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Assessing Foreign Threats with Ric Grenell

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
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December 31, 2020 12:00 pm

Assessing Foreign Threats with Ric Grenell

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow

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December 31, 2020 12:00 pm

Assessing Foreign Threats with Ric Grenell.


Jay Sekulow live the international threats facing the United States in 2021 live from Washington DC in line phone lines are open for your questions right now. I get get into the important as we prepare for the new year, which is the threats facing the country in 2021 and tell you what the ACLJ we prepare for all outcomes were most of us are attorneys that government affairs experts. Of course international affairs experts will be joining us in just a minute for the entire broadcast today and it's important that you always are prepared for the worst case scenarios that you're prepared with the right information. You know what the potential threats are and you and where there could be again the most concern for our country regardless of who is is nestling in the White House or how you feel about this this this said general election in 2020 know how most of you feel like I do and that there were there problems that there were issues and that again it was not right, but we are all realistic people that have to deal with reality.

Whether we like it or not and and again were to be talking about today that which which is basically looking forward in 2021 and we got a great expert is part been part of ACL GTB before the election for is the walking people through this through the election but now, even after the election to these international threats Rick Grenell's former director of the acting director of national intelligence, former ambassador to Germany as Senior advisor and special advisor to the ACLJ, especially as relates to national security threats all Rick, I wanted to take some time here and look for because one of the things we talked about at the American Center for Law and Justices. We don't just talk about the issues, or we take action, whether it's at the UN. We have a lot of experience or other international tribunals was this time last year I was at the international criminal court may arguing a case that we've done with was by the white process.

Like you've never seen anywhere in the world you learn to appreciate the justice system, United States, with all the problems we need versus going to these other countries with the judicial process. That's it. That's like I won't get into the details say that for nuts and we all know the program. Rick I think is important for people understand what you did, what does an act of what is a DNI director of national intelligence to look for fall at such a pleasure to be here as we go into the new year. I think that we've really got to double down on an action. We have to be able to support organizations like the ACLJ team to be able to take the accident you're talking about in multilateral settings and I can tell you I am so proud to be with this organization because I met person of action. I'm somebody who doesn't just like to talk about things and I feel like I got great partners in you J and the whole team to be able to look at court cases and figure out how do we take action to be able to get in achieved the rights that so many deserve and so I think that's a long answer to say at DNI we are looking at intelligence and trying to figure out what the truth is we get a lot of information a lot of Ron Tilden intelligence. It is coming in and were trying to assess what the truth is, and that's I think the most important thing is to have a US government that pushes truth that pushes facts and sometimes other difficult and sometimes that requires all of us to push the government to be more transparent and transparency is our friend Annette would push for because that's the clarity that we need the facts that we need one of things we do recursive you're where this is that we observe freedom of information act request. We thought they were appropriate. We just actually done 102, on the situation with Eric's formal get to that after the break, but as Rick said I want are listening on us and says we'll just will just talk about the issues we bring people like Rick Grenell as part of the team to work with us to figure out what is the right course of action to take, because we actually take action.

So in this particulars were the last days of our most important months of the of the year. The last moments here. Your support of the ACLJ makes a gigantic difference and we want to encourage you right now to join our matching challenge with just days left. We can meet our goals penetrated double the impact your donation of a group of donors. They said we will match. Every donation comes to the month of December. Donate the American Center for Law and defending for that way comes $20, $50 gift becomes 100 constitutional and religious freedoms most beautiful gift today only one. A society can agree that the most vulnerable invoice is, is there any hope for that culture to survive. And that's exactly what you are saying when you stand with the American Center for Law and Justice, defendant the right to life. We've created three powerful publication offering a panoramic view of the ACLJ's battle for the unborn is called mission will show you how you are personally sealed secure means to serve in many ways your membership.

