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BREAKING: Biden Bans Russian Oil & Gas

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
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March 8, 2022 3:13 pm

BREAKING: Biden Bans Russian Oil & Gas

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow

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March 8, 2022 3:13 pm

In breaking news, President Biden has banned imports of Russian oil and gas. He went on to blame Russian President Vladimir Putin for the gas "price hike" in the United States. Jay, Jordan, and the rest of the Sekulow team discuss the impact and implications of this decision both at home and on Putin's "war machine." This and more today on Sekulow.

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I also blames price increases for Ukraine keeping you informed and now this is with this action is going to go further price right here at home now your homes Jordan secular secular wanted President by just addressing the nation as you are the opening of the broadcast US unilaterally has now banned the import and sale of Russian oil and gas in the remarks. Pres. Biden offered no relief for the American people.

He said 30 million new barrels, from the strategic reserve will go through that in two days of the United States that secular change prices at all about people like if you were having really a problem with getting oil and gas unit actual shortage at the second part is got no other countries to buy into this well I'm glad were not funding foods war machine from United States abiding his oil and gas what is so just disturbing about this though, is that by not getting else in the other countries to buy it.

It's very limited impact on Russia. Second, he blamed this on blamed the price hike on gas and pollutants outputs price hike. Let me recall it.

People putting stickers on HUD pumps around gas pumps run the country, which abides reporting to the number say I did this long before there was war in Ukraine. We were already seeing massive inflation, including it prices at the pump so well what's happening. Ukraine may exacerbate the situation. It was Artie on a bad path. His main solution green energy, so it was clear in the remarks this morning that new green deal Democrats all Joe Biden on this issue. He is not willing to talk about opening up Keystone is not openly talking about opening up actual new ready to go. Oil reserves not not talking about only got 9000 permits were to debunk all that for you.

By the way that HAL 9000 permits thing is joke. I mean, it is it is absurd to have almost 40,000 permits in the US, not those 9000 may be that they get a permit, but they have evolved next paper working with next paperwork, take steps to near slight 10 years. If you haven't started the drill already. If you can start drilling today at best case there you might strike oil in six months, worst-case years. He also said is not true that our policies, his policies are holding back oil production and energy production, which is not true. It is and he says we have to become energy independent. Our answer. That was we were energy dependent working months ago, but it's also how they define energy independent energy independent is not based on oil and coal. These cut its it's the new technologies it's degree new new energy and this is the problem with this is all it would be very interesting academic discussion if there wasn't a war in Eastern Europe, but there is and then there was another telling aspect of this will get in the next segment is in our European friends can't do this, so this is the United States doing this on the road. The lack of the EU European Union body and on. This is another sign of the problem. We encourage folks after watching the broadcast of the most elusive of your watch of the broadcast overt Facebook encouraging over rubble. The links right there because we know we will be sincerely no. Will be taken that we know will get lagged if you share with your friends and family so check it out over rubble. You can watch your Facebook that's we want to be on YouTube as well, and folks we encourage you to support the work of the ACLJ today of the broadcaster to see a team of our experts all on this issue.

Assuming we got that kind of depth at the ACL to break down this oil price issue. The economics of the issue in the economics of war sober take your phone calls 100 684 31 to 40. Think about thereby banning Russian oil and gas but not doing anything to alleviate pain at the pump, saying it will go up as we said today support our work double the impact your donation for the entire month of March by donating building today. The American Center for Law and were engaged in critical issues at home and abroad. Whether it's defending religious freedom. Protecting those who are persecuted for their faith covering corruption in the Washington bureaucracy fighting to protect life in the courts and in Congress ACLJ for that. We are grateful. Now there's an opportunity for you to help in any way, becomes $20, $50 gift comes 100 constitutional and only one. A society can agree that the most vulnerable invoice is, is there any hope for that culture to survive. And that's exactly what you are saying when you stand with the American Center for Law and Justice, defendant the right to life. We've created three powerful publication offering a panoramic view of the ACLJ's battle for the unborn is called mission life will show you how you are personally sealed. Jesus here means to serve the many ways your membership powering the right/secular so that the breaking news this morning, which was Artie announced that the one just exactly how Joe Biden was going to lay this out it was the worst case scenario, honestly. So we've banned Russian oil and gas that you can feel good is American now you not funding the war machine directly rest the world.

