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The Priest with Dirty Clothes

Renewing Your Mind / R.C. Sproul
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March 26, 2021 12:01 am

The Priest with Dirty Clothes

Renewing Your Mind / R.C. Sproul

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March 26, 2021 12:01 am

In his children's book The Priest with Dirty Clothes, R.C. Sproul reminds Christians of all ages that we can stand before God only if we are clothed in the righteousness of Christ. Today, gather the family and listen to a dramatic reading of this book.

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Today on Renewing Your Mind, the story of a priest and his money problem not of his face on his shoes. He had mud all over his golf and tried very hard to clean himself off. There was no way he can clean his clothes and get to the castle on time, gather the family together for RC scrolls heartwarming tail. The priest with dirty clothes.

RC had the keen ability to make complex theological concepts easy to understand. He was a father, grandfather and great-grandfather and he combined his love for children with his desire to teach the truth of God's word by writing a number of children's books were going to share one of those with you today. But before we do I want to note that these books aren't just for children. Theological truths are profound and apply to people of all ages weird appointed example of that from Andrew who called us recently have 86 years old and I listened to RC scroll about 10 years and it was time when I was trying to commit suicide come up at one of those children's stories that he wrote the book had a sort of got me through that.

Then again at another time.

I felt like committing suicide again because I wanted to give up because my family abandoned me and again I heard them do one knows children's stories and got me through the suicide feeling again. God bless you and I love each and every one of you and I know Jesus does because he gave you a mission to help us through whatever difficulties we go through.

Thank God bless some children today in the car or wherever you may be originals stories. It focuses on the concept of Tatian, which is at the heart of our salvation.

Let's listen. Dr. scroll reads the priest with dirty clothes, Darby and Campbell Farland lived near a beautiful lake in Scotland called lock. It seemed that seven-year-old Darby was always finding ways to get herself in her little brother Campbell into trouble. One day after praying they went outside to play let's make my children pretend they were bankers.

They took some Martin Golden fashion pretend takes as a plane. They wipe their hands on their close spreading mud all over the laughed and giggled as they got themselves muddier their mother so she was not happy just look at you, you look like mud pies yourself early and take off those filthy clothes will give you both about after the children were all clean their mom looked at the money club never be able to get these dirty clothes she said to herself that there was a knock at the front door was the children's grandfather Darby and Campbell rushed into grandpa grinned and said it looks like someone made a mud pie bakery in the front you kids seems that our little bikers have ruined their close.

That's too bad. Grandpa said, but it certainly reminds me of a strange wonderful store. Please please grandpa towards sins. They were all seated grandpa many years ago and far away.

The people of this village crowded into a large, it was nighttime. The church was dark except for the candles side, casting shadows on the high wall, a young man named Jonathan was lying on the floor with his arms stretched out this was the most important night of his. He was about to become priest. He was wearing a long brown row made of scratchy and a great Bishop was praying for John at the end of the ceremony, the bishop gave Jonathan. The special close.

First the bishop helped Jonathan put on a bright blue robe over the scratchy and then he placed a turbulent Jonathan said, and tied a white lace sash around his very next week.

Jonathan was invited to the castle of the King he would preach his first sermon to the royal house.

Jonathan worked hard to prepare a sermon he wanted to be his very best when it was time for Jonathan to go to the castle.

It was raining very sad that his new special close would get wet as he rode his horse to the cast tried to His new clothes from getting rained on. By wearing a cake is Jonathan and this course made their way to the castle. The muddy road became more and more slip and suddenly the horse stumbled Jonathan wasn't hurt, but he was upset when he saw that he had mud all over. Jonathan had mud on his nonissue. He had mud all over his the white lace sash was no longer white urban look like a big mud cake. Jonathan tried very hard to clean himself off but there was no way he can clean his clothes and get to the castle on time you thought about running away didn't want to preach in front of the king looking like this just has to understand.

So Jonathan kept going until he reached the cast. Jonathan hurried into the castle looking for a place to clean himself up but he couldn't clean the tower bells began to ring. It was time for the royal household together to hear Jonathan's slowly Jonathan walked to the place where he was testing and he opened his Bible. As soon as the people sign they begin this king was surprised to see the priest wearing such vertical.

