counselor in front of the abortion clinic that kind of speech that gets treated differently by courts and liberals who say they are so free speech, but a lot of speeches moved online lectures by nature where we are is a world not just in the United States and a lot of that speech, especially quickly, places like Twitter and Facebook it and it is those are big pretty nasty towards the conservative viewpoint. They kicked off the former President of the United States before act taking action on people like the ayatollah of the Islamic Republic of Iran that the crib leads accounts you of the list goes on and on and a lot of other bad acts, a bad actual bad actors because they didn't like the opinion of the present of the United States will now Elon musk. I talked about this a lot devices.

Much of the show baby I have before, but they covet the right in America looking for its billionaires and when I say the right of these brought of the Republican politics.

I think this is more this get to the libertarians. People who just get this leftist woke cancel culture censorship monitor everybody's comments don't allow the robust debate of ideas.

Call people crazy that you don't agree with and shut them down literally either kick them off temporarily kick them off will term you on bus comes in River he bought about 10% of Twitter. Now he is offered to do one of two things by the company outright. Okay, so he's put forward $43 billion.

That's about 54 bucks a share. That's more than those shares are worth right now, so the vets almost $10 were up about nine dollars more in each of those shares are worth because Twitter is a publicly traded company or board has to consider this has to consider the offer has to consider because they have a fiduciary responsibility to their shareholders, not a private company there publicly traded company so the shareholders, I would imagine the scenario I don't know how they're cooperating set up is set up in their board and how much of their board odes that the amount of shares, but it's whether not they have to go to the larger shareholder base to vote on this. Whether or not the board has the power to consider and deny that's a little bit more and really get into today because that's where how they're structured and who's on the board because he got busted notable board seat. We bought 10% if some of the others of the border. That same number.

The board might have the percent necessary to accept or reject an offer like this, but it's a real legitimate offer. This is not like something just to get news and what it could potentially do and I'm not going inside the mind of Elon musk, but is open up the only real platform that's worked. To be honest with you when it comes to text quick tax quick news updates quick discussions that it works and it was wasn't going the way of Facebook and some of these other social media platforms edited and that it did rapidly. By removing present Trop in the really starting monitoring free speech.

We literally have. I think you call the conservative Republican is a joke now.

But Max boot wrote this, I am frightened by the impact on society and politics joke. Elon musk requires Twitter they love Tesla. They love their electric cars that he created but already of space that's great but not Twitter. He seems to believe that social media, anything goes. Freedom of speech, freedom of speech. He writes for democracy subservient democracy to survive we need more content moderation be more of all of us getting flag on account share this with your friends and family will be right back.

The American Center for Law and were engaged in critical issues at home and abroad. Whether it's defending religious freedom.

Protecting those who were that we are grateful. Now there's an opportunity for you to help in the way comes 100 constitutional and only one. A society can agree that the most vulnerable invoice is, is there any hope for that culture to survive. And that's exactly what you are saying when you stand with the American Center for Law and Justice, defendant the right to life. We've created a free and powerful publication offering a panoramic view of the ACLJ's battle for the unborn is called mission life will show you how sealed/speech speech is speech and our constitutional basis will the greatest country in the world because it protects our speech Constitution where we got into issues with the wood corporations who set up speech platforms then hide behind. Will other laws to not not be the same kind of soap provide the soapbox not provide the town square and I want it just underscored the fact that you have people who call themselves Republicans or conservatives on it on places like seated MSNBC Max boot is one of those people who just freaked out over Donald Trump and their still freaking out today so now he's freaking out over Elon musk. I would read this to you very carefully because I always say this all speech good speech you can say that because criminal conduct is not treated the same in real criminal conduct is not protected by the First Amendment. So if you're if you're promoting crimes you're promoting illegal activity that it's not freedom except freedom of speech or talking about you, criminal conduct that does that to be treated the same. So their first freak out is a lie there. Second is they don't want people to have opinions that they may not agree with or that may be in the minority, but even the extreme minority opinion should be allowed in the United States of America on Twitter.

It's about half the country's opinion that is allowed.

That can be sensitive anytime, especially had a profile there, so I will tell you as someone who actively used that that platform early on we even I remember sitting in an email from her water to form a seal J announcing that we were going to be on there that we were to be actively were actually very engaged on their but but because so many folks an excellent Twitter followers but I'm honestly not sure how many people still actually ought using it regularly, or they're just checking for news updates but they no longer want to get into the back and forth on Twitter because it just becomes nasty and so because they're okay with that.