Sorry they can't do it is what Joe Biden said he also said that your price is going to go up and he called it the prudent price hike except for gas prices are going up before the war in Ukraine and remember at the wheel. We all know that inflation began before the war in Ukraine. It was affecting gas prices to. Certainly this is increasing gas prices and Joe Biden is acknowledging it will, but the other part of this is that we would really damage the pool war machine when we are still a small buyer. It's really Europe was the major buyer is good that we did it but he didn't release America's power he did open Keystone XL that would affect the oil's future market that would actually bring your prices down. They are using this this 9000 permits excuse which will get into. Further, the broadcast, which is just absurd.

When we walked through some the numbers they are perfect to me in your land could be used for giving put a drill there yet apply for another permit to do that take up to 10 years to get that permit because I desire Lou has out her but you can start drilling today at six months at best. You might strike oil and started pumping but usually takes years we have been get to the environmental impacts of items I lets play the sound first from this is present by this morning talking about the cost on the American people.

When you Prof. Hutchison. The decision today is not without cost. Home foods were is already hurting American families of the gospel since Poon began his military buildup integrating borders just since then, the price of the gas pump.

American of $0.75 and with this action is going to go further. I'm going to do everything I can.

My spoon price hike here at home. Okay well was a way to do that. The Keystone pipeline which were produced hundreds of thousands of barrels of oil a day. So here's the problem. The problem is where doing this. Europe is not Harry.

How does a shakeout when it what you see here is the is the actual outcome of all this will I think the out actual outcome is a demonstration once again of Pres. Biden's commitment to we close to weakness. So, for instance, he blames price increases on quote unquote $0.75 per gallon of gas except prices in the United States have already gone up a dollar and $0.14 per gallon before the invasion and so if you look at the oil and gas industry in the United States. It requires something that Pres. Biden has failed to provide and that is long-term certainty.

So remember last year we were talking about what the green new deal. We were talking about new regulations.

We were talking about Pres. Biden's failure to allow the Keystone XL pipeline to be built and so at the end of the day that is costing us. So if you look precisely at the quote unquote sanctions that Pres. Biden has announced they are not real sections. Why, because our European partners are not joining in with us and that's number one, that one for second because you this is a political issue to and it's also Jordan is not that the EU partners. I don't believe is that they can't do it. It's they won't do it. I think I think that's the situation is that they don't they are not willing to do it. We're just willing to do today to their own constituents and and countrymen and women.

They know that it would affect the prices, and even though there for much further along in like green new energy deals that they're not willing to do the seven Pres. Biden said he said he could not build a coalition of even a couple more countries in Europe that were willing to say no to Russian oil and gas and think that that speaks volumes to who were actually dealing with in a NATO partnership when they talk about how United NATO is yet this would've been an active NATO could have done without having to go to war right there would've put together combined a serious squeeze on the Russian economy that's Artie occurring through some other sanctions. This was that remaining one third but now the US going alone was. I'm glad I'm not paying those missiles and rockets trained on civilians.

Are you I'm a far prices go up. I'd still rather do that but he was unable to buy the coalition and he is absolutely lying to the American people when he said this in his press conference by 46 is simply not true that my administration or policies are holding back domestic energy production is simply not true. That simply is for the header. It simply true. As I suggested earlier, energy prices were rising rapidly well before the invasion. That's number one number two if Pres. Biden announced sanctions on Russia with full buy-in from our European partners and he coupled that with a commitment to US energy independence. That would mean something that would lower long-run world oil price and so for instance, it will take up to six months to ramp up production of shale oil in the United States. Why weren't we planning to do that in March 2021).

Russia had troops massing on the Ukrainian border effluent not just on monitors here. This is purchase for this is really serious of Zielinski presence as he was addressing the UK Parliament and it was in that House of Commons and they were all in the feet. Standing when Winston Churchill was rallying the people of England. You gotta ask yourself this question. How in the world did we allow this to happen and here's how documents from the government positions of the current administration gave a sense that Ukraine might be up for Ascension into NATO and that Iran Poon had these aspirations to begin with. You just give them an excuse when you do things like that in a threatening watching that watching the UK Parliament just moments ago.

This is a night I was studying Winston Churchill I've been doing this in-depth study in which virtual couple years and the fees giving these kind of Churchill-esque speeches, executors, executive elegantly global response at but a name, but there clapping and cheering. But this is a real surreal problem. Yes it is and a nice one encourage or call 1-800-684-3110. When asked you this is gas prices at the pump. Your present just told you they're going to go up there going up higher now because of his decision, how is it impacting you is it starting to impact you. You have a start have to be different decisions because of the price at the pump is as joking a little bit what I produce will that I need to fill my car on the way and didn't have time. But I can listen to because by the time I'm out of work today. The price may be up another $0.25 at my local gas station.

