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Sermon: God’s Work In Us (Philippians 2:12-18)

Redemption Church / Bobby Wood
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November 2, 2020 4:58 pm

Sermon: God’s Work In Us (Philippians 2:12-18)

Redemption Church / Bobby Wood

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Good morning my name is Nick and the leadership' redemption church and we're just excited to worship Jesus this morning. If you were with us for the first time and not connect with the church and would like to know more about the church we have these connection cards in the lobby right outside the store on the table. He liked to fill one out. You can Theodore the pastor's report in the offering box will get it and just opportunity for us to get to know you or answer any questions you may have seen, which we know that is available.

Also, as this is your first Sunday visiting with us and we are going through the book of Philippians in our series unchain and so if you want to listen to previous sermons. You can find them archived on our website and Facebook page or YouTube soon encourage you to check that out so having said we are moving on their flipping series today in Philippians chapter 2 and Paul's been such an encouragement to the church in Philippi and at the same time equipping them to understand the bigger picture of what's going on in, especially if the possibility of his absence is going to happen.

So today we dive into Philippians chapter 2 verse 12 before we dive into it though.

I have a story that I want to share the so about a month ago, myself, Bobby Daniel and Tim went to go visit some friends that live in Riverdale those you that geographically unaware Riverdale is that way about seven fish 8 miles. I'm not far, however, there's a lot of a figure to navigate between units we get there and hang out with my friends and I drove some of us so we get my car to leave. And it's dark outside so I turn my car on and all is good. I thought my lights often and all is not good. My headlights are working so I can't see but they have those little lights on top headlights are worthless. By the way they do nothing for you can't really see anything with them and so we have a predicament now because we need to get home and it's dark outside and in the neighborhood there are streetlights, but not enough to really illuminate and the danger of driving without lights is pretty big because of anything to be in the road animal object.

The person we don't know.

Like we don't want to end badly. Another thing that was a concern here is I may or may not have received a ticket once or twice my life and I really wasn't in the mood for another one. Especially when it was my fault but this time I didn't do it right or not exceeding any speed limit and so on. Like what we gonna do try to pretend like I know how to fix my car. I don't think I went in turn unplugged the battery for second time back in thinking that we do some that doesn't do anything. By the way, so we are easement rights will my brights won't stand on their own because of the light situation, but if I hold on the turn signal will sign driving home with my family on the brights and I'm not that guy you know what I'm talking about you driving this brights interface unit which a problem dude and I'm like I came and told him what the problem is that I just have to stare at them with the brights and I can't see it since it was written discouraging moment in my life because I didn't want to be that guy know when you get home safely with the big picture that right is without lights dangers around us all the time right it's impossible to know where you're going if you can't see where you're going. Now a bigger scale right this world is very dark place in the light of Christ illuminates and allow people to see his glory right and without it were his wandering. Now imagine me driving all the way home with no lights. What could possibly happen some narrow streets, I've had my car hit by someone he sideswiped it before I was part of history that could've been me. There's a lot of dangers involved the right. We want to see so that we we can know where were going right. We we understand even his parents would benefit greatly mill the night trying to navigate. You need to see what's in front of you. We understand darkness is not our friend will love it. We love being able to see was illuminated in front of us and in this dark world. We want people to see the glory of Jesus because the only hope they have and so Paul's going to talk about this today and I kind of absolutely talk about this today with the church in Philippi because he wants them to understand this concept and this is doing that he's talking about living out the gospel of her to do that.

This is what you look like right if we live out the gospel with the hope of the gospel to radiate the gospel to a hopeless world. And this is what Paul's really diving into right now is like there is a purpose to what were on this planet for this tech specific was go talk to the believer, the person is received salvation in Jesus Christ.

