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On Principle, The Mother’s Cry

Running With Horses / Shirley Weaver Ministries
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May 30, 2022 12:00 pm

On Principle, The Mother’s Cry

Running With Horses / Shirley Weaver Ministries

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May 30, 2022 12:00 pm

Does something feel unsettling in your life? You may try to put your finger on it, but you can't quite figure out what it is. You may need to shift your position from where you are, entrenched in your “chain of reasoning” … to something you wouldn’t consider – something that would even shock you.


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This is good Truth Network horses just to inspire you zoom in a relationship with God that empowers things you never Shirley Weaver wants to take you and now yesterday's episode got a question for you actually might be word for ye. Here's the question.

Is this something that's just not settling well right now like can't put your finger on it but there's something there sort of playing in the background in your heart in your mind. It's just there so here here's a thought, here's something to consider.

You may need to shift your position. You know that entrenched position. You may need to shift from there where you are in your chain of reasoning were talking about. Sort of like taking a stand on principle. The word principal means a chain of reasoning so that position where you're entrenched includes a chain of reasoning so if you consider moving away from the position where you're entrenched you're really talking that something you haven't considered before may be something you wouldn't consider something that might even shock you and you know which way say never say never but sometimes we say never.

I am never budging, never moving off of this rock I'm going to die on this hill so to speak that mentality well sometimes.

Sometimes the principles of God are so true and they're so valuable and so foundational.

But there's also the place where God by his Holy Spirit as I say this. Think about it because you will route you'll recognize it as being within his his responsibility really the Holy Spirit to lead and guide and direct us into all truth says things change and they may shift just a tiny bit, so we would need to shift as well, but sometimes we are pretty myopic to be honest and were so focused where entrenched we've got are on the prize. The goal, and we're not moving. Let me just share this. I love this from Oswald Chambers and actually CS Lewis says something really similar. These are from the notes in my journal that Lee as God's people, you, and we actually choose to be seen by God, we choose to be seen by him because the Spirit searches and because we don't know what we don't know you heard that expression you don't know what you don't know you only know what you know but the spirit knows all things, and he is searching the every area of the realms of God to reveal that to you and evidently as we as we progress as we mature, there are new things to see. Realize new revelation to receive the spirit of God reveals new information to us. An example 1st Kings three verses 16 and 18.

This is the story of the two prostitutes each gave birth.

Each had a newborn baby and in over the over the process of the story. One baby died and the other mother took away the live baby from the true mother so the two prostitutes came to the king. This was King Solomon to have their argument settled. This is verse 16.

Sometime later, the two prostitutes came to the king have an argument settled in verse 28 rates this way. When all Israel heard the king's decision. The people were in all of the king, for they saw the wisdom God had given him for rendering justice. The people were in all the king, for they saw wisdom God had given to the king to Solomon for rendering justice and if you know the story, or if you don't I'll just add it right here. King Solomon said no problem we will divide the baby in half each of you will receive half the real mother. The true mother, the birth mother spoke up and said no, no, don't do that give the baby to her and so of course the problem was solved.

The true mother was revealed. Actually, the other prostitute cheered the decision. The true mother the true mother's heart was revealed when you and I are that way. Our heart sometimes needs to be revealed, even to us.

Sometimes we don't even know our own heart right.

Paul said that I can't trust my heart. I don't know everything I need, the spirit of God and we don't know were looking for the wisdom of God.

We think we know exactly what needs to be done in every situation you know that we encountered were so sure that were convinced of the principles that we are standing upon and that we will not move away from. But then the Lord speaks something we didn't know before, but because we choose to be seen by God the Spirit is searching that vast world of God's wisdom and bringing to us exactly on time, right on time. The details that we need so that way than posture and advance the position of the Lord the mind of the Lord. The wisdom of God biblically.

The believer has the mind of Christ I say, that means the thought life of a king.

In this case of the king. The king, our Lord Jesus. So again, what happened between those two verses. When the two mothers came to the king to have the argument settled both convinced of their view and then ultimately as the king made the decision. The people recognize that he was operating in the wisdom of God.