I mean that's the kind of you people are dealing with.

But I want to hear from you to give us a call one 800 684 31 to because it's affecting different parts the country very differently if your coastal places with higher taxes on it. You might Artie be paying outrageous numbers so share that with pulling to hear that from you because they may be used to sell out for a little over four dollars without pay. Right now this is the average. That's the average.

That means it people some people paying up to seven dollars a gallon. I want to hear from folks at 164 3110 is okay as covert as that's decreased people are back on the roads more there to back it work more they're having to spend more on transportation. You so Harry will get to miss left ear what what the what do you think the impact of this is will I don't think the impact on petroleum prices would be will be as dramatic as perhaps the Pres. Biden is now suggesting, but I would say this but there's a knock on the fact which is agricultural prices will likely explode at an even faster rate than energy prices. So Pres. Biden's policy I think is weak and feckless. He's always playing catch-up with respect to sanctioning Russia, but at the end of the day. What is the administration beginning to do about exploding agricultural prices which everyone has to deal Is back in November, well before war in Ukraine, the Sec. of energy is asked about oil prices and production America by 54 from Bloomberg. What is the Granholm plan to increase oil production in America is hilarious. One that I had a magic wand on do you think is the right Keystone pipeline decreasing such arguments as a journey of the permit doesn't take that long, except that it takes so long to put these rigs in place. It's to get the permits even if you got a permit to you for your land, you get new permits all the studies done to actually get done. You have to ramp that up. Cut the red tape. She's the sec. ventilator liquids are not dealing with democratic sunroom are dealing in the bureaucracy that they luckily love your visiting the King of red tape and you know it was Donald Trump to cut through that red tape and said unleash America's power and it took only it isn't his mistress was only four years.

It was done we were energy independent.

We were exporting energy with so much we could be a seller like Saudi Arabia now working to beg the Saudi's that the Venezuelans ever got into yet more the Iran nuclear deal that be trading your Russian oil and gas out for the number one exporter of terrorism is the world oil and gas from Iraq fill up your truck with that 164 30 wanted to talk to us on here let me encourage you to support the work of the American Center for Law and Justice you go to throughout the month of March with a matching challenge double the impact of your donation in will be right back one. A society can agree the most vulnerable invoice is, is there any hope for that culture to survive. And that's exactly what you are saying when you stand with the American Center for Law and Justice, defendant the right to life, free powerful publication offering a panoramic view of the ACLJ's battle for the unborn Gold edition life will show you how you are personally sealed room here means to serve the many ways your membership powering the right/the American Center for Law and were engaged in critical issues at home and abroad. Whether it's defending religious freedom. Protecting those who face covering corruption in Washington bureaucracy fighting to protect life in the courts and in Congress ACLJ to support for that. We are grateful.

Now there's an opportunity for you to help in any way, becomes $20, $50 gift comes 100 constitutional and secularists are take your calls 164 30 want to play this by from present by this this morning, barely supporting a fugitive from Eastern time to get it in before noon and I get the announcement about were not going to the US will no longer purchase Russian oil and gas. What about the rest of Europe and our allies in NATO take a listen by 34 moving forward. This man understanding that many of our European allies and partners may not be in a position to join us United States produces far more oil domestically and all of your very kind. All the countries combined.

In fact, we are a net exporter of energy so we can take this step. When others cannot. Were working closely with Europe and our partners to develop a long-term strategy to reduce their dependence on Russian energy as well. Long-term strategy is a very interesting when you're in a negotiating posture or you trying to figure out my long-term energy policy will be for the European government not so great when Andy when you're in the middle of a war which are in the middle of no is not not that good at all. Trying to determine long-term strategic policies when actually you're in a shooting war in the Ukraine and Russia but I think the thing that concerns me very much as he sort of elided and glided as quickly as he possibly could. Over this statement. The President did many of our European allies and partners may not be in a position to join us sort of glossed over that, but that's sends a tremendous message out to food and then to those who are our enemies, and that is that the Europeans and our allies and partners. NATO is not 100% behind us there is this fragility. If I may call it that. Maybe it's even J and Jordan a fracture in the Western alliance. That is what Boudin was counting on happening, and indeed did happen. The President announces today. Long overdue. May I say that we are banning the import of Russian oil but then he's got to clarify that and to say, but not all our European allies and partners are behind us. He is saying not only that, with respect oil but with respect to so much else also define energy independence differently right and be his idea of energy that has us wish we could still sell overseas but were present at the prices at the pump for the American people and that is what I asked people calling about it a lot because Melanie got in the net first in Colorado online three Hainan network.

