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An Extraordinary Birth Part 2

Running to Win / Erwin Lutzer
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May 4, 2021 1:00 am

An Extraordinary Birth Part 2

Running to Win / Erwin Lutzer

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May 4, 2021 1:00 am

Jesus was fully human, yet He had no human father. Born to a young, Jewish virgin, His beginnings on Earth were indeed extraordinary. So, how important is the virgin birth, and why was it necessary?

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Rain forest looking to Jesus.

Jesus was fully human, but had no human father to a young Jewish maiden who would never known a man his beginnings on earth were indeed extraordinary so how important is the virgin birth.

To find out church in Chicago with Dr. Sir who is teaching make it across the finish line. Master loser are there any mythological gods were said to be virgin born what you know today whether they were said to be virgin born or not.

There are plenty of stories of apology that have to do with the birth of great people. For example, Alexander the great, just to choose one. Supposedly, his mother swallowed something and was impregnated. But here's the difference when you read the New Testament.

It is bathed in holiness. All of these other myths contain with them some immorality. What a difference the New Testament is and so what we need to do is to understand that the birth of Jesus Christ is definitely unique. I've written a book entitled Christ, among other gods, a defense of Christ in an age of tolerance. We need to be able to defend the virgin birth, the resurrection, the authority of Jesus and so forth for a gift of any amount. This book can be yours. Here's what you do go to RTW or call us at 1-888-218-9337. Now let us listen carefully as we discussed the uniqueness of Jesus Christ our Lord now in the time that is before us is to discuss very briefly the necessity of the virgin birth virgin conception and its implications. First of all, it was necessary to fulfill prophecy to fulfill prophecy. If your Bible is still open to Matthew chapter 1. You'll notice it says in verse 22 now all this took place that what was spoken by the Lord through the prophet might be fulfilled is saying, behold, a virgin shall be with child, and shall bear a son, and they will call his name Emmanuelle which is God with us.

You know Isaiah 714 says behold a young woman will conceive and bear a son, and many people of said well the Hebrew word Aleman means young woman. It doesn't mean virgin exactly.

And that may be true but interestingly in the Septuagint, which is the Greek translation of the Old Testament that was used even during the time of Christ. The Greek word Parthenon us is used from which we get Parthenon which is the word virgin and it is used here in the Greek text, so Isaiah predicted that a virgin would be with child, but there's a second reason for the virgin birth, and that I've already touched on, and that is the need to have a sinless Savior. Take your Bibles now turn to one other passage in that is the seventh chapter of Hebrews Hebrews chapter 7 where this is laid out for us with incredible clarity. Hebrews chapter 7 verse 28.

Listen to the text Hebrews 726, for it was fitting that we should have such a high priest, holy, innocent, undefiled, and separated for sinners and exalted above the heavens does not need daily, like those other high priests, to offer up sacrifices, first for his own sins and then for the sins of the people because he this he did once Christ does not have to do it over and over again. This he did once for all when he offered up himself. The author says notice observations in the text. Christ is like us. Except in this respect. He is sinless and we are sinful. Unlike others, he does not have to offer a sacrifice for himself because he is sinless, he is not in the same predicament that we are he is not reaching a limp hand to us as we are going down in the water and sanguine, going down to Leslie's go down together and then the Bible says that he offered up himself once for all, and because his sacrifice was absolutely perfect because he was sinless God accept that sacrifice and he does not have to ever offer himself again because it was perfect and it was accepted by a perfect and a holy God. What can Christ do as a result of that.

Well, take your Bible and glanced to verse 25 it says hands. Also he is able to save forever those who draw near to God through him, since he always lives to make intercession for them. Sometimes we interpret that verse to mean that God is able to save to the uttermost that is to the gutter most God is able to take the greatest center and reconcile them to God, and that certainly is true. You can take drug addicts and alcoholics and child abusers and he can forgive their sin, and he can reconcile them to God, but actually the text is not talking about what we are being saved from.

But what we are being saved onto. He is able to save forever. He is able to save completely those who come onto God by because he is a unique Savior notice. Also it says those he saves are those who come onto God by him always being asked in the state of eclecticism. Well, you know, you say that Jesus is the Savior. But what's wrong with all these other prophets.

What's wrong with all these other dogs. These other Savior, my friend. I hope that you understand it already. When you ask a question like that Jesus Christ has absolutely no competition.

I've already told you that there is not one single prophet that I know of any and all the different religions of the world who even had the nerve to claim sinlessness. So actually Christ has no competitors, all ye who are sinless. Enter here and nobody but Christ accepts the call.

