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Sermon: The Great Commission (Matthew 28:16-20)

Redemption Church / Bobby Wood
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March 2, 2021 2:02 pm

Sermon: The Great Commission (Matthew 28:16-20)

Redemption Church / Bobby Wood

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Really good to be with you a great time with this church this weekend. I deeply appreciate your hospitality. I do feel the need to clarify a couple things that the body mentioned, yes it is true that I am a national championship college football coach.

It is also true, however, that was not in the United States that was in a country where the sport is virtually unknown and any decent high school team in this country could have beaten my national championship team. Anyway, it is also true that I am a state powerlifting Champion. However that's in the 60 and older category which is another really important thing to know so personal. I would be terribly impressed with either one of those things, but there it is out there and I thought you had to what you know what was really the case anyway. Would you please open your Bibles to Matthew chapter 28 is really familiar passage wants to spend some time in it this morning thinking about what it is that God wants us as his people to do in the world today. So Matthew 28 and I'm going to begin reading with verse 16 now the 11 disciples went to Galilee, to the mountains which Jesus a directed when they saw him they worshiped him, but some doubted.

And Jesus came and said to them all authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the father and of the son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I'm with you always, to the end of the age spray can. Father, we we recognize that in ourselves we can do nothing and we recognize that we because of our sin will neither understand your word correctly, nor will we apply it faithfully without the work and the power of your Holy Spirit father were grateful for the fact that the same spirit that inspired the writing of these words is the Spirit who lives in every believer today and we pray that he would come of your teacher father that he would lead us into truth. Other pray that you would open our minds so that we can understand it. We pray that you would turn our hearts to love it and we pray father that you would transformer wills that we will be whether we pray that the result of our time around your today would be it would be more like Jesus and better equipped to certain gases in Jesus name on so sure he heard were talking this morning about missions and missions is an interesting subject missions is a subject about which the public opinion has changed dramatically. Just in my lifetime I am old enough to remember when missionaries were considered somewhat heroic figures, even in society at large and will missions was generally acceptable. I remember in public school elementary school being asked to do a report on a missionary. Of course everyone in class to David Livingstone but still that was an assignment that public schools wanted us to do. This was also at a time when we were still legally reading the Bible and praying in public school so I am I am that old but things have changed dramatically since now missions is really unpopular in our secular society missions is considered an incredibly arrogant thing to do.

I mean who are you to think that you have truth that other people need to believe. Who are you to say that other people need to change their minds that they are wrong. You can't tell anybody they're wrong, except people who tell you you're wrong but it's it's it's this whole tenor of society that says that it is grotesque intolerance try and change somebody else's religion so our society. If you think about it, whenever they depict missionaries in TV shows or movies. It's always bad. Missionaries always the bad guy in the sorts of settings.

At the same time. Increasingly, foreign governments are shutting their doors to over missionary activity.

There was a time in the 19th century first half of the 20th century were missionaries can go almost anywhere on the planet as missionaries and be legally allowed in since World War II, the number of countries that have permitted that has steadily shrunk until now, there are really only a handful of countries left that will accept missionaries as missionaries and typically those are the countries that already have the most number of Christians in them as the that the concentration of global Christians has moved south so that now there are places in Latin America, sub-Saharan Africa that actually have four more Christians than we have here the places that mostly the gospel or saying you can't come. We don't want you to come as a missionary and even in the church. We have seen growing attitudes toward missions that have have changed and become discouraging.

I hear it all the time, go to church and they cite why would you missions is so expensive it's potentially dangerous. My favorite is a course. There's so much meat here and we did generalize the bottom line is I don't want my children taking my grandchildren overseas. That's what really is is behind the whole thing. But the point is that in society at large in foreign countries and even in the church missions is becoming a popular thing and the question is, is asked why do we have the right to do this. What gives us the right to engage in missionary work around the world. I also at the same time see a lot of confusion in the church today people asking the question what is the mission of the church. What is God left us here today.