Lowering the right/Jay Sekulow Jordan secular we. This is a special broadcast would bring it RRC or as a special advisor Rick Grenell for the full hour for you, usually a Rick is able to refer secular to its been a busy time, but he is a specialized ACLJ continues to it will provide that for us and that is good to be critical because the threats we face inward is generally got into that. The first segment debit network in the start go through this, specifically. I don't want this kind of on the top of everyone's mind, which we talk about a lot to but he's also said is a lot more there than just swallow well and what what we've heard about swell well and again I me I think it is tip of the iceberg on China's threat to the US, we focus so much because of this the focus. The Democrats had on Russia. It was all not that that's a threat by the way there's no threat from Russia. They did a major hack on the US very real. The last couple days but but China so many on the left are afraid to call China threat.

Are you xenophobic if you call traffic because of money is a business whether it's the film industry, whether it is the MBA. Whether it is any major company because of the interested businesses they have. So they look they look past the other in the human rights violations the. The imprisonment of mass incarceration concentration camps of Muslims in China and you think the left would be all over that no and not letting everything that now they infiltrate congressional offices. That's, that's no big deal, but they impeach Presidents over phone calls. The 35 people around yet so let's let's start with China because I think it's obviously made a lot of news because a very small welding. I was going yes, but the fact of the matter is that it goes much deeper than that and and Rick what I wanted to get to first was a member talk about China before we even get into the national security threat you look at what they do to minorities in China and a minority chart is defined as a by this not a member of the Communist Party and also and I need to say this for religious minorities in China and I got been to China. I have met with the lawyers that represent the underground churches and I gotta tell you something.

It's impress unbelievably impressive people unbelievably impressive spirit, but unbelievably oppressed and daywear swear they literally will arrest the pastor in the middle of a sermon and I went to one of the state churches, the government sanctioned churches, Rick.

I will remember had this experience in your travels, but in China they have these goods called the three self patriotic church and that's the Christian church and the pastor's sermon would be getting on listening to a translated obviously isn't in a good sermon.

The importance of the gospel, helping the poor, Jesus, and it was good that in the middle of the sermon. He stops and says, but of course none of this could happen without the government and without the party allowing us to be able to do these things so big E just to give this like nod to the government then for the what we would call the more typical of a study by jet their evangelical churches, but is a completely different cultural environment. They are worrying about their looking at the door to their houses or their office buildings were there meeting to make sure the police argument, exulting with mother horrible human rights abusers. I mean unbelievably so it's like one week week week we we the Iranians of that's another one.

They throw pastor in jail. They throw days off the buildings and these this administration to start negotiating.

But let's focus first on China looking at furniture I got got that off my chest.

It really China bothers me because we done work there Rick for years and its people go through its horrific yellow got spent eight years at the UN dealing with with the Chinese and the spying and they duplicity you hit it right on the head day we we've got a huge problem. A growing problem with China and it's not just in politics.

It's in academia you and I have talked a lot about what are how artwork can really penetrate into academia and the Chinese influence there. All of our schools that something that I'm looking forward to doing in the new year with you.

Look, we we as Christians right now are feeling the brunt of coded and were feeling like we can't express ourselves, and that we don't have the ability to go to church and worship the way that we want to but imagine being in a place like China or in a place like a Ron.

This is where your religion is completely taken away from you.

You have to hide it you got no religious freedom. We have to as Christians in the United States continue pushing our government to make a firm stance to understand that we can't just look the other way on China's human rights abuses. We've seen what China secrecy and communist China secrecy can do to the entire economy of the world, not just our economy, but every single economy around the world has been impacted by COBIT. 19. The secrecy of the child communist Chinese ways is why we are in this dilemma. They were not honest with us up front and we all know because the US intelligence agencies collectively sent out a statement, a rare statement saying that China is where coded 19 originated.

They should have been much more honest with the world with the UN and with WHO with the United States and all countries to say what they were dealing with, and they knew it when they shut down all of these flights from Wuhan to other cities in China that allowed lights to go from Wuhan to other parts of the world they knew exactly what they were doing and this is what were dealing with China is a crisis for the United States we must really push our government and in this next year it's gonna really be incumbent upon Christians and activists to make very clear that we cannot have a country like China that is doing all sorts of business with American companies systematically having human rights violations and abuses that is just unacceptable and I think that we are going to have to get a louder voice to make clear that working with China and looking the other way is unacceptable you recommit.

