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Biden’s Entire Agenda On The Brink of Unraveling

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
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December 14, 2021 12:00 pm

Biden’s Entire Agenda On The Brink of Unraveling

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow

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December 14, 2021 12:00 pm

Today we talk about President Biden's agenda and how close it is to all falling apart. Specifically, Biden's Build Back Better bill faces serious problems in the Senate. We're also joined by Senator Bill Hagerty (TN) to discuss the Taylor Force Act and how the Biden Administration has violated it. The Taylor Force Act was a bipartisan bill to end U.S. funding for the Palestinian Authority's Pay-for-Slay program. Jordan and the rest of the Sekulow team discuss all this and more today on Sekulow .

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You will find on the brink call one 800 68311% you got a lot to talk about day starting off walking be talk about today I were to talk about build that better and how it's having serious problems because of sugar. Job answered after White House review between Pres. Biden and Sen. Mitchell, but the battle there to stop a bill back better bill back bad. If you want to call it that, is still very much alive is not dead yet and so you got these Democrat senators of their leadership sake.

They think they could have a vote on this before Christmas so I did another attempt to try to get something through when you're at so we are most distracted time focusing on holiday plans.

She got the work year and Gary kids activities or grandkids activities. That's what they want to push through build back better when you're not looking, but there still real problems for Pres. Biden were to talk about that sitter Haggerty Bill Haggerty of Tennessee is to be joining us because there's a tip by Republican members of Congress.

Right now I hope becomes bipartisan to strengthen the Taylor force act. You remember Taylor for second pass of 2018 was after Taylor what Taylor force a who was a Marine who was killed in a terrorist attack in Israel by Hamas. He was there not it his fatigues, but as a student from Vanderbilt University's business school, which often times you have study abroad programs, he was stabbed to death and killed. There was this legislative movement 2018 to bar and restrict nonhuman God humanitarian aid to the Palestinian Authority. That meant that they would not have body for the US for their what we call pay for sleigh program paying the families of those who carry out these horrendous terrorist attacks and rewarding them rewarding those families with cash and other items. There's a tip out strength. It the Taylor force act put more teeth audit actually to actually prevent and deter foreign banks from making these payments to node martyrs families so that if the banks know they will get kicked out of the US financial system.

They will be much more careful about these kind of payments that they see from the palace policy authority to a somewhat's family and all inquiry was us about is because of the vacated some attack and so would put also pressure on the base doesn't just cut off funding which the policy authority can't really be trusted with the received funding to be always telling the truth.

But how to use it to also putting banks in real jeopardy. If they violate this new provision right now to get Republican support early on. This had bipartisan support. So again this is something that is very important. If you believe if you stand with Israel but also this idea of fighting back against terrorism. Using a smart legislative action action that should be as it was before just a few years ago bipartisan to say you don't work in the fund allow taxpayer dollars to go and be used for what is literally notice a pay for sleigh program. Whether you are killed during the attack or arrested during the attack, your family receives money based off the scale. It's disgusting. The US has done something about it but sitter Haggerty and his colleagues. They want to do more to make it tougher we do to at the ACL. Jason will be joining us as well. The broadcast and then a big victory ACLJ out of Wyoming's the college level involving get religious figures we come after the break were to get into exactly what happened with this big with again. The season of the holidays is sometimes hard to imagine what the schools try to do to students who want to utilize anything that might be attached to something that is religious order talk about all that today on secular I support our work in that's during the month of December which is our most important what the year financially double the impact of your donation by noting today we went back the American Center for Law and Justice were engaged in critical issues at home and abroad. Whether it's defending religious freedom. Protecting those who are persecuted for their faith.

Uncovering corruption in the Washington bureaucracy and fighting to protect life in the courts and in Congress ACLJ would not be able to do any of this without your support for that. We are grateful.

Now there's an opportunity for you to help me way more limited time you can participate in the ACLJ's matching challenge every dollar you donate $10 gift $50 gift becomes 100. This is a critical time for the ACLJ the work we do. Simply would not occur without your generous take part in our matching challenge make a difference in the protecting the constitutional and religious freedoms you forgive today online ACLJ only one.

A society can agree that the most vulnerable invoice is, is there any hope for that culture to survive. And that's exactly what you are saying when you stand with the American Center for Law and Justice, defendant the right to life, we've created a free and powerful publication offering a panoramic view of the ACLJ's battle for the unborn. It's called mission like it will show you how you are personally support the publication includes a look at all major ACLJ cases were fighting for the rights of pro-life activist the ramifications of Roe V Wade, 40 years later Planned Parenthood's role in the what Obama care means to discover the many ways your membership is empowering the right to question your free copy of mission in life today online ACLJ/back to secular said there's lots to talk about today is the next segment broadcast so be sitter Haggerty of Tennessee, the US Sen. who is working to strengthen what we just talked about before talk about a lot of the broadcast years, which is the Taylor force act, but there's attempt to give it some more teeth so we talked to him about that in the next segment broadcast ACLJ victory. First student in Wyoming Abbey.