Liberals trolling anybody conservative. They had a problem that speech just go defaming you left and right no problem that again I would even be complaining if I could just have by conversation there, but my point there to use the word trust. They are not to worry about the tweet getting taken down or for if we reviewed present Trop. It doesn't get taken down to get our account shut down on Twitter so you have a llama disrupter. I've said this time and time again Arby's. The ACLJ who is going to be the sources of the right of the United States to correct that. I think it got me of the right, it's just about all speech right and that that helps you conservatives because we are the ones being targeted by big tech and especially at your Trop supporters is new movement that scares so much the old school, which by the way, needed a shakeup in the Republican Party someone who's worked at it on the staff of the Ardsley before the staff of state political parties on the staff of campaigns for part of the Presidents of the United States and attorneys for one you I was. It needs to be disrupted. Donald Trump was a disrupter there other. There's other aloneness people in politics right now who were disrupter's when they came out the peer fields of the world that the Elon musk of the world that one of those disruptors on later. The broadcast is our staff, and RT Bricker Dell, a disrupter goes against everything that the left thinks just has to follow in order and he's debits are sanctioned by the way by the Islamic Republic of Iran. So ask you this, a 164, 31 to know what you weigh in at 100-684-3110. These moves by liking you out bus widget would you consider maybe going back on Twitter or utilizing the that that the, the, the platform or if you do that your speech was not going to be censored monitored in the content DECIDED what would be flagged her daughter while your account was deactivated or not. I some 20-year-old kid in college. That's how Facebook does it, they use an outside firm. It's a joke that people are trying to analyze our legal work and try to make a legal assessment suggested to Nikki Haley on the same kind of thing at a Colorado with those Colorado laws were there using that term perinatal we have perinatal beads up to a month after birth, so use that abortion legislation.

Guess what, you're okay. Infanticide your your your preventing child services rebellion and at your heroin addict with who has a child and making sure that Charles get the nourishment they need basics should be left right issue to be absurd, were sitting up a concerted effort by the abortion industry to use that term across the country, you know like Eli bus for segment we need more kids in the United States of America and bigger families in the United States of America because they want population control they think there's too many people in the world and what your thoughts on this 164 3110 have you been censored by Twitter. Have you been censored by Facebook or if you just give it up on these platforms.

I really do want to hear from your that guy nobody made out like deactivated your account may be stored. See your pictures.

Your grandkids are, or post pictures of your kids for your grandparents and family but feel what's happened to you on social media 1-800-684-3110 is to get you a little excited when you see a disrupter coming through.all the Soros world, but on a got of our world, at least two understands the issues that face people in our world on online and be able to have our voice heard. 164, 31 to 0 the 2064 3110. Think about this statement Max boot, Jake considers himself to be a conservative exhibitor corrosion of conservatism. But you he still claims to be one if he's not anymore. By the way to get I can have an opinion on that he can have his baby could simply I did. But when you write a tweet like this is scary, he says out frightened by the impact on society and politics.

Eli bus requires Twitter work scared about Elon musk ghetto his electric cars are space acts. The record he was doing that, but it in that the tweet goes on much worse than that he seems to believe that on social media, anything goes. It should Criminal should be a place for the free sharing of ideas, even the most minority of positions of opinions should be able to be shared that criminal conduct though that's illegal that's not covered by the First Amendment. But again the idea that anything goes to an extent he he's he's right if it's not illegal it is.

That's it. If it's covered by the freedom of speech. It is covered by constitutional protections of, or the Bretz River it out that the effect the Yucatn by the dossier you could talk about who was responsible for the sacred talk about the hundred by laptop until they said you could talk about the hunter by the laptop but he says it is even worse because he says for democracy to survive. It is a country based on freedom, liberty, and you choosing who who who represents you at at at both and that you legislature horse President state your community pieces for democracies democracy to survive we need more content. Potter Rick should that less folks are dealt with as moderators they are college kids in their early going after one side of the aisle in America, people who are conservative people who are pro-life will be more content moderation anymore free speech 100-684-3110 is the number you caught I get. I hope you successful. I have no idea if you will be to identify a full analysis of Twitter stockholders and who's on the board exactly and how much they owed of the stock in and how much its did you know the smallest unit of the shareholders, but I do hope it successful because I think it ended that you hope they does the right things with with with the platform, but he sounds like he is because he says as if it believes it's the potential to be the platform's first brief first free speech around the globe and I believe free speech is a societal imperative for a functioning democracy so he's got the opposite view. Max boot, the you on Leslie's free speech is the basis for a functioning democracy. Max boot thinks content moderation is how sad is that, by the way how Saturday is Max boot was be like a really depressed sad person.

If like his immediate reaction in life is of you doesn't like his report content moderation. What a joke. Let's go to your cause.

100 684 31 Tillis coda law refers to New York on line 1 hey Lori, have our great I'm excited about this potential.

Now I will and I think it went where Caleb started on the backside a lockbox he is.

I think there we have seen, I will tell you the second interesting view into this world. I will get about a minute left ear will take order because the excitement broadcast 164 3110. When would that censorship and the deleting started beginning on twitter. We talked to a number of companies who wanted to start platforms is very difficult to do. Eli must certainly has the resources, do it through social has been an example of that. Where the demand was there but because you having to work along these hosting servers that are also owned by Jeff easels or Google and edit so by some actors that don't like the conservative position.

It can be very difficult to get the grant if he's able to do what he is looking to do here with Twitter. We know this platform works on a massive scale and so you don't have to go and reinvent the wheel and you can provide free speech to the world even bigger than just United States.

It provides a place for people who live it places where they don't are able to go to the town square was a call. 164 31 only one. A society can agree that the most vulnerable invoice is, is there any hope for that culture to survive. And that's exactly what you are saying when you stand with the American Center for Law and Justice, defendant the right to life, freeing our publication offering a panoramic view of the ACLJ's battle for the unborn is called mission will show you how sealed today online ACLJ/the American Center for Law and Justice were engaged in critical issues at home and abroad. Whether it's defending religious freedom. Protecting those face covering corruption in Washington fighting to protect life reports and in Congress ACLJ to support for that. We are grateful is an opportunity for you to help in the way. $20, $50 gift becomes 100 constitutional and 684-3110.

