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Will the Supreme Court Overturn Roe?

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
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March 14, 2022 2:58 pm

Will the Supreme Court Overturn Roe?

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow

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As we await a Supreme Court decision on Ro .141 800 broadcast as we know, the Supreme Court will be deciding the fate of row versus Wade early this summer and there's a lot that will happen. In this case that it might not be that it's a direct reversal Roe versus Wade is no longer the law of the land, but it could be that the basic principles of Roe versus Wade that allow for very little restrictions on abortion that the idea Roe versus Wade is got. So what happens next. Of course this fight for life. We know the abortion industry is going to ramp up two ways they want to shut down pro-life speech, we see that time and time again we have current cases right now you hear about where abort the abortion industry was to shut down sidewalk counselors. The idea that on that sidewalk on the public sidewalk because your your speaking about your pro-life position that speech is no longer allowed so they want to treat it's always abortion distortion treat anything against abortion is somehow different and wrong and also ramp up there for to try to shut down crisis pregnancy centers pro-life pregnancy centers that are across the country so you might be the state where in the abortion industry knows this and if you give the green light to the law in Mississippi. Your statement that was taken. We will adopt the same law we might need a constitutional change might need some advice from the ACLJake you will get challenged in court.

Still, there will be there all be unique just to be an incredible moment. The fight will be far from over.

If we get the decision that many people are predicting that opens the floodgates to allow states to regulate abortion more directly and and I think "we have not seen a case like this since Roe versus Wade.

I really get with someone it's close to 1990. That's how long it is been in Logan we know, though, the abortion industry is a business. As part of the show today. We show the insights that it's about making money. So you try to come after business, they will fight back.

And so even if they lose this case, the Supreme Court that that opens up the fight to the states and their well-funded of Roe versus Wade is overturned a deadly take a huge victory in the fact that you got this far, but that does not mean the fight is going to end it means. A fight is going to change and change rapidly, so we'll see in this of this documentary put together adequately what the fulfillment ACLJake is that our team broke down a really what that industry is like with the business side of abortion is big abortion if you will it's it's deafly not something you miss her a lot with your children.

So to give fair warning to that is a pretty intense obsolete subject matter.

We should watch it. Keep yourself educated because so much is going to change you have these co-documentaries that are relevant right now even more relevant than really have to update the because so much is get a change potentially in the next few months.

We have to be well informed and engaged on what is going on with this fight and how things are going to change a book that is not something that we the ACLJ are not already considering were already looking towards what happens depending on the decision decision going the way, what happens and how does this fight. Continue on Clark you said, they're not going away quietly yelling, so I get this is it's a billion-dollar your business. You have to think about it that way when you when you come in when you win against a billion-dollar your business. Just say okay were done I would like to fight back anymore, remember what this case would do and will explain this at the broadcast today and talk about how their already try to shut them pro-life speech pro-life pregnancy centers in the business of abortion.

Ultimately what they will think that they're going to do is there to take us back to the states now about half the states. The country are red states, pro-life states, but still, they're gonna need to do a lot of work to get the good laws in place so they will fight every step of the way the abortion industry. There have been half the country where you know what this is going to open up a whole new debate because instead of just say all well the federal law or this or we don't really have a say in this.

A blue state.

Your state now is you have to make decisions in your state legislators in your governor. They can't just hide behind federal law. If this case goes away.

We hope you got to get up to speed, and ready to go for this battle.

The abortion industry they're ramping up. They up there preparing like they've lost, we have to repair like they are going to lose at the federal level to what's going to happen with this really returns to the states for the first time since Roe versus Wade. That's what we need to support financially with the matching challenge the entire month of building today double your impact will be right back. The American Center for Law and fornication solutions at home and abroad. Whether it's defending religious freedom to those who are faith covering corruption in the Washington bureaucracy and fighting to protect life in the courts and in Congress ACLJ without your support for that way you can participate in the ACLJ's matching challenge becomes $20, $50 gift comes 100 times in the ACLJ. The work we do. Simply constitutional and only one. A society can agree that the most vulnerable invoice is, is there any hope for that culture to survive. And that's exactly what you are saying when you stand with the American Center for Law and Justice, defendant the right to life. We've created free powerful publication offering a panoramic view of the ACLJ's battle for the unborn is called mission will show you how you are personally sealed. Jesus actions on the care means to serve the many ways your membership powering the right/or secular will take your focus to what hundred 64 31 to encourage you if you're on rumble. This is a kind of new feature we can utilize it says if you scroll down right below the video editor to be couple ads see where were able to put in text of the first text is to sign our petition now with a link that is a petition if you click on it for life and specific to the Dobbs case of the US Supreme Court. 408,000 people have said that petitioner goal is 500,000 so we have new folks on rumble.

