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Defending Life

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
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March 18, 2022 1:04 pm

Defending Life

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow

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March 18, 2022 1:04 pm

Defending Life.

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As we wait Supreme Court decision on wrong. Our fight for life continues to be in human form and now this is what I hear from you.

Call one 800 broadcast as we know, the Supreme Court will be deciding the fate of row versus Wade early this summer and there's a lot that will happen.

On this case that it might not be that it's a direct reversal Roe versus Wade is no longer the law of the land, but it could be that the basic principles of Roe versus Wade that allow for very little restrictions on abortion that the idea Roe versus Wade is got.

So what happens next. Of course this fight for life.

We know the abortion industry is going to ramp up two ways they want to shut down pro-life speech, we see that time and time again we have current cases right now you hear about where abort the abortion industry was to shut down sidewalk counselors. The idea that on that sidewalk on the public sidewalk because your your speaking about your pro-life position that speech is no longer allowed so they want to treat it's always abortion distortion treat anything against abortion is somehow different and wrong and it also ramp up there for to try to shut down crisis pregnancy centers pro-life pregnancy centers that are across the country so you might be the state where in the abortion industry knows this and if you give the green light to the law in Mississippi. Your statement that was taken. We will adopt the same law we might need a constitutional change might need some advice from the ACLJake you will get challenged in court.

Still, there will be there all be unique just to be an incredible moment.

The fight will be far from over.

If we get the decision that many people are predicting that opens the floodgates to allow states to regulate abortion more directly and and I think "we have not seen a case like this since Roe versus Wade. I really get with someone close in 1990. That's how long it has been in Logan we know, though, the abortion industry is a business.

As part of the show today. We show the insights that it's about making money. So you try to come after business, they will fight back. And so even if they lose this case, the Supreme Court that that opens up the fight to the states and their well-funded of Roe versus Wade is overturned a deadly take a huge victory in the fact that you got this far, but that does not mean the fight is going to end the fight is going to change and change rapidly, so we'll see in this of this documentary put together adequately what the fulfillment ACLJake is that our team broke down a really what that industry is like with the business side of abortion is big abortion if you will it's it's deftly not something you miss her a lot with your children. So to give fair warning to that's a pretty intense obsolete subject matter.

You should watch it. Keep yourself educated because so much is going to change you have these co-documentaries that are relevant right now even more relevant than really have to update the because so much is good to change potentially in the next few months. We have to be well-informed and engaged on what is going on with this fight and how things are going to change a book that is not something that we the ACLJ are not already considering were already looking towards what happens depending on the decisions vision going the way, what happens and how does this fight. Continue on Clark you said, they're not going away quietly yelling, so I get this is it's a billion-dollar your business. You have to think about it that way it would need when you come in when you win against a billion-dollar, your business will just say okay were done I would like to fight back anymore, remember what this case would do and will explain this at the broadcast today and talk about how their already try to shut them pro-life speech pro-life pregnancy centers in the business of abortion. Ultimately what they will think that they're going to do is there to take us back to the states now about half the states of the country are red states, pro-life states, but still, they're gonna need to do a lot of work to get the good laws in place so they will fight every step of the way the abortion industry. There have been half the country where you know what this is going to open up a whole new debate because instead of just say all well the federal law or this or we don't really have a say in this. A blue state.

Your state now is enough to make decisions in your state legislators in your governor. They can't just hide behind federal law. If this case goes away. We hope you got to get up to speed, and ready to go for this battle. The abortion industry they're ramping up. They up there preparing like they've lost, we have to repair like they are going to lose at the federal level to what's going to happen with this really returns to the states for the first time since Roe versus Wade. That's why we need to support financially with the matching challenge the entire month of March building today double your impact will be right back.

The American Center for Law and Justice were engaged in critical issues at home and abroad.

Whether it's defending religious freedom. Protecting those who are persecuted for their faith.

Uncovering corruption in the Washington bureaucracy fighting to protect life in the courts and in Congress ACLJ would not be able to do any of this without your support for that.

We are grateful. Now there's an opportunity for you to help me way limited time you can participate in the ACLJ's matching challenge every dollar you donate $10 gift dollar gift becomes 100. This is a critical time for the ACLJ the work we do.