That's why it says that God can save forever those who come onto God by Christ and that's why all the other prophets are disqualified as mediators between God and man, although they may be prophets because you can be a sinner and be a prophet but you cannot be as sinner and be a Savior. For that you need someone who is sinless and perfect and only Christ qualifies as nobody else around is 1/3 reason why Christ had to be virgin born and that of course is already been referred to and that is really to live up to his name to live up to his name is when Mary received this revelation from God, the angel kept saying he shall be called Jesus why not some other name well the answer is because the name Jesus means Jehovah is salvation. Jehovah is salvation that are some people who don't live up to their name. But Jesus had to live up to his name. He couldn't just be a good teacher, Spong might have a good teacher but he certainly doesn't have a Savior to be virgin born to fulfill the name Jehovah is salvation. Some people don't live up to their name, but there was a lot as a name in the Old Testament of the man who lived longer than any other man and there was a couple who named their son was a lot but little Methuselah coning died at the age of six months to live up to his name, his holiness the Dalai Lama does not live up to his name is at the Parliament of world religions. I attended the news conference with the Dalai Lama and someone who shook hands with him. A woman came running up to us and touching all of us touching this person touch and she said I shook hands with him and I have to share is energy isolating.

Would you come over here and I looked at her in the eyes and I was very kind, just accepted by faith, and I say don't you realize he's a sinner like the rest of us. And if he doesn't have a Savior. He is going to be damned. Don't you realize that and that did stop her for a few seconds and she said all of these got so much energy and I have to share it is alabaster U you're just being a little mean I think your meaning to be kinder than that. Maybe the Dalai Lama if he is not wholly his holiness. Maybe he's close now is not even close. In an interview he said and I quote verbatim piece that I am not the best Dalai Lama, you know, he believes that he is number 14 in reincarnation from Buddha. He said I am not the best Dalai Lama. There's ever been, but I'm not the worst either thought to myself will what is that grading on the curve. B+ C- I don't live up to his name tragedy to know about Christ and not know him, for the purpose for which he came to live up to his name.

Jehovah is salvation when they tell you one other story I was going from the display to display.

I met a woman whose story I would like to tell you she was with your Rancho group, which is reading a thick book whose origin is obscure, though some of us have a good idea as to how it was written, but she said I want to tell you my story.

She said I was brought up in a Christian home and she said my mother would read me stories about Jesus and she said whenever she read those stories.

She said there was a warm in my heart. She said I want you to know that I loved Jesus as a little girl.

Then she said I would go to church and all she said I love my pastor.

She said I would just love to sit in the church and listen to him preach and I was supposed to go to children's church but she said I didn't want to go in color.

Do those things she said I wanted to hear my pastor I thought to myself if I sit near the back and I'm very quiet and just fold my hands and shut my eyes.

Nobody will see me and I'll be able to stay here rather than go to children's church. She did that for a while. She said a woman came along and said what are you doing here you're supposed to be in children's church.

This is for adults.

She said at the age of 10, I left the church but I didn't go to children's church is that I walked all the way home crying and I never went back to the church again. She said six years later at the age of 16, I began my spiritual quest and I became involved in what we would call a false cult and she said their desire for money and their desire for control turned me off.

I realize that they were wrong and then she said I came to this your Rancho group and I began to read this.

Now you must understand that there Rancho book claims to have in it. The stories of Jesus when he was a teenager got all kinds of stories, perhaps hundreds of stories about Jesus. Even though there is no historical evidence that these things happen. But she says you know she said when I began to read this.

Your Rancho book and read those stories about Jesus, she said it is this group that my Jesus.

Oh she said I love and she said could I read you a paragraph and I said sure so she went over and she found a place in the book where it says that Jesus is a teenager helped a boy at the age of 12, and the sacrifice that Jesus was willing to do to help this boy who was in trouble.

She read me the paragraph and she said she said this just touches me deeply and I said to her you really love Jesus, don't you. She said I love Jesus. Tears were coming derives I said would you tell me why is it that you love him.

Oh she said I love him as my friend and she said I love him as my Lord. She said I love him I love him I love him, and by now the tears were beginning to spill over and run down. I looked at her and I said do you also love him as the Savior, who shed his blood on the cross for your sins to reconcile you to a holy God.

She glanced away and she said I never think of it in those terms. And I said to her, don't you realize that if you don't love Jesus asked the Savior. You're not loving him for the primary purpose why he came to this earth, he came to seek and to save that which was lost and that's why the me ask you something this morning. Is it possible for someone to love Jesus, to the point of tears and be lost forever answers yes you are to take a pole and some of the churches in Chicago this morning and say do you love Jesus.

Everybody would say yes. Even though some of them probably have not thought about him for a week or two but yeah courtly love him and some love him sincerely but they are lost because they love him as a teacher. They love him as an example. They love him as a friend they love him because of his commitment to God, but they do not to love him as the Savior of the world for them. And unless you love them like that you are missing the purpose for which he came. What a tragedy to love than to know Shakespeare, but not as a man of literature. What a tragedy to know Newton, but not as a scientist, but all what an eternal tragedy 10 no price but not as a Savior. That is the purpose for which he came years ago when I was growing up in a church. We used to sing a song we don't sing often today and in these days I'm going to try to give you two stanzas it goes. I was thinking deep in the sand. The far from the peaceful shore very deeply sustained within the sinking to rise no more. But the master of the sea heard my despairing cry and from the waters left me now safe in my souls in danger.

