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Pres. Trump Takes Action to Protect the American People

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
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August 10, 2020 1:00 pm

Pres. Trump Takes Action to Protect the American People

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow

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August 10, 2020 1:00 pm

Pres. Trump Takes Action to Protect the American People. We discuss this and more on today's show.

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Jay Sekulow my presence takes direct action to help people during the pandemic will talk about it in the potential legal challenges on Jay Sekulow live live from Washington DC Jay Sekulow politically trumpeter on the substance of it. Really, the analogy is whether there were Obama care subsidies to insurance companies that were not appropriated by Congress President Obama did the exact same thing with money spending that Pres. Trump is doing now.

So the Democrats are often browned to criticize this as an unconstitutional executive order.

Phone lines are open for your questions right now: 1-800-684-3110. I would say if the Democrats want to challenge us in court and hold up unemployment benefits to those hard-working Americans that are out of a job because of covert target have a lot of explaining to do, and now your hose. Jordan's side executive actions do this on Saturday aimed at delivering relieved the Americans were struggling with the economic fallout of the covert pandemic and accusing the Democrats in Congress of stonewalling, going home greater aid efforts. You're not working together to do what they did the first time, which was a bipartisan legislation that was supported widely to make sure that Americans had unemployment aid that they had assisted surrendered his and homeowners so that they were being evicted a payroll tax holiday for people making hundred thousand dollars or less a year asked extensions of student loan relief so the President using his emergency powers as President underage by Executive Order has has done a $400 weekly federal unemployment aid I side that Executive Order signed Executive Order to renters and homeowners on evictions and so whether it's paying a mortgage or paying rent that extends that the evictions another hundred 20 days. That moratorium, which was already in the legislation, a payroll tax holiday for employees making hundred thousand dollars or less a year from September 1 to December 31 of 2020.

So again, and then the extension of the student loan relief. The executive action suspends federal student loan payments and sets interest rates to 0% through December 31.

So again, this is what is a saw this package.

Number four I guess the technically or three.

And the idea here is that while people are unemployed while people are hurting that the government would come in and offer direct economic aid now. Unfortunately they not been able to get this to Congress. Congress has not been able to do this, but this way I think begs the question I want to go to fan on this and the question is this being done by executive order executive decree by the President.

What is the congressional mood and what is the congressional thought as to moving something forward yet will I think before you answer the question you have to remind people why we got to this point any Democrats just last week Jay were offered an extension at the thought of the unemployment insurance benefits at the full $600 level. They refused it. So when Speaker Pelosi and leader humor under the microphones and say that this is not nearly enough people have to remember they were offered everything that they asked for last week and turned it down so I don't think they want a deal Jake.

That's why we got to this point now are there to be legal challenges of some the disease is things, of course, that is a knee-jerk reaction in Washington DC right now, Jay. I actually think at least a couple of these. I know you're getting into this, but a couple of these, at least, will stand some of the others there might be a fight over it but into your answer your question about the congressional response J. I really don't believe Democrats Washington DC ever wanted a deal and that's why were at this point, usually busy. The lawyers lawyers are to be busy but why did the Democrats to improve standpoint guided they say now can do it American suffering under Pres. Trump heading into the election. I don't sound sick better for them that Americans who get the relief they need at least through the other end of the year. So where the weather's PPP extension and the payroll extension that Taxol the payroll tax holiday for those hundred thousand dollars under student loans not being evicted. Not having to worry about that. They want people have to worry about that is able to put the blame on Pres. Trump. That's the sick reality of politics at play here. That's why the first time around. It was part of which the election thereby came together Kumbaya put it altogether easy second time around. It's been this war again what it should have been the same because really this is about helping all Americans. Who cares what politics you have yet it is all about politics, I think it would hurt. I think this will hurt the President as it will hurt Americans free sick politics. They play tough Jones the American Center for Law and justice were engaged in critical issues at home and abroad. Whether it's defending religious freedom. Protecting those uncovering corruption in the Washington bureaucracy and fighting to protect life reports and in Congress ACLJ would not be able to do any of this without your support for that. We are grateful.

Now there's an opportunity for you to help me way limited time you can participate in the ACLJ's matching challenge every dollar you donate $10 gift dollar gift becomes 100. This is a critical time for the ACLJ. The work we simply would not occur without your generous support to Courtney and her matching challenge to make a difference in the protecting the constitutional and religious freedoms you forgive today online okay only one. A society can agree that the most vulnerable invoice. Is there any hope for that culture to survive. And that's exactly what you are saying when you stand with the American Center for Law and Justice defend the rights of life, we've created a free powerful publication offering a panoramic view of the ACLJ's battle for the unborn, called mission life will show you how you are personally publication includes a look at all major ACLJ pro-life cases were fighting for the rights of pro-life activist ramifications 40 years later Planned Parenthood's role in the Obama care means to the pro-life in many ways your membership is empowering the right to life question free copy mission life today online ACLJ/it's interesting because Ari Fleischer was on Fox news. We play this for their Facebook. There's nobody to share this broadcast with your friends and family watch on Facebook and periscope great agreement.