It takes just a minute to sign the petition to put your name, email and ZIP Code and that is it.

I add so again I encourage you to check that out on rumble to new feature we've got and you'll see right there. The petition sobering menu joining a senior counselor. The ACLJ and Frankie were in federal court last week for two day trial before we get into specifics of what happened in court. Let's talk about this case we been standing for free speech for the life issue for literally 40 years of me that we go back a long time. All is working together we been doing this for four decades, and yet even with wings at the Supreme Court on this very kind of issue we are still finding ourselves defending those that want to speak out for life in the vicinity of an abortion clinic to give us the details of this case.

What was an evolving point in Europe.

So write what happened. Having data Supreme Court decision in 2014. Holland versus Coakley that the lower courts and probably still haven't figured out that the court meant what it said. We represent a woman in Carol Turco sidewalk counting outside of an abortion clinic in Englewood, New Jersey since 2005 for the first eight years, things were fairly peaceful that in 2013 a new group of protesters.

Pro-life protesters arrived at a completely different approach in danger as sheep.

She prefers the quiet personal one-on-one communication with people handing the pamphlet by giving them alternatives to abortion as you think that's more effective.

Frankly I did to which is not to say that these people other people don't have their own 1st.the city was claiming in the clinic was claiming that they were doing illegal things, pushing people, blocking doors, screaming into the building.

That sort of thing. While in the Englewood response was to pass a buffer zone which excludes from the vicinity of the clinic not only those people they may or may not have a right to exclude but also our client and other quiet peaceful Siebel counselors Supreme Court in 2014 90 how often you kill unanimous decision in person take maybe never including people like RPG said cities. You can't do that these kind of buffer zones are disfavored.

If you exhaust everything else, it targeted injunctions against the actual lawgivers face type laws, prosecutions of actual criminal violations. If none of that works, then maybe you can go to a buffer zone. Englewood did not have that that was a testimony person.

The seven years been litigating this case, it finally came out in court last week and were hoping to get a successful result in the end, as I think about is litigating data Supreme Court and Court of Appeals kind of abortion free speech cases for literally for decades and when you have a situation like this, you think yourself while you want. It's not.

And why would you be back in federal court within a municipality, thinking they could treat pro-life speech different than any other form of communication and that's what the real problem is here.

They treat pro-life protesters as if they are no is as our friends or largest asbestos in the ceiling tile there dangerous just because they're pro-life so we can change all the rules.

That's why we have to keep fighting what we break with in puddles case for literally seven years.

We won the case on summary judgment 2017 at the District Court level the city appeal, the Third Circuit spent about a year and 1/2 mulling that over that that you know what we need a trial so that's why this case is dragged out for so long and in the meantime, our client has to navigate this obstacle course created by the buffer zone is really six separate buckets of this particular place and it's simply impossible to share the message she wants to share in the way that only she wants to share, but in a way that the unanimous Supreme Court said she has an absolute right to try to do so. That's why were still fighting this is a time when we got biggest abortion case it since Roe versus Wade is and is at the US report waiting for the opinion of you came up in the state of the Union address by Pres. Biden's report just says that you they show their faces which were stored. Most timers say the unit made even more stoic when he made that attack on them because ultimately that's what he's trying to use even at that moment trying to influence them and thought I was mentally and actually have that. We also representing South Dakota and their governor Christie gnome indicates their evolving informed consent to write so we are. I think on the one hand, doing the traditional cases we work out like the sidewalk counselor like informed consent were also preparing for what would a post Dobbs in a good way yes world look like and Frank there would be an unbelievable amount of new litigation because you got state constitutional issues gifts probably that half the states the country and want to put in similar laws. Other states that might be kind of somewhere in the middle and then some states are going to be very pro-abortion. And so it's can be up to groups like ours to go in and educate the legislators on what they can and can't do the steps they need to take to get the laws passed. There's a lot of work that can be done at the pro-life movement will not be done because what happens adopts about it. I mean dog goes the way we hope it goes or even part of the weight that we think it should go. It's not can be ended. Litigation the beginning of a new round of litigation slightly different in some ways, but you're right, I mean the patchwork quilt of laws will be challenged and defended all across the country.

After that, things I thought about I see this dog goes the way we think it does in that particular case is without a major break on an amicus brief.

We been involved in abortion litigation case of the sprinkler ficus and for decades I think the crisis pregnancy centers on women's health centers are to be really at risk in states that are pro-abortion. We already know they bemoaned one at the Supreme Court on this. They are going to try to regulate them out of existence or try to forget who we are with the defendant in the case that you brought something and Kemal Harris ugly and even more influential position now so that's the kind of thing were up against neurite crisis pregnancy centers are also on the front line just as I will counsel their targets of the pro-abortion regulators all over the place, you had to try what, what's the next move after the trial to go for small car went by I think we I think our case look better after the trial, you'll appreciate this.

J every single one of the five witnesses to testify for the city to pick up her deposition testimony on the crucial issues in the case. It was like it was her lawyer was like Christmas morning. I sat there with deposition transcripts everything I want to remember when I took your deposition you said the opposite, that rarely happens in trial, but I think I came across loud and clear to the judge who heard the case.

We have a couple weeks to submit our written estimations. Findings affecting inclusion of law and them away for decision after that. So very important. So you always complete the post work here is you got briefs and submissions do.

As a result of the witnesses at trial.

Basically, summation exactly exactly right.

35 years ago, he argued, the first a Supreme Court of Jews for Jesus case that was 35 years ago, they suffer.

Our audience who may be new to our work.

I know some people know that we been doing that for decades which might be new to our work is a photo right outside the courthouse for little that's me the bluecoat that there were just the expert will be talk at the expertise. It is been over three decades of work at the Supreme Court and likely time that I work in the ICC we have this defeat all the specific very unique specialities and focuses so I think I get it's it's worth pointing out to all of you during this matching challenge monthly support worker ACLJ. As for the working organization that is been in existence for God that is been at the Supreme Court for 35 years protecting your constitutional rights on a whole host of issues whether it's free speech was really that's what this case about units of got abortion distortion in it because abortion clinic but it's free speech that's with the Jews for Jesus case also about free speech. The idea religious speech is just like other speech we are free speech and we been arguing that fighting for freedom in you.

It's interesting that I would say is that over time, there were other groups who would say what they really like more extreme free speech was like the ACLU and not anymore. Now they feel sides know that we say is I think about this know I'm in looking at this picture for those that are watching us and for those that are listening on radio.

I mean, it said that this is that it is a historic picture drawing three years old. Logan's inanimate nephew of ours Zenit my white brothers and it of my parents were both in heaven, now is well presented Stuart Roth as their that's along we been doing all of this and the fact is about a week after this hearing I met in Kentucky with a lawyer named Pat Monahan, Frank, and we started working together. Then death. So when you look at that and exhibit litigated in the 80s and 90s.

The 2000 the 2010's and the 2025 decades before the Supreme Court of the United States. The folks I get it. Just a great example of the work outside what you see on this broadcast which is important part of our work because we believe the message out for you and what it's it's a get it's so it's a small part of everything else that goes on behind the scenes. The cases the attorneys are out around the country defending constitutional rights in time where free speech is under attack because we saw the censorship paste this new sensors in the world we fight back against my sisters Mancini and my sister only remit was a family affair then it is now two RFI entire family still fully engaged as we go to the next generation leadership Jordan Logan folks very important support worker ACLJ.or support the work of the American Center for Law and Justice, especially the month of March matching challenge campaign support working ACLJ.only one. A society can agree the most vulnerable invoice is, is there any hope for that culture to survive. And that's exactly what you are saying when you stand with the American Center for Law and Justice, defendant the right to life.

We created three powerful publication offering a panoramic view of the ACLJ's battle for the unborn is called mission will show you how you are personally sealed actions on the care means to serve in many ways your membership. Lowering the right/the American Center for Law and justice were engaged in critical issues at home and abroad.

Whether it's defending religious freedom to those who face covering corruption in the Washington bureaucracy fighting to protect life and the court seen in Congress. ACLJ for that way you can participate in the ACLJ's matching challenge becomes $20, $50 gift comes 100 times the ACLJ the work we do.

Simply constitutional and will now recognize our witness. Please welcome Ms. Cecile Richards, President of Planned Parenthood Federation of America, if you will please rise and raise your right. Do you solemnly swear or affirm the testimony are about to give me the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth revelations tonight that could put some in the abortion industry in a most uncomfortable position. I'm proud to be here today, Planned Parenthood leading provider of high quality healthcare in America.

Planned Parenthood has been in the news recently because of deceptively videos released by a group dedicated to making abortion illegal director of medical service arrangement $100 range is leveled against Planned Parenthood and categorically untrue. We need to look at is the business of motion in the business of abortion start organization is chopping up children and selling the body parts to the highest bidder they can call it whatever they like the reality is that been calling red-handed to systematic tissue.

