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“CURSED:" Democrats Turn On Each Other

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
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March 10, 2022 4:12 pm

“CURSED:" Democrats Turn On Each Other

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow

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March 10, 2022 4:12 pm

Democrats turn on each other during the process of passing their latest Omnibus spending bill, with one of their own even labeling their planning retreat "cursed." 


One congressman even called first human form. Then again, now this is a 431 two we don't say that lightly. Democrats house Democrats who use that language.

Specifically, it was the one of their two plosives top appropriators was caught so off guard by the big spending bill that ultimately did pass last night mostly bipartisan, but they were totally caught off guard by how the covert funding which was going to how that was going to be used and they were actually the clawback body from states that had not use that money reallocated that, of course, upset Democrats like to spend more money so a vote that was scheduled at 10 AM yesterday did not finish till 10 PM and it was all because it permits the house controlled by Democrats, Democrat disarray, it led that Congress would just say that they then went to their Democrat retreat which tables had to cancel. It's in Philly and that he said that the retreat is cursed. That's a direct quote from Congressman Mark Polk and he is a member of the House Appropriations Committee and he had no idea that the pandemic body in the negotiations with GOP lawmakers would be money that was called back in the reallocated so that was that's what it is supposed to stop spending people. The people to put together the spending bill caught off guard, Nancy Pelosi, yourself, not happy that this is again folks yet to put this all the context is the party trying to figure out how to be competitive.

Is there any way to hold the house or at least make the losses less severe with 243 days out from the general, the midterm election in November. Take a listen to Nancy Pelosi that when I want to know about the flow. I will get what I want them in my mind and yeah the negotiation and isolated and look at what is in the detail and right guys for America's working families.

When test for Ukraine writing task that some ice needs to be time as opposed to what you don't like about the dam. This is what I would ask you folks to college they wanted hundred 684-3121.

I think really leaving it to a midterm election where it got momentum on the conservative side you don't take anything for granted, but do you believe the Democrat party is in disarray.

Because of that you got the far left. You got the Greek new Deal Democrats have her appropriators being caught off guard calling their retreat cursed, which means that must not be a real fog place to be. Usually that would be a place where everybody was pretty much on the same team at least three could come together have some disagreement have some debate, but you would call it cursed. That's what Scott cursed was almost as if her caucus was destroyed by this vote of they love spending money. So even on a spending bill they could figure it out. So they had to cut all the covert spitting out who thought Democrats limited position when they were cutting money from a spending bill that I can try to do it separately.

That's a real uphill challenge I would take your calls on this.

You know in your states it in your weight where the races are. Do you believe the Democrats are in disarray, leading into the midterm elections and what are your thoughts on the conservative movement, the Republican Party coming together in these races. Well, one 800 684 31 to 3 talk a lot of politics. They wanted hundred 684-3110 related to this vote is us against trillion dollars of spending more with admitted our director of government affairs also be joined today by Sen. Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee. I should give us update you on Ukraine Russia energy independence what's moving there. The U.S. Senate so great show for you today getting it. It's a politics we want to take your phone calls on of these political matters to has Nancy Pelosi lost control of her caucus when they have to actually cut spitting out later. It's Democrats cutting spending from a spending bill because they can't agree on how much they want to spend 100-684-3110.

If you watch out Facebook what parents if you watch on YouTube or Robert remember we encourage if you're on Facebook, head over to rubble. We won't be censored, thereby call these Democrats potentially cursed will be taken down will be able to freely talk and take your phone calls at 1-800-684-3110 will be right back on secular the American Center for Law and disorientation solutions at home and abroad defending religious freedom to those who were that we are grateful.

Now there's an opportunity for you to help me in the way comes 100 constitutional and only one.