We see this now with the swallow matter which you talked about a lot I know, but that the but wait for our audience of visa disliked is like the tip of the iceberg is so much more there, but and then you see the Nancy postage like shrugging their shoulders. Yet we knew about it but you know that happens in yet to put on the Intel committee enemy. That's just one example of one congressman that has access to a lot of classified information was calling the President a Russian agent throughout this time. So I think he deserves all the criticism he's getting now because of the role he played in in just trying to disparage Pres. Trump and Collier basically are. This is agent of an outside force will he's he's got this relationship with a Chinese spy puts the intern and who was a bundler. Somehow I mean I member interning on Capitol Hill, cannot bundle donations for for the Congressman I I interned for when I was there but I mean it's it's the idea that Eddie goes to Hunter Biden to the shrugging of the shoulders. Now there started to pick up some on Hunter Biden. But remember, on the election Rick the first debate Joe Biden called the President a liar. The media ran with it and now the headlines are about how Hunter Biden was doing this visibly. Now the same people who ran with it, and the President is lying about Hunter Biden are writing stories about Hunter Biden Chinese business dealings. We have a problem in the Intel community because the Russian team is highly political and very quick to make judgments on raw intelligence. The China team is completely the opposite. They are judicious there slow they're not political. They want to wait for raw intelligence to be assessed and have a collective assessment that Russia team leaks out little pieces of the raw intelligence before it's actually collectively through and assessed.

This is a real problem because what was happening now because of this problem in the Intel community.

We've seen Democrats completely downplay the China threat and that plays right into the COBIT 19 problem, look what we've just experienced through this last election. We had a whole bunch of Democrats mocking the the threat from China and really giving Beijing's line. I think that we gotta get to the bottom of this and understand why are so many Democrats and let's be honest, several of them in the San Francisco area are all taking the Beijing line downplaying the day Chinese threat and they're doing it, not just on the supply chain issue or engagement with China, but uncoated on the threat election threat. It just seems to be on every do what China wants is what Democrats keep saying which is local air and look at Russia were now coming up in the rest of this broadcast. I wanted make a statement go to her and listening audience that is really important. Your here we are at the end of the year and it's been 40 courtier 2020. I mean, it's been tumultuous to say the least. Since then stressful, but because of your faithful support of the ACLJ we've actually expanded that which is miraculous in and of itself and have had tremendous tremendous gains. One of those games was being able to have Rick Cornell join our team. I say join our team actively involved in our team at the ACLJ and your support of the American Center for Law and Justice allows that it also allows this broadcast and it allows the lawyers here in the United States and around the globe in places we don't even talk about where you got lawyers that are affiliated with us helping people where their needs are met all over the globe support the work of the ACLJades are most important week.

But most important days here to, you double the impact of the nation or group of donors. They see will match. Every donation comes to the month of December, you better make that initial donation to double the impact would online out mitigated so important first pair for the new year but there were continues you in the in between we don't stop folks, the ACLJ we write back with more with Rick Cornell talk about these threats to the US and potential threats in 2021 will be right back only one. A society can agree most vulnerable invoice is, is there any hope for that culture to survive. And that's exactly what you are saying when you stand with the American Center for Law and Justice, defendant the right to life.

We've created three powerful publication offering a panoramic view of the ACLJ's battle for the unborn is called mission will show you how you are personally sealed secure means to serve in many ways your membership right/the American Center for Law and were engaged in critical issues at home and abroad. Whether it's defending religious freedom to those who face covering corruption in the Washington bureaucracy fighting to protect life reports and in Congress ACLJ for that way comes $20, $50 gift becomes 100 constitutional and Jay Sekulow is secular over no special visor.

The ACLJ of join us for the full hour. The broadcast today talking about the potential threats and ongoing threats to US in 2021. Who better talked about about it.

Then, a former acting director of national intelligence, former ambassador Jeremy Summers spent almost a decade at the United Nations dealing with these countries dealing with the Intel dealing with the classified information and probably the overwhelming amount of countries it would like to harm the US are the ones that actually have the potential to do it and so we talked about a couple of the big players you talked about China. They have the potential to do it Russia.