What do even mean we use that word missions I think for most people think about missions what they think of is any good thing we do outside the walls of our church building. Whatever may happen to be.

It could be just organizing a sports league for kids but that's missions because we do it somewhere else besides where we are an example of some of this is the sort of confusion about what missions mean can be found in a recent publication by the British Baptist missionary society, which was the oldest missionary society currently in existence in the world of society founded by William Carey and his friends when he first went overseas, and they published a curriculum for training missions in local churches and that curriculum never once mentioned Jesus.

The gospel repentance and faith for salvation. Ella talked about was stuff like political activism or drug rehabilitation or things like that. It was just good works and nothing else. So in an summary to serve looking around the Christian world typically missions is thought of as being one or more of four things as were the classical traditional approaches missions means evangelism and church planting. Along with that than the second, often goes hand-in-hand with that in traditional missions work is works of mercy doing things like building hospitals and clinics feeding hungry people giving them agricultural assistance educating children, stuff like that so so mercy ministries. More recently, 1/3 thing that often is added is missions means the pursuit of justice around the world. So there some incredible things actually are going on right now for instance work done to combat human trafficking and then there is another stream in modern evangelicalism that think submission is primarily mean meaning the creation or redemption of society, of culture and so missions may mean having art galleries that have art that reflects a biblical worldview.

We decide that with with this kind of confusion, even within the church.

How do we know what God means for us to do and missions. How do we have the right and how do we even know what it is will the text we just read. I think answers both of those questions and wants to look at this morning to answer those questions, give us a better understanding of what it is.

God expects of us. First of all why do we have the right to do something that most of the world thinks is wrong and the answer is given to us by Jesus himself and the first words he said in this text, all authority in heaven and on earth is given to me. Jesus is making an audacious claim he is claiming to be the sovereign Lord of heaven and earth.

He is claiming to have supreme authority over every other authority on the planet. Now the fact is that if you read through something like the gospel of Matthew quickly discover that the major theme of his teaching is the kingdom of God. The kingdom of heaven is breaking in to human history in the person of Jesus, and we think about this. The problem for us often as we think of kingdoms in sort of modern geopolitical terms of the kingdom. Most Americans know the best is the kingdom, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and there's a monarch earnings was was he's really nice lady. She wears a crown. She has a robe she sits on a throne check she has no authority it's it's a commonplace of British constitutional theory that if parliament votes to execute the queen she has to sign her own death warrant. So she has no authority she rains, which doesn't rule you know it's it's it's a territory with the government that's not what the kingdom of heaven is the kingdom of heaven is the sovereign rule of God breaking into human history to make things right. It starts with the presumption that things are not right. And if you think that things are right, then please read newspaper things are not right in the world and God can break into human history. That was the hope in the Old Testament and make things right and what Jesus is saying is that in the him the kingdom of heaven. The rule of God is breaking into human history and what he saying now at the end after he is died and risen again, is that he is the king of that kingdom which means claiming to be nothing less than God himself which impacted courses what is that Jesus is Lord of heaven and earth, the king of that kingdom and this tells us two very important things.

First of all, we have the right to engage in missions because the supreme authority has told us we did that. She is a higher authority than any human government is a higher authority than any social construct than any societal disapproval. He is the highest authority of all and so if a government says to me you can't do this somebody above their pay grade has said to me that I can at went when I was in the Army was very clear. The art of the rank structure and you knew that if the captain said this in a general said the opposite. Which do you do you do with the general says the general trumps captain and Jesus as Lord of heaven and earth trumps every human authority. We have the right to do it because the one supreme ruler of everything has given us that authority and that authority than actually nullifies anything that would prohibit us from doing it but there's a two edged the second edge to that sort of authority. Jesus, we not only have the right to do it. We have the obligation to do and so it's not that if a general gives me an order then that's an option. I now have a general gives me the order I do it I have to do I have to do whatever the cost to me in a general can give me an order that would end my life. I'm still supposed to do it is his authority. Supreme Jesus is not our counselor to help us feel better. Jesus is Lord Jesus is King and he has rights over us.

