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BREAKING: 4.8 Million Jobs Added and Special Guest Sean Hannity

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
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July 2, 2020 1:00 pm

BREAKING: 4.8 Million Jobs Added and Special Guest Sean Hannity

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow

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July 2, 2020 1:00 pm

BREAKING: 4.8 Million Jobs Added and Special Guest Sean Hannity.

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This is secular, 4.8 billion jobs added on this special independence celebration with my best line from Washington DC this jobs report means for our recovery. Coming back from this pandemic was a spectacular number.

What we done here basically is created a million jobs in the last two months, May and June.

Phone lines are open for your questions right now.

Call 1-800-684-3110.

The unemployment rate is falling people gone back to work as a good spirit about this all is not solved, we still are too many people on the unemployment rolls. There's still too much hardship. So we gotta continue to work Sandra, but it's a spectacular number, and now your holes are a Christian radio. So to do their every day Logan Sekulow reprogram Jay Sekulow live show will and were taken over. That's right, you don't know what Logan Sekulow the other son. I have a daily radio show, maybe a little more fun, more patriotic if you could be more patriotic. Jay Sekulow think we are.

We have a lot of fun doing it.

Today we have huge news.

Obviously, and that is record-breaking numbers will that's right, we should all feel good about going into Independence Day weekend.

4.8 million new jobs added in the month of June. That's right, smashing the record, yet it is easily the largest single month gain in US history and and with that the unemployment rate fell to 11.1%, which is still higher than we would clearly like it to be headed in the right direction. It was upwards close to 20%.

Some estimates had a closer 23 private unemployment we/that people are getting back to work.

Were seeing America get back to work and that's what we like to hear this weekend absolutely smashing the record, answer the expectations. I think that's important to a lot of it was put out the this was unrecoverable we were to be able to but that will one third back there and even when you're CNBC's, MSNBC's say words like smash his expectation a you know the good things are happening for America and were excited and guess who were you have a later we got we got on very special guest for the special broadcast of Logan Sekulow reprogram as our friend Sean Hannity vis--vis stop and and later in the show to tell you not only about his new book coming over every topic that really talk about here is we know he's got a lot to say to have that a little bit later. Phone lines are open. Let us know what you think about that were also to be talking about a lot of other stuff throughout the show.

Obviously what this means, as the stock market soars as the job numbers come in. We also have a lot to talk about when it comes to maybe some statements that AOC made to delegate a love about the NYPD/$1 billion, apparently will not enough. I thought she was like don't defund the police here in New York we need them right now is that her sentiment.

No, I don't know she's working at Applebee's.

You never could. She called 911 never happened right now.

All right, we got a minute have left in the segment. Again, this is Logan Sekulow you don't know who I am.

I host daily radio show. My dad is Jay Sekulow. My brothers Jordan secular work and have a lot of fun here heading in again to our your tomorrow on people of work. So today is our Independence Day.

That's right on the view seen that movie I have seen that movie independent day starring Will Smith to Goodwin. I would do the whole speech of the show.

That is what were all building is just gonna stand to bring the podium from the Supreme Court case is to stand here and you're going to deliver the vilifying of each finest film President speech.

Not maybe we will not go quietly.

Phone lines are open to what you think about the big new jobs numbers as well as all is happening in the news read talk about it all on Logan Sekulow reprogram/Jay Sekulow lipomas are open, 1-800-684-3110 the same state can slow or 1-800-684-3110 if your listener Jay if you listen to Logan Sekulow reprogram give me a call as well. Love to hear from you share this on our Facebook page] all I got a lot more about that was in there. Well, reprogram, the American Center for Law and engage in critical issues at home and abroad. Whether it's defending religious freedom.

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This is time for the ACLJ. The work we simply would not occur without your generous heart wrenching challenge to make a difference in protecting the constitutional and religious freedoms online.