A society can agree that the most vulnerable invoice is, is there any hope for that culture to survive. And that's exactly what you are saying when you stand with the American Center for Law and Justice, defendant the right to life. We've created free powerful publication offering a panoramic view of the ACLJ's battle for the unborn Gold edition life will show you how you are personally sealed cases/back to secular. We are take your photos at one 800 684 31 two that's what hundred 684-3110 the Democrats are there cursed party leading into the midterm elections well were their own members of Congress who is a leader proofreader. This was supposed to be of the big spending bill. They were finally back in a just pass it of the these continuous resolutions, which was the trump spending bills passed their own Democrat spending bill. It was very embarrassing considering that the vote was scheduled for 10 AM yesterday until 10 PM and they did cut out all of their beloved coven relief funding because they didn't like the way it was set up so you had Congressman Mark Polk and who is appropriators of these on the House Appropriations Committee. Pelosi puts in their city was totally locked, who are left in the dark. He was spearheading this bill totally left in the dark and then said the retreat would say it was I to cancel in Philly but they ultimately estimated to set the retreat is cursed. That gives you a little insight not being a Democrat about what's going on at that how helpful it is to be at that retreat would be all right if they admitted our director of government affairs. It will take your phone calls as well. Throughout the broadcast of 100-684-3110.

Do you believe the Democrats are in this kind of disarray and fan. This was an example. Nancy Pelosi pulled the 2 AM move, but the bill up, but hey, we don't really need to read it. Trust us vote for it didn't go that way when they were told. Certainly in total disarray yesterday journeyman. This is something that just does not happen when the same party controls every seat at the table as is the case right now and was the case on this bill yesterday during your right speaker Pelosi put out this language at 2 AM yesterday morning, Jordan more than 2700 pages long, spends $1.5 trillion.

At least 400 earmarks by the latest count inside the bill and yet members were only given those overnight hours to read the bill, but Jordan, it wasn't Republicans in the end that caused this problem that the vote for the rule Jordan. Think about this.

It was already open on the floor of the house before Speaker Pelosi realized that she had a problem inside her own party and I'll just tell you I told you before the broadcast. There reports out that they were there were 10 or 15 Democrats. They were upset with this discovered provision adjourn.

I can tell you it was more like 80 there were more like 80, maybe even as many as 100 Democrats from more than 30 states that were upset about this and let me just very quickly explain this. This was a White House request for $16 million in coven relief funding and they were gonna offset it by pulling back money that had not been spent from previous covert stimulus bills governors from blue states Jordan and house Democrats objected to that, to the point that they were going to take this bill down so that he keep that rule vote open for hours and hours and hours they had to pull that covert funding out of the bill they had to go back to the rules committee. Write a new bill and put it back on the floor in two separate votes Jordan to finally get it through just absolute chaos and speaker Pelosi can say anything she wont blame it on Senate Republicans. There were no Senate Republicans involved in this. This was 8200 of her members that would not pass her bill.

What is interesting to me here Stan is that you had that pushback as you said so instead of the eye when I should. Why didn't they just double the money up, isn't that were talking about Democrats here and Democrat votes that could've gotten this through. Why would they did not just double the money up what happened inside that caucus where they had just cut it out completely because they hate cutting spending.

That's a great question Jordan.

I mean if you had the votes of all your members. That's exactly what you could've done because Republicans could not have stopped that now they might have had an issue when he went to the Republican Senate. In that scenario, but I'm not sure about that night.

I think the honest answer to your question is why they didn't cut it is they knew that they were to need some Republican votes to get the final package of the line and look while I hate how this bill came together. I think there's a lot of garbage in there.

There is some stuff in there. The Republicans wanted. They wanted funding for Ukraine.

They wanted a defense dollars. They wanted some parity in spending that they got inside the bill up with a short political answer to why they didn't just throw a little bit more money at these 30 states they were to lose some coven relief and there is Jordan. They could not keep all of their votes together. They had to put a bipartisan bill across the table and again I mean I think he just kinda points to how little control the White House and the speaker have over their own party because this was White House requested coven money and the offsets that caused the problem inside the party Jordan those offsets were the ones the White House wanted as well get folks were 243 days from midterm elections. They do what they can to salvage Democrat seats in the house and try to enough to try to keep control the house anymore, but at least they they see this wave coming there hoping that something would do to blunted what I asked you 100-684-3110 is Jubilee the red wave is coming. It feels like with the room talk inflation because highest numbers are seen in decades in the next segment broadcast retirement to center Marsha Blackburn later in the broadcast about what's going on overseas, but also our own energy issue here in the United States, the gas prices and what we peel going through a 1-800-684-3110 here we are we looking towards political massacre of the dinner and rejection of that this Democrat party which had has as appears to be whether or not they're running that way or not what you know what's to get to Washington it is Democrats there being controlled by the far left of their party and its effect.

