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Biden Says He Will Respond to Chemical Weapons ‘In Kind’

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
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March 25, 2022 3:19 pm

Biden Says He Will Respond to Chemical Weapons ‘In Kind’

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow

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March 25, 2022 3:19 pm

Following a meeting with fellow heads of state at NATO headquarters, President Biden was asked about the potential for a military response by NATO if Russia uses chemical weapons in Ukraine. Biden responded, "It would trigger a response in-kind." Did President Biden actually mean that NATO would use chemical weapons against Russia? Jay, Jordan, and the rest of the Sekulow team provide their insight. This and more today on Sekulow.

What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders
What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders
Sekulow Radio Show
Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow

Using cubicle weapons use of the US would respond, talk about that keeping you informed and now this is chemical weapons.

Ukraine would not trigger a military response from NATO trigger responses across is what I hear from you, call one 800 people talking about that now. You're going to start a veritable type.

Five. Leaving people scratching their heads a very serious time of the world with the Ukraine and Russia. Russia beginning shell were heavily the capital of Ukraine even that the Ukrainians asking for more more sister to have a sitter like Fergana later the broadcast today in the next segment broadcast today. He is a supported now of givingto Ukraine. He believes that it's now is the time to do this.

We talked about that, amongst other things, but this idea that one. Let's play it for everybody. This idea that we would respond. How would we respond to the use of chemical or biological weapons by Russia and Ukraine to clarify on chemical weapons could chemical weapons were used in Ukraine would not trigger a military stock response from NATO trigger responses behind whether or not you're asking whether NATO would cross we make that decision is now with you but say what whether NATO would cross that red light of use chemical weapons. Also, always, he set his kind means the exact same way. So to do the same way that we would even say we respond with significant force that would out or that would change our calculations and something like that said in-kind in-kind means. If you use chemical weapons will use chemical weapons so clearly the present.

Using the wrong language and have it let people scratching their heads for Wilde to the White House was able to clarify extruded because there's a prohibition against use of chemical weapons as international treaties that the United States is a signatory on that prohibits the use of chemical weapons, rightly so, I think, and so obviously the President could not have meant in-kind being in-kind, which is what in-kind means they responded that working respond with that.

That's obviously not what he intended, but I think that's not what he intended.

Maybe they clarified it somewhat sort of you to think that the clarification was specifically that Jake says the said will respond accordingly. That's what we should have said, but that he also went on to say this, I say again, it kinda confuses the issue free by, says all you know you're just using his misspent misspeaking to beat up on the present. Listen to this. Would solvents" I'll just say with respect to any use of weapons of mass destruction, nuclear, chemical, biological, Russia would pay a severe price.

So I again I think the US is not limiting the use potentially of the chemical weapons. I think that was by speaking wrong. Even timeout crossing so blinded to using chemical weapons. But that's when you say pay a severe price your payment nuclear, chemical, biological weapons clears right up in their and there is no prohibition against nuclear weapons when it comes there is nuclear antinuclear proliferation treaties, but you can respond if there was a nuclear attack.

You can respond in kind is the phrase you actually would be correct. The question is here and in this is what the good troubling situation is in his report out right now that a Russian breeder commander has been killed deliberately by his own troops after his unit suffered significant casualties and Ukraine was an official said of the Col. was the commander of the 37 motor rifle brigade was run over by a soldier's selection is is met with a coat of old have Carla Smith on later. The broadcast that been met with resistance site and anticipate that's right folks, so we get ready because I certainly freeze on the homeland security committee outweighed Pat talking about this whole issue with the messaging White House really talked about.

Yet the deterrence issue with by that section discussed with her to not and, of course, title 42 immigration issue and also whether those pigs should go to pray that's coming up next, consider James Langford support the work of a suitcase critical month for us ACLJ the month of March double the impact your donation part of our matching] sincerely, the American Center for Law and were engaged in critical issues at home and abroad. Whether it's defending religious freedom. Rejecting those for their faith covering corruption in the Washington bureaucracy fighting to protect life in the courts and in Congress ACLJ for that. We are grateful. Now there's an opportunity for you to help in any way. $20, $50 gift becomes 100 constitutional and only one. A society can agree that the most vulnerable invoice is, is there any hope for that culture to survive. And that's exactly what you are saying when you stand with the American Center for Law and Justice, defendant the right to life.

