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BREAKING: AOC & ‘Squad’ Take Out Israel’s Iron Dome Funding

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
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September 22, 2021 1:00 pm

BREAKING: AOC & ‘Squad’ Take Out Israel’s Iron Dome Funding

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow

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September 22, 2021 1:00 pm

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and fellow members of the 'Squad' take out Israel's Iron Dome funding from the Congressional funding bill. Jay, Jordan, and the rest of the Sekulow team discuss. This and more today on Sekulow .

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Breaking news today of secular was AOC the squad as I like to call the boss caucus take out Israel's according to the Congressional bill Democrats along with talk about that today secular keeping you informed and now this is coming from the Democrats in the house, wanting to be good with a note of underfunding for security support for Israel signs about iron Dome funding that is important to move forward on a boat on the debt limit in house and again I would wait in the ministration want to hear from you, Sharon poster, the call 1-800-684-3110 iron Dome is purely a defensive missile system. It is intended to just shoot down incoming missiles and we have as a country been very united Democrats and Republicans in supporting this and pushing this with Israel but today's Democratic Party is not the same Democratic Party they can't even push this through. It's a terrible embarrassment. Secular which the explosive was having a tough time moving through her Democrat house you have it even tougher times. The US should we got so tougher that you close you wonder should she ever get invited back to speak in a pack to give should should should Steve Moyer really ever be able to be revived back these groups because instead of sticking to their gods out of issue and say go. This is where what I could bid you have the vote.

If it doesn't pass because of you all will blame you the boss caucus, but instead they buckled to AOC the buccal towbar freshly to leave Cory Bush McCollum, Jacopo, because they took out the $1 billion yearly. Usually every spending bill to replenish Israel's Iredell with the missiles it needs. As we said in the opening of the broadcast. This is not offensive weapon, it can only be used in defense. You can't say okay. But that's concert watching missiles into Gaza, though that's not the issue here. The issue here is de-escalation of conflict. If the Iredell was working Israeli still get hurt. They don't respond as aggressively to the boss terrorist action. But you realize these members of Congress together, they represent the boss caucus and they are starting now to get results in Washington DC but I think now you see what you saw today is the death of the Democrat party is a pro-Israel party. Yes, they were willing to go to bat were willing to lose a vote for Israel course to Republicans and good for that don't help the Republicans capacity. This let this all fall apart. Are there because they created this mess but they can no longer claim to be a pro-Israel party.

Try to pass some standalone issue, but they have now lost control of their caucus. What you said and I think correctly so you know the sometimes recall the squad which is a phrase I never liked, but this is the most THEY never speak out against Hamas, but they take $1 million funding opportunity for a billion-dollar funding opportunity for a defensive weapon system for Israel and that becomes the basis upon which they draw their line in the sand and the problem with this is they are drawing lines in the in the sand fan and looks like Congress goes right along with early styles there calling the shots in the House Democratic Caucus looked a little later, the Democrat Steny Hoyer wants to say that this just a handful of members with just a handful of members go back to what Jordan talked about be a leader of your party leave the language in their say were standing with Israel and you can vote with us or you can vote against us. You can't just say this is a handful of members when what they insist on J is what you do right folks become backward to hear because of this, what hundred 64, 31 to the first type I see that a major vote by Congress or the issue whether or not the progressive Democrats come together and get this past was defunding the program Israel relies on it.

Not an offense of weapons program, a defense if programmed itself against terrorist that was too much for the boss caucus. They took it down that party down with it when it comes to his challenges facing Americans or substantial time with our Valley freedom sword constitutional rights are under attack more important than ever to stay with the American Center for Law and Justice ACLJ on the frontlines projecting your freedoms defending your rights in court in Congress to get in the public arena and we have an exceptional track record of success. But here's the bottom line we could not do more work without your support, we remain committed to protecting your religious and constitutional freedoms then remains our top priority, especially now during these challenging times. The American Center for Law and Justice is on your side, you're already a member. Thank you. Not well this is the perfect time to stand with us. where you can learn more about her life changing become a member today ACLJ only one.

A society can agree that the most vulnerable in voice. Is there any hope for that culture to survive.

And that's exactly what you are saying when you stand with the American Center for Law and Justice, defendant the right to life. We created a free and powerful publication offering a panoramic view of the ACLJ's battle for the unborn is called mission life will show you how you are personally publication includes a look at all major ACLJ cases were fighting for the rights of pro-life activist ramifications 40 years later Planned Parenthood's role in the end what Obama care means to the pro-life many ways your membership is empowering the right question free copy mission life today online/secular see that these members of the boss caucus, led by AOC Ohio bar a lot of press proceeded to leave Jamaal but would I Cory Bush McCollum for Miller JPL from different states around the country. They flex their muscles are this to say we are not getting this spending bill through. If you have support for Israel and that's pretty.

Bill and Nancy Pelosi said okay will take the spending will take the support for Israel out. That's a shocking move in Washington these the first time. It's actually happened where this squad whether not subside. Bill gets passed with Democrat support where this this boss caucus was able to stand up today to Pelosi and take this anti-Israel. Actually the thing that so shocking here for you talk about $1 billion you're talking about a a defensive system in place for number of your successfully reduce the number of casualties in Israel there is broad-based support for the system yet these 2468 members of the Jordan because the mosque caucus in this kind of where they are. They never condemned Hamas wanted to make sure that expenditure. Wes was out all of the bill, even though from a military standpoint, it is simply a defensive mechanism for Israel's defense from incoming Rocky absolutely has absolutely no offensive capability strictly defensive. Just a few months ago Hamas fired over 4000 rockets into Israel. Those Hamas rockets have one purpose and that is to kill Israeli civilians. This group of people in our own Congress. They do not want Israel to be able to defend themselves and yet this system not only saves Israeli lives.