The far left. The party is where the growth this is not where anything mainstream is anymore 164 3110 for you to wait on the broadcast day. Let's go to shared in Pennsylvania online to a shared about how ironic that feels exceedingly get what she wanted speaker see now Clay would play that by we can play again one more time because I think it's important you reference it share. This is not the usual for Nancy Pelosi. I think that when I want to know about the flow. I will get what I want them to my mind yeah, negotiation and isolated and look at what is in the dam and leg ties for America's working families ready test for Ukraine ready that some nice needs to be time as opposed to what you don't like about the dam thing.

I think what's interesting that's what she told to her members that the debates and the compromise was not with Republicans. This is happening inside the Democrat party which is gives you insight into her slipping control in her leadership slipping control and influence during their only three seats at the table, one belong to speaker Pelosi one belong to leader Schumer and the other, belong to Pres. Biden. They didn't even have seats in the room for the appropriators from their own conference in the bites that you been playing in this broadcast demonstrate that Germany typically the Appropriations Committee would be allowed to draft the language and then the speaker of that party would do everything he or she could to keep the votes together. The appropriators were not in the room the callers exactly right. You had a need overnight hours to somehow try to absorb $1.5 trillion in over 2700 pages of spending a Jordan and nobody including speaker Pelosi knew what was in that final package and ultimately it was her own members.

That brought it down. Adjourn one other point I point out you know they were putting this Ukraine funding that had near unanimous support to send Ukraine dollars out the door they were putting it in this bill to try to carry the rest of the spending over the line and turn I think even that backfired on them a little bit because what did they not do inside that bill.

They did not unleash American energy sources. So essentially they said to their members and they said to Republican members were not gonna buy Russian energy were to replace it with Venezuela and Iran and Saudi Arabia but we will not explore domestically, a Jordan, that is not something that ended up having the support in a sweeping manner in even inside her own conference that she expected it would. Even the mainstream media calling her out on this take us this reporter because there say her response elicited. Suppose you will hear the word that we got to negotiate with you know with our Republican colleagues. By 19 or delay of their own party.

Now let's get well up that okay when a legislative process. We have a deadline for keeping government open. We have a lively negotiation have to be bipartisan. They wanted to be by placing that in the Senate any fixed income. That's true in the Senate.

If you look at the vote rep. There were some Republicans ending about their 17 or so. No votes or some Republicans in there for principal voted no on different issues mostly on in energy independence that is like just giving money to Ukraine without and cutting off the rationally gas without opening American energy independence. But again, it likely has the votes in the Senate.

The problem was not we Nancy Pelosi is not one who ever says we gotta get Republicans on board.

She said she hasn't legislated that way at all. While they bit of the majority. Here's what's so ironic about with the speaker just said here Jordan. This coven money that became the problem.

This is actually the biggest hurdle in the bill to getting the bill through the United States Senate in the first place of the fact that she would blame that on not being able to get the 60 is exactly backwards and let me let me take it one step further.

Jordan now this covert language. Now that is been pulled out their inner try to move it separately using that that language coven just alone is can have an easier or harder time getting to 60 votes in the United States and at what she said is exactly backwards. This was language that the White House wanted and the Democrats wanted.

And quite frankly that Republicans opposed, and she's now increase the third of the threshold for getting a past votes were to be right back getting into the inflation issued all this how this all affects you and I want to take your calls on that as well.

What hundred 684 31 to receive the steepest price gains for gasoline fuel oil price searches for items like airfare but also fruits and vegetables. How is this inflation impacting your family want to give you a voice on that.

People hear the stories how to fix real people, not just politicians in Washington DC, one 800 684 30 wanted to talk to us on air will be right back only one. A society can agree the most vulnerable invoice is, is there any hope for that culture to survive. And that's exactly what you are saying when you stand with the American Center for Law and Justice, defendant the right to life, free powerful publication offering a panoramic view of the ACLJ's battle for the unborn is called mission will show you how you are personally sealed/the American Center for Law and were engaged in critical issues at home and abroad.

Whether it's defending religious freedom.