We created three powerful publication offering a panoramic view of the ACLJ's battle for the unborn is called mission will show you how you are personally sealed cases/great broadcast agree for the American flag Justice, US Sen. James referred of Oklahoma City Langford is that a lot of what I get to some to jump right into it first you are on the homeland security and government affairs. You let your leader publish on that subcommittee and you talked about title 42 in the fact that this might it set to expire next month and that even after we saw the highest numbers of border crossings at 20 years.

Last year were about to send her into what Scott you warm season where we start seeing this.

These migrate across things at a much bigger level at what what you think needs to be done with title 42, which allowed the administration started by the trust ministration to expel migrants because the pandemic and not have to go through a long process.

What should be done to keep title point to point fingers that the administration is now looking to announce the pandemic is over on the border and are all out everyone across the border to come to the country and then just to pursue a hearing, but say 5 to 6 years from now they stay in the country for six years while they're waiting on their hearing they're looking to allow all those folks to barely coming by saying the pandemics over the border, but yet restoring mass on planes still firing members of the military if they don't get the vaccine. So with the nonsensical policy that they've actually got in place are the most basic thing they can do is keep title 42 employees even DHS and their own information as quietly stated that if they list out OLAP title 42.

Ability they expect a million people within two months across our southern border.

A million people living too much to give you just a picture that 900,000 in the last summer that we saw in all the chaos they expect a million on top of those numbers. What we saw last year you said what you could do what the Congress could do is to bring a Congressional review act Ford to overturn this attempt to explain to people what that would be I can actually to the Congressional review act as an older statute that allows Congress to step in and act when the administration does something on regulations, we disagree with week one. Several of these occurrences, we just had a Dr. Greco review last on mass mandates and transportation we passed that analysis even quite a few Democrats you can join us and that was well Sen. without so awaiting action over the house that gives it the opportunity to be able to speak into something, send it to the President's desk and say we have strong disagreement with this regulation that we put in place. The biggest thing that we can continue able to shine light on that as you're doing right now because the more the administration here is how upset the American people are about this the more we understand that they are planning the chaos that our southern border is not just as they say, just like they can understand lustily people are costing directly planning the chaos of our southern border that get Oakley acts as a deterrent to this administration, and the like, to be shown on things that multiple proms at the border when it comes these illegal crossings, child trafficking and sex trafficking is huge.

The increased fennel coming into the illegal drugs coming into the United States are coming from the southern border. I don't understand for the life of me why the current administration is not recognizing the significance of these social ills that derive out of illegal border crossings, not all of them, every, obviously, but a significant enough number that is affecting every community in the United States. Every single school class of students are coming and that don't have a legal connection to the country school are stepping in to provide education as a real effector of the classroom environment. In particular individuals that don't speak the language. We also this is not just individuals of the administration state people just from Central America. Last year we had people from every country in the world illegally cross the border. Just in the last few months before the war even started between Ukraine and Russia before they even started, just the last couple months we got 6500 Russians that have illegally cross the border that we picked up so these are not just individuals in Central America that from all of the world all paying a high price to the cartels in Mexico as a border patrol tell you the border is secure and secure on the south side, the individual who pay between 5000 and $30,000.

The cartels to be able to cross locations. That means that they tend billion-dollar influx in cash to the cartels in Mexico based on how we are having is open border on our southern borders of the want to empower the people that are smuggling drugs in our country that are doing human trafficking all kinds of child sex abuse.

Everything else happening on the south of the border is cartels if you want to empower it and you have an open border policy likely that you want to stop it you actually enforce the laws of the country and that actually takes money away from the cartels as well get back to you creative recipes disappointed then as easily discussed a lot in the media. It is this been a back-and-forth exchange and people are concerned about you. How much can the US get involved without going into direct war with Russia recently had a laugh or administration of Republicans and Democrats are kind of different spots on this but you put out a statement.

He said the US is provided Javelin stickers, Intel food, water and medical supplies to Ukraine already within our powers to do good. We should do good US has access and this is the key to the big 29th the jet fighter aircraft.