This is who is leaning into right now and so Paul really is trying to drive home this big picture of the responsibility of the believer to illuminate and radiate lights into a dark world. Bibles join me in Philippians chapter 2 verses 12 to 18 verse 12 therefore, my beloved, as you always obeyed, so now not only in my presence but much more in my absence, work out your own salvation with fear and trembling, for it is God who works in you both to will and to work for his good pleasure because there for a minute order talk about this concept of living out the gospel. Paul Kenneth starts that this whole section off a man what he does in verse 12. This is therefore not to say therefore means he's already said something that we need to be paying attention to that therefore leads us to a verse nine therefore God has highly exalted him, and bestowed on him the name that is above every other name know he's talking about Jesus. There is no water to guide God highly exalted him with in verse eight because he says therefore as well. Verse eight says this and being found in human form, he humbled himself by becoming obedient to the point of death, even death on the cross so we get a bigger picture. What he saying to us, because Christ was obedient to the point of death on the cross, God exalted his name above every other name it and because of that we are to be obedient and work our salvation order talk about that just a second here but he's he's given us a purpose as to why is giving this command to us is because what Christ is already done for us on the cross. Know what we know Christ is done. Is this right, we know that he has forgiveness of our sins we are no longer condemned by arson were no longer put down. The punishment of arson. Christ took that for right. We also know that were regenerated were made new in Christ. We also know he's given us the Holy Spirit in the power of God was a week he's equipped us with all the things we have this mindset so because of Christ's exaltation as you've always obeyed anything on the look I know you been doing this but continue with and it is an encouragement. So now not only my presence but much more in my absence, work out your salvation about phrasing itself can be really tricky because we fear that it is sounds like that means we need to do something we need to work for our salvation.

That's the opposite of what he's talking about is we know, if you looking at the word of God that we do not earn our salvation by our own good works, so that's not what he's referring to is not by our efforts that we received salvation will I don't understand.

Verse 13 right, for it is God who works in you. So we know they got a certain work in us and swords working out our salvation means will echo plays itself out in a lot of ways, working our salvation is a result of what God is done in us. It's a terrible thing work exudes us right God has done this work can exude is what is that mean well, how do we work out our salvation we do in a lot of different ways home one. By the way that we have a thankful heart for God is done in the appreciation of what's around us, our families, that the abilities that we have to do or redoing the goddess given us so much right heart of thankfulness. It's also humility if Christ's was humble to the point of death.

We also have to carry out that humility right basically working. Our salvation is looking at Christ as an example for who we are. It should be result of what God is done for us on the cross and so humility means our own abilities. The things that were good at things that we thrive at are not because of your awesome people. I hate to break it to your not awesome people.

God is an awesome God.

Therefore, you get to connect that to him.

But that's not what the hell it works right is not because what we've done is because what he has done so we work out our own salvation by exuding the things that God is put in our lives in our hearts and in the he says is right with fear and trembling. Now that soma sounds like a threat but will hold up. Now we have to let this be result of a gun is done then we have to be fearful of it know it's more what it means is this is not a threat of fear is more of a seriousness like we are going to take serious working, our salvation, exuding what God is done in us because it's something we desire and love because he's done this work in us. Three. Be intentional and you know there's a lot of things that we take serious things we don't take serious right like in our daily lives is often times things that we value over other things. We all have different things. The levels of concern and care, but the one thing we should always be intentional about is the work of God and what is done in us as believers right and why would we do this we do this and we should desire to do this and this work for his good pleasure.

So were working out our salvation work living out the gospel in our lives on a daily basis where going in everything that we do trying to honor Christ with our actions with allies of the heart with her humility were doing all these things were desiring to do these good things because of his good pleasure.

So I love my wife and I show her Jesus because it pleases God.

That's the motivation right to please God.

I honor my family, my children and point them to Jesus because it pleases God. I'm respectful to my parents and I continue that relationship development because it pleases God and I will desire to work for these things because it pleases God and so were living out the gospel because what is already done what is innocent because it pleases him. And that's why we are working out our salvation because it honors Christ and so is he starts this whole process talking through this we must live out the gospel and all we do not we do know that we have a sin nature and so there's often times we mess up this whole thing, but the beauty of Jesus is we can't mess that up. He's already done the work that God is exalted in for. That's a permanent thing is a resume salvation in him as a permanent state so we were continually pushing forward and living out the gospel is worth talking up his desire did work for his pleasure of my wife is an educator and she works in school district outdated school district.

She's been teaching for 17 years. The close right and that she went to college for education before she became educator. She wasn't when she worked hard for itching. Did the classes and then she got her certificate and she goes in and I did notice by personal example and and I am okay that I'm biased. I absolutely she's with the best educators I've ever seen and I'm not even seem like this is my wife. She is such a desire and passion to see the students not only grow but she wants it to come out. She cares about these people that she's working with on top of that. She also loves the gospel and opportunities presented her in school and so because she's intentional about this work, she desires to do this well it's it's pleasing it's an honorable thing and know the flipper that is I've met being her husband, many educators who could care less about their job. It's amazing to me how many of the first of all, there are way more lucrative things to do than to become a teacher.

So if you don't desire it meant go get a job at Lowe's.

I don't know why Lowe's, but that one do that right so here's the thing, sorry I do know Lowe's is a trigger that I didn't realize that.