They had the they show that they were hashing a minute yeah but the children just recently. If you visit the hacking they can do with and major businesses under Intel committee but there's a countries that want to do more to dictate to harm us to. That's like the Iranians, they may not be sophisticated yet as a China or Russia was quick, but there's there. This, in some ways more dangerous because of the extremism that fuels their government, instead of whether it's money that fuels the China development of the destabilizing entire region. Right or the Chinese will be cautious about destabilizing the region because they're such a big part of the region. The Iranians on the other hand, we know that we have an office in Jerusalem.

Of course, but we have done work on the Iran issue. The Iranian issue and I ran under Pres. proposed ran under the Trump administration was isolate build coalitions around them that support Israel and in Israel supporting them in UAE, Morocco, Bahrain, Sudan. I mean more coming.

Change the whole dynamic.

Now we know why we start with the fundamental abuse of a society. Here's a fundamental abuse of the Iranian society persons are great people.

Really great people, great history, I mean tremendous history. Just really great people we know we know a lot of them, but let me tell you what you don't have in the Iran diversity of any kind.

Let's start with religious diversity your pastor in Iran a chance to spend 6 to 12 years in prison once or twice in your ministry if you're American pastor by the way, and you happen to be in Iran or dual citizen of Iran.

Guess what you yet you feel like the present.

In Evan prison.

We had better not let the present.

That's real gays and lesbians.

It thrown off a building's Christian pastors. They that that's Iran now. This President has isolated Iran and cripple them economically. As I look forward looking thought one of the things that grieves me most about the election. Rick was the reshaping of the Middle East that I know you are part of that was that we help on the outside on that was really coming together, and now it's the old guard back in the it's Obama 2.0 and you know with Iran. What they're going to be doing eloquence not because voluntary waiver administer payments with Israel as well.

Look, I'm very concerned about the engagement with Iran. Why, let's be very clear. Now what there is this idea that Joe Biden is question. It's called consensus not sound like a really nice word, but consensus just means that the Europeans are the UN Security Council 14 other countries get to water down US policy and decide what we do. So instead of having a potent US policy.

That's America first you have to go to all these other countries and say what you guys think that we should do and it's the lowest common denominator of policy and that's what they called consensus and they tried to build up this idea of consensus now look as a diplomat. I love consensus if it's going to be something that the United States is going to improve our security upon. We need to be able to be very firm about forming alliances around our policy not letting others water down our policy and that's where were going with Iran is that the Europeans want engagement. They want to be able to say if we can best engage a little more with Iran and maybe do some trading that the, the regime and the mullahs will just suddenly see the light of day, and they will start moving towards the rule of law, capitalism and and greater forms of democracy.

Now let's look at what we tried with China 20 years ago we did that we thought let's engage with China. Let's put them into the WTO, the WTO, let's see if engagement would actually work. I am all for engagement President trumpets tried engagement with the North Koreans, but at some point you have to be smart about your engagement to have a benchmark, and to say dinner engagement work. I think that we need to face the music and we should face the music. About 15 years ago that trying to get greater cooperation with China by getting them into the WTO didn't work. We we have seen human rights abuses get work get worse.

Look at Hong Kong look at our companies that have their technology stolen WTO is not only failed to stop the theft of Chinese in the US intelligence and US technology, but it's also allowed the Chinese to be able to pretend like they're part of the international community is working in court nation when they have absolutely come at us in every possible way. This is where were going with Iran. This is what the Biden team wants to start talking about consensus and engagement on Iran and we need to stand firm against it and Iran already have. There's there's already a nexus that already connected now.

Rick got three minutes left in the segment. I always like giving people hope, because the one thing I don't want is people just can sale this is horrible this is terrible. We have to take concrete action, which is now if the Senate stays conservative K state Republican. You have a better chance in somebody's but foreign policy issues.

As you know that you dealt with them. President has a lot of authority. How do we how do we tell our folks and are millions listening to us right now. Hundreds of thousands watching us. How do we engage what an administration is taking contrary positions. I believe that transparency is important so word I have to push and push the administration and maybe that means going to court and taking people all the way to the end to say you, you must show us or stop doing something that you're doing so we need legal challenges. I think that it's incredibly important for organizations like ACLJ to be funded this match is unbelievable. I can't believe that were getting the ability of someone disabled will match anything that you can do in December so I would just say that people take action.