We should not withhold them from Ukraine to be joined by Sir Lindsay Graham Center urged Lassiter Crapo Sen. Craver Assyria Scott Wicker and Sarah Robbie on this. I know there's been a lot of discussion but here's opportunity you're talking to the audience was heard from the most part from various all aspects of media actually from right and left it different because it this would be an escalation it would get us involved in a World War III I want your response that because I do feel like people are watching this every day for like I wish we could be doing some something else, something more to help these people who were fighting back so valiantly that we can do more. I think this whole conversation really is based on a Russian propaganda. Remember that Pruden said you put sanctions on our country Therefore, if you provide any kind of resources you grant that back door something of great just grows out over and over again trying to do is to frighten the rest of the world and helping Ukrainians who want to just be able to protect their own country. These are folks that are going to protect their own country from a foreign invasion of a ruthless dog come across the border. This is a reasonable thing for us to do and let me just tell you a couple of things here Diane since 2014. We had American troops on the ground in Ukraine. Training the Ukrainian military how to be able to fight the Russians we provided the resources we provided them the ability to be able to fight is not unreasonable to also provide Identical back to basic medical principle of linear power to do good to good and we have the ability to be able to help them protect their own nation `accessories backbiters the Polish military is Artie said that would gladly donate these and right now in the United States but staying away, getting access to Baylor protect the country as the President also said that sink sanctions are never meant to be a deterrence.

Now others in his administration said sanctions are deterrent so the mixed messaging here to me is is incredibly confusing to the world population were dealing with our allies and I think part of the problem we have ne'er is, if we believe that sanction if the President really believes that sanctions are not a deterrent than what we doing is trying to punish people that are murdering our labor try to stop people that are murdering our papers is a big difference there. Clearly, sanctions or punishment but clearly there also a deterrent to be able to say will continue Baylor latch this out. It is the ability for the oligarchs that are in Russia that are severely hard by this and for the Russian people to be able to speak out to their government and to be able to say stop this unjust war. That's actually happening. We don't know why were invading the conquered Ukraine and were personally suffering because of his actions on this so this undercuts his authority of the Ukrainian people are fighting thousand valiantly for their own nation and it's one more piece of entertainment, but at there's a certain length punishment, but certainly it's deterrent and violate it's not the only mixed message. As you remember just three weeks ago, the Secretary of State stood up and said were green lighting they made was to be able to sent from Poland to the two Ukraine that was a starboard green lighting all that in and literally within 24 hours a measure to get back at the noun directly thinking about it and administers notes escalatory so this mixed messaging doesn't help people that there's actually having artillery blocked their cities.

As always we appreciate your time. Your expertise in all these issues and for and getting great for the next Cephalon justices are James Langford of Oklahoma, posterior Stanley. We talked it just got just about the issues we discussed through the senator today from the immigration border issue title 42, two Ukraine, Russia and and hit his again. He is advocating for getting those legs there that's been controversial that's been a lot of discussion about actually believe the Russian he called the propaganda that it did this all propaganda from us.

If we do this simply is World War III and he can start to see when you put that list together of members of Congress on the Republican side a lot more people singling out say we want do more we can do more.

This is what we can do that we I say this is a great part. It shows you about part of what the ACLJacob do every day which is radio broadcast like this, not just with us but with good friends of ours who are experts in all these different fields. When the US is just a sinner blackbird today as soon Langford different issues. Everything is on this record. Obviously today, back on our border and the war, Ukraine and Russia to get is to educate you to get you the information you need, but it still a small part of what the ACLJ does every single day and were able to do all of this work because of your financial support of the American supply, just leave a matching challenge the month of March, thrust, we are running behind right now to fundraising. We need your support. Double the impact your donation ACLJ.only one.

A society can agree that the most vulnerable invoice is, is there any hope for that culture to survive. And that's exactly what you are saying when you stand with the American Center for Law and Justice, defendant the right to life, freeing our publication offering a panoramic view of the ACLJ's battle for the unborn is called mission will show you how you were personally sealed/American Center for Law and Justice were engaged in critical issues at home and abroad. Whether it's defending religious freedom.

Protecting those who are persecuted for their faith covering correction in the Washington bureaucracy fighting to protect life and the court seen in Congress ACLJ for that. We are grateful. Now there's an opportunity for you to help in any way comes $20, $50 gift comes 100 constitutional and to secularity or phone call to 100-6831 to part of the show today is 160 3110. What do you think about sinner Langford calling on the US to be part of that movement of big 20 nights into Ukraine is that the whole issue. There was it Poland was willing to get you utilize their jets. They had to be 29th they would need some backup support to replace those jets with F-16s of the US. The US had to figure out how to deliver it of course into Ukraine for surrogacy causing because in reality is what escalation to use more to provide more lethal support to the Ukrainian. So what are your thoughts on that. You think that leads us into World War III. That's are being told by a lot of people both sides now, but also that is the potent light to see have to figure out there's a balance here because everything good says is not propaganda like he said he was getting vague Ukraine. He did that was it all just just talking or threatening so you do at the bouncer situation so I would ask you are listers are you ready to say yes it does send those bags over and that because you don't trust implied report would really start World War III over that move, 1-800-684-3110 if you want to weigh in is 100-684-3110.

