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In the Last Days You Were Born For This Time

Running With Horses / Shirley Weaver Ministries
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October 3, 2022 12:00 am

In the Last Days You Were Born For This Time

Running With Horses / Shirley Weaver Ministries

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This is the Truth Network welcome to horses just to inspire you as a relationship with Almighty God that empowers you things you never thought possible.

Shirley Weaver wants to take you and now yesterday's episode I've learned it's really important to realize you were born for this time you were selected is in the heart of God for you to be alive right now. Not at an earlier point in history at another time, another place you were born for this time specifically situated and placed where you are and I believe prophetically given the tools that you need to operate as a prophetic believer at this time and this time is the last days of biblical expression that means the end of this age, the end of the church age and the beginning of another age we said before, not the end of the world because the world really is eternal. In other words, everyone will spin eternity. Some where we believe that you choose to spend eternity in the presence of Almighty God. That's why we're here.

So welcome to the podcast running with horses, where the emphasis on this podcast and really in our book by the same title really in the whole of our ministry. The emphasis is God's word concerning Israel about the end times.

The last days and especially the way that God intervenes in the lives of his people today has not passed away specifically with power demonstrations. Why would he do that well two really good reasons. Number one to bless you to bless me to bless his people, but also in the heart of God for his glory, you know, John 11 verse 40 Jesus said to Martha did not say to you that if you would believe you would see the glory of God. Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead.

He had been dead three days was sealed in the tomb. Jesus raised him back to life. That was the setting I would call that pretty supernatural.

I would call that a divine intervention. And so, for his glory understand we are blessed. But God's glory is so revealed. Every time he moves in your behalf on your behalf in a power demonstration of his love for you don't think that that is rare. It is not rare, but our inclination is not to recognize it are two really even perceive it as it's happening in a way that it's something beyond what we actually engineered with said that before, but just to keep it in front of you to stick to know that God wants to move this lady in your life. There's our website a so today the question do we believe that God's word states significantly. That means in a particular way, even prophetically. In other words, inspired inspiration by the Holy Spirit to the times that you and I are living in and plus the role that each person has.

Do we believe that each person has a role both for relevance today and with an eternal relevance and then you need to follow that question with, to what degree can you discern what your role is that you have a role and what the role that God is given you actually is will first of all, your understanding would have to be based in what you believe about the importance of Israel, including Israel's biblical end time relevance in your life, what does it matter what does Israel matter concerning you and your knowledge of Bible prophecy which, as we've said is about one third of the Bible Bible prophecy takes up about one third of the total Bible content.

What do you understand about Israel and Bible prophecy will make a big difference in how you understand your role you're in town role. The significance of it and actually the critical importance that you and recognize who we are and what we're doing and why. So what about your role in this prophetic time and really in the future for the future.

What is the eternal relevance.

So let me just say something specifically right here to what we've come to call come to know as the millennial generation that would be anyone born say early 1980s to the mid-1990s 1996 right in that frame there. So you would be maybe age 24, 25, 26 of 240 4142, you know, just give her take a few years. Either way, that would be the millennial gender generation and if you belong there.

More than ever. At this time.

Look ahead see what's coming.

You have a future that's been carved out for you that is much different. It is not like that of your parents and their parents.

Your challenges are vastly different. So just two things here don't risk letting your emotions call the shots of K. Don't be taken captive by your thoughts mentally and spiritually take those thoughts captive that in would lead you make you be inclined to turn inward and I'm going to tell you why.

Right now, so I have learned that God has general and specific words for you. He not only has a word for you that is specific like a life destiny word what's in the future what your role is, but all along the way, more general words that are like a God may be guard rails for you and so this is the single greatest time in history. I believe to be alive. The challenges are huge, but God's encouragement for you is greater. Again, if you're in this millennial generation, especially especially God's is only need your role is so important.

It's part of the day in which we presently live the culture. The mindset the worldview. The Lord wants to speak generally and specifically to you in these ways about these things and how does that happen. I believe it occurs and by the way, I think it may not have occurred to the degree it should because this has been absent for various reasons. What do we need we need mentoring the Bible word is discipleship, but it's the mentor relationship to the mentee. Basically it happens in business.

There are internships there are apprenticeships in so many levels of life. We are meant toward. We are trained and then as we take up positions of knowledge, then we teach and train others. Usually younger doesn't have to be younger, but the mentoring relationship is so important for this in time because you're born for this time.

The mentoring actually is one of the exciting things that God allows me to do and being meant toward by those whose fate and knowledge. I want to imitate because they imitate Jesus ministry being mentored by them is one of the great blessings in my life. So it's ongoing.

I am allowed by God to mentor you and others and God sends to me those that mentor me. Even at this point in my life. I believe it's ongoing I don't think it ever stops being meant toward and then mentoring others.

Again, the Bible word is making disciples. Jesus said, go ye into all the world and may may make disciples. It's intentional. His relationship with the inner circle of three and then 12 and then 70 you know it was a circle and circles of those being meant toward by the Lord Jesus during his his ministry here on earth those at that time were born for that time in the same way you are born for this time for today. It's not a clich, it's not a buzz phrase. It is a biblical fact. Truth principal so the thing you want to know is what is your role and to answer that question.