It saves Palestinians to end this whole issue is indicative of just how mean-spirited and how irrational the left-wing Democrats are in their hatred not only of Israel but their hatred of Jews in the one other quick thing is they did this billion dollars is not just resupply the rockets.

We have a long-term relationship we share technology and research concerning the art dump the iron dome was originally created by Israeli neuroscientists.

What we did because it was so good it was better than some of her own antimissile systems. We join with them in research and development for this billion dollars is not just for supplies is continued research and development because the same concept.

The same system is what the United States military also uses to defend Americans as well so it's just absolutely irresponsible and erratic in developing that would help us absolutely. This is not only anti-Israel is anti-American. The part of the problem here Jordan lose. This area is that you have a minority mean eight members of Congress that are in this caucus that are basically holding targeted the expenditure for the defense of Israel and that in that house leadership buckles, absolutely. So I would hold Nancy Pelosi and Steny Hoyer responsible because they have buckled under pressure from the Hamas has well-off pro-Taliban caucus in Congress. And so the Democrats continue to claim that they care about saving lives, but they really don't care about saving Israeli lives and given the Biden administration's decision to leave Americans behind in Afghanistan. Apparently we don't care about American lives. So I think at the end of the day what we have is a failure of leadership we have a failure of leadership in Congress, in the form of Nancy Pelosi and Steny Hoyer. We have a failure of leadership with within the Biden administration. I think at the end of the day, we can conclude that many progressives in Congress are now openly expressing their hatred of Israel, but they also are expressing their hatred of American commitments to defend an ally.

So what does this do so for for instance, presumed that the iron dome is not fully funded. This then exposes the lives of Palestinians to violence because Israel would have to perhaps send in troops, if indeed there's another conflict so at the end of the day. This policy makes no sense unless you are simply expressing your vitriolic and hatred toward Israel. I'm going to ask this of Jordan fan because in front of the politically what is in this for them. There's nothing politically the short term. I think that this is a long-term play as they see that these members of Congress visits God from 4 to 8 at their friends have been taken out primaries by these members of Congress there for real whether they like their policies or not. I think that the Nancy Pelosi's truck.

She was of the world. Steny Hoyer's of the world see the writing on the wall that the Democrat party keeps moving this way. This is the direction it's going think it's going to the direction of the AOC's in the boss caucus it's going away from the alien Eagles in the world who got defeated by a member of this boss caucus a Jamaal Bobo so that's that. I think they try to placate to save themselves. They probably what these are very old and was a Congress they can save themselves for the 10 years yet they probably saved their career. That's but I think that they're looking at is that their upcoming elections yet. During this is where the energy is in the Democrat caucus elected that the pure numbers of the number of members who might've been calling for this funding to be removed might be low Jordan but just by evidence that the fact that the leadership actually follow through in and took took the action that they were requesting suggests to me doesn't just suggest major and I think it plainly tells me that the vast majority of members inside the Democratic caucus know that they need to to speak to this basin and that the fact you know we want to say only eight members asked for this, but Jordan if if Nancy Pelosi or Steny Hoyer had stood up and said no this is not what were about this. Is this a clean CR with the debt ceiling increase her to leave the funding in there and then you have to cast your own vote Jordan.

If they were willing to do that then I would give them a pass on this.

They were the ones that took out though they might not of been the ones that requested, but they were the ones that took it out because that's where the energy is inside their party.

Something to think about how the this is changed and the impact of this is because the Democratic Party is to have a pretty pro Israel that was a what the Republican Party Democratic Party agreed very similar art was support for our allies were those allies is Israel, but we sleep seed.

This anti-Israel sentiment for building on the college campus is building in the left world building where they recruit candidates to run. Ultimately they put a stop to this radical stuff on campus. It's it's like the CRT hating Israel pro if I sit with his and pro pro human rights abuses like Obama's ads and the interactions that they take very radical thought the idea of you pro conflict as well. Now they repeat what they sowed, is beginning. This is just the beginning of repeat what you so when you got eight members of Congress with his head point that a this would you take that aide out there is 212 Democrats left and 212 Republicans.

Republicans are can help you. This will pass. So the reality is, the people of Israel suffer our own national security suffers and the short-term benefit of this is some kind of political when I'm thinking. Who is the base that likes this well is the ultraleft progressive base that is anti-Israel right and I don't think that reflects the majority of the American milk. I think I think most Americans, they're going to remember this midterm elections and they should and hopefully this will be part of what causes that the leadership to flip in the House of Representatives.

We had this whole issue. It's so irrational.

This missile system is what kept Israel from launching a major ground offensive when they had over 4000 rockets started Israel because they knew they could defend themselves.

So this is indicative to me that the left.

They do not want peace in the Middle East.

They hate anything related to Israel even if it saves lives and and promotes peace and is really all we need to know about for the Democrat party is going. It's a shame and it said, and I know not all Democrats agree with them but they are allowing it to happen yesterday when this resolution passed not one Republican voted for it because they stood on the principle that Israel is our ally there. The only democracy in the Middle East and it it as you said in impact not only is really security but ours as well and they voted against it, but the Democrats winner went along with this, it it's it's irrational, it's irresponsible your folks we are.