Protecting those faith covering corruption in Washington fighting to protect life reports and in Congress ACLJ for that. We are grateful. Now there's an opportunity for you to help in any way. $20, $50 gift becomes 100 constitutional and secular question out to you this inflation which we just got new reports on its gotta be impacting it's impacting everybody is it's not just a gas properties even fruits and vegetables. It's meet its fuel. It's airport airline prices and you know industries were try to come at a coven and admit you'll be competitive again and Elliott hit with these kind of numbers so want to ask you this. How is inflation affecting you, because you can talk about all day like cable news about the numbers about the stock market. What about actual people and were talking to people in every state around the country. How's it affecting you. Are you making different decisions.

Are you planning differently because the gas prices keep going up because that the price at the grocery store. Keep going up. Are you not spending on not going on vacation or trying to even have to change jobs report from people because their commutes might be too long words cutting too much into that gas prices cutting it too much into their their wages, 1-800-684-3110 to talk to us on and that's what hundred 684-3110 will play this very portico to set the stage. This debates Rick Santelli on CNBC. Take a listen bite six and of course this inflation. It was for the administration nothing Joe nothing is been more politicized than inflation. Just let's harken back to all the things we've been through. First, it was transitory, then inflation is good that we want to incorporate green now wrap potent Harry Hutchison or director of policy Abby Harry ricks attenuated out your first it's just it's temporary that it's all it's actually good thing for our economy post coven and if that is the the liberal talking point of this is just corporate greed, hiking up prices because is the man now it's you know how your gas prices are high because we had to cut off Russian oil gas because food so we heard four different exhalations only constant through this is that Joe Biden was has been present since all of this began. I think that is precisely correct.

So it's important to keep in mind that the CPI, the consumer price index rose at 0.8% in February and year-over-year rose by almost 8%. The steepest rise since 1982. Core inflation over the past three months rose at a rate of 7%, while total inflation rose at 8.4% and so now we have this narrative coming from the Biden administration, that inflation is transitory, that inflation is good that inflation is caused by greed and now it's finally caused by we have one constant, as you correctly point out, we have an infant in the White House who doesn't understand either economics or foreign policy. Keep in mind that the invasion in Ukraine happened on Biden's watch and troops were massing on the border of Ukraine since March of last year, the President of the United States refuses to take responsibility and and and the fact he has declared war on the American people. He has allowed energy prices to skyrocket. Food prices to skyrocket and what is a done nothing and I want to take Dan's call.

I this is a call that we return the public. The politics of the spending bill will also take your calls to on how this inflation is here. These numbers why what he hears from people who is actually impacting because a get. It's different than just hear the statistics we actually start hearing how it's affecting other Americans, it can affect you differently depending on what kind of job you have, or where you live in the country. 164 30 wanted to talk to us on air. Dan's in South Carolina online, what hate and wondering where that 8200 representatives in the house were Democrat where I can't bill so what was it will be ultimately does.

That's why the covert release was cut so there were there were not enough votes and there was a revolt on the Democrat side.

So ultimately they got most of those votes because they caught the cut all of the covert relief River what they have said they did like the idea and no one told them that the covert relief that the White House requested like 14 billion or 50 billion was primarily can come from taking the money back from states who had used covert footing they'd already received Democrat governors were crazy Democrat members of Congress were crazy. So ultimately we know it was a major revolt because they actually cut spending, something they rarely do on the Democrat party side or go to Denise and Pennsylvania calling about inflation. Denise welcome the secular euro beer and I think you all a height in effect at the apartment and then failed the car throughout my territory dollars a week. As of yesterday when they have guardian hundred that the student-prices for airfare everything at it each and every one of estimate that I am, like, what are we supposed to get with this. To this point when everything starts with what is not just gas but it's everything you buy is the essentials of life. The essentials of beginning to work which is gas the essentials of life food at the grocery store I be able to feed your family are working people you target, and it's even tougher at the for people who are retired. Who are these kind of fixed incomes planned out, but again Harry that this is where the politics of inflation. It's not just numbers.