Okay only one. A society can agree that the most vulnerable invoice is, is there any hope for that culture to survive. And that's exactly what you are saying when you stay with the American Center for Law and Justice, defendant the right to life, we've created a free powerful publication offering a panoramic view of the ACLJ's battle for the unborn cold dishes like will show you how you are personally publication includes all major ACLJ were fighting for the rights of pro-life activist ramifications 40 years later, when Obama care means many ways your membership is empowering the right question for mission life today online/Jay Sekulow live/Logan Sekulow reprogram familiar with the Logan Sekulow reprogram that I do show each and every day just like Jay Sekulow live but a little bit more turned up a little bit more excited a little bit more little bit more party or parties each and every day you don't get there early on, to market the Orlando area on once a week on Long Island, people listen online, you can find just go to Logan Sekulow or if you want to specifically go on Apple podcasts responded by unsubscribe or you can watch the show each and every day on YouTube Sekulow reprogram. You can find the show all measures of the duties click subscriber helps us out a lot. We also talked about the work of the ACLJ so that's good stuff that we do there on Logan Sekulow, reprogram your blog to fund special guest speaker special guest later in joke Sean Hannity stop by and I may have one of the special guest, making sure that it's all good, before we announce it. Yeah in the next segment. Actually, it will be the end of the segment. I think I'll confirm it right you like a fly by the syrup answer. Well that's how we do it at the reprogram so we were talking about the jobs numbers and how they have skyrocketed. Obviously, it's not actually wanted to be right but you were trying to bounce back after a pandemic, because the biggest one the biggest people unemployment in our modern era right well and one of the good signs from this is that the economists you know they they are able to predict are able to see movement sin and reporting from unit different filings with governmental or or different numbers released from quarterly reports things like that. The economists thought it was only to be 2.9 million jobs added for June, but almost 2 million more than expected and I think it's great and I think the President nailed it right here in the East. He came out and talk about how great these numbers are likely bite three from Pres. Trump. Today's announcement proves that our economy is roaring back is coming back extremely strong. We have some areas where we are putting out the flames of the fire. So that's working out well working very closely with governors and I think it's working out very well. I think you'll see that shortly sounds great mercy and a real big move well and I am heading into the port.

We can for a lot of people. A lot of people are it's it's an odd time wearily.

It sounds weird to say this but you know and I know it's time to celebrate Fourth of July for a lot of people right out. I jobs become enough of the pandemic still happening right now there's a lot of city shutting back down. There are issues that are happening fireworks go celebrations are being canceled. Not exactly 4 July we grew up right but weren't home for a lot of people. It's important to still celebrate what's going on.

I think this is if there cannot be a better time for this report to come out and hopefully get people some hope heading into their into their summer minutes. Things were only 68 weeks away from with school supposed to come back for a lot of kids and there's a lot of uncertainty but hopefully this weekend. Fourth of July weekend ends it on a Saturday this year celebrate a little bit harder.

Celebrate a little more fun that even if you do that right and you referenced early humans called it independence weekend which I think we need and independence weekend. Right now we know that extended time many places of work are off on Friday so you get in Friday, Saturday and Sunday to celebrate the good things of this country that we right here and on Jay Sekulow live and the reprogram the things that we love to celebrate the the way that our country operates the way were able to rise above things like a pandemic and see these job numbers come back it it's really inspiring and I think it's the right time what you're doing for your Fourth of July celebration this week and I look forward to hearing creative supplement doing stuff at home like you said.

So maybe going out to parks or doing whatever comes.

Call 100-684-3110, 1-800-684-3110 through difficult. Yeah, let's go to Jerilyn Texas on a line 3 dear love you Jay Sekulow live this Logan Sekulow how you doing I'm doing alright man happy independence weekend what your question is a question of the new job just people really going back to job. It allows prior to Colbert church 19 yes I think yes dear, you're right, this is what you're saying is I these are job people returning to work. That's right after we saw such a skyrocketed unemployment and I understand yes you like will is this is people are furloughed going back to work.

Absolutely. But the fact that we are there already is a good sign, especially when the last week or so we've seen the news media start to come to switch back to their coping 19 coverage become the focus. People are still willing to go out and get back to work and is a good thing to think about and there was a lot of debate among economists weather is going to be. You've heard the term V-shaped recovery or a U-shaped where you're at the bottom longer. It seems that it's more of an aggressive E event that one. The President was was calling for him and he said he predicted actually early on he said you know we got great fundamentals in this country we have a lot of of manufacturing that's coming back to this country so for these three years leading up to this pandemic.

We've seen strengthen our economy, and so I think that Darrell is kind of pointing that is it people going back to work so that they're not filing for those unemployment benefits.

