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AG Barr Authorizes Probes Into Voting Irregularities

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
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November 10, 2020 12:00 pm

AG Barr Authorizes Probes Into Voting Irregularities

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow

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November 10, 2020 12:00 pm

AG Barr Authorizes Probes Into Voting Irregularities.

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Breaking news today on Jay Sekulow live Atty. Gen. board has authorized investigations pursuing quote substantial allegations of voting irregularities will talk about that more today Jay Sekulow live live from Washington DC Jay Sekulow third of their election results.

We have at least one or two are already on track for a recount.

The core principle figure is not, the new knowledge base of America all little valve must be counted any billing about must not be counted.

The process should be transparent or observable bowel and the courts are here to work through concern. Phone lines open for your questions right now called 1-800-684-3110 we have a system in place to consider concern in private crop is 100% within a drive look into allegations of irregularities and waited of legal and now your host Jay Sekulow life. You see, Republic Mitch McConnell stated with Pres. Trump and the legal challenges we've also seen just out of the case and the Pennsylvanians at the Supreme Court. I think this is important to note for everyone on the broadcasting that this is this is key as a started coming in that case is now been joined by the Ohio Atty. Gen., Kentucky's Atty. Gen., Missouri's Oklahoma, Alabama, Florida, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina, Texas and South Dakota have all joined in on that lawsuit about the fact that it was a judge and not the legislature change when votes could be counted this so if you look at the issue of what's at stake in these various pieces of litigation, the one in Pennsylvania I think is extremely significant because not just for how it impacts what happened in Pennsylvania, but actually how it impacts the role of the courts and the legislature in separation of powers into government unit within intrastate and interstate itself so the Constitution says very clearly and unequivocally that the state legislatures will determine the various methods of how the election will take place here. You had a court usurp the authority of the legislature.

The legislature did make changes to the election process that allowed for mail-in ballots.

They allowed to commit as late as Tuesday at the election day at 8 o'clock so these were things that the state legislature actually voted on and did the problem here. I think what makes us so significant is that the legislature was usurped by the court and that's what we have pending right now. Across the street in that particular lawsuit and anyone through the briefs yesterday that were filed and they are comprehensive and in their file.

By the way, and each have a different view on how that should be what their positions are Francis Ohio says in their break we allow we extended our dates, we did all these things, but were concerned about is the constitutional issue at stake as a relates to separation of powers and yeah the brief that was filed by the Atty. Gen. of Missouri that was going into by nine other states was one of the most finest pieces of the finest pieces of work that I have read. I'm very impressed with it and he says in the brief joined by these other jurisdictions.

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court's decision in this case created a window of time for unscrupulous actors to wait until NC until after election day. Whether the outcome would be close enough, both in Pennsylvania and in the nation as a whole to make attempting fraud worthwhile. And that's exactly the point. I think that was made, and similarly made in the Ohio jurisdiction case as well right so I think with these kit side with these cases show Jordan is that we need to leave these matters to the legislature and the courts need to stay out of apps is a legend except when the lower court makes the mistake that they did here in usurp his authority meant judicial review is necessary to kick it back at the say hey this the legislature's job, not the courts, jobs, limit their own power to your phone calls 164 3110 share this broadcast with your friends and family. If you want to know about these ongoing legal battles. This is the place to get it from the presence legal team share now.

It is a matching challenge about the ACLJ double the impact of your donation that's the American Center for Law and justice were engaged in critical issues at home and abroad. Whether it's defending religious freedom detecting those who are persecuted for their faith. Uncovering corruption in the Washington bureaucracy and fighting to protect life and in Congress ACLJ would not be able to do any of this without your support for that. We are grateful.

Now there's an opportunity for you to help me way for limited time you can participate in the ACLJ's matching challenge every dollar you donate $10 gift $50 gift becomes 100. This is a critical time for the ACLJ the work we simply would not occur without your generous take part in our matching challenge make a difference in protecting the constitutional and religious freedoms gift today online okay only when a society can agree that the most vulnerable invoice is, is there any hope for that culture to survive. And that's exactly what you are saying when used with the American Center for Law and Justice, defendant the right to life, we've created a free powerful publication offering a panoramic view of the ACLJ's battle for the unborn is called mission will show you how you are personally publication includes a look at all major ACLJ cases were fighting for the rights of pro-life activist ramifications 40 years later Planned Parenthood's role in the what Obama care means to discover many ways your membership is empowering the right question for copy mission in life today online/Jay Sekulow like this Jordan secular that Washington DC joined by Eddie Cotto in the breaking news to last night was that the Atty. Gen. United States Atty. Gen. Bill Barrs as I has announced that he has instructed his US attorneys to begin a review of voting and serious irregularities into those reviews. East wrote now that the voting his king concluded, it is imperative that the American people can trust that our lectures were conducted in such a way that outcomes accurately reflect the will of the voters goes on to say, given the voting in our current elections is now concluded. I authorize you. That's the US attorneys to pursue. This is key substantial allegations of voting and vote tabulation irregularities prior to the certification of elections in your jurisdiction. In certain cases, as I've's special specific instances that this is also important because it goes to the limits so that's that like his US attorneys are doing this all 50 states that he says this. Such inquiries and reviews may be conducted if there are clear and apparently credible allegations of irregularities that if true, this is key could potentially impact the outcome of the federal election. It'd individual state. So dad right there is instructing his US attorneys to look at the states could sway the allowed cut outcome because outcome determinative states.

That's where the US attorney should be looking at how you got the truck campaign that the RNC you have the presence legal team you have.