The most disgusting thing I've seen out of this whole new story that you are musk is offered and he has to purchase twitter outright said time and time again on on the riot were big organization, but you know what what we've been face, even our international offices around the world's billionaires on the left and who were to be the step up billionaires to level the playing field received here few deals of the world. I was to Donald Trump's of the world and were switching out the Elon musk of the world and I think that could be. That is was is a necessary component to what we are facing not just in our country but globally. These all have global implications to sort I see a treat and if this is you know I get I don't twitter people on this the positions my own started, it's not the one to say people I work for a horse. The Washington Post notes is allotted Formulations, but a Fellow Says A Lot There but Again This so We Would Consider Themselves a Conservative. Okay Max Boot and His Reaction to ER Musk Is Oh, He Seems to Believe That on Social Media, Anything Goes. If It's If It's Speech It Should Have All of Our Limited Stiction for 100 Times Illegal Conduct Is Not Is Not Protected by the Constitution, Speech, That's That There's No Debate about Anything, but All Other Speech. It Should Be Anything Else.

It's Funny That People Say That Were the Theocrat's Were That Were the Christian Right and Were the One Saying There Should Be Free Speech for Everybody and Its Max Boot, Who Says for Democracy to Survive Is a Pretty Low Bar for Democracy Survival by the Which Is the More Content Moderation. Not a Strong Military to Protect Democracies around the World and Including Ours, Deleting Democratic Republic of the World That We Need More Child Content Moderators College Kids Moderating Pro-Life Content Online Nonexposed Profit Either of These, Even a Pro-Life Conservative, but If He Is, He Should Probably Check What's Going on with the Content Moderation Will Just on That Issue. It's Absurd. The Fact That You Can't Talk about the Durham Investigation about Getting Flagged by Facebook That You Can't We Can't Have a Legal Analysis and Some 20-year-old Kid Flags Us and People like Nikki Haley for Our Legal Analysis, It's a Joke That's Not What Freedom of Speech Is about and the Free Ship Free Sharing of Ideas/Ship yet.

Would You Go Back to Twitter, Would You Utilize It Again I Will Go to Fouts for Tickets of Those Calls Go to Reno and California Online to Hearing. I Think You Might Call yet. I Know I Looked at. I Was Taken off of Twitter.

What Happened Why I'm I Put a Hashtag Debating Agree with and They Kicked Me off.

And No, I Decided That They Violated My First Amendment Because I Wasn't Going Back and Dan Because They Get a Ukraine Project That You Know I'm Gonna Go Back on There to Help These People and They When I Went Back on the Immediately Extended My Account. I Was Still Able to Get out. Then They Permanently Spend My Captivating like What I Said Very, Very Noble Thing like That about the Country and Band. I Had Already Create Another Account of the Lord Allowed Me to Blank out. However, I Think What's Happening with Mac and Back. I Believe It Neatly in My Hard-Bitten Diet. Thank You Dan. I Rule and My Limit and a Get down in the in Way of Indicating-I Believe It to Be a Fantastic Think of the Country More Speech Is Always Good for Our Country More Sharing of Ideas and and Letting People Say I Don't Agree. I Do Agree I Think You're Crazy You're Crazy That's Fine That's America It's It's It's More like What We Wear Are Found When Our Founding Existed, They Were It Was A Lot Of Nasty Political Rhetoric and Supported Shipments of Right and Some Wrongs and Some I Believe This but It's Also Ideas Some Judges Just Ideas.

It's a Pleasant Idea Which Could Be Very Small. I'm Sure the Idea Would Elon Musk Had of Creating Tesla Electric Car Company Started out People from A Lot Of People. You Know He's Crazy. The Ghost Because of the People in Space, You're Crazy. Space Six Seen His Hold That It It's Such a Disaster. Max Boot Works for Washington Post.

He Works for a Jeff B's Also Company Are They All That There Is Because Elon Musk Became the Richest Person in the World of Jeff Is Now at Number Two Is a Negative Oddity. He Works for a Organization That Is Does Content Moderation and He's Just Bad.

There's a Richer Guy Who Could Take over This Platform and I Get I Will Be Successful.

I Have I Have No Idea If He Will Be, but Is a a It's Exciting Only Get Your Thoughts on It Folks. 1-800-684-3110. Keep during the Broadcast. That's 100-6431 107 Michelle in Texas Online for Hey Michelle, Good You Know You Can't about That One Twitter Account by IA When I Heard Anybody That and I Would like You Know What to Give It a Try. Nati Will Not Freedom Because the Only Online I Have Right Now I State, but What I Get Blocked and Monitored Daily.