So it's again in the sense that yes were going back to the strength that we had before the shutdown and I think that's a very positive thing. The President's prediction that it was going to be more of a V shape. Seems that it's coming true interest. I wish and and and we just hope that it continues and maintaining as long as July doesn't show a massive three shut down right which it out right now. Who knows, it could, but as of now, this is a very good sign. This is good for people, but will also was in the news and we talk about incoming assignments because I'm special guest. Next time it that I don't really touch on this extreme of issues predominate getting into some nitty-gritty politics will next because we got an American icon, and on next, a TBI, the a lot of you grew up with the right wink Martindale is stopping on Logan Sekulow reprogram/Jay Sekulow live rev a lot of fun talking Elvis talk game shows talk about what he's doing rid of it is that may be the most perfect segment for you.

It's it hits all your favorite things the game show named Chuck Americana just in general, and Elvis spandex will talk about that for sure, but will this came out from AOC yes yes yes we like to talk about sometimes for some controversial things that we were very displeased with the MIR PD decision of the decision for the MIP from the government and by the mayor was a layer in their midday around the city Council of New York decided to slash $1 billion of funding to the police department the NYPD the boys in blue that we all know and love everyone you sleep happening a month ago when you all we were doing the praise and first responders. Now imagine this happening post 9/11. It would be insane, but now are saying $1 billion cut we are discussed that it like will AOC had some say that's right she she said that the cuts to the NYPD budget are disingenuous. A disingenuous allusion. This is not a victory.

The fight to defund policing continues to build dollars, almost 1200 new police officers gone there knocking to be having these two classes at the Academy. It's not can add to these the police officers that we need even though we've seen huge spikes in homicides and in in shootings in New York City this year as compared to last year. Don't worry about that. We don't need the 1200 extra uniformed officers to help out with this situation go far enough. Logan is absolutely insane. Here's what I've learned and look like you learn this life because of left social meteor left. It also should be up there watching here on Facebook or twitter.

A lot of you have about start become more conscious. What's going on here so I can tell you if you start getting it's of these arguments you know it's never enough and you can never win. There are no debates the end and you weddings. Much of your conservative is all you'll do is get piled on it. AOC is running the exact same thing which is it's just never enough. It doesn't matter if you go apologize. It doesn't matter if you say you are wrong and admit your own failures or whatever it is doesn't matter. Are you kowtowing say were cutting $1 billion from the NYPD. It's never enough. So that's why you know I will for me in the middle finding out special but they are not and that is something I have had to learn the hard way which it doesn't matter how good your intentions are.

You will never be enough. You will never say the right thing enough because that's not within their narrative. You do not fit is likely a conservative, probably conservative Christian watching the show or listening to us on the radio on a thousand stations. You do not fit the mold that Dave does not fit their narrative, you don't. So guess what, you're never going to win these debates and discussions so we have to do with the work of the ACLJ and with the work that we do.

In general, exposing fake news media that kind of thing here Jay Sekulow live in on the Logan Sekulow reprogram is to just show you.

There are people who are like-minded. Like you, and I think that's something it's very easy when you're watching the news to get caught up and go all it's on the only person who thinks this way. It's just simply not true. It's just simply not true, but they want you to think that in with that. You have to be very, very vigilant and very very careful who you talk to how you talk to them because again it's never enough. Just like AOC. $1 billion is not enough for the new NYPD that's insane. It's just inside the ACLJ go to for the magic challenge happening here the mother July the fun talk about Independence Day to go support the work of the ACLJ coming up in the next segment of very special guest Hollywood loyalty wink Martindale on the Logan Sekulow reprogram/Jay Sekulow only wanted society can agree most vulnerable. Is there any hope for that culture to survive. And that's exactly what you are saying when you stand with the American Center for Law and Justice, defendant the right to life, we've created a free and powerful publication offering a panoramic view of the ACLJ's battle for the unborn Gold edition like will show you how you are personally Tatian includes all major ACLJ were fighting for the rights of pro-life activist ramifications 40 years later, when Obama care means to discover many ways your membership is empowering the right question for mission life today online/the American Center for Law and justice were engaged in critical issues at home and abroad. Whether it's defending religious freedom.

Protecting those faith uncovering corruption in the Washington bureaucracy fighting to protect life reports and in Congress. ACLJ would not be able to do any of this. For that we are grateful. Now there's an opportunity for you to help me way limited time you can participate in the ACLJ's matching challenge every dollar you donate $10 gift becomes 100. This is a critical time for the ACLJ the work we simply would not occur without your generous in our matching challenge make a difference in protecting the constitutional and religious freedoms online ACLJ back to Logan Sekulow in programs like Jay Sekulow live it up and stay special and we are joined by very special guest say thank you to my brother Brian Mazer set this up.

