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Sermon: United Together (Philippians 4:2-7)

Redemption Church / Bobby Wood
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December 14, 2020 9:33 pm

Sermon: United Together (Philippians 4:2-7)

Redemption Church / Bobby Wood

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If you hear this for the first time we are going through the book of Philippians and we are kinda ending tort work towards the end Miller in chapter 4, last book I would be spreading a little bit because a lot of really good stuff here. We don't want to miss, but it's up to this point. Paul has been really just encouraging the church in Philippi wanting to recognize that their hope is in Jesus. He's been bold making bold Clinton statements like to live is Christ to die is gain.

Paul generally trying to encourage him to stand fast, stand firm. He's just really trying to charge them as a go. Continue to do this work is encouraging them and then takes a little bit of a turn today talking about conflict, but before he does that he recognizes that all of this comes because their hope is in Christ. Why is Paul's hoping Christ will because of Jesus key in those with the received salvation in Jesus no longer condemned by her sin supports rejoicing in that right and he's he's in his hope is in Christ because he no longer has to pay the penalty. The punishment for his sin and his hope is in Christ because he was made new, and so Paul's got this just charisma bottom because of his hope in Jesus is trying to really encourage the church to recognize that very same hope and so today were talking a little bit about conflict in talk about being united together and is a specific store that he goes into but speaking of conflict. We cannot all recognize conflict like right now were kind of at that season right where we go visit family or maybe just came from visiting family and maybe have the uncle or their cousin or whatever name conflict comes up over time. There's always that one person can't hold back that one conversation. Joe wanted to avoid the just have to throw it out there. Peaceable dinner and then they say it in your God thinks I conflict happens all the time. It happens in every state is not just those kind of been married for going on almost 17 years on next Sunday and I got that right the first time Tusa 17 years next Sunday and Jenny nine never have conflict it. It is such a smooth smooth relationship, but specifically this is get worse or just.opposites on the scale of our personalities so a couple weeks ago for Thanksgiving.

We went home to see my family for reaching honestly was a great trip to is behaving the entire time. We don't even know they were our kids delivering the right ones was a great trip, but is a 20 Hour Dr. there in 20 Hour Dr. back now when you get back home. This is my personality right when I get back home from a trip like that, the pole and I get we need to get everything out of the car, but I want to do that and then I want to go sit on the couch and just take a nap because we just that you think he snapped in the Carnot didn't have in the car you it's just exhausting driving along my wife does not operate the same way as I do when she gets home she was at the giving of the car.

She was to wash it folded put it away. She wants to clean the house again before the week starts, she was earning a great and the whole time. I am smart enough to recognize that I'm to do what she wants with the whole time I'm kind of walking by the couch just hoping and wishing that I could get back to it and it creates this tension. Sometimes are you so crazy because I just want to nap in a way we don't always stay doesn't always play out the will of the best way right conflict happens all the time to listen even in the church it exists or even brothers and sisters in Christ is conflict. How do we overcome this horrible united together account. Paul dresses that today so knowing that our hope is in Jesus we have the ability to overcome conflict. But here's the truth that we need to recognize conflict is inevitable, but to be transformational. Specifically, through the lens of the gospel. So conflict is inevitable, but it can be transformational weeks, but we don't always need to avoid conflict.

Although sometimes it intimidates us sometimes were fearful of it. Honestly, a lot of the transformation. Most of the transformation is come from the other side of walking through conflict. So if your Bibles join me in Philippians chapter 4 verse two.

I entreat Alethea and I entreats and Tiki to agree in the Lord yes I ask you also true companion help these women who have labored side-by-side with me in the gospel together with clinic and the rest of my fellow workers, whose names are in the book of life.

Rejoice in the Lord always again I will say, rejoice.

Let your reasonableness be known to everyone.

The Lord is at hand.

Do not be anxious about anything but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. So we have here is Paul's talking to the church there are these two ladies in the church who are having some sort of disagreement we don't know what it is week by looking at the text we could probably just as Paul is very specific. It's probably not a theology issue or documents you can see would handle that there some reason I have a conflict and are not necessarily agreeing. We also know this is looking at the tax rate help these women who have labored side-by-side with me in the gospel together with Clement and the rest of my fellow workers, whose names are in the book of life, so we know that there his sisters in Christ they received salvation. Their names are written in the book of life.