This this really starts impacting how people vote, absolutely. And voters like the caller will have to make very tough decision, do I put gas in the car or do I buy food for my children food prices in certain categories in the United States have been rising on an annualized basis of almost 21% and the bad news is they are likely to go up at an even faster rate over the next six months or so. Why is that because food will fertilizer prices sorry are rising at about 300% and so fertilizer is essential for growing crops. In addition to that, of course, we have the conflict in the Ukraine, Ukraine 666 is the source of a large percentage of the world's grain and so we should expect future price increases that will outpace what we've experienced so far so, that is the bad news. And of course the Biden administration is prepared to do nothing about it. It continues to blame for instant energy price increases on oil companies or put it. I will write back to the phones when it actually that we come after the brakes of delegates you we come back to the break again. Phone lines are busy 164 30 wanted comes up second half hour Sen. Marsha Blackburn, US senator from Tennessee. We talk about these issues about the economy here how Ukraine, Russia, and also by cutting off Russian gas and oil but not unleashing the American power the American power, but instead going to dictators and ayatollahs through talking to Sen. blackbird about that she's on the armed services committee in the US and enforce the symmetric challenge, but it is a critical month for the work of the Americas to flaunt justice. This broadcasters the small part of all the work that we do it all the attorneys and in the cases in the government affairs work in the offices around the world a great time to donate to the ACLJ because you double the impact your donation of a group of donors and imagine all the donations the company through the month of March. Donate today support the work of the ACLJ fidelity donating today the American civil injustice were engaged in critical issues at home and abroad for limited time you can participate in the ACLJ matching challenge for every dollar you donate will be now $10 gift becomes $20, $50 gift becomes 100 protecting the constitutional and religious freedoms most to you and your family. You forgive today online keeping you informed and now is Jordan secular gas price review new American energy independence. In this path are the broadcast Russell talking inflation house impact you in the next segment, rejoin, live by Sen. Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee to talk about all these issues as well.

I want to go out to the phone so right away as we talk about Democrats in disarray. Inflation at the highest number since I was born in 1982.

We haven't seen this agency to rise like this over 12 months notice there over 12 months out over two weeks over three weeks since a Russian invasion but over 12 months. What's the constant. There who has been the President of the United States.

Joe Biden right to the phones we go bill in Washington state online. Six. They built hey thanks for taking my call. I just wanted to let you know how it impacted my life and my business. I have a landscape maintenance business and not vitamins 37 years and I was a business major, so I can understand numbers just when Trump was in office. I was saving $500 a month to Comcast two years ago. Now I'm paying $500 more a month and it borders and stop and then employees waited since the: stimulus no relief bill.

My weight is used to be between 15 and $22 an hour. Now they've gone up to $20-$28 an hour just to keep guys so when you want to talk about impacting people and then just a breakeven.

You gotta work more hours and you know when you get older.

At the little comfort to do so. It's really impacted myself in inside Prince Igor go home go to church CCI meets impacting and that, of course, because you're not spending on other items that impacts other people's jobs and in other peoples that their pocketbook because your file.

If it is to type it can hunker down always been when I got to spend. Don't spend extra and I think you know it. Everybody I that's why like take these callers post because you hear about it in the table usually hear better radiation you need to hear exactly how it's affecting other Americans, it could be affecting you differently than another American base of where you live and what kind of job you have but it's it, but everybody's paperwork part of everybody's thing with the grocery store was go to Martha in Indiana online to Haymarket will call story when my whole family got hoping that my husband actually got a lot of complication in hospital for five days with my client and they discovered also a 4.9 m aneurysm aortic aneurysm enamel and think like that comes to me we were. He was off work for two months last week with only back in at any job, and that changing may have to have surgery on aneurysm and you have to be off work for another three months post surgery and then all this inflation had a solid organ so you sleep you had family if I covered the get hit by it of the these tough medical situations are frankly pray for your husband but and then on top of that like you said your ear in the midst of all that he's not able to work and you try to figure out all that these are what benefit you might get while you're there every the benefits are not rising to the same level that they inflation.

It's not even close. So again folks it's impaction whether or not it's business as usual and it even impacts you in a much more extreme level. When you deal with something unexpected like a medical emergency and that you're dealing with. Keeps you know of a breadwinner from being able to go out and continue to work for their family cc across the spectrum, serious effects and impacts and how that person impacts the other person the other person but I like you all hearing real stories from real people that come up next, consider Marsha Blackburn really get into this with her.