But if you are put in the Kremlin you try to follow where the US is a little difficult because I get hit with these very tough sanctions. Very tough sanctions. But then you tell that these sections really to stop you from doing anything. Take a listen planner.

It will also course, face any action is taken to the street you remember if you cover me for the very beginning.

I did not say that. In fact, the sanctions would turn him, sanctions never occur. You keep talking about that sanctions never deter sanctions the maintenance of sanctions increasing the pain and the demonstration.

I asked for his NATO meeting today is that after month. We will sustain what were doing, not just the following month for the remainder of this entire year. That's what will stop. So now were saying but sanctions don't work but that if we keep sanctions on and we do these other show of force. Maybe it will work the in consistencies here are breathtaking because you got his own administrative staff, senior administration officials saying the exact opposite will play Somoza in a minute. Yeah, I mean Masaaki Sullivan blinking Kirby and Harris. That's a good good from quad Trinity or whatever it is saying sanctions or deterrence in their work and the President says twice sanctions do not deter sanctions never deter and then he goes on his word salad, which is all I can say that it is Jesus we need to sustain what were doing. We are sanctioning so you must be having some intention of deterring what you doing if you're not you with the following month.

He says the remainder of the year. That will stop and what will stop them. Sanctions no sanctions don't deter but we have to keep on sanctions. I can understand that kind of reasoning. Evidently either can Jen sake Jake Solomon or secretary blinking, for that matter.

Adm. Kirby were VP Harris listen to what they said yes. Our intention is to have a deterrent effect. The President believes that sanctions are intended to deter the purpose of the sanctions in the first instance is to try to deter Russia from going to war.

We want them to have a deterrent effect clearly and he has invaded yet allied relationship is such that we have a great deterrent effect of the sanctions is still a meaningful okay and I want to play again just the beginning of that bite with Joe by not say were to stop it. Let's take a listen that again. She thinks I have hidden will also course, face any action is taken to this case in the street you remember if you cover me for the very beginning. I did not say that. In fact, the sanctions would deter him.

Sanctions never occur. Okay, I gotta tell you where is this messaging going the first time Job I said that sanctions were to deter was only after Russia invaded so he uses this lineup twice, once after Russian art invaded Ukraine so he was trying to say well yeah that whatever impact but his administration time and time again ebbing to the officials. These are people who should be well-informed, they should know what the President is thinking they should know what the presence by this is Secretary of State. This is his vice President. This artist's top spokesperson is deputy national security advisor and the list goes on and on a rooftop to recruit out of the second half hour, but how does this she will also work in the media press shop of the United Nations for 10 years of the Bush ministration. How does it get.

This is the message you get this off track, which leads to the level of incompetency can they actually run the US government or are these individuals like Kemal Harrison whole staff's gonna give yes now that was not competent to Rod at eight a government because the Democrats always what they want all the time. There were to be able to focus on domestic issues they get in the office and while ended their entire time with office is defined by overseas incursions and overseas incursions Annie were there not giving a coherent cohesive policy on what were trying to do that's exactly right the message to gluten is completely garbled. The President, the leader the one who supposed to be making the decisions ultimately says sanctions never deter his press secretary is national security advisor, the Secretary of State, the spokesman for the benefit of the vice President of the United States Army going from the presidency say the opposite. If you were the enemy. If you are the opponent you would say who is running the show over there. It's certainly not the Democratic Party through the President of the United States, is Jordan's answers. Their terrible message to our allies don't know what were going. It's likely know were leading the charge, and we hope the night is behind us, but we do. But when we were were to say one thing to the enemy and were saying something else tomorrow and allies were all over the board. It's not the coherent cohesive policy. The United States needs to have in any instance is one of the things you it said during our meeting before and that was there doesn't seem to be right now. The Russians to have not gone into keep with this mass destruction of the gun, and in other studies and you said that was reminiscent of World War II. Listen if you are historian as I am of World War II and you read World War II and Putin) World War II, and he understands it. He does not want to annihilate Kiev as he is done. These other cities for the same reasons that Adolf Hitler said I do not want to bomb Paris. I want to take it intact because that is the symbol of the Parisian of the French resistance and of the French government I wanted perfectly intact and he actually went Hitler actually went to Paris and viewed the city one time. Never again when once stood at the Trocadero looked embarrassed and said I have been victorious. I have taken the city and that's exactly what Vladimir the prince of the Russians. Putin wants to do when he goes he wants the margin to Gav and unscathed and untouched city read history, folks. You folks are efficient to signify the broadcast recruit asking to be joining us related to these issues with him as well into some of the inflation issues the gas price issues as well. So to continue this discussion, we want you to join us to be part of the show today to this idea about sitting jets in what your reaction to that support would certainly for is now a supporting it's calling for publicly the administration to give that great line was given a green light by Pres. Biden.