That's the hope we have right that when we receive salvation in Jesus Christ.

The book of life that God has our names written there forever to not be removed so there his fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. They have salvation in Jesus, but there's some disagreement going on and even says to a person we don't know it is true companion is Councilman hey, help me help them.

We gotta figure this out. They need overcome this issue.

Whatever it is evicted in the fun thing about conflict is it doesn't have to have a specific degree of danger for it to be an issue. Little things are the largest things. Conflict covers all kinds grounds right. The Army never disagreed like the biggest thing sometimes rest is where we can eat dinner, creates more conflict than any other issue. We probably come up with any happens right within. Sometimes it's even's more serious about the way we treated people in different it goes. Various levels and he say listen regardless this is our gotta handle conflict so if conflict is inevitable, there's a way that would overcome it right and it starts with this we must find joy in the midst of conflict.

He says this in verse four rejoice in the Lord always again I will say, rejoice. Paul comes back to this.

If our hope is in Jesus we need to praise his name. Rejoice in the Lord always. He doesn't say most of the time. Sometimes our hearts need to be focused on rejoicing in Jesus. Now this year's been fun right and we we've seen it all across the social media platforms everywhere. People talk about a way for 2021. The get here because 20/20 was the worst in his law about things of that right pandemics and illnesses within people that we love hurt. We've had jobs being in danger people losing jobs business is suffering. We've had school start schools close school start again schools closing again, but back and forth all this chaos around us right it's really easy espresso just wanted to be over with.

But causing no rejoice in the Lord always and I was looking at this chapter thing you know, this year has actually been really cool some ways. First of all, I watch my children thrive this year. I think about making a list of things that I can rejoicing.

I watch my children thrive in the midst of a chaotic school year.

They've really just came and did the things that were supposed to do in their minutes is really cool to watch them actually engaged the way they should. I watch my wife and I my children have more time intensely to get in the we've ever had before, because were at home. We don't have all the distractions around us and so we really had to work on how our dynamics worked in the house is in a normal season were everywhere right to each other that often and messing about the good or bad thing, but we been able to rejoice in that our relationships are stronger because were together, learning how to really engage each other more. That's been a blessing in the church.

In September we saw nine people baptized, given their life to Christ, we have a lot to rejoice and so Paul thing. Look, if there's conflict start with this recognize what God has done.

We've seen friends who are hurting to healing. We've seen situations all around us were it's difficult that we don't think there's any possible positive outcome dodges does a 180 on it in his glory. Schoening is so amazing to watch. We have a lot to praise God for this year and possibly viewing overcome comfort you need to start their rejoice always encourage you as you leave this place look for the years over to look back at the things that you can praise God for this year. Let that be how you end. Think about what he has done in the way that he is done it, and let that be the thing that encourages you soon, as he's talking to this issue, which we have conflict all the time. Start with visits of mind change right it shift your perspective, rejoicing and praising God for the blessings that you seem, is often times I like to think about the worst things that happen because also honestly electing people feel bad for me only sucks I'm sorry man you'll write me like that are selfish nature likes to hang onto those things.

But that in my life is been awesome. I don't have anything to do feel bad that this God has delivered me from so much to give me so much. I have so much to be thankful for.

I don't need anyone's pretty neither do you. God is doing so much in our lives. We have to find joy in the midst of conflict.

So then he says is right for finding joy in the midst of conflict.

Verse verse three matching of just giving verse five. Let your reasonableness be known to everyone, to rejoicing in the Lord and is is let your reasonableness be known.

Everyone we need to be reasonable in the midst of conflict was that mean reasonableness. We need to have hearts of kindness, care, concern, as were engaging this issue now.

I like this idea of conflict. This sometimes them the wrong sometimes it's the wrong approach almost always, I want to go out hard fierce and quickly and I want to show my dominance in the situation on people to recognize that maybe I have more power. Control authority whatever it is like resin raising my children. I think often times that if I get louder, they will comply more right and it works every time.

The louder I get, the more willing the art had to do asking you never know point times that work right believe we were not reasonable. Often times, or doing the situation because we don't want to feel wrong and we don't want to be shown or right wrong. We would always assume her rights are going to conflict reasonableness is this thing that transcends the human nature that we don't witness that goes against everything we want to do.

I have a guy who was a close friend of mine.