The secular things are calling on the air Care unit and doing it for three years I delegated Ray I drive 350 miles a day by day per week to be able to continue to do that with the client and The way it go and where were at right now getting a lap cat. I don't get it. This is the real economic consequences of the lack of policy and foresight. And when you got an energy Sec. Hussein. I wish I could wave a magic wand. That's what she said she's the Sec. of energy. This is this this is troubling and you and your calling me know that without with a real world problem and then a real American problem is that you try for a living. And now the cost of your doing your work is can increase exponentially.

Jordan said, you know, skip right you leave the studios this afternoon is can be $0.25 more a gallon at me in your job and the net that would be used. This is the problem of not having a strategy I want to give a call Ralph in and leave Louisiana on line 6 a raffle for the secular great right away when him and I had that I'm a single daddy I take care of a little girl and I've been doing it that he was 9 1/2 months all by myself 13 years old. Now I have any family.

I let the state of Florida. 17 and I have never returned entire live here in Louisiana I have taken a seven dollar pay cut because of the because of inflation. I drive 90 miles round-trip to work every single day.

I do this I have the paper everything out of my own pocket. This is the real problem and he that real Americans are going to have people call because that is not talking wait for two TV news right I summarize with Ralph so much because this is this the plight of so many Americans who are driving on the road today and there gas is gonna go up. I think I did to $10 a gallon if not more for premium gasoline. Well, the Sec. of energy Jay alluded to, she can wave a magic wand. I say wave it toward the leases on federal lands being used to drill waiver toward the energy pipeline waiver toward the American independence on oil and gas that we had under Pres. Trump wavered in that direction and you may get some results in this. This is his long-term goal, his but is by 51 on ongoing electric art. Take a listen. This crisis is a stark reminder to protect our economy in the long term we need to become energy independent of the numerous conversations over the last three months of our European friends. Now they have to wean himself off Russian oil is just not as it is, is not tenable, but transforming our economy to run electric vehicles powered by clean energy tax credits to help American families winterize their home is less energy that will that will help it if we can do.

We can, it will mean that no one has to worry about the price of gas pump in the future, founder and chairman of the largest electric vehicle company in light of the world. At least the US test. What you must, said the surgery 6 Hz might buy is my company lead to open up everything nuclear, oil, gas fracking, do it all because it's about America.

At this point, and even even in his own employee of his, Lizzie, for their understand from this idea of going to electric vehicles. I meant to bring the price down but if they're still not competitive with other vehicles yet and so it's wonderful as a one day they might be. We can fast forward to that future right now were dealing in reality what that's why we do it is best why we do this broadcast is in word and offer solutions and were working our teams working on that right now but with recent door open. The bones up was we want to hear from you. We only had two calls on this and that is the American people are really hurting over this seriously hurting and I think we have to bet that there's a real price.

So when the President makes the statements Andy that somehow high and mighty is not getting a result is not getting the result because he's not doing what he needs to do to make us energy independent outcome with Pres. Trump. We were energy independent. How come he is now going hand-in-hand to dictators in Venezuela to the Iranians via the Russians and the dog cannot that's totally okay and then hand-in-hand to the bin salaam in Saudi Arabia singular thoughts.

We don't need it, we can do it ourselves. We can obtain energy independence ourselves by drilling by opening the pipeline in making us energy independent. This policy that the President is pursuing is ill advised. It will work out for go to our next break Ricky to take her phone calls 164 3110 John in Minnesota online to hey John, where family who retired that living on a picnic in our government backed off. In the security guy at the end of the lab administration we were doing. They had more than comparable does pretty good. And now the last. Abaddon bravo like comparable big knock at direct sets the issue is taking people who were at least a little bit better comfortable to write on the edge of economic serious economic issues with their families and that that's why these all have consequences. So this whole build was mishandled with Russia to begin with. Then you had the invasion of Ukraine and you were celebrating that the Ukrainian you know they're fighting very hard with folks absent a miracle. The Russians Ukraine and then you talk about chaos.

We were coming up the second half hour.

This broadcast going to stay engaged her phone number is 1-800-684-3110.

We want to hear from you reason about what Iran has to say about this. They said they had a better deal than they ever thought they get the United States great negotiating there support the work of the ACLJ matching challenge any magic donate.

We had a matching or ACLJ the American Center for on critical issues at home and abroad for limited time you can participate in the ACLJ matching challenge for every dollar you donate will be now $10 gift becomes $20, $50 gift becomes 100 detecting the constitutional and religious freedoms most to you and your family.