What what one of my favorite movies is chariots of fire and there's this great scene and chariots of fire that there there's this this Olympic runner Eric little was a devout Christian. He's grown up as a missionary kid in China back in Scotland he's with his dad who was missionary and with his best friend Sandy, who apparently is not a believer and the walking out of church and and the senior Rev. little in in a Scottish accent that I wish I could imitate by canceling truck says the kingdom of heaven is not a democracy and that is a theme I would like to emblazoned on every church, the kingdom of heaven is not a democracy. We are used to our rights. We are used to having the ability to vote them out of office. If you like him to have a referendum of we don't like the law doesn't work that way. There is no vote, no referendum, no veto over God. He is not a monarch like Queen Elizabeth rains but does not rule. He rules over heaven and earth and he has complete authority over us. For those of us who trusted in Jesus Christ.

We are told you have been bought with a price. You are not your own is something I remind myself of frequently.

I don't own myself.

I don't own anything. I've got it all is his property. I am his property. I exist for his agenda, not for my own.

What that means is in is that what we read here in this passage is not a suggestion, is not an afterthought.

It's a command from the King of Kings and Lord of lords. So I have the right to do it. I also have the obligation to do it because it is the order of of my commanding general. This means then that we have both the right and the obligation to engage in this mission. But what is the mission.

What are we supposed to do. What is the command he's given us. In light of all the various things that may occur to us as good stuff to do out in the world.

Well, as we look at this text we discover is if we look at it in the original language of there's actually one imperative now. Think back to grammar. If you're headed the different types of herbs imperative is the is is the kind of verdicts in order so I may say to my child, would you please clean up your room or my city of my child clean up your room that's in. That's an order. What's in here is the one order. The one imperative is make disciples. That's were supposed to do. But that raises the question, what's a disciple, not a word would ordinarily use in our language and and the closest analogy to disciple's student. The problem areas we impose on that word.

Our modern conceptions of education. So I am a seminary professor, I teach a class that is a required class for every degree program election commissions. That means I teach it in the largest auditorium on campus.

That means that the auditorium is usually fairly full.

That means that there are a lot of students who sit in the very back of the auditorium, hoping family that I won't notice when they falsely or realize they're actually looking at Facebook when they're pretending to take notes.

But the point is, they'll come in the back sit in the back and leave immediately.

It is entirely possible that they can go through the whole course without ever interacting with me at all.

They read the assignments listen to lectures, write the papers take the tests finish the class and probably forget everything about. I know that okay that's the way it works today. That is not the way it worked in Jesus day in Jesus day for someone like Jesus or pretty much any other rabbi or for that matter, a Greek philosopher, they would have a public ministry and private ministry the public ministry meant going from town to town or village to village teaching probably pretty much the same thing. They had the core of their teaching summarized in the only way anyone would hear it would be if literally they went to were those people with dignity she think about it. There were no media of any sort was in unity, print media, print stuff had to be written out by hand so you are going to hear from this guy unless he came to where you were or you went to where he was had to be a person so as we look at the ministry of Jesus. He did that what we read in the sermon on the Mount is probably a good summary of his his standard talk everywhere he went. That's what he considered to be critical for people to hear who were just going to hear him once and that's all they would do their hear him once a disciple somebody different disciples attach themselves to the teacher.