Verse 28 says it that way and that it was the wisdom of God that rendered get this justice, justice, and what are we all crying out for were crying out for justice. True justice in the earth in our world and our nation and our homes were crying out for the judgments of the Lord which are pure to rule against evil, and to advance that which is pure and that which is good human opinion which includes supposed facts can operate outside of God's wisdom and that opinion of man that he won't turn loose that he will not release is something that distracts from within our capacity for true purity. Purity is a virtue purity is a virtue that strengthens belief and refuses to accuse the Lord when conditions around us change in a way that we don't automatically or immediately understand like the true birth mother in this story, her child was being taken away and all she could do was cry out for justice. Asking, seeking for help. We have the this virtue of purity to protect us from really ourselves because purity prefers a belief that refuses to accuse the Lord and when conditions around us change in a way that we don't automatically or immediately understand we don't move were not puzzled or not, what's the word we'll hit a bump in the road right there, we pause knowing that God is on the scene and we choose to be seen by God, we choose to admit that we do not know what we do not know, but the Spirit searches the Spirit searches. You and I need to do that we need to choose to be seen by God that he reveals to us what we do not know that the Spirit searches all things, and God himself through the agent of his Holy Spirit introduces information to us, that's really neat. You it's, it may be completely new to the situation in every way. Arm may just be near you to us. It may be new to me. You may already have this information so I hadn't thought of it this way but just think of the. The force of unity to bring the brethren together when we don't see things the same way the Spirit of God will bring us information we didn't have before.

But perhaps the brother or the sister beside us has had tech information.

For a while there, waiting for us to get it enough. Praise God for patients and for the power of love. So again we want to develop a confident belief that produces more and greater confident belief but not to the exclusion of what the Spirit of God introduces to us new information fresh revelation because when I believe God. I believe God.

I believe him. Not there aren't exceptions, not just when he advances in a way that I prefer R which Cottle's the hill that have staked my claim on and put Martin at all. So I've been it's is comical to me in a way. In away because I see myself in this. Not just once or twice, but well let's just say more often so I just ask you know have you done things primarily are completely based upon principle on the expression is it's the principle of the thing the calls of the quote principle of the thing." A principal being the truth. Our concept of a topic or situation that would be dictionary rendering there.

A principal is a line of reasoning is a chain of REIT reasoning, a way of coming up with the conclusion so the Lord does not require us to violate his word would not. That would not occur, but he will lead us into parts and expressions of that reality of his word that we just didn't know before.

So, moral and ethical principles are precious, but we choose to be seen by God that he is able to come in and shift and right now you may be in a place that's needful to shift your position from where you are entrenched in your chain of reasoning to something that you hadn't considered before or that you had refused to consider before basically the Lord is Lord and so he alone is the captain who speaks to us concerning things like this and he is the one who moves us.

I love the passage in the word from fate to fate strength to strength and glory to glory from one level of fate to another higher level. The current place of strength to another higher greater capacity of strength and get this from glory to more glory and as was the case in the story about King Solomon. You can see the benefit. The child was spared the true mother said no do not harm the child boy that that story that principal they are not moral high ground speaks volumes that we should apply to our culture today like in present tense in today's culture, and in the context of our conversation today, I want to really give emphasis here to another aspect of this story of the true biological mother of the baby that was at risk because God makes provision and has set a precedent for every mother. I don't care who she is or where she is and every mother's child is under the dictates and under the care of the provision and the precedent of God's word concerning the child God gave Joseph the father of the Lord Jesus the baby Jesus. He gave Joseph warning in a dream to leave Bethlehem and flee to Egypt, why to save the child as the as the father of the child. Joseph received the stream to leave Bethlehem to flee the cruel King Herod's edict that had been sent had been proclaimed and announced that the life of every little boy two years of age and younger was to be destroyed was to be murdered was to be killed a man is horrific to read in the text, but you know, as I said, we have are equivalent today don't so as cruel as this is the Lord was moving behind-the-scenes to protect Jesus and to set up a precedent for his protection and his safety until the time that he could fulfill his destiny and remember what that was. He came to die for the sin of the world and to establish a blood covenant for all those who would receive him as Lord and be saved and receive eternal life. So his destiny was established the precedent for keeping him began way back when he was conceived and also his mother's pregnancy and at delivery and four years as they ran from the edict of the king to destroy the babies.

