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UK joins US in Condemning China of Genocide

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
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April 23, 2021 1:00 pm

UK joins US in Condemning China of Genocide

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow

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April 23, 2021 1:00 pm

The United Kingdom has joined the United States in declaring that China is committing “genocide” against the Uyghur population and condemning it. China’s committing of atrocities and major human rights violations is nothing new, and it’s something we’ve been highlighting at the U.N. for years, but it is major news that it is finally being recognized and condemned by Western nations. Jay and the rest of the team, including ACLJ Senior Advisor for National Security and Foreign Policy Ric Grenell, discuss this and more today on Sekulow .


Jay Sekulow breaking news the United Kingdom joins the United States declaring that China is committing genocide live from Washington DC for your questions right now. 1-800-684-3110 ML chief counsel for the considerably more injustice everybody we got some breaking news, and that is the United Kingdom has joined the United Clarion China is actually committing genocide right now against the Uighurs. This is a minority Muslim community in China. The United States is already condemned the Chinese government for doing this. There's been ongoing persecution of the Uighurs and other religious minorities including Christian communities in China. Of course we got a case right now involving Pastor John Saul who was in a prison in China are going on your floor so this is all happening simultaneously and now we have this breaking development that we have raised and I think it's important to point out, we have raised this issue in what are called periodic reviews before the United Nations.

These are reports that we file that but I have a copy of it in the next segment or later the broadcast. These are documents that we file with the United Nations and we pointed out the genocide issue of what was going on with the weaker community. Now let me tell you something else. Genocide is defined under international law and it's basically the systematic extermination elimination murder of an ethnic group, a rural regional religious group, even a political group. So here you have the Chinese government, saying that the Uighurs are enemies of the state, which by the way when they persecute pastors or Christian churches in China they do the exact same thing.

So in one sense this is not new except now you got the world and I say that because getting Europe involved in this is very very important United States has led the charge we've gotten look with a lot of work in a nearby good and you got him on this. We've done serious scholarly work at the value in previous years at the University of Oxford with the study center that engages on these issues. This is a serious issue and when you talk about genocide, dogma, violations of international law. We arrived I we work at all at the offer University you and I and other colleagues of ours on the very issues that are being raised today in parliament. In the condemnation of this genocide of the Uighur population in China and it is very important that the United Kingdom and the mother of all parliaments has today joined the will so many other nations including the United States and actually calling out what this is.

Yet genocide is not just give a little instruction. Genocide is a of course a Greek rooted word general SKU that eyesight means began on switch as a nation of peoples, and to cut them down. The Latin suffix that was added on later on.

So it is the cutting down in the elimination of a yeah no switch is a nation of peoples and the United Kingdom has taken. Now the lead in Europe joined the United States in condemning this horrific action on the part of the Chinese imaging gang province taken against the Uighur Muslims very important step very important voice to add the panoply of voices that are condemning this action includes documented cases of arbitrary detentions for sterilization of women forced labor and systematic violations basic freedoms is also been situations where others can become reeducation camps, but this is this this is necessary. The fact that the United Kingdom is now entered. This is a big deal. I think very quickly or it gives them a more of a global perspective to this problem which is very very important global perspective to the work that we do all sodium were always talking to you guys assuming the audience in America.

We actually have audiences across the world on our social media pages look at our numbers everywhere.

People are watching the always he calls from people all across plaintiff your listening right now in the UK, you may want to reach out to Stoner, you can call, call 1-800-684-3110. They get phone lines are open as you said retards Rick Pennell third segment about this and also come up with excitement really addressing the California singing band of this email, churches be there's a lot more updates on that in terms of power getting involved in that as it was due to some covert restrictions that the next segment again scholarly hundred 64 3110 ACLJ.the American Center for Law and Justice were engaged in critical issues at home and abroad. Whether it's defending religious freedom. Protecting those who are persecuted for their faith. Uncovering corruption in the Washington bureaucracy and fighting to protect life in the courts and in Congress ACLJ would not be able to do any of this without your support for that.

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It's like an inner joy serves a lot of the liturgy is chanted in the idea California is now saying no to chanting you could havoc you can have a facility that holds a thousand people in the early allowing still. Is it 50 people there 100 people there and you still cannot stand any of the wood charts part of the worship service in the Orthodox community, both Jewish and Christian Orthodox communities that's exactly right.

As we know, the first Christians were Jews.