I did ministry with in the ministry conducts where it was kind of difficult and on a daily basis. I have a lot of things I was frustrated about and he ended up being kind like my therapist would go to his office even have a couch.

I'd sit on his couch and I'd sit at sure all my thoughts and feelings and frustrated and this guy have disability where he could punch you in the face and it felt like a hug like he was so calm about being direct about letting me know what I needed to hear. But he did it with love because he desired for me to overcome the issue. He didn't want to show that he was smarter than me that he was more right than I was. He wanted me to grow and change Sue's very reasonableness approached me. He was currently tearing but he was directly didn't give up on the gospel.

He didn't avoid the hardtop conversation but you Nick I need you to think about this whole then I walk on the equipment.

He just I didn't even realize that the course correctly without even realizing it.

We were in conflict. We have to be reasonable so that Christ can be shown and seen in us more than us, and we want this sometimes is our primary. We want people to see us in it. But when Christ is our priority and it comes up tossing reasonableness and conflict. That is how we overcome it we can just treat each other with care and kindness and concern when our desires in the conflict is to reconcile in Christ's not to be right never heard this before, but you can be right and wrong all the same time. Often times it's how we treat conflict we might have the right intentions with my right motives may be correct in our understanding of it. Sometimes we go the wrong way about it, just to try and overcome and get our our dominance or whatever out of the situation and our goal should always be in conflict is to reconcile in Christ that we go before the Lord that were able to look at what God is called us to be, not what we want to be pulsing listening reasonableness in the midst of conflict.

We have to be reasonable.

I like my emotions but my motions are dangerous because they will lead me in a different direction. Often times, because I told you this before. I am my favorite person in commitment and that's the case I'm gonna make decisions based on me, but when I'm looking at the gospel when looking at the word of God and I'm looking at how that applies, then it's not about me because I don't know if you remember this, you were forgiven for so much more than you probably even recognize for much is being given right. These given so much less how Walmart cannot offer grace and mercy when I didn't even deserve the grace and mercy that I received. I was forgiven for way more than I could even remember who might not forgive the person talking to God is called us to do this because he's given more to us to even recognize or understand. There are more sins in our lives and we even remember the things that we can even account for and he's like I love you and I would pay that price for you in return. I want you to love others and want you to forgive them when they hurt you and what you show them Christ is all reasonable and conflict if we are united together in this and reasonable and conflict.

We also then have to recognize that we have to fight worry with faith in the midst of conflict and read the next part right and says this after calling us to be reasonable in verse six he says do not be anxious about anything but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. Worry is a big factor for many of us for all kinds of reasons. Sometimes we worry about health centers were about finances, relationships it just builds upon us because we desire to be healthy. Okay, we desire to be able to overcome the trials in front of us. We want those things we don't want to suffer it's not in us to desire to suffer, we want to succeed, and so worries a natural thing that oftentimes worry fifth, like me, you end up being like a deer in headlights right but you can't move worry just how to teach a tractor one spot and often times it can perpetuate a conflict because of worry. So he's like Harlequin overcome the worry that happens in us, we overcome it and he gives us very clear instructions right. Don't be anxious about anything, but by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your request be known to God that you will overcome worry by faith in God and being on your knees praying to not only say on your knees. What we mean is right daughters deserve to respect the sovereign into bowing before him going for me doesn't mean you physically have to do that but it does mean you go before God and you give him your concerns, your worries, your cares and here's the thing discussed with you guys know as pastors and ministry I think collectively for probably 40 years if you had the four of us together in one of the things that we love the most is when you ask to meet with us with concern. But don't give us any context you okay pastor I really need to talk to you is a serious public next Thursday. What and then from now until next Thursday. We've got a process what the concern is oftentimes I'm direct my table… In regards to, because I would tell you most the time it's not what you think like it's really serious about Gino is a good church in Florida for the month moving there and I wanted to know it's not what we think but were fearful. Maybe it's okay. I want them leaving the church. Or maybe it say that I have a concern with something you said or or I'm upset about this or or the children's ministries that we we have all the things that could possibly be. We don't know though right and most of the time gets people just wanted to hang out but not going to coffee like a serious like that was four days I was concerning overwhelmed about coffee and I love coffee but I would've known I would've been able to put that aside. Thing is, we allow those things to consume us mission.

So how do I overcome worry this exact way I go before the Lord, oftentimes obligor. I don't know this meeting is about Judeo if you just give me peace.