She suffered operation warp speed comes to American energy his master how to get there. How can we do that and what will it take a we also getting her to support the work of ACLJ if you're financially able to this month could double the impact your donation to critical month for will be right back. The American Center for Law and were engaged in critical issues at home and abroad. Whether it's defending religious freedom. Protecting those for that. We are grateful. Now there's an opportunity for you to help in the way comes 100 constitutional and only one. A society can agree that the most vulnerable invoice is, is there any hope for that culture to survive. And that's exactly what you are saying when you stand with the American Center for Law and Justice, defendant the right to life.

We've created three powerful publication offering a panoramic view of the ACLJ's battle for the unborn is called mission will show you how you are personally sealed/great friend of ours at the mixer for Law and Justice US to their Marsha Blackburn at sitter blackbird.

I appreciate you being I know it's really busy time in Washington DC for members of Congress specifically in the sitting on the armed services committee lead to some Ukraine Russian admitted by all of this kind of intertwines. Right now, but I would ask you first because you you called for a quote operation warp speed to get America back on track to energy independence can be explained our audience how we could get there. I know they want to get there. Explain to people how we could get there not to want to get there. Remember Pres. Trott went operation warp and banking that are alike, and finally digital companies to gather any hurdles and maxing to market within my night near and everybody rolled up their sleeves and got to work the problem and they ended up making the problem and because of that team made it to market in nine energy. This same thing happened. Biden should call together, the federal agency that private sector is now oil and gas and electricity company and say okay we get on the cost of transportation feel down how we get the cost of home heating fuel down the cost of a kilowatt hour of electricity down the American people can afford to drive their cars heat and cool their homes and do their jobs and get the cost groceries down where it ran inflation .1.

The company oil sales well why can we open back where can we be drilling alarm. How can we really implement the Keystone pipeline federal land.

What about only one flaring troll and getting into the supply chain. A quiet weekend ministration need to be asking rules and regulations delay costly to generate electric power. You allow the nuclear power cost effective way to generate power. Any help we can solve the issue of regulatory relief lines need company to forward energy sector want certainty they need to know. I think at least Legoland and they started pouring one oil are going to be able to oil out of the ground and get it to every fine-grained are finding the refining capacity is not a nap and then you need to get regulatory relief and be able to actually build or expand refinery are refining sitter blackbird is a blame game. The blame everything that their policies the Democrats engine by everything else. They blame first. It was transitory inflation then it units COBIT and in the next it was course Russia now is the big blue blame put in for rising gas price method doesn't have an impact on rising gas and oil prices when he cut off Russian oil and gas they want to go to the Ayatollah they want to go to the Venezuelan dictator instead of getting America back to energy independence having the these the only thing preventing us from getting their Democrat policies alive. When you are trying to buy right now we are importing hundred thousand barrels of oil a day when Donald Trump left off way more energy independence and the price a gallon gas was two dollars and 34 national average now from Russia and wanting oil coming Ron Layla.

We think he's done pipeline pipeline from Christian to the golf northern partially blind star then you can go increase electric power generation me. That means you have an all electric fleet going to take her to only do these most important point to this, which is that even if we get them to point one on unleashing some of this ability to drill ability to finish the pipe likes to get this company pulled out getting a new company back in to finish it. They would do it if they trust as you said that they're going to actually build to finish the job and and be able to make some profit off of actually pumping oil that is not just some short-term political move by buying if they were to go there. They got to be of the trust administration that they were going to build a continue to use these new leases and to open up those Wells. Right now I no family line and climate change. Every Lincoln guy got four national security and got him down and like common sense prevail is one final question for Ukraine and Russia. The situation is the vice President over there. The Jets issue of what is your take on this where we keep hearing that NATO is very unified. It seemed that that was an aspect where yet data was not unified. Well, we know all the land on number one Wi-Fi no flight agreement allowed: let them allow Ukraine to need make 29 Ukrainian pilots are able line highlights you can fly here in the US, plaintiff should be made available Ukrainian Army day and then found out they will not be sleep made available sitter blackbird is always we I know you got a run and we appreciate you taking time I was a very busy time for US senators, especially those who are working hard for the American people like you think you sitter blackbird for tortoise right folks I get when we got a cup which I can get to some your calls to on inflation 164 30 want to but I think sitter blackbird is laid it all out there for you. You gotta get back open.