States Atty. Gen.'s on the Republican side now. You also have US Department of Justice and their US attorneys looking at the irregularities and wrong, and potential wrongdoing at both vote County tabulation yet and what Bill Barr said is it's got to be serious.

It's got to be credible and it makes sense to empower US attorneys to look at these issues because any new word, the acting US attorney for for Atlanta for the Northern District of Georgia because you have the resources that a local basis to engage it to look at it to determine if in fact there is a serious violation.

That's what the key that's exactly right. United States attorneys are basically federal district attorneys analogous to the state district attorney that operate in the judicial district in this case the United States as I think 98 United States attorneys throughout the country and they have the resources to the FBI through other agencies of the federal government to do these investigations if they see claims of irregularity that if true, as Jordan said, and he quoted the Atty. Gen. correctly. If true, would clearly impact the outcome of election otherwise deferred until after the election in the certification process is completed, so this if is out.

If it is outcome determinative. What Atty. Gen. Barrs is perfectly right in saying doing what he says and in writing this memorandum to the United States attorneys and the assistant AG's in the criminal division and the FBI agents as well.

Take a look at things that are outcome determinative usual resources ensure the fairness and the integrity of the election and do it now. One thing I do want to say Jordan I want PRR audience to understand ACLJ members understand that. Look, this is not said that yes I was sitting in this is that this is a Herculean task on behalf of the lawyers that are involved in litigating this and raising the constitutional issues and the people on the ground in the various states we look at it at the Supreme Court level but you got all the state court proceedings and states in Michigan Arizona, Pennsylvania, and so far not any litigation, it doesn't appear right now in Georgia, a very close race there but there are, you know this is a lot to overcome.

So I want everybody to be realistic. You gotta run this down because that's I think that's a constitutional obligation is to make sure, to the best of your ability, it was fair. It was honest if it wasn't that needs to be pointed out, but at the end it.

Like I said yesterday allowed dominoes have to fall in place for that our neighbor share the Supreme Court to make the determination that there any gauge the case. The Pennsylvania cases up there the state that was issued by Justice Alito was still in effect. I know a lot of rumors going on yesterday about something happening last night. So far nothing is happening, but no additional orders.

What has happened is been a bevy of breaks and he's been reviewing those in a number of other words imbued with a lot of briefs filed it with our position by, and a number states anywhere up like 13 states, but that the supreme I it's hard for me to believe that these determinations if it doesn't I get the dominoes did line up that a federal court judge of the Third Circuit Court of Appeals is to be the final arbiter of what happens here right I think if if it gets that far. It's going to be the Supreme Court of the United States making that call. If the case gets we got up there. I'm got a call coming in.

This one probably should take it on line 6 units go to John in Florida on line 6 we are take your phone calls at 164 3110 encouraging share this broadcast with your friends and family. I can get an hour breaking this down anywhere else Cornell a special budgeted asymmetry also be joining us. He's been in the mist of all this is well a job welcome to Jay Sekulow live and work it that good unconquered. No how many boat actually came in after I left the boat will be overruled or disregarded the ballpark so yes upon so far we don't have a number what we heard.

We heard estimations as much is a 50 or 60,000 votes out there supposed to be counted separately not part of the main accounting. In other words, the numbers you're seeing are not supposed to include as we know verification of the bat.

I knew up being the case and there's no indication in the brief Sandy is there that how many know that we don't really not be the Secretary of State. Pennsylvania could tell everybody that ended Friday.

Today is is Tuesday. I mean it's it's been over for a few days now. So you would think they could get in there and do something about that, but again the Napa want to do something about that.

I do think that you look were doing what you do digit you take the cases out to their conclusion. Whatever the court decides were country of laws that will be the determination that will be the decision and that's what you eliminate may not agree with it. By the way, but that's the way it works in a constitutional republic. When the courts finally rule on these various allegations becomes out in favor the President.

That's great. If it does not come out in favor of the President you have to abide by the law. That's the requirement of the Constitution. We need to explain that any deeper. I will say it this way.

If the Supreme Court of the United States is not the final arbiter in this from the legal challenges who is who is so that's the way our founders envisioned the situation to develop an and that's where I think this is going to be. I do think that there is a lot at stake here but you also Jordan we should talk about this may be in a late letter broadcast it up to Senate seats in Georgia that are up up up its threadably Throughout reelect proper abatement were so close that they have to basically do the elections all over getting people runoff elections January 5 with the runoff.

So I mean you got a lot going on down there a lot going on to runoffs that will really predict the outcome of the US internets is fairly clear that in Alaska the Republican senators, one citing really give Republicans at 49. Right now, so they they need but they need to get to 51 because it if Joe Biden was to be declared the winner. Rather it be Kemal Harris as vice President who would be that tie-breaking vote if there was a 50-50 split.

It means the control ghost Democrats. So even with the Alaska weight of 49. You need the win both waves in Georgia so for Purdue to be offset off and and and then for Kelly Loeffler out to win her race as well. The boat devoted on the same day and I just think were dead. Probably this week just starting to see the real full organization go there. The money that's going to be spent will be in the hundreds of millions of dollars. Yet people like gang of the Democrats I'd say move to Georgia right now. Establish residency and vote just for this so people are the Democrats are actually encouraging moves like that to try and get more votes because they understand that this would be the balance of power, there would be not in Washington DC well with the courts because if the Senate were to go Democrat because of these two seats going Democrat that you've got the White House the house and the Senate and the heads of Joe Biden, Pelosi and Schumer and I think look this is the Senate seats as much right now little yet in Georgia right now with the right entry gang say move there, a college professor telling the students from out of state could change residency to Georgia and I question whether that's valid with intent you have to have a legal intent for residency, but that would be hard to prove one way or another, I guess, but they're looking to try everything Republicans better be aggressive, doing, and how their counter events can be because as you just said Jordan, it's that the future of the Senate since think that's the check and balance in government right that is a lot riding on this would make Kemal Harris then present that the senator if she became the vice President the most powerful woman in the United States with electric shots had hiking out. She has all the tie-breaking votes which there be a lot of it a 50-50 Senate divided that way.

It means it would be able to get their most extreme nominees through in most cases it means green new deal could be very likely it needs that tax hikes you got all those all those issues I think they could get rid of the legislative filibuster because without with the legislative filibuster would prevent a lot of that.

But if they got rid of the legislative filibuster as some of said then you push through green new deal.

The tax hikes exposed extreme nominees are able to do that so I get were also monitoring the affordable care act case then before the Supreme Court judge Baird asked her just as bare as her first question as a justice of the court will have that for you.

We come back in the next segment of the broadcast, and I'll be on Newsmax later document that case and the case involving the present Spice Broadcast 6 PM Recruit out Geordie Is the Second Half Hour of the Broadcast As Well and Will Continue to Take Your Phone Call Share with Your Friends and Family Double the Impact of Your Donation to the ACLJ ACLJ Only One. A Society Can Agree That the Most Vulnerable Invoice Is, Is There Any Hope for That Culture to Survive. And That's Exactly What You Are Saying When You Stand with the American Center for Law and Justice, Defendant the Right to Life. We've Created a Free Powerful Publication Offering a Panoramic View of the ACLJ's Battle for the Unborn Is Called Mission Will Show You How You Are Personally Publication Includes a Look at All Major ACLJ Pro-Life Cases Were Fighting for the Rights of Pro-Life Activists. The Ramifications of Roe V Wade, 40 Years Later Planned Parenthood's Role in the What Obama Care Means to Discover the Many Ways Your Membership Is Empowering the Right Question for Economy Mission Life Today Online ACLJ/the American Center for Law and Justice Were Engaged in Critical Issues at Home and Abroad.

Whether It's Defending Religious Freedom. Protecting Those Faith Uncovering Corruption in the Washington Bureaucracy Fighting to Protect Life in the Courts and in Congress. ACLJ Would Not Be Able to Do Any of This without Your Support for That. We Are Grateful. Now There's an Opportunity for You to Help Me Way for Limited Time You Can Participate in the ACLJ's Matching Challenge Every Dollar You Donate $10 Gift Comes 20 Oh $50 Gift Becomes 100. This Is a Critical Time for the ACLJ. The Work We Simply Would Not Occur without Your Generous Take Part in Our Matching Challenge Make a Difference in the Protecting the Constitutional and Religious Freedoms Give a Gift Today Online ACLJ Jay Sekulow Likes It When You Have Some Sound to from the First Case for Justice Amy Cody Barrett Is the Air Act Case. Their First Question That As a US Supreme Court Justice. This Case Is Zeroing in on Whether the Individual Mandate, Which Was Zeroed out by Pres. Trump but Was Done through Executive Action, so Could Be Brought Back by AA President Joe Biden Yes Very Quickly Unless the Supreme Court Invalidates the Individual Mandate, Which, Whether They Say Is Severable from the Rest of the Law or Not Kills the Affordable Care We've Artie See That It Doesn't Work Present Trump Talked about How Very Difficult to Keep It Running, but They're Doing As Best As Possible. The American People, but without the Mandate. It Really Doesn't Work Whether the Supreme Court Says It Severable or Not but Here Is the First Time, You Can Hear Justice Barrett in This Very Controversial Case All the Affordable Care Act.

Her First Question Will Understood How Court through the 5000 to 800 Provision Actively Inoperative to Zero out and out with a Reasonable Thing for Operating under Reconciliation Procedure That Allowed Me Change Compliant with the Bird Rolling TBL Had Told That There Was No Material between Repealing the Provision and Zeroing out the Monitoring This Is A Lot to Monitor His Behavior Going on Right Now and Seducer Committee, but They Got. She Was Very Active, You Know, It Kind of Went by, Turn It Still Doing That Phone Method Had It. We Did Rent from Here the Studio That I Would Now and so Instead of Adorable If She Was up There to Cover First Case of the Robes That You Connect to Gel. They Go by. Turn on Phone so It's like Justice DSO. She Is Not the Same Way.

Be like Her Jump to Get on Her First Question Ever Had a Feeling Because She Was Given Time by the Chief Justice down the Exactly What We Had When We We Argue Those Three Cases Back in in May.

Same Same Procedures Being Used with Just a Really Good Question Really Deep Question. I Think That You Will Get the Result in That Case, Probably in the Next for Five Months and Will See Now That Depends on What Again What Happens with the Senate. What Happens with the Presidency. All That Will Have an Impact on How This Moves Forward a Minute or Two Different Very Different Views on How the Affordable Care Act Should Shape up Again. This Is Where the Senate Races in Georgia. In Particular, Are so Significant and You Were down There and That This Was Very Close.

I Mean Them to Look at the Differential Mean No One Got over 50% Going under Georgia Law, in Order to Prevail in a Runoff. You've Got to Have 50% of the Vote.

+1 Vote 50% +1 and David Purdue. The Incumbent United States Sen. Was a 49 Point Something but It Was Less Than 50 and Therefore He Was Put into a Runoff with This John Assad's Character, Then You Have the Multiple There Were about 35 People Running in the Senate Seat That Is Being Currently Held by Kelly Loeffler and Dan Doug Collins Was Part of That Congressman Doug Collins and Therefore No One Got 50% +1 of the Vote Kelly Loeffler I Think Came out on Top on That, but Again Enough to Create a Runoff between Her and Pastor Warnock, Ebenezer Baptist Church.

So These Are Critical Critical Elections in Georgia. We Have Gone to Prevail in Those Elections.

In Order to Keep the Senate in Republican Control. I Can Imagine the Horror That Would Exist If You Had a House of Relatives Representatives under Pelosi Think about This a Senate Run by Schumer, Who Decides What Bills, What Votes Are Had, and When There Had Think about That and a Presidency with Joe Biden and Kamal Harris, the Vice President Who Joe Jordan Mentioned Would Be in the Chair Breaking Tie Votes.

In Other Words, It's a Unitary Government Totally Controlled by the Democrats so I Can't Emphasize Enough to Those My Fellow Georgians, Then This Is a Critical Race in Georgia on January 5 between Kelly Loeffler and Pastor Warnock on the One Side, and Whoever Wins That by Whatever Mode He Could Be One Vote You in the Race. There's No Runoff There, and by David Purdue. The Incumbent Senator and Solve Who Is a Confirmed Marxist Socialist, a Liberal, Totally on the Other Hand, Running against Incumbent United States Sen. Those Are Critical Critical Races. Jordan and J. I Will Tell You to Daddy Georgia Is Still the Smallest Margin That Joe Biden Has a Lead in Only 12,000 Votes, and That It Has Not Finished Counting There Still a Pick Percent of the Vote out There in a Percent in the State That Big with a Number That Low.

I Mean I Get There Going to the Automatic Recount. We Know Our Congressman Doug Collins Is Overseeing That That's What Allstate You Can Actually Look and See Even If There's Not Legal Action until the Recount Now A Lot Of Legal Action Can Come Out Of Recounts That If That's Where A Lot Of That Happens, but Also You Look at That Number.

Those Are the Kind of Numbers You Look Very Look at Arizona with 90 Where Recounts Really Can Have an Impact If They Are Done Correctly, Knowing That Your Hundreds and Correct Me.

I Think the Difficulty Here and I Think This Is the Real Difficulty in All This Is You Really Gotta Keep Proceeding.

Assuming These Things Line up Don't You Not Know for Sure and You May Not Know for Sure per Week so This Process Could Go on for Another Couple Weeks Ago onto the End of November.

Bush Versus Gore Was Having 37 Days That Was Resolved so As Not to Be History of This We Do and You Just Get by the Allocation in the Early 1800s It Would Take a Month to Tabulate This Information and Get in around a Week, Certainly, but It Was Somebody I Read Somewhere It Was like the Jefferson Adams Race Was like 90 Days until They Could Certified Mean System When a Satellite Is Actually Meant I Could Question for You Jennifer to Florida Online Five Hey Jennifer, Welcome to Jay Sekulow Live Call and I concerning My Question and African-American. What Can We Do Financially or Immediately Let out a Shapely Beginning Should Be Praying for Justice to Prevail and Then for the and for the Equities to Be the Way They're Supposed to Be Look God Is in Control of This Were Not What Would We Do We Do the Legal Part That Were Assigned. My Focus Right Now, Our Teams Focus ACLJ Focus Our Private Practice but Focus Is on the Constitutional Issues When They Get to This Level, You Got Good Lawyers in the States. You Gotta Rely on Them yet That's Exactly Right. What You Gonna Do Right Now Is Pray.

There's Nothing Else That You Can Do but Pray and Hope and in Georgia Vote in the Runoff Election That It Is Critical Then Two Things Are Critical One That the President See Is Properly Elected. The Electors Remember We Elect Electors.

We Don't Have a Popular Vote for the Presidency. We Elect People Who Elect the President. That Process Has Got to Have Been Properly Entered into and That's What Ohio and These Other Jurisdictions Are Seeking the Supreme Court to Do in the Pennsylvania Case and so That's One of the Important Things That You Can Do Is Stay Tuned and Stay Knowledgeable about What You Do in a Constant to Make Sure That the Constitutional Mandate Is Fulfilled. That's a Good Reason Also to Look at Our Video Put up on Our Bald Legal Kids Channel Because of the Whole Thing on the Electoral College Rate for Parents to Really Great for Parents As Well and It's There at the YouTube Type in Bald Legal and There's One on the Electoral College Absolutely Check Bald or Support/Bobby Don't Support the Work of ACLJ or Matching Challenge. Double Your Impact ACLJ the American Center for Law and Justice Were Engaged in Critical Issues at Home and Abroad for Limited Time You Can Participate in the ACLJ Matching Challenge for Every Dollar You Donate, It Will Be Managed $10 Gift Becomes $20, $50 Gift Becomes 100 You Can Make a Difference in the World Protecting the Constitutional and Religious Freedoms Most to You and Your Family. Give a Gift Today Online ACLJ.Live from Washington DC Jay Sekulow and Secular Jay Sekulow Life You Are Hearing Are Going Right Now Former FBI Deputy Dick Rector McCabe That Was Delayed Because of Coded You've Got the Affordable Care Act Case Really Focusing Specifically on the Individual Mandate We've Heard for the First Time I Justice and Amy Cody Barrett, but of Course Where America's Tension I Don't Much of Your Attention. I Encourage You to Share This Broadcast with Your Friends and Family Is on These Legal Challenges That Are Just Beginning and I Suggest Beginning Because They Are from the Trunk Campaign from the RNC from the Various It Seems like the Presence Legal Team As Well and How We Are Monitoring at the Supreme Court Level. That's Kind of Our Role Were Also Joined Right Now by Her Special Advisor for National Security and Foreign Policy Rick Redoubt Rick You Bid in Nevada You Been All over the Country since the Election Give People to Update. From Your Perspective.