I want to hear your thoughts on this to fuel your thoughts get on Facebook periscope I YouTube every watch the broadcast or you want to be on the air with us at one 800 684 31 said I will become back to Spiegel action taken for those you will do it so I would like to contact these eight members of Congress and let it go Wedo that they have embraced the boss embraced terrorism and abandon our ally Israel and all go through with you what I think is the best way to say save on the phone not to be threating that to be be blessed light up the photo efforts in these offices, not just AMCs either. You have been those officers get plenty of phone calls. These lesser squad members who are not as well-known. Let her try to take the heat. They stand behind it.

Let's make sure we call their offices. First, make sure they're the ones getting the pressure so we come back from this break. I got some action for you to take also encourages always to go to that's lot information there about all the different work they were doing as the organization of this what we talked about on the air. There's about all the different things we are doing at the American civil justice that's online if you want to talk to us on air about this issue, how the squad available impact the Democrat party. You believe the Democrat party is now the anti-Israel party in America what your thoughts on that one 800 684 31 two that's what it hundred 684-3110 only one. A society can agree that the most vulnerable invoice is, is there any hope for that culture to survive. And that's exactly what you are saying when you stand with the American Center for Law and Justice defend the rights of life, we've created a free powerful publication offering a panoramic view of the ACLJ's battle for the unborn is called mission will show you how you are personally publication includes a look at all major ACLJ cases were fighting for the rights of pro-life activist ramifications of Roe V Wade, 40 years later Planned Parenthood's role in emotion and what Obama care means to the prone life in many ways your membership in the ACLJ is empowering the right question for copy mission life today online ACLJ/challenges facing Americans are substantial time and are now free to insert constitutional rights are under attack more important than ever to stay with the American Center for Law and Justice ACLJ on the front lines protecting your freedoms defending your rights in court in Congress to get in the public arena and we have an exceptional track record of success.

But here's the bottom line we could not do our work without your support, we remain committed to protecting your religious and constitutional freedoms then remains our top priority, especially now during these challenging times. The American Center for Law and Justice is on your side, you're already a member. Thank you, are not well this is the perfect time to stand with us where you can learn more about our life changing become a member today ACLJ call if you would like to express your displeasure with these rivers. The boss caucus so it up for the house operators 202-224-3121. That's 202224312 it so jot that down.

That can connect you to any of these rivers of Congress who are they who are the ones that stood up to make to take this funding away from Israel's defensive Iredell which is so critical to Israel's defense. It also de-escalate's conflict in the Middle East between Israel and the Palisades courses AOC and if you want to call that office.

Go ahead, but I think let's focus more timeouts of these other members of Congress like you lotto Bard and Alana Presley in to leave voted Cory Bush column J Powell I want you called say this I I shame on you for supporting Abbas for supporting terrorists and for Fort taking his anti-Israel position in Congress don't scream and shout make threats. Shame on you for bracing terrorism and embracing his anti-Israel anti-US ally yeah policy approach in Congress. You know were talking about $1 million, which was facing the course of a budget of the size nice. This is not a lot of money. Harry is not talking about that money being allocated to a system that we developed with Israel that is a defensive mechanism for Israel's. When incoming rockets from other surveys are protected which also then Israel doesn't have to respond as aggressively they might have to otherwise is blessed. But then I look at the these eight members of Congress and this is the reply they call an anti-Israel anti-Zionist is anti-somatic notes. I don't know what not anti-somatic course they are.

This is a rehash. This is a reply of everything that the progressive left is trying to do they do it in the college campus is now they're doing it in the halls of United States Congress.

I think you're precisely correct and keep in mind that many of the people that were in University 10.

20 years ago are now indeed in Congress. So if you look at the halls of Harvard. If you look at the halls of Yale, Princeton and Stanford. The Marxist left has focused and fomented its hatred of both truth and freedom and that has led to hatred of Israel. They have read classified Israel as not a functioning democratic constitutional democracy, but instead they've read classified Israel as an apartheid state and with an apartheid state. What do you get you get victims and so victimhood has become a clarion call of the left and so now these individuals in Congress Llano, Mars, the Haryana Presley's. They are now able to enforce their hatred and their bigotry toward Israel, why because they had the power to block common sense legislation that would protect Israeli lives and Palestinian lies, but at the end of the day they are able to express one thing only their hatred of Israel will and this is not just anti-Israel. This is pro-terrorist.

Think about that. We have members of Congress that have taken a firm stance pro-terrorism.

What do Hamas and Hezbollah have in common with ISIS, the Caliban and Al Qaeda. All of these groups call for the destruction of Israel and the destruction of the United States was a betrayal of of of Israel and the US to be sure, but is also pro-terrorist and not only that we have a Democrat President in the White House just last week and this relates to this missile defense system. We told Saudi Arabia our ally, our Arab allies. Betrayal of Arab air about LX two. We are removing our missile defense systems from Saudi Arabia even though they are regularly attacked by the rebels from Yemen last week was the reason for that. Why in the world to Joe buying so you not only do Saudi Arabia.

We finally got a good relation with and they got a good relation with Israel.

They may be the next signature to the Abraham Accords. Quite possibly a why would you do you do that for the same reason that this is happening and that is because we criticize Saudi Arabia for their involvement with the war in Yemen.

We are not taken away their offensive capabilities.

We are taking away their ability to defend themselves and were doing the exact same thing with Israel if you could again this this idea that we it's okay for remember okay to act this way. It's okay to take these positions from limits provide who they are widely no ill heart of our state. What was that because she was wielding the power when she first came to Congress because she was making statements that were shockingly pro-terror and anti-Israel even anti-America take a listen to this, a throwback to Medicare fundraiser for the American Islamic Relations in March 2020 19 x 20 252 along That We Have Lived with the Discomfort of Being a Second-Class Citizen. And Frankly, I'm Tired of That and Every Single Muslim in This Country Should Be Tired of That Was Found Dead after 9/11 Because They Lack Nice That Some People Get Something and That All of Us Were Starting to Lose Access to Our Civil Liberties. Some People Did Something Islamic Terrorists Affiliated with Al Qaeda Took Commercial Aircraft and Turn Them into Weapons, Killing 3000 American Civilians in an Acting Declaration of War.