The last second. I like Brian you have.

It's Independence Day weekend is it we got have somebody that can just celebrate America with us, someone who can also represent great state of Tennessee with as well and I see Hollywood legend that is wink Martindale week welcome to the show will get it now. I want to talk to you week because I think this is just a blast to have you on here as were celebrating 4 July your royalty for a lot of people and the people grew up on you and your game shows and everything. Do you think in general. As media has changed over the years. There's not as much me when you're shows the shows we all grew up watching artwork shows you can sit around and watch as a family and in there just doesn't seem to be as much of that going on ops either option. There was options is almost endless options.

We're never really sure what you're going to get from some of the shows I do you feel there needs to be sort of up a prospective family entertainment would like to see that happen.

Logan think that game showed general change when wants to be a millionaire became so big and I became became so and family court get the clothes good thing to the old-time show. I think they still do a terrific job and I think that's quite frankly, it is popular as it is, but I would like to see game shows go back to that.

It possible where you said we all sat around and watched the television watch the game and had dinner together special time absolutely for us who grew up in the 80s. This is something that is this you will for us going up that's and that we lost. Until recently I feel like this is something that is been generational movement easily said it was a millionaire and I can even move to like YouTube. There's being thousands of options on what your kids and what your family can watch. There's usually not as much unity in it, but wink for you. Talk about bringing people into entertainment. You are largely responsible for the King of rock 'n' roll for Elvis. I want your good friends coming such and in cultural icon for all of us growing up and working at WH, wiki, radio, clean records the beginning of rock 'n' roll all that rocket will start the chain through those doors and I happen to be at WH BQ the night but Elvis Presley was discovered I was the morning man just happened to be there that night showing some prints from Jackson Genesee around promotion and I think what was going on.

It so happened that Sam Phillips found her son Rick walked in with eight called that's a lot mom about his truck driver Elvis Presley recorded a couple hours earlier that he wanted it to see if he had any good DJ who did not believe every night going black music,but white did he put it on the underworld switchboard lit up.

I was the one that dictated to call Gladys and Bernard to find out where else was because Elvis wanted to come down the sacrament lot of like the degenerate chilled to the bone burning works cited, she could well be so nervous about his record be like to see a double feature Western trucking went down walked down the aisle found there all by himself to them about the excitement he came down to the snake. I met him that night.

It was fixed up the studio. He became my friend Phil DeBakey died and I'm the only one in the studio that I discovered it was quite evening that something special was happening that night but little did we know that music would be changed forever after that night in July 1954. Absolutely someone who lives here and into the sea and have spent some time in Memphis and walks into some studios even now are some records even now as just a tourist stop will you. When they start playing those already here, that's all right.

There are legit chills that right under slides you realize you are standing in a place of such a history for rock 'n' roll that as an Elvis fan and maybe a former child, Elvis impersonator, I'd say it is a very very special place you were there is just is just mind blowing and wild to me because I think a lot of growing up. You almost don't think about that. You'll think what the origin story for us. Elvis was always Elvis. There is always this lore and the stores were there the very beginning we were there when Elvis was already an established a brand with anything like the Walt Disney you really think that much of Walt Disney is the person at this point that you think of Walt Disney as a brand I felt same with the Elvis of the here sort of the. The original history and hear the stories. Like you said when he was at a movie theater is just just really neat and to follow up on that you were the first person wink to interview Elvis on television counseled about that 1950s lighting or becoming like a Hollywood movie and be there meant that you wanted to promote it.

It at that bloated court shell so you wanted to come on like that, but he also knew the parents on my teenage job sort of the Dick Clark event that Howard had Saturday at the dance party like American Bandstand and he knew what he knew. What is the appearance of my show and so he came on.

Col. Parker never forgave Nick that he wanted to be paid for everything else. The average talk to me after that. But he came on it.

We did a 25 minute interview and to this day. It is one of the most iconic interviews. I think that it was never done because it was first filmed interview posting a lot access. Looking or social media wink and I know that you got great people behind it is associated with a lot of them but even on your YouTube channel which I know is growing. I'm looking at. There's a lot of some of the more rare game show presentations are some of the big stuff is you can find a lot of that on a wink's YouTube channel which I'd I just subscribed.

I encourage you all to just search we might Martindale games. I see like on social media until recently just posted obscene yesterday. Are there for.

Yesterday the passing call Reiner and get to work with him is an interesting time because were seeing a lot of this happened at times of the July weekend wink. I was curious if you you have any plans.