So we take our tradition from the Jewish tradition of the high breeze chanting these services to God and the sacrifices the God of the Temple Mount.

These were adopted by the Christians. They knew no other way. So they adopted the ways of their Jewish heritage in the we chant the liturgies we chant, we are now in the Orthodox Church today is the last day of great land because according to the east at the calendar in the Eastern Orthodox Church. Easter is not until May 2, so we are today concluding land and all the Sunday except Fridays of Lent, we have chanting services to the mother of God without focus. The liturgy of St. Basil the great, which is performed on the Sundays of Lent is chanted and intoned by the priest they sent salutations to the Virgin Mary are chanted and drowned by the priest, the Chandra sends the various going back. He ends the roads and all the melodies that are Summerall intoned in Chandler, that means open your mouth. I shall open my mouth and it will be filled with the Holy Spirit. The words in Greek say I need some post, will get busy enough. You said that they have Michael's let my mouth be open and be filled with the spirit so these kinds of attacks that California has put on chanting and intoning cut at the very basis in nature not only of our church but of the biblical scripture that informs us that that is how you worship God in hands and praises and song. We are looked likely looking at this is important to point out folks, we are likely to be the first case that actually goes into discovery working to find out what California was even thinking when look initially, everybody clampdown we got nobody understood the nature and scope of covert then there was facilities available, they reduce the number of people that could be in attendance, but they still said even I made the example early on.

A year ago. If you had a safe tray that held 5000 people. They were saying was 5025% of the capacity which was so. 25% of 5000 roughly the thousand or so and 450 and or or 50 people, whichever is less commitment made no sense. Now if what does 50 people there. You still could not sing offer praise chant liturgy without running afoul of California's authorities now two cases of come out of the Supreme Court of the United States both backing churches of religious freedom right yet in California, although I think the changes in his word that they admit may change soon. The fact of the matter is in and I think this is important for people understand California has been entranced and they are they have dug their heels and on this. This is like the hill they decided they're going to die. This is the one that they're in a fight with everything going on their top concern is can we make sure the churches are in singing yeah this is something that they have decided to build a mountain on the vendor but the last bastion of support. We are not going to allow singing and intoning in chanting and churches will let me tell you something else. The ACLJ is going to see that the opposite happens and that the good of the Proverbs in the Scriptures of the Bible that direct us to sing praises to God are going to be enforced and permitted in our churches, and that we are going to be able to open our mouth and sing. As the Scriptures tell us to do with a new voice to God and this is something that we have determined just as intransigent as California is going to be. We are going to be just as entrenchment intransigent and opposing it and to see that the Scriptures and all the gospel is champion. We have also obtained already. In this case, evidence that Mrs. during the primary junction stage that shows that there is no justification for this they have to justify this by on the constitutional standard assessment least remember your impact backing free speech and religious worship is deemed speech under the First Amendment's report of said religious speech and worship are protected as free speech under the Constitution. When mar versus Vincent Morgan versus Board of Education Jews for Jesus versus Board of Airport commissioners lambs Chapel map three of the foremost cases I we we argued at the Supreme Court delete. We know this area well and this idea that you can come just put all these restrictions in place and not care about the free-speech implications was wrong. They are receiving technology out the mass that could be used that would stop the you know that the viral spread of any of this and yet California still doesn't move.

Now they have to establish that this is the least restrictive means and how they can establish Andy a least restrictive means when you can literally have a worship center in California thousand people can hold a thousand may only allow 25% of that thousand 250 people or 50, whichever is less. The world ligament adopt a person that's absurd but cardigan even put the singing man in that context is the least restrictive means while they're not going to.

That's not going to happen. It's incapable of happening you can you can possibly justify that is the least restrictive means in fact, in my view, it's the most restrictive means and the opposite of what the cases that you argued before the Supreme Court have held look. We have religious liberties here and one of those religious liberties is the right to praise the Lord. Praise the Lord in psalms and hymns and chance and intoning and to do this with the joy and the fulfillment of the Holy Spirit and these are the kinds of things that are not going to be restricted in the least restrictive means are not being used California. In fact, the most restrictive means is being employed. J.