I Thought I'd Give It a Try. I Did Not There and Take Me A While. I'm a Granny and I Can't Do It All Got behind on Technology, but I Wanted Here. Content Prominent You Know What I'm Interested in and All That I Got on My the Time I Got on and Finished My Little Account. I Basically Would Not Even on Their Two Hours and Eight Blocked Me 24 Hour Tell Me If I Didn't Remove My Content That Yielded an and As of Right Now I Would like to Get It Because I Got Excited Thinking I Could on Their and Concrete and Think Logically That He Had Made It Different yet. I'm Super Excited about Them Buying It Because Free Peak Is so Important and People That Don't Wake up and Realized That No Matter What You Think about Other People in the Person Speech except for What You Said What to Do a Crime. Crime Even If You Don't Agree You Have To Remember That Their Freedom Also Means My Freedom Is Classic That You Very Finally Do It You're There for Two Hours in the Really Place Clear This All the Time. By the Way, and Is a Spacey Wife You Look at My Twitter Account Now Crazy on Us to Subdue Stories Things like That Was Sure A Lot about the ACLJays Do Even That Will Get Flagged Sometimes but for the Most Part I Just I Haven't Done A Lot Of Personal Engagement on It Recently Because I Feel like You Know It's Just Asking to Just Get Everything Bad That That's Is a Good for the ACLJ Not to Build Still Gets Word out There and so Will Be Great to Go Back to Place You Can Actually Utilize It Again in a Way That You Not to Be Worried about the Sensors and so Nervous about It Will Be Go to Valerie in California Online.

Three. Quickly Hey Valerie, All the First Time I Went on Twitter I Got off Because They I Can't Remember They Blocked Me but I Know Facebook A Couple Times for My Conservative Content Is the Worst I'd Say That the Marshall Really Got a Really off, but I I Thought Best and I Was so Excited I Got Right onto Your Right Click The Live Bench and Just I Might Nervous Excited Because It Almost Feels like One for the Team. You Know That's What It's Exactly the Same As Ike's Big Organizations I'm over There Doing Great Things. I Think ACLJ Is One of Those You and I Got My Own Opinion Ever and and Part of It. But These Billionaires Are Kids Going to Disrupt and Make Those Kinds Make the Kind Offer, Not Just by 10%. That's Billions but Then to Say I Would Bite off Is a Really Fair Pricing I Get There Tonight to Go through All Their Matrices of of Can We Get into That What I Could Tell You Stocks and What to Buy, What to Invest in. But You Laid It down on Paper. It's over Nine Dollars of What the Shares Are Trading at Now. So What It Is off so I Think That Is Just Here We Describe by Filling Those Disruptors on Our Side That Were Disrupt Organization to Feeling More and More It's It's Us Who Has To Be the Guardians of Speech in American There's No More ACLU's. It Did Not Really Work for the Work ACLJ ACLJ.the American Center for on Critical Issues at Home and Abroad for Limited Time You Can Participate in the ACLJ Matching Challenge for Every Dollar You Donate $10 Becomes $20, $50 Gift Becomes 100 Protecting the Constitutional and Religious Freedoms You Forgive Today Online Keeping You Informed and Now Is Jordan Secular Reading You En Masse Note to the Chairman of Twitter's Board.

I Bested Twitters I Believed in Its Potential to Be the Platform for Free Speech around the Globe and I Believe Free Speech Is a Societal Imperative for a Functioning Democracy. However, since Making My Investment, I Now Realize the Company Will Either Thrive or Serve This Societal Imperative Free Speech in Its Current Form.

Twitter Needs to Be Transformed As a Private Company Sets the Second Point to the Elon Must a Potential Hostile Takeover of Twitter Is That He's Also I Say to Take It off You Wanted to No Longer Be a Publicly Traded Company and Take It Back Private As a Result He's Offering to Buy Hundred Percent of Twitter for 5420 per Share to 54% Premium over the Day He Began Investing in Twitter 30% Premium over the Day before's Investment Was Publicly Announced a since His Best and Final Offer and That If He Doesn't Say If It Is Accepted He Will Reconsider His Position As a Shareholder, so a Little Longer May Re-Sell Those Shares That He Bought. Again, I Think the Bigger Idea Here Is That the Response of the Left Is Where Will the Content Moderators Go Said It Must Be Such That People 164 3110 to Talk to Us on in the Next Exit Survey Were Joined by Our Supervisor for Bossiness Security Record. Now He's Very Active on Social Media, and He Just Got Sanctioned. I Mean, Which Is It's It's It's a Badge of Honor to Be Sanctioned by the Islamic Republic of Iran. But You That the Fact That These Phot These Media Folks out There Think the Sanctioning Is What Twitter Needs More of. That's What Social Media Needs More of Is Sickening to Someone like Me Who Thinks That Every View Should Be Able to Be Shared. Some Might Not Be Very Popular. They Bite That They Might Be a Minority of Minorities. Some Might Be. Sometimes What We Think Is Wrong but Elicits Illegal Should Be Protected and It's Interesting That It's Also the Right and People Claim That Were the Theocratic Christian Right You Know and yet Were the One Saying Receipts for All Where Is the ACLU These Days Is to Defend Really Radical Speech Savings to Join Arcs of Our Cases. Now They Only Choose One Side of Speech so They'll Support before the Police Speech and Activism of the Not Funding the Other Side from the Police or That the Stent Stand with the Police and You Know I Would Respect A Lot More If If They Again Were Saved All Speech by Think That's Our World Now Folks Is Our World and If That Ultimately Were Not Help Protect Them for People. We Very Much Disagree with Because We Believe That Is like You Are Busted.