As we discussed these issues that really do affect every single American. As schools are going back those that are going back or going back like this week really see these next couple weeks is that could be a viable option in person in class schooling without all those students that were representing about a call right after radio today about situation in New Hampshire on potentially as well. 70. There's a lot going on but Ari Fleischer had this to say it was you it's interesting that here we have a Republican President and Republicans ready to dole out extra government assistance and whose standing in the way the left and for Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer by 21.

That's a real role reversal used in decades of politics in Washington, which the Democrats positioned themselves as the only people who care because I want to spend money. And that's the definition of caring in Washington and Republicans came across as a group of accountants and bookkeepers are constantly said no what's happened here.

Trumpets flip the tables.

He is trying to help to those who are unemployed and the Democrats are coming across like a group of accountants and lawyers are saying we can't do it. This is done for one reason and one reason only, is politics because we look at what the Presidents outline in the federal unemployment aid Colton $400 a week supplement syllables the last time required states to pay for 25% of the 400 weekly supplement.

The federal government picking up 75% diverts $44 billion from FEMA and other in order to do this extra unemployment help would last until December 6, or until the disaster relief fund balance dropped to 25,000,000,008 is on top of the existing state unemployment benefits, state payments and I'll do widely vary depending state to state, but the idea is to try to keep money in the pockets of the American people when you just mention the school situation. I saw over the weekend.

There is talk now about getting direct eight and we got federal legislation. Talk about direct able getting a patent panel where that might be what this is becoming a real conversation please as the return to school, which ties right into this unemployment situation.

There's just a lot of unknowns right now so many unknowns. Everything we had the school choice now act. We've had people like Sen. Rand Paul say you know what every federal.dollars goes towards education should be allocated to parents right now because of so much uncertainty, your school could be going back this week, but with that big huge Asterix it says you know if we have a surgeon cove. It will have to figure something else out. So that's without schools or even trying to go back and I guarantee you, however, that works, it will impact in the schools or play to go back in order couple more weeks and a couple more weeks off it doesn't work in a couple of these places they go back earlier, then it's could have a ripple effect across the country and parents are to be in our planning for school be coming back like in my child's case was to be the it August 31 so if no all the other schools would back earlier in her state have had to close because of covert outbreaks. That's gonna reset everything for every single parent in her school and other schools like it they were going back a little later because they're going to have to make those calls on whether to try and reopen it or not and how to do how to do school virtually for very young kids do not really think we been ahead of the curve on this one.

Washington DC we've been advocating for several months now related.

There's got to be more flexibility on the state and local level with the federal dollars that are sent down to the states in Jordan we been backing the school choice now act by Sen. Scott and Chairman Alexander. As you noted, Jordan DD support for that kind of approach is rapidly building and Washington DC you read mentioned in the legislation from Sen. Paul that would actually go beyond what Sen. Scott's legislation was his legislation addresses. About 24, $23 billion in federal spending and gives flexibility to parents of teachers are Rand Paul wants to get to as much of that $68 billion in federal spending government wide as he can and create flexibility because as you note, the school districts that would have been receiving many of them are not opening so Jordan I think all of the moment momentum in Washington DC is moving toward the approach that we been advocating for some time now. Now, of course, the challenge is going to be getting a vehicle like the stimulus bill across the lines that some of those ideas can be implement at the door and I would tell you this, it's only because the message that we been pushing has led the way in Washington DC that now policymakers are following suit helping literally 1500 families are more right now so that very encouraging thought we did a technical glitch on our Facebook feed. By the way just talking will. So if you're watching on Facebook or backup now share with your friends. We had most twice that audience on Facebook a few minutes ago and had a technical glitch, but to just share with the prince typing on periscope or any other social media platform to get in the broadcast I think it's interesting though that the political politics of this is become so pronounced as this would forward, that's right. And I think that it to me. To me it's a brilliant political move by Pres. Trump because it sets the Democrats also sits by Joe Biden.

To say why are you against this.

Why are you against adding to the to the unemployed. Adding to the federal unemployment rate of $400 additional eight so supplement there was that whole talk about whether there should be a supplement because maybe that's causing people not to go back to working at present, trumpets said Monday to 600 this time but will do 400 this time so still a supplement, so additional unemployment eight why are you against assistance to those who rent and homeowners so they are evicted. If they can't make it a lease payment or a if they can't make a mortgage payment. Why are you against the payroll tax holiday for people make you hundred thousand dollars or less. Why are you against the dictionary right in their pockets by you and the people employees pocket why are you against the extension of student number that Duff is it 15% 7.5) at what that is will you be against the extension of student loan relief to the in the year I've been at least until we can get a handle it and say this is my question.