We were contacted by the student tell people initially what what happened and what I can't stand at a public college fair and and she had enrolled in English and had decided to write out and start off guaranty, which was with in and the confines of the assignment and however shortly after submitting her first essay, she was given a zero on the and because at the content until she gets given a zero, the sick, the worst failing grade you could get in college what was the professor's response to you why she had a zero. Given man and boundaries for the essay writing at the beginning of class on which wise we don't hear about abortion and I don't want perfection and I don't want to you and read about your religious beliefs and that this was different. She was writing about historical non-fictional character of Jesus in our personal religious beliefs right of Jesus. Major historical figure whether that your religious person that there's not a real discussion about whether he existed. And so there's a lot to write about this. There's authors who don't were not Christians who have written books on on the life of Jesus and Ed pointed to where it marks in history so she contacts us to put those parameters on a trend. I am sure for that student think it's a little maybe a little confusing and that we help try to clear the way. Tell people how we got got this I handled as she dressed immediately with her professor and apparently left her supervisor. The supervisor of the program had mentioned their belief that there was academic empathy teacher there and what we explained for the state. We provided her with an informational memorandum at explained what her rights as a student are, which is academic freedom and and the freedom to write about her at a topic such as disaster long as it's within the confines of the assignment and here at last. We harmed her with the information that she needed to know that she can advocate for herself and for her rights and she tested a sale we offer to help either that he was able to schedule a meeting with her supervisor again talked to the matter and they actually did a great allow her to proceed with her essay on the information, but it's a good time to point out this this is a step below try to send a demand letter. It's deftly two or three steps below before filing a lawsuit, but allows students who may be the situation.

They will follow suit against the school, they do need help and that the second level help a bit like a demand letter, but we were able put this information letter and law that's available for people and we respond. I must every day to make our class with an informational memorandum and then we provide in our contact information people want to just know that that what they believe is strength that they have rights and as rights are being violated somewhat advocate for themselves in the state did not very well on and need to intervene between LCD on a weekly basis. The demand letter and carry out that the college-level ops of it. If I was professedly whether not they thought this is a fiction character or two dozen little read about students, religious beliefs, but again it's like I feel like I should be able to the right about the hobbit, but if it but if I was Muslim with a not let me write about Bob. We certainly historical figure of huge significance absolutely. But I think this move in Wyoming is very, very consistent with a prevailing pattern in universities and colleges throughout the United States.

These colleges increasingly are rejecting the world of objective reality, and objective truth instead they are grabbing and accepting theories from the Frankfurt school in Germany, which rejects the notion of objective truth and accepts.

Instead, the notion of fantasy unreality and untruth basically is the foundations of society. So I think this move is consistent with the notion that professors by and large, now this is seeping down into community colleges. They seek to overthrow the Western tradition in one way of doing that is by rejecting historical figures like Jesus, you know what to fix every two I thought the student was very gracious today. Seal J they had some issues getting help tell people about what happened there and she actually indicated how this radar statement. When I retired provide information and I followed up with her to see how things were going and she said it really means so much that you guys responded, and that this is important. I have tried getting in contact with others for assistance as well and you are the only ones that respond. Thank you so much. It's right there. I think that stands up so much for what we do at the ACLJ is being able to direct directly assist and it supposedly people think here about us really see us in other media or even on this.

This is about my situation too small.

It's not a big enough issue is about really look at Sue but this is a good time to remind our supporters but also those people by that view of the situations that your situation is not too small and it will have actual attorneys assisting that's exactly right.

And we do on a daily and weekly basis.

A part of our mission is to educate parents and students in organizations as to what the right time here the right of the state at TU and engage in religious expression on the consultation requires that there be neutral academic criteria may be charged back neutral criteria and said that's what we did is make sure that she was touched by neutral criteria.

This it to be this it's it's important to just_if you go to ACLJ you feel like your situation like this you put in its basic information about your search, which was always whereby people's time here because nativity's come up Christmas Eve work were able to handle those would be talk about that later. Two of the week and next week as well. Most of those are being handled or simply as well where if you feel like totality your city did something that makes you uncomfortable or change their policies this year. Sometimes you just utilize the resources if you need a little guidance.