The King was a kind and gentle and he could see that Jonathan was ashamed of the way in knowing that there must be a good reason for Jonathan's dirty close the King motion for him to begin his but as soon as Jonathan started to speak, the court magician whose name was malice stood up and shouted white.

You can't preach in front of the king wearing those dirty close.

Malice was a very mean man. He hated all priests. He even hated priest whose clothes were clean malice at great power. They were afraid and as soon as malice shouted out against Jonathan. Other people began to yell mean things about Jonathan to know that this is not a good thing. The king felt sorry for him like the way malice was. He was afraid that malice might cause someone to harm the priest and so he stood and said to the people recall. Please stop talking I will take care of this very minute the people grew silent even malice stop talking. The king looked at Jonathan and asked him to come forward.

Jonathan walked up to him.

The king said, why did you come here looking so dirty, so Jonathan explained what happened. The King nodded and said I understand. I'm sorry that you had this accident but you cannot preach here today wearing such dirty clothes. You may come back next week and preach. I will give you another chance, but only if you come back wearing clean clothes. Thank you, your Majesty, said Jonathan, I'm sorry. I look so dirty. I promise the next week I will be clean without the king told Jonathan to go so Jonathan left the castle as fast as Emily got back home.

The first thing he did was to try and clean his club disdains work to be couldn't get them the next day Jonathan took a special close to the town Fuller before was a person who clean people's dirty close yet special kinds of soaps they could get the mud out of all kinds of the forward-looking Jonathan's closeness and these clothes are so dirty. I don't know if I can make them clean. I will do my best. Come back tomorrow and I will have them ready for Jonathan returned before the Fuller said I'm afraid I cannot make you close their the only thing you can do now is to get new club, but I can't get new close. Jonathan said these clothes were given to me by the bishop and he only gives out one set of I'm sorry about that. Said the Fuller. There's nothing more I should go to see the bishop maybe he can give you a new set of clothes so you can preach before the king. Jonathan left the Fuller shop. He didn't think the bishop would give them a new set of but he had to ask any so I went straight to the bishop's office.

The bishop patiently listened to Jonathan story of the then he said this is a sad thing is happened. Jonathan, there's nothing I can do to help Jonathan Sperry's isn't there something I can do to get clean, please let me do something special to earn new club. The bishop's face was sad. There is nothing you can do on your own to earn a new set of the only person who can help you is the great's she should speak to us of the bishop gave Jonathan the directions to the palace of the Jonathan carefully follow the directions until he came to the palace where the great prince with they asked the guard if he could talk to the prince.

The guard walked Jonathan into the royal room where the prince was sitting on the throne. Jonathan saw the prince he was a main he had never seen anyone who looked like he was dressed in a long purple room with precious jewels. There was a band around his waist was made out of the work turbine that was as white as snow, and his face seemed to shine like the sun.

Prince looked at Jonathan with caring and asked why are you here what you need from his voice was so Jonathan asked her prince increase. I have ruined my close I cannot stand in front of the king without clean close. No one has been able to make my close clean and I've been sent to you to see if there's anything you can do to help.

Jonathan told the prince the story of how he had gotten dirty. Prince listen and then he said the Jonathan. I understand your problem and I can help you. Are you going to give me clean close. You will soon see, Jonathan, the prince first come with me over to the fireplace.

Jonathan followed the prince to the corner of the room were small fires burning in the Princeton a strange thing. He pointed to a small branch that was at the edge of the five branch was not earning it was charred but no longer in the Prince told Jonathan to pick up Jonathan reached out his hand to pick up the brands it was cold and did no harm to Jonathan put down the prince said now look at your hand.

Jonathan looked down and saw that his hand was. It was covered with soot from the break, Jonathan. The princes you were like the branch you pulled from your covered with black dirt. The third is not just on your claim. It is on your heart sing the wrongs that you do make your heart dirty and no soap can make it then the prince had Jonathan I can help you go to the castle next week and be ready to preach your sermon where your dirty club and I will take care of Gotham's heart felt sad and angry, afraid, but great prince.