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You forgive today online ACLJ the broadcast of the river just joining us, the British House of Commons has joined the United States and is approved the parliamentary motion, declaring that crimes against humanity and genocide are being committed against the Uighurs and other mostly Muslim ethnic minorities in China's Northwest zinging province. Now this is been an ongoing issue in 2018 are European Center for Law and Justice went to the United Nations over this issue. Joining us right now as a senior advisor to the ACLJ on international affairs, former acting director of national intelligence in basilar Germany Rick Cornell Rick this is an issue with me close to your heart.

Religious freedom close to our whole organization here. But there's an important aspect of this, not just that the Europeans that the UK has joined us what you're thinking that maybe the European continent is awaking to this religious discrimination is atrocities going on a first of all to start this segment by thanking all of the supporters of ACLJ over the last couple of years who have made the Uighurs a eight religious freedom issue their participation with us in highlighting this issue at the United Nations, where let's face it, the Europeans really care about what happens if you work at the UN has been exemplary. It's been great and we couldn't do it without the support of everyone who's listening. And so you must continue to support us now more than ever when it comes to religious freedom and nobody's asked me to say that I just believe this in my heart that it is a crucial time. What were seen with the UK is a movement towards drawing the line with the Chinese luck week. I spent years trying to convince European leaders to draw the line on Huawei on the Chinese version of 5G and how they would come through the back door with data graphs, they would take our information and it was not secure in our US intelligence agencies spent a long time. Matt spent a long time trying to convince the Europeans to draw a line against the Chinese. I think the work on highlighting that the problem with the Uighurs.

The genocide and the lack of religious freedom in China is working the UK Parliament is noticing and I think this could be a real call for the rest of Europe. Now is the time to double down. You spent a lot of time and if you United Nations your principal spokesman for the United States at the United Nations.

So I'm I had our team look back because the situation with the Uighurs is that is not new. We started highlighting it in the mid-2015 2016, but then went to BUN with it on 2018 actually followed up with a up normal report how important I think is important for our members to understand our listeners to understand how important it is because the UN as this kind of negative reputation in the United States, and they certainly have been very difficult to deal with when it comes to Israel because it's difficult doesn't mean you don't engage it, correct, and NJ. I would even think just that we should go. I would go.

Let let's do another UN event.

Let's do something on the margins of the UN and highlight this issue right now all about religious freedom because it makes a difference at the UN. As I said the Europeans really care what happens in New York at the United Nations.

They care what the world is thinking.

And when we can move Europeans and others in New York to think about the religious implications and draw the line against the Chinese to call out the Chinese rather than call out America you and that's what we should be doing.

You know when when the Chinese came and had their meeting with the Biden administration in Alaska and on our soil on American soil. They were lecturing us about human rights abuses. It was a sad day for America to not stand up and say this is ridiculous.

There is no moral equivalency and so we we need to draw this line very clearly and be as loud as we can, that the weaker situation that the Chinese what the Chinese are doing is genocide.

When we go to plan Bennett, our Dir. of criminal affairs is also UN representative.

I think this would be up there with what Richard said event that is either you want this house. I bought this house with you when we validate a very significant threat. We continue to him. It's obviously difficult on with COBIT, but we have a significant presence at the United Nations for a long time J like you gotta play the long game on this rates exactly correct about why we engage so early on this amine in this report that you reference J we we mentioned that more than 100 Christians with Muslim backgrounds had been moved to reeducation center for those numbers are astronomically larger now but the reason we engage in such an early stage. Is it so that we would be ready that we would be able to point back to these reports, as Rick is said now in this moment where the rest of the world is looking at instead and be able to say, look, we have been telling you this was coming. It is now upon us. Now we have to speak with one voice.

I would add one thing though to what Rick said there were a lot of people is the trump administration. Where was winding down.

I really thought this designation. Genocide was a throwaway day. It was the opposite of a throwaway because it led to this moment today when the United Kingdom is following.

To do so Rick, what you think is the next logical move here, Logan admits We've Got a Project Called Be Heard, Which Is a Project We Want Years Ago That the Highlights of What You Think Is the Next Now That the UK Is Made This Declaration. What You Think Happens Next Year.

Russell's You Gotta Get the Europeans in Brussels to to Make It a Very Clear Statement and Asking the EU and the European Parliament to Be Very Clear about What's Happening. We Have a Project Called Be Heard, Which Is Project We Want for the Persecuted Church, but Highlights All of These Issues We've Had This Idea for the Better Part of Decade Is Not over a Decade This Point I Beat Her Go to the Special Project of the ACLJ You'll Find out All of What We've Done around the World to Help Persecuted the Pursuit of All Faiths, Not Just Christians of a Majority at Their Persecuted Christians. That, of All Faiths.