I guess to you is how much time does Congress really have to get this done anything like that. I take it that's seriously not about blaming Republicans by the way, I feel like the Democrats are stonewalling it so are they staying in DC working hard on this, or they are they back and forth, back and forth in the answer to that is no, I mean that the time is not Jordan. Most of these provisions have Artie expired. Speaker Pelosi has actually had to house a home for several months now. She said that she would call them back on 24 hours notice if they got a deal leader.

McConnell has kept the Senate in at least a perfunctory session. Although most of the senators have gone back to their states are sort of a similar posture. He said he would call them back on 24 hours notice, but Jordan I would answer your question about why why your opposing this and just play it out a little bit mean I think you're getting continued continued to hear the excuse from Speaker Pelosi and others that it's just not enough will.

Here's the response to that instead of $400 of unemployment.

Insistence what is the current number. Jordan it's zero, that number has expired, so she doesn't think the 400 is enough.

She should have taken the $600 extension and then continue negotiating the lie that's being perpetuated to the American people is that this is somehow a cut Jordan. The current unemployment assistant as it stands today as I speak to you. It is zero dollars from the federal government. You only get with the state give you this would be an additional $400. So Jordan that answer you're going to continue to hear it, but it is simply just not true, your folks really take your phone calls 100-684-3110 that's why hundred 64 3168 the payroll tax right now is at 6.2% for Social Security 1.45% for Medicare so that 7.65% total for employee. So if you gave a payroll tax holiday from that 7.65% for those making hundred thousand dollars or less of me that is a considerable deduct less taxes are to you. That's kind dollars that is there not his refund check will be increased by that amount. Get your paycheck will go find the percentages of 7.6 point not sold. Somebody made $50,000 a year to you.

Note that 10% of that would be $5000, 3500 bucks yeah yeah yeah you so obviously think about that is considerable report of the yeah biscuits considerable retirement for six months so have to yeah and it ended if you got two orders in your household so the fact that the left oppose this. I get that some Republicans don't love the vehicle is being used here on principal but that the issue is that we are in a pandemic.

This is it just like a random time abuse of Presidential power.

This is a time of crisis in our country where the President is tried to do everything possible to keep our economy afloat and he's done a pretty good job that actually without employment numbers are down stock market has been pretty good and sometimes uncertain, but pretty good and to continue that path leading into a Presidential election would investors get very uncertain and you start seeing a lot of fluctuation. You've got to have some relief that people can rely on, at least for the end of the year is not to the people at pump shouldn't be be about politics if it so it should be about $100 here or there on the weekly federal unemployment aid and be like if Democrats Cabeza know it must be $500 okay, I think like Republicans say yes to that right but you know what that Democrats are doing that. So we we've got a fight hard one for the President has done doubt that because he's getting come under legal challenge significantly, but to the pressures gotta be on Congress general. Yes, Democrats need to get back to doing their job.

It is wrong that needs to close just sit everyone home but to Republicans need to be ready to negotiate because were talked about temporary relief during a crisis they don't like the press if this sets by Presidential action.

This way you get legislation done so you need to do is this crisis is continuing covert continues to spread. So you've got to do something worth fighting on all these issues matching challenge month, double the impact your only one. A society can agree that the most vulnerable invoice is, is there any hope for that culture to survive. And that's exactly what you are saying when you stand with the American Center for Law and Justice, defendant the right to life.

We've created a free and powerful publication offering a panoramic view of the ACLJ's battle for the unborn Gold edition like it will show you how you are personally publication includes a look at all major ACLJ were fighting for the rights of pro-life activists. The ramifications of weighing 40 years later: what Obama care means to discover the many ways your membership is empowering the right question for mission life today online ACLJ/the American Center for Law and Justice were engaged in critical issues at home and abroad. Whether it's defending religious freedom. Protecting those faith uncovering corruption in the Washington bureaucracy fighting to protect life in the courts and in Congress. ACLJ would not be able to do any of this without your support for that.

We are grateful. Now there's an opportunity for you to help me way limited time you can participate in the ACLJ's matching challenge every dollar you donate $10 gift dollar gift becomes 100. This is a critical time for the ACLJ. The work we simply would not occur without your generous take part in our matching challenge make a difference in protecting the constitutional and religious freedoms.

Today online ACLJ Jay Sekulow Sankyo Harry Hutchinson is yes. As well, or from our law and policy team and I think it be fair to say right off the bat here would be better if we had legislation they got to the payroll programs and we had PPP education funding indirect checks going up. People absolutely legislation.

We better the presence taking the action. He believes he can do through executive order during a time of crisis in pandemic.

I want to go to Harry Hutchinson on this because Harry we had the President issuing these four executive orders a $400 weekly federal unemployment aid assistance to renters and homeowners that I get extends the ties for the computer in Vic's evictions because all this was expiring payroll tax holiday for those making hundred thousand dollars or less, about 7.6%, an extension of student loan relief with the rates down to zero through the end of the year and yet we have Democrats complaining about this and threatening to file lawsuits and even Harry Republicans threatening that while the President doesn't really have this power.