She liquidating she said is not a pain sublime of tissue treatment and lying and do not every kid yourself. I know exactly what they're doing.

We were driven by his I didn't want that baggage and online listing of having a child.

I pretend I'm trying a system based choice for you during the business of abortion they worship the altar of abortion or something anywhere else no one seen what's really going on. Can you tell me if your affiliates receive the majority of their revenue from abortion.

I don't know that answer could you get it for me. I'll talk to my team thinks but I do think it's important to understand that abortion procedures are probably more expensive than some other procedures that we that we provide which it which might might explain that what you're trying to get at is probably the biggest reason why skills have an abortion. A lot of them know that it's wrong. A lot of them don't want to do yet, but they feel like it's their only way of surviving their life. I just can't have this baby. The guys not to stand by me. My parents will not stand by and my mom telling me to have. It's my friend has had one in the past and she says just to let you know just suck it up for this half an hour and go through this horrible thing in your life will be back to normal crisis in law because of circumstances that some of the prep.

Perhaps their young unmarried. Perhaps there is an economically compressed circumstantial or maybe even depressed circumstance it may be that there have family pressures. There may be a stigma that is that is sure to be placed on them if they carry a child to term because she's scared because Sherry and her children because she is poor because she's single because the guy ran out on. She's in college she wants to finish her education because she just got a promotion at work and she doesn't want to munitions and when they come in between her and her career goals occasionally disappoint her parents because she was raised in the church and she has a morning and I need to know that she was there, confused or scared abortion is presented is the easy alternative painless alternative to eliminate the problem. I didn't want baggage and online this day of having a child while I was in college because I had a vision for my life and it didn't include children now have a car I don't drive and no money. You now so yeah ideal thing would to be to have an abortion knots when I had hundred percent decided to do it was my third pregnancy my second marriage was an agreement there would be no more children course, I never expected to get pregnant when I found myself pregnant just happened.

It was on the days I called my doctor.

He said no problem, we can take care of it. I remember walking out from the rain holding a pregnancy test and tie my boyfriend at the time pregnant. My mind was blank. No idea what to do and so I guess I was looking to him for some answers and he looked at me and he said that's not a problem. He said I was taken at a girls to abortion clinics will just take you to the clinic and get taken care of and now I would like to tell you that I thought we were waiting and now let's talk about this, but I did and I just said okay. Through counseling and of course it was very dirty on this is probably going to do your best option. Very very insane so I'm not okay. We borrowed money from his desk.

The timing is when he and made the appointment the following week. Mom said to me. She says if you can display cases or you can have an abortion. Okay abortion listed 14 pregnant and so is coming from Shirley decedents okay yesterday friend came running in and he said Jonesy and she just kept saying over and over and over again. Sorry sorry sorry wasn't me and that her father said I secret secrets gone to Kagan abortion was legalized cases in Texas and Georgia said that the decision to pregnancy during the first three months belongs to the doctor the things that most Americans think and think wrongly is that abortion began with Roe V Wade is the truth.

This is that every single civilization throughout all of antiquity and all the way up to the present time has had some major component part of the culture abortion have large family and children. People To Our Child That Had Made Her Feel Something Is Broadcast Every Day Because of Your Support of the American Center for Law and Justice Were Matching Jones Campaign in March Roughly Really Good Start. Want to Continue That Momentum. It's Right to Be Part of the ACLJ's Matching Sounds Simply Got What It Means If You Donate $25 to the ACLJ Today Online Is a Group of Donors throughout the Month of March That Will Match the Race to Come through You Better Take Judicial Action, Though, to Get That Match Those Donors You Donate $25. They Also Donate $25. So Effectively $25 Donation Is like $50 Force at the ACLJ with Echoes for Five Dollars Donation of $200 Donation on up from There. So, If You Will to Support Our Work Much Bigger Than Just the Broadcast Good Will Be Right Back. The American Center for Law and Issues at Home and Abroad for Limited Time You Can Purchase the ACLJ Challenge for Every Dollar You Donate $10 and $20 Gift Becomes 100 Checking the Constitutional and Religious Freedoms. Today Online New York Health Department Statistics We Now Know That Their More American Babysitter Boarded Aborted in York Actually Born Alive Course.

The Lack of Access for African-American Women and in Particular to Basic Preventive Healthcare Including Family Planning Is a Huge Problem and As It Is I Don't I Don't Want to Spend and and I Agree with You.