Simply would not occur without your generous support coordinator matching challenge can make a difference in protecting the constitutional and religious freedoms you forgive today online ACLJ only one. A society can agree that the most vulnerable invoice. Is there any hope for that culture to survive. And that's exactly what you are saying when you stand with the American Center for Law and Justice, defendant the right to life. We created a free powerful publication offering a panoramic view of the ACLJ's battle for the unborn is called mission life will show you how you are personally pro-life publication includes a look at all major ACLJ pro-life cases were fighting for the rights of pro-life activists. The ramifications of Roe V Wade, 40 years later Planned Parenthood's role in the abortion and what Obama care means to the pro-life in many ways your membership is empowering the right to life question free copy of mission life today online ACLJ/will now recognize our witness. Please welcome Ms. Cecile Richards, President, Planned Parenthood Federation of America, if you will please rise and raise your right hand. Do you solemnly swear or affirm the testimony you're about to get a manager whole truth and nothing but the truth revelations tonight that could put some in the abortion industry, most uncomfortable position.

I'm proud to be here today, Planned Parenthood leading provider of high quality healthcare in America.

Is been in the news recently because of videos released by a group dedicated to making abortion illegal director of medical service arrangement $100 range is leveled against Planned Parenthood in need to look at is the basis of abortion start organizations chopping up children and selling the body parts to the highest bidder. I can call it whatever they like the reality is they can call red-handed. I was told it was just a tissue is not a pain is a blob of tissue treatment and lying and do not every kid yourself.

I know exactly what they're doing. We were driven by baggage and online listing of having a child based choice for you in the business of abortion they worship the altar of abortion, anywhere else no one seen what's really going on. Can you tell me if your affiliates receive the majority of their revenue from abortion. I don't know that answer could you get it for me. I'll talk to my team. Thanks, but I do think it's important to understand that abortion procedures are probably more expensive than some other procedures that we that we provide budget which might might explain what you're trying to get at is probably the reason why skills have an abortion. A lot of them know that it's wrong don't want to do yet, but they feel like it's their only way of surviving their life. I just can't have this baby. The guys not to stand by me.

My parents will not stand by and my mom telling me to have.

It's my friend has had one in the past and she says just to let you know just suck it up for this half an hour and go through this horrible thing in your life will be back to normal crisis circumstances that perhaps their young marriage. Perhaps there is economically compressed, circumstantial, or maybe even depressed.

Circumstance may be that there have family pressures may be a stigma that is that is sure to be placed on them if they carry a child to term because she scared her children because she is poor because she's single because the guy ran out on college she want to finish her education because she just got a promotion at work and she doesn't want to come in between her and her career goals because she is disappointed parents because she was raised in the church and she has a morning and I need to know that she was confused or scared abortion is presented is the easy alternative, the painless alternative to eliminate the problem. Baggage. In all honesty, of having a child while I was in college because I had a vision for my life and have a car and driver have no money you now so yeah ideal thing would to be to have an abortion knots when I had hundred percent decided to do my second marriage was an agreement there would be no more children course, I never expected to get pregnant when I found myself pregnant just happened. It was all in the days call my doctor.

He said no problem, we can take care of it.

I remember walking out from the rain holding a pregnancy test and tie my boyfriend at the time pregnant. My mind was blank. No idea what to do. So I guess I was looking to him for some answers and he looked at me and he said that's not a problem.

He said I was taking the girls to abortion clinics will just take you to the clinic and get taken care of and now I would like to tell you that. Now let's talk about this, but I did and I just said okay.

Through counseling and of course it was very this is probably going to do your best option. Very very insane so I okay we borrowed money from his desk at the time he was when he made the appointment the following week. Mom said to me she is Jesus only okay abortion will be praying so surely this season, so okay and he said Jones and she just kept saying over and over and over again. Sorry sorry sorry wasn't me and that her father's secret secret to Katie and abortion is legal cases.

Georgia said that the decision pregnancy during the first three months belongs to Dr. things that most Americans think and think wrongly is that abortion with the weight of the truth is that every single civilization throughout all of antiquity all the way up to the present time has had some major component part of the culture abortion is people To Our Child That Had Made You Feel Something, According to New York Health Department Statistics We Now Know That There Are More American Babysitter Boarded a Boat in New York That Actually Want to Live Course. The Lack of Access for African-American Women in Particular to Basic Preventive Healthcare Including Family Planning Is a Huge Problem in This It Is That If I Don't Want to Spend and and I Agree with You.