We are hearing and it doesn't cost you anything and it certainly just put in the information It doesn't take long to get a response, please not hesitate to reach out this is this is key for bit in Washington DC to because that speaks to me is the core work. The ACLJ were there for that college student Excel. Yes, we have Yost US Sen. coming up next of the broadcast. At the core work of the ACLJ is the students and parents and people who who are active in their community who know something that happened to that was wrong. They just need a little help and how to how to put it into words, if you will, and make sure that there is law back. It is the heart and soul that we do at the ACLJ. Jordan and to be honest with you to work that we do appear Washington DC the work that I do every day really is done to enable the work that we do on the ground. I mean, to preserve the liberties the people have all across this country. Judy Jordan is you are talking to Abby. I had a couple of thoughts on the one was how crazy is this double standard is I just have no doubt that if the student was writing about, you know, Joseph Smith or even Dr. King, Gandhi urgent some other summer some other character affiliated with a different religion or even a Christianity, Jordan, but if it wasn't Jesus himself.

I don't think there would have been a problem, but the second thing that came to mind is, is that what you landed your conversation with Abby on II just want to encourage people to not be afraid to contact the ACLJ because so many times these issues can be resolved.

Respectfully, behind-the-scenes just arming you with the information you need to go advocate for yourself and Jordan. We can sort of dial that meter up according to how you know the client or the person involved your desires. If that doesn't solve the issue. We can go to the demand letter letter level. If you're comfortable with that.

If that doesn't dissolve our resolve the issue.

Sometimes there are lawsuits that can be pursued. But I guess the bottom line thought for me. Jordan, we can't do any of that. If you don't contact us if we don't hear about the situation.

If you don't have an opportunity to arm you with the information so kudos to the student. Kudos to Abby and just reminder. That's why we do the work in Washington DC so that these situations down the states down in your communities can be resolved in a satisfactory way to their support for a lot of those individuals a student particular with with your baby or your business if you work in a big company not looking to necessarily follow a lawsuit on this company are looking to correct a wrong or just make sure you have the feeling that what happened to you was wrong and were there for that, so you don't have to just think ACLJ lawsuit, only that if it but that when we contact you.

That's the that's the last resort. The first resort is to try to prevent having to file a lawsuit because we want a quicker resolution and that's actually how we handle cases is three informational letters or demand letters and were able to resolve them fairly quickly. Typically when someone reaches out to Lake or class files in the scope of what we gave we are able to respond and 24 to 48 hours right folks to get that phrase will be of ACLJ.or with a blog about that victory.

Abby great work.

I represent that student in Wyoming a lot to talk about your tutor to go on the show today Sen. Haggerty from Tennessee is joining us.

Next will be talk about the print add more teeth to the Taylor force act as if well can educate you about that because back in 2018, with very important law could be strengthened that Republican support for can we get Democrats or for support our work in double impact your donation is ACLJ that of the entire month only one. A society can agree the most vulnerable invoice is, is there any hope for that culture to survive. And that's exactly what you are saying the American Center for Law and Justice right to life.

We created a free powerful publication offering a panoramic view of the ACLJ's battle for the unborn Gold edition will show you how you personally.

Publication includes a look at all major ACLJ were fighting for the rights of pro-life activist ramifications 40 years later, when Obama care me in many ways your membership is powering the right question mission life today online/American Center for Law and justice were engaged in critical issues at home and abroad. Whether it's defending religious freedom. Protecting those covering corruption in Washington fighting to protect life in the courts and in Congress ACLJ would not be able to do any of this. For that we are grateful. Now there's an opportunity for you to help me way for limited time you can participate in the ACLJ's matching challenge every dollar you donate $10 gift $50 gift becomes 100. This is the ACLJ the work we simply would not occur without your generous matching challenge make protecting the constitutional and religious freedoms. Today online okay next purchase reminder about contacting the ACLJ ACLJ./help just like that student did a Wyoming. It doesn't have to be because you want to go full scale legal war against a way that your employer school you go to need some legal back units of legal assistance good and I'll tell you that's how we work through it. We start off with informational letters of the next is potentially a demand letter for coupled with that and ultimately a lawsuit if that's where you want to go but it's to protect your rights, whether your college student. Whether you're an employee or employer or state or city worker who is confused about the laws so she would get around the holidays so I encourage you go to the what will switch into Taylor force you that you know folks we talked about this lot on the broadcast of March 2016, a Palestinian terrorist murdered a US Army veteran Taylor force in Israel he was RB better, but he was there. The Vanderbilts business school study abroad programs reside in fatigues. He was there just as a student he was stabbed and killed that person who carried out the terrorist attack that receives money from the Palestinian Authority and what's called a paper sleigh program.

After couple years of legislative work side by Pres. Trump. The Taylor force act, which prevented US dollars from going to the policy authority. The convinced BU utilized for these paper sleigh slush funds to go to these martyrs families but as you know, over time these groups try to find loopholes. The policy authority has tried to find loopholes with this fungible cash that still goes over as humanitarian aid.

US Sen. Bill Haggerty of Tennessee is Geordie is now the broadcast center, Haggerty.

