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Pagan Sexuality

Renewing Your Mind / R.C. Sproul
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June 25, 2021 12:01 am

Pagan Sexuality

Renewing Your Mind / R.C. Sproul

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June 25, 2021 12:01 am

Why are so many people confused about gender and sexuality today? Today, Peter Jones identifies the religious influences behind the sexual revolution that continues to ravage our culture today.

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What we see so much sexual confusion. Today the worship of creation broader than the worship of the credential is for that reason ultimately that we have sexual perversion.

It's the overturning deceit of the image of God and man, which is part of the apostasy of paganism in order to dethrone God from his place in the world 1964 radically change the sexual revolution swept the world and the Christian notion of sexuality is jettisoned and throughout the seismic shift we see the influence of Swiss psychologist Kroll view sought to eliminate any idea right and wrong. Today on Renewing Your Mind, Dr. Peter Jones takes a critical look at guns influence and explains why it has such an transcript, culture. This lecture would like to develop a second phase of Young's prediction in predicting the liberation of spirituality, but also of sexuality. That's what I want to look at now in terms of what happened in the 60s and what is happening now in our own present-day culture as subtle fulfillment of Young's ideas way before the 60s.

One of Young's contemporaries, a friend of his, Marianne Weber, who well understood her friend Joan said therefore away with the factors that prevent a person from fulfilling himself in new experiences. Free law will save the world that was set in the 40s here. This later in the 60s battle cry, make love not war. If it moves, fondling if it feels good. Just do it. So this principle of the personal right to sexual freedom comes directly from Young's theories of psychological wholeness and health, but with the outbreak of the 60s cultural revolution. Young's conviction that free sexual expression was healthy and good and the more the better became the animating spirit of the times, the satisfying of sexual desire became intrinsic to one's personal identity Christian notion of sexual restraint to recreational boundaries was adjudged, psychological, repressive, and harmful to the mind if the subconscious, with its fantasies is the source unknown of truth that will have much to say about what we see happening in our culture today.

This psychotherapy is becoming the key that unlocks the chains of moral previous spiritual restrictions. We are addicted to fantasy with Santa. So I told her I'm reading a book on the plane about pornography and it is absolutely scandalous where we are. There are estimates that 40% of the males throughout the world are in some kind of contact with pornography 40%. Now you know I compare this time of the Roman Empire, but the Roman Empire is nothing compared to the way our citizens are being affected by this, anything goes view of sexuality.

So I think maybe even worse than the Roman Empire. What we are now producing across the 60s was pretty bad, but it's far from over. It began. Then I told you, with you and psychological health. It was facilitated by Alfred Kinsey and Hugh Hefner who openly celebrated the human right to any kind of sexuality and has now become one of the keys to the way people live ending.

As a matter fact becomes part of the vision of a utopian future. David Bill Lackner, Prof. of computer science at Yale University, explains how this has worked since the cultural Revolution, culminating in the 1970s the left has run nearly all of the nation's most influential prestigious universities. That's been proven that alumni intern run America's culture. The broadcast networks, newspapers, the legal and many other professions. Hollywood book publishing and most important, the massive US federal bureaucracy and even more important than that the educational establishment charged with the indoctrination of our children from kindergarten up. That's the kind of social force. We are looking at that it's an elite, but it's taken power and with that power is driving this ideology through the institutions and I don't think we should take that likely indeed.

I remember reading about the long march through the institutions where the 60s radicals when on the ground in a way and took jobs in various major companies, and have now emerged as the leaders, but if this cultural takeover is true. It explains how this liberating view of sexuality is being systematically promoted in our present-day culture.

In such an effort takes Young's vision to its logical conclusion, which is the elimination of any recognizable social structure based on heterosexual normative at the end moral restraint and as a matter fact pushes young beyond even where he imagine things would go into the outer sphere of the queer and the weird which makes me think that we need to look at queer theory. What is queer theory, queer theory insists quote that all sexual behavior and identities in all categories of normative and deviant sexualities are social constructs and rejects the idea that sexuality is an essential category determined by biology or judge by internal standards of morality and truth.

That's queer theory that there are no standards there is no sexual morality. Everything is simply one's own fantasy that determines reality. And this is the norm try to impose you see when you get in terms of your job or whatever else you do in public and I believe that young is the direct source because he proposed in his writings. You remember the elimination of the opposites of sexual roles engenders and this was the royal road to psychological health.