Some People Did Something Who Speaks at the Council of American Islamic Relations. Anyways, That's Is Another Statement but My Question Then I Go Back to You on This Is. Meanwhile They Got the Leadership of the Democratic Party in Intel Here. Yellow Speaker Pelosi Leader Hoyer.

There Also Responsible for This. They Might Want to Pin It on These Eight Members That Requested That They Took the Funding out NJ. I Really Think Our Listeners Need to Think about This in the Context of What Is Happening in the Region More Globally. Remember the Biden Administration Was Just Saying.

Just Last Week They Were Saying That the Leverage We Have over the Caliban in the Very Same Reason That Were 9/11 Was Planned and Orchestrated Their Leverage over the Caliban J Was That the United States Would Provide Funding for Them. So I Think the Fair Question to Ask These Members of Congress, Speaker Pelosi and Leader Hoyer Is, Why Would You Rather Fund the Caliban in Our Greatest Ally in the Region Is Today.

That's the Dynamic Care. You Know What We Get Because Second-Half Outcome of Broadcast Take for Your Phone Because It What 100 684 31 Two That's What Hundred 64 3110.

This Coming with the Backdrop of the Caliban Requesting Access to Address the United Nations They Would Put for Their Spokesperson Is the Appropriate Representation. These Are the Guys Who You Have Those Muslims Who Did Something.

This Is Them Caliban so It's Kinda Coming Full Circle Sheet She Played It down like That. The Biden Teams Will Work with Caliban.

The Party Showed That and Now the Democrat Party's Ability to Turn Their Back on Israel. This Is This Is a Dream for Ohio Bar Dream for AOC and Proceeded to Leave so We Cut Back on Sexual Skid to It That Way As Well.

What Else Is Happening Surrounding All These Moves Is Very Serious What They Were Able to Do Here. I Do Believe Congress Will Bill to Get Something Passed but It Is a Shame That We Are Now to Put in a Position Where We Add to the Partisan List of Issues Where We Can Actually Share Common Ground Is at the Democrat Party. I Don't Care What They Tell You Is the Party of Hamas.

It Is the Party of Tears Is the Party of Islamic Radicalism. The Party of the Squad. They Have the Control Right Now the Republican Party Is the Only Party Standing up for Israel. This Is This Is a New Paradigm Washington DC Shift Is Now Happening Just Big Protest Voice Actually Getting What They Want Defunding of an Israeli Program] Secular ACLJ Is Been on the Frontlines Protecting Your Freedom Is Defending Your Rights in Court in Congress and in the Public Arena. The American Center for Law and Justice Is on Your Side. If You're Already a Member Thinking. If You're Not Well This Is the Perfect Time to Stand with Us,, Where You Can Learn More about Our Life-Changing Work, Member Today ACLJ Keeping You Informed and Now, This Is Jordan Secular Secular Sort.

We Talked about Today You See the News This Is a Big Deal to Big Deal so I Doubt Foxes to Show the Iredell at Work Showing How This Defensive Military System. This Is Not a Offense of Military System We Provided Was by the Way, If You Wanted to We Could Have Sure There Are the Business Defensive. So Why Would the Squad Even If They Are the Boss. Congress, What a System That Actually Limits Additional Conflict Limit Civilian Casualties on Both Sides to Be Inoperable Because Hamas Can't Do Any Real Damage to Israel.

So Long As the Iredell's Function Realized That for Second.

That's the Only Rationale for That for the Iredell Defunding Is That You Want the Boss Rockets to Build It. The Civilians.

Israel so Shame on AOC. She Gets so Much Shame She Was Vintage As Other Members of Congress.

Maybe the Don't Get As Much Attention Getting That Your Ill Auto Bar Yolanda Presley, Cory Bushman Proceeded to Leave, but There's Also Joe Bob over Betty McCollum at a Minnesota Operability Powell Out Of Washington State. You Don't Get That All Forced Was That the Idea Nancy Pelosi Bowed down to the Los Coccus to Kiss the Ring of the Terrorist. She Said We Will Ship the Funding of the Iredell so That You Special Squad Hamas Loving Radical Socialist. These Altered Fixers. They Brace I Don't Have To Vote Either for a Spending Bill or against It, Because It Has Something in Their Weight, Where Israel Can Defend Itself.

You Cannot Use It Iredell Brocket Abyssal Is a Shift This into Its Sub- Boss Terror Group That the Military so As to Respond That Way It Israel That Some of the System Does, but It Certainly Limits the Need for Civilian the Need for Massive Response by Israel Is That They Could Limit Their Response Which Means Limited Casualties Including Civilian Casualties, but That Legislation to Fund the Iredell without Have To Be Separate to Be with Eight Members, the Democrat Party Can Make a Move like This and Fundamentally Shift Fundamentally Shift the Democrat Party's Position on Support for Israel Is Been There for Decades, but We Know His Vinegar, Salt Is Just What It Was Four of Them That Was Enough Votes Now Is Eight Votes Is Enough to Seek Something in the House Of Representatives Right Now, Especially a Partisan Bill. Republicans Do Not Rush to Save Don't Help the Let Everybody Take It. How Bad It Is the Nancy Pelosi Shame on Her and Steny Hoyer Did What Did What A Few Junior Members of Congress Running Their Mouth with Policy That Will Be the End of the Democrat Party Long-Term.