At first I let me thank you for being here and at sick kids, the Taylor force act was a great piece of legislation but your colleagues that your cosponsor of this believe that it could be strengthened beyond what you do.

You are one of the longest conservative voices we have the nations was always an honor to be with you with respect to Taylor force of the divorce act.

You did a wonderful job summarizing the tragedy that occurs with these paper sleigh payments.the fact is that Taylor was a veteran but also a student at mandible business school, so it certainly rings are close to home when we find out these marker payments are being made by the Palestinian Authority.

The original intent of the bill that was signed by Pres. Trump was to stop humanitarian aid going to the Palestinian Authority as long as they were doing these paper sleigh programs. The problem with that is that money is fungible and as you said they figured ways to get around this. So what we want to do is make it considerably stronger will do is focus on the banking system and this provides additional authority to designate foreign banks were involved in money laundering, and prevent them from holding using any type of correspondent accounts in United States if they're involved with.

With motor payments to terrorist or they knowingly provide financial services to Hamas, which is, as you know, a proxy group program, so this is can be a much stronger much tighter way to address again using the financial system, cutting off the payment system to these guys so that they can no longer abuse this and continue to conduct this awful pain display program or they pay people who are murderers if they martyr themselves. 20 Jesus had bipartisan support. What's to feel like on Capitol Hill right now, which is a pretty partisan environment with no back that it always on the progress but was something like this. It's common since it feels like we should all be able to unite around. You think you can get there again to strengthen the Taylor force act Jordan, we hope so. I though since we've seen this Congress, and we heard voices coming from the left. These voices seem as though they actually support terrorist groups. They support BDS they support Hamas after the 11 day war in Israel actually food Israel to let them know that baldly America does not support this with your Democrat, independent of the Republican we stand with Israel which happened here in Washington is that we have these extreme voices coming out on the it's a minority group in the Democrat party that they are basically given the image that they support this terror that's been conducted by the Palestinian Authority and the media are amplifying that the truth of the matter is that II cannot imagine my Democrat colleagues for the most part condone this and I hope to get to bipartisan place again, but the noise and the rhetoric is gotten to a fever pitch and the Biden administration seems to want to push and in that direction again in the direction of supporting the Palestinian Authority as they conduct terrorist activities. You may also seen this by the administration were going to open the consulate to deal with Palestinians there in Jerusalem to basically divide Jerusalem again after we took major steps to unify Jerusalem and recognize it as the one and only capital of Israel.

I was able to take significant steps to block that effort and frankly got the State Department to admit under testimony to me that it was not within their authority to do that that provided that room for our colleagues on the Israeli side of this relationship to step up and really push back the State Department so I don't think we can see that type of diplomatic engagement with the Palestinian Authority, the State Department hoped to initiate actions of the fact that there is a embassy to Jerusalem in some faraway talking blocks as you get there sooner. Haggerty, as you said it that they can be utilized, but that this special consulate, which was really for. It seems like state that may have had scribes, State Department officials who were pro-Palestinian, who would work inside that that consulate that in the formerly when it was that the embassy was in Tel Aviv that would be the people to work more with Israel directly to its divides that that the Jewish state of Israel into him in the city of Jerusalem into two places which is what we are trying to solve and fix to put put your embassy there and finally recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Wes Wesley Smith you.

This should shock the conscience and I think raise the indignation level of every American. This disc terrorist that killed Taylor force was killed by Israeli placement and was hailed as a national hero given a huge funeral, his family, to this day still receive payments and like you said, you wonder there's a fine line between supporting Palestinians and peace. Supporting terrorism and I was disappointed when Pres. Biden reopened the PLO mission in Washington DC but going forward with this you think you'll have bipartisan support on this on this bill or someone like me step up and basically make clear to the American public. What's really happening here. ministration is really rely on their ability to deflect their ability to get their message. Their quote narrative.

Along the main street mainstream media. But what I've been able to do in several of my colleagues is going on there. Explain exactly what's happening explain what's unable to get a State Department official opposite me in the committee hearing and get them on the record stating that indeed they don't have the authority to do it by demonstrators proposing that our colleagues are our allies in Israel here that this is a very different message than what they're getting mainstream media that is emboldening our our allies there to realize that we will be here much longer than the Biden administration that the Senate is going to stand firm with the Israel and they just need to realize that we are on the long-term basis. The strongest allies that Israel will never have left to express what Tennesseans we all experience on Friday.

Pretty scary Friday night.

The children are neighbors in Kentucky but scare there. I know your office is been set really laser focused on that. Want to give you to sometimes address the country on a real tragedy. It it it it it hit Arkansas less than Tennessee.

Tennessee significantly with 11 tornadoes touched down in and West Tennessee in middle Tennessee. If you think about where the hardest hit was was in West Tennessee. We had four fatalities there that typicality in Lake County 10 buying County and one in Shelby County, still about 10 people that one person still missing their government leaders apply for an emergency declaration needed that on Monday and then I would support that I wrote merely to get that by this is a stepped up and given us the numbers and pickle decorations on it before, but again my heart goes out suffering. The American Center for Law and Justice issues at home and abroad participate in the ACLJ challenge every dollar you donate $10 becomes 20 $50 gift becomes 100 you can make a difference in protecting the constitutional and religious freedoms to you and your family today. Online okay keeping you informed and now is secular secular first have to go through for you again addressed a major victory for student at a Wyoming shows the workplace children how quickly the action can be. The student was given the task write about historical figure, but it can't be your personal religious beliefs and want to hear about abortion is that was the to of course they picked that will student was sent out right about Jesus and a dog religious waitress is a historical figure that was just thinking during this you know I mean I would dare them to say you could write about Mohammed is historical figure, which I think you could. I deftly think you could agree with these historical figures are believe in them, and it is a faith weighted understand the impact they have for good or for ill. There's lots of people throughout history student chooses to do it on Jesus there talk they submit the assignment the given F. Zero likes zero points they contact us, you student said to contact a lot of elite groups really want to respond speaks a lot to ACLJ's legal team Edward Abbey was talking about that you how quickly we do respond and how we were able to resolve this with an informational letter did take a demand letter with the threat of a lawsuit. Certainly, were always ready to do that but it just underscores that work in the ACLJ if you could support that work's a great time to double the impact your that's it's always great to have our good friend, a sitter. Bill Haggerty ought he is a stay there for what's right, especially when it comes it's 40 she's real I get to pitch this type but if you know he was ambassador to Japan under the trumpet ministration with Taylor force act and strengthening of the table for snack. The Congress was to do that. That is something that we all need to get behind and make sure doesn't remain a partisan issue that goes and becomes the bipartisan issue that it was before and the support should be. There's just a strength of the law passed laws to put restrictions on funding the bad actors find out ways to work around those laws so those pay for slate programs.

So you gotta add more teeth and going after the baking industry so that they gotta think twice before allowing what his papers to go through or no if they do will be kicked out of the US financial system. Basically, the bank will be shut down. This is a get using smart legislation to combat terrorism attempt to again take away the incentives from these families to put for the family member to carry out a horrendous attack against innocent Israelis.

In this case, the Taylor force act was an American student studying abroad, a member of Armed Forces, but he was irregular close that his fatigues and at Vanderbilt University program for the business school and so there was actually 20 8T that were looking fraction 20, 21 shift here to build back that build back better.

Whatever you want to call it. This is the administrations final year inputs on the right that they had been in DC that it's all about Steve. Right now it's all about Christmas that even herein. It's about to get it done before Christmas and were hearing from people like Sen. Kristen Gillibrand of New York started so yeah they think they can get it done before Christmas that would be that they got they would somehow be able to convince Joe Blanchard to join their team will first of all Jordan.

We had about 12 different versions of this bill only had about 10 or 15 different different. You know, drop dead deadlines this Christmas deadline is just the most recent of those Jordan I would tell you two things that might seem to contradict each other. But, on the one hand, I would tell you that I don't think they're gonna be able to pass it before Christmas but I would quickly follow on that and say you should not assume that because I will tell you this as soon as they can get 50 votes in the United States Senate. It doesn't matter if they've written the bill yet or not.

As soon as they can get 50 votes in the United States Senate.

They will vote on it.

So if Chuck Schumer says that he's trying to work with the President to get Sen. mansion on board before Christmas. We have to operate on that timeline. I know were to talk about this more. On the other side of the break of the door and I would tell you this, there's really only two versions of this bill that we can go by right now the one that passed the house which is scored at 1.75 trillion, or 1.85 trillion if you count the immigration provisions. Of course there's budgeting gimmicks and that or this one that I'm holding up Jordan to blank sheet of paper.

This is the piece of paper that is in front of Sen. mansion. What ever he writes that's what's good to be on the Senate floor.

Eventually that is very significant. That makes that person really comes out to win and how big no question that will there's also question the house to what is going to get off with a loose progressive both be right back on secular American Center for Law and engaged in critical issues at home and abroad.

Whether it's defending religious freedom. Protecting those covering corruption in Washington fighting to protect life in the courts and in Congress ACLJ would not be able to do any of this or that. We are grateful elders and help me way you can participate in the ACLJ's matching challenge every dollar you donate $10 gift becomes $20 gift becomes 100. This is a critical time for the ACLJ the work we simply would not occur without your generous matching challenge make protecting the constitutional and religious freedoms. Today online okay only when a society can agree that the most vulnerable invoice.