You Can Find That Again on Our Website Not Be Her Continually Updated. There Is New Articles That Were Posted.

Just This Last Week Be Also Go Back and See the Successes That We Had in This Situations and Also the Ongoing Situation. Some of These Last Years. These Are Never Easy Fixes These and Everything to Take Days to Get Resolved. These Are Years of Continual Advocacy for People Rick I That's Another Thing I Want to Underscore Her Last Thing That Is That You Got a Workpiece Situation.

General Work These Cases and Realize They're Not Debbie's Luggage Is That They're Not Resolved in a Day and Release Some Take Months. Some Take Years. I Am so Proud That ACLJ Does This Hard Work at the United Nations I Contact You Have To Be There Eight Years. It Can Be a Lonely Place to Go to These Meetings Go to the Basement of the UN, and That's Where It Is to Talk about Human Rights Issues, and to Be Pushed Aside to Be Silenced. You Can Go to 20 Meetings and Maybe Only Can Speak Three Times, but If You Don't Show up If You're Not There Demanding a Seat at the Table. Then You Don't Get These Moments to Produce These Reports and These Are the Types of Hard Work, It's Not Sexy, It's Hard Work. If We Are Not There Doing It. Nobody Else Will. And I'm Proud to Be a Part of This Organization That Is Highlighting Genocide in China and Making Countries in Europe like the UK Stand up and Say Yeah You Know What the Evidence Is There, Rick. I Say This Often A Lot Of Issues and Especially in Global Issues and Sometime Called Them You Know All These Good European Governments Have We Cabinet You Are Cabinet Member Ministries of of This Ministries of That.

I Called the Ministry of Presence. You Have To Show up and It's Sometimes like You Said You Could Be There for Weeks and Not Say a Word You Finally Get Your Two Minutes and We See That Two Minutes. Turn an Entire Situation around. So, Rick Cornell, Thanks for Being Part of the Team. Thanks for Your Comments. As Always and I Get Both Your Support of the ACLJ's Recent Wearing Lab People like Rick Coronel, Mike Pompeo and Others in This Whole Production Staff and Her Team in Washington That Another 30 Minutes and Think Frequently with Support the Work of the ACLJ Rick Said Now More Than Ever.

There's a Singing Man in California Impacting Churches Whether Fighting for Religious Minorities in China Were There Because of Your Support the ACL, but ACLJ.This Printer Matching Challenge Campaign Will Be Back with Our Just a Moment the American Center for Law and Justice Will Engage in Critical Issues at Home and Abroad for Limited Time You Can Participate in the ACLJ Matching Challenge for Every Dollar You Donate, It Will Be Now $10 Gift Becomes $20, $50 Gift Becomes 100 You Can Make a Difference in the Work We Do. Protecting the Constitutional and Religious Freedoms Are Most Important to You and Your Family. Give a Gift Today Online ACLJ Live from Washington DC and Justice Jay Sekulow Was Jampacked. We Talked about the Minority Diffusion of the Uighur Community in China and That the United Kingdom Is a Big Development United Kingdom Has Now Labeled China As a Country Committing Genocide.

United States Already Has, and He Quick Well Let Me Let Me Let Me Go through the List Here. They Were to Go through a Couple of the Points so We Got That Issue.

We Were on Top of This Is Going Back in 2018. We Went to the United Nations On Behalf Of Religious Minorities, Including Christians Are Being Persecuted in China. We Don't We've Got a Lotta Work in China and We Done A Lot Of Work in Dealing with These Issues. I've Been to Beijing I Have I Actually Lectured at the University Breaking a Major Lecture on Religious Freedom. Lawyers from All over China and the Atty. Gen.'s Office of China and It Was an Incredible Experience and Again the Acts of Genocide Are Now Being Pointed out, and Genocide, and He Has a Long History in International Law J.

Genocide Is the Purposeful and Intentional Elimination of an Entire Asking Us for Population or Gender Genus of People. It Is an Attempt to Extirpate and Remove a Nation from the Earthlings by Killing Them in Various Ways, Whether It Be by Force Sterilization, Which Is Analogous to Just Murder of These People Putting Them in Concentration Camps, Whipping Them, Beating Them, Slighting Them Doing All Sorts of Things. This Is Not Anything New in the History of Humankind. Unfortunately, the UK Parliament Spoke out Very Vocally the Other Day in Condemning the Genocide of the Uighur Muslim Population in Northwest and Yang Province in China. This Is Exactly What the United States Is Done.