That's His Aforementioned Time of Places That We've Served and Worked in but It Does Concern Me That Three Time Theft American Population Is 13%. Yet There Being Born Three Times Percent of the Population at 35% of the 19th Century the Beginning of the 20th Century There Were a Number of Revolutionary Figures Wanted to Make the World As Part of Revolutionary Challenge to Remake It Kind of Pseudoscientific Fashion, That They Wanted to Assure in Tomorrowland, Planned Parenthood and Margaret Sanger, Who Was a Nation Where You Genesis and You Genesis Are Not Babies Because of Some Political Issue They Are on a Mission to Purify Eugenics Movement Was to Create the Superior Race.

Planned Parenthood Does It Be Deemed to Be Less Desire They Viewed the Minorities in Our Communities Is the Least Desirable, She Is a Powerful Engine to Drive Social Change so She Sought to Usher This Revolutionary New Age Starting with Human Sexuality by Scientific Means 501 What She Called Human. We Were Specifically Defined As Blacks Mix Eastern Europeans Slavs She Believed Were Sort of Lower on the Evolutionary Chain and so to Bring about This New Age of Race Gene Stocks Out Of the Human Machine Abortion Control Things Really Merge That Ideology Help Women. It Wasn't to Give Freedom of Choice Was Really Shape Eugenics Movement Is Called Eugenics Anymore. Planned Parenthood of the Matter Is the Result That They're Getting Is Exactly the Same As the Elimination of a Race.

Where Are These Abortions Taking Place Minority Communities Is Really Critical ACLJ ACLJ.Only One. A Society Can Agree, Is There Any Hope for That Culture to Survive. And That's Exactly What You Are Saying the American Center for Law and Justice Right, We've Created a Free Publication Offering a Panoramic View of the ACLJ's Battle for the Unborn, Called Patient Includes All Major ACLJ Rights Activist 40 Years Later, When Obama Care Anyways. Your Membership Is Right. Mission Life Today Online/American Center for Law and Issues at Home and Abroad. Whether It's Defending Religious Freedom to Those Covering Corruption in Washington Fighting to Protect Life Reports It in Congress. ACLJ Would Not Be Able to Do Any of This or That.

We Are Grateful Help Limited Time You Can Participate in the ACLJ Challenge Every Dollar You Donate $10 Gift Becomes 100. This Is Simply Would Not Occur without Matching Challenge. Make Protecting the Constitutional and Religious Freedoms. Today Online Okay so the Combination of This from Your Mother. What Point Does a Zygote Become a Human Being at the Moment of Conception, Where in the Physiological, Sociological, Psychological Development of the Unborn and Can We Really Say This Is a Human Being and the Response I Generally Get after Listening to All the Arguments.

Nobody Can Answer with Absolute Certainty on That Basis.

My Argument Is Then You Must Be Pro-Life, Because If You Can't Answer the Question Then Your Your Destroying the Unborn and Maybe Committing Murder Now Clear Stages of Human Development from the Beginning, the Embryological Development of the Embryo for Hundred Years When the Carnegie Collection, Which Predates the Turn of the 19th Straight and This Collection Obviously from Famous Carnegie Section Is to Logically Section 20th Century. Now That Child Beating Heart Functioning Brain DNA and Mom and Dad Want to Argue about.

What about the Decisions and What about the Future of the Most Basic Simple Thing That We Have Is That Child. The Child Even Those People Who Were Extremely Pro-Choice. When the Issue Came to Deal with Late-Term Abortions or Partial Birth Abortions in the Language Used Depends on Which Side of the Argument You Are Said Oh You Months, Seven Months. This Is Emphasized Will so Somewhere between That Point and Conception, Something Can You Tell Me Where That Is Answer Is No, I Can't.

Nobody Can Ascertain That Fine Then There's Always the Possibility That Your Committing Murder, Abortion Is Murder When Someone Has a Pregnancy Test Baby or Not. And It's a Very Simple Principle Is Child Is a Child Protective Nothings Changed America.

Nothing Could Be Further from the Truth When You Talk to A Lot Of Younger Americans Especially.

They See the Technology They See the Very High Quality Sonograms or Tissue inside the One They Can Look inside the One Now and See Uniquely Child Smiling Back at Them from inside This Basic American Value That We Have in Life Is Important Extends the Life All They Are Young.

So a Young Child Is Very Small Same Value As an Adult Should Be Protected Legally Is Taking the Child. Now, the Answer to That Is No Is Better Than It Was Not Where It Should Be Entitled to the Same Rights As Everyone Else Is like Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness That Life Is the Right and the Problem Is… Really Serious Is They Don't View Life outside the Womb. They Control the Exit Point Because of the Procedures. Frankly, More Fresh Rating Side Because the Last Thing They Want Talk about Is the Child. So We Went.