If This Is If This Is the Party They're Going to Continue to Embrace If They Had. It Does Appear, They Washington Writing Is on the Wall. This Is the Do Democrat Party That's Why the Plosives the World Who Were on Their Way out, However Long That May Be in the Shivers.

The World Are Just Hoping They Get to Keep Their Seats so Large They Still Would Be in Congress, and It Would Be Thrown out Not by Republicans in Their Districts or States the Buyer a a Radical Insurgent Candidate like One of These about Squad Members during It Really Signals a Problem That Is Can Go Well beyond This Bill Because It's Abundantly Clear Now That the House Of Representatives Cannot Pass Any Pro Israel Measure without the Support of Republicans Jordan Wire Thinking to Get the Support of Republicans. This Is a Larger Issue Ability Was Democrats That Forced Us into This Budgetary Process of Reconciliation. Of Course, Republicans Are Going to Raise the Debt Limit, Which Is Also in This Bill in Order to Pass $3.5 Trillion a Spending Soak. It's a Double-Edged Sword Jordan.

They Can't Pass Anything Pro Israel without Republicans.

They Pushed Republicans Out Of the Room.

This Is Not the Last Bill. This Can Be an Issue on Rifles Will Take Your Call to Come at One 800 684 31 Two That's What It Hundred 684-3110 Talk to on the Challenges Facing Americans or Substantial Time in Our Value Freedom Sword Constitutional Rights Are under Attack More Important Than Ever to Stay with the American Center for Law and Justice for Decades Now ACLJ on the Frontlines Protecting Your Freedoms Defending Your Rights in Court in Congress and in the Public Arena and We Have an Exceptional Track Record of Success. But Here's the Bottom Line We Could Not Do Her Work without Your Support, We Remain Committed to Protecting Your Religious and Constitutional Freedoms and Then Remains Our Top Priority, Especially Now during These Challenging Times. The American Center for Law and Justice Is on Your Side, You're Already a Member Thinking Not Well This Is the Perfect Time to Stand with Us. Where You Can Learn More about Our Life-Changing Become a Member Today ACLJ Only One. A Society Can Agree That the Most Vulnerable Invoice Is, Is There Any Hope for That Culture to Survive. And That's Exactly What You Are Saying When You Stand with the American Center for Law and Justice, Defendant the Right to Life, We've Created a Free Powerful Publication Offering a Panoramic View of the ACLJ's Battle for the Unborn Is Called Mission Life Will Show You How You Are Personally Support, and Publication Includes a Look at All Major ACLJ Cases Were Fighting for the Rights of Pro-Life Activists. The Ramifications of Roe V Wade, 40 Years Later Planned Parenthood's Role in the Emotion Industry and What Obama Care Means to Discover the Many Ways Your Membership in the ACLJ Is Empowering the Right to Life Question Free Copy Mission Life Today Online ACLJ/Back to Secular Where It Goes Well.

164, 31, Two, That's What It Hundred 68431102 the Carol in Virginia. I like to Hey Carol Hey There It's Real and Securely on the U.Thank You Acute Yellow Plan How Much I Appreciate the Iredell. My Wife and I Lived There for Three Years in Israel and about Two Years Ago There Was about a Week. Hamas Was Cute and Rockets at Israel in a Big Way. One Night I Think There Were Three or 400 Rockets and I Was in a Hotel and You Know the Building Shock. I Acted Here the Jet Going over There Building, but of Course I Pray That at That Lord, How Is Everything and I Felt Safe and I Felt like with the Iron Dome That You Know the Israeli for Perfectly Capable of Protecting That I Was in Tel Aviv at the Time. This Is the Great Great Event.

The Iredell West.

The Way This Works I You People Do Have a Sense of Peace. It's Taking out On-Site That the Big Difference. I Will Early Travel to Israel There Be Two Issues That You Guys What One Was Was Our Grad Terrorism Hot. What Would People Be Established. This Was It a Wave of This like an Intifada the Suicide Bombings Says That Aspect. There's the Deep Terrorist Groups Try to Use These Crude Rockets Adds Israel.

They Will Be Utilized in Israel, along with the United States Develop the System, Which Is Very Specific to a Deed That Israel Has Because It's Very Close Proximity. You Don't Have A Lot Of Space to Use Large Arms Ruptured Citizens Would Be a Danger to the Topic about How It Works Because This Was a Joint US Plan. It Wasn't like I Israel Just to Decide Its Own.

It's Always Been about the US Working with Israel on That We We Use Some of the Same Israeli Technology Now in Our Own Missile-Defense Systems As Well. Yeah. And One Other Quick Thing to the Rockets That Were Very Rude and Think Your Crude and Rudimentary before Are Not That Way Anymore Because Iran Is Provided. Hamas and Hezbollah Technology There Rockets Are A Lot More Deadly Than They Used To Be, but This Anti-Missile. This Missile-Defense System That Israel Is Using Is Strictly Defensive and Here's How It Works When It When a Rocket or Missile Is Fired into Israel. This System Which Has Radar Connected to It Knows That It's Been Far It Tracks. It It Computes What the Trajectory Is Going to Be Worth Going to Land and Then Ate a Counter Missile Is Fired from This System and It Shoots the Rocket Out Of the Sky Were Not Talk about What We Call in the Bed in the Military, Counter Battery Fire Were Shooting Where the Missile Was Fired from Were Actually Shooting at the Missile with the Argon System so That It Explodes in the Air and 90 Naprosyn. The Time It Explodes over Israel Because by the Time They Are Done System Computes It Is Already over Israeli Territory.