A disciple would be with the teacher literally 24 seven. That meant, among other things, it would hear the teacher teach over and over again until they probably learn speech by heart themselves, but it also meant they had a chance to ask follow-up questions to good to dig deeper to Delta deal with other issues and they had the opportunity to observe the life of the teacher to see how we reacted to things due to even even catch onto his mannerisms and gestures and the goal was not just to learn what the teacher taught the goals also to become like the teacher in character and and and life so it was said in Jesus day in the first century you could with the young rabbi, you can always tell who he studied under because literally he would come to remind you of the teacher. He would be so much like the teacher even in figures of speech and mannerisms that you could sort of look at the student and see the teachers like he was in the image of the teacher and that's what a disciple is a disciple is not just somebody who acquire some content although it is part of it. A disciple is someone whose goal in life is to become so much like the teacher so much like our master that literally we remind people of him that when they look at us they see him as a matter fact that actually is the point of your life. If you are Christian. I know your destiny. If you are a follower of Jesus because he stated clearly in Scripture. It's a verse that people get halfway through and get all hot and bothered about to finish, but goes like this, whom he foreknew he also predestined the argument start debriefing whom he foreknew he also predestined to be conformed to the image of his son. So to shift to a Star Wars metaphor.

He is your father. It is your destiny. Your destiny is to be like Jesus to become like him to remind people of him and that's in every area of life is as as we think in our mission work about what it means to be a disciple with actually looked at at six different areas of transformation that we find in Scripture. The first of those is transformation of heart the beginning of discipleship is to get a new heart is to be born again.

That's the start it's a once for all thing, but that then is followed by a lifetime of ongoing transformation in your mind never transformed mind such that you don't just learn facts about the Bible. The Bible reshapes the way you think it changes your worldview so that you process reality through God's eyes. Biblical lenses means a transformation of your affections as an unbeliever. Basically, you hate the things of God and love sin and God wants to flip that so that you love the things of God, and hates you love what God loves and hate what God hates means a transformation of your will so that you obey the commands of Christ, not out of a grudging heart but have a joyful willing heart immediate transformation of relationships so that you love your brothers and sisters in Christ, your neighbor and even your enemy as Christ has loved us and it means a transformation of purpose so that you are no longer living for the American dream. You are no longer living for prosperity or health or worldly success.

You are no longer even living for yourself at all, but you are now living for him you were living for the praise and glory of the one who is safety in your living to accomplish his agenda and not yours in the world. That's a disciple ongoing transformation in all of those areas so a disciple knows what his master taught reflects his master's character and way of life and embraces his masters mission in this or do now is broken down first little more in this text. What we do in making disciples, we baptize we teach we baptize them in the name of the father son and Holy Spirit and that is the mark of the beginning of discipleship is a mark of the radical nature of the beginning of discipleship because baptism is actually an acted out funeral when somebody does not water or signature. Your dad used to be gone gone so much to the despair now to cite don't exist anymore and you rise to walk in newness of life. You are a new creature now in Christ so baptism marks both the beginning and the radical nature of discipleship. You are a new person in Jesus Christ. And then we are to have an ongoing process of teaching obedience to everything the Christ committed actually had somebody asked me if so, what commands of Jesus do we teach people to obey. Thinking of all of them Slavic that I don't have the right to pick and choose what part of of the words of the God of heaven that I think are good and art. It is and it is not just teach to know petites to obey its it is a lifestyle of obedience to the Lord Jesus Christ. Now if were going to do that.

That necessarily involves when you're in a noose, a pioneer setting that involves them while you're sharing the gospel and making disciples. You have to make those disciples in the context of churches is that the biblical model. As you become more like Jesus in the fellowship of the church. It is as each part of the body does its work that any of us grow to maturity in Christ. So as we would go to a place where there were no believers, no churches, and people come to faith.

We necessarily must also start new churches.

That's exactly what the apostles did. And that's what we are to do as well.

The unbroken pattern.

The apostles was they would go to a new city they would share the gospel they would begin to teach the new believers they would do so in the context of a newly established church left behind churches everywhere they went, so that means then that the missionary task. The thing we are to do is make disciples, which involves sharing the gospel baptizing new believers and training them, teaching them everything that Jesus commanded and teach them to obey those things in the context of a church that will be there on going home for discipleship for the rest of their lives in course churches need leaders so were also going to train those whom God raises up to be the kind of leaders who will guard the flock and keep going. In the process of teaching people to obey. That's the elements of the missionary task share the gospel. Disciple believers plant churches train leaders and that's what were called on to do now as we do those things because a disciple is someone who pays everything that Jesus commanded.