I was thinking that I could not stand in front of him in my dirty clothes and the evil magician malice will do something mean to me. If I enter the castle with 30 club warm smile spread across the face of the great yes Jonathan, I know all about malice is meaningless. I also know the very well received. Jonathan is my Jonathan is going to make my close friends answered I promised that I will take care of. I never break my I always do what I say you go home and get ready for your sermon. I will be there and I will do what I promise. When the next we came, Jonathan was both excited for going then he remembered the promised segment. I will trust in the promise I will go to the castle so Jonathan went outside and got on his horse and this time the day was bright sunshine. There were no storm clouds in the sky. Jonathan had no trouble making the journey to the castle when he got there he could see a crowd of people going swallowed hard and walked to the place with the priest again before he could speak. Malice stood up and shouted make bad things happen to you.

Oh priest you are still wearing dirty clothes.

The king looked at Jonathan found. Why are you here again with 30 club I told you that you could not stand in front of me looking like that people begin. Some shouted lovely Galway.

Jonathan's face turned red, he stood looking at the people feeling ashamed very someone it was a man dressed scratching Brown exactly like the robe Jonathan under his and the man was carrying present.

At first no one knew who the stranger and some orange. It's the great prince ballasted. What is the meaning of this. Why are you here and why are you wearing that she wrote. First, the Princeton was smiling as he walked to the front right next that he spoke to John St. take off your dirty clothes. Jonathan took off his dirty special ones that the bishop and now he stood before the king, wearing only his own scratching Brown the Princeton took Jonathan's third them and he handed Jonathan the present. Everyone watched Jonathan carefully opened the present the principal Jonathan's mind with some present. It was the first for inside were the beautiful club belonged Prince's the Prince smiled again. The Jonathan said these are the clean close.

I promised there's not a spot of dirt on put them on now and preach your server's hand shook as he put on the princes in the Princeton king father may Jonathan not stand in your presence is one of my king was pleased and said to the Prince yes's as long as he wears work.

We may stand in front then the prince of the Jonathan. These clothes are yours for they will never wear out, and nothing can ever make them dirty perfect Jonathan socks.

How can I ever thank you for being so kind to me. Prince that if you're really thankful if you want to show the new look and keep all the commandments all set. I want to be good enough to where your club cannot be good enough. You must live your whole life trusting my goodness while you where my on that day.

Jonathan preached his and he spent the rest of his life preaching about the great war, the princes perfect present until the day grandpa turned to Darby and Cameron said that's the yes the children think that if we could find the great things that give us clean close yes grandpa he gives clean close to everyone who believes that they are not close like the ones you today, the great prince gives new the dirt that we get on our clothes can sometimes be lost. We have when we say and do wrong. Our hearts become so dirty that we cannot stand in front of for us to be able to be friends with God.

We need to have the dirt on our hearts. That is what Jesus does for gives us takes the dirt from our puts it on himself just like the great prince took Jonathan's dirty clothes and so that when God looks at us. He doesn't see the dirt.

Instead, he sees a heart that is covered by his son, if you trust in Jesus and believe your heart, Jesus will from some, but you have to ask him to forgive that he cleans you, and you can stand. I'm sorry we got modern are close but I'm sure glad we heard the story about the great prince with a hug said yes.

It's a story we only what a wonderful story and an important message for all of us young and old. Thank you for joining us today for Renewing Your Mind. I'm Lee Webb.

We have just heard Dr. RC Sproul reading his children's book the priest with 30 close. I think the children and grandchildren in your life would greatly enjoy a copy of this beautifully illustrated hardback storybook. It's perfect for children of all ages said that when you give a donation of Eddie about today.

The later ministries will be happy to send you a copy.

You can request it or you can call us with your gift at 800-435-4343 and all of us realize the value of parents reading to their children and that when a book is infused with sound biblical theology like this.

What is not only to the children learn, but the parents as well. You'll also find discussion questions in the back to help spark conversations. I think this is a book that will be read over and over again in any family with young children or at the grandparents house as well so we invite you to request the priest with dirty clothes with your gift of any amount. Our number again is 800-435-4343 and or web address is Renewing Your Renewing Your Mind is the listener supported average of later ministries. Thank you for joining us this week and I hope you make plans to be with us again Monday and have a great weekend

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