The Basis of a Functioning Democracy Is Is Is Why You're the Bill Of Rights Begins with These Freedoms That Freedom of a Kind of Speech, or a Kind of Religion, or a Certain Kind of Press but of All the Speech of All the Religions of All the Press, 164 30 Wanted to Talk to Us on Air.

Let Me Go to John Minnesota Online to Hey John. Our Guide Died Wholly Agree with You on This One.

I Think It Should Be of Freedom of Speech, Mobile, Elon Musk Invited Because They Can't Really Be Worse Than Adequate Creator Twitter, Instagram Facebook Several Months Ago. I Know I Couldn't Be Happier. There's Many Alternatives and I Think I Have a Twitter Back Would Be Great. I Would in a Minute.

Join It Again If Elon Musk Bought the Company As a Whole.

People Who We Rejoined Her Get Active Again Was Not Actually Deactivated Their Account Sent You the Same Thing Goes for You. Facebook Is a Different Kind of Company, but You Know When You Look at That. You See, You See A Lot Of Accounts That You Know There's As Many People There That the People That Are There Consequent Lag Shut down Put in Facebook Jail You. These Become Terms Deleted the Disruptors Country Always These Disruptors by Organizations like Us Exist Exist to Say I Was Taken to Court Fight for the Rights Speech and Religion Fights. The Rights Were Given in Our Founding Documents Also Often Want to Be Trampled on by Those in Power. We Got Some Disruptors on Our Side. Now Support the Work ACLJ Can Double Your Impacts and Only Do It If You're Financially Able to Right Now Double the Picture Donation or Matching Challenge Mounted That's Record Now Joining Us Next Sanctioned by These on the American Center for Law and Defending for That Way. $20 Dollar Gift Becomes 100 Constitutional and Only One. A Society Can Agree the Most Vulnerable Invoice Is, Is There Any Hope for That Culture to Survive. And That's Exactly What You Are Saying When You Stay in the American Center for Law and Justice Defending the Right to Life. We Created Three Powerful Publication Offering a Panoramic View of the ACLJ's Battle for the Unborn Is Called Mission Will Show You How You Are Personally Sealed.

Powering the Right Question for You/Secular Talking about the Need on on Our Side of the Island Really for Speech Speech in General. For More Disruptors at the Bureau Because They Got Their Billionaires on One Side of the Aisle at Start Lineup. We Got Some Bars to You Got That You Got the Mouse the Feels of the World. The Donald Trump's of the World Who Really Put Themselves the Big the Political Process and Even like the Situation with Twitter Is Also Closely Record Now Who Are Proud to Have Our Team Is Our Senior Advisor for Foreign Policy and National Security and Read Rick Asked What I Saw This, You Do It It's It's It's Just Kinda Unbelievable That the Total Narrative, but I Would Tell People throughout That Weary Talk about the Human Sanctioned by the Islamic Republic of Iran and Where It Is at a Badge of Honor, but It Also Edges That the Fact That Tell People Why, and It Was Interesting That It There Were No Liberals Sanctioned by the Islamic Republic of Iran. This Time. Stayed in the United States Is Not Sanctioned by Iran. What Is That Mean It Means That the Iranian Regime Is Afraid of Certain Messages and Certain People. I Have As It Is Somebody Who Is Incredibly Pro-Life.

I Have Always Tried to Push Forward Human Rights Issues and One Issue That I Care Very Deeply about His House 69 Countries around the World Criminalize Homosexuality and Want to Put You in Prison for Being Gay in Nine Countries Will Kill You for Being Gay and and Iran Is One of Those Countries That Absolutely Does This Day They Abuse Women They Abuse the Entire Population, but They Will Kill Someone for Being Gay and I Have Pushed Back on This and We Have a Website Called Outspoken and It's in Farsi the Language of Iran and It's Also in Arabic and We Do Great Work Here. Well, That's Clearly the Rest to the Regime in Iran and so They Added Me As a Denier of Human Rights or Somebody Was Abusing Human Rights Whenever the Words Are. We Know Exactly What They Mean They Don't Want Anyone to Defend Everyone's Right God Given Right to Exist and to Make Choices in Their Life and to Be Free and so I'm Proud of of This Designation in and Out Of the Fact Is, Is It's Not Can Affect Me at All.

I'm Not Doing Business in Tehran. I Live in Los Angeles Which They Call Tehran Angeles Because We Have so Many Iranian Americans That Live Here and so This Is a Point of Pride for the Iranian Community in the United States When You Stand up to the Regime to Push Human Rights and Then Get Sanctions for the Country. We Have A Lot Of Knowledge with Because of Done Some Tribe and Bidding Goal States That Relationship with Iran On Behalf Of Christians Who Are Imprisoned in Facing Death. Also, Because the Christian Faith in Iran to Me Is like the List Got There, They Have a List and Collect What You Said Rid of Things That You Can Be Prison for Anything.