Anything coming up for you what a good time for a lot of people having a good Jew really good traditions yes problems Angeles California home a week ago.

All desert and my wife six. So Sunday for her birthday.

I make dinner but now that will change the good that we can't do dining anymore so I reported July 9 because we are here in the area of God's absolutely gorgeous little bit hot Springs area can get a little more toasty warm something that because we have to think about.

Logan your dad your dad had the pleasure of him giving us a personal tour of the University back there their 75th and one of the greatest memories that I have and the court will begin your beach these days, any time is always special connection reconnected Jay Sekulow week Martindale started to show the game show will would be like so much, not a happy for the July happy Independence Day weekend. Thank you, thank you for the lovely talk soon will be right back last great first half hour back and later on the show. John and the American; just as critical issues at home and abroad for limited time you can participate in the ACLJ challenge for every dollar you donate $10 becomes $20, $50 gift becomes 100 can make a difference in protecting the constitutional and religious freedoms to you and your family.

Give a gift today online okay live from Washington DC.

Jay Sekulow questions call 1-800-684-3110 1681 euros. I like that this is now your house you could afford to just have someone say, hello, hello one really good really be anyone's eyes but you decided let's just say host is not like I haven't knows the show before and I complained about this book. The next time someone will just sit in this microscope. Logan Sekulow related a little bit like me saying that and then it just sounds like Logan Sekulow caused about this is a pretty short segment is next segment on Logan Sekulow reprogram/Jay Sekulow live independent special.

We have a very special guest. Our friend Sean Hannity will talk about all the top stories in the news.

My voice cracked.

It's exciting right went about on top stories in the news retarded by his brand-new book that's coming up in the next segment so make sure you stay tuned for that.

Let's go to the phones make you do it will let's go to Mark calling from California. Mark welcome to Jay Sekulow live and the Logan Sekulow reprogram your on the air. Mark my brother God bless you and and happy pre-Fourth of July. We thank you very much. I just wanted take a moment I got about 10 3030+ years in radio and I got it you from from engineering to being behind the microphone like you're doing and the right thing. Logan logs boring stuff sweeping floors all its I just want to say your your call screener awesome guy you guys cast in his schmooze fast. I just wanted to let you know you're doing a great job and I want to keep this keep the stabilizer probably smell when you're sweaty I'm starting to most like to thank you and I will share that screener to Matt. Thank you so the employment numbers are good news it's encouraging. I've been disabled for quite a number of years and I'm I'm having to go back to work because I get in a crunch time here now and I'm just trusting God that this can be a good thing even though the stuff is closed. There are some goofy reason there their closing right now, but I'm hoping it's just temporary, or that is short-lived. I hope worried about this weekend right we saw in Nashville just call off their fireworks display. Just concerned that it would encourage mass gatherings and maybe the infrastructure is not quite there to make sure people can stay apart and all of that about were hoping the same thing Mark and we appreciate calling it that this is a a good sign. Obscene is a great sign that things don't end up taking a dive. And this doesn't become politicized right because trust me this is not the news that Democrats want to be here this morning as much is you want to believe that they are on the others.

Both sides start it's not getting into election season, you don't want 5 million people must be back at work well and I think that we already have seen it politicized for months now and is well your owned by right but they they they been saying you know I will book the President it he touted the economy. It wasn't that great because as soon as the pandemic hits and we shut everything down. No one has jobs anymore. Well, that's a logical conclusion right if you shut down everything the job the last jobs, but he was correct in saying that we can have a strong recovery because the economy the fundamentals the things that Rick prop up the foundation of the economy was indeed strong and were seeing that in a 2 million more above their prediction returned to work.

I think it's fantastic news, it is give us a call 1-800-684-3110 in the next segment enjoyed by very special guest friend of the family, Sean Hannity, on Logan Sekulow reprogram to give you like his likely run down the history of Sean Hannity have a bio you may know him from the radio. You may know him from his nightly television broadcast with millions of designated Sean handed coming up in the next segment were taken because the final segment.