It was in holdback by the Pentagon advisors it would escalate the conflict much without a couple weeks ago where we are now that were more than a month into the conflict. 1-800-684-3110 right your thoughts on that we will be right back house of Luke. We are hyper fundraising need your financial support with a matching challenge right now is double the impact of your donation to the ACLJ building online. The building today. Second half hour coming up. The American Center for on critical issues at home and abroad for limited time you can participate in the ACLJ matching challenge for every dollar you donate will be mass $10 gift becomes $20, $50 gift becomes 100 protecting the constitutional and religious freedoms most to you and your family.

You forgive today online keeping you informed and now is Jordan's secular secular so you get to recruit now retirement the inflation but also this mix messaging from the private ministration on sanctions on what happens next in Russia and Ukraine. What will NATO response will get all that with Rick in the next thing the broadcasters live up and asked him to about what he sees Spencer Langford and S of war Republicans coming aboard just said those jets over the entity that is considered still.

Rightfully so, that if you do that escalate could cause escalation. The truth is you believe the potent threats or not, summer real summer propaganda. He did invade Ukraine so that was a real threat, but you suffered significant casualty and is willing to enter early to yeah and in their talk. Then they sit member. This host replied in English document nuclear weapons in the use of those feeling that they are already justified in using those if they so choose. My will to Troy's call in Nevada on line 1 hey Troy will have the secular euro beer called the comment that I had about Joe Biden is ministration and things like that about the messaging that I think that the world the rest of the world is watching. Also initiated inconsistencies in the lack of strength from the leadership of the country of the United States, and I think the reason why the situation is worse than it is now is because our military still remains one of the most powerful if it works with that.

I think the situation would be much, much worse. There's no doubt that we have the strongest military in the world but I also think that when you didn't dealing with diplomatic angled all this in the diplomatic angle of all this has to have power.

And when you don't show power and you don't your power, by the way many sake of sanctions. Don't determine your vice President says sanctions do deter if you don't show power.

The Russians think they have a pretty broad band with year to do things. That's the thing I'm concerned about all this that's exactly right. You have to be consistent in your diplomatic approach. If you're going to take a diplomatic approach.

First of all it's got to be backed by the power of death, and that means, by the power to annihilate because that is in history.

They do the diplomacy has always been used instead of the exercise of brute force, but you always have to know that brute force is a possibility. Now you're sending a mixed message to your your allies anger sending a mixed message to your opponents you're not consistent your week here showing weakness in the world. Putin knows when there's weakness. He's taking advantage of and yes I get. I think what you see this, we see that the mix messaging. That's a real start with Rick in the next segment because it comes that world of messaging of his first international messaging at the if it at that level you gotta be very clear member, the people, not English, that the first language of most of these times when you're speaking through you speak through interpreters and so you say that you're respond with chemical weapons in kind. It's a shocking statement if it takes two hours for the White House to clarify. It was two hours where the world will scratch their head going, what is he talking to US consumers is complex to that, but he comes from the administration.

The preview of the Obama years where they drew read in light of the standard serious.

If you use chemical weapons. That's it, work it out. New escalation they use chemical weapons with the Russians. No new escalation until Donald Trump came in the office and launched Tomahawk missiles into Syria, while the Chinese President was at at my Largo with right which stopped stopped them from doing the chemical also stopped Russia from engaging in any war conquest in their neighborhood of the world and permitted the Chinese consent.

The question now is you get with. We haven't had time to talk my last few days, but that the whole China time, on thing that just throwing out there is a potential problem problem and it gives the Chinese the encouragement to do what I think that they see Putin doing, why should they be encouraged to do the same thing when they say that we can design native, came not invite. They have no ability to do that right folks listen. It's a critical time. First ACLJ because that this is a big fundraising concert we don't do it often on the broadcast will be do I because support and we are behind this month so if you can support the work of ACLJ and double the impact your donation time to finally hear the donate today will be right back, hit all these issues recruit now and take your phone calls and one 800 684 31 to the American Center for on the floor engaging in coalitions at home and abroad defending religious freedom to those who were that we are grateful. Now there's an opportunity for you to help in any way comes $20, $50 gift becomes 100 constitutional and only one. A society can agree that the most vulnerable invoice is, is there any hope for that culture to survive.