We Just Want to Stand up for the Rights of Children Not Going to Be Born to Live a Healthy, Productive Life, Which Is Planned Parenthood Organization Points the Number of Abortions Here about a Million over 3300 30,000 by Planned Parenthood Is the Single Largest Morning Abortions or Other Facilities That May Be Affiliates of Planned Parenthood Are Independent Abortion Clinics out There That Are Moving along Abortions As Well, but the Numbers Stack Rates over a Million a Year Abortions Is Business Still the Largest Regulating to Any Extent Mostly on Regular Business and How Much Money Really Goes in the Abortion Industry Become Something Your Underreporting's Underreporting Is Cash Business States to Regulate so We Need to Look at Is in the Business of Abortion Start Card to Alan Abortion until One Man Who Is Vulnerable and Scared, Particularly If They're in College Goals. We Can Manipulate Them in a Way Makes It Seem like They Can't Reach These Goals Unless They Have Not Abortion. I Know Exactly What They're Doing Parts Together in the Background. Another Killing Babies and Anywhere Else so They Are Paid to Look the Other Way and Kill 90 Supervisors with Related Budget to Say This Is How Many Abortions Need to Be Sold. This Is How Many Abortions Need to Be Performed at Your Facility. Every Man and If You Don't Make That Quote If You Don't Meet That Level.

That Number Then You Start Losing Staff Planned Parenthood Use Abortion As a Business. It Is Their Business There in the Business of Terminating Human Life and Apologize for It. They Say It's Part of the Service That Their Rendering but in Reality What Abortion Is the Taking of an Unborn Child's Life.

Abortion Depends on How Far along in Her Pregnancy so First Master Abortion. Let's Say Anywhere from 5 to 10 Weeks. It's Going to Be around $450.

This Is My Facility in Bryan from 10 to 12 Weeks. It's Going to Be $595.12 to 14 Weeks Is Going to Be $695 and Just Continues to Go on. So You're Looking out at 14 to 16 Week Abortion Can Be $895 Continues to Go. We Know That There Are Physicians That Perform Abortions into the Third Trimester. There Is One Physician in Colorado.

Dr. Warren Hearn Who Performs Abortions up until the Date of Birth. What We Know Is That an Abortion around 30 Weeks with Dr. Ernest Somewhere around $17,000, so the Price Just Continues to Increase Further along.

The Woman Is in Her Pregnancy and Not Really Because the Procedure Changes That Match Particular in the First Trimester. The Procedure Is the Same but It's Riskier.

So There's Higher Risk to the One and the Further along She Is in Her Pregnancy Get Your Money, Free Abortions.

If Abortions Should Get for Free during the Business of Abortion They Worship at the Altar of Abortion and They Can Call It a Matter of Sometimes Will Call It the Product of Conception or Demise. All That Means the Same Thing Is the Destruction of Human Life ACLJ 50 Bucks Hundred Dollars for the ACLJ Because It Triggers a $50 These Are Most Critical Months of the Year. We like This Way so That We Don't Love Our Broadcast Fundraising Pitch to You. Most of the Year. These Months We Really Do Have To Tell You How We Bring You the Broadcast I Would Agree on the Expert Team Members like Mike Pompeo and Rick Were Now Playing on the Fight for Life Support. Part of Her Matching Challenge ACLJ.the American Center for Law and Issues at Home and Abroad for Limited Time You Can Participate in the ACLJ Challenge for Every Dollar You Donate $10 Gift Becomes 20 $50 Gift Becomes 100 Could Make a Difference in Protecting the Constitutional and Religious Freedoms to You and Your Family Today. Online Okay Now What I Hear from You Sharon Post-, Call One 861, One Broadcast As We Know, the Supreme Court Will Be Deciding the Fate of Row Versus Wade Early This Summer and There's A Lot That Will Happen This Case That It Might Not Be That It's a Direct Reversal Roe Versus Wade Is No Longer the Law of the Land, but It Could Be That the Basic Principles of Roe Versus Wade Allow for Very Little Restrictions on Abortion That the Idea Roe Versus Wade Is Got. So What Happens Next. Of Course This Fight for Life. We Know the Abortion Industry Is Going to Ramp up Two Ways They Want to Shut down Pro-Life Speech, We See That Time and Time Again We Have Current Cases Right Now You Hear about Where Abort the Abortion Industry Was to Shut down Sidewalk Counselors. The Idea That on That Sidewalk on the Public Sidewalk Because You Are Speaking about Your Pro-Life Position That Speech Is No Longer Allowed so They Want to Treat It's Always Abortion Distortion Treat Anything against Abortion Is Somehow Different and Wrong and Also Ramp up There to Try to Shut down Crisis Pregnancy Centers Pro-Life Crazy Centers across the Country so You Might Be the State Where the Abortion Industry Knows This Give the Green Light to the Law in Mississippi. Your Statement That Was Taken. We Will Adopt the Same Law We Might Need a Constitutional Change Might Need Some Advice from ACLJ You Will Get Challenge in Court. Still, There Will Be There All Be Unique Just to Be an Incredible Moment. The Fight Will Be Far from over. If We Get the Decision That Many People Are Predicting That Open the Floodgates to Allow States to Regulate Abortion More Directly and and I Think "We Have Not Seen a Case like This since Roe Versus Wade.