That's 100-684-3110 LJ. It is our July matching challenge so appreciate all the support you give us dear, thank you. Also, check out Logan Sekulow reprogram you like to show you on Monday through Friday, Monday through Friday. Find out Logan Sekulow reprogram all your favorite podcast Logan Sekulow will be right back Sean Hannity, the American Center for Law and engage in critical issues at home and abroad. Whether it's defending religious freedom detecting those covering corruption in Washington fighting to protect life courts and in Congress. ACLJ would not be able to do any of this. For that we are grateful to help me way limited time you can participate in the ACLJ's matching challenge every dollar you donate $10 gift becomes 100. This is time for the ACLJ work. We simply would not occur without a court or matching challenge make a difference in protecting the constitutional and religious freedoms online. Okay only when a society can agree most vulnerable invoice. Is there any hope for that culture to survive. And that's exactly what you are saying the American Center for Law and Justice, defendant the right to life, we've created a free powerful publication offering a panoramic view of the ACLJ's battle for the unborn cold dishes like show you how you are personally publication includes all major ACLJ fighting for the rights of pro-life activist ramifications 40 years later, when Obama care me in many ways your membership is empowering the right question mission life today online/this Logan Sekulow is today very very special Logan Sekulow reprogram all the stops will call it: the heavy hitters buddy the secular family, you know, if you don't need introduction, Sean Hannity, welcome to the Logan Sekulow reprogram/Jay Sekulow live Independence Day weekend well like you Jordan your dad little but I love your whole family. Your altogether as a family and all the radio which is amazing because I refuse to let my kids get to do anything in the public eye and a what will need this crap.

It may get that look to be on Twitter right now Sean it's a let's do it or because of that reason and because it just got crazy and a lot of people are jumping ship going other places in docility are just hopping, but it is a is a wild time, especially for for Fourth of July for Independence Day to be this weekend. You know it, I think, to be celebrated not only different because of overnight team, but I do know how people are thinking of America right now. January believable.

The worst pandemic of 1918.

We had done that, it became the biggest medical mobilization in the history of mankind, then you know we have the unconscionable, it should never, ever, can't ever ever happen again that the George Floyd. There was universal agreement on that one issue there were peaceful protesters but then you got all the anarchist, the next thing we know a thousand cops are hurt about eight or dad wanted paralyzed from the neck down rocks, bottles, Molotov cocktails and bricks started our cops.

The other shot.

You know, we have other innocent people shot and you know that need.

Then you then precinct to burn to the ground. Then you got that the Chaz chops autonomous spaghetti potluck dinner block party festival you know summer of love zone is still pretty mayor in that dopey governor in Seattle and Washington. They don't do a thing to restore law and order, and the only things that seem to motivate the mayor finally was the fact that she had a protest in front of our house becomes a lot different situation like PD got $1 billion via//this feels like were limited alternate reality.

The question, who are you going to call when something happens to me that the fundamental simple basic no raw question when you get a call God for bed late at night something happens that is breaking in your house you got kids going to call for help. You, because if you don't have a Police Department.

We have a small Police Department available to help you know an endless night you know your dad. I know it was so involved in and everything involved in the madness of Russia Russia and impeachment impeachment now well but the thing is I always made a distinction because I spent three years exposing that there were people of the highest levels in the intelligence community and in the FBI that it views their power.

And these people were corrupt, but I never forgot about the 99% of good FBI Special Agent good people in the intelligence community that that risk their lives daily and protect this country and protect we the people at the same of policing. I mean, you know the 99% a good cop did not deserve to have rock-bottom bricks of Molotov cocktails thrown at them and every cop I know was was a gas that at what happened with George Floyd that they are to find them and they absolutely found it repugnant, and they were vocal about it and but there always got to be those people that want to manipulate new things for whatever political gain. They can have both TV last night we had on one of the saddest interviews I've ever had this been a bartender send in a long time Lapin avid namesake Junior and he is 19 years old and he was the first person killed and that the auto Zone and you know the pain that this poor man showed on television last night. I mean, why did we.

How is it when the night that he got shot.

The police somatic. They had to beg the anarchy is but didn't block the police department at the literally begged him to beg these anarchist the bingo help of victim of a shooting doubt we all no second matter in times like this and so heartbreaking never get him back. You know we talk about why mentoring II believe every single human life matters.

Absolutely African-American lives matter all American lives matter. But here's the reality if you look at the violence in Chicago. You know what Joe and Barack doing eight years. They barely mentioned it, and nearly 4000 people in Chicago were were killed while they were President and vice President.

No tens of thousands of other shot and injured. You can't convince me that United States of America if they put we put our mind and our resources to solving the problem that we couldn't do a great job.