And yet it is Congress who cannot get legislation so that we can get PPP which is by the way, how most businesses have been able to keep people on payroll to get education funding and to get those direct checks out people Harry Gordon continued permanent commitment to doing nothing in the middle of a crisis until President prompt decision to sign for executive orders to aid the American people during the current pandemic and the resulting economic emergency does four things. First, at the Wall Street Journal notes he escaped Nancy Pelosi's political crap. Second, he recognizes that the Supreme Court, by its refusal to block Obama's pen and phone method with regard to the doctor had given him additional powers. Third, he puts pressure on the Democrats who sought to blackmail the President supporting programs and policies that have nothing to do with the coronavirus and for the explosives but Democrats hypocrisy the Democrats. For instance, complaining that the President moved to jeopardize Social Security and Medicare that is clearly dishonest Democrats supported the payroll tax holiday event Obama that it Pelosi praised it at the time so a lot of these complaints are simply sour grapes because the President has a Democrats political crap one thinks it's interesting that a call coming in on this is that why would you be objecting to a tax holiday.

If that's get more dollars into directly. It's right in your paycheck you'll see the difference immediately so that people can and spins which helps the economy as well and enjoy the jewels calling from Texas online for jewels welcome to Jay Sekulow Lodge on the air good morning and honor and a lot of buyers are walking on the Internet about comp making Pike attempt holiday condition.

I interpreted his statements to me during this emergency employment help would last until December 6. What about the payroll tax does it say between the specific September 1 to December 31.

In the end of the study. This is not permanent at is not a permanent tax cut is emergency relief, because Congress is failing to do its job and unfortunately your courts can't just jump in right and decide, but people will select their litigants who will shame on them because they can let Bill this is about helping every American, regardless of their politics their partisanship. It's about people who really are needy people are facing evictions from their their homes because their mortgage payments, facing evictions from their apartment speak or places they rent you because he can't make rent. Facing again economic disaster and getting unemployment a little bit extra unemployment aid. This is what you can file lawsuits against so I want to assess the Harry Silverman economic policy perspective, getting money directly to people that are both unemployed as it would with the unemployment insurance but also a little extra to people that are employed, what kind of impact does that have on the economy in the short term. The economy and propelled the economy going toward law because people have an expectation that things will indeed get better. Meanwhile, Democrats would prefer that renters be thrown out on the street that people would remain unemployed, so long as they could blame President so I think the Democrats are exposing themselves consistently cynical politicians who do not care about the American people hundred percent agree with the Washington processes is like Nancy Pelosi sending everybody home. Time of crisis in pandemic. Lastly, home now even have that special voting they prove the house we can get even have either some of them have to be there to do it, and yet they thinks she said I'll bring it back 24 hours notice, then they're done like Doug debating Schumer and Pelosi met with Mark Meadows that admonition and they said no you house is completely gone. Urinating on more weeks than not. Some of the new been coming back some of been using proxy votes in the Senate is in morning business as we speak, which is sort of a pro forma session leader. McConnell has said he will not formally take a recess until this happens I turn I would. I would just maybe had one layer to the conversation.

If you just had with the caller. I really think that one of the cases, the President was making is that if he defers this payroll tax gives a little bit of a holiday. The American people. Organist see through the farce that it is in there really going to like it and they are going to demand of Democrats that it be permanently repealed and that the funding sources for Medicare and Social Security be funded other ways to earn. I think it comes out of people's paychecks without them seeing it and so they don't realize how significant it is and I think with the President is saying in the Democrats probably realize this is once this money starts hitting people's paychecks. They're going to wonder why it was coming out in the first place and that will create demand to permanently repeal I had to nearly 10% extra tax and federal governments are on top of the federal tax to repay.

This is another 10% that everyone pays. And all this is doing is saying if you make 100,000 or less, you get relief from that not everybody does make 100,000 or less are coming early from that and it's Harry again. That's direct relief to the bottom line to the taxpayer that's working sees it immediately below and by putting money into the pocket of the American working people and I think that is a brilliant brilliant move because with respect to some of the earlier stimulus plan $1200. We had large instances of fraud here, but no fraud. You simply get the relief on the money that you have already earned and I think the Democrats are essentially political shock because he's done this and he's taken away many of their pre-election commercial so silly. Although it all comes down to this. The reason we don't have the agreement is because politics you sent over $100 on unemployment pension experts and that this is politics. The Democrats are betting it's better to have the American worker hurting over these next few months because the blame President Trump not Joe Biden or Democrat. It's a horrible gross American Center for Law and Justice. Our government affairs team fighting for you as a team. I don't care what I decide you write regardless of political affiliation, we are fighting for the American family. So we encourage you to support work the ACLJ inner matching challenge campaign. If you're financially able to integrate double the impact of your donation that's will be right back. Second half hour Jay Sekulow live the American Center for Law and Justice were engaged in critical issues at home and abroad for limited time you can participate in the ACLJ matching challenge for every dollar you donate $10 gift becomes $20, $50 gift becomes 100 you can make a difference in protecting the constitutional and religious freedoms to you and your family. Give a gift today online okay live from Washington DC Jay Sekulow and secular Jay Sekulow like this Jordan SICU. I know we had some issues to your watch of Facebook in Paris right now for your scope is back on will get the full that's how you get the broadcaster watch each day I will have the full bronchus of relay this afternoon as well. She can watch the full show.