Is there any hope for that culture to survive. And that's exactly what you are saying the American Center for Law and Justice, defendant the right to life, we've created a free publication offering you the ACLJ's battle for the unborn will show you how patient includes all major ACLJ fighting for the rights of pro-life activist ramifications 40 years later, when Obama care me in many ways your membership is powering the right question mission life today online/sighed heavily trillions of dollars were spent in our country if it really got to that point really where he's told time and time again. It is supported doesn't like it and it will he have that kind of power, should it would have that kind of power gives a call. What hundred 684-3110 that's one 800 684 30 wanted to punish all of us.

So because of the poor. He might bring back his state.

This is what Joe matches feet really have to be the fire because he plays off as a moderate but he comes back with something even close to the trillions and trillions the bide he wants to spend what get remember the guy who holds sides for Planned Parenthood. This is a guy who tries to play both sides of every issue in this what it's got to be very tough to get the entire Democrat party apparatus pushing against him that I do what I get tried to go full negative but I would ask you this, that we had a point. Yet where it's it's Joe Blanchard is going to do something light like there's no question there will be some kind of bill back better because of him, or could he actually just return the page like you held up like Blake yeah I mean I think it depends who you ask Jordan, but if you're asking me. I think he will cave at some point. I've said this from the beginning.

I mean Joe mansion always caves at the end when it comes to liberal priorities, big spending bills like you said, he typically gets something in there for West Virginia and look there can be different views on this bringing money back to your home state that maybe in some ways people see that is a is a role for a home state Sen. Jordan. This is almost a true trillion dollar bill according to their score and as you know there was actually a new CBO score that was put out at the request of Sen. Graham and some others on the Republican side and said, look, let's take a real world look at this we know that you're not getting in these programs. After one year or three years or five years. As you say in the bill.

We know that there can continue into perpetuity because that's what every federal government program does. It continues into perpetuity. If we score it that way. What's it going to cost the CBO came back Jordan. They said it's not a cost 1.75 trillion, it's gonna cost $5 trillion. So if Sen. mansion comes back and says look I got a few cuts here and there in the real score is in 5 trillion, it's only 4 trillion Jordan, that should not be enough, and I would tell you this one. Sen. shouldn't certainly should not have the power to spend that much money, but I would remind the American people this there are 50 senators 50 senators on the Republican side of the ledger, who have said no who have said this is too much inflation is too high.

The American people are suffering too much Jordan.

That should be the final say in the United States Senate. But if you're asking me to make a prediction. I think Joe mansion is going to cave. Eventually this is that is troubling.

It's like a double down and make it impossible almost to cave because what what here is the progressives are not alike, that the questions are there enough progressives which actually stand in the way of a massive spending bill with trillions and trillions of dollars withstood to trillion output scored at five true $5 trillion over 10 years.

What you take Alyssa disappear due to talk.

It should sake yesterday about bill back better in this new CBO score.

She tries to call it. Think might want bill that is not bad. CBO's for social programs are made permanent.

Almost $3 trillion in programs. What we're talking here is a fake CBO score that is not based on the actual bill that anybody is voting on okay. That's because you got to do this prepared another habit. Bills voted on. There have been bills for the house that that so that's not true. It's if you look at again if they got everything they wanted, what would it cost to get some of what they wanted. This is what it would cost that's with the CBO's been looking at. Of course they don't look at the final bill because we look at the final bill. It's about was before the final vote. What two things are Jordan and it is absolutely not a fake CBO score into a score based on the presuppositions that that Sen. Graham and others data. The CBO which simply settlement take all of the programs the Democrats have put forward and I just want you to give me a real world score.

If they never expire if they never repealed and because of course they won't. What would that cost that's what the score came back Jordan I would say this, I do have one small it's a rather ironic point of agreement. The one small point of agreement with Jen sake. She says essentially, there is no actual bill.

Now she's correct on that and here's why the bill that passed the house is actually going through a budgetary process in the United States Senate that they call the birdbath they have to scrub it of provisions that are not budgetary in nature and Jordan all a bunch of provisions are to be pulled out and then there can and do what always happens in Washington DC at the last minute, literally, probably the day of the vote or the day before the vote they will drop the bill that will actually be voted on. So look, I don't think it's a good thing that she's bragging about this. She says there's no actual bill that's true, there is no actual bill. We don't know what people will be voting on. But it's not a fake CBO score. It's a score that is based on if all of the programs that have been put forward. RRR carried forward for the full 10 years of the program, what would it cost it would cost nearly $5 trillion this close to the inflation yeah I want to know how to back to you.

I wouldn't people will tell their stories, because really here, this isn't that big of a deal, but it's not that other settings nor dolls like that is basically anybody's Christmas bonuses if they look at it.

Statistically be wiped out by inflation so sick you might be getting a bonus but to to to live the way you didn't even like last year because of inflation. This got up you be utilizing all that bonus just to stay where you were see what saving it or putting it away you having to utilize it and it was basically being raced through inflation so I want to ask you. That is, is that as an experience that you're having right now.

How was inflation impacting you as we get closer and closer to Christmas the end of the year 1-800-684-3110 if your talk to us on air. That's what it hundred 684-3110 is impacts of inflation they're very real.

You know, with apologies to the Grinch in their push for passing this by Christmas. This could be the bill that still Christmas people are struggling. Jordan with rising prices, inflation is the highest it's been in 40 years. Inflation is partly fueled by government spending and just just that the figures just came out this week of producer prices for the month of November and producer prices are passed on to consumers will made by the things that they produce just in one month alone producer prices went up 9.6% in November alone. Inflation is hurting people. Everything cost more, but especially the essentials like gasoline and bread and meat and things like that and the idea that they would add another $5 trillion to this government spending spree when it's already inflation is the highest in four years does not make sense and back to what they were saying and and I'm not a political operative like it. The idea of voting on something before it's written. I think the files logic and is an insult to the intelligence of the American people the average American like me and you would never dream of agreeing to something when it's not written yet about YouTube shorted build back better will allow the federal government to take over the rest the economy told already control that's their main priority to stay in power to control economy Harry you we look at this if you look at the economics, the legal theories behind this. I think Pam is on the something how much control they can have over every decision of your life, including the fact that deep down they don't hate this inflation, but especially goes to gas prices because they want to kill that industry. They told people that think that they their corporations are the got support corporations to putting out dates say won't make any thing but electric cars by twentysomething and the more they could do to kill that industry.

I think the better this what they think that's correct.

So I think Pam's analysis is absolutely accurate. Essentially, the Democrats have an objective they want to.

This employ autoworkers. For instance in Michigan and Ohio and Texas and if we turn to the bill or the fake bill itself. The Senate is not likely to be voting for a specific bill instead, they are going to be voting for something else there voting for an ideology and ideology that allows the progressives to control each and every aspect of our lives and essentially to enslave the American people to the government this to be again for your talk, you just Christmas trees that same experience that the costing for everything everything cost when we try to build a house right now and that some of the wood price of 75% the last two years since that cost you 75% more to build the same house that is impacting every body but especially middle-class Americans who might be in the position of building a house, gathers his narrative in Washington DC Jordan that this is only impacting higher earners look anybody that shops at a grocery store.

Anybody that goes to a gas station and fills up their tank. Anybody who bought a live Christmas tree this year Jordan and I was still in our producer will had I not had my kids with me when I went to the lot. When I did see the sticker price on the on the tree, which was double what it was last year during I would've turned around and left. So look a bit. People in Washington DC might be disconnected with these real expenditures that face every family's budget, but I'll tell you he's not conducted a Democrat voters Jordan Democrat voters who understand that there inflation costs are going through the roof. I don't think there can be in favor of this bill when it comes down the line, either you let me say some folks like to talk about. He recalls come again, it's about the power of the man should vote.

I want to hear from you how inflation is impacting you gives a call your family one 864 30 want to because were being told like that said really not impacting you in the middle class that impacted most American's call 1-800-684-3110.

I really do to us because we can. That segment of the broadcast skull of that support the work of ACLJ double the impact of your donation only one. A society can agree the most vulnerable invoice. Is there any hope for that culture to survive. And that's exactly what you are saying the American Center for Law and Justice, defendant the right to life, we've created a free publication offering a panoramic view of the ACLJ's battle for the unborn will show you how publication includes all major ACLJ fighting for the rights of pro-life activist ramifications 40 years later, when Obama care me in many ways your membership is powering the right question mission life today online/American Center for Law and engaged in critical issues at home and abroad. Whether it's defending religious freedom. Protecting those uncovering corruption in Washington fighting to protect life in the courts and in Congress ACLJ would not be able to do any of this.

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Today online okay the initial cost of this to treat that's 5 trillion based off if these programs don't expire down. You don't have to be an expert at all. Legislation had not programmed to do social spending programs to realize that America you start one.

You tell about stuff so score for three years is that the faculty did.

After that, they don't ever go away once you give people these programs even if they thought they didn't like the they are extremely difficult even to reform Social Security reform was really difficult.

Think about immigration before has it happened the tax cuts the doldrums. They will get through were historic because they actually took money out of the federal government that they get is what I can give you so much of the idea was theirs. If you free up people's incomes they will spend there will be. There will be taxes on that spending X of better for the government is these forced tax hikes on the American people living on the photos of a Lawrence in Nebraska online. One is large welcome to secular you're on the air. I was calling about everything is costing us more money I can hear my mental purity, disability, that we should get 6 to 7% back 7% and 6% would be great. But even if we get 6% back Democrat half that code in the Medicare which I have never used by Medicare or by health insurance from me that I was 19 years old. I put money in there for the junkies. I'm tired of that.

I want my money is the issue is large, you realize how even when they try to say I will take care of you ever just real cash back to you. That was done early dissipative to real cash checks were sent out cards were set up people to to boost their ability to spread, but then you talk to this and I think this large ties directly to kind of his anger about it and I get it, is that the child tax credit.

This is sick right now to the current score.

Let it expire right before the next election like that would be that be wonderful for Democrats right there to really let a child tax credit expire about before they may lose the house and said it's probably the best example of what you know would never happen.

Jordan there's a new child tax credit that genetic current law are probably many people that are listening this broadcaster getting checks in the mail for this child tax credit, you might support you might oppose it, but either way, Jordan. Here's what I can tell you absolutely would not happen. In the weeks leading up to the midterm elections. Do you think that the people that are control of the White House, the Senate and the House are going to repeal that tax credit and then tell voters to go to the ballot box that will never never happen.

Jordan and yet that's what the original score from CBO calculated and that's the gimmick that Sen. Graham took out just to get the American people real look at what would happen in the other thing quickly that I would just say to Lawrence tournament.

He he ask about what can happen in this bill. Here's the ultimate truth.

We try to be candid with our listeners. I can't tell him if that provision will be in the bill and even worse Jordan. I won't be able to tell him because I almost guarantee it there to put this bill out and then there get a vote on it before any of us had a chance to go all the way through. That's just the reality Jordan, that is, that is how to do things the affordable care act that you know will find out what to do after he passed it to the American people with blue backpack back better what Nancy Pelosi says the like it. After they see it going to affect and stated that like the handouts like the social spending microphones dominated Alabama on live three billboards got a call at Taylor force will take that after Donna got a look at the secular. You're the thank you for everything that will normal Americans think about now lying to Colin and Sam money. Your average American has three young children and young adult children, three of which are in college and really affected them. They only able to work part-time because they are taking full-time class blood and when they were planning dollars 79 a gallon versus three dollars a gallon and they make the same amount of money cannot in our and their playthings like spanking and the right thing lately thinking that went out as usual, when one goes up, it doesn't say anything parking on our home, things did not build the houses down from this place, and says yeah and angry at inflation. I'm angry at Congress in an willingly just go away like you to call and to talk to kids college working part-time jobs to help cover the cost and the part-time job. The wages have gone up the cost of living has a certificate that much more difficult just to your people say it's not the top income earners that are hurt by this. The most babymaking different economic decisions based on inflation but not worried about Philip the car. Yes, they make that make him angry but but they got set impacting the bottom line say what is hitting middle-class America people were spitting people working people getting educated like your kids and you were try to help your kids along that way. Let me take a final call the date back to the Taylor force a bill Gordon Virginia online to he gored the secular you're on the air pay for play while granting the authorization to take those kind of financial and banking institution actions is probably a good step. If it's not required of State Department commerce and treasury to implement those when certain thresholds are broken.

The deep stage just can come up and go but were still thinking about it and so I think there needs to be actual directive language in the law that requires those kind of steps, not just merely an authorization of the deep state to do so would support about this lawsuit initially with the slotted cut off a significant amount of money that would somehow see the billions dollars got cut off is only a limited way they are able to receive money that's really humanitarian aid. So nothing lethal of the weapons and things like that but but we see now over three years that they are there playing with funny money and fungible body.

So the best idea is to go after the bank so we got to the banks they think twice differently than a radical group. Jordan Taylor force acted in its in itself was a terrific step in the correct direction. I would say this Pres. Biden heard it significantly when he released from funds now center ration others have worked very hard to make sure that the funds that Pres. Biden released only go to humanitarian purposes, but we all know money is fungible. Jordan, I did want to quickly say to Gordon if you look at section 3 of this new bill that Sen. Haggerty talked about today. It actually does make a statutory change in the definition of what constitutes terrorism financing. So if any of these foreign banks violate that new enhanced provision they would be subject to mandatory penalties under terrorism law, I totally get what Gordon saying does he trust the Department of treasury to adequately enforce that maybe he doesn't and Jordan maybe with good cause. The look you gotta make the statutory change you've gotta require the executive branch to enforce it, and then Jordan if they don't then you have an ability to come back over the top but this is the correct statutory change and I think Gordon would be happy if you look at section 3. I encourage you to support our The show encapsulates everything the ACL to international domestic you individually working with senators.court are working think that financial contribution.

If symptoms are most important about the year financially W Patrick donation for the batch challenge building to date ACLJ.O the American Center for just as critical issues at home and abroad for limited time you can participate in the ACLJ challenge for every dollar you donate $10 gift becomes 20 oh $50 gift becomes 100 you can make a difference in protecting the constitutional and religious freedoms to you and your family today. Online okay

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