You forgive today online keeping you informed and now this is Jordan's secular back to secular. Take your focus to what hundreds safe 31 tinsel present by does announce the US will no longer purchase Russian oil and gas is. I'm glad to be funding the war machine directly, but he also announced that our European allies NATO to keep my so the impact on Russia. While our dollars will be going towards it is going to be much smaller because he was not able to build a coalition together and get the key pocket mages immediacy and see an innocent B cell type on NATO so United NATO so you had what is NATO done here. It ticketed refugees, but Guzman independent countries doing the talk about you know NATO countries like Poland may be sending mags by that time they figure that out the things you would be a this was the kind of move that NATO could take in the EU could J to really punish the Russian economy.

They didn't do it. By the way, now they're working on the Iran nuclear deal could be announced this week, folks, this week in the Russian lead negotiator for us is is Russian by the way, from the Russian government said that Tehran got much more than anyone expected.

As it negotiate with other nations to provide the 2015 deal.

They are fighting for their national interest like lions. They fight every, every word and is a rule quite successfully. We are expecting the announcement of the reentry of this deal want to call it that the number one state sponsor of terror, which by the way they want to place the rationally guess their gas. So instead paper programs will repay for the ayatollahs terrorism against Israel and end kids and places also tabulate drop-offs to indiscriminately use poisonous gas.

Things like that. Remember, so I mean you trading one devil for another devil left but to just to explain here they got much more. We don't know what that is yet but we know is that you got more than they got in 2015 from from Obama from buying organic you that quartet of problems or if you look at it in the eye I saw when Zielinski was just addressing by Skype.

The UK Parliament, the House of Commons and everybody standing up, ensuring it was like it was he was he had to work. Winston Churchill moment. That's sounds great.

The problem is Europe is not united in this and now Iran is entering into this equation and eat and work not only allowing it. We've encouraged it, but that's because of the weakness of our negotiating position in Iran and were working through his Jordan alluded to the Russians we sink to first enemy to advocate on your behalf. What do you think the Iranians are cheering about.

They have everything to be happy about in the JC POI resurrection deal that Pres. Trump correctly removed us from because they're getting everything they want and the Americans are getting nothing that we want. We don't have energy independence. We got a fractured NATO we've got no European allies behind us on the gas embargo on the oil embargo to Raja were about to pay $11 billion to the Iranians for four hostages in the begin to buy Iranian oil were buying oil from the Saudis were begging the Venezuelans to get us off. Pres. Biden, what have you done for this country in the last 14 months, that's good. Please tell me. I'd like to know if folks were to go back to foes.

We come back to this tax break for laser for right now that they will start open up to give us a call one 864 3110 we get more into Iran as well be. This deal could be announced tomorrow me. This is imminent and Iran is gotten this from the Russian negotiator who readily has been leading this for the US to just make everything work out. I said they think they've done extremely well and they got much more than anyone expected. So we sit in $11 billion in cash to Iran for the Iranian Revolutionary guards court to remove them from the foreign terrorist organization elicit what you just said the Russian representatives, representing who the US looking the camera and let the Russians are representing us in the UN and the nuclear deal with Iran that our lead go-between because we don't do it directly at with Iran. The Russians have been going back and forth. They think that is a conflict of interest when brought so you know sanctioning Russian cutting off Russian soil and basket relying on them to protect protect the world from a nuclear Iran. I would say this should be a take away moment from every segment is broadcast, there's a take away moment in the segment. The Russians are negotiating for the United States are the go-betweens with Iran. Think about that for a moment when you fill your car up and about an hour.

Support the work ACLJ W impact to the entire month of March of matching towns will be right back. The American Center for Law and defending religious freedom for that. We are grateful. Now there's an opportunity for you to help in the way was $20, $50 gift becomes 100 constitutional and only one. A society can agree that the most vulnerable invoice is, is there any hope for that culture to survive. And that's exactly what you are saying when you stand with the American Center for Law and Justice, defendant the right to life. We've created free powerful publication offering a panoramic view of the ACLJ's battle for the unborn is called mission will show you how you are personally sealed cases powering the right question for you/secular report to arrive at work to take your phone calls about how this is affecting you, Barbara and Pennsylvania online for Europe. Next to Barbara. Welcome to secular drive 20 miles back and forth every day to go to work and $20 an hour to make A job. Why should he make that thinking of getting up doubt that he liked for that reason as pipeline step like campus states that the pipeline goes through the open pipeline on their own or if they have you passed the federal, state regulation of federal is what is holding this back for the most part because many of the states you can do this would be willing to to cut the red tape. It's it's the federal government but these are the stories we are continuing the hearing at and what they're going to try to do to ease the burden by the way they consider an ability that today divides that the price could go up. Yes, this is a precedent-setting, intimate elections, telling American people the price of gas to go up because Lonnie learns like they want you to have to buy electric even if you can't afford it yet.