As You Said the Space Is Very Small There Very Close and so All It Is Doing Is Not Shooting People Shooting Rockets Fired by Hamas That Are Being Shot at People and I and and I Think I Think This More Than Anything Recently Should Help Help the American People to Realize That We've Absolutely Had Enough There Should Be No Equivocation When It Comes to the Defense of Israel and Also Keeping Faith with Our Arab Allies in the Region.

No Vacillation When It Comes to the Defense of the United States.

I Have Never Said This before. I've Always Questioned the Left Judgment on Many Things, Especially As It Related Israel into Her Own National Security I Question Not Only Their Judgment. Jordan I Question Their Patriotism. We This Is Interesting Because Harry and Blake on Facebook Right Said This, the Patriotism to Because This Issue Is If This System Would It Offer but I Do Believe Other Thinner but I Think That There Would Be Legislation. Eventually, through to Get This Funding Back. It's Just the Idea That Democrats Can't Do This Together Anymore. It's No Longer Something to Take for Granted That Democrats for the Most Part, Other Than These Eight Extremists Feel like They Could Still Be Pro-Israel.

I Feel like the Eight Extremist a Thinker to Keep the W Multiplying a Tripling That's Who They Could Be Having a Deal, Especially the House Side with Younger Members of Congress but Blake on Facebook. Right. It Could Be Funding the System Make a Warbler like Living Here Is What We Keep Talking about Is Defunding a System like This. If You Were Able to Fit It Went Off-Line Bosses That a Little Robot Rock. I Too like These Rockets Kill Israeli Civilians in Israel's Ghetto Respond in a Much Bigger Way Than It Has in the past Which Will Kill A Lot Of Civilians in Gaza Absolutely. So Basically What the Hamas Caucus in Congress Is Done, Particularly If This Goes through and the Iron Dome System Is Disabled in Israel. This Will Mean That the Hamas Supporters in Gaza Has Will Supporters in Syria and Elsewhere, They Will Now Be on the Front Lines Because the Israelis Have Pledged to Defend Their Territory by Any Means Necessary and so That Means They Would Have To Send in Ground Troops There Would Be More Civilian Casualties in Gaza Were Civilian Casualties.

Perhaps in the Golan Heights and Elsewhere, and so at the End of the Day the Progressive Hamas Caucus Has Basically Declared War If You Will Not Only on the Israelis but Also on the Palestinians, but Why Because the Progressives the Hamas Caucus Is Drowning in Their Own Vitriol Their Own Hatred of Israel and Effectively Their Own Hatred. I Think It's Wesley Correctly Points out, of the United States. So at the End of the Day. They Want to Destroy America's Strongest Ally in the Middle East Because They Believed so Strongly in Victimhood.

They Are Prepared to See a Wider Range of Bloodshed Going Forward There This Forgets That the Issue the Taliban Try to Get the Weight As Well. Ultimately, Legislation Should Pass Here That Did Say That the Exit Would Be Picture People Feel I Understand Here. There Should Be Legislation May Be Standalone Get This Funding to Israel. We Don't Know Exactly What That Will Look like, but I Supposedly Their Sub Democrats Are to Be Try to Rush to Have This It by the of the Week yet.

I Think the Funding Is Going to Pass. Eventually Jordan We Don't Know Exactly How I Mean Leader.

Hoyer Has Said He Wants to Put an Emergency Funding Bill on the Floor This Week and Haven't Passed That Would of Course Take Republican Votes Jordan, If It's If It's Strictly Funding for the Iron Dome Republicans Would Be More Than Happy to Support It. So I Think That Could Be an Option. Maybe It Could Happen down the Road in an Omnibus Appropriations Bill or a Continuing Resolution, but Jordan I.E. Even after I Say All of That Any This Sort of Underscores Might My Concern about How Dangerous This Is When Democrats Have Unified Control of the Government Because They Are Gonna Have To Have Republican Votes.

Nope, No Matter How They Put This Forward to Me Look Wit When This Concern or Any Outlandish As It Is Came up from These Progressives Democrat Leadership Could Have Said, Okay, Here's What We Can Do When You Leave the Israel Funding in There, but Were Also Going to Take the Debt Ceiling Increase off Will Put That on Our Reconciliation Packet Will Move It with Democrats Only an Increase Spending Will Get Republicans to Help Us Pass This Funding Bill Discontinuing Resolution with the Israel Funding Jordan.

They Didn't Choose to Do That.

That Was Clearly a Lower Priority to Them Then Pandering to the Great Progressive so to Your Question. Will This Funding Pass.

Eventually, Yes, but Democrats Can Have To Get It to a Posture Where Republicans Can Vote on It. And at This Point Jordan. They Had Chosen Not to Do That. So Again That's Why Say This Again to Be a Continuing Problem on Every Funding Bill That Comes Forward. You Have Set This Again Folks. I Just Want Everyone to Understand a Continuing Problem It Back to You Said, I Think the Board Democrats like This.

We Elected This Is the Trip Were Saved out Every District Is Not Perfect for a a Hamas Squad Member but There Are A Lot Of Districts out There Where Eight so Would Goodbye Consider Themselves a Liberal Democrat and a Be Pretty Far Left Is Not Enough of That That out about Enough of an Activist Socialist, Which Is What They Really Are There outside the Democrat Party and I Would Compare Jordan to What We Saw Him among Pro-Life Democrats of the Last 15 or 20 Years and a Look and II Think It Extends Well beyond the Districts Where AAU and Anti-Israel Candidate Is Attractive to That District Is Now If You Look at Districts Where Pro-Life Democrat Would Be Responsible to That District. Why Don't They Win Those Primaries. Now Jordan Is Because Defunding Base Need the Activist Base inside the Democrat Party Will Not Allow It to Happen Even in Districts Where It Might Appeal to That Particular Electorate Select. I See This Going down the Same Track.