We can't even just that would be a political talking point.

If there is no trust right now. If you restart Keystone to get the company back in their they go to transit yet with a finish at the Wilsonville flow to come back often. Six months Excel because agreed to deal Democrats easy, but it's it's a we have brought this problem on our self. We say elections have consequences.

Leadership has consequences whose the White House has serious consequences. Let me go back to the photos go to Doug in Florida online for a dog walk the secular right. I don't think that this is all due to the ineptness of the President. I think it's a lot more than that if you do if you sit back and look at what he's done. He started out attacking economy almost birthday by shutting down the pipeline. Knowing in any advisor that was worth his salt would tell him this is going to destroy gas prices increase inflation and I think pretty purposefully done and I think you're actually right. I think if you heard several experts. It is what he's he's I think what this comes from how the hold he is the part of his party that is so obsessed as she said they worship the screen new deal so they think punish people at the pump that doesn't cover all the other inflation. By the way, but punish people to puppet.

He heard from Mayor Pete, early onset, while the people you just go by electric car like everybody could just go by 70 to hundred thousand dollars vehicle which by the way, you can even get right now you have to be able to order so as as sitter blackbird took at least a decade away from those fleets. Being able transfer over. We need oil and gas.

We rely on it, whether you're a a a hard-core environmentalist. What's all electric vehicles are not. We aren't there yet and people of God to continue to be able to do their job. If you ever wanted to buy electric vehicle make sure they wouldn't tell right now are able to save but folks again. It's I think the call is right is not about ineptness. It's about policy, bad policies and being the holding to a radical left element. The party, which seems to be no longer just a faction but they voice within the Democratic Party support our will be right back. When a society can agree the most vulnerable invoice is, is there any hope for that culture to survive. And that's exactly what you are saying the American Center for Law and Justice, defendant right powerful publication offering you the ACLJ's battle for the unborn gold mission will show you how you are personally sealed. Lowering the right question/the American Center for Law and were engaged in critical issues at home and abroad. Whether it's defending religious freedom to those covering corruption in Washington fighting to protect life courts and in Congress ACLJ for that. We are grateful to others and help us $20 gift becomes 100 constitutional and secular. Your phone calls to on inflation and some of those and did a little bit on what sitter blackbird was talking about when it comes to this issue where it look like polar was going to transfer the Jets.

In it she supported the idea of getting these jets to Ukraine. There's a question about how that would exactly work but the US just came out right said no.

So at least I think it there was couple things at play there. I think these European countries and forcefully work willing to do it on their own so they wanted to go through US airbase in the make the US a nuclear power responsible to Russia for getting them in, but I there's more to this important layout thereby doing your calls on inflation as well even hold on the phone Darlene in Virginia on July 3 and also on fuel costs eagerly welcomed secular thinking what can the average person.

American do to expedite this Keystone pipeline pain exists elect Republicans and Democrats.

It shows right now there bought off by the great new deal idea even the head of Tesla Elon musk makes money off selling Americans elated around the world electric cars said to get this is a crisis.

So we need even though it hurt my business. We need to pump more oil and gas with the more oil and gas in we need to unleash America's power, even though it hurts his business.

So one vote Republican. To keep this pressure up on buying and we need to keep the pressure up specially because they are facing a midterm election wave so I think that that to get that is what you can do. Let me back to full J in Michigan online to hey Jake how are you think Michael will with the firemen and EMT for 22 years working in the ER on disability now I get $1500 a month. I put $150 in my gas take by the way, only qualified for $20 and foodstamp because I make too much money now this is the issue and this is this is to get people who are on fixed incomes is on the job. Inflation hits them hard right for the be converted to gecko and we've ardently been dealing with it for free here yet just hitting a tipping point where now even working Americans and middle-class Americans who are still out part of the workforce are really start to feel it at the grocery store, especially the pump in the present United States says it's going to get worse, that's that that's the response that we heard Pres. Biden said the other day while boarding the helicopter of the plane or whatever yells out and it's going to get worse. That's not an answer to the American people.

It's going to get worse. The answer to the American people is become energy independent of you are under Pres. Trump do what Jordan said vote Republican.