The joining of the enema and the ending was as young would say of male and female and all young and his group around him of adepts initiates while they engaged only in various adulterous relationships with mistresses while remaining married because at that time there was the power of the bourgeois propriety, but sexual experimentation of a more radical nature was also explored on the basis of Young's theories and Young encouraged his followers to have the courage to send. Indeed, you needed to reevaluate his own notion of sin.

He was brought up in the bourgeois family right with a father who was a Lutheran pastor, but he came to believe that doing evil could have a beneficial effect on the personality by freeing the psyche from one sidedness and putting us back in touch with our instinctual being. That's basically all animal being the shackles of family, society and deity must be broken. The libido is God. With that kind of a theory for realizing psychological health. We see the signs of the victory of this view in the attitudes of the millennial generation, those born between 1982 and 2003 because these young people around us do not believe that there is any inherently male or female roles. There is no one way a person should be that's been documented now quite significantly.

But oddly enough, the gay revolution party manifesto already said this in 1970, but we just weren't reading it. The gay revolution will produce a world in which all social and sexual relationships will be gay and in which Homo and heterosexuality will be incomprehensible to that's the future. You see, to get rid of the very notion of gender et al. I was sure when I read in the year 2000, a book by a once evangelical scholar by the name of Virginia Ramey Mullen caught who was a Bible professor and is now a practicing lesbian and because of that became a spiritual pagan. These two go together as a matter fact then she offered a radical paradigm for the future liberation of sexuality.

She called the future and all nine gendered society is not interesting and arrangement of many erotic patents of no particular hierarchy for virtually all sexual choices are normalized. Here's the list she gave in her book the intersexual or hermaphrodite. The transsexual sex operation changes.

The transvestites of cross-dresser the drag queen or king cross-dressing performance.

These are all possible sexual choices that we must respect the transgender is sold by genders cross-dressing across living part or full-time. The end joins both male and female gender roles at the same time the heterosexual the homosexuals. The bisexuals those who enjoy various fetishes like sadomasochistic sex. The autoerotic the asexual depend sexual pedophile.

These should be part of this utopian world to which we are going and she says that the church will be dragged against its will to accept that particular arrangement. She doesn't think I do feel it is all that bad. She silent on best reality, though, best reality is a veritable cottage industry on the Internet.

Though the sexual liberation sounds very new and historically unprecedented like paganism itself. It's as old as the hills. Did you realize that Young's colleague Ellie all day in his long study of pagan cults noted throughout time and space androgyny, which is the joining of male and female in one person function" as a valid expression of wholeness and he showed how the leaders of these pagan cults throughout time and space for more than often homosexual shamans and he mention that I'm reading a really thick book on American Indian bear is there dashes. Who are these homosexual leaders of spiritual practice in the North American Indian culture.

I wrote a long article on this in my website that you might want to read through the on the spread and extent of this kind of practice that androgynous priests were associated with pagan cults throughout time and throughout space with apparently no way of showing that one group influences the other. Like from the forests of the Bonneville to the Farson Africa you have the same phenomena, but you can never show that they had any relationship which means you see that he grows up from a pagan notion. It is intrinsic to the way pagans view the world that this will happen and so the priests androgynous priests of the goddess is*in the Samarian age 1800 BC where very much in evidence. It is said that the Canaanite goddess and that had priests dressed up, who wore makeup like a woman and express their otherness via their androgyny of the beginning of fifth century A.D. the cult of C building the though Paul opposed in the first century continued into the fifth century and Augustine in his city of God vividly describes the public display of homosexual priests.

I quote they were saying yesterday that her moist, their faces covered in makeup, the limbs reflected their walk, effeminate, wondering through the squares and streets of Carthage demanding from the public the means to subsidize their shameful life.

That's from Augustine in the fifth century. So the idea is not unique to young young was well aware of this kind of material he read the alchemists were very much in favor of androgyny. He deeply studied the medicines.

Him and Gnosticism also with the deep investment in spiritual androgyny. He described his own relationship with his feminine side to achieve a wholeness through psychological hermaphrodite is psychological.

It starts there. The balance of gender symbolized by the end of the design fits with Young's view of God.

Remember as joining both the devil and God together joining good and evil together, joining male and female together.

This is why you see homosexuality not time is not simply a civil rights. It's profoundly religious in its character, and there are leaders in the homosexual movement who will say it.