I Think It'll Start with Districts Where Maybe This Kind a Candidate Maybe Does Have Some Appeal of the Jordan. If It Follows the Track of Pro-Life Democrats.

We Will End up in a Place Not Too Far down the Road. By the Way Where the Democrat Activist in the Party Base Itself Will Go into Districts Where It Doesn't Make Sense and Will Get Involved in Primaries and Say You Will Not Get the Nomination inside This Party Even Though You Could Win in a General Election to Do or Not, I'm Really Afraid It Sweeps All across the Country.

We Come Back from the Break Taliban Try to Get a Movie That the UN Surprise, Surprise That Spokesperson They've Had until He Is Now Been Appointed by the Taliban As Their Baby. You Would Represent Representative. What Will You Would Do Well That We Get Back from Break to Give Me the Unique Spot Here Because the World's Sake of Their Allies Another Working with Alabama. At What Point You Have To Recognize That At Least Let the Be There As a Representative of the Former Africanist Active Representatives Would No Longer Be the Right Representatives for the Country over the You Would Say No to These Radicals Will Talk about It, but It Is Happening As We Speak in New York at the UN Right Now Only One. A Society Can Agree That the Most Vulnerable Invoice Is, Is There Any Hope for That Culture to Survive.

And That's Exactly What You Are Saying When You Stand with the American Center for Law and Justice, Defendant the Right to Life, We've Created a Free Hour Publication Offering a Panoramic View of the ACLJ's Battle for the Unborn Gold Edition Will Show You How You Are Personally and Publication Includes a Look at All Major ACLJ Pro-Life Cases Were Fighting for the Rights of Pro-Life Activist Ramifications of Roe V Wade, 40 Years Later Planned Parenthood's Role in the and What Obama Care Means to the Pro-Life Side of the Many Ways Your Membership Is Empowering the Right to Question Your Free Copy of Mission in Life Today Online/Challenges Facing Americans Are Substantial Time and Are Now Free to Sort Constitutional Rights Are under Attack More Important Than Ever to Stay with the American Center for Law and Justice ACLJ on the Front Lines Protecting Your Freedoms Defending Your Rights in Court in Congress to Get in the Public Arena and We Have an Exceptional Track Record of Success. But Here's the Bottom Line We Could Not Do More Work without Your Support, We Remain Committed to Protecting Your Religious and Constitutional Freedoms Then Remains Our Top Priority, Especially Now during These Challenging Times. The American Center for Law and Justice Is on Your Side. You Are Already a Member.

Thank You, Are Not Well This Is the Perfect Time to Stand with Us. Where You Can Learn More about Her Life Changing Become a Member Today ACLJ Secular so As You're Working Very Closely the Action for You. I Think It's Really Shave All These over to Congress. Shame on Them for Supporting Terrorism for Support for Really Embracing Their Title As the Boss Caucus.

They Walked Right into It with That and Say Get a Working Vote on This Funding Bill Nancy Pelosi Requires Only Debt You Democrats Leave the Sport for Unless You Defied Israel's Defensive. I Know a Weapon That Will Watch Carefully As It Is Wrong, Gets Corrected but the Democrat Party That Is Long-Term and Short-Term As Well. This I Think Is a Huge Problem Because If You Keep Putting Forward Out Of Touch What That That Even That I like Academics Themselves. They Were Just at a School Just Out Of Indoctrination In Their Bid They Been Indoctrinated by the Far Far Left There Utilizing the Democrat Party Apparatus. Remember Almost Every Single One of Them.

I Think All the Ones We Talked All Eight Are Democrat Socialist. They Are Different Political Party They Could Take over the. The Mechanisms of the Raids of the Democrat Party to Their Advantage and to Utilize It Will That's What They Want to Do and That's Why You See the Dip in the Democrat Leadership and Final Question on This, but This Is This Is That the Kind of to Be That Final Capitulation to the AOC Crowd Is Exactly What They Wanted All along Is for Nancy Pelosi Drafted Kiss Mary Yeah I Mean You Said We Are in a Watch and See When They Take over the Mechanisms of the Party in Me.

I Would Suggest You Jordan, I Think They Just Did It. I Mean Look Because There Were Other Options Available for Speaker Pelosi and Leader Where They Could've Taken the Debt Ceiling Increase out They Could've Moved It over to Reconciliation Know They Said Okay This Is What You Want You Working to Get It. So I Think They've Artie Done That Jordan and I Will I Would Say Looking Forward I Think You're Looking at Two Things. Number One, and Probably the Most Urgent One Is the Fact That We Need Another Option to Get This Funding Approved.

I'm with You I Think That Will Happen but It Will Take Republicans You Cannot Get It through with Only Democrats and Then Longer-Term Jordan I Think You Do Have To Look at That Trendy Look It's It's a Good Thing for Our Best Ally in the Middle East Region Israel to Have Support inside of Both Parties, but I Really Think That Is Cratering inside the Democrat Party.

We Got to Watch That Going Forward, and Jordan. You Know This Better Than Anybody in the Ebb and Flow of Politics, There Will Be Unified Control of Government for Democrats Again at Some Time in the Future This Will Be a Hazard Should That Take Place Again. It's One You Have To Watch for Yeah Now so I Would Switch to This Because Root Risk.