Yeah. So here's the thing that you I think that we have to be totally clear about an enemy crystal clear about this is having a direct impact on our neighbors as know this isn't having an impact is on an impact on everybody in the and you look at this and Carla Smith is with this is got an article about that is entitled Pres. Biden 40 years and still getting it wrong that's coming up the foreign policy statement by Sec. Gates who said you know he's always been on the wrong side of every foreign policy move, then we have just moved today, except it which sounded great. Now the United States is a goodbye Russian oil except Europeans thing. Let's not go that doesn't go for so we got about Russian oil, so it makes it really meaningless what your sense was it out. The mark of a good effective leader is to respond to new information into new challenges and threats into adjust accordingly to make midcourse corrections and it seems that our President and the top officials and administration. There are incapable of adjusting to new fact in new data is what it looks like they're continually following not leaving and that is not reassuring to the American people and is very encouraging to reanimate the same time this report. Let me know what the Iran deal getting close and Russians are go-between coming at me think about this for a moment, folks. Russia is the go-between for the United States and Iran mean Russia Vladimir Putin is the go-between between United States and Iran. Because we won't get to the same table. You know I say that point that rather than having Russia do it, sit down at the same table and stop the farce because that's what this is. It is a farce. It is nave.

It is not only nave J is dangerously nigh. These are our two chief adversaries along with China and were allowing them to to collaborate with one another in an agreement they were trying to put back together. That should've never been signed in the first place and Iran is a true threat to the peace of the region piece of the world and were letting Russia basically took to call the shots you Michaela, you look really love the chief Russian negotiator Indiana is said and I think you mentioned it earlier that they have gotten way more way more concessions out of the United States and the ever thought possible. Meanwhile, Iran will continue to get billions of dollars in in new fires there still doing research and development on their nuclear weapon system and there's either yes and we are going to sanction Russia and take the sanctions off of a rant.

How crazy is that second take away from the broadcast today where the distinguished sanction Russia but were taking sanctions off the world's largest sponsor terrorism.

Iran I think about those two for moment and by the way our negotiating ally was Russia with Iran mean this is this is the absurd microphones fill in California online three hey Phil hello, I wanted to mention that only about a week ago and by the date of the union address that he encouraged us to buy goods that were made in America. He said he was going to take steps to bring you out back to the US from other countries so that I can buy made in America, so why won't he let me buy gasoline that is made in America. He could do that tomorrow exactly right except for he's owned by the far left of his party.

It's it's not even the mainstream of the Democrat party. I mean I don't slap Elise. They use the far left say this to be the reason why they can't.

I think it probably is the mainstream. The Democrat party but it's it's they use the far left to say. Well, you know, we don't have that support here these two for afraid of upsetting the squad and Bernie Sanders, who by the way, want your prices to go up to a point where it is crippling so that we have to make some rush to electric vehicles and car producers American producer doing that Tesla GM for enjoyment or try to bring the prices down. If you look at the price is right now. There still substantially higher than just a regular car truck.

He inheres would present the top of the state of the union message is what he said hello and cost matching wages are semiconductors and America for infrastructure and innovation in America. More goods moving faster and cheaper in America or job regenerate a good living in America. Instead of relying supply chains lesson that sounds great except when Janice heard from this is their cost of living is going up exponentially because of this cost me the full and beautiful Edward in Texas on line 1 a and would welcome the secular you're on the handwriting on the there I was the human argument had issue with regularly go to Jeff in North Carolina online to hey Jeff, I don't know the country survived this administration we will remain unless the American people wake up and come together at the midterms and take back our government. I don't see how we survived this work is sought on the political side of this. This is right on track to a massive Republican red wife.

I don't even send and enhance your daily deftly the house.

The city might not feel as big because only 34 centers of the third of the Senate up for reelection about every midterm is a six year terms. But I think that at this place, looking very likely that the Republicans will control. Deftly the house and likely the Senate so Joe Biden to get anything done will have to negotiate with a whole new group who is not the holding two new green deal Democrats and SWAT but he still will be. So he'll still have the veto power with legislation. Some it I think. But it's the right step is just yet to make steps towards re-correcting this you correct this by putting in place. Good leaders in Congress who understand what Americans want and Americans they want to drill they want to American energy independence. They do want a clean they want clean air if we can do that long term that's great but short-term we can't kill off every single family's ability to pay their bills know that's the problem. The limits of this was that we talked about the remitting in an you serve the military with honor for decades. What's the offramp here for Vladimir boom going back to the situation in Ukraine. What is the offramp where this can be ratcheted down or we passed that point, it appears that we might be passed that point and offramp, of course, would be him to to back out of Ukraine and see that as a possibility. Well, I don't think he's going to double down and trip down, but a possible offering will be silk a word like one of bothering with Crimea anymore, and maybe the Don bus region were to let you stick keep her troops there, but you have to leave the rest of Ukraine alone. Frankly, I don't think you will accept that Ukraine's not going to set the overthrow the government. The invasion of the country. There is not an obvious offramp here other than in this is the sad truth that probably will come to pass food and will continue to pound Ukraine into dust and rubble into a politically and financially they collapse and he takes over and it seems at this point he is willing to go there. Ukraine is putting up a valiant fight but you're one of the things it is being talked about in the media recently. Is there a need for air cover if they had air cover if they could strike the no-fly zone is very dangerous over we could not do it that that would put US policy against Russian pilots.

But if he had someone, even if is his own Air Force with new equipment doing the no-fly zone they might survive less question about this and that is there's all this talk about that the Meigs for my pole and being sent over Ukraine is that viable. Is there, it seems very complicated.

It is complicated. Although you do Ukraine Air Force they have flown makes you know and and their familiar with that aircraft.

We actually had a kind of time. No, quite frankly, I don't think we do enough time to work from where we are where we were the safest of the lowest some of those gas prices in the country are red states and state and local taxes and one of our guys were video tedious texture. Producer will they said gas this morning was at 379 for regular by his house. I just checked, it's up to four dollars regular semi when I will be little he said is going up at $0.25 immediately already and let me tell you that's these are in suburban areas and urban areas where you always hire they pay more taxes. It's good to be at even in states that are most friendly to oil and gas five and six dollars and Joe Biden told it is now in California.

If you look at 89 New York 89 DC 89 this is going to have significant impact on our country that proper statement. Company trucking companies. David pay for this test flights, jet fuel, I mean these things all believing it all comes back to the consumer will get passed off to you to appoint and it hurts those independent contractors hurt everybody that synthetic people back to work to your phone calls 164 3110 will be right only when a society can agree that the most vulnerable invoice is, is there any hope for that culture to survive. And that's exactly what you are saying when you stand with the American Center for Law and Justice, defendant the right to life, free powerful publication offering a panoramic view of the ACLJ's battle for the unborn is called mission will show you how you are personally sealed. Lowering the right question for you/the American Center for Law and were engaged in critical issues at home and abroad. Whether it's defending religious freedom.

Protecting those who face covering correction in the Washington bureaucracy fighting to protect life in the courts and in Congress ACLJ for that. We are grateful. Now there's an opportunity for you to help in any way comes $20 gift becomes 100 constitutional and what Joe Biden is done now. A lot of this was had congressional support is being held up by Biden and the leading Democrats. The votes were there, we talked with years of the votes their 75 votes to do things like this and though that would include reopening oil and gas in the United States and starting all that process something, there's even more supported in Congress voted for and been in Washington DC because they have Congress does play a role here, the banning of Russian oil and gas which had bipartisan support has been done.

What has not been done is the reopening of America's oil and gas potential so interesting.

Jordan your right to vote to have always been there for what the President did today and actually for going much further and actually Jordan, I think it was the Congress that forced the presidency and to do the limited amount that he did today because just yesterday the four most influential members of the House of Representatives on this issue, the chairman and the ranking member Sue in a bipartisan fashion of the committees of jurisdiction. I said that they were supporting this bill to to implement this ban on oil and gas and also to increase tariffs Jordan that I think is what made the President give the announcement that he and he made today so I think Congress really forces him here's here's the thing though Jordan Speaker Pelosi just announced.

I mean literally as you were on air she just announced that she is still going to put this bill on the floor of the house tonight even after the President announced his new silk during that tells me two things. It tells me number one that she does not trust our President Biden to carry this ban through it as far as her members and insist on so she still still gonna take that boat today. Here's the other thing though, Jordan tells me, and this is not as optimistic as all the rest.

This still does not do the second half of what must be done. It does not unleash domestic energy for energy production.

So, tells the American people. Jordan, you have a moral obligation to stop buying Russian oil and gas, but it is immoral for you to produce your own energy from the United States America Jordan, that's half-baked Cassondra North Carolina online six to Cassondra Logan Sekulow on their protocol. You will get right. Remember about my QuickBooks today for my business and I wanted to share this with you because the question of whether to put in contact outside and I drive the burlap back 2019 on when competent opted. We had a dollar a 9 gallon data I had to 5840 a month but that expenses us last month we were at 389 a gallon I had 433 A.D. for a month again this week at 419 a gallon. I have 569, 84, on going down more than double what it was under come this Sunday preaching will not explain it just as it is someone's business dualism QuickBooks beta go back and put it all together more than double in a year and this is this is where I am very concerned that a lot that happened before the war.

So here's what you got where you were in Eastern Europe that is a real problem.

We do not have an organized orderly NATO we could not get the present could not get Europe to go along with the sanctions on Russian energy at the same time, the American globe would be go-between between the Iranians in the United States are Russian representatives are saying that the that the Iranians outflanked out, negotiated the US team.

These are all take away from today's broadcast Cassondra just told it her business cost for transportation is doubled.

So this is a real world impact and you've got a very unstable search. By the way, I'm not even counting the money that loss in the stock market that is down thousands of points. All of this is happening simultaneously right now.

Yeah, I mean an insomnia Heather and remove fan out Heather from Pennsylvania online for a Heather welcome the secular earlier and I'm writing course right now to me and I got jobs the Russians are out there negotiating force in Iran but you go ahead Heather and it became a this is this is the absurdity fan and then replay this present when Jurassic is subpoenaed to see with Sachin Saki on this is it.

Hello your claim and put in for this. The prices were already on the way up. Inflation was artifacting. Lots of things including gas and oil. Take a listen. Despite it sounds like you guys are blaming for the increase in gas prices recently gas prices going up anyway because of supply chain issues. Well, I think there's no Russian that as we have seen an outside analyst have conveyed this as well. The increase in the anticipated continued increase, which is I think with some of her colleagues were asking about there a direct result of the invasion of Ukraine and also there was in anticipation of that that was that was it was factored in as gas prices have gone certainly increase gas prices since the invasion of Ukraine but we were already seeing well before this even before we thought that there would be war in Ukraine, gas prices increasing we had callers walk through how it's been increasing and affecting their budget first month, maybe $100 per month and $200 more month now. Double Jordan she's not an honest answer with the American people. And when you talk about these complex college policy issues. There's it's not often that you can look at very recent history and see such clear answers. See, we see what clearly works during the mat last administration. When domestic excavation was opened up and the regulations came off when we increase the supply became a net exporter, prices were at an all-time low during is very clear what will work and so you have to ask back to the last callers question who's fighting for us. Jordan I think you got an answer from Congressman trip Roy went when he talked about this he said look you want to send money to Ukraine to help them where all for that. But you have to couple it with going back to what we know works and you have to do it during those those proposals are on the table as we speak. And there's a bill going to the floor of the House of Representatives tonight that does half of that and does not put that answer that we know works, because it just worked along with it. I was go to Richard final call. The name California online. One hey Richard, hey, it's been a while. Love you guys got bless you. I just wanted to make two quick comment.

First of all they talked about going green. I live here in California. They can even keep up with their electricity needs right now.

Number two I have to use propane to heat my home and it's outrageous because he could close down the pipeline. It's outrageous. I'm shaking my head so much. I got a headache just because of this that the whole the natural gas, liquefied natural gas and that that that Ben also was the place, rushing to get here is my take away.

I'm glad that were not funding the Russian war machine.

Okay, but our President is not doing everything you can to alleviate our burden here, the burden on the American people and if he's gonna go to Iran and Venezuela wide. Rather, I'd rather have the burden honestly did for the terrorist regime and a communist dictatorship who goes enemies of the United States so his his there by the administration's big idea here is that the short-term bargain is working to bring down the prices by funding the number one state-sponsored terrorism. They chant death to America give the ayatollahs the money by their their oil and gas and had down the Venezuela where people live in squalor because of a ruthless communist dictatorship. I will start by their oil and gas again. They hate us to.

But don't worry the Russians are go-between between Iran and the United States. Yet that Iranian gets open up.

This is the takeaways you got from today's broadcast folks do not get analysis like this and any other place. We got the experts and we engage these issues like that is in Washington right now matching challenges going on right now. Any amount you donate we get a matching gift for go to that's support the work of the American sent home on the American Center for on critical issues at home and abroad for limited time you can participate in the ACLJ matching challenge for every dollar you donate will be $10 gift becomes $20, $50 gift becomes 100 affecting the constitutional and religious freedoms to you and your family.

You forgive today online

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