Prayer is fantastic talking about it on social media is amazing but you gotta take action and be a part of ACLJ because we are taking action. I would not be a part of this organization. If it wasn't about action and I love the fact that where you have smart people sitting around a table to figure out what are we going to do to push transparency to fight in court legally. This is why we have a constitutional rule of law that allows people like you and I and the trunk campaign or anyone to petition the courts and to bring your case to an independent judiciary. When you feel wronged you gotta have representative representatives. If you don't have representatives of people fighting for you and your voices lost and that's what we want to do is be able to be transparent and fight in court where needed is the key.

With ACLJ you said if you love this broadcasts your donation goes to assist us would keep his broadcast all the stations all differently to see it but most of of what the donation goes to work is what Rick is talking about is the actual work not just talking about issues, that's important to you informing you getting the work done around the world with offices around the support of ACLJ month of December. It's critical to double the impact your donation going today the American Center for Law and Justice were engaged in critical issues at home and abroad for limited time you can participate in the ACLJ matching challenge constitutional and religious freedoms you forgive today online live from Washington DC Jay Sekulow line secular Jay Sekulow like this Jordan secular uses a special broadcast together for because we've brought into our special vies for national security and foreign policy record now to join us for the full hour because I didn't word action based organization were just talking about that with Rick as we are for shipper first half hour, but we also want to constantly keep you informed with the best information we can provide food brought on people like recruit now to get you up to speed all those Intel issues all the national security threats, and we take action. And now we got advisors who can help us even direct advisors to that action, when it may be hostile US executive branch intercostal members in Congress are hostile world.

You know where you got the international criminal going on right that the UN in these image institutions so were fine-tuning all the time. The ACLJ so that we going to battle. We go to battle the strongest way possible, because that's part of what we do, we do not just talk about these issues right we live and breathe these issues because we fight up the fight. The so Rick we talked about China. We talked about Iran and there's a connection there and in the next segment of the broadcast. I want to get into the rush aspect of this. But before we do. You also had a lot of experience at the United Nations and we are an NGO European Center for Law and Justice in Frostburg.

We've done a lot of work at the UN specifically used it worse, but helpful and there have been you know the UN generally is something else. But there are areas work and be helpful.

I mean we we had some help from the UN on these cases involving persecution for religious minorities that had they have been helpful, barely putting pressure on these governments.

Having said that there's other aspects of the hostility to Israel is incredible and I think that's is getting it worse because the administration of ocular block it, we saw that with Obama at the end where he was led he would not veto these measures let you bid in the UN business for a long time.

What's your view of that and I know, but people understand you still have to engage in even when you don't like what they do yell at somebody who doesn't believe that the UN should just be at talk fast where we deliver speeds is an NGO was just Tino's raise their fist and scream. I think you got a fight you gotta do exactly what the ACLJ has done which is go to different courts to haggle or you know the tribunal wherever it may be and fight file amicus briefs put up a legal fight and challenge where possible, let's let's be really clear.

I think the Biden administration or the next Democratic administration that comes in is going to quickly tried to put the United States back that human rights Council. That's going to be a disaster because that counsel is not been reformed. We tried to reformat many a times it's proven to to ignore basic human rights violations around the world like from China, Hong Kong Island and Iran. Other places well completely picking on Israel in an laughable term it.

It is really to the point where I'm you just can't be a part of this organization in any credible way. I think what Rick said about the rights Council, though, something we can ignore because that counsel. We do a lot of our appearances time but I mean the deed.

The anti-Americanism there and and also the fact that they will put on the Council that the UN is like no rules about who's on and so they stay some times the leaders of Venezuela as their grades are the worst human rights abuse the country there there in charge of it.