I know what can be done, but as I watched it happen on unfold right before my eyes. When Rudy Giuliani became the mayor of New York City and he implemented no new policies to go to whatever area of the city. There was a higher concentration of crime and he went there to protect moms and dads grandmother and grandpa's in young kids from, you know, ever get from getting shot so they can live in safety and security, and on the constitutional point.

How do you get to pursue happiness. How do we become a more perfect union. If we don't have every child in this country safe and secure. Every child deserves visiting New York as a kid. Giuliani era was all Disney you in the early 90s. It was amazing. So I think that people forget what it was short for that will be the questionnaire yeah Sean, you know we we see with the left is trying to do it to our cities but we also see this incredible jobs report out today that shows the resiliency of the American people and you hopefully know Seymour them come back like this. So it was a total 4,500,000.8 million okay and that so that the half-million aligned I did not think we see these numbers until August, but I remember in May they thought were to lose 9 million jobs we gain to what I have my coronavirus model. They were off by a factor of God knows what. And so now already will be created nearly 8 million new jobs, which in record time. We shut down the country to save American lives. The experts were wrong. The models were wrong.

The President well handed out not running out of ventilators. He took care of New York as the incompetent idiot governor there and incompetent mayor of New York City.

They think they meant they were prepared for nothing which is inexcusable. But you know, this shows the resiliency of the American economy. The resiliency of the American people. The American spirit. We live in the greatest, best country, God gave man you know I don't love my friend Barry Farber would say that there's never been a country in the history of mankind that's accumulated more power and abuse that last I say there's never been a country in the history of man that is accumulated more power and used it to advance the human condition, then this one will be a perfect country no. There are no perfect people. We've all said, we've all fallen short.

But we know in the wisdom of our framers and founders week they developed a system that guys like your father and your brother Jordan. We we work the system so we become a more perfect union. We write wrong correct injustices we come a long way. We have a long way to go get an airplane perfect title for a book right now. Your new book coming out just about a month live free or die America in the world on the brink the I don't know me that I feel like you your prosthetic hair show in it and I put in Latin. At the very bottom lip prayer American. I believe that every single you if the Democrats get in America will be unrecognizable in the near future.

It's all on the line.

My leg get it, but I have up on but I love the secular family want to wish all of you happy fourth and you know my best to your yeah I think you might just take over. That in your brother, you hijack the radio show. Take it, make it an autonomous zone. Yes, it's the last slogan autonomous lab report. All right. Very special thanks to our friends, family friend, Sean Hannity's new book live free or die America in the world on the brink comes out and just a few weeks was out on August 4 this year 2020 will come that we've had on the reprogram using the power of Jay Sekulow live I think you get that get just like a text message from a buddy.

You know when you bring in the big flooding. You know me and shot affiliate with the connections were both talkshow host that's right like that's our background background is talkshow host who happen just to share similar appointive viewpoint reference.

I like that. I also like the lands that he brought a when you take, mankind is not program.

We want a society can agree most vulnerable invoice.

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The work we simply would not occur without matching challenge make a difference in protecting the constitutional and religious freedoms. Today online okay the last segment of the Logan Sekulow reprogram/Jay Sekulow live it up and it's a special I said the last time we had lunch on Hannity. That's right Martindale earlier to talk. Elvis had a lot of fun would be the person and this show right and I have a surprise guest ladies and gentlemen, country music legend icon, it really the man who you are looking for inspiration. Independence Day is new, show the pursuit which is on Fox nation. He's got a lot going on.

Got redneck Riviera. My friend John Rich John, welcome back to the Logan Sekulow reprogram/Jay Sekulow a lot weekend man man you had direct a cup of coffee today brought a good welcome and average income. Let's get to the fun stuff and a little bit. I think our audience be interested.

What's going on in Nashville.

I think we been texted.

You have to have a bar downtown redneck Riviera you have girl businesses in your arms. You are a resident of the area and I know will here was with me knows a lot about this topic as well.

Her John Adam Corolla talking about it. There's been some interesting things happened in a national John we are on regular terrestrial radio so I'm not much of a cursor in this situation that will make you want herself in on the past six months.

Nashville has endured a horrific tornado that displaced all kinds of people from their homes from businesses and then after that, COBIT 19 which we all know what that's done to the economy in Nashville after a Harvard study actually national rank number one of all of all metro areas are natural as the hardest hit metro area. Don't know if you knew that but but we came in number one on that and then a couple weeks ago to three weeks back we have rioters and looters not peaceful protesting downtown, but smashing our windows and setting buildings on fire. All of these things go on and so our Mayor John Cooper decides hey this is a perfect time to increase taxes on property owners in Nashville by 34% and the pushback from the town.