Look above Jesus completely saves he will lift you by his love out of the angry way, he's the master of the sea billows his will obey. He your Savior wants to be be saved today. I want to say this very respectfully, but those of you who are skeptics, go ahead, go into the library read about all the different religions of the world. Read about what all the gurus of said really read about all of the enlightened people have said, find out what they have said about themselves and the claims that you have made and you must conclude if you are honest that all of these teachers are people who themselves are swimming and going under shouting.

Two others were going down with them instruction on how to swim when they're all going down, and perhaps holding hands, whether doing it.

Where do you look for a sinless Savior.

Nobody even cleans sinlessness like Peter said to Christ, will, to whom shall we go go to Buddha died seeking enlightenment. Mohammed needed forgiveness is that we were going to go early to go to Peru who himself is striving to perfection but is as far from it. As I am now.

There's no place to go peters as thou hast the words of eternal life.

We believe and are sure that thou art the son of God, the holy one of God. There is no other place to go.

No options except to him. Let us pray our father, we thank you that if were honest, we know we need a Savior. We don't need someone to shout swimming instructions to us when were drowning. We need somebody to scoop us up and we thank you that Christ qualifies. We pray for the many today who have never embraced him as personal Savior.

They've never believed on him for themselves.

We pray that in grace, you might enable them to do that, even while they are seated here they call out and see Jesus save me. I need a sinless Savior before I close this prayer what you tell the Lord that right where you are seated. You need a sinless Savior in your receiving him as Savior. This morning we pray father for those who are struggling for those who are still unclear.

For those who are scared to say Jesus be my Savior. They've some are listening have never talk to you personally have always talked to you for such a complicated jargon at this moment your personal in their lives, and we pray that you might make that very personal father do your work. We pray in Jesus name amen my friend today. This is Pastor Sir I trust that if you have never come to saving faith in Jesus Christ.

He will do that right now there is no other place to go. As Peter indicated, thou hast the words of eternal life, and people are going in different directions but they are confused and they don't receive the forgiveness and the grace that they seek. It comes only through Jesus Christ our Lord. If you could look into my heart. Now you discover my great desire that you personally come to Christ and receive the forgiveness that he offers. I've written a book with all of these truths is entitled Christ, among other gods, a defense of Christ in an age of tolerance for a gift of any amount. It can be yours, simply go to RTW that's RTW or call us at 1-888-218-9337. We exist to give you resources to help you live successfully all the way to the finish line: 1-888-218-9337 it's time again for you to ask Pastor Lewis or a question about the Bible or the Christian life. The uncertain economy is a lot of people thinking that very bad days may log ahead days that threaten our survival as a nation and as a society listener named Misty asks is a lot of buzz these days about the end times and preparedness not preparing for Christ's return for famine, floods wore no electricity and so on. Some people are going solar and are trying to be as self-sufficient as possible.

They have stores of food and other supplies.

This isn't a bad idea, but some say they are doing it to prepare for the great tribulation. Pastor looks her is this biblical will Misty to some extent it depends who you ask. Those of us who are pre-tribulation.

All who believe that the church is going to go up before the tribulation. I we would be inconsistent if we were to hoard some supplies for the tribulation. Unless of course we were doing it for some unsaved relatives but to if your post ribbon believe that the church is going to go through the tribulation. I suppose you can begin to prepare for it. But when I read the book of Revelation and read what is going to happen if we take it literally.

It seems to me that whether you have food stored in your basement or not.

Those who go through the period of tribulation are going to discover it is so horrendous that the fact that they happen to have something in their basement to eat is not going to give them a great deal of comfort.

The bottom line is that Tim I think it is very very important for us to look for the return of Christ, and to trust him. And if we do go through the tribulation. As our post-tribulation old friends say God is going to protect his people.

God is going to care for his people, and I doubt very much that you're going to have the opportunity of the somehow surviving better because of the fact that you have some supplies stored up finally Misty when it comes to matters of prophecy long ago. I've learned that it's best to say much too little been a little too much. We don't know that Christ is coming and those people who think that he's coming very very soon. That's wonderful, but I've been hearing this now for about 30 or 40 or 50 years. I think we should anticipate is coming.

Don't get me wrong, we look for his appearing. But the fact is we do not know when to take care Misty trust God and he will guide you through it. Thank you Misty and thank you Pastor looks her if you'd like to hear your question answered. You can by going to our and clicking on ask Pastor looks her or call us at 1-888-218-9337 that's 1-888-218-9337 you can write to us running to win 1635 N. LaSalle Boulevard Chicago, IL 60614 Jesus Christ lived a perfect life and died as a perfect sacrifice, not even his enemies could point to a single character flaw. Jesus was a man whose miracles proved he was the son of God. Next time I'm running to serve begins the message on Christ's extraordinary life life like another ever live.

Thanks for listening. Dr. Irwin looked certain this is Dave McAllister going to win is sponsored by the Moody Church

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