So Actually Execute You for and Being a Christian Is One of Those Being Gay Is One of Those Speaking out against the Regime Being Any Kind of Opposition Leader Is One of Those. I Mean, but It Is Also to Be Interesting That They Decide What Group to Pick and They Don't Pick on Some of the Even Bigger Actors on the World Stage When It Comes to Gay-Rights Will Look at My Grandma and Grandpa Used To Always Tell Me That You Take the Most Incoming Fire When You're over the Target and I Think People Need to Realize That Is One of the Reasons Why Donald Trump I Think Takes A Lot Of Incoming Fires like Jay Sekulow Takes A Lot Of Incoming Fire When You're over the Target Your Enemies Realize They're Going to Do Some Damage and I Take This As a Bad Badge of Courage As a Badge of Honor That the Iranian Regime Is Targeting Me and Not the Human Rights Campaign or Not.

Glad or Not the Secretary Of State Anthony Blaine Again We Fight for Pro-Life Issues.

We Fight for Religious Liberties. I Personally Am Constantly Thinking about Human Rights. I Think That Human Rights Need to Be a Part of Our Negotiations and Relationship with Any Country and so the Idea That Were Trying to Do a Nuclear Deal with Iran. Well, There Was Seen. Gay People Out Of the Building or Crucifying Christians or Denying Women Basic Rights Doesn't Make Sense to Me Now It Doesn't to Me It's It's Whether It's What Impairs Why We Need to Be so Less Dependent on China Is That Genocide There of Muslims and People Are Looked at You Every Week. We Were Always Speaking out about. Then Again, We Don't Hear Much in the Corporate World. We Don't Hear Much in the Left Who Got Those Relationships and so It's Us It's the Audience the It's a Christian Fatah Group Calling out to Them, the Muslim Genocide. The Same People Who They Were Calling Islamic Phobic Who Still Calls Is Not a Phobic Who Call That I Do Want to Get to to Also Rick the Shakeup in the Social Media World Happening at This. Alright, Now You're Very Active on Social Media Got A Lot Of Friends That World to an End When You See a Move by This but You Must Do Is Ask Palpable Excitement in Our and Our Listeners and Those Watching Are Broadcast Right Now and Our Supporters in Just the News That He's Making an Attempt at Buying Twitter.

What's Your Reaction.

I Mean Lovely That Some People Just Want to Play Fair. I Think We Trained Kids for 20 Years to Run Out Of the Room When They Hear a Different Viewpoint.

Our College Campuses and Universities Are Completely Biased and One-Sided, and Our Social Media Platforms Are the Same Way There Censoring ACLJ There There Censoring Me There Censoring You They Don't like Arguments to Be Made That Show Their Hypocrisy and This Is One of the Reasons Why They Kicked off down from Because He Was Making Progress in Going Directly to the People with Conservative Arguments and so They Need to Control the Debate. It's like Editors You Know and Newspapers Used To Control the Whole Day Whole Debate and Now Social Media Means We Don't Need the Reporter in the Editor Anymore. We Go Straight to the People Will Now They're Fighting Back in There Trying to Control That.

Thank God for People like like Elon Musk. I Think That More Individuals Need to Step in Close to Make Big Attack Corporations, Universities Just Play Fair Were Not Asking Them to Be Conservative or Asking Them to Just Not Be Making Progress in Arguments and Limiting the Conservative Argument That It's It's Allowing Real Free Speech Does Not Mean Illegal Activity. And That's Always Been the Clear Kind. The Minority Opinions That the Majority Opinions and That They Cut It the Week without Their Opinion Sulfide. Let Them All Be out There and Then. Then I See This Tweet from Max Boot That the Opposite Approach Claims to Still Be a Conservative Release Play One on TV and Then He Is Is Is That I Feel Kinda Sad for These People.

Rick, Because This Is Their Immediate Response.

He Works for Jeff Beezus at the Worst Washington Post but He See Rights for Democracy to Survive for Democracy to Survive We Need More Content Moderation, Not Less. To Me That That Is Just the Most Absurd Statement, but Also a Very Sad Statement.

If This Is Where so Much of the That That the Media Lead Is Coming from.

Now That They Totally Blinded That Somehow We Need to Limit the Conversation in Order to Have Greater Freedoms and I Think History Shows That Max Boot Has Come so Close to Power and He Wants to Be Accepted and Celebrated by the by the Cool Kids the Popular Kids, the Ones with Power That He's Willing to Say Anything and That Means Limiting the People's Power in Order to Pretend like You're Here Helping the Situation.

Let Me Be Very Clear We Should Not Be Afraid of Conversations about Content but Anything I Don't Care What It Is.

If You Believe That You Have the Right Way Then You Should Be Able to Talk about All of These Issues and It's Only a Strength in Your Art.

The Idea Is That What's Been Unfortunate. The Social Media World Is Rick There's Folks like You Who Take Use of the Incoming It's Nasty It's A Lot Of Folks Who Might Not Be There Day-To-Day Kind of Job As Even in Politics or Government. And so It Just Walked Away from It and It Was a Deactivated Accounts of the Just Not There, and Whatever Trips They Saw from the Shows so Many People Say You I Want to Be Back. I Want to Be the Part of the Discussion. I Did Enjoy It and and and. But What You See from the Left Is Basically All My God They Make the These People Might Show up Again One When Our Audience Needs to Realize Is That the Tactic of the Left Is Just to Say That You're a Racist, Sexist, or Homophobic, or Now the a Russian Agent and If You Think That Getting Comfortable That You Are Gonna Be One or Two of Those and That's Just the Typical Argument.