The Other Side Is Often Israel. This Is a Very Key Issue to Us, but That the Second Issue up. I Was Awarded to Get to Briefly Today. We Did A Lot Of Work If United Nations Is a Taliban There Seeking That Same Spokesperson That We Got Used To See in Delhi.

They Have Put Him Forward. Is There UN Ambassador and Now That You Wouldn't Try to Figure out What to Do and Have the Old Afghan Group Address You and but I Don't Know That That Basically since They Have the Power to Borrow Less but Try to Put Forward the Data You Would Decide to Go to Dallas at Recognize a Taliban I Don't Think Lapin This Week. But It's a Real Issue Now It Is It Is and Go to the to the Credentials Committee at the United Nations to Decide Whether or Not to Admit the Tele-Man As the Representative of the Afghan People.

It Is, It Is Crazy.

I Know from 1996 to 2001 When the Taliban Took over Afghanistan. Initially They Were Not Allowed to Have a Representative of the UN, and to Represent the Country of Afghanistan. Hopefully That Will Be the Case Now.

What I Find Remarkable about about This.

There Are Several Things That Actually Remarkable about It. But Think about It, the Tele-Band Which Facilitated the Attack on America Which Included New York City and the Twin Towers Would Actually Have Their Representative, Living in New York City. Being a Representative at the United Nations.

That Is Just Absolutely Unbelievable. It Is Remarkable and Not a Good Way and What I Found Troubling Today, and Hopefully This Is Not Where It Ends.

But They Asked the United States Representative to the UN, How They Felt about It about the Taliban's Petition to Have Their Person Recognized and They Said at This Point, the United States Has No Opinion on the Tele-Man's Nomination of the Rep to Note That It Is Very Real and We Have No Doubt Whatsoever.

They Have a Feeling about It. Which Leads I Think It Would Take the Lead at the UA the Right, but the UN Takes the Lead That I Can Stay the Way I Think That's Correct.

I Think Wesley's Analysis Is Spot on. Essentially, the American Government under the Biden Administration Has Basically Surrendered to Indoctrination within University Campuses. They Live, and a Brief Ideology of Particularly Radical Ideology and They Are Now. Prepare to Cave to Allow the Taliban's Representative to Take Office at the UN Close to the 20th Anniversary of 911 That Is Hugely Ironic.

It's Hugely Paradoxical but It Illustrates One Thing and One Thing Clearly That the Biden Administration Is an Administration without Principal We Were Working at the UNC See How I Just Addressed at the UA Persecution of Christians or to See Our Work at the You Would Take Alice Ended Watching the Speaker's European Center for Law and Justice Pres. against Religious Minorities Majority in India Has Been Rapidly Increasing. Christians Are Particular Target Because Christianity Undermines India's Millennia Old Caste System. Several States Have Enacted Anti-Conversion Laws to Stop the People of Lower Castes and Tribes from Converting to Other Religions. Hindu Nationalists Often Use These Laws to Perpetrate Balance against Christians As the Special Repertoire on Freedom of Religion or Belief Ended in 2008. Anti-Conversion Laws in India Offer Legitimacy to Those Who Stare at Mob Violence. Unfortunately, despite the Special Repertoire's Observations 13 Years Ago. Anti-Conversion Laws Have Continued to Operate As a Tool for Religious Oppression and Violence Incidents of Religious Oppression and Violence against Christians in India Are Too Numerous to Mention but Several May Be Found in a Written Submission. Regrettably, All Too Often, Violence against Religious Minorities Has the Tacit Approval or Even Assistance of Government Actors Christians in India Should Have the Freedom to Practice Their Faith and Share the Good News of Jesus Christ without Fear, Suppression Balance, Counsel Should Take Swift Action by Calling on India to Repeal the Anti-Conversion Must Ensure That All Citizens Can Peacefully Express Their Religious Beliefs That I Just Wanted to Show People That This Is Very Covert It Owed I People Got Used To Those Videos It Can See a Small Version of Us in the Room. Maybe It Is in Geneva Itself Making These Presentations Last Two Years We've All Been Doing Them by Via Video Cc That Latest When I Dive I Got What I Could Have Sued As Well on Afghanistan, but That That It Took to Just for Audience to Show That Our Work Even at These International Bodies Are the Most Difficult Places to Continue Work during a Pandemic with so Much of It Was Shut That It Started to Reopen.

Now Subplots but Bites up, but the Artwork Is Continued. It Talks A Lot about the Ministry of Presence That's Taken a Different Form over COBIT in Bed but Door, and We Talk A Lot about. I Actually Think This Administration Ahead It's Can Be More Important Now Than Ever to to Have That Presence of the United Nations Because the Position of the United States Is Knocking to Be the One That We Can Stand behind More Often Than Not, so I SEC Statement This Week, You're Just Coming up on Afghanistan. I Think We Get to Others on Pakistan and Burma That Are Coming during It's Can It Be Important for Our Voice to Be Heard Because the United States Voiced.

I Think You Hear A Lot Of We Have No Opinion on That. It's Can Be A Lot like Voting Present at the Security Council Rather Than Vetoing. We Saw That during the Obama Administration Looks like Were Headed That Way Again As I Heard You Check out That's Will Talk to Next Time ACLJ's Been on the Frontline Protecting Your Freedom Is Defending Your Rights in Court in Congress and in the Public Arena.

The American Center for Law and Justice Is on Your Side. If You're Already a Member Thinking.

If You're Not Well This Is the Perfect Time to Stand with Us Where You Can Learn More about Our Life-Changing Work, Member Today ACLJ

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