And that's exactly what you are saying when you stand with the American Center for Law and Justice, defendant the right to life.

We created three powerful publication offering a panoramic view of the ACLJ's battle for the unborn is called mission will show you how you are personally sealed cases/secular joy by our supervisor policy is the record now and Rick is a lot to talk about at home and abroad you get a new piece of ACLJ dorsal start at home and all these issues get interconnected to what's happening overseas with new piece of ACLJ that are California has the highest gas prices in the nation and the state is totally covered by the left. We have a Thomas of listeners at supporters in California who are listing ads. This broadcast and watch this broadcast right now.

Rick tell what they will learn about in your piece, but also what could be done to alleviate some of the bird on these are California drivers and drivers across the country that were all paid more to learn is that the entire state of California is controlled by the last and that has gripped us into not supplying enough energy we don't participate in the explosion of liquid natural gas, the United States and is is able to participate in were not drilling. We've got a problem throughout California. In that our beach is become filled with little whale pots because the reserves just off the beach you are exploding and were not tapping into him. This is mother nature trying to tell us that the oil needs to be pumped and yet we don't do it because the radical environmentalists taken over California. But what is and is now doing is you get a bribe everybody with a $400 check to say well to continue gripping the supply were going to continue having this problem, but in order to appease you because you're all screaming about the high price will send you a $400 check right well I'm running for reelection now. Shame on us for falling for all of this, I say take the money deposit the check into your bank account and keep screaming about more supply Rick, I'm even part of this is a course where you knew you had the President saying yesterday prepare for food shortages. I mean it were 2022. Prepare for food shortages.

We we we go to agricultural products in the United States are extensive. We have the ability to create and to grow and to manufacture prepare for food shortages and all of the listeners that are hearing our voices today. Now if you live in California, we have been been told for years now and again the state is totally controlled by the left and Sacramento's super majority of the last Republicans have no voice. We have been told for years. J contain quick showers and to not water our grass because we have to conserve water. Even though we live on the ocean.

We've been told to shut our appliances off between 5 and 9 PM this is happening in the state of California.

We are being told to concert last water and and yet were not dealing with the supply issue. The very real supplies of water in the same with electricity we could get more energy we could get more food if we would fix the problems of the bad policies that Johannine is putting forward anchors you will tickets be sent to California has the highest gas prices in the nation state is totally governed by the left and it's also warning to other other folks in different states. Having again this is states that absurd to see that the states and cities try to give relief, but I can allow this is like Rick said for politics and could also lead to more inflation of gas price, especially this of these federal plans that we bid a talk about as well. I want to get into Rick the, the language being used on the white the White House specifically on sanctions. I want to play for you is present by saying your sakes. Is this the death about the turrets there take a listen to our flatter. And will also car space. Any action is taken to the street you remember if you cover me for the very beginning.

I did not say that.

In fact, the sanctions would turn him, sanctions never turn you keep talking about that sanctions never deter his sanctions.

The maintenance of sanctions increasing the pain and the demonstration why asked for his NATO meeting today is that after month.

We will sustain what were doing, not just the following month for the remainder of this entire year. That's what will stop Rick is replayed for our audience.

The vice President states the Secretary of State of the United States deputy national security advisor United States, the spokesperson for the Pentagon, the spokesperson for the White House all said that the purpose of the sanctions at least one of the purpose of the sanctions just because everybody was a deterrence and is determined to get the President again comes and says no it's not at least send this message to the world for 10 years at the United Nations before you were an investor before you were the acting DNI.

I spent 10 years at the United Nations specifically focused on making sure our messaging was correct when the US spoke that it was clear what problems come from an unclear message when you're speaking to the world like the President was yesterday big in Brussels and all these different summits over the I can design the knob that only in Washington DC and the press newsrooms are people pretending like what Joe Biden said is okay. The rest of us know that he's been contradicted by his own team. He's been contradicted by the facts that Donald Trump deterred Bowden with his sanctions the Russian pipeline sanctions. I keep saying this over and over, and I feel like nobody is is listening to this, but Donald Trump had sanctions on the Russian pipeline, we can see an invasion from potent Joe Biden dropped the sanctions the Senate Democrats voted to drop the sanctions and they said they were dropping the sanctions because they didn't want to somehow embolden potent they were flat wrong. Deterrence works. We know that and lastly, let me just say shame on the media for allowing this guy at the President of the United States to say things like deterrence doesn't work why didn't this reporter push back and say even your own team is saying. Deterrence works and Donald Trump proved that deterrence works, but he does get pushed back so continue pretending like people by this. The only people that bind us at a Washington DC typeset on those in the newsrooms Rick there is also talk again and including Republican saying you know what we need to get those megs over to Ukraine. You know I it's complicated. I know because there above the geopolitical aspect of what your thoughts look, I think we should be getting the Ukrainians that latest weaponry or why can't today by from us the latest hardware that we have I don't understand why you selling them the javelins will or somehow you know means that were escalating.