If he keeps cutting out on you on your end if you had trouble with that but encourages shared a lot of people rejoin each time we want to come to go through so what is the President done this weekend. I just quickly by executive order. If you're just joining us for the second half hour is out for things and for executive orders he has done a $400 week federal unemployment aid extension that supplements the unemployment aid people were getting 600 a week extra. That program expired at the end of July. Now the beginning or hundred dollars a week extra on top of the unemployment they arty receive. He's providing the second Executive Order is assistance to renters and homeowners that was part of the cares act that is expired as well.

July make sure that they don't get evicted. Whether your you're on the lease, or a mortgage, so, so it extends that time for for you to not be evicted forth executive orders.

The payroll tax holiday people baking $100,000 or less. That's about 7.6% in taxes.

They will be paying, beginning September 1 goes to December 31 and the extension of student loan relief through the end of December 31, 2020.

None of this is like long-term in all of this is because of congressional failure. Dad that's all of this is the Congress could not come together and unfortunately this does include some of the provisions that would have been the most key for businesses like PPP, yet I know that and that's why Congress needs to get back payroll protection program is not having that there the present is really not convinced I got I really want to help provoke small business development say this with all this going on in the unknown. This is to try to meet an unknown evolving situation.

For instance, were just came within the last hour that the Big Ten football yet has had to cancel last week they announced their season and then I guess the Midatlantic also cancel bears number with the SEC's doing yet SEC Big Ten wanted the all five big conferences to cancel. They have they have not yet, but I mean you know this is probable. I don't as he seeks it cannot said no but I know would know the reason I'm saying this is everybody's responding thing into the unknown, and it seems like to me that Congress is so fixed in their ways and so determined that it could be this only way that they're not having the real flexibility to respond here at the speed of relevance. By the time they were smart as can be irrelevant. No question about a J and I just I did.

I just shake my head every time I hear one of the answers from a congressional leader who criticizes one of the eggs executive actions or another says it's not enough. Well, the way you not only get enough but also get to some of the things that Jordan was talking about the PPP are the direct assistance to the American people or the testing for vaccines or or that hundred and $5 billion J for schools that we've talked so much about and getting some flexibility for parents the way you get. That is, through legislation, so we've heard sharp words go back and forth between the White House and frankly both Republicans and Democrats, but I think pretty much all of those parties J. Jordan largely agree on this one point legislation would be a lot better through executive action. You can't reach to all of these things. There are limits. Well, how do you get legislative action. You got a stay in Washington DC and stay negotiating in the room until what until you have a deal they can pass both chambers and be signed by the President into law, the President is here. The Senate is in session. The house is nowhere to be found be found.

So while everybody agrees legislative action would be better. It can't have that if the houses and in session and if they're not negotiating for a deal right folks were and continue talk about this retard about the economics of this, especially to the situation with China U.S. Senate candidate Bill Haggerty over ambassador to Japan be joining us in the next segment of the broadcast. We talk about these issues for economic issues this week comes from the world of business. We come back on the broadcast. I encourage or support the work of the ACLJ you know those parents that were helping thousands of pears were trying to assist with all the school issues they're facing.

Churches that were assisting were doing all at no cost because of your support.

The ACLJ donate today and ACLJ that will be part of our matching challenge double the impact of your donation ACLJ.Horn will be right back.

The American Center for Law and were engaged in critical issues at home and abroad.

Whether it's defending religious freedom. Rejecting those covering corruption in the Washington bureaucracy and fighting to protect life and commerce ACLJ would not be able to do any of this. For that we are grateful. Now there's an opportunity for you to help me way limited time you can participate in the ACLJ's matching challenge every dollar you donate $10 gift $50 gift becomes 100. This is a critical time for the ACLJ the work we simply would not occur without your generous take part in our matching challenge make a difference in protecting the constitutional and religious freedoms gift today online okay only when a society can agree that the most vulnerable invoice. Is there any hope for that culture to survive. And that's exactly what you are saying when used with the American Center for Law and Justice, defendant the right to life, we've created a free powerful publication offering a panoramic view of the ACLJ's battle for the unborn Gold edition will show you how you personally.

Publication includes all major ACLJ were fighting for the rights of pro-life activist ramifications 40 years later, when Obama care means to discover the many ways your membership is empowering the right question for mission life today online/Jay Sekulow like this Jordan secular good friend of our broadcaster Bill Haggerty.