I Really like It Was Someone Close in 1990. That's How Long It Has Been a Logan Weed. Although the Abortion Industry Is a Business. As Part of the Show Today. We Show the Insights That It's about Making Money. So You Try to Come after Business, They Will Fight Back. And so Even If They Lose This Case, the Supreme Court That That Opens up the Fight to the States. I Know That Is Coming and We Been Planning on Talking about Here Internally Which Is Obviously If This Is to Happen If Roe Versus Wade Is Overturned Doubly Take a Huge Victory in the Fact That You Got This Far That Does Not Mean the Fight Is Going to End the Fight Is Going to Change and Change Rapidly, so We'll See in This of This Documentary Put Together a Fulfillment ACLJ Is the RT Broke down Really What That Industry Is like with the Business Side of Abortion Is Big Abortion If You Will It's It's Deftly Not Something You Miss Her A Lot with Your Children Give Fair Warning to That's a Pretty Intense As the Subject Matter. You Should Watch It. Keep Yourself Educated Because so Much Is Going to Change You Have the Sky Documentary That Are Relevant Right Now Even More Relevant Update the Because so Much Is Going to Change Potentially in the Next Few Months. We Have To Be Well Informed and Engaged on What Is Going on with This Fight and How Things Are Going to Change a Book That Is Not Something That We the ACLJ Are Not Already Considering Were Already Looking Towards What Happens Depending on the Decisions Vision Going Away What Happens and How Does This Fight I Continue like like You Said, They're Not Going Away Quietly so I Get This Is It's a Billion-Dollar Your Business.

You Have To Think about It That Way When You When You Come in When You Win against a Billion-Dollar Your Business Just Okay Were Done to Fight Back Anymore, Remember What This Case Would Do Will Explain This at the Broadcast Day about How They're Already Trying to Shut down Pro-Life Speech Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers in the Business of Abortion.

Ultimately What They Will Think That They're Going to Do Is to Take Us Back to the States Now about Half the States in the Country Are Red States, Pro-Life States, but Still Need to Do A Lot Of Work to Get the Good Laws in Place so They Will Fight Every Step of the Way the Abortion Industry. There Half the Country Where You Know What This Is Going to Open up a Whole New Debate Because Instead of Just Say All Well the Federal Law. This or We Don't Really Have a Say in This Blue State Your State Now Is to Make Decisions in Your State Legislators in Your Governor. They Can't Just Hide behind Federal Law.

If This Case Goes Away. We Hope You Got to Get up to Speed, and Ready to Go for This Battle. The Abortion Industry There Ramping up Their Preparing like They've Lost Their like They Are Going to Lose at the Federal Level.

What's Going to Happen with This Really Returns the States for the First Time since Roe Versus Wade. That's What We Need to Support Financially with the Matching Challenge the Entire Month of March Double Your Impact Will Be Right. The American Center for Law and Engaged in Critical Issues at Home and Abroad. Whether It's Defending Religious Freedom. Protecting Those Covering Corruption in the Washington Bureaucracy and Fighting to Protect Life in the Courts and in Congress ACLJ Would Not Be Able to Do Any of This without for That. We Are Grateful.

Now There's an Opportunity for You to Help Limited Time You Can Participate in the ACLJ's Matching Challenge Every Dollar You Donate $10 Gift Gift Becomes 100. This Is Time for the ACLJ the Work We Simply Would Not Occur without Your Generous Matching Challenge Make Protecting the Constitutional and Religious Freedoms. Today Online Okay Only When a Society Can Agree That the Most Vulnerable Invoice. Is There Any Hope for That Culture to Survive.

And That's Exactly What You Are Saying the American Center for Law and Justice Right, We've Created a Free Publication Offering a Panoramic View of the ACLJ's Battle for the Unborn Will Show You How Publication Includes All Major ACLJ Fighting for the Rights Pro-Life Activist Ramifications 40 Years Later, When Obama Care Me in Many Ways Your Membership Is Powering the Right Mission Life Today Online/Court Decision, Literally, What States the Rights of Unborn Children. Abortion on Demand Now Change the Lives of Unborn Children. The Human Life Legislation Ending This Sunday, Congress and You and I Must Never Rest until It Does Mean Here Is to Show Choice Place a Child Is Face-To-Face with This Thesis Is a Very Bold Move for Bill Clinton Artie Got into His Car Was on the Way to the Cart and Rob Simply Showed Him the Unborn Baby Sit This Is the Product of Abortion and That Visual Change the Way Abortion Was Due Because He Was a Fully Formed Baby That Was Subject to Abortion and Bring Him Face to See What Abortion Is.

Is in the Service and Service in His Message to Continue to Go Out Of Your Job Is with the Lord, Make Sure the Access to Communicate Their Message. Whatever Might Be Maybe Sit in Protest May Be a Caring Side to Pick Our Job As Lawyers and All Those Cases Coming Out Of Those Courtrooms Crazy Scenes around Those Courtrooms. The Protests Were Violent and Ugly like You Punch a Hole in Hell and the Demons Came with the Graphic Pictures of Coming on Board to Make Sure Our Clients Were Able to Communicate Their Message of Life Keep Government or the Pro-Abortion Organizations off Their Back and Protect the First Amendment Would Be Doing It since 1988 Revelations Industry in a Most Uncomfortable Position Has To Do with What Happens after That.

There Is a Legal Side of This Fetal Tissue like This Is Illegal. Laws Contain the Pregnant Woman's Permission Range from $100 Transporting Tissue Showdown on Capitol Hill Today the Head of Planned Parenthood Will Buy Lawmakers after Those Undercover Videos Recorded by Antiabortion Activists Planned Parenthood Employees. Do You Admit That Planned Parenthood or Its Affiliates.

Harbison Cells Fetal Body Parts for Profit.

We Are Very Clear Planned Parenthood a Very Clear Policy on Fetal Tissue Donation.

It's Done with the Full Consent of the Patient and As I Said Earlier in My Statements.

It Is Only Currently Done in Fewer Than 1% of Planned Parenthood Health Centers No Pain and One and One and Their 11 Affiliate in Washington State That Does Not Receive Any Reimbursement for Their Costs and There's Only One Other One Which Is in California and They Have Assured Us That Whatever Reimbursement They Received It Is Less Than What the Costs Are for Providing Fetal Tissue for Many Years Pro-Lifers Have Told America That the Abortion Industry Was Grisly That It Was Brutal That It Was Humane and That It Was Flippant in Its Embrace of the Culture of While the Rhetoric Falls on the Fears and Frankly Seeing Is Believing, and so Cover Video Planned Parenthood's Leaders Really Lie.

I Think Shattered the Illusion Made People Realize That This Really Filthy Business Videos That Were Produced by the Center for Medical Progress Which You Show Not Only the Unborn Child, but the Callous Indifference and the Way in Which the Abortion Agents Planned Parenthood Others Talked about the Unborn Child.

So Your Body Parts Blabbing That It's a Boy.

As They Cut up and Show the Cut up Pieces That They're Going to Sell As People Remains to Research Institute so This Is a Perverted Sense of Reality, but They Believe That They're Doing a Service Child Is in the Surgical Tray Third Is Criminal When Videos Were Really Sure What's Going on behind the Scenes of People over the Body Parts of Children and Try to Get the Best Possible Price for the Return for Their Organization, Which Is Mortified. A Lot Of Americans That Came out the Same Day That I Was an Appropriations Hearing and As for Going to the Appropriations We Had an Hour Long Debates about the Value of Orca Whales and Studies That Should Be Done on Orca Whales and It Just Astounded Me and Greeted Me Challenge That We Have on This Is a Nation Is the Argument Is for That. Maybe That Baby Is Really Not a Baby It's Just a Fetus It's Tissue That's Not a Human Baby Is Whatever Once Told That's Just Tissue and It's to Mom to Determine What Happens That Tissue and Then on the Flip Side of It. Moments Later, They Take That Tissue and Then Sell It Because It's Human Organs That Are Needed for Research. You Can't Say in One Moment That's Not a Human, and Then Sell It for the Next Moment As a Human Organ Insight. Now, Suddenly, It Is As If You Went All the Way through. There's Never a Time That Was in a Child. There's Never a Time That Was in a Human and It Seems the Ultimate Irony to Me That We Spent Time Talking about Humane Treatment of Animals Being Put down like in Horse Slaughter and We Completely Children Being Ripped Apart in the Womb and Their Body Parts Being so Dr. This Particular Video Gives the Details Once They Get That Consent from the Mom to Be Careful to Reach in the Head of the Child to Kill the Child and the Wounds, They Can Serve the Rest of Your Because the Kidney Has Value Because the Liver Has Value Because the Lungs, Because the Muscles in the Legs Value. I Would Tell You Child Has Value.

This Is a Thousand Words Missing Evidence That Is Demonstrative, Which It Says Makes a Huge Difference. Those Videos Showed What Was Going on. The Whole World Saw What Was Going on Rightly the Whole World Was Repulsed except for Very Few Politicians in Washington DC Who I Guess Can Be Reposted Nothing. As for Planned Parenthood Funding It Receives $528 Million Annually in Government Money Which Support Services like Cancer Screenings, Treatment of STDs and Birth Control Group Also Performs Abortions, but by Law. None of the Federal Money It Receives Can Go to Abortion. The Idea That We Give Taxpayer Funds to Planned Parenthood Survey Argue Well Those Funds Are Used for Abortion but What It Does Is Free $500 Million a Year to Be Used for Their Other Issues. And What's That Usually Fighting Us in Court Were Funding Them to Fight Us in Court but Were Going after Their Abortion Practice Back to the Matter Is Made of Paper Abortions Per Se Gives Them a Way to Move the Money around Its Shell Game Were Made Public Constituents of Mine to Different Organizations Thinking Boarding Care for Indigent Individuals. Abortion Services Challenge Is so Much of Their Business Is A Lot Of These Dollars Standalone Single Largest Online ACLJ 50 Bucks Dollars ACLJ Because It Triggers a $50 Year This Way so That We Don't Love Broadcast Fundraising Pitch to You. Most of the Year.

These Months We Really Do Have To Tell You the Broadcast I Would Agree on the Experts like Mike Pompeo and Rick Were Now Waiting on the Fight for Life.

All Because Your Support Department Magic Challenges Today Only One.

A Society Can Agree That the Most Vulnerable Invoice. Is There Any Hope for That Culture to Survive.

And That's Exactly What You Are Saying the American Center for Law and Justice, Defendant the Right to Life, We've Created a Free Publication Offering a Panoramic View of the ACLJ's Battle for the Unborn Will Show You How You Are Personally Publication Includes All Major ACLJ Were Fighting for the Rights of Pro-Life Activist Ramifications 40 Years Later, When Obama Care Me in Many Ways Your Membership Is Powering the Right Question Mission Life Today Online ACLJ/the American Center for Law and Engaged in Critical Issues at Home and Abroad.

Whether It's Defending Religious Freedom. Protecting Those Covering Corruption in Washington Fighting to Protect Life in the Courts and in Congress. ACLJ Would Not Be Able to Do Any of This without Your Support for That.

We Are Grateful. Now There's an Opportunity for You to Help Way Limited Time You Can Participate in the ACLJ's Matching Challenge Every Dollar You Donate $10 Gift Gift Becomes 100.

This Is a Critical Time for the ACLJ. The Work We Simply Would Not Occur without Your Generous Matching Challenge Make Protecting the Constitutional and Religious Freedoms. Today Online Okay Abortion Is Presented Is the Easy Alternative. The Pain Was Alternative to Eliminate the Problem with Showing What the Medical Research Is Showing That It Doesn't. And the Problem at All like the Unborn Child and Traumatic Impact from That Abortion. These Are Women That Are Now My Age Was 60 Years Old Sharing Stories That Happened 40 Years Ago.

Planned Parenthood Clinics with Their Crime over the Remorse and the Family.

Since Then, with the Trauma of the Abortion Doesn't Tell You Getting Your Abortion Is Going Happen after Preparing You for Obtaining Pain, Spiritual Pain and Mental Anguish. Now I Pretend I'm One When One Thinks Just Kick Back into Gear Tower Wired Short-Circuited in Their Whole Darkness. There Is A Lot for a New and I Felt I Carried with Me Carrying Me Any Doubt My Anyone Can Have an Abortion Not Have Scars When Uniquely Made to Give Life Destroy Partner Sales and It Was Just That Sick Twisted Way.

See That Woman on Television. He Is Angry Clenched Teeth Clenched. She's Not Saying I Think It's Kicks and Tries to Find a Way to Justify Sam's Think That We Just Don't Want to Face Because We Know, and I Think If You Ask Any Woman Killed Her Baby Chimp Tell You I Knew We've Got to Be Problems to Resources Available to Help Me Telling How Many Pregnant Women. We Live in Our Home Because Their Parents Kicked Them out Because They Were Already Homeless Another Boyfriend Left in Whatever They Can Afford Their Rent, We Are Pro-Life Actually Be Pro-Life, We Have To Make for These Women and Their Children Uncomfortable to Do Everything We Can to Promote a Culture and No Matter the Inconvenience. We Have To Show These Women That There Is a Better Way That There Is a Better Option and We Are Willing to Be There to Help Them Find We Have To Deal with It Economically Because Even Those of Us That Are Pro-Life Are Well Aware That If All We Do Is Change the Law and Do Not Provide the Kind of Economic Support System and beyond That the Kind of Human Support System That Pregnant Women Need That You're Gonna End up with People Going Underground, Have Abortions, You Will Have People Going Out Of the Country to Have Abortions They Will Have Abortions Illegally in Back Rooms and We Don't Want to See That Happen Either. So We've Got to Infect Have a What I Would Call All Holistic Pro Life Approach, We Need to Deal on the One Hand with the Legalities of the Issue.

We Also Have To Deal with Economic Factors You Got Explained Humanity like You Got a Recent Heart of People Debating the Defenseless. We've Got to Have Heart to Do That We Have Heart While Their Hearts Being Sold Part Was Gone I Think about That. We Want to Have the Life in Our Heart to Protect These Children What Their Hearts Are Literally Being Sold.

That's One Thing You Gotta Litigate It. We've Been Successful against Planned Parenthood in Federal Court That Every Time, but Often, and Sometimes in Big Ways, Most Recently a Very Big Way and Then You Gotta Go to Capitol Hill and the Laws Have To Change You Got to Move People's Hearts and Minds and Soul and Part of the Mind.

Moving Takes Place in Washington DC We Got a Very Active Office of Government Affairs Is Very Involved in This Issue They Were to Continue to Push Working with Congressman Blackburn and Congressman Flack to Make Sure That Women Understand What's Happening and That Those Children Protect. I Believe the Best Way to Go to Reach a Woman Who Is Considering an Abortion Is to Get Her before the Abortion Occurs.

So We Have A Lot Of Pregnancy Centers in the United States, but We Need to Grow the Pregnancy Center Movement.

I Don't Mean Plopping down New Pregnancy Centers. What I Mean Is Growing. The Services from inside the Pregnancy Centers That We Arty Have All of the Things That Have Marked the Pro-Life Movement. In the past. Need to Continue Praying Abortion Clinics Is Powerful. I Think That Crisis Pregnancy Centers Are the Soft Underbelly of the Entire Movement.

We Need to Be Supporting Our Crisis Pregnancy Center so We Can Make Pro-Life Medical Centers.

The First Point of Contact Women Will Be Less and Less Likely to Ever Enter Planned Parenthood Facility Love the Idea of Portable Ultrasound Go to High Schools Parked outside of Highly Trafficked Abortion Clinics Where Abortion Minded Women Would Be a Chance College Campuses around Clinics May Park in Their Present and SAC Women Going in to Clinic a Sound Telling Her about Majority Women I Really Ultrasound the Latest Numbers Now. 4/5 Women Who Board Start by Fixing Their Babies Ultrasound to See That Maybe Now the Truth of What They're about It When She Was Alive.

She Didn't Want Their Confirmed Her She Needed to Take Care Of. Ultrasound Is the Absolute Best Way to Show Her Baby and so Many Times When They See Their Decision to Have an Abortion Is Completely Changed on the Spot in the Abortion Industry Children Being Sonograms in the Children and Grandchildren. The Wing Check and Try to Figure out Person Look like Start Maybe Going to Be Changed Something That We Should Change to AIDS Came to College and Heard from Again and Again from Women's Rights and Their Children Are Having Children. They're Going ACLJ If You Donate $10 ACLJ or Just Especially the Month of March Matching Challenge the American Center for Law and Just As Critical Issues at Home and Abroad for Limited Time You Can Participate in the ACLJ Challenge for Every Dollar You Donate $10 Gift Becomes 20 $50 Gift Becomes 100 Make a Difference in Protecting the Constitutional and Religious Freedoms to You and Your Family. Give a Gift Today Online Okay

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