We Have Now Taken on That Mantle of Having the UK Join Us in This Thing and It Is a Vital Thing That We Do with the ACLJ to Our European Arm. For Example, As You Pointed out, the European Center for Law and Justice. We Call This out of What Was Going on in China in 2018. So We Have Been on It Now for Many Years and We Are Cognizant of the Fact That This Is Happening and It's Got to Be Stopped and the Europeans As Ambassadors Now Said Have To Be Made to Realize That the United States Is in the Forefront along with Britain and and the ACLJ in Condemning These Acts Than the Idea the Idea That the Chinese Would Come to Anchorage Alaska and Presume to Lecture Us on Right Is and That Our Ambassador Current to the United Nations Would Go around Calling the United States a Racist Country in the World Makes Me Physically Ill Know You Look at What's Going on Globally and I Will Tell You That the European Center Philologists. I'm Holding My Hand This 2018 Folks We File the First Periodic Review, and China Is in It and so Are the Uighurs and so Are the Christian Communities That Are Being Persecuted Now. At the Same Time, the Labor Part. It's Was a Joint Concert Is in Labor so This across Political Lines in the UK Is One of the Labor Leaders As Ruth Gadberry Missed What She Had to Say Hello to Me through the Prism Protecting the Child Side to Side Government Must Stand Aside in the Face of These Opposing Crimes Impacted Thing She Said Was That Dad Became Hide under the Protecting the UK Straight, but Logan You Made That Point China Everything We We Got in the Studio Lot You Can Just Go Ahead and Savings We Generally Use It You Want to Boycott Things Integrated China Manufacturer of the This Cannot Be on the Area Your Cell Phones. I'm Sure Most of the Parts.

Any and Everything That the Materials of the Set Probably Made in Canada.

The Actual Set Was Designed Here in the States, but You Talking about Something. At This Point Is, Is It Possible You Can't Just Say I Would Have To Do Both Have To Do Both the Manufactured in America Right Now Very Difficult and Very Tough, Very Tough Articles Were Taken Right We Come Back More on the Singing Man Would Take Your Questions.

Writing Is Anything 1-800-684-3110 800-684-3110 Literal Discussion Coming up with Iran When Elsie's New More.

There Will Also Appreciate Your Support of a Sale Date ACL Data. The American Center for Law and Justice Were Engaged in Critical Issues at Home and Abroad. Whether It's Defending Religious Freedom.

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Is There Any Hope for That Culture to Survive. And That's Exactly What You Are Saying When You Stand with the American Center for Law and Justice, Defendant the Right to Life, We've Created a Free Powerful Publication Offering a Panoramic View of the ACLJ's Battle for the Unborn Mission Will Show You How You Are Personally Publication Includes a Look at All Major ACLJ Pro-Life Cases Were Fighting for the Rights of Pro-Life Activists. The Ramifications of Roe V Wade, 40 Years Later Planned Parenthood's Role in the Abortion Industry and What Obama Care Means to the Pro-Life in Many Ways Your Membership in the ACLJ Is Empowering the Right Question for Copy of Mission in Life Today Online ACLJ/Counsel Mike Global Affairs Has an Article Coming up on Their Religious Freedoms Be Posted Later This Afternoon at ACLJ.We Also Mentioned Earlier, the Broadcast This Case We Have in California against the California State's Refusal to Allow Chanting at Any Worship Service Any Singing in Any Worship Service No Matter If There's 10 People There Stating That Would Arena Safeway That Would Hold the Thousand That Matter Ban on Singing Got a Great Call Coming A Caller Number One That's a Really Make Sense or Derek in California on Their Hi Derek, Thank You Take My Calls or My Question to You Want to Know Your Thoughts on This Item. Family and Where Will Dodger Fans Also and Was Wondering Were on Why We Can't Sing in Church and Worship. Yet They Televise 10 like 10,000 or More People. He Dodger Stadium Chanting like the Dodgers into. I like the Dodgers and I Will Tell You This, There Is No Legal Justification for This Elitist Is That the Constitutional Standard Is Least Restrictive Means. This Clearly Is Not Narrowly Tailored to the Least Restrictive Means It Is the Most Restrictive Is the Most Restrictive on Some Faith Communities Where the Liturgy Is Chanted That's Exactly Right. This Is Not the Least Restrictive Means and That Is the Standard Established by the Supreme Court of the United States Okay and What They Are Trying to Do Is to Suppress Our Right As Christians As Jews As Moslems, Whoever That Is, Who Uses Chant Prayer through Chanting and Singing in Churches, Mosques and Synagogues from Performing What God Has Ordained That Is Lift up Your Voice unto the Lord, and to Pray in Songs and Chants and in Melodies and the California Has Taken a Very Determined View of This Thing. But Let Me Tell You, We Have Taken Just As It Is Intransigent and Determined a View against It by Filing a Lawsuit Filing Amended Complaint and We Are Going to Ultimately Prevail in This. I Am Confident J I'm Take More Because of Friday's Rigid Calls on a Variety of Topics. One 800 684 30 Want to Listen to the Call Remark in Colorado You're on Their Hi Mark, I Do Take My Collar. Good Job. Thanks. I'm Just Uncertain on All inside out on Genocide Is That the ACLJ and the Supporters or Congress or Is It Specifically the Biden Administration Who Is in Bed with Them. So Here's What's Happening Now Been on This, but Tracy's Noted the Genocide That Was Taking Place Now the UK Has the ACLJ through Our European Center for Law and Justice Which Is Our European Affiliate Base in Strasburg France, but Does Work All over Europe and We Hope to Expand That in the Years Ahead. Months Ahead We Pointed This Issue out to the United Nations and and Advocated on It Back in 2018 Fan Want You Tell Everybody It's Not Just a Great Question.