So there again to give you the opportunity to silence or put down any of the good reporting that the UN rapid towards the UN staff on human rights would be putting out on their countries are able to kinda sound to push it aside and said see what the world is constantly these bad actors are consciously thinking about America is we have short attention spans. So if you know and and and you know so if we don't really focusing on it and we can move forward will forget about what's going on in China will forget about the rights abuses in Venezuela and edit. We will stay on it. That's how they views that that organ of the UN have a look were taken right we come back more with Rick Grenell but your support of the ACLJ allows Rick Grenell be part of our team allows his broadcast to come on the air, allows her office in Strasburg France to engage the United Nations office in DC to engage the Congress and the Supreme Court. Your support makes a huge difference for the matching challenge last couple of days the American Center for Law and were engaged in critical issues at home and abroad. Whether it's defending religious freedom. Protecting those who face covering corruption in the Washington bureaucracy fighting to protect life in the courts and in Congress ACLJ for that way comes $20, $50 gift comes 100 constitutional and only one. A society can agree that the most vulnerable invoice is, is there any hope for that culture to survive. And that's exactly what you are saying when you stand with the American Center for Law and Justice, defendant the right to life. We've created a free powerful publication offering a panoramic view of the ACLJ's battle for the unborn is called mission will show you how you are personally sealed secure means to serve in many ways your membership right/Jay Sekulow live with recruit now is been with us get to be with us for the flowers broadcast and we heard a lot about Russia during the four years and it is but but we kind of not focused on where we should have it on on the Russian threat.

So just like you is you is you listens broadcast. There is still an ongoing Russian hack attack on major companies in the US the Intel I guys got a breaking news alert that they just figured out a new way that Russia was a penetrating all of our systems.

They would know about. So it is a real threat, but I think it got polarizes a political issue because it was the people like Eric Falwell and the Democrat party calling the President a Russian agent and that the Muller investigation and that would know where that was you Craig believe the unit is in and that was a violation to be impeached over because of a phone call with the new Ukrainian leader again so we didn't focus on the real problems. If the ice think this is this why those those world because they love what America gets distracted by a phony dossier about Russia and doors are the real issues of Russian women office in Moscow. The Slavic Center for Law and just as their primary role is continuing to fight for religious liberty rights.

They were guaranteed that the faultless of the Soviet Union there. Usually they been pretty success they are very successful they usually are fighting regional governments because like Putin or not, that the national level he's allowed more churches to come in, but it still always it is a very careful balance that they are living into place a big operation in Gaza brushes massive and you still apply these so asked Soviet elements running mostly to have. We have with those of 300 affiliate lawyers in Russia, 300 affiliate lawyers in the holiday's in Moscow Moscow right off at the Red Square yes) and and they are very public about their work and and they been able to again navigate likes and site of these Chinese attorneys that we've we've worked with.

They navigate a tight rope saline tight rope, but the threat from Russia's real US eyewitness were we like ignore that because we got focus on this political Russia problem so taking away the political side, Rick's former acting director of national intelligence Russia on the threat matrix.

How do you see it is a problem it's always been a problem and always will be a problem. It's largely if not exclusively, but largely cyber attacks and misinformation and the misinformation is usually around election. You know, we used to call it propaganda. But for some reason they removed his name propaganda. Now they they been pushing election interference but the reality is is that what the Russian mission.