That's Is the Aforementioned Time of Places That We've Served and Worked in but It Does Concern Me That Three Times the Average American Population Is 13%. Yet There Being Born Three Times Percent of the Population at 35% of the 19th Century the Beginning of the 20th Century There Were a Number of Revolutionary Figures Wanted to Remake the World As a Kind of Revolutionary Challenge to Remake It in Kind of Pseudoscientific Fashion, That They Wanted to Usher in Tomorrowland, Planned Parenthood and Margaret Sanger, Who Was a Founder of Station Genesis and Eugenicists Are Not Babies Because of Some Political Issue They Are on a Mission to Purify Began As a Eugenics Movement. This Was to Create a Superior Race in the Target Planned Parenthood Does It Be Deemed to Be Less Desirable Than They Viewed the Minorities in Our Communities Is the Least Desirable. She Believed That Sexuality Is a Powerful Engine to Drive Social Change and so She Sought to Usher This Revolutionary New Age Starting with Human Sexuality Duet by Scientific Means 5012.

What She Called Human. We and Other Human Leaves Were Specifically Identified As Blacks and Hispanics Eastern Europeans Slavs.

She Believed That These Were Sort of Lower on the Evolutionary Chain and so to Bring about This New Age of a Race Eliminate the Bad Genes Stocks Out Of the Human Machine Abortion Control Things Really Emerge Out Of That Ideology Help Women.

It Wasn't to Give Freedom of Choice Was Really, Really Shape Society. According to Its Founder Margaret Sanger Targeting Negro Leaders and She Said We Need to Be Exterminated.

We Don't Want to Work to Get out What We Need to Do Is Some of Their Leaders to Get Them on Think That We Want to Help Stop Planned Parenthood Went African-American Leaders. They Steal Do It Today. Eugenics Movement Is Called Eugenics Anymore. Planned Parenthood Doesn't Use the Word Eugenics with the Fact of the Matter Is the Result That They're Getting Is Exactly the Same As the Elimination of a Race. Where Are These Abortions Taking Place Minority Communities Life Right Side of History. We Understand Full Well Children Children Precious in God's Sight Nation Side Precious to Parents More Than We Talk about Children, the More the Nation Awakens to the Realities of This and I Believe in the Days Ahead.

America Will Look Back on This Season in History and Will Be Mortified about What Happened and More Century Much like Our Nation Is Mortified about Slave Trade from a Century Ago.

We Look at Insane. I Know That Was Legal. I Know That Was Provided and Protected by the Courts, but We All Understand It's Wrong Now We Will See Abortion That Same Light in the Days Ahead As We Awaken Each Other to the Realities of the Value of Those Children so We Continue to Press the Fight Continued with the Right Way to Actually Win Hearts and Minds. Again, Not in a Way That Pushes People Away. People That Can Be Drawn to the Simple Reality, Shouldn't We Stand up for Life.

Shouldn't We Do That Most Basic Things. Culture to Be Part of the ACLJ's Matching Sounds Good. What It Means If You Donate $25 to the ACLJ Today Online Group and Noticed That the of March That Will Match the Race to Come through You Better Take Judicial Action Now to Get That Match Those Donors You Donate $25. They Also Donate $25. So Effectively $25 Donation Is like $50 Force at the ACLJ with Echoes for Five Dollars Donation of $200 Donation on up from There. So If You Were to Support Our Work Much Bigger Than Just the Broadcast Good Today Be Part of the Bank Account Will Be Right Back. The American Center for Law and Issues at Home and Abroad. Whether It's Defending Religious Freedom. Those Covering Corruption in the Washington Bureaucracy Fighting to Protect the Courts and in Congress ACLJ for That Way You Can Purchase the ACLJ's Matching Comes $20 Gift Becomes 100 for the ACLJ Simply Constitutional and Only When a Society Can Agree That Most Vulnerable Invoice.

Is There Any Hope for That Culture to Survive. And That's Exactly What You Are Saying the American Center for Law and Justice Publication Offering a Panoramic View of the ACLJ's Battle for the Unborn Is Called ACLJ Many Ways Your Membership Right/Diversity There Planned Parenthood.

She Was Trying to Recruit Volunteer Student Volunteers Also Certainly Trying to Talk about Services.