Don't Be Silenced, Don't Back down Exactly Right. It Folks.

I Want to Rethink Your Cause This to Mixing Broadcast 164 3110. This Move by Elon Musk, the More Likely That You Would Be Back on Social Media, They Would You Use It Again. 164 30 Want to Because Rick a Final Question We See It through to Set the Even the Platform Present Trusted behind We've Talked to Lots of People Who When He Got First Band and Their Start Banning Other People Is Very Difficult to Get These Platforms off the Ground.

If Someone like Elon Musk and Go in and Spend the Money That Is Got to Buy One like It If You Could Shake Things up Quite Substantially Definitely Capital-Intensive. We Need People with Money and Power to Step out and Do It Locally Where Half the Country Right Right Wheat We Have To Start Acting like It. We Can Cancel on When People Try to Cancel You. You Have the Power to Cancel Them but Don't and What We Can Say Is That That We Are Half the Country and Were Here and Were Not Going Away As Rick Always Appreciated and Again Affected Folks You Work with a Rick He's Got Sanctions by Ron Mike Pompeo Lately Try to Kill Him, As He so This Broadcast Department Broadcast 164 3110. I Think the I Get Wears a Badge of Honor to As a Supporter of the ACLJ.

If You Support Our Work Is a Great Time Doing.

If You Can You Can Donate It ACLJ.RW Impact with a Matching Fountain ACLJ.Only One. A Society Can Agree Most Vulnerable Invoice Is, Is There Any Hope for That Culture to Survive. And That's Exactly What You Are Saying When You Stay in the American Center for Law and Justice, Defendant the Right to Life, Free Powerful Publication Offering a Panoramic View of the ACLJ's Battle for the Unborn Is Called Mission Will Show You How You Are Personally Sealed/the American Center for Law and Were Engaged in Critical Issues at Home and Abroad. Whether It's Defending Religious Freedom.

Protecting Those Faith Covering Corruption in Washington Fighting to Protect Life Reports and in Congress ACLJ for That. We Are Grateful for You to Help in the Way Comes 100 Constitutional and Secular to Your Photos to Other Social Media 164, 31 to Others of the New York Care about at the Border of Title 42 Has Been Discussed A Lot, but We've Seen a Number of Democrats Come out, Especially Those Who Are Represent Border States Christian Cinema Kelly in Arizona to See Joe Mansour See Others and and and Now a Candidate for Governor in Texas for Presidential Candidate for Mayor Beto O'Rourke Case. This Is Not Someone Who Was on.

It Was Even Close to the Middle of the Democrat Party Rightly Plays in Leasing Claims of Office Is Pretty Far Left. He Is Now Come after the Buying Administration for Ending Title 42, with the Exact Same Point We've All Made Is That the so He Said Others Beto O'Rourke, I Want to Make It Clear Get As You Are Quoting Right Now. It Does Not Make Sense to in This Title 42 until There Is a Real Plan and the Capacity in Place to Handle Those and Address Those to Come over. I've yet to Hear a Plan from the Biden Administration to Address the Dynamic We Will Have on the Border Once Title 42, Is There May Can You Keep Your Mask on, in Airplanes, Wes, but They Are about to Release Stop a Program Which Has Empowered Our Border Patrol Agents to At Least Push Back on Some of the Illegal Immigration, Ostensibly for Health Reasons, Which Apparently United like A Lot Of Things with This Administration Is Pretty Hypocritical.

You Know When You're President Joe Biden and You Lose Support Your Being Chris As a Beto O'Rourke You're in Real Trouble Present by Popularity As Drop down His Approval Rating to 33% He's Being Criticized by Man Who Is Who Keeps Losing One Bid for Public Office after Another. He Wanted to Be the Mayor. They Did Want to Be the Mayor down There, He Ran for the Senate to Try to Unseat Ted Cruz Loss That He Ran for President Now Is Run for Governor of Texas Is like Beto O'Rourke Is Jumping up and down All the Time Saying Pick Me, Pick Me and the People of Texas Are Simply Not Buying It Is Try to Have It Both Ways on How to 42 Because up until Last Tuesday. Beto O'Rourke Was for Canceling Title 42, and so When He Found out That That Wasn't Playing Well Because He Is Run for Governor, and That That the Border Patrol and the People of Texas Were Upset about That Because They're Predicting That That Will Mean 18,000 People a Day, Illegally Crossing the Border, When All That Came about.

He Is Now against Suspending Title 42, with the Criticism That There Is No Other Plan in Place, Implying That If There's a Plan in Place. He Still for Getting Rid of Title 42. So Basically What This Is. Jordan Is Hollow Criticism.