We will also feed the hungry and heal the sick, but interesting study was done recently that showed that conversion as Protestant missionaries.

Those who went for the sake of sharing the gospel and seeing people converts to faith in Jesus did more good in areas of healing the sick, feeding the hungry and educating that the uneducated than those who went to do healing the sick, feeding the hungry or starting schools that those whose primary agenda.

Primary motivation was to see Jesus glorified two people being saved because they were making those who obeyed everything Jesus commanded more of all this other stuff as well, but we do it in consequence of our obedience to Jesus Christ as his followers.

Okay that's were supposed to do.

Where are we supposed to do what's the scope of this task is conceivably possible to translate this passage as as you are going make disciples of all nations and there are those who try to translate that way and it is certainly true that wherever you are. You're supposed to be making disciples but did Jesus just mean as you're going about your life where Yorty happen to be. You're supposed to make disciples.

Well, it may be a possible translation but is the wrong one and that's clear to keep reading. As we are to make disciples of all nations, and unless your life just happens to include traveling everywhere in the world, naturally, which nobody did in those days, very few people do today than that necessarily means that the word go has the same imperatives, the word make disciples.

We must go where they are. If we are to make disciples of all the nations. Now when we think nation we tend to think country we tend to think nation with a boundary with a flag with an army with the government. Things like that that was not the ancient conception of nation and think about where Jesus lived the nation. He lived in in modern terms was the Roman Empire a vast empire that took in a whole lot of former nations that have been swallowed up involves a lot of different people groups who spoke a lot of different languages had different histories, different religions and in biblical terms. Every one of those was a nation Lord here literally is estimate we get ethnic group from it and so the Israelites were nation intervenes were another nation. The Egyptians were another nation that hit you know that the people of Greece were another nation.

The Romans were another nation. They were all in one political sphere, but they were different peoples and that's what the Bible is talking about here. It's talking about the nations, the, the FNA of the world and so there's about 200 and something countries with representation in the United Nations.

But if you look at it through biblical lenses and ask how many peoples are there.

How many are upcoming groups of folks who think of us versus them. We have our history we have our nation are language that we have our culture and were different from those people out there. There's about 11,000 and and here's the deal. We have not even reached half of the biblical nations of the earth with the gospel. So the year I was born. There were 2.9 billion people in the world today there are 7.6 alien people in the world and of those, 7.6 billion over 3 billion are part of people groups with no witness to the gospel. That means that there are more people with no access to the gospel live today than there were people alive on the planet. The year I was born in the population is just continuing to grow and the fastest growth is among those people groups with no access to the gospel by four those people groups are usually unreleased because they live in countries that don't allow open missionary work. There are subject to religions that do everything they can to keep the gospel out. In other words, there are unreached for a reason, but the fact is of the 7.6 billion people in the world over 3 billion will be borne with their whole lives and die without ever hearing the message of salvation which according to Scripture, is the only way anyone can be saved from the judgment we all deserve because of arson. Even looking at those people groups were there is potential access to the gospel. If you look at the world is as a whole. Only 4% of the population of this planet profess faith in Jesus in a way that we would recognizes biblical 4% evangelical week we have so far fallen short of obeying this commandment. That's why there's the command to go yes by all means you should be sharing the gospel to people around you, but business as usual will not reach 3 billion people who are part of unreached people groups will when you put it that way. Mission suddenly looks pretty daunting doesn't overlook starting to us. Think about how much of those 11 guys standing on the mountain you got 11 people they belong to a subject nation under the heel of the greatest empire the world the Roman Empire. They were poor. Most of them were uneducated, they had no resources whatsoever.

No clout. There was no Internet, no radio, no television, no airplanes, nothing. They had nothing at their disposal. And Jesus is just told him to evangelize the entire human race. And I can just hear them going awry how you do that will Jesus answers that question the same way God has answered that question throughout biblical history. He says I'm with you and that's all you need.