What That Actually Means.

What Actually Looks like It's a Great Question for Markham, Holding That Report from 2018 in My Hand. When We Make These Reports Daily File on Virtually Every Country in the World Once Every Four Years. China's Was up in 2018.

We Filed This Report Is Called a Universal Periodic Review and We Outlined A Lot Of Issues As You Explain J but One of Them Was We Outlined the Very Early Stages of This Persecution of the Uighur Community Wasn't Genocide at That Point. It Certainly Is Now, but J It Laid the Groundwork for Us to Argue for Countries around the World to Label Genocide and Mark Ask a Good Question about the Biden Administration Because under the Trump Administration, the United States Agreed with Us and They Said It Is Genocide and We Designated on the Way out and One of the Most Important Reasons for Them to Do That J Is the Fact That I Do Not Believe We Would Have Gotten This This Administration to Make That Designation. We Have Tried to Get Designations under the Obama Administration Similar before, Very Difficult to Do and Guess What, They Haven't Done J and Pulled It Back.

That's A Lot Harder Than Refusing to Designate in the First Place.

That's Why It Was so Important to Get It Done before the End of the Last Term I Think Is Important for People to Understand the Scope and Nature Loving You Said the Surly of the Work of the ACLJ We Got European Center for Law and Justice. We Have Offices in Jerusalem. We Have Offices in Africa. We Got Affiliate Office in Place. When I Mentioned Okay That Are Doing Really Important Work in Your CME You See This You Hear This, but There's A Lot Going on behind Us and get a much bigger scope of what we do and it's easy if I want to show sales like the production is just assume that we're just more talking heads on the television or radio and nothing wrong with that then want to give their opinion and and having those sort of new services. We are well beyond a new service.

We are out there actually doing the work and again because of people like you who support your organization we had to fight for that you I was just thinking back on this decision were talking we had a fight for that UN status. I mean, in general, if you remember, this is going back a long time for trips to the United Nations. They were granting approval to be a microchip to be recognized as an NGO. It's a big deal to have consulted status with the United Nations and I meet four times I may love the last time we did and how we got without me. I went there with former senior people. We all prevent briefcases and I shall not leave until we get and I will remember Jack.

I went to the Sec. of the or the President of that session that was that whole issue and remember Russia and Turkey were objecting because we brought a lot of cases against Russian government for religious persecution back in the 80s and 90s, and Turkey. Of course we were on top of that situation and they were objecting and that was to be the basis upon which they denied our ability to be a recognized UN but we kept coming. And finally, I will never forget this as our name comes up, the representative from Russia and the representative from Turkey leave the room and are not there for the vote and we get approved.