Russia misinformation campaign is largely on social media and it inflames debate and pushes fake news, misinformation, wrong narratives and tries to inflame our debates about policy issues which sometimes are about the elections, but we rushed into, and I would say that the Democrats largely pushed this idea of a election interference. They remove the word propaganda and pretended like there were vote machines that were changed. Now that's what the narrative was for years when I came in as acting DNI. I asked on my first day for the team to give me the entire Russian collusion file I wanted to read everything that we had so that I knew what the truth was, and shortly thereafter. What I found is transcripts from House intelligence committee meetings under oath where we also had lawyers present and the individuals that were pushing this Russian collusion narrative on TV and in public, said quite something different when they were under oath with their lawyer sitting next to them and it was dramatic. It was on TV saying that Donald Trump is a was was part of the Russian collusion efforts and that he was innocent people were even saying that he was a a Russian asset and then under oath the same people would say I haven't seen any evidence that says or suggests anything about Russian collusion in our government. It was so stark and so maddening to see a false push publicly and then under oath, a completely different story that that's when I started in on saying let's just declassify this. Let's show the American public. What these individuals here in Washington DC are saying when they are under oath and that's I think the problem that that we face and that really ACLJ is going to be able to make a big impact on is demanding transparency, pushing bureaucracies to stop over classifying information to protect their PR image but to give the American people as much information as possible. We shouldn't be afraid of a declassified information. Of course we have to classify something if it's got a source or method and what that really means is a source that were using to find the information or the method in which you are using to get that information and so I was very clear with the team to say look, if you can show me that this is source or method. Then we will classify this information, but when you bring to me information that's overly classified because you're covering up a mistake of the bureaucracy or you're covering up something that that would help you politically. We can have our intelligence community politicized like this we have to be honest. Let me give you an example that really was really maddening on the Hunter Biden emails we saw that the laptop was seized, and right before the election. There was some attention from the center-right media to say wow. We've got this laptop's business partner has come clean to say this is that the laptop has some damaging information not just about Hunter Biden.

This is about Joe Biden as well and this is all coming out before the election, but we saw 50 former intelligence officials sign a letter that said this laptop is part of the Russian disinformation campaign that let me be clear, they were wrong, and not only were they wrong, they never sought any classified information, or reports, that was a political manipulation that these 50 former intelligence officials did right before the election.

They politicized intelligence by dismissing it as Russian disinformation.

They never saw actual raw intelligence on this. They never saw any report they jumped to write the letter for political purposes, and they used intelligence to do that now.

I think that that is typical of Washington DC but it's got to be cleared out. We gotta stop politicizing intelligence.

It's too important. Transparency is not political. We need to push for more transparency. Get to it, on the broader skills we talk about the turbines you brought you brought in the specifics that you actually dealt with but it's pretty scary to think. I mean, how much of a problem is.

The idea is the the Intel we file for you and it gets you into information gets classified as sources and methods things like that Rick that how much of it is the bureaucracy covering up mistakes, just as it is or about a lot of that going on. There's a lot of it. I think the knee-jerk reaction from the bureaucracy is just did not share. And that's the way the Washington unit a whole bunch of people who find it. You know better than not share information because it would cause problems in the and people would then inquire and it would be more scandalous and so Washington protects itself. It's the whole idea of a swamp. You know we we we make fun of it, and it's a funny name but it's actually intellectually accurate.

Where swamp doesn't get outside freshwater common and it has all stale water and there's no fresh ideas. There's no new water coming in. And so it becomes really stinky, sloppy, and if you're part of it. You become stinky and swampy, and so I think that what we gotta be able to do is bring fresh ideas we should demand that people were working for the government. Be transparent and don't think the American people are stupid. We can handle it. We can read reports and we can look at the gray area don't look and say everything's got a black-and-white we can be thoughtful and I think that the median DC certainly is not thoughtful.

They're looking for a headline they want everything to be right or wrong, good or bad, black or white, and many times we have to look in the middle. The gray area and saying some of this can be done declassified or shouldn't be classified in the end you're over classifying information that the American public can handle about our broadcasts. Is it we have a full hour with you so you Rick and I my dad.

We do a lot of television interviews their daily five-minute six misses some new networks.

It is getting better. I think it spending time getting into discussions places like Newsmax Elliott others and let people talk little bit more in a Corsair friends like Sean Hannity and others, but you don't get to discuss it for an hour we come back. I want to talk about Europe because of Rick's time is the US mesh Germany and our allies. There." Sometimes, but our allies in Europe and then also proactively know we wanted to talk about how we can proactively engage them in a kind of in this. On a positive note, if you will, of how we can fight back, to support the work of course ACLJ review all this information we having gotten to Europe yet and in the flour for our broadcasts going to in our allies and in Western Europe support the work of ACLJ.