In other words, they actually agree with St. Paul present in Romans one. Indeed, one of four Young's close friends much cited early June. Single in 1977, wrote a book androgyny towards a new theory of sexuality in 1977 where she maintained that the age of Aquarius would also be the age of androgyny. We didn't know that as we sign this is the dawning of the age of search query. You see, this is a new humanism.

This is the androgynous being, but I I think what she says is very indicative of the spiritual character what's going on. She said this, we have at hand. All the ingredients we will need. This is very interesting to perform our own new alchemical focus remember the great work diffuse the opposites within us see this is a spiritual activity. What is it, do it denies the distinction between God and the creation by denying the distinctions between us that connected you see and how we live, we live either before the face of God, or we live denying who God is and so she states of this and it's so clear the archetype of androgyny appears to us in the innate sense of an witness to the primordial cosmic unity see that primordial cause music that is to say, everything is one was no such thing as a separate Prieto. It's all one that is the optimum hundreds of the is the sacrament of monism while just knock off the llamas.

I did the sacrament of monism is a sacrament.

The gentleness that carries spiritual meaning. This is a disciple and friend of Carl Jung saying this functioning to a raise the stakes. This was nearly totally expunged from by the Judeo-Christian tradition and by the image of a patriarchal God.

So Christianity almost got rid of this wonderful notion of androgyny is the sacrament of monism, but now were seeing it revived say I just don't think we can treat this anymore as a sad occurrence psychologically of some poor yellow guy or even civil rights.

We are here in the presence of a massive change in the way we view the whole of existence. So the arguments against this cannot be a such moralistic or even biblical insight and script. I think we have to take what I call a cosmological approach to this one does it say about the cosmos. What is our view of sexuality have to say about the cosmos. This is the battle that we fight few that we think is man civil rights and it isn't the Paul himself agrees with this. Remember Romans 125. The text on which advertisements and print ministry goes on in verse 26 doesn't stop there. In a very interesting thing is that it begins with the phrase. For this reason, when Paul says that take note because he's talking about what proceeds to explain what follows right. For this reason.

For this reason, then he describes homosexuality lesbian now. For this reason as stated in verse 25. The worship of creation rather than the worship of the Creator is for that reason, ultimately, that we have sexual perversion. It's the overturning receipt of the image of God and man, which is part of the apostasy of paganism in order to dethrone God from his place in the world and this is why already in the new age we saw this coming. Shirley McClain imagines her perfect self is a tall androgynous being with long arms and a kind face and androgynous being. So this is not just about sex. This is about a spiritual revolution and so as we see the destruction of the deconstruction of gender distinctions in the presence receipt of a massive re-calibration of society is so the elimination of M and F on birth certificates and marriage certificates in favor of partner and partner be in this kind of thing were called upon to embrace all feminine side, some evangelicals made lots of money writing books about that. That's also very 90s, actually, since now the feminine side no longer exists because the wrong agendas. So we reached the point in our understanding of gender where gender is obliterated.

It's getting eliminated will wonder we now see the push for same-sex marriage because if it's true that androgyny is the sacrament of one is then a sacramental sermon is going to be necessary.

You will want to see this celebrated and publicly recognized, and it seems a shame to me that the contemporary belief of some evangelicals that there are no sexual categories because we are all human beings.

God loves just as we are has the advantage of avoiding the difficult debates about sexuality, but fails the test of biblical faithfulness for runs over Genesis 127 where God creates man in his image, male and female. She is the reason why God does that because we carried in that sexual distinction. The touristic distinction between us and the world were cosmically significant to see in all genders and so we count test you know say God doesn't care about that were carrying our witness to God in that way. As we move towards this chaos of gender and marriage. I think we should be reminded that Young's new human will doubtless be an sexual joy. It's important to note that Dr. Peter Jones recorded that message in 2014 and seven years ago and we can see even more evidence of the cultural decay that these describe their it's critical that we understand why these things are happening glad you joined us for Renewing Your Mind on this Friday I'm Lee Webb, and over the past several days we brought you messages from the series. Only two religions. Dr. Jones is a teaching elder in the Presbyterian Church in America and the executive director of truth exchange and 12 messages. He puts a spotlight on the rise of paganism. He also looked at where society is headed and the need to counter these ideas with biblical truth requested today with a donation of any amount and we will send you the two DVD set.

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