But as we come back to this right you don't care about what they're doing is not of any consequence to them. It's just a job in the before the students are affected by the lack of care because she desires to do this well.

She puts energy and effort into you see it come and glorify God in this work, as we are believers we are to desire to do this well for his good work for his pleasure and we want to do this well one thing and so she was teacher of the year if her whole district last last school she just does an awesome job and it's not just because she has to screw she desires to them.

We should desire to want to illuminate this world with Jesus.

That should be in our hearts because of all that he has done. I remember my own personal walk with Christ and before I became a believer. Just not having a purpose and not feeling like I understood what I was supposed to do. My got one of my even here for a subdued just going through the process of living. And then when someone introduced me to Jesus.

It just made some. It was so obvious to me and illuminated in my heart what I needed to be and to do that I had purpose and desire and drive in it. I was excited for that right and it made me know there's always that label when you become a new believer, you get more exciting over time. Sometimes it peters out. The one thing I love is God always brings me, I mean that I keep coming back again to it and he doesn't leave me in states of drought.

So here we are living out the gospel that here's the beautiful thing when we live out the gospel the best and most obvious thing that comes from that next is what we will radiate the gospel now. Thinking back to the car without those high beams were driving blind, but the glory of Jesus right illuminates our past week.

We want the work to say so. This will process. Look at verse 14 do all things without grumbling or disputing. But you may be blameless that you may be blameless and innocent, children of God without blemish in the midst of a crooked and twisted generation, among whom you should shine as lights in the world, holding fast to the word of life. So the day of Christ may be proud that they do not run again, or labor in vain. So here we got this is telling us that we are to live out the gospel, but the way that we radiate is simple because he starts out without grumbling and complaining. Why do we do with our grumbling and complaining we do it because there's a wicked twisted generation that needs to see us shine the light of Christ in them know the if you looking at that your thinking through this. That means, therefore doing these things. That means were not illuminating.

Jesus writes a grumbling and complaining is, taking us away from this opportunity to shine Christ on the world know what is a meme of this why do we not grumble and complain beyond just the simple fact that it's obnoxious right when we all complain like you tell your children they were having meatloaf for dinner will actually do this because none of us could, but the idea right. We we probably know what he's saying is we don't need a grumble and complain because we have everything in Jesus, there's no need to complain when the world was in front of you got the glory of Christ. Paul talks about this right.

He says I if I'm here on earth. It's great. It's for Christ purpose, but if I die and I'm deigning I get so much more from Minnesota grumble and complain is pointless because we have so much one of my favorite people. I got to get to know in South Carolina… We believe that would go visit the nursing home in a couple years prior to meeting her husband passed away in a couple years before that to her children passed away and if anyone deserves to complain. It's her.

I give it to her at all be her crying shoulder. I did it I would not even think twice if she would complain. I wouldn't take it.

Negative but that sister in Christ kept pointing to Jesus.

We have conversations and I wonder him mean you must be upset.

She said give me everything I need, and I'd even want to myself, why are two more bitter because guys give me everything I need. She was illuminating the gospel in my life.

She was radiating it by recognizing that she has everything in Jesus. There is nothing this world can give us that will over take the beauty of knowing that we are all in Christ there is nothing in this world has to offer you that Jesus isn't giving you.

There's a couple things we know right we we look we get this idea of retirement is not a bad thing.

However, that's not going to do us any good in eternity building up this beautiful family.

So the world can see all were such great parents. It's great. But one day everyone of them is going to leave this earth and we have all these things on earth that we strive for and are not bad things, but their temporary things. It's okay to love these things. However, it's most importantly that we love eternity with Jesus and so we don't need to grumble and complain because we have everything in front of us. When we do events, we will radiate and showing in a twisted and dark generation not only notices the world right now is kind of dark and twisted on all fronts only meant to pick on one demographic it's everything right.

It's dark. Will try to pull us in every direction away. Why because it wants to diminish the light and so we we see that in everything we do know having children in school we talk through things that are happening and I'm always worried and concerned about the friends of their head. How are they leading them what are they getting taught in school where we go through these things all the time. One, because we know that this world is a twisted generation. However, we also know is that the gospel of Jesus Christ radiates brighter than anything right and so that's what Paul wants us to do. He wants us to radiate the gospel in such a way that it finds on a dark and hopeless world so that way we can show others the beauty of Christ because one truth that we know what we know Christ is given offer us on the cross and our hope is in him eternity apart from Christ is in eternity separated from Christ and damnation. We know the opposite of that is darkness.