Title 42 That for Beto Rourke Is Born Out Of Political Expediency. I Don't Think Is Genuine Center Cinema, a Democrat from Arizona and She Said the Extension of the Mass Mandate on Planes in Public Transit Transit Visa Title 42 Should Remain. She Said, Quote the Administration's Extension of Public Health Emergency and off Authorities so That They Are Extending That This Is an Emergency Saved Scott a Superpower Proves the Need to Delay Lifting Title 42 to Protect the Health and Safety of Arizona Communities and Migrants That Show the Migrants to We Talk A Lot about That Issue Was We Talk about This Week That It's Not All about Just Protecting Our Border That It Should Be the Top and Serve Our Leaders but Also the Human Rights Concerns of the Migrants Coming across and Their Safety and Security. The Trafficking We Talked about This Week Was Also Talked about the Drugs but Then I Want to Tie This to the Equity Act of Quinnipiac Poll. They've Now Shown by That Their Lowest Point, 33%. You Cannot Get Much Lower in a Country of Two Major Political Systems Where There's a Base of Support for a Democrat That's Basically Where You're at the Base for Each Party Somewhere around the 30s and That's What He's Left with You. Think about the Implications of That That Two Thirds of the American People Don't Approve of the Job Is Doing and in This Is Not Due to Circumstances beyond the President's Control. Sometimes Things Happen in the Presidency and They Can't Help It, and They May Deal with It Poorly.

When They Didn't Cause It.

Joe Biden's Case. Most Everything That Is Dragging Him down Politically. He Created It, Starting on His First Day in Office When He Canceled the Keystone XL Pipeline, and He Continues to Create the Crises That Are Dragging Him down Politically and Making Him an Ineffective President, the Border Being the Largest and Most Obvious One Because of the Things You Mentioned Jordan That That This Is a National Security Issue Is a Moral Issue with Human Trafficking, the Sex Trafficking and Only Known It Goes. And yet This Administration Literally Literally Is Ignoring What's Going on in the Southern Border Just Checked Refresh of the Broadcast Thickest to Get People and There's Necessary Updates on What's Going on in Russia and Ukraine Received a New Voice Reemerge at a Russia Dmitry Medvedev, Who Was Temporarily Present There. When They Were Making Constitutional Changes to Allow Pollutant to Rerun for Office and Extend the Terms of the President Can Serve There to Be Basically a Definite Answer. He Was the President out Back to the Prime Minister before That but Very Close to Produce the Deputy Chair Today of Russia Security Council Making a Nuclear Threat, Another a New Kind of Nuclear Threat, This Time Not about Nuclear Weapon Use in Ukraine to Two to Western Europe Yell Finland and and and Switzerland Swings His Mandate. They Want to Join NATO and so Because of That, Because of the of Their Desire Their Planning Actually Had a Joint News Conference and Are Going to Apply Course NATO Would Still Have To Approve It, but Because of That He Has Said Will That Will Mean That the Denuclearization of the Baltics Is No Longer the Table That They're Going. Feel Free to Bring a Nuclear Weapons. Trips to That Region.

Here's the Thing about This Russia You Know Is in Deep Trouble and Their Card That They Played in Ukraine Was We Were Going to Invade in Part of the Reason Was We Don't Want Ukraine to Be a Part of Data by That Invasion and All the Atrocities There. What Is Happening Is That More and More Countries Want to Be a Part of NATO Said That Because of That, You Know These Two Countries Now Want to Join NATO As Well and for Them. Jordan Is a Strategic Time to Do It Is Right Now. If It under Normal Circumstances, If They Wanted to Join NATO. Specially Finland. You Can See Russia Invading Finland the Same Way They Did Ukraine but There Bogged down in Ukraine and so If They're Ever Going Do It and and Have a Safety Net. These Two Countries to Be a Part of NATO, Now's the Time When Russia Really Realistically Cannot Attack Them. His Idea of the One of the Quick Thing about That. The Baltics Will No Longer Be Nuclear Weapons Free Is Such a Joke. Russia Has Nuclear Missiles That Can Reach Stockholm in 3 1/2 Minutes and That We Know for a Fact That Russia Has Been Violating the Treaty on Short Range and Medium-Range Nuclear Missiles All over Europe Facing Towards Towards Eastern Europe, so for Him to Say Well You Know Now All the Officers Are off the Table Will Bring a Nuclear Weapons You Russia Already Possesses That Capability in This Region. This Is Another Attempt at a Russia Trying to Bully Europe Has Been Somewhat Effective for Russia Because It Has Kept at a Sushi in Ukraine a Conflict. It Is Kept Major World Powers Out Of It Because Whether Ground Game Works. It Is, It Is Struggling Which It Is in Their Communities Atrocities Which They Are They. They Also Have This Ability to to Destroy the World and One of the Thing That Some Media Outlets Just Reported on Your Own There Today Which I Have Not Fully Read All the Reports or Read a Couple of Them. Russia Is Also Now Saying That since the US Is Supplying Weapons to Ukraine That Those Supply Lines Are Now Legitimate Target Targets for Russian Military and That Is a New Development and When This Rather Alarming and Right Where Is That Supply Line Begin in Here This up Again in European Base That We Had. You Germinate a Large Base Their Poland. A Broad Term As Well.

You Can Imagine That You're Talking. I like Your Right around the Borders Also Expand That Turnout by Start Somewhere. And A Lot Of Those US Military Base or Even Right Here in the United States of America Fixed Six W. Support Torque ACLJVC W. Patrick Donation Able to Write out Some Free Time to Donate the American Center for Law and Solutions at Home and Abroad for Limited Time You Can Participate in the ACLJ Challenge for Every Dollar You Donate $10 Becomes $20, $50 Gift Becomes 100 Protecting the Constitutional and Religious Freedoms to You and Your Family. You Forgive Today Online

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