Until then, I'd appreciate it right I given my concerns. My tears it doesn't mean that it sure is it the man when my strength is what I have to rely on it so much easier when I can rest in his strength and we double form with prayers and supplication was that me that means we give him our concerns, specifically naming them calling out my name, God, this is what's on my heart this is what my burden is on whether or not you can even ask for specific things really got response. It's up to him, Lord. This is where I am and what he already knows that he wants to know that we care enough about his power and strength to rest and it and then, with thanksgiving, he wants us to be thankful and grateful for the work that he's done not only in our lives but around us a heart of thankfulness. Now one of the things I I think many of us parents feel at Christmas time. The really the only thing you want from your kids is feeling that they are appreciative of what they been given. Honestly, I don't terminating is that they felt like there are appreciative managers everywhere for me right but destiny like I just want to know that you recognize the power that I have done in your life.

That's what I want from you. I don't need anything from you. God doesn't need anything from us, but we find the rest we fight worry with our faith in who she is. We did after prayer we overcome so many worries and so many things by resting in the doesn't mean it goes away the doesn't mean the issue isn't there anymore. That means we don't have to find by ourselves and we don't have to do it alone, and often times in doing so we have confidence for me. This is happens only times because I have a temper, and if I feel like the situation is getting bad. I will walk through the fight audibly. Oftentimes in South Carolina and the kids would come home until mom pay dad's got a argument with you just work through it in the car, we heard them going back and forth your part. His partner part his part and it happens right. I will do that resting my own.

I want to say the right things within the counts I want to know it and it never works out well, but one of things I find very interesting, right, is when someone else's reasonable consume analysis. Through you going to conflict in you and this happens but I'm ready to duke it out.

Not physically but I'm ready to go handle conflict. I walked in and I to I just wanted you to know that I'm really sorry. I just prepared to fight.

I forgive you right then it happens and that's the beauty of the gospel needs a beauty. What Jesus does. This is we don't have to make that how we overcome issues we could do it through prayer, supplication, and through Thanksgiving what God is doing in our lives and often times, the end result is restoration relationships are restored.

Reconcile because we were able to walk through the way God called us to. And in this conflict. If you're finding joy in the midst of, and right finding that we need to reasonable in the midst of conflict and we know that we can fight worry with faith in the midst of conflict, we find this next part right, we can find rest in the midst of conflict.

We share this with verse seven and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus, so the result of all these things is God's peace.

The result of all of that pursuing a resolving conflict comes of God's peace and when you have God's peace there something about you that this man can understand right it's because not from you.

One of things I remember the Muslim must empower full, most powerful pieces of Scripture that I remember David back when he was running from Saul being persecuted fiercely. What I love about David is a warrior is a man's man, but he had a heart for Jesus, a heart for God is the heat felt deeply emotional got what I love about this and if you look in Psalm chapter 3 David is just wanting some rest. He's on the run struggling he he knows this is difficult and he says this in Psalm three, oh Lord, how many of my photos. How many are my foes. Many are rising against me. Many are saying of my soul.

There is no salvation for him and guys that people want me dead. God is a big burden to carry. But you will order my shield about me, my glory and the lifter of my head.

I cried aloud to the Lord and he answered me from his holy hill.

I lay down and I slept.

This is the rest I woke again, for the Lord sustained me. I will not be afraid of my many thousands of many thousands of people who have set themselves against me all around Araiza Lord save me. Oh God for you strike all my enemies on the cheek because like man I rejoice in the fact that David says is right.

I rejoice in the fact that God is my strength, my source my rest.

Paul talking about this year the peace of God, nothing about the peace of God as it goes beyond that we can caress rest right says rated the peace of God that surpasses all understanding. I'm thankful for that because my understanding is limited.

In short, and I'm not July. It's very hard for me to see things in my worldview feel is limited to my knowledge. But God's peace goes so much farther and so much beyond my understanding that that is a strength that I resting because my my weaknesses don't matter because he so much bigger than I am know so much more than I do. It provides in ways that couldn't even begin to imagine and understand. When I was lost dead in an completely straight from God. He lifted me up out of the mire out of the mud he redeems me clean me off and cleanse me put my name in the book of life. He saved me from everything that is beyond my congrats that is something we rejoice in because like if that is your focus. We will overcome any conflict. If that is how we as believers recognize and look at things there and is nothing that we can't move past because our rest is in God's peace, not in our own yeah I know this.