I will be remembered as a means of a long time ago but we fought hard for that status and is more Lotta good fruit really has J you and I go back together 40 years.

That's a long association and a long affiliation and ACLJ has grown and prospered, but to use an analogy that you frequently use.

It's like the old lady who goes to the rabbis door wrapping and knocking on the door them into the judge's door demanding justice and injustice. You shall have and demanding it until the doors opened and finally she does get the justice that she demanded and ultimately received that bit of rabbinic wisdom that I want to maintain it was that the parable of the unjust judge and jury are right-handed and that's what it took for the whole ministry presence came from the showing up and innovate or go back to you on this.

The fact is that that act of about a year and 1/2 to get our recognition was well worth the fight. While definitely well worth the fight and I'll just tell you, maybe a little bit of antidotal behind the curtains for our listeners here when we go up to the United Nations in New York in the Gen. assembly, DC style advocacy is very foreign there so know where were sort of use to in America pounding the pavement now walking the halls of Congress getting free access to our elected officials when we show up in New York and essentially do the same thing and Rick alluded to this as well. It's very foreign to them. But here's the other thing it is day. It's effective is gets their attention. Very few other people do that when we show up and advocate and that way he gets their attention yet I think that's that. I think that's that.

Look, I think that's the truth I mean that you have to be prepared to continue to come back and and fight on this and working to continue to do that. So just look at what we talked about today in the next segment by the way we think the rest your calls and comments. 1-800-684-3110. Get them in now 800-684-3110. We are called about California and the church family. I called about the 23rd amendment and the DC statehood issue. Those are all big talk about all that 800-684-3110 if you want to take want to talk as locally talked about today. We talked about the situation on the international level that were dealing with the European Center for Law and Justice league of the ACLJ on the situation with the Uighurs in China. The fact we were early on this issue back in mid 2015 we were talking on 28 team took formal action at the United Nations. Then we talk about that were in court right now in California fighting for a against the ban on singing in worship at church now year over year into this pandemic with no reasonable restriction put in place as worship Center and the Kansas Supreme Court twice saying that these types of restrictions were unconstitutional.

Yet California refuses to allow these churches to fully operate. This tells you what the situation is, I think we have to be clear here that this is litigation in federal court. I think we can get some changes pretty soon, the victory over have to keep fighting because this happen again. I mean who knows what happens with this pandemic. Hopefully were on the the other end of it, but again, you just don't know if that happens with the toll religious freedom. This is taken is been pretty significant. But the Americans and flow adjustment front center on that. I mean, I am looking at your website right now you UK joins US and condemning China genocide ACLJ involving that bipartisan bill push by non-border crisis will probably talk about that on Monday, broadcast, and we talked about it yesterday.

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This is a critical time for the ACLJ. The work we simply would not occur without your generous heart wrenching challenge to make protecting the constitutional and religious freedoms most important to you today online ACLJ684 3110. We get a lot of calls coming in the order that you called to go to state of Ohio first and go ahead earlier I called her about the 23rd amendment was ratified.

Now it seems to me that in order for Congress to make Washington DC estate Wittenberg Pass another amendment that would change or repeal amendment 23. Is that correct. I just see it's I just don't see this is 10 scores in square miles will be for the nation's capital.

It's not to be a state was reasons for that and if they wanted to incorporate these people into states the residence. Well, maybe they can incorporate them into the existing map Maryland and Virginia with a border. The people talk about that but it's just not what the Constitution says will, in fact, some of the original boundaries. J have gone back to Virginia so the eastern ones could go back to Maryland but luckily just tell Stan here's the reality of what members of Congress think right now the House of Representatives this week passed a bill to make DC the 51st state. It's been been sent over to the Senate and J.

How many times we had this conversation on this broadcast. What are his chances in the Senate. Well, it all depends on the legislative filibuster buster that Bill can't get the 60 votes in the United States, and I almost guarantee it but can't get to 50. It might that's where we stand. J and I don't see you know that you're right and in favor about the use whatever they cannot do the filibuster.

I'm convinced that that's why the upcoming elections in Georgia can be so critical for the Senate but you know that there was a reason the founders put in the 10 mi. that tried to be an independent zone with the federal government operates. And it's not to be a state if it hadn't been intended to be estate.

The founders would've said it is a state and it would've name to this day. It is not. This is a democratic power grab J we know what this is if you had another state, you get another two senators and we know that those would be Democrat senators and it would make it almost impossible for the Republicans ever to have a majority in the Senate and white was because Puerto Rico is waiting in the wings right after Washington DC but I think the caller is absolutely right. This is not constitutional.