If you want to get these Democrats who are committed to this green new deal on these leftist ideas drill in the United States make friends with Pennsylvania not with Venezuela open the Keystone pipeline do the things that we were doing before and so that you don't have to go and fill up your tank 450 and $200 because I'm a tell your friends it's going to get to that level pretty quickly. Let me to get to take out Monty's call related to some this issue with data was supposed to be so united except for every time they're about to make a decision. It ends up not going forward I'll say that but to let him go to Monty first in California hey Monty my fault.

So I have a small business in California Santa Barbara air conditioning. I have five struck so each truck out to be filled up each week and you know that's getting to be quite a bit of concern financially. The McDonald's employees or panda express. Make 70 bucks an hour to start that I can't get anybody to work because people are making more money sitting around at home.

The cost of equipment and the availability of you can begin it and then booted out since you know get an electric car. It's like Mary Antoinette saying let them eat cake for your business.

We need social constructs advanced exist yet. Really, I mean does exist or just coming out with some of the first trucks and the smaller side did not really for a business like yours very expensive very expensive to be huge cost but as you know any again you see from somebody who's from a middle class about small business owner. Some is a fixed income. It is impacting everybody. It's all these issues combined in the one constant supply chain. The cost of the inflation, the, the kind of an unprinted. The inability to predict what's going on in Europe. What were what our strategy even is there to stop this war. Ukraine it's costing everybody one is costing everybody and you know you think that as I heard Katie McFarlane say something yesterday that really impressed me. Do you think when you plug the socket in the wall to to the Energizer card to do what you have to do to get the car rig dove for the electric car you think that comes from nowhere do what you think that energy come from where you think that that's generated from is generated from fossil fuels and hydrocarbons, and that's what we are not realizing.

Meanwhile, people are slammed up against the wall paying enormous amounts of money to fill their car trying to buy food and enormously inflated prices trying to buy what and by the way Dino is eight weeks. The planting season begins in the Greenbelt of the Soviet former Soviet Union. That's the Ukraine. Do you think in a week still going to be planting wheat in the Ukraine.

I don't think so. Join now in this issue with it. We keep hearing how the United NATO is united yet NATO is it doesn't seem that way because we had a NATO country NATO ally Public Safety will provide the Jets Ukraine to ask if you can't do a no-fly zone at least provide us Jets at the we get the whole debate about that, but Dana was so united before they would've announced that and how they wanted to go about it, which was going through the US airbase in Germany.

Ramstad base of the US had no future public disputes happening. They're not getting it done internally so that they look United whether not they disagree you can have private disagreements, we do so publicly you're doing exactly what Putin wants you look like you're not a united front and I don't know why politicians keep claiming it is take a listen to John Kirby yesterday. We was asked about the US decision. We do not support the transfer of additional fighter aircraft in Ukrainian Air Force at this time and therefore have no desire to see them in our custody, either on the walking through the reasons for this. First, we believe the best way to support Ukrainian defenses by providing them the weapons and the systems that they need most to defeat Russian aggression.

In particular, anti-armor and air defense.

Secondly, Ukrainian Air Force currently has several squatters, a fully mission capable aircraft and finally the intelligence community has assessed the transfer of May 29. Ukraine may be mistaken as escalatory and could result in significant Russian reaction that might increase the prospects of a military escalation with NATO NATO country wanted to do this and the vice President here. She's over in Poland right now. How could she make this comment with John Kirby just said no. We disagree with you are not of the same page. You are not delivering those banks that we don't want them to you is that we don't want them in our possession did take us to VP Harris by 15.

I live a very clear United States and Poland are united in what we have done and are prepared to do to help Ukraine and the people of Ukraine you put in. Everybody in the world knows this. You don't have to be a genius that actions speak louder than words. Andy, the these actions show that were not united because we got your saying no to Poland instead of having that discussion privately so that she could make a statement like that.

Honestly right wrong. Why make the statement in public that directly contradicts that with opposer going to do the message it sends to the pollutant of the world is NATO is fractured.

That's what Putin wanted trifles level for tomorrow the broadcast. Go to support our work is a critical month donated ACLJ.R talk you tomorrow. The American Center for Law and solutions at home and abroad for limited time you can participate in the ACLJ challenge for every dollar you donate $10 becomes 20, $50 gift becomes 100 protecting the constitutional and religious freedoms to you and your family. You forgive today online

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