He is the US Senate nominee for the Republicans in Tennessee is an open seats, yet he won the primary, and now the focus of the general election and he is really an expert on the economics on issues like Chinese. He bet he was a former Vassar to Japan, the President just issued these four executive orders try to help Americans. I thought it be great to have Bill Harry back on joining us because of these economic issues and to join us out with my dad as well.

The bill first.

It's great to have you on as the nominee and I know you have a lot of work to do between now and November. There are big issues facing the country right now when it comes the economy. The President is trying to take action when Congress is just failing to do so. Great to be back with you all know that had to step outside. I talked with talk with them Thursday night at the election that was an exciting time intent and to get his congratulatory call his greatest 20 hours on the phone with the block at 1 pound and that her dad called. On the other great great great conversation that night all about bringing a party together having another conservative alongside Marsha Blackburn to serve in the Senate for Tennessee and then how were going to win in November. But we talked of the week is not talked over the weekend. We talked a lot about executive orders and how important it is to get our economy restarted, and in the fact is that the Democrats seem more interested in halting progress on our economy ended. The Democrats want to put politics over the American people and we need strong fighters to understand the economy in the Senate and will get things moving again.

So I applaud the Plaza for taking action.

As you all know it would great if Congress could've come to terms but there the house was not going to do it Nancy?

Or do they left town without appeal, and present was left with the American people need help.

So the President had no choice mean I look at the Executive Order Ct. conference with the pets wanted when asked counsel carefully drafted these documents and viewed them, but you look at the two major aspects of and one is believed to people that are unemployed still.

The $400 per week supplement. In addition to the state unemployment and then the reduction of the payroll tax, which is a direct help to people that are employed to the tune of 7 1/2% of their paycheck.

That's real dollars that go to them and as you said Congress can get it done, but in our view, these will have to something you cannot leave the American people hanging because any particular political party is trying to make a political issue out of people surviving between now and the end of the year with a very unknown pandemic. Back to work right at initial PPP program in a minute and second, we are trying to extend it. So it's all about politics on the Democrats. The questions I want to Nancy for a while and that is Chinese linen offender here and that's being kind and I know you got a lot expertise in in Asia Japan but also in the entire region and I'm looking at the situation which I know the amount of trade that we do in China.

The thematic debt that China holds in the United States and yet this pandemic in large part as a result of China's either negligence or worse, but let's assume, just for the sake of this success negligence so you have this pandemic that takes place. The economic impact of it is way more than the debt that we owe the Chinese. They own a lot of our debt will how you handle this moving forward when you're in United States and logically acknowledged that China has been something that concerned me for years.

I think now the American public is an updated wake up to it. As you mentioned when I was serving as United investors Japan Japan is the cornerstone of all of our operations in the Asia-Pacific. We have more military stationed there than anyplace else in the world. The reason it will reveal threats like North Korea and China) right there at the doorstep and the concern that China is extensive. It's not just economic. They have been aggressive militarily. They decrease the military budget eightfold over the past couple decades. As you know their building.

Basically islands that are there military bases on the South China Sea is a straight line in the world. They have been very aggressive, diplomatically taking over organizations like the World Health Organization. Once there is is unimportant. Then, with respect to economics. They been doing this game for years. They still intellectual property you want to do business there. You gotta transfer your technology and they heavily subsidize industries unfairly complete but now that the that this pandemic that they unleashed on the world is really uncovered the fact that we are far too dependent on China date they been able to overtake our industry so we now depend on them for medical supplies of antibiotics and certainly not high-technology week, we cannot do that any longer. I think everyone in America is looking up that now so I want to see us. I get those jobs back in our supply chain back on shore and strengthen America from a national security standpoint as well as an economic you're talking the present more. Now you artificially. The nominee was a different kind of campaign because a covert and an still to be campaign the presence gotta be can take what we all kind of expect. I know what state to state but everybody's trying to kind of realize I know you were doing throughout your campaign as well is how to campaign during covert. It's a different time at your unique spot because you're in an open seat so the current US Sen. Lamar Xavier is retiring, so he can still do the work of Tennesseans light while you're in Tennessee I doing the campaign work you gotta do is unique and it doesn't seem like it's really changing.

We do have some schools going back in in in places like Tennessee as early as this week. We'll see how long that goes, but certainly this is a national issue to for someone like the President, I took to figure out how to campaign, what would your advice be to the candidates like him who are going to have to campaign in a totally different way and you've gone through it now. Well, I challenge my payment once in the campaign in the nation and we run an excellent campaign believed that the modified shifter strategy completely. When the app pandemic. The first thing we did literally turn our attention to helping people became much more than the campaign. At that point we had our team volunteering runs the supermarket runs pharmacy runs for folks that were shut and you know we had tornadoes in Tennessee to there was a lot to work with on that we are volunteering there but we continue to move forward with the campaigning and the way we moved to technology platforms. Everybody now knows what what what zoom is.