The weather is being done is a democratic power grab in the worst tradition of the way that party has become about. I will write back proposing hundred 64 3110 Matthews calling line 3 from the bottom at the earlier question the government. Yes, all the government by the Constitution. Right yes so all I can upon the article, one that Gavin Newsom has no authority to do anything with the churches on the churches because of the First Amendment. But there's also the 10th amendment to the Constitution states to parties and we can police power address any with the states. Now there is there is a residual provision in the Constitution that all powers delegated, not delegated specifically to the federal government are reserved unto the states and that is what is the 10th amendment, so there is that residual power that goes to the state because our central government is a government of delegated powers, limited powers, restricted powers, the sovereignty rest with the states. We've also got some news to report. And that is Oklahoma has passed a bill deeming the churches are essential places of operation in Oklahoma yeah Matthews question actually gets to this news very directly I mean you know federally that the First Amendment might say that churches need to be the last to be closer restricted in the first to reopen on a state level J there's a lot of variance in how they can be applied to we been proactive as well.

We got out to the states. I specifically helped Oklahoma. Drafted bill to do with the trump administration did federally deem churches and house of worship.

A central day that passed the state house yesterday and I suspect if things like what happened in California continue to happen.

You see more states follow suit. So were not just plan on the federal level were engaging on a statewide as well, saying you can do something about this. I dance calling from the District of Columbia's online one day go at my car in California being state in the United States of America are, very clear on this issue, Congress shall make no law restricting or that freedom of religion or the practice thereof restricting or abridging the freedom of religion out of practice thereof so I think they should the government of California and government or whoever came down the pipeline that directed this order.

They should have a lawsuit directly TV audience and watching the social media there is a sin, and yet states district court for the Eastern District of California and it's a bunch of churches and they have filed and we filed a lawsuit for those churches against Gavin Newsom's official capacity, so it's exactly what we've done.

That's what were finding out right now Cindy is calling for Morgan online to Gladstone. On their wondering how the land area and when I thought that land act. They belonged to multiply Maryland Maryland and Virginia was then given to the basically the federal government think. I don't see it coming constitutionally. I don't see how that will be Constitution with they could do is is the people talk about this as I said is in accounting of voting rights based on this, that the outlier communities incorporate midsemester litter Virginia but really you live in the District of Columbia.

You know you get to elect representatives, but they don't have a boat that's why it's the District of Columbia it's not the state of Columbia so there's a reason why the founders put that in either would take a constitutional amendment ended undo it. Yeah, I agree with you totally. I don't think you can do it by legislation short of an amendment to the Constitution. That's not what the founders intended. Again, this is a democratic power grab get a majority and to hold on to a majority in the Senate. Anybody doesn't see that is blind. Okay Richard you California on their go-ahead. You're probably last call the day after God. God bless all you guys. My question is with with Biden administration and the involvement that they have with China and his family and everything out to undermine whatever you you you folks are going to try to do with the genocide or anything with China does make it easier that's for sure.

But I'll tell you this.

And then there's no doubt about this. Richard and that is working to fight for the principles that we think are right and includes it transmitting genocide on the weaker community has on the Christian community and in large extent to stop because this administration is wishy-washy. In fact, bring it to the bottom of and when you have the United Kingdom now joining true same.

Now the trumpet ministration was the binding may not be enough of the back that says a lot and said earlier were to continue to fight so with a bit of money ministration taken opposite. That's why we brought on people like Rick Cornell, Mike Pompeo and the people you see on this broadcast every day are experts in this area trait trained involving Jeff and government affairs two decades and had been practicing law for 400 years. I joke and save him almost 100 years elective. It's hard to believe you know Jordan is got an LLM in international law. Georgetown Logan that his team are writing it is major media operation.

Your support of the ACLJ is a reasonable mistake schoolhouse United Nations from a local District Court to the international from a District Court to the Supreme Court of United States three times less. Your support is reasonable to link her to go to participate in matching challenge contained last couple of days talking the American Center for Law and coalitions at home and abroad for limited time you can participate in the ACLJ matching challenge for every dollar you donate $10 gift becomes $20, $50 gift becomes 100 you can make a difference in protecting the constitutional and religious freedoms to you and your family.

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