There is there is hope for every mother, every father every child that has been conceived because God's heart is tuned in this way that Charles destiny was established and created we read before the foundations of the world's so Almighty God has set up an eternal plan to protect every little baby that is conceived and in our context today to really make provision for the mother's heart as well. Besides the promise to rescue Jeremiah 31 and Matthew two tell us that God makes a way for the mother whose heart cannot be comforted for the weeping of mothers today like that that was heard in the day of Jeremiah repeated in Matthew in the day when the mothers cried out and they could not be comforted.

Speaking of the story concerning Herod's edict to destroy the babies. We read in verse 15 of Jeremiah 31 thus says the Lord of voice is heard in Rhema lamentation and bitter weeping Rachel is weeping for her children. She refuses to be comforted for her children because they are no more dust, says the Lord, keep your voice from weeping and your E your eyes from tears, for there is a reward for your work, declares the Lord, and they shall come back from the land of the enemy.

The Lord says to the mothers who are weeping. Keep your voice from weeping in your eyes for two years. For I have in mind. I had planned a reward for your work, declares the Lord does understand that statement declares the Lord. This is a strong expression in God's word when God declares something. The strength of that comes through in real time. God says concerning these children who have been taken, they shall come back from the land of the enemy.

I have no idea what that means for the children that was that were slaughtered in the case of King Herod's edict. But here's the promise for the mother that weeks and the one who is in tears.

God has a reward for her and he has declared your children shall come back from the land of the enemy.

What enemy you say any enemy any thing any entity, any voice any effort that came to take your children from you are to provoke you to give them up in a way that really was not in your heart but was something that you had no what you felt you had no other choice. So then today the sound of the mother's cry is heard by God and he understands that that cry is not comforted unless he comforts it her cry for her children and that precedent remains that every child threatened in any way, and every mother who cannot reconcile the absence of her child that her child is not with her that that which she conceived, and that what she matured in her own body in which she bore that that child is taken is not in her presence. That is not reconcilable on a natural level on a human level that is on reconcilable.

I don't care what anybody says or what the condition is the way that women as mothers are designed by God. The nurturing heart is stronger than anything separation from her children on any level in any way causes the rate weeping of her heart. Whether it's voiced or not, but that weeping ever has silent in her heart has a voice before the throne of Almighty God.

It is totally divine and sovereign and supernatural God hears that voice that men cannot hear that seems appears to be silent actually grows to a crescendo and no one can deny that voice are that cry because at a point at a certain point that cup. The cup fills up and rescue rescue is poured out for the mother for the child for the father for those who are on the Lord's side that the child of the mother is restored to her. I believe the reward is that that the child of that mother is restored to her.

Her reward that child is brought back from the land of the enemy that accrual evil wrong is righted made right, justice comes the deliver comes the deliver has the last word. Deuteronomy 3228 says it this way, vengeance is mine, and recompense their foot shall slip in due time for the day of their calamity is at hand and the things to come hasten upon them whose foot will slip the one who removed the child from the mother, the one who instigated that the one who was the mastermind of removing the child from the presence of the child's mother, the one who was the mastermind behind that evil plot that one shall find that the path is no longer available for them.

Their foot will slip the day of calamity calms that which they perpetrated against this mother the day of calamity comes back upon their own head. The word says the principal there is that that which that evil which the enemy works will be returned back on him sevenfold. And this this happens in a hastened sped up way I would call it a suddenly and I believe with all of my heart, the justice of God in places where the mothers cry silent two men, but a voice now gaining growing into a crescendo before the throne of God is releasing God's promise vengeance is mine, and recompense, says the Lord, I believe that today we are we are in a place where our principles are being tested, I know you saying that and in every place where we are entrenched and are not open to another view. We can choose to be seen by God allow him to adjust those and calls alignment with him that is both a fulfillment of the crop of our heart to be like him, but also brings pleasure to him and in the places where the principal of God's word where we take our stand and where we remain that God actually strengthens that.

So it's both. The place that we need to change and adjust slightly, and the place of absolute standing. Having done all, to stand stand therefore I release my faith with you today for the integrity of God's will, and his heart in this way to know that fine line between the principal God is adjusting and the one that he is even strengthening more faith to think strength to strength and glory to glory, that you and I will be like him. We are, as he is in the earth.

I agree with the word. I know you do. God bless you.

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