Patient Immediately Was Started Trying to Her Bed. I Traded in Hot and My Favorite Color. Instead, I Went over to Her and She Planned Parenthood in Told Her I Knew Nothing for Current Know Anything about Organizations I Can Start Selling Her All of Our Talking Point She Started Timing the Winter for Guys How Low-Income Women Would Have Nowhere Else to Gather around Care for Planned Parenthood and She Did Tell Me That They Did Abortions. Even Though It Was Just a Very Percentage Many Abortions Every Year and Started Volunteering with the Organization Is Really Believed That I Was Doing the Right Thing.

They Really Believe That I Was Helping Women Use the Statement That You Made That Quality, Affordable Healthcare Is Your Entire Mission You Made That Statement. I Actually Wrote It down When You Made It to Not Make an Executive Decision to Temporarily Discontinue Your Abortion Services, Which Only Represents by Your Testimony 3% of the Services That You Provide and Continue Providing What You Consider to Be Your Entire Mission, 95, 97% of the Services Provided. Well, Because Abortion Is a Legal Service in America and We Think It's Important That Women Do Me a Thing Quality, Affordable Healthcare, and That Includes Access to Quality and Affordable Abortion Services As Well That You Acknowledge That Do You Say Abortion Is Healthcare Do You Consider That the Healthcare Service for Women.

In Fact, Three in 10 Women in This Country. Accessed and Abortion Healthcare Abortion As Healthcare, It Absolutely Is Part of Women's Healthcare and Women Will Tell I Think Women Would Agree Planned Parenthood for the Most Part. For Most Women Is Synonymous with Abortion. So When Women Came and Even If They Said They Were There for Options Counseling Generally Were There Just to Get Information about Abortion: Reproductive Care: Healthcare. These Are Words That Are Utilized to Give It a More Palatable Sound, so That in the Body Politic When the Negotiations Go on Their Talking about Reproductive Rights or Women's Health Issues When in Reality We Were Talking about and Look at the Procedure Itself. The Obstruction of Unborn Child. I Said That I'm Having Problems This As Well. You Are Pregnant.

List a Pregnancy Test and Then This Is You Are Pregnant, but You Don't Need a Baby with Everything Going on in Your Life Will Do Something Called a Safe Abortion Tell Me That Time Is Just like Having Your Tonsils Removed Paid for Me and Come around the Time That Was before Abortion Is Legal to Buy Plane Tickets to California to Question We Scrap Designed to Overcome Every Objection, for That's What Sales He Is Overcome the Objection You Get the Order in This Case. This Is the Abortion through This Grant and She Was Scared so She Was Easily Really Is Built on a Model of Drawing Women for Now. I Wasn't Given Any Type of Information Is for What It Was. I Was Told It Was Systematic Tissue. I Wasn't Given a Choice As Far As Ultrasounds Are Told Me to Think about It and Then Come Back and Say Nothing Positive She Would Confess. I Think I Might Take Care Of This One Needs to Have the First Question Is, What's the First Day of Your Last. She Figures That Date Gives It to the So-Called Counselor Is Really Just Kind of a Telemarketer of the Telephone Because That's What We Think They Were Trying to Telemark and so She Says Your Eight Weeks Pregnant. She She Confirmed Her Pregnancy Anxious I Stop Telling the Seed Is Planted in the Next Question Is, She Says She Will, and What Sort of Abortion Medication Abortion Abortion. Depending on How Far along They Were Reasonably Senior Would Actually Be Lying. Remember Getting My Supervisor.

We Didn't Want to Give Them Too Much Information on a Portion Procedure Associated with the Procedure Because I We Didn't Want to Scare Them Out Of Having an Abortion. Background in This Pre-Match Bench Seating around 3 Miles. There Were about Eight Girls in There and They Arise and Will Drop Curtain Changing Room with down and Think Silver with a Number on Ancel. I Was a Number I Think I Was 514 or Something like This Is Understand That. And While You're Waiting for You Because You Make Your Way down That the Fence Line and Your Vitals Are Taken That Nurse or Have a Shared Counselor. This Is What You Can Expect.

This Is the Kind of Procedure You Can Procedure That Sentences Conrail Very Clinically Registering Matter That Can Happen Way and Sell Some of the Girls around Me Were Really Quiet. I Was Written Very, Very Quiet Summer Crying Summer Just Got in with Each Other like a Pintail Still Remember Lying on the Steel Co. Table Staring at the Bright Light Counting Backwards from Teen Anesthesiologist Came and Explain What He Detailing and Is Pending That Dr. Comes in and He Just Sat at the End of the Table Where Any Sign, He Looked at Me and through a Book Marking on Things and Flipping through Pages and Marking Often That He Never Had Any Interaction with Me and His Allergist like You Can Continue and before You Know It All Be over Very Very Painful. I've Never Felt Pain like That in My Life and Even Really Remember Them Talking to Me at All during the Procedure.