If we get on the plane that works the megs you know their problem to maintenance problems and then we have to fix them.

You know, I just think that given the latest and the greatest and no sound them what America has to offer me ask you this month that this horrible conference been going on that the death and destruction is been unbelievable when we talked about this about two weeks ago recommend this were talk about the fact that Jim 2 1/2 million people displaced now were looking it over 10 million people displaced. What is the end here but is what's the exit ramp, if any, here over so I don't want to sound callous because it's terrible when you see this every heartbreaks and you emotionally want to do something, but I think as public policy leaders. We have to remember that there's heartache and humanitarian crises all around the world. I was just tweeting today about four of the 12 UN peacekeeping operations. Each one of these for the end of the name are literally more than $1 billion a year that South Sudan Molly condo and Central African Republic for UN peacekeeping operations out of the 12 that we have America pays 25% of that. My point is there is death and destruction and humanitarian crisis all around the world of our media descended into Africa. I'm just one of these peacekeeping operations were spending $250 million a year of US taxpayer money more than $1 billion a year for each one of these.

The media focused on this crisis we be calling for no-fly zones and all sorts of action. The question that public policymakers have to ask themselves is, what is good for the United States because we cannot do everything we have to do something we can be a leader, but that doesn't automatically mean boots on the ground right we can be a leader in other areas. Rick is always we appreciate so much I your insight. Let me just tell you, folks, Rick is part of the ACLJ team again. I was on_this because I know you see these folks and other media like we all do about Rick is not just that as someone who comes on her show Ted to give insight is part of the ACLJ team as a senior advisor to our teeth got the piece that that's exclusive is not running any rents about the gas prices in California toward policy expertise that were able to utilize that year that you know we don't see the broadcast every single day because of your financial support folks because you donate to the ACLJ we can bring on Rick Grenell as part of our team ran for the leave the ministration to have a for acting director of national intelligence investor Germany and 10 years at the UN in New York on this type of messaging they were talking about support our work in right behind this month it's a critical month resume CL only one. A society can agree that the most vulnerable invoice is, is there any hope for that culture to survive.

And that's exactly what you are saying when you stand with the American Center for Law and Justice, defendant the right to life, freeing powerful publication offering a panoramic view of the ACLJ's battle for the unborn is called mission will show you how you are personally sealed cases/the American Center for Law and Justice were engaged in critical issues at home and abroad. Whether it's defending religious freedom. Protecting those who face covering corruption in the Washington bureaucracy fighting to protect life in the courts and in Congress ACLJ for that.

We are grateful. Now there's an opportunity for you to help in any way comes $20, $50 gift comes 100 constitutional and secular discussion we had it with Esther Langford who had it with Rick. Now, this idea of you the question what hundred 6430. What do you still time to join the broadcast hours would take a lot of phone calls. This final segment of the broadcast. Do you support the idea of sitting at digitally aircraft. She prays whether it's the big 20 dives that Esther Langford talking about or something even more advanced. It record. I was talking about this idea. Remember that the idea against this is that that would lead us into a direct potential conflict with Russia that we would be flying these clades so would that be US pilots versus Russian pilots which were one step below that is what because the Russians would know the only reason that was theirs because of us. And so did you get that idea is that lead to World War III or not. I want your thoughts on it.

What hundred 6431 10 of us go to photos. I was going to Robert in Virginia on live five hey Robert, I saw a record spot on.

We should be sending Ukraine everything they can use that doesn't require years of training. Why do we thank Russia is any different than Nazi Germany was in the late 1930s there. There's a different it's it's a totally different kind of confidence a clear weapons yet is different. Big difference. Because a nuclear deterrent is a nuclear deterrent in a nuclear capability is a real capability and the Nazis had a war machine. No question about it, but that's very different than 4000 nuclear warheads. Having said that I would go to Col. West met because we talked about this earlier today. You said your modifier really thinking through this bejeweled initially opposed to the mix absolutely have come around in my thinking, much like some of the Senators have no just in the last few days. We are witnessing an unreal human disaster, war crimes being committed during the face of every American social media into the news day in and day out at some point we have to do something.