You know what what variety of technology platforms be used to reach out to people dumb number of Facebook live event but it's not the same. Voters want to be able to see and engage with their candidates and it's been a real challenge, but I think that that our team is really new ground here and we've been able to successfully navigate through all of this. The President's going to be doing the same thing you know he's done tele-town halls with me as an hour talking about this over the week and the tell Townhall have actually been quite effective.

Thousands of thousands of people dialing right here in Tennessee it's going to happen nationwide to have to make a shift to new technology as we continue to navigate this bill. It's a proper license on your staff will be working with after the election has a question for you as well, and Esther Haggerty great to have you with us appreciate that I wanted to circle back to the comments he made about dysfunction in the United States Senate because that's obviously something that we deal with every single day here at the American Center for Law and Justice front and center again this week as they failed to reach a deal with the White House and and with the House of Representatives on the stimulus package. One of the things that we've been working with the current Sen. chairman Alexander and Jordan alluded to this, is trying to get more flexibility to states with education dollars like I know that something that you been interested in well but just broadly speaking, how do we address some of that dysfunction in the Senate and in the Congress to get more power out of DC and back to the people. What are your thoughts on that. I got one of the first thing we got to be very clear up the Democrats play in the strategy that their undertaking they are putting politics over people here in America and I think we need to communicate strongly that our goal is to get America back to work to get America healthy again. We've had so many so many positive accomplishments mean if you look at the acceleration of the vaccines to the FDA process. I think the 97 different vaccines under fast-track development. Now that's never happened before we look at what we've done in the economy. There is a significant movement forward to really help us get a note packages through that through the Senate. We got a big challenge ahead of us.

The White House is taken a great leadership role. I think that the Republicans of the Sen. tried to hold the line, but it's been extraordinarily difficult with the Democrats who have 100% focus on November 3 in anything they can do to win and I think we just need to call about as often as we can. I think Stephen Nixon made a great comment on the open over the weekend or Friday that the Democrats decide they want to take these executive orders to court. A lot of explaining to do the American people because they failed to step up and negotiate a deal.

Thank you Bill for joining us on the broadcast skin after you win last week and now you are the fish of the USS indicated a seasoned Republican Party.

Congratulations to you, but also just the expertise you're able to provide for to our audience. Each time you're on because of your career in business and also as investor to Japan so I think you for spend that time if you will find out more about Philistine team Bill is always great to have you on the broadcast and good luck out there on the campaign trail. Our folks, we will reap right back on Jay Sekulow live, you will not believe what happened on seated. This is a great way to Monday to only one. A society can agree most vulnerable invoice. Is there any hope for that culture to survive. And that's exactly what you are saying the American Center for Law and Justice, defendant the right to life, we've created a free powerful publication offering a panoramic view of the ACLJ's battle for the unborn Gold will show you how you personally. Publication includes all major ACLJ fighting for the rights of pro-life activists ramifications. 40 years later, when Obama care me in many ways, your membership is empowering the right question mission life today online/American Center for Law and justice were engaged in critical issues at home and abroad. Whether it's defending religious freedom. Protecting those uncovering corruption in Washington fighting to protect life reports and in Congress. ACLJ would not be able to do any of this or that.

We are grateful.

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Today online okay so this is great.

That will let you know as always it even during the primary, we invite his primary put it on canceled twice honest didn't schedule the third times we tried to do that it didn't happen yesterday. Canceled twice, I will be invited the Democrat nominee it's it's Marquita Bradshaw that invite you to write very surprise nominee as she was spent at the under $10,000 at Reading against a the DNC endorsed candidate and former military veteran who spent millions of dollars and asked her how she did it you came in third place and I think she spent by the FEC reports latest about $8400 I want in it in any primary that Republican primary had over 600,000 votes should certainly a lot more. The Democratic primary had over 300,000 she wanted and she wanted handedly and that by the way that DNC back in a didn't come in second, but came in a far far away. Third, unreal, so-so, interesting there so we'll see if Marquita Bradshaw will join us on the broadcast to talk about how she pulled off that victory as well and what her plans are for, to the Sea of curator for the Harrys but we always offer that to to each side. If they want to take the edge of it. We do but we gotta start with this.

This would you will call over the weekend. I'll always watch Brian Stelter sometimes adduced. I don't just a laugh usually set this Batman uses reliable source is that media coverage right right so that a show about the media, which is like so I love the show the fox as what to would like, let's talk about ourselves and how great we are on the radio, but whatever. Brian Stelter seated on on this is not on Sunday so we had this to say and this is how we starches just think about this like he he read the soffit Teleprompter.

I guess without even thinking about his own show and entire network which is about hating trump take Alyssa by eight claimants.

No, I just am arguing this game worse.