I merely say the phrase you peace on earth and we would love that. And don't get me wrong, everyone would desire that peace on earth does not become through our actions come to God's strength in his power and are resting in it. We worry so much about things around us, because we forget about the glory among us, and it's it's it's difficult this world is not easy. This has been a hard year. No lies, but man, it did to think and believe that this is the worst thing that ever happened to us is not to be separated from God is the worst thing that could ever happen to us in eternity away from our Savior's the worst thing that can ever happen to us because no matter what happens in 2020. Our hope is believers in Jesus is in him. This work and take every single thing from us but were okay because we have Jesus, all of it could fall away tomorrow.

It's okay because we have Jesus and the conflicts don't always have to look big.

There's only things that the enemy uses to throw in the midst of us so that we not recognizing the one thing that we have in common and that is our hope and our faith in Jesus Christ is the one thing we all can come back to we can disagree on politics. We can disagree on lifestyle choices. We can disagree on everything under the planet as long as we all recognize that Jesus is Lord and our hope is in that that grounds us together. That's how people can come from across nations and countries in worldviews and political sides and we can all criminal, common ground of recognizing that we been redeemed by the blood of Jesus Christ. We no longer have to pay the penalty of our sin because of Jesus. Work on the cross, we will live forever in maternity and him. That gives us the strength to move forward. That gives us the ability to continue to do the things that are hard to do. Raising children is difficult but we can do because of God's grace, making it the right choices in life is hard. We could do it because of God's grace and if we fall it's okay because it's his power not ours is most of them happen will get back up. In order to pursue them even further. And that's how we overcome conflict. We don't do it by trying to get our dominants are will our way we do it by recognizing that God's will is what's most valuable to all of us.

We resting that truth we resting his peace in the midst of conflict in the beauty is the piece that passes all understanding consumes us right that guards our hearts and our minds in Christ Jesus.

I love this, the story of guarding our hearts and I think about this to because I'm not smart enough to protect myself. Often times from dumb decisions when I dream I met in 2019 99. Actually we met at the University of Indianapolis.

We started dating, love that she was great, but if of the University of Nablus was not great so I transferred to another school three hours north. She stayed there when I went.

We had our lesson was going great me I was a done college students from its poor choices, but for the most part is going really well and I remember playing Lord before going Lord if she's the girl for me. I need you to protect my heart because I'm not smart enough to do it.

I need to guard my heart right so I go to college in the summer school and I don't think much of it would go through that for next year.

Everything's fine, she decided and that transferring back up there with me so that our junior year were together the same school again. We have some similar friends that I knew before she got there she became friends with one of them said you know Jenny I actually was interested in dating it but you know I didn't want my deceased. You're the only person he could talk about like every time someone talk to me by Jenny and if you like an attorney and I didn't even know I did.

It was just a natural response to me to talk about this girl that I love.

I wasn't smart enough to recognize that God protected her. My heart for her because I wasn't smart to do it on my own pretty silver sinful guy that would not of been my normal plan but I remember playing that prayer to remember recognizing that you and your right I never really thought about it and we were able to continue to grow as men affect extending I thing a religionist married 17 years.

God's grace is mercy wheat we have to recognize that he can guard our hearts better than we ever could. And so we will overcome conflict in our lives we overcome the situations that we have we have direct is our peace is found in him that in our own efforts.

So we go to the Lord.

We ask him to work in our lives and in doing so receive that peace that passes understanding my preferences. This is we walked throughout the rest of this week and the rest of this year and move in 2021 that we look at conflict in such a way that we recognize only through God's grace can we overcome it. They would read Paul's words would apply them specifically that suggestions this is how we overcome and we make a part of who we are, so that we can thrive in God's grace. Lord we love you so thinking for the way that you encourage this Lord and I pray this morning that as we encounter different situations in life of its own home, whether it's at work God.

Whether it's through the job that we do friendships that we have more than we can overcome all of it Lord through your grace and your mercy got. I pray that we recognize that it is through your prayer and strength, Lord, and through your saving grace we have the ability to forgive order so thankful for how you've loved this order printed is weak in his finish this year out strongly recognize look back at all the blessings that you given us or so thankful for all that you do, Lord.

I just pray that you continue to garden direct and it's in your precious and your holy name we pray. Amen

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