The opposite of that is the worst possible outcome that could happen. So we are called to radiate his glory on the people we are called to do this. So Paul felt was right that you may be blameless and innocent. It's not that will be perfect, but he wants the world to see Christ in us holding fast to the word of life, clinging to God's truth in his word, so that in the day of Christ. I may be proud that I did not run in vain or labor in vain that it was worth it. I'm doing these things that my wife was valuable to the kingdom because if your memory pleases God for his good pleasure. We should want and desire that so looking at living out the gospel. We know that it is a result of that we radiate the gospel.

But why because we have hope in the gospel when my favorite things are done as a church at Easter this last year: the weird things and so we encourage our people to shoot these little videos of talk about their hope in Jesus and so would put that out there young kids adults all the way across the gambit of declaring the hoping Jesus Christ such a really cool thing to watch and experience is cool watching my children talk about their hope in Christ as an encouragement, Paul has a profound thing to say right. Verse 17 he says if I'm to be poured out as a drink offering for you are drink offering upon the sacrificial offering of your faith. I am glad and rejoice with you all. Likewise you also. Likewise, you also should be glad and rejoice with me, so this is basically singing this right if I'm to be poured out if I'm going to die is what he saying if I'm going to die as a sacrificial offering for your faith if if my death is what's necessary to spur you and your faith than it's worth it. I'm game. I'm okay giving my life for that purpose. Why would he do that it's because his hope is in Jesus. He is easily able to stand out there boldly because his hope is in Jesus. It's not in anything else.

His hope was in Christ is willing to listen if it encourages you and your faith and I have to give my life for I will do it today I would do tomorrow up do it any day. His hope is in Christ, then he also says right but my desire. Also glad and rejoice with you.

Likewise you also to be glad and rejoice. You also should be willing to give of your life so that the gospel can radiate this dark world. Now that doesn't mean we run into danger that we try to find ourselves in precarious situations know what it means is that we live in such a way that regardless of the circumstance we are in. He is glorified his product also talks early in the chapter that he's good to stay here because it honors Christ but is also okay to give his last breath for the gospel. Is there anything in your life you're willing to give all four. My prayer is that it is Jesus at the end of the day.

That is the only thing we can ask right when my favorite stories.

There is a missionary couple, John and Betty Stamm. They believe they were in the 80s. They were missionaries to China.

He was 28. She was 27 and they were killed in China totaled about that story while they were there because they are proclaiming the gospel in a country that doesn't allow that they were roughly handled stripped of their outward clothing painfully bound in the Republic beheaded the listing of this letter that she wrote at the age of 18. Betty wrote this she says this Lord I give up all my own plans and purposes all my own desires and hopes and accept your will for my life. I give myself my life, my all ugly to you to be things forever fill me and seal me with your Holy Spirit. Use me as you will send me where you will and work out your whole will in my life at any cost, now and for an she desired Jesus so much that she proclaimed to him I will give my life and that's exactly what it costs, but illuminated so much that now people have seen Jesus because of what she was willing to do for Jesus.

She radiate the gospel in such a way that it impacted the kingdom now is why, because of the work that got it done in her willingness to work out her salvation in that she wanted to honor Christ with her life. We talk a lot about how we impacted dark culture in the dark world. It's by living a gospel life right. Let's remind us of this living out the gospel with the hope of the gospel will radiate the gospel to a hopeless world.

That is how we change the world, and it's not there. Our power it's through this left the glory of Jesus.

That's why we can stand so confidently and proud because of what Jesus is done for us, that we will be willing to pour ourselves out as it is offering to the Lord. We will be willing to give all there a lot of things that I'd be willing to sacrifice for, but nothing more important than my faith that should empower us and encourage us to radiate the gospel in the dark world. My prayer is were looking at Paul's letter to the Philippians that we understand that same concept.

It's knocking to come by any other means that a religious leader, that's gonna change the world is not a political leader. This can change the world is not to be anything other than the glory of Jesus radiating among dark place. So that's why we focus on gospel centered more than anything else so that we can see God's glory shine in a dark place. Father got her so thankful for you and your glory. Thankful for the way that you encourages Lord thankful for the way that you have us this understanding of what it is we are to do and to live. Lord sometimes we don't know that we see in your word, how it is we live these things out. Lord, I'm thankful for your thankful for Paul and his desire to share the church in Philippi. Lord I pray that you encourages that we see the need to radiate the gospel amongst the dark place were so thankful for all that you do Lord mortgage grateful for the way that you love us and it is in your name we pray

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