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Sermon: A Kingdom That Will Stand (Daniel 2:31-49)

Redemption Church / Bobby Wood
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July 6, 2020 3:54 pm

Sermon: A Kingdom That Will Stand (Daniel 2:31-49)

Redemption Church / Bobby Wood

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Good morning, hope everyone's doing well if you're here for the first time we are currently going through a series, and Daniel called upstream. One things that we see in Daniel itself is that Daniel and his fellows are immersed in a culture that is completely counter to the one that he is a part of where the kingdom of God and he's having to move in opposite direction, honoring the Lord in the culture around them. That is going in every other way but in so appropriately. So we named the series upstream and up to this point Daniel was removed from his home taken to Babylon to be groomed to be a servant. The King Nebuchadnezzar to Babylon as a powerful nation has a dream that bothers him so much that he wants all of his wizards and witches that was on the cold, but he calls all the people together they could possibly know to do the people on his payroll that are called in for this kind of thing he owed his wisemen and no one knows a thing. No one is able to give him anything in there to the Google and everything they can. They can come up with anything for them and so someone mentions David R. Daniel, I do that sorry so he mentions Daniel's name so Daniel comes and this is where we are in this point of the stories would industry no work before dinner that I want talk a little bit about something. When I was growing up on the weekend if your buddy was staying the night, your mom and dad would take you to the video store and back then there were these things called VHS tapes about this big and the big thinkers you had to rewind them before you brought them back there as you find in our town.

There are three different kinds of video start is a mom-and-pop store and when I remember clearly was renting American ninja and gremlins from that one. That's mom-and-pop's store that showed up and there's like maybe two walls of videos that's it is nothing more than not really trying to win any any like awards then there's the family videos for your remember family video was most affordable, reasonably priced, but then the video stores of all video stores was Blockbuster video. They were the to do all the people that were anybody went to Blockbuster as a matter fact in college I had friends who were telling me there investing over the money at that time they invest in Blockbuster video now before you tear the son what's happened Blockbuster Stinson exactly. So here's the thing. Blockbuster really was this thing is taking over the country was a big deal. Everyone would go and one of the things so that they were running into your remember is the late fees.

One specific issue that caused the demise of Blockbuster video was the gentleman who created Netflix rented Apollo 13 and accrued a $40 late fee charge for not returning it would spur him to create Netflix and never again touch Blockbuster and Blockbuster since then has not caught up with the times and they no longer exist right they go no longer around with the thing is I was thinking about Blockbuster video because I love a good movie here and there, is that we put a lot of energy and effort in the things that on this earth that fall apart all the time we put our energy in the stuff that are gone and that they surpass. Do you remember Nokia phones you and assuming you don't know there was also cell phone in a college in my life amid Nokia phones. If we were in the coronavirus right now the Nokia we all would be up the creek.

As you can only like textbook 200 times, and you only like so many minutes we all learn to crochet, we would've learned on something else because we couldn't communicate with each other. Things are gone, there no longer here we see things move fast all the time. Companies come and go nations coming to we see all the time order. Things were looking this chapter, here is this look about the kingdom that's going to withstand kingdoms. The last, so if you remember retaining Nebuchadnezzar has this dream. Daniel comes on the scene and this is what happens in verse 31 of chapter 2 he tells the king the dream you saw O King, and behold a great image. The image mighty and of exceeding brightness stood before you, and its appearance is frightening. The head of the image was of fine gold, its chest and arms of silver, its middle and thighs of bronze, its legs of iron, its feet partly of iron, partly of clay.

As you looked a stone was cut out by no human hand and it struck the image on its feet of iron and clay, and broke them in pieces, then iron, the clay, the bronze, the silver and the gold altogether were broken in pieces, and became like the chaff of the summer threshing floors and the wind carried them away so that not a trace of them could be found, but the stone that struck the image became a great mountain and filled the whole earth. This was the dream now. We will tilting its interpretation. You owe king. The king of kings, to whom the God of heaven has given the kingdom the power and the might and the glory and into whose hand is given, wherever they dwell, the children of man the beast of the field and the birds of heaven making you rule over them all.

You are the head of gold, another kingdom inferior to you shall arise after you get it in 1/3 kingdom of bronze. We shall rule over the earth. There should be 1/4 kingdom, strong as iron because iron breaks in pieces and shatters all things in like iron that crushes it shall break and crush all these things and as you saw the feet and toes early the potter's clay and partly of iron, it shall be divided king about some of the firmness of iron shall be in it, just as you saw iron mixed with the softly but at and as the toes of the feet were partly iron and partly clay, so the kingdom shall be partly strong and partly brittle as you saw the iron mixed with soft clay, so they will mix with one another in marriage, but they will not hold together, just as iron does not mix with clay. In the days of those kings the God of heaven will set up a kingdom that shall never be destroyed, nor salvaging the be left another people shall break into pieces all the kingdoms and bring them to an end and it shall stand forever, just as you saw that a stone was cut from a mountain by no human hand and that it broke into pieces the iron, the bronze, the clay, the silver and the gold, a great God is made known to the king what shall be up to this we dream certain misinterpretation sure than the king Nebuchadnezzar fell upon his face paid homage to Daniel command that an offering and incense be offered up to him. The king answered and said to Daniel, truly, your God is a God of gods and the Lord of kings in a revealer mysteries you been able to reveal this mystery.

Then the king gave Daniel hi honors many great gifts and made him rule over the whole province of Babylon and the chief prefect overall wise men of Babylon. Daniel made a request of the king and he appointed Shadrach me shack Bendigo over the affairs of the province of Babylon. Daniel remained at the king's court. Wow, here's what's amazing. Babylon was not just like Empire. It was dominance and fierce and absolutely controlling just everything around right Babylon was not a week province in the Nebuchadnezzar's got the stream.

He doesn't know he's asked everyone. No one is able to give him an answer. The dream he's also told no one with the dream was not like they could make it up to you how we do that sometimes. I can college you write a paper and you can add a bunch of stuff in there hoping it would cut a fillet and maybe ever known. You get the right thing. If it is in the right topic and I got the college that way.

Nothing is right way to do this. That's what happens right and like they couldn't come up with stuff they're trying the case got nothing, so Daniel shows up on the scene and not only does Daniel tell him Word for Word.

His dream that the king is never shared with him.

He also gives him a very clear definition what's happening.

Daniel was given by God very clear defined specifics that no man could known on their own is not possible. No one could have the opportunity without God to know exactly tapping to the team's minds, blown here Daniel shows up on the scene, he tells in the stream. One of things that were to pay attention to. As we recognize that God's kingdom will surpass all earthly kingdoms is that apart from that alone, we will not make it out of office. So one of things that we see. First, it is very clear in this dream is that man-made kingdoms fail y'all. We try really hard to put our hope and trust and a lot of earthly things.

Daniel is looking at this and there's a lot of ways a lot of people and interpret this one possibility here is he is looking to the different stones. He is talking about the different empires that come after that.

You got that one you got Persia yet. Greece got wrong in their autonomy also are part of any of those nations, they go right thing on no more around. Then I hear they have fallen, they have their major players in the world around us. They were major key players and they are no longer here, the kingdoms have fallen is locate those long ago. But what isn't going to fall is the one that's gonna surpass on the remaining God series telling him this I love this at the end of the division. He tells them. This is true, it's certain the interpretation. Sure, he's like I'm not even playing with you.

This is exactly how this is going to play out.

Now we know this to Nebuchadnezzar doesn't just and is running right there. He gets gets a season gets a lead for a little bit, but we see man-made kingdoms fail one of the things I was thinking about as as hot in our timeline. How would we see this now.

This is not going to think some history lesson, but 1917 there was a country called the Soviet Union spent a big deal at the time they were huge right there big players in the world's matter-of-fact problem with a few threats to Germany they were growing. There are significant but in 1991 the Soviet Union to dissolve their no longer around major world player no longer here. There's a good possibility. Maybe our lifetime. Maybe not that America may not be what it is now. I know I don't want to share scare you with that. I don't know it to be drama prophetic in that way, but what I'm saying is man-made kingdoms fall we see that happen all around us.

Now the question we have to ask is what we do to show our reliance in early kingdoms were we doing all the time and in the answers in front of us like right now what is this year to us yet election-year. That means we have lost our minds we go straight crazy. I'm filtering a lot right now right we go nuts. We will put our hope and faith in everything but the kingdom of God.

We've seen our political parties over the side. Whether you're a Republican conservative or Democratic or liberal whatever definition title you want to slap on.

It doesn't matter who you are. Those are not where our hope as believers in Jesus Christ lie but were putting it all on this is if like that's what's to be the game changer for us is that if we put our hope in the right leader of United States MMS can fix everything if we make sure that we get the right person and offices can fix everything. Now don't get me wrong, we should do our due diligence and make sure that we try to elect the right people to lead as we show that is absolute responsibility, but our hope does not lie there. It's not where we end here. Daniel is telling the king like a man this is great you got a kingdom is to be many to come after you. There's going to be one that withstands all of them, the kingdom of God.

Still not killed by any human hand and it's not going to go away, but we put our hope and faith.

So often, and things of this earth and they all are gone just like Blockbuster they go in. The thing is, we chuckled but you know I do it you do it. We assume our life that we have right now is with those going to be III watched too many movies, by relive red Dawn a lot.

My sleep. My dream is a career that will attack I'm the only one that can save us, and we do though my dream, so safe is when you know what the truth is we put our hope in ourselves and in the things of this earth and we put leaders in a position that God doesn't need them to be entities going over that he elects those really in a minute but our earthly kingdom is not what's going to sustain us. We need to be a people for sure. Well here's a problem we have right now, right where people that are waiting for our nation to become a Christian nation for us to act were waiting for.

Instead, we need to be a people. This can honor God while pursuing changing the course of a nation we can't wait for anybody else to behave and act like God is called us to be, we can't hold that a leader is going to do something then then will act as long as they do at first as a matter fact as a church right now. You should not wait for me to act what God is put on your heart, usually for the pastor to call you and Cindy I need you to share the gospel with your neighbor know you shouldn't even have to call me. You know what got us put on your heart to act according to Scripture to lead your family. According to Scripture to encourage your wife or your husband or your friends or your spouse or children, your mom or your dad. You know which scriptures give me you don't wait for a leader to tell you that you act because God is giving you the authority to do so on his behalf to be that light in the world. Man-made kingdoms fail. But we pursue them with everything we have in us, man.

We really like to put our hope in fragile things Donovan icefishing. I've done it once or twice. I don't like it because I don't trust ice and I know those guys that do it it's fine sure for you. It's fine but I don't I don't like the idea that it's going to crumble underneath me. I'm not a fan of that idea, and while I can swim in all, I'm not willing to try to figure that one out. This is not something I'm comfortable in my hope needs to know icefishing is not where my hope is either but we cannot wait and put our hope and trust and things of this earth because they're going to like the chaff in the threshing floor, the wind will blow it away.

We won't even talk about it again except for maybe an history book right now this is the most climactic thing we've experienced up-to-date and in four years we will remember this and then 10 years from now. That won't even be a thing in 20 years from now, and so on and so forth. Just can be made even not in history books may be bigger things will happen to forget about Corona 2021 Abby something man-made kingdoms fail. We also see this God puts kingdoms in power, you cannot forget that every authority that has been on this planet was been put there by God. What I love this is a summation that the dream verse 36. Now we will tell the king its interpretation. You will king the king of kings, to whom the God of heaven has given kingdom the power and the might and glory is like Tony this God gave you everything you have. You are in power because the Lord shows you to be in power and now imagine the guts it took a Daniel to tell the king of Babylon that the only reason why he's king is because someone is given that power. But that's not a move you make a whole lot right to be like the owner of business and his son is working for me tone the sun that you we got activity you do that you will some people might do that but you don't you wouldn't do that you wouldn't dare.

He's like what you asked me interpret the dream and let you know the only reason why you have your brain in authority is because God gave it to you.

We need to remember that God puts people in power even when they're not our people. It blows my mind sometimes how much we lose our mind when the wrong person is in power, as if like it changes the course of God's work. It is this. If like it really more for believers.

Those of us that have read the word of God.

We know the outcome. We know how to go play itself out. We see someone else, no power that we don't trust and we get scared and petrified is if like God is not in control of that is if like he accidentally forgot how I did Munich put together a new know that's not how that work is in that purpose and a place for the purpose of glorifying himself.

That's what God does work to glorify himself that person's role. Whether you are trump supporter trumpeter trumpet between doesn't matter got in that authority would be like Fidel Castro doesn't matter got given that authority, George Bush, Stalin doesn't matter the name of all the real the important powerful political leaders in the world doesn't matter who they are.

God gave him the authority that they have for his purpose for his kingdom's growth and expansion and so what we need to do instead of losing our minds is recognized know we can still influence one of the things I love about the word of God as it shows us what we do in the situation of God's put people in power.

How do we influence that don't remember attaining David John. Remember when David, who was a man after God's own heart really messed up.

He had an affair slept with a woman whose husband have to spew). It is to fix it.

He kills his husband. The husband) right day visiting Luminous authority. Yes, it is a friend of his who happened to be profit in a maiden. What is Nathan do well.

Hopefully all of us would do, he goes before the king. As I glisten I love you brother menu mess this up any shares with his heart.

He encourages him to become better than who he is, to reconcile and repent of his sin. He encourages him to check himself before he wrecks himself right. That's what Nathan did to them. I am in this place right now is a pastor as a follower of Jesus Christ. Because men in my life have call me out on the dumb things that I do not steer to hold me accountable for and women. Specifically, my wife, they will they will strip they will encourage me and say look I'm knocking to let you go that way because that doesn't honor God Nick know you need to be different. In this way because it doesn't honor God Nick know as a father you can't do that. I put people in my life to speak into my life so that I don't become someone that can be used by God. I want to be useful.

We can speak into culture. Still, even though God puts people in authority by holding people accountable. With love, grace sometimes rebuke sometimes authority. We have the ability to speak in people's lives. One of the things that you really care about me. If any of you really care about me and you see me living in sin and you don't tell me. Shame on you, because if you're my brother in crisis or person you love me you're going to help me make sure that my relationship with Christ a spot on the same thing with you. We don't do church discipline because we like authority and power because we want people restored their relationship with God because of all the roof kingdoms in this world.

That's the only one little past the test of time is the kingdom of God. God's team will surpass all earthly kingdoms and everyone that he is put in power is for his glory and his purpose. We could still speak into I don't have a audience with the president but I live in South Ogden. I can speak into my community here I can encourage one of the cool things happen about 23 weeks ago we had prayer service in the Ogden Police Department here in South volume.

The Ogden police department is going through some pretty hard things were recently lost an officer passed away, so we wanted to be an encouragement and also litter community know the organs we did for service there. We came up here to prayer service that the South Ogden City Hall Police Department. Some officers came out to that service. Afterwards we got a message from one of them telling us that he he just changed his. His way of thinking and that shift is going into because he was just down there scared and that we did that prayer service is an encouragement to him as he was walking out that such a little thing, but it changes the culture around us we can influence people in authority by being the gospel to them.

Loving and caring and showing them truth.

It's not kind to have truth and ignore it and keep away from people is not loving I'm not talking about getting on a megaphone and screaming at people either. That's not necessarily going to be helpful, but we have the ability to change. I love what Daniel did throughout the whole book you see him go upstream against culture. He becomes when most prominent leaders in Babylon as a believer in God is able to influence ways that often times we like to set up rules and we think we just change everybody to help. I can't change you. I can even make my own children obey me right you don't drink ice. This is what most things right you give rules. I hope the police tell me not to speak. Does that mean I don't do it audio still like to move a little quicker than it should. And it's a it's a struggle. And I know the law. I'm not Tony it's okay it's a struggle right. We can't change people by forcing them to be different. I was a youth pastor for very long time.

I don't get to make those calls I can influence change, but I can't force it but when I point my children and when I point teenagers are important. Everyone around me to the one kingdom that will not fail. That creates change that's where their hope lies. I'm not scared for my children to live in the world ring because I'm continually praying and hoping pointing to Jesus because without hope. Doesn't matter possess the kingdom. It's gonna surpass all of earthly kingdoms to God puts kingdoms in power. Here's the most important thing for us to remember God is our only hope there's knowing multiple options here like this might work. This might work. The only hope we have is in them. Daniel and his four friends are his three friends. The only reason why those guys survives because their hope was in God. One of my favorite things that we've done as a church around Easter time. We had members share videos telling their story of why Jesus is there hope in sharing it on social media's of the world knows what our hope is in because truthfully if we don't have Jesus.

We don't have God as our hope man. Corona is terrifying in our political system situation is terrifying and the world powers around us are terrifying because we don't have any hope this is a big thing that's going to hurt and harm all of us minutes. It is terrifying. But when we know the creator of the universe is in control of all of these things we have hope. Now I want to share this. I'm not making fun of this with you this and more one of bringing to attention when our last political our president. Trump was elected in four years ago so I can do manifest when he was elected.

I remember watching videos and not just of rainy people to believers who were in tears crying because it didn't go the way they wanted to go and I couldn't understand it. Much of your hope was in the present menu did miss the mark.

Now don't get me wrong. Whether you are a Trump supporter, Trump advocate against and whatever doesn't matter where you are in that line is he is not our hope. The president is not the country is not.

I love America. I am grateful and thankful that I live in a free country right to do this right now and not have any fear of persecution. I'm thinking for the men and women to give their lives for our freedom. I am so thankful that we live in America, but it ultimately is not my hope I will do everything I can for my country.

As best I can but I pray that you and I will give more for our king, our Lord, our Savior. Overall of that. I hope that what I want you to recognize this to we live in such an amazing place that not everyone lives like we do. One of my favorite things is when we have a friend of ours lives overseas another country and he will send this videos messages Mark oppose from time to time and is the most encouraging thing. Because of this he lives in a very oppressed country that pursues and persecutes Christians in every video. He is smiling from ear to ear. Hello brother, Nick, and I can do is exit and and he he's just such an encouragement he loves the God's call them to the work he's doing. Reason is literally reaching unreached people groups with the gospel with danger all around him, and he's excited because his hope is not in this country it's not in the leaders around the mid thing it's in God. It's in Jesus and the axon that it such an encouragement reminder to me that while we are here we are to influence our culture, we are going to influence our country are hope is in God because God is our only hope, because ultimately God's kingdom will surpass all earthly kingdoms. There may be a point when America is no more one of things. Maybe we watch may be too many movies because of the walking dead or you have is where we look at apocalyptic after math and we think this is how it's going to go on cyanide housing to go but it doesn't matter because my hope will not be in whatever organization comes up whether the United States stays forever. Whether it falls apart with Mexico becomes the next greatest nation on this matter. When it's unaware it is my hope is in God and hopefully we direct seize on this be the one. But my hope is in God. My hope is and what he is doing in us. He sets and turns hearts towards him. God creates things that we can't do.

He turns hearts towards him. I love watching him a part of a group of guys that were pursuing God through distant men's ministry that she's doing really cool things and watching men change their hearts in the way that they love their families because of what the word of God is doing in the hearts is amazing is God turns those I can't do it. You can't do it. The spirit of God does such amazing things, and that's why our hope needs to be in him. We all have family, friends and people we know and love that we wish would follow a known trust in Jesus, and we will always continue to pursue sharing that love ultimately you and I don't get to change that.

It's the work of God turns hearts he sets men in motion things that we couldn't even fathom. You could not write this book, you couldn't come up with the stories of what God does in the hearts of men that makes them lead nations.

I was a part of a cool story that I will share later on, but in Judges 331 Vanguard right was a part of this group of guys that were working on this project but it's based on the story of this one guy sham gar who, because of what God does in his heart saves Israel from 600 Philistines by himself alone, y'all, I couldn't find find out one person by myself I would need a lot of help right but God works through one man to save Israel ready, does it repeatedly over and over and over again. Men and women that he works in. He changes and puts men and motion. Our hope is in God. Our hope is not in our political system.

Hope is not in the people around us are hope is not in our pastor is not in the grocery store. I don't know why that one came up with our hope is not in those things are hope is only in God. Our hope is in Christ and Christ.

When we preach this every week because that is the only thing that matters gospel centered is one of the main core tenets of our our church. We want to be gospel centered everything we do, because at the end of the day you don't know that that's where our hope is we missed the mark completely.

God's kingdom will surpass all earthly kingdoms was that mean for us that means, as we interact with the culture around us. Hold your head up because the Lord of Lords and the King of Kings is still raining and working even if it doesn't go the way we needed to. If it's scary. It's my understanding this okay to be scared, but recognize the one who's in control is still raining until you draw your last breath. God can use you can use me to influence change in his culture. It might seem insurmountable, the odds might seem against us. It might seem like there's nothing we can do, but we have the ability to affect change because the one kingdom that we are following is the kingdom will surpass all other kingdoms doesn't matter what nation it is will organization it is what business it is genome one day there's a good possibility that Apple will exist no more possible could happen and we can picture the rhino lot of us would be without entertainment that could happen one day because those things are like chaff on the threshing room floor. The go float away when we put our hope in that stuff we missed the mark. When our hope is in man when our hope is in kingdoms of this earth, we miss the mark. Our hope is eternal kingdom that is where we get the courage and strength to go out into the world and influence change we can tell people listen. Jesus is the only way why because without him. You have nothing because everything will fall. But Jesus won't. That's the game changer kingdom it's going to withstand God's kingdom will surpass all earthly kingdoms and that should give us not only encouragement but invoke in and stir in us the ability to have courage and strength to go out of his room tell everyone listen we love Jesus we love you. My prayer for myself is that when I leave this earth. People knew that I was a child of the King more than they knew that I loved the country more than they knew that I loved football more than they knew that and I love my football but I pray that they don't see me as someone who cared about anything more than Jesus. My prayer is that when my children are at my funeral that they recognize that God was my priority over all things that that's the kingdom. I invested more than anything them and they will know because of the how much I love them.

They will because when you love got it trickles down into our families into our communities into a relationship, but I pray that I'm not a guy that is known as someone who just kinda ran away when it was difficult when everyone around us want to meet it to turn around. I would go upstream. Much like Daniel willing to engage whatever's in front of me now with anger not with a ferocious like animallike approach, but with confidence. I can do this because God's kingdoms in the surpass all kingdoms I can withstand that what persecution I have in front of me because God think God's kingdoms aggressive testing all of the kingdoms I can do these things. I don't have to be in fear will only be scared, you better believe we are human, but you know what that's what the beauty the churches we come together like I told you have men in my life that when I'm terrified. Come alongside me and point me in the right direction when I got married. I selected a group of guys to be my groomsmen book. I don't know if everyone thinks this way, but I do. I told him as a juror in my wedding, not only because you're my close friends, but one very specific reason to hold me accountable.

My marriage, I'm giving you the authority by killing and being men appear with me that if I missed the mark with my wife better call me out and you better hold me to the bigger picture and I better not find out that you're scared because that is not why I'm calling you to be my guy I need and I did the same thing for them and we've done that for each other as a church we are to move forward in order missed the mark in time time the grace of God is going to continue to work in a ceramic in your pursuit because our only hope is in God. As Daniel is looking at the stream is interpreted to the changes reminding him that your kingdom is going to be just for a moment because kingdoms can be forever followed. I would love you are so grateful for the way that you encourage us. Laura pray this morning that as we leave this place.

We recognize where our hope is that our hope is in you got. Of all the things that come and go in this world. Lord I pray that you will encourage us to build us up. Lord keep her head focused on the prize at hand with so think from what you doing pricing

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