It's getting more severe your view of this, you know, when you see the entire media companies intensely exist to tear down Joe Biden. Is there an equivalent to that on the left tearing down trump there really is. I am so stunned Brian don't throw stones at your own house. CNN number one. MSNBC has made their career out of doing it so out of the three big cable news networks box CNN and MSNBC told them job has been tearing down Donald Trump yesterday and he says this is just so shocking that there's bit they got these networks dedicated to supporting trump to get there's no one supporting Biden there's no one tearing down 12 and if you listen to these networks which I can't do anymore and I know this Jordan, I have been on these networks. Yet over the last four years a lot and I have been insulted yet. I have been ridiculed and said why are you going on. You will want to go nuts.

Well I'm going to represent the President United States and I want to get a position at least out there in the comments and I like your princes with Chris Cuomo's, you know, but I was on Chris's program and then they did a transfer over to Don lemon, Chris asked me to be on the program I agreed to do it and done it many many times and Don lemon called me with a sample like that really nasty after Chris's defense. Chris dependently plaintiff, I need a lawyer on my ring Jay Sekulow I get that. But this idea that there is no bias in these networks think you're kidding the American seated is actually the worst because they try to fake, like they're not MSNBC is honest about it. Fox has their opinion shows which are conservative. There honest about it.

Their daytime is pretty much the news CNN throughout the day. It's just they're just it's it's read the cryonics read what's under the screen its constant antitrust propaganda. They spin everything during every show every host you have to wait to opinion time in the evening. It's every single show is antitrust. At least MSNBC you know what you're going to be getting at least with Fox you know what you're going to be getting CNN. They try to play it like I were really fair know you're not. You're actually the worst offender by trying to act like you're playing fair, but it went on this conversation actually went on play bite nine. This type of information that a lot of these voters are getting a lot of the veterans that I talk to I can know when I interview them. I do here anything. A lot of the talking points that sound very familiar from from 70 shows which I try to listen to when out on the campaign trail or when I'm at home watching TV you can you can hear these, at least commenting about voters and you know that this is the diet that they're on radio conservative talk CCM and MPR before I become on site is so much liberal media that they're mad about conservative a.m. talk radio because it successful. You left living in through the people's mind left leaning radio has never worked. They tried they had them on, try to remember the name, will they remember was there air America and it just won't host it is never, never took off. It never took off like Tribeca temperament, something we gotta Executive Order out a challenge and not they say they might. I think that's got a political consequence of them are democratically sitting at home saying I don't want the tax relief and I don't want the unemployment insurance to go to these people then sound like a great way to win an election. Does a Jani like I think probably you won't be able to keep somebody from challenging to have but then there to get out there and they're gonna start attacking in their gonna start realizing that they're on the wrong side of getting funds to Americans who desperately needed and Jay, I predict that at some point that will drive them back to DC to cut a deal that could have been had today because again I just leave you with this United States Senate offered Speaker Pelosi a full extension for a week while negotiations continued. Of the $600 in unemployment assistance that they wanted while they negotiated. They said no.

So, that number went to 0J, I think it will not be able to keep everybody from refraining from challenging.

It's about challenge and then the realize it was a bad political move and I'll come back to the negotiating, breaking news, and that is the Prime Minister of been on edge in his tire and the entire cabinet has resigned and wake of last week's explosion. That's a game changing moment and in Lebanon, yeah, every issue see the political consequence there. France is obviously making another movie.

There's talk about what is transferred to colonize a friend. Levitt originally Lebanon was a prince, but there is, but they are relying heavily on France FC to rebuild their capital city Beirut and figure out you know why was this explosive, highly explosive material that was taken to make sure that was not used by terrorist stored so closely to the epicenter of the city and then what what exactly happened here is personal training at the bottom. Was it nefarious or not, but the but the incompetence level in the amount of loss of life is just so extreme, so it is huge news because Lebanon is always on the brink of knowing what people said these explosions were worse than the 20 years of civil war that the bloodshed that we had one of the two seconds of the explosions worst of the Civil War between ourselves and people love necessarily IPO sets and the broadcasts they were parked on a lot of topics we hit, including the media bias talk about China and Japan talked about the situation with the executive orders getting aid to the American people. The ACLJ American Center for Law and Justice were front and center on these issues were fighting for your family. When Congress is trying to ignore you where there pushing it hard and does leading his team up in Washington DC ringing this broadcasts every single day there's lawsuits. We will depend, in that case, amicus brief on the constitutionality of this having said all that, don't forget word matching challenge campaign as well you're able and only if you're able. We like to support that's right, go to be part of our matching challenge double the impact of your donation if you're financially able to this month and it's how we bring in the broadcasts how we represent all the clients have.

We do all the work that we do the American Center for Law and Justice were engaged in critical issues at home and abroad for limited time you can participate in the ACLJ matching challenge for every dollar you donate, it will be now $10 gift becomes 20 oh $50 gift becomes 100 you can make a difference in protecting the constitutional and religious freedoms to you and your family. You forgive today online okay

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