This promise is given of his presence to the ends of the earth, not so that we can have a force we can manipulate to get what we want as we just go about doing what we want, but it is the presence of Jesus to empower a ministry and a mission that is totally beyond anything we can do this is always been God's solution to Moses. Moses is a fugitive from justice he's become a shepherd in the middle of the Sinai desert, God appears to him and says go back to the place where your wanted man and tell the most powerful emperor in the world to let all of his slaves for and Moses understandably says who my to do that. Now if he had been one of us, he would have then God would've been gone on to sort of give him a pep talk and boost his self-esteem and told him believe in yourself and you can do this a God instead answers essentially you asked the wrong question. Who are you, doesn't matter because God's answer is.

I'll be with and that's all that matters who you are is irrelevant.

Are you an adequate yes and if you don't think you're inadequate please come to the realization of how inadequate you are before you try anything for God, you are inadequate and that's irrelevant. God is with you and that's all that you need. So that's that. There is that's the great commission the authority for mission is the Lordship of Jesus, both authority that gives us the right to do it and authority that gives us an obligation to do it. The task is to make disciples. The scope of the task is all the nations and all the peoples of the earth. The only resource we really need is the presence of Jesus and his promised us that whatever else we have or don't have.

What is that mean for the people sitting in this room today. First thing I would say is talking here about disciples in order to make disciples. You need to be one can't give away what you don't have. There's two groups of people in this room is going to groups of people in the human race. Those who know Jesus and those who don't. Those were saved and those who are lost.

For anyone in this room who has not put their faith in Jesus and in him alone for your salvation. I would encourage you to repent and believe the gospel right now. The gospel message is that God is a holy God who hates sin and all of us are sinners.

Everyone of us deserves condemnation from God, and we will receive condemnation. If we stand before him in our own record with an astonishing mercy and grace.

God became a man in the person of Jesus Christ, who live the life we should live in, and died the death we deserve to die taking on himself the punishment that we deserve for our rebellion against God. He rose from the dead, the victory over sin and death and hell and he now graciously offers the free gift of eternal life to anyone who will repent of their rebellion against God and put their trust in Jesus and in Jesus alone for their salvation. And if you have never done that. That is the only important decision you will ever face that is the most important thing in all the universe you repent and believe in Jesus and encourage you to talk after the service to someone else in this room who knows Jesus is to help you understand how to make that decision for those of you who are in Christ, you need to grapple with the fact that the New Testament has no conception of a follower of Jesus, who is not a disciple of Jesus in the manner that we just described. Nominal Christianity is, is a non-concept in the Bible, the only kind of Christian, there is a disciple and I would encourage you to grow in your own discipleship to look at those transformations we talked about and ask yourself honestly MRI growing in transformation of my mind my affections my will, my relationships and my purpose and then to work in the context of this church to grow in putting sin to death and growing more and more like Jesus. That's the first application second application for those who do know Jesus. I would plead with you to grow in your knowledge both of God's word and of his world. I literally can trace the theme of God's heart for the whole world for the nations. From Genesis to Revelation, but we tend to skip it if it were not work to it. I would urge you to read the Bible and grasping God's heart has always been to have a people that praises him and knows him and loves him from every tribe, tongue, people and nation on the planet is the promise he gave Abraham in Genesis is a promise fulfilled in Revelation, so study the word and see God's heart and also study the world and understand what the world is that we have so neglected in our evangelism. One of the embarrassing things about living overseas is having to come face-to-face with the fact that typical American is much more geographically ignorant.

The gist of anybody else in the world that I could name any number of countries.

Now just get blank stares right now from the folks in this room we need to know the world that God good. God loves and we need to know it well enough to engage in thoughtfully and so I would encourage you to start paying attention to world news now to understand world as well. I urge you very strongly to ignore all American news sources.