All We Have To Remember That This Race Has Not Been Certified. It's Not Been Even to the Point Where All Votes Have Been Counted. We Got Tens of Thousands of Votes in Nevada That Still Need to Be Counted in This Race Is Not Official and so We Have To Remember to Jordan That It's Been One Week Al Gore Conceded December 15 and so Long Later. Gotta Count the Votes.

Anyone Who Is Trying to Print Jack's Winter without Counting All of Those I Think Is the One That Is Undermining Autocracy. We Need Every Legal Vote Counted, and That's What Were Trying to Do and There's a Whole Bunch of Discrepancies with These Counting with the Counting of Votes Clearly in the Bad. We Have a Problem with the Machine That Is Counting Votes and and Matching Signatures and the Problem That We Have Is Is That the Bureaucrats in Clark County Lowered Them the Factory Settings on the Machine or Matches on Signatures and We've Already Seen Some Problems with the Signatures We Are Happening and We Go to Court to Say That the Machine That's Doing This Artificial Intelligence Matching Is Not Good Enough Because They Lowered the Factory Settings and All of These Need to Be Done by a Human Being. That's the Lawsuit That We Have Currently in the End I Think That This Is Going to Help People Have a Greater Say in the System and Clearly. Transparency Is Not Political. It's a Good Thing for the Public to Have Rick This Is J Let Me Let Me Ask You This. You Mentioned This Situation Machines with a Calibrated Differently. What Did the Other Can We Note the Other Counties Did. That Was Just Unique to Clark. It's Unique to Clark and Other Counties That Actually Use This Machine and They Lowered the Factory Settings As Well.

Not As Much Is Clark County Clark County Lowered the Factory Settings in a Very Seriously by the Way, This Is Not in Dispute. Clark County Officials Testified That They Were Going to Do This in Nevada before the Election, and Many Republicans in the County Raised Red Flags Early on That This Is Not Right You're Using the Factory Settings. The Recommendations from the Experts on This Machine and They Testified Openly That They Will Do It Anyway.

We We Have Affidavits from Multiple People Who Are Artificial Intelligence Experts Who Have Set Lower the Factory Settings.

It's a Real Problem You You Need Experts to Figure out How to Tinker with the Machine in Order to Get It so That It Does. Reflect These Bureaucrats Don't Know How to Do That and They Didn't Have Any Experts Helping Them so It Really Quick.

Rick Would Actually Be Taking Place Was Duly Filed Its Already Filed and Waiting and That the Democrats and Responded to. Great.

Very Good Rights. Rick Easily Joins in the Next Segment As Well Really Talk to Him about What You Can Do the Grassroots Action As Well, Which Were Sitting across the Country. I Know He's Been Responsible for Organizing A Lot Of That Is about Overseeing A Lot Of That's Will Talk to Rick about That Because A Lot Of People Are Asking You What Can I Do Now.

I Give Us a Call 1-800-684-3110 Share This with Your Friends and Family by the Way New Bald Legal up If You Bald

This Is on Veterans Day. Veterans Day Is Tomorrow. It's a Great Video for You to Watch with Your Kids about the Importance of Veterans Day Support Work ACLJ and ACLJ.the American Center for Law and Justice Were Engaged in Critical Issues at Home and Abroad. Whether It's Defending Religious Freedom Detecting Those for Their Faith. Uncovering Corruption in the Washington Bureaucracy Fighting to Protect Life and Commerce ACLJ Would Not Be Able to Do Any of This without Your Support for That. We Are Grateful. Now There's an Opportunity for You to Help Me Way for Limited Time You Can Participate in the ACLJ Matching Challenge Every Dollar You Donate $10 Gift Comes 20 Oh $50 Gift Becomes 100. This Is a Critical Time for the ACLJ. The Work We Simply Would Not Occur without Your Generous Report or Matching Challenge Make a Difference in Protecting the Constitutional and Religious Freedoms You Gift Today Online Okay Only When a Society Can Agree That the Most Vulnerable Invoice. Is There Any Hope for That Culture to Survive.

And That's Exactly What You Are Saying When You Stand with the American Center for Law and Justice, Defendant the Right to Life, We've Created a Free Powerful Publication Offering a Panoramic View of the ACLJ's Battle for the Unborn.

It's Called Mission Will Show You How You Are Personally Publication Includes a Look at All Major ACLJ Were Fighting for the Rights of Pro-Life Activists Ramifications. 40 Years Later Planned Parenthood's Role in the What Obama Care Means Many Ways Your Membership Is Empowering the Right Question for You, Mission Life Today Online/Jay Sekulow Secular. We Are to Your Phone Calls It 164, 31 to 3 Dollars Rick Were Now Special Visors out There. Also for the RNC's Been All across the Country and Especially Nevada.

Since Election Day but but Said That We Were the New Lawsuit There Filed in Nevada Because of the Way the Machines the Signature Matching Machines Were Turned down so Low below Set Factory Settings so That Basically Everything Would Go through Is a Matching You Know That This Is Important Because That's Part of the Signature Matching so to Go below Well below the Factory Settings Is Is It Is Absurd so That Legal Challenges Been Filed.

She Can Add That to the Legal Challenges I Want to Go but Right Back to Rick. Rick Where Are You Now, the Country Still Traveling on These Efforts, You Still in Nevada Where or Where You Now so I Still Traveling, Trying to Make Sure That We Have Money for That Legal Recount and Overseeing Nevada and Accounting. One Thing That I Want to Make Clear to This Machine That Were Talking about Is Also Used in Maricopa County and Their Factory Settings That Maricopa Used Were Not As Low As Clark County so in Arizona. They Didn't Lower It Is Much As They Did in Nevada, but They Still Lowered It and Are Not Utilizing the Factory Settings. We Estimate That in Clark County Alone 600,000 Ballots Went through This Machine. Maxine and and Getting Rid Signatures That Were Accurate.

So When All Said and Done 200,000 Ballots, One Third of the 600,000. We Are Very Concerned about and We Want to See a Human Being. Go through Thousand That's Part of What Were Asking the Court, People Rick Are Asking A Lot Of People to the Not Our Position on the Trump Legal Team That Didn't Work the RNC like You and You but They Want to Do Something That You Just Used To Talk about One Thing They Can Do, Which Is Support the Right Legal Recount Effort to Know People Getting Lots of Text, Forgetting about the Georgia Runoff and I Encourage People I Don't Symmetric Health ACL Tape If You Care about That. Think of the U.S. Senate. Now You Can Donate the Interests He Can Donate to Lawfully Condoning to Purdue. There, They're Both Having to Basely Rerun Campaigns and It Six Weeks, but Also Rick There Is a Way to Donate to These Recount Fonts That's Available to Them. It's Important to the Work to Keep People like You There and the Attorneys There Working. That Is What White People Can Help with Their Pocketbooks. I Would Say That People Are Not in a Position to Give. And so I Think Will Find All of the Concerns That We Have on Social Media with Friends Is a Really Important Way You're Being Very Strategic Partner.

By Doing That, I Would Suggest Going to Twitter and Instagram Nevada GOP Which Is and the GOP Go There and Look at What's Being Placed out and Share That.

But If You Are Position to Financially Help You Can Help in the RNC or ACLJ Which Are Both Doing Great Legal Work. All of This Legal Work Needs to Be Done. The Challenges Need to Be Made Expensive to Hire These Lawyers. We Have To Be Able to Do It in and There's so Many Races Where Officials Are Counting Balance. Some Republicans Are Often Watching Their Lead Just, You Know, Takeaway and Some Are There Need to Fight so That They Can Be the Ones That Take and Sell Whether or Not You Are in a State like California, for Instance, Where the State Why Ballots Are Not in Question. There Are A Lot Of Local Races so I Would Just Say Get Involved Find the Concerns and All Hands on Deck.

Right Now We Have This Quickie Coming in from Becky in Exit from Lorient in California Online for These Great Questions That We Have Rick on Hey Lori, Welcome Jay Sekulow Live Taking My Call. Your Program on I Heard the Question I Called You about What Can Lead You and My My Question to You in Regards to Your Answer Why Is There More That We Can You Pray Which Were Doing Way, Why Is There Anything More That We Can Get This, There's Two Things. It Depends on Where You Are the Country like You Said, There May Be Local Races Lori California Where You Need to Be Involved with That the State Party Local Party and Recount Efforts Are We Going to Be a Point Rick and We Saw This during the Bush Versus Gore's Were People Were Traveling from State to State to Volunteer to Help Oversee Recounts to Basically Be the Observers of Recount and That May Be a Potential for Some of Our Our Listeners Right Now Who Want to Do More Than Just Financially Support or Pray, or Work Locally Would Get Involved Is That If We Get to Those That Point There. Their Assistance May Be Necessary yet Volunteering on the Recount Is Extremely Important Don't Mean That Just like We Needed Volunteers on Election Day. I Totally Said That the Frustration Is What Can We Do We Need to Do More. I Want What You Know Why I Put My Finger on Exactly What the Solution Is and I Think That's a Very Real Frustration We All Have Let Me Just Reiterate Praying Is Incredibly Important and It's Incredibly Helpful Right Now. Getting Your Voice to Those Concerns That the Legal Team Has Ended. Discrepancies Very Important and Very Crucial so Don't Minimize Your Amplification on Social Media and Talking about These Issues so That There Is Comfort in the Group and You Encourage a Whole Bunch of Other People to Speak out and Then If You Can Financially Those Are to Get in and Those Are Three Ways That That Are Super Helpful. I Don't Think That There Is One Magic Bullet Solution. If There Was We Would Do It but Together When Were All Looking at One of the Things That We Can Do and He Has Different Talents. I Think Those Three Things Are Incredibly Important. Don't Minimize Their Impact. Yeah Exactly 164 3110. That's 100-6431 10.

I Think This This Is If She Wanted to Becky Washington State Online. Three.

Want to Answer This Question for You Becky Because I Think at A Lot Of You by This Question.

You're on the Air Mode and I Am Telling You People People on Where and How Did Not Want Their People Who Worked There Broken English and We Know That He's Moving Forward with the Voter ID Every State. This Mail-In Ballot's Attempted Mail and Balloting without Really Preparing for Lead to What I Believe Is Just a Massive Amount of Fraud, Confusion, Even Good Good Faith Poll Workers. Rick Had No Idea What to Be Doing with All These Ballots and They Were Flooding in. This Wasn't the Norm.

They Did This Wasn't How They Were Used To Counting Ballots and so Even States He Got Very Electronic They Got All These Mail-In Ballots Came in They Were Not Prepared for the Postal Service Wasn't Prepared for It, and Now Are Starting to See the Litigation.

He Comes from It. I Understand People's Frustration at the View Has To Be Twofold.

One Looking Forward and One Looking for This Pressing for Real Change in Getting a More Uniform, Even Though It's up to the States, More Uniform Way of How We Elect Our President and into Its We Understand This Mail-In Ballot That We Tried Did Not Work. It's Led to Ton of Problems.

Why Were in Court Right Now for the Main Reasons Is the Mail-In Ballots Are Just Fraught with Potential Problems Ended Third Is Again Not Giving up like like You Said Rick We Are All Still Working on This Because We See a Path for Present Trumps Victory As the President Has Said the Team Is Made Clear. As so Long As We See That Path That We Still Have Time. We Will Keep Fighting You Respond to the Last Caller. I Think Washington State Was Pretty Exciting This Year Because I Sense the Frustration of People and I Think the Numbers Are Just Beginning to Turn around and We Got a Ways to Go but I Think Washington State Needs to Have Some Concentration and Energy in the Future Because There Have Been People That Are Frustrated. I Will Also Say to the Caller That First-Generation Americans Are Some of the Loudest Supporters of Pres. Trump and Conservatives and so Don't Dismiss the Fact That Many Minorities Have Turned around and Supporting Pres. Trump. They Understand What Fascism Is about More Than Americans and Then Here for a Long Time and Then Lastly I Will Just Add That the Frustration That We Seen from the Mail in Balance. Remember That This Is All Done 30 to 60 Days before the Election. Massive Mail Outs Ballots for People That Have Not Requested These Ballots Had No Idea That the Ballots Were Coming in Those Ballots. I Can Tell You Specifically Nevada Were Not Checked against Accurate Up-To-Date Voter Rolls. There Were Way Too Many People That Lived Out Of State That We Found That People That Voted These Are Just the Fact They Want to Dismiss This As Not Systematic but I Think What Is Systematic and What Is Problematic Is Massive.

Mail out Balance to Lists That Are Old and Inaccurate and They Did That so That There Would Be a Whole Bunch of Ballots Laying around and That's When We Have Problems We Need a Voter ID in the Future. National Voter ID. Most Americans Think of Course He Should Have Most Countries around the World Have That Rick Think You Keep on Keep It up in Nevada Will Talk to You Later This Week Folks Support the Work. The ACLJVC It's a Matching Challenge Double Your Impact AC Only One. A Society Can Agree That the Most Vulnerable Invoice. Is There Any Hope for That Culture to Survive. And That's Exactly What You Are Saying the American Center for Law and Justice, Defendant the Right to Life, We've Created a Free Publication Offering a Panoramic View of the ACLJ's Battle for the Unborn Is Called Mission Will Show You How You Are Personally Publication Includes a Look at All Major ACLJ Were Fighting for the Rights of Pro-Life Activist Ramifications 40 Years Later Planned Parenthood's Role in What Obama Care Means Many Ways Your Membership Is Empowering the Right Question Mission Life Today Online/American Center for Law and Justice Were Engaged in Critical Issues at Home and Abroad. Whether It's Defending Religious Freedom.

Protecting Those Covering Corruption in Washington Fighting to Protect Life Reports and in Commerce. ACLJ Would Not Be Able to Do Any of This without Your Support for That. We Are Grateful. Now There's an Opportunity for You to Help Me Way for Limited Time You Can Participate in the ACLJ's Matching Challenge Every Dollar You Donate $10 Gift Comes 20 Oh Becomes 100.

This Is a Critical Time for the ACLJ.

The Work We Simply Would Not Occur without Your Generous Matching Challenge Make Protecting the Constitutional and Religious Freedoms.

Today Online Okay Jay Sekulow, Let's Recap a Little Bit to Get the Legal Challenges We Know the New Legal Challenge Filed in Nevada Is the Voting Machines and the That They Went Way below the Factory Settings on Matching the Actual That the Signatures That Could Impact about 1/3 of 600,000 Votes.

So Were Talking about a Significant That's Enough Votes Were at Its Outcome Determinative in Nevada, Where It Still Defined As a Bigger Lead. But If You're Talking about Get 1/3 a 200,000 Votes Wrongly Counted. Those Were Mostly by or Even 80% When Suddenly Our 70% Suddenly Have a Different Winner in Nevada so That That Lawsuit Has Been Found to Have My Debts at This All Beats a Kind of Yeah Pennsylvania Is Gotta Match up with Some Other States As Well.

She Got Rick Were Now Fighting in Nevada, We See the Fighting in Arizona. Of Course, but We've Also Got Questions about the Senate Seats As Well and This Is the First Day We Hear from Justice Amy Cody Barrett on the Supreme Court of Supreme Court Is Still Doing Their Oral Arguments by Phone. Even Her First and Second Questions Are Little Different Than Usual Because Are Going in Because Is Done by Literally Conference Call That Not by Zoom by Conference Call.

The Chief Justice Kata Goes in Order so It's Not like They're Jumping in with Questions the Same Way They Usually Would.

If This Was Being Held in the Courtroom at This USS Supreme Court so We Have That Going on Today That's Specific to the Individual Mandate Is It Unconstitutional. Question One and Question Two.

If It Is, Is a Whole Affordable Care Act Unconstitutional or Is It Severable You Keep the Affordable Care Kind of like What Were Dealing with Now. I've Still Believes I Have for the Years the Affordable Care Act, but a Place in the Individual Mandate Falls There Is No Affordable Care Act. There Is No Obama Care Is Really Big Trump Care That Is Been Keeping This Even Afloat While the Individual Mandate Was Zero Doubts Will Play Some of That but I Do Want to Take Your Phone Calls at 1-800-684-3110. I Don't Want to Go Talk about the Senate Races a Georgia Pat in Colorado.

Pat, Welcome to Jay Sekulow Live Your on the Air My Call. I Appreciate All That You Are Doing for You Highly. My Question Is We All Know That the Democrats Have a Whole Lot Again by That Run Senate Seat Georgia Checks and Balances Are Put in Place. How Do We Know That That Was to Be on the up and up. Since We Had so Much Fraud in the Main Election. What's to Keep That One. Allegations of Fraud, yet Georgia Just to Be Honest with You for the Legatee. There Is A Lot Of People Looking at What County or Two Counties a Particular Full County, Where Atlanta Is DeKalb County Right outside of Atlanta to Heavily Democrat Counties There Are.

They Are Looking at Issues There with Irregularities, but This Is a Still a Red State in the Sense That the State Government Is Run by Republican Stan so Their Secretary Of State Georgia Secretary Of State, the Atty. Gen., the Governor, It's Really and Their Legislature and Even You Know That There There Lieut. Gov.

These Are All Republicans. It Is Really up to Them to Put Together a Free and Fair Runoff Election Hundred Percent Jordan, We Also Have To Remember That I Need Even Though They Need 12,000 Vote Margin in Georgia Is Very Very Narrow in the Presidential Race Action Requires Way Fewer Votes Than That in in a Recount to Be Change for Sen. Purdue Did Not Have To Go to That Runoff in January for the Many Currently Has 49.73% of the Vote in Georgia and If You Got over 50 Would Push Him Out Of That Runoff and into the United States Senate. So Look As You Pursue an Election Integrity across the Country.

It's Not Just about Whether or Not It Would Impact the Presidential Race. You Also Have down Ballot Races That Could Be Adjusted in Just One Other State. I Point out in This Vein, Georgia Jordan and North Carolina That Margin for Tom Tillis Is Currently 95,000 Votes. That Is Currently Bigger Than the States That Have Been Called in the Presidential Race in Nevada, Arizona, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. And yet the Major Networks Refuse to Call That Race. If You Don't Think That Is an Example of Looking at States Differently Depending on Which Party Is Ahead. I Don't Know What Is. Folks We Could to Take Your Phone Calls 164 3110 a Is a Sandy Still Distribute with Your Family Go to an Georgia Marriage Was Going to Be the Key to the US Senate Their State Government Republican Led It's the Smallest Margin That Biden Has.

There's a Recount They're Going on. They're Going to Have To Be Dealing with A Lot to Get a Presidential Recount Going on, They've Got a Very Thin Margin for Joe Biden. There They've Got to U.S. Senate Races in Runoffs Is Unprecedented in Those Two Senate Races Will Determine Who Is in Charge of the U.S. Senate and the Balance of Power in the Executive Rally, the Legislative Branch That Tried Jordan There and Then. Please Remember the Last Caller Said the Senate Raised Runoff in Georgia. There Are Two Senate Runoffs in Georgia.

Not One to Senate Runoffs in Georgia One with David Purdue Running against a Communist Marxist.

John Saw the Young Man Who Calls Himself a Media Executive Never Had a Job in His Life Never Has Done Anything but Has Forced His Way up to the Top by Being Pushed up to the Democratic Elite Organization so Jenna Sen. Purdue Is Facing That He Is Very, Very Slim Margin.

The Recount Which Is Going to Take Pl. in Georgia may even push Sen. Purdue into 50% plus one. I don't know. That's one race, the other one.

We have a Rev. Warnock who is a minister in the one of the Baptist churches in Atlanta running against Kelly Loeffler was the incumbent senator that was appointed to take Sen. Isaacson's place.

This is her first election, she is leaning in the runoff tabulations but didn't get 50% of the vote. So it's very important and I think at this point the Republicans will have poll watches very carefully looking at the balance is gotta be strictures and by the way, in Georgia there is an absentee balloting for the runoff of these two elections, but no mail in ballots no mail and balance you hundred 20 day I guess you try to request an absentee ballot right now because that is outside right now she can do absentee ballot in Georgia which is normal practice but no mail in ballots. I want to play this I'll probably finish at the show today because I know people are interested to hear and that's all you can see right now.

Of course, you will see video of the US Supreme Court, but they are doing audio right now because they're doing the Supreme Court by conference call is a second question from justice Amy Cody Barrett. So many of you fought to get her confirm that. Now you understand the importance of why that confirmation was so key to getting it done before the election to magic there.

Try to do that in the middle of this know. That's why was he doing now she had another question. Let's get to it and I love the line you learn about anyone injury. Knowing certification forms, Your Honor. The analysis to that claim. That is not an operative provision and there is no ongoing command.

So even when it wouldn't be enough to allow the individual to prevail on here that from justice. Also pick up on talking about mask mandates.

So that's very real now because Joe Biden said that's one of the things he wants to do is a national national nationwide mask mandates working with states and states don't go will be penalized this and that and how to get that we can explain all that. But you know he sees not yet present United States, but they're already talking about that the Supreme Court out will do more analysis of the affordable care case. Tomorrow's the American Center for Law and Justice were engaged in critical issues at home and abroad for limited time you can participate in the ACLJ matching challenge for every dollar you donate, it will be now $10 gift becomes 20 oh $50 gift becomes 100 you can make a difference in protecting the constitutional and religious freedoms to you and your family.

Give a gift today online okay

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