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Now that the old Balkan hands in Washington DC hated it because we were talking about all of their political issues which give them jobs in Washington DC and they been writing about it for 20 years. They absolutely don't want this issue to go to fast to the end because then their careers are over and and so what we flipped on its head was the whole idea of first doing economic development talking to our partners in the region. Moving on past some of the hard political issues we got for economic agreements and it's really change the calculus. I think any administration that comes after the Trump administration in the future is going to have to deal with a newfound love in the region for America for the Trump style economy for job creation and so I'm hopeful that working to be able to bring in some massive amounts of jobs and that's going to change that.

The political calculus. Certainly Serbia and Kosovo are going to be closer to the United States the perceived conflict that there is going to create a lot of momentum and it certainly can help. On the other political issues that they have to deal with in Europe towards membership into the EU Europe to because you are the US semester Germany Germany's got the biggest economy in Europe.

It your time in Germany as well. These are supposed to be our top allies and a lot of matters that it's it's probably no no question they are, but it seemed to be getting very hostile because they just didn't like our approach, which I think you've rightfully said is it is not all about consensus on the Trump ministration.

I worry were to go back to that but you know people. I think also we need to get Ken up to speed on on what is happening in Europe. Yeah.

So first of all let let's remember when we talk about Europe or specifically Germany. There are three concept that the German people there. The German theirs German businesses and there's the German government and I think it's really important to not include all of them and how were describing Germany and let me let me give an example. Great story. Pres. Trump meeting with Chancellor Merkel. There they were meeting one-on-one, but but we say what I want, but there's really like for other people in the room on each side, listening and talking and so I'm there listening and present Trump just hones right in with the Chancellor and says look I don't blame you for wanting to buy cheap Russian gas and I don't blame you for ignoring the obligations that NATO you don't want to pay that much for military because you got in a 34,000 American troops there. I don't blame you. But you have to understand that you now are dealing with somebody who wants America first. Just like you want Germany. First, we recognize in our policy that countries are going to seek what's best for them. So, in Germany there is a Germany first economic model in France. There's a France first economic model breaks it happened because the UK wanted to put themselves first, and so we should be very aware that this is the standard that that Donald Trump pushing America first is only doing what every other country does.

But the difference is, is that the people many people in Germany, for instance, many Germans love it. They love when Germany is put forward.

First, they do think that Germany should have a working military. They do think that Germany should spend money on its own people, and abide by the rules, but I think that for too long we've had consecutive US governments and administrations that have allowed the Europeans to act out in their own way to put themselves first and to demand or expect that the United States is just going to continue not putting itself first that were to somehow take care of the world we see that the UN all the time. I've never been in a diplomatic meeting a diplomatic conversation where the other side doesn't ask the United States for a long list of things that they want us to do and every one of those things that they ask us to do are always going to benefit them. That's part of diplomacy and were the only country in the world he gets in trouble when it's our turn. And we say well this is what we like you to do because it's going to benefit us to follow that last question here is, you know with our your part of we are proactive to take action on this event includes international tribunals such as quartz, but United Nations. It includes other global institutions European Union that the European Court of human rights in Frostburg France we engage all of these international bodies and II think from coming from you was someone who has decades of experience in this. If you could just tell our audience how important it is to engage these international bodies even somebody you just don't like the way they operate. But to have a presence there is so important to engage it when we have a meeting at the UN or the hag or some international multilateral setting countries always show up to talk and it's incredibly important to have outsiders, NGOs, third-party validator's us as we call them to have other voices because otherwise Europeans or Arab countries are just as it will, of course, the United States feels that way, but they look around the room and they say nobody else is here saying it. I think sometimes we get caught up in diplomacy.

Looking at the placards in the room and if it's just the United States and then on the other side at some random and you know other country that's up against us. It looks like it's just one voice versus one voice and what we have to be able to do is represent the truth and show that we have a whole bunch of support so having ACLJ in the room having voices to say, look, we we represent, you know, ask a number of Christians around the world or or we are here to give voice to this situation. The outside perspective in those settings is incredibly important to sway the rest of the body that it's not just a one-on-one conversation would appreciate records exactly we do every single day here in the United States and literally around the globe and your support for the ACLJ funds operations in France in Jerusalem on the continent of Africa. In Russia around literally around the globe. And of course keep this broadcast on their this is it folks were the last hours of our matching challenge campaign.

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