You really the number one opposition to really understanding the role, particularly for younger generations. is this obstacle of i've heard it said this way you know what about me. what about me and just to be blunt, we become so wrapped up in our own lives, our own concerns, some of which are major in big but some honestly are just petty. they really silly. they make us look silly and they make us appear to be amateur.

i don't think we are is just a matter of having someone whose wisdom can point those things out. so as i was saying i find the number one opposition or obstacle to really understanding the role that you have that i have is all those quiet questions you know the details about my personal life that i feel have gone unanswered.

for example, why hasn't god answered my prayer about this are why doesn't god intervene in my situation i have obeyed him.

i have believed him. still, he hasn't shown up in my situation. another one might be why do i always have to wait other people get their needs met have their prayers answered.

but man always delayed. why is that you know you gonna get hung there you get ham's strong fair it's happened to me may not confess but once you recognize it.

it doesn't have to stay that way because the truth is, you need to resolve that you may not get those answers at all ever or at least not the way you think those things should be answered otherwise.

and this is a warning it's a red flag. your theology might begin to shift along the lines of your personal experience.

your personal disappointments and failures. and it's a reversal you are created in god's image and you may step away from that mag neff assent position and demand that god conform to your image. the great and mighty god may be required to dwarf and to fit your theology. the box he will have to conform to your experience in your thinking. you know, second peter speaks to the last days. he said where is the promise of his coming and the people said where.

where is the promise of his coming.

he said he was coming yet here we are still waiting. nothing has changing changed and the implication of course.

in other words, is he is coming, he misled us. it is not working.

so in that situation that peter is referring to the people actually concluded not only that god had not answered them, but also that in the future he would not answer so present and future god is no longer answering and for anyone who believes that he does answer that he does keep his promise and perform his promises.

they are either wrong or worse, lying. that means they are misleading the people they are deceiving the people. so you see where this is going. you see where it could go to decide that god does not answer really makes us vulnerable opens the door to one of the end time marks and this term is found in first timothy four really the apostasy. the great apostasy the falling away prophesied for the last days and there's always been apostasy, there's always been falling away, but to the degree that we are seeing this falling away now this is the most far-reaching occurrence. so while god is greater than ever. while the lord is moving in a mighty way. the corresponding action because of the increased illusion of the enemy is that people are taken captive in their thoughts initially began to disbelieve god on a personal level and then become offended and here comes that great horrible word. the apostasy so we are avoiding that because we have wise counselors around us. to say beware that is the enemy trying to intrigue you tried to offer you another way, so mentored this way, we realize that you're born for this time. that means your equipped to withstand the threat and the delusion of the enemy and you have a role hate no one else can do what you're called to do. that's always true, always been true, but right now please realize no one can substitute for you if you call in sick today in the things of the kingdom. they can't call man a substitute teacher. there isn't a substitute for you.

you are the one carrying the wisdom that god has for the whole world on some level right now. now you may find that hard to believe i understand that you're not the only one there were two examples in the word that actually i love the stories esther for in acts nine tell us about two individuals in the word queen esther, remember her story and of course moses, the deliverer of of israel and both of these in both of these instances. esther moses, neither could believe neither one could believe that they were called for such a time as this are that they could do the really powerful strong things that god was telling them to do. they just couldn't believe that they being an ordinary person could do something that great, but of course in in esther's case, her uncle mordechai said listen, if you don't do this if you remain silent at this time and you don't help when you had to have the chance to help your people then you may come to find out are you will come to find out that you were really born for this time and this occasion, and you stepped away from doing the very thing that would deliver your people. moses was the same. you know he was born in a time when the national leader was dealing really treacherously with the people he was oppressing them and in what the the. the worst was he was killing their babies, the newborns were being murdered.

that was the environment moses was born into. he was one of those newborns that he was born at that time, god protected him and brought him to maturity to adulthood and then he dramatically led millions of people out of captivity's most people know the story of the exit from egypt if they don't, even if they don't even know the lord. they know that story an unlikely person was called at that time. listen, this is some of my favorite content in our book running with horses. it's a devotional book but it's a discipleship tool that will mentor you. it has an anointing to mentor god's people. it does i can say that because i have experienced it myself.

you know i've seen it influence the lives of other people and today, that book is influencing my life calling me to a higher level setting the bar just a little higher so that i can rise more and more to the occasion without mentoring without this kind of mentoring. i think the church goes into default mode, you know, it's sort of life is the world leads it lifts it. you know that is the default mode. we can't possibly expect to do what god's word says therefore we'll just step back and accept what comes hey don't do that. don't do that. the book is available on our website. a clear and on other outlets online. The focus of course is the way we are taught what our lifestyle looks like when we're carrying the mark of God, so I invite you to take a look at those two websites and check the book outlets close in prayer today.

Father, we believe that you called us for this time and so we are born for this time. Like Esther, like Moses and so many others in the Bible and even in our present history.

There are many examples.

God give us courage give us wisdom to do what you say the way you say it. We declare we are determined to hear you and obey you, and we invite you father to move in our lives both overtly out in the open and behind-the-scenes in a way that causes us to watch as Jesus said to believe to believe me.

To the degree that we see your glory and the rest of the world can see your glory performed in our lives and in the lives of so many.

We pray father in the life of your church that it be in Jesus name we pray. Amen we have the mind of Christ. Listen we have the mind of Christ we can take those thoughts captive that are contrary to God's word because we have his mind, that means we have his thought life. The thought life of the king explicitly. If you enjoy this episode and you'd like to help support this project, we share it with others.

Maybe you believe in reading and review notes you can subscribe to Shirley's email list ministry and produce your very own copy is 365 day devotional woman with horses. Thanks again and we will see you next

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