I Remember the Nurse Gave Me Sedation and I She Just Kept Rubbing My Arm Shushing Me Time Maybe Quiet, Looking around and Seen about Three or Four of the Girls.

We Can Also Gantry Is Feeling Very Groggy and Went into the Other Room and Start Waking up and Looking down the Row and in All These Girls Were Just Leaned over Asleep and Once They Saw Me Sort of Stirring Waking up Came over. They Had Little Bag with My Clothes in It and They Just Stood Me up.) Forever, but He Got Dressed Right in the Middle of the Ran and Then Gave Me a Glass of Water and Some Crackers and Sent Me out the Door and I Went in and Sat on the Curb and Waited for My Boyfriend to Come. When I Stood up Sugar and Cookies Didn't Work and I Think It and I Think I Fainted Because of the Horror of What I Had Done I Realized That I Was Missing a Large Part of Me and It Was Too Much for Me to Take. I Woke up Crying and I Actually Ended up Being Pretty Volatile Falling and Got a Little Physical with the Nurse That Tried to Come in Time with That Because I Was Getting Sick and I Slapped Her across the Face and I Remember Because I Didn't Want Anyone to See Me.

I Didn't Want Anyone to Know so Anyway, I Was Pretty Physical, so They Took Me in the Room and Cried out, and so I Sat on a Table and I Just Literally Back and Forth. I Think I Got Too Tired to Go Back Later on in Life. I Wondered Seen Someone like Me in the State I Was in That Moment after That?

Out to Be Part of the ACLJ's Match Challenge Simply Get a Seal J What It Means If You Donate $25 Today. Seal J Today Online of March the Initial Action, Though, to Get That $25. They Also Don't $25, Effectively $25 Dollars Force ACLJV That Goes for 5200 on Their Support Our Work Just Broadcast a Seal J.Will Be Right Back, Only One Is Most Vulnerable Invoice. Is There Any Hope for That Culture to Survive This Exactly What You Are Saying Just As You Use You for the Seal Many Ways Your Membership/Issues at Home and Abroad Defending Religious Freedom. Those Covering Corruption in Washington Fighting to Protect Life Courts in Congress. Seal J for That Way You Can Purchase the ACLJ 2100 with the ACLJ Is Doing to outside This Broadcast Is That Only Stuff Is Breaking News. But the Fight for Life Is Still Very Strong of a Seal J That Include the Right for Pro-Life Speech and We Have Been Defending This since Literally the 1980s Jeff Ortiz, a Senior Counselor Based Seal J Just Came Back from a Trial in New Jersey Defending a Pro-Life Sidewalk Counselor You Arrived There Jeff Back into Your Offices and What Did You Find We Were Preliminary and Johnson from the Court and Will Where We Have Filed a Lawsuit On Behalf Of Two Longtime Sidewalk Counselors Challenging That Cities Abortion but so You Go through One Trial Come Back and You Go up on Appeal and Another Circuit Court Of Appeals Was the Nature of Purely Political. I Mean, Because What You Have Is Little Louisville's Only Abortion Clinic Has Been Yelling and Clambering for an Abortion Buffer Zone for Years We Finally Got It Last Year and the Ordinance Says That You Cannot Go within 10 Feet of the Entrance of an Abortion Clinic Stores All Healthcare Facilities but the Abortion Clinic Is the Only Entity in Town That's Requested That the Zones Be Put out There Might Not Seem like a Big Deal but Ask Any Sidewalk Counselor to Get the Same Response. Every Second Counts and Sometimes a Woman Thinking about Whether Not to Have That Abortion Is Going to Change Her Mind.

At the Very Last Second, so That 10 Feet Is an Important Public Space Were Sidewalk Counselors Need to Be Able to Go. Councilwomen Let Them Know about Other Options That Are Available That Abortion Is Not Their Only Choice, but Because of the Abortionist with the City Council They Get There No Speech down and There We Are in Federal Court so This Is a Political Move. It's Interesting the Same Thing Happened Many Years Ago Jeff in India, Sitting Right Next to Me These Cases with Us in the City Where They Decided That the Only Place a Bestand Way Zones Would Be in Front of the Abortion Clinic Is If the Abortion Clinic Gets Its Own Sets of Rules and Regulations on Free Speech but Everybody Else Is Treated Differently.

But That's Exactly What We Did. We Did, but These Cases That You Are Referring to J That You and I Were Involved in or As Later Go As Late Ago Was in the 1990s. So We Have Been Fighting for Free Speech Is so Well That That's Good, That's a Long Time Ago to Have Been Fighting for Free Speech and the Ability of These Counselors on the Streets of Atlanta or Louisville or New Jersey to Councilwomen Who Are Going in to Have These Horrible Procedures Performed and to Perhaps the Decision Doing so, Not from Doing so.

But These Fights That We Have Thought of Going on for Decades, Website, 80s, 90s 2000 and Are Going on Today and These Are Homicide Hospitals. That's What They Are Not Just Call Them What They Are.

That's What They Are Killing Fields Then We Have Got to Be Vigilant and Are Fighting for the Ability to Proclaim Life in These Areas Free Speech in These Areas on Public Sidewalks Which Are Traditional Public Forums and to Fight the Battles in Federal Courts and State Courts All over J so Jeff Where Is This Legal Now You Feel Sick Circuit You Are Opening Brief Is Due on April 11 and Expedited Because This Was a Denial of a Preliminary Injunction Are Required Which May Oral Argument. Shortly Thereafter, This Is What We Expect to See Every Time.

At the Same Case in the 1980s and 90s If If the Case the Supreme Court Is Her Joe Biden's Rhetoric and State of the Union on This Issue Even without Elsewhere on the World He Made Sure to Talk about Abortion Rights and Protecting Abortion Rights and from His Initiation. This Will Be Part of Their Plan Is That If If If the Dobbs Case Nozick for Life since Opening the Door for States across the Country to Put to Put into to Most Abortions, but to Be Honest about Not Have To Stay to the Country Have State Legislatures and Governments Ready to Do That. The Other States and Municipalities. By the Way, You Might Live in a Red State by Bet Your Your Your Large City in Your State Is Not Run by Republicans Is Only a Couple of the Whole Country That Are so That Municipalities in the Cities or to Respond to State Action with. I Think What Will Be Even More Aggressive and More Outrageous Restrictions on Pro-Life Speech on Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers.

Yet Those Battles Will All Be Re-Fought People Think This Case Could Be the End It Will Be the Beginning. It's Just the Battlefield, Mike Schaefer, Federal Court, to State Court.

For Some These Cases but Ultimately They All of Our Constitutional Rights at All It up at the Federal Court so That Door Opens, You Will See Your Play. Still Got $1 Billion a Year Industry Is Docketed Just Back down and Rollover Know What They Are Going to Aggressively Try to Shut down Pro-Life Speech That Includes the Sidewalk Counselor Also Includes the Pro-Lifers He Said Was Jeff You I Look at Its It Is the Sidewalk Counselor. It Is the Pro-Life Crisis Pregnancy Centers.

Also, Doctors and Nurses Who Don't Want to Engage in These Procedures. Those of the Three Friends the Abortion Battle Right Now and We Are Aggressively Moving Forward on All Three of Those Counts, You Know, We Had the Case Found in the Ninth Circuit Went to the Supreme Court in Defense of Crisis Pregnancy Centers.

We Now Have Issue of One Note We Have the Sidewalk Counselors That We Know That We Are Fighting for in New Jersey and Hearing the Sick Circuit Were Looking All Day with Our Sidewalk Counseling to Get up to the Supreme Court Overrule and Renounce the Colorado Case That You Know Very Well.

I Think It Will Just the Start When She Was on the Seventh Circuit Jointed Opinion Saying That He'll Be Colorado Has Been Radically Undermined by Subsequent Supreme Court. Only the Supreme Court Cases Make It up There. That's Why Were Taking Them and That's Ultimately Goes. I Gently Appreciate the Update Look Is Become Standing for Life. The American Center for Law and Justice Front Center on All of These Fronts. Your Support for the ACLJ Allows Us to Do Just That in Federal Ct., New Jersey. Now the US Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit getting ready for the case is going all the way up to the Supreme Court of the United States. Here in our matching challenge. Right now we can double the impact your donation to the ACLJ good If you donate $10. We got donuts matching so you that's to support the work of the American Center for Law and Justice, especially the month of March matching challenge campaign that does for the broadcast day will talk tomorrow is wrong and that there are laws that govern change every single human being's life is worth is worth, I believe that justice commands that we stand in the gap for the helpless. I think what we have to is understanding the slaughter of human life is for is that my grandchildren and great-grandchildren look back at this moment of history like slavery, like the results.

I can't believe that a culture the United States of America did allow this taking of unborn life, but I'm sure glad it is just challenge every dollar you donate $10 2100. Checking the constitutional and religious freedoms. Today online

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