The terrible I my homepage is BBC world news service in my secondary sources Al Jazeera world world news in English you learn far more about the world from those two then you will for many American source learn about the put a map on the wall when when you hear that something is happening in Djibouti find where it is located on the map or if it's happening in Tajikistan or it's happening in Latvia find it. Get to know the world that God loves that lease to the next thing which I encourage you to do which is to turn what you learn in the prayer anytime something happens in the world. I can guarantee you it is affecting your brothers and sisters in Christ, trying to share the gospel. There is a pray about turn knowledge into prayer and along with that pray about missions news in general. We have a website and exhibition what is You can go to and you will have more prayer resources and you know what to do with that will enable you to pray faithfully, knowledgeably, and on the spot for stuff that is going on the events of the gospel and we are unashamedly supernaturals in our worldview. We believe that God does what he does in response to the prayers of his people. I don't understand the mystery of it, but I know it's true, and we have seen that happen over and over and over again. People prayed, God is active and I think it so that that makes it very clear to us that is him and not us doing it, but we need the prayers of the saints. Prayer is serious spiritual warfare and is the most effective act of aggression against the enemy that you can take separate third. Next thing I would encourage you to give this church does give generously.

I'm grateful. Thank you for what you're doing all of our support comes to the cooperative program the Lottie Moon Christmas offering. I know there are other ministries that are the wonderful ministries that are based in this church encourage you to do is to have a mindset torture resources that says I own nothing. All of it belongs to Jesus all of it. Now I have a stewardship and a responsibility to take care of my family.

Something to do that, but the rest of it is not so I can indulge myself the rest of it is so that I can be a resource to advance the agenda of God.

It's like the difference when wartime and peacetime mentality.

My moms told me what was like to grow up during World War II when everything was mobilized for the purpose of winning the war and we've had that same attitude for our resources before the next thing encourage you to do is to be ascending church look around and think she'd make a great missionary. He'd make a great missionary.

I think a go bug them about being a church that aggressively sends people. That means send your children and your grandchildren. I cannot be more excited events in my own son and in a month or two back to the field. I'm hoping that my daughter and her husband and my 15-month-old grandson also go to the field. I know that God is working on them. Along those lines, but sinister kids and grandkids send us mature disciples. We need most critical qualification is are you yourself a growing disciple of Jesus. Where professional skills. Most of the places that need the gospel are places where you can't get a missionary visa but you can go in as a doctor or nurse or medical technician. You can go in as a lawyer, you can go in as a businessperson of almost any sort of a computer person going is a sports coach of almost any sort going as agriculturalists. There's even one place where we went in and set up an art gallery, you name it.

If you can do it here.

You can do it somewhere else for the glory of God to gain access. So send us mature disciples send as young as in the sole and in many parts of the world having having white hair here or here actually gives you more credibility for sharing the gospel than it and if you and as long as you are physically able to do it your qualified but finally what that means is if you can assume that means that many of you have to be willing to go and leave you just with this.

I think that most people assume that they are to stay where they are and less God really really dramatically like Damascus Road experience type dramatically tells him to go somewhere else will.

He has told us to go somewhere else is told all of us to go somewhere else in this text and so we really should flip the question and we should say number one.

I am available to God to go anywhere, do whatever he asks a pay whatever price he asked me and I therefore am going to seek to go where I am needed.

Most in less God makes it clear to me. Otherwise be available to God and ask himself not, should I go. Why shouldn't I be where I'm needed most. Now you guys are in the middle of a pretty intense mission field, and I'm grateful that you're here, but I think I can raise a people out of this church to go other places as well, and that is my prayer was prayer now father, thank you for this church for all the ways that they have engaged the great commission. The ways that they have are sharing the gospel now for the discipling is happening here.

Whether I pray for the people in this room. I pray for any who do not yet know the Lord Jesus that you would bring them to salvation. I pray for the saints here that you would give them a hunger in the first to grow in their own discipleship and I pray that you would raise up people from this church to take the gospel to the ends of the earth and pray this in Jesus name on

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