Republicans, Democrats, independent of course nobody is for that. I met with and met with my council member Barclay Allen is her name extremely liberal, but that's fine. She's he represents me, so I did my due diligence as a citizen with her. I had a one hour meeting. I gave her ideas on ways to close the gap on the deficit staggered furloughs for metro employees that are not emergency service or education right may not doubt in she's right and down.

She's going. These are great ideas. You're right. This would pick up a lot of slack a minute take this back to the Council course. I never hear back. Next thing you know they pass this 34% property tax increase, which is so ironic that liberals who purport to support the marginalized people in our communities, minorities, low income families people. People that live month-to-month. That's who they say. Therefore but a lot of those people that I just mentioned those groups of people they do on their house. It's just considered affordable housing there and opportunities owner. They do have a small business that may be a tire shop or a landscape that something like that whatever I construct little construction company or their you know they have their own thing sitting on a razors edge right now and when you smash them with 34% more tax they can't handle it guy like me. I don't like it but I can absorb it and I'm not to miss a meal or lose my home or my business, but all the other people that are the month-to-month paycheck, but they cannot absorb that so why a liberal mayor and city council would ever think of all times. This is the time to crush Nashville with a 34% tax increase is beyond me and John. One thing that we see over and over again when as you refer to their Democrats and Republicans both against this tax hike.

When these progressive policies of a lot of the left comes to cities and over.

We've seen decades of leftist leadership in the city of Nashville. What they did was they spend spend spend during a time of prosperity and all the sudden hoops we were being conservative with our spending. Now there's a big disaster and and they put it on the business owners the people that even though their living paycheck to paycheck maybe or month-to-month within their business. They're doing it responsibly.

They're building something and in we see this this terrible thing were they the government then throws it on the backs of the business owners in the people that are trying to survive instead of doing the right thing earlier being more conservative, fiscally in building a rainy day fund disasters on flaws in the right. Well, you're correct about all of that and I didn't do that but they were offered solutions on ways to creatively get through this slick spot meaning staggered furloughs with government employees in certain sectors of government that won't directly impact people day-to-day. That was a huge one that that alone are our calculations has at covering 40 to 50% of that deficit. And then there was a loan option for this town for Nashville.

It was a low interest loan for the rest of that gap that can be paid off when that when the economy kicks back in high gear, which it will at some point in Nashville and and if they were done. Those two things they would've had to raise taxes on anybody and they knew that they knew that verbatim. They knew that plan.

They knew those were things that would work and still opted to bring a 34% tax increase. I find it to be the most hypocritical thing I've ever heard that a liberal mayor in a liberal counselor who says they care about marginalized people they care about minorities that care about immigrants in our town who have bought property or start a business that they care about, know they don't believe you by your actions, not by your words and their actions just proved everybody where they really are. By the way you guys know this. Metro employees got a raise everybody working for the government. Nashville got a raise speak of people like you have to speak up, as I think that's the part that's get into a national scale. People know what's going on a national people in the County surrounding really know or care enough about what's happening to the cities when you have somebody I like the mayor of national John Cooper, who is is been kind of a disaster for a lot of people in John little bit more now. She tells how what you want to do to help on that.

But in a little more positive note, tomorrow night, July 3 it's Fourth of July weekend and John and know you're like me and even if the news is crazy member shut down our streets even if there shut down the cities because we like it to be celebrated and you have a fun thing coming up tomorrow. Yes, so on and it's free to watch this deal at 4 o'clock central, 5 o'clock Eastern laughter my house.

We got everybody from Libra rise to myself at the Isaacs all you great actor, and as to perform and Maj. Dan Rooney Lieut. Col. Dan running the founder of folds of honor will be my cohost and turn at 4 o'clock for little pre-party there if you want to help out with recalling the mayor of Nashville go to know Jack or Nash and sign the protection thank you, John. We really appreciate oxidation tomorrow night's export is a dear John we love you.

We really appreciate you calling and ended on Independence Day weekend special right. It was awesome having you great having Sean Hannity.

Great having week Martindale was a blast to be hosting Jay Sekulow lock three program with all of you if you like what you hear. We do the show each and every day, but it is Monday through Friday Logan Sekulow reprogram the Logan Sekulow find us all your favorite social media options you can watch a show on YouTube support the work of the ACLJ July matching challenge.

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