And here's here's what has brought me about Jake not to say that we will give them antiaircraft missiles Stinger missiles javelins to attack tanks even kamikaze drones which we've given all those things Ukraine that we won't give them aircraft that their own pilots will fly is a distinction without a difference. We are we are already giving them weapons to try and defeat the Russian aggressors and so these meetings it is not really that much different.

Plus, we've been here before. In Afghanistan we armed the Afghanistan's to fight Russia in the 1980s, and Russia. You know they are playing this card of a possible nuclear your response and tried to bully us mutually assured destruction is still a real thing and I don't think Rush would go there and again were not talk about US troops fighting Russians or boots on the ground were talking about arming the Ukrainians which were already doing this report that came right before we went on air that a Russian Brig. Cmdr.'s been killed deliberately by his own troops after his unit suffered a lot of losses and Ukraine Western official said the Col. Medved check was a command of the 37th motor rifle brigade was run over by his own soldiers. What what what's going on with this.

All the reports are morale in the Russian army is extremely low. Gluten is keeping the facts from the Russian people in Russia about what's going on about attacking civilians and about belittling cities and towns.

He's keeping that from his own people to those soldiers on the ground. They are not only witnessing this. These war crimes and humanitarian disasters are being ordered to be complicit, and it and it is no surprise that some of them are shot and they're saying we will not be part of this and apparently that's what happened with this commander you will Haynes just put in our chat and make sure I got this right will that the callers were getting our dear Pro there against, and some just kind in the middle of the fence on the whole situation with Jackson mix yeah Jada New York online to hagiography secularly on their thank you for taking my call at the pleasure there as well. I totally get pending maker having anything to do with any ammunition, let them buy what I say. I believe that that we could do a lot of humanitarian as much as we can.

Donations and gifts like that.

But to get involved militarily in this nation I think is a disaster.

I mean there's a lot like Mr. Grenell said light on her fabulous person said there is trouble around the world and other webby look at Armenia got invaded. Nobody did nothing. So I just want to say I don't think it's a good idea to get involved is to distinguish which is that if if if Ukraine was purchasing was what Rick was saying is neglected by the best of the best they've got. This significant resource the country. They have they have said it's a country and that's different than the US just handing it over old equipment exactly class what we can go back to what we did with England over to the delayed-release program where we give them what they need with the agreement that they will pay us back in kind, or pay us back at a future date. That's possibly two. Here's the thing about John's: and I'm appreciate John calling in. We are already arming them say what we should not arm them that that that train left the station were arming them is the question now is how do we armed them we could do a lot more to defeat Russia. In this in this war and to help Ukraine they were doing now and all of those things we could be doing would still not involve direct you know a combat with Russian troops Awarded Idaho online. Three. Hey want all and all for arming them with stop and elation. We don't even know the meeting with Pres. Chen, China, and are they trying to drop into a different kind of conflict will an asymmetrical conflict immediately. It is interesting that there is a huge outreach between the leader of China and the leader of Russia right before the Olympics. If you remember, and then there's that all the subsequent meetings and and in China has stated that they are supporting Russia in this never happens, but you haven't seen them as far as we know, Col. Smith, giving money, which they've asked for ammunitions yeah China is in a tough spot right now because they see what's happening to the Russian economy in China part a part of their goal of being the world's only superpower depends on their finances and continue to be a road that robust financial machine they realized that we could also put sanctions there.

I think they're hesitant I do not think it will stop them from at some point invading Taiwan, but I think at this point they're trying to to play play both ways said they refused to condemn Russia's activity and yet as far as we know they're not supporting Russia went with arms and weapons. Although reports came out last week that Russia had actually requested help with arms because they are running out of ammunition and weapons have answered it's an unbelievably complex situation, but the good news here is where least able to give you real analysis, thoughtful analysis from Col. Smith from Rick Grenell for Sen. Langford from Mike Pompeo.

Several of these folks are part of the team's door instead of the American Center for Law and Justice a Grenell and Pompeo course Col. Smith are part of our team here at the ACLJ we are getting near the last days of the month for matching challenge next week. Can you be up for the month of March for matching genre little bit. Find out exactly what to bind together this morning was $100,000 were behind from last year. We want to make that up.

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