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Sermon: Faith Under Fire (Daniel 3)

Redemption Church / Bobby Wood
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July 13, 2020 1:07 pm

Sermon: Faith Under Fire (Daniel 3)

Redemption Church / Bobby Wood

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Daniel chapter 3 were continuing in our series and we called upstream, walking through the book of Daniel together where were kind of big picture looking at this idea of what is it look like as followers of Jesus to live for him and live courageously for him in the midst of a culture that is going the exact opposite direction did Jesus ask us to go and how do we live that kind of life in our text today is particularly applicable with that same there's a motivational speaker in Florida. His name is Jack Grau: if I get the impression that he is a high-end motivational speaker and life coach. But he learned works with a lot of really well-to-do people and a lot of people who have already seen we would go out there already successful.

What I need a life coach for and he works with them in meeting their goals and whatever is a high-end clientele and one time he was working with a group of NFL linebackers. These are all men who have made it in their field but they're all tough, rugged manly men right because of seen linebackers before their all 6 foot five and solid muscle and 250 pounds in this part of their training. One day he told them. Here's why when Amasa got to do this afternoon there's a fence at the perimeter of our property. A white fence about a mile from here.

There's a path that leads through the property down to it, all you have to do is jog out to that fence touched the fence and come back. No big deal. These guys are some of the best athletes in the world right is a 2 mile jog is I don't care.

You can walk on whatever but your mission is not accomplished in less you touch the white fence you get back I'll explain to you what it was all about and he said I need to tell you though before you go. This is Florida we have wild boar's here and there's been reports of wild boars at the edge of this property and if you've never wanted one before you need know they're bigger than you are and their mean and angry and their aggressive you'll probably be fine but just you know be safe and be on the lookout and he sent them on their way. What he didn't tell them what's he had sent a cameraman out to the edge of the property, all in camouflage, you know, Florida. It's jungle. It's not like the undergrowth here is thick and he sent them out there camouflaged up with the camera and he told this cameraman a film these guys and what I want to do is as they are jogging up to start rattling the brush and snorting like a pick and see what happens and it just so happens I have a video clip to show you today.

Of these five are not know how many these NFL linebackers tough guys, manly men. Here's what happened, as they were. They never touched the sense mission was not accomplished. He did that same experiment later with a group of FBI SWAT and FBI SWAT team highly trained men sent them out. The same deal cameraman in it we can do video, I'm sorry because there identity is protected but is no video of it, but he said those men that agency sent them out cameraman did the same thing until a man all of the FBI agents when he started making the noise. All of them went and stopped fighting positions instantly and the cameraman got nervous that I didn't know they had their field visit with them or not. And so he was the one felt like running and they went on the touch the fence and you know mission accomplished. They came back and the point is the point is, it's really easy to be tough and courageous and brave when you're not facing any danger at all rights there's a whole lot of tough manly men who aren't so tough and manly when they find themselves in a situation that actually requires a little bit of courage. It's really easy to be tough and brave and live for Jesus sitting here in the safety of an auditorium where most everybody agrees with you.

There's no threat of any kind of persecution it's easy to go grade are you Lord and sing praises. It's easy to do that.

It's in different situation entirely when you try to do it out there and it requires something Jesus told his followers when he sent them out with the message that to proclaim that the kingdom of God had come.

He sent them with this morning.

He said I'm sending you out like sheep amidst wolves, which is an interesting allegory is not Jesus said, I'm sending you my followers out like a bunch of defenseless helpless stupid creatures in the middle of a bunch of carnivorous ravenous predators. And so Jesus said therefore be on your guard, you know, we have this mindset in the Western world and American Christianity in particular, we just want things to be easy.

We don't do hardship well I think Christians in other parts of the world do better than us because for them. Normal life is hard every day is hard and so when following Jesus becomes hard. There used to hardship we have it so easy we have it so comfortable that most of us the least little inconvenience comes our way. Don't cope well and yet you realize Jesus never promised us anywhere. A life of ease read the Gospels runback read the New Testament cover to cover. There's nothing that says just follow me and I'll make your life a better roses from in fact what Jesus does assurances follow me and I can promise you it's going to be hard and the main idea wanted to get this morning.

If you don't hear anything else. As we walk through Daniel chapter 3 together. It's this it's that faith makes things possible.

It doesn't necessarily make them easy.

Faith makes things possible, but it doesn't necessarily make them easy and we find in Daniel chapter 3, three young Jewish men who face the task incredibly hard and incredibly difficult and they do it with so much courage and bravery that it blows my mind. If you grew up around the church. Are you been in the church at all. You know their Babylonian name Shadrach me shack in a Bendigo and you know the story of the fiery furnace, and the danger in text like this one today and the reason these are difficult passages as pastors to preach from is because we've heard it all so much.

We become desensitized to it. For some, you've heard it since you were a little kid in Sunday school and its it's a Bible story and I want you to try to do as we walk through Daniel chapter 3 this morning is see this for the reality that it is.

This is a historical account the things recorded in this passage really happened in the real world. Try to imagine the pressure these boys were under and how you would handle such a tough situation as I see in their again this accounting Daniel chapter 3 today at least five important things important things we learn from Shadrach me shack in a Bendigo in the first is this that are true faith is revealed.

What we really believe is revealed when our loyalty is called into question, start reading with me. Daniel chapter 3 since King Nebuchadnezzar made an image of gold whose height was 60 cubits and its breath, six cubits, and he set it up on the plain of Durham in the province of Babylon just real quick to mention here.

Notice a lot of people want to say this was an image of Nebuchadnezzar, and he was asking people to bow down to an image of him but notice the text doesn't say what the image was was when I told archaeologically speaking, we have no evidence that any of the Babylonian rulers ever demanded Emperor worship. The way some of the Egyptians did or some of the Romans did so it's possible it could be the case but doesn't seem likely were not told what the image was specifically so it it's possible that it was just you seeing in Egypt and other places in the ancient world. It's possible he was just an obelisk if you ever seen the Washington Monument. You know what an obelisk is and they were prevalent in the ancient world. The dimensions of this make that seem likely because it's eight stories tall and about 8 feet wide and overlaid in pure gold. This would've been a massive undertaking in any time.

But especially 2600 years ago. He sets it up in the plane of door which is about 15 miles outside of the capital city of Babylon so would've been an easy traveling distance for a lot of people he's asking to show up verse two, then King Nebuchadnezzar sent to gather the satraps the prefects the governors the counselors the treasures of justices, the master magistrates and all the officials of the provinces to come to the dedication of the image that King Nebuchadnezzar had set up in the satraps the prefects the governors the counselors the treasures of justices, the magistrates and all of the officials of the Protestants gathered for the dedication of the image new brick. Nebuchadnezzar had set up and they stood before the image that Nebuchadnezzar had set up so they all get there and then the heralds proclaimed. You are commanded all peoples, nations and languages that when you hear the sound of the horn the pipe the liar drag on the bagpipe in every kind of music you are to fall down and worship the golden image that King Nebuchadnezzar has set up and whoever does not fall down and worship shall immediately be cast into a burning fiery furnace. Therefore, as soon as all the peoples heard the sound of the heart. The pirated flyer. The drawing on the heart. The bagpipe in every kind of music all the peoples, nations and languages fell down and worshiped the golden image Nebuchadnezzar had set up.

First of all, notice that this decree Nebuchadnezzar makes he has all these people come in his decree is, essentially, it's a test of your loyalty to the Empire, not a test of your religious devotion. What is really testing here is are you a loyal Babylonian servant because in all of the nations that Nebuchadnezzar had conquered. He had put people from all like Shadrach me shack in a Bendigo people from all different nationalities had put in positions of prominence and so the test here is not, do you really believe in this God and our these gods of this image, I'm asking you to bow down to the test is are you a loyal government official because did you notice that Sue was asked to attend. This was an event for everybody.

It was for that long list of satraps in prefects and magistrates, it's the federal employees essentially of Babylon that were required to show up and I don't think they give a rep one way or another whether you believed in the gods that you were bowing down before it was a test of are you loyal to my administration. Are you loyal to me.

The same sort of thing got Christians in trouble in the first couple centuries A.D. in the Roman Empire.

When the Romans asked that all of their citizens. You had to go once a year to the temple to Caesar the smaller town might've been just a shrine to the Emperor. You had to go to that place once a year, burn a little incense bow before the statue of Caesar and say Caesar is Lord, may give your receipt showing you done it and is coming your way of saying you're a loyal Roman citizen in Christian said hey we are loyal Roman citizens were loyal we pay her taxes but we only have one Lord Jesus Christ, we can bow before that image of Caesar and say that they didn't care. Nobody cared most people didn't believe Caesar was really a God care what you really believe that it was a test of your loyalty in Christian said we can't do that and they were persecuted as a result.

And that's a similar syndrome situation that Shadrach me shack in a Bendigo face here.

It doesn't appear to me that they knew what the case is going to be until they got there right all of these officials show up for this big celebration after they get there. The Herald says here's the deal plays the music we brought in a great orchestra can be awesome and as soon as you hear the music playing. Everybody needs to about the doesn't appear that a lot of time to think about it. Some people live asked by the way, just insert where's Daniel was Daniel in the midst of all this stormy answer that for you. I don't know, I'm moving on possible it's possible. When October Daniel was doesn't seem likely. He was there that he what about so I think Daniels probably not. There is likely Nebuchadnezzar's promoted him to such a position that either he had to stay behind in Babylon because somebody had to take care the affairs of state.

While everybody's going out to the shindig. He's throwing or he's off on some kind of government assignment somewhere but doesn't appear Daniel was there but Shadrach me shack in a Bendigo were not what you do if you bow or be killed. You haven't had time to think. You haven't had time to prepare, what you do, what would you have done. Think of how easy it would've been how easy would it have been to rationalize just bowing down. How easy would it Bendigo most of these other people don't believe in margin can nerd all these other Babylonian God thing to believe in them either. I will believe in them.

I'm not forsaking God in my heart. I'm still following got out just in if I get killed. I can't serve God and this pagan culture of undead. How easy would it be just justify just about real quick done right. No one done I can tell you what I would've done because I wasn't there but I'm kinda scared if I'm honest but I think I might've the reality is we face a similar kind of pressure everyday in our culture. It's just the threats not as severe as so much pressure in our culture right now to go along and get along and go with the flow go with the politically correct I don't take a moral stance on anything. Don't take a religious stance on anything just got everything goes right, that's the pressure there so much pressure to go along with that and the realities nobody cares what you believe, privately right argument we hear all the time to pray. Faith should be a private matter and nobody cares what your faith is.

As long as you keep it private believe whatever you want at home. Nobody cares what you believe or what you do a church.

The problem comes in what happens when we start living our faith out there. That's when people get upset and the reality is we back down and we compromise we go along to get along. Under a whole lot pressure level is pressure and they were facing because it's those moments when our faith is put to the testing we have to decide do I take a stand for Jesus.

Do I speak up for Jesus in this or do I just silently go along. That's when we would what we really believe comes to the surface. Number two Shadrach me shack in the Bendigo teaches that there's always always going to be haters look at what happens next. Verse eight therefore that time certain Chaldeans came forward and maliciously accused the Jews.

They declared out King Nebuchadnezzar live forever, suck ups, you okay and you made a decree that every man who hears the sound of the horn the pipe the liar tried on the harp, the bagpipe in every kind of music shall fall down and worship the golden image, and whoever doesn't fall down and worship shall be cast into the burning diary, furnace K, eyeing him of his words right. King you have said were just saying we hate that it's come to this but you said you by the doesn't do this goes into the fiery furnace but King there are certain Jews. You have a point.

You have appointed over the affairs of Babylon Shadrach me shack in a Bendigo these men okaying pay no attention to you, they don't serve your gods or worship the golden image that you have said, I think is a little politics going on here in the old saying is true that the more things change the more they stay the same. Politics is one of those areas, that's always been dirty and always been ugly little politics going on here because it's the Chaldeans who are upset right. The Chaldeans were a part of Babylon. They were people in the spring.

The southern part of Babylon, but they were Babylonians and a lot of time. The word is just translate Babylonian therefrom. The southern part of the country, like we have northern Yankees and Southerners here and it's a different mindset oftentimes between the two places that's the Chaldeans therefrom. The southern part. Here's the thing. Nebuchadnezzar himself was a Chaldean and he had promoted Jews ahead of fellow Chaldeans very upset because he crossed party lines.

He went across the aisle and he appointed Jews, of all people.

I had of them in the positions they thought they deserved and they're not happy about so they been looking for an opportunity to give back to these guys, and now they find it because I don't think Shadrach me shack in a Bendigo were trying to draw attention to themselves. It doesn't appear at least they were standing on a stump screaming and hollering about their rights being violated and demanding their religious and there you know religious liberty is an act no were not going to go.

I think probably what went down as they got there they heard the barrel make the tree and then went off to do. We Now in the music starts playing in at least I pager them just kind of trying to slingback I'm not bowing but I am trying to stand out either rights. Somebody saw them and made a case Romans chapter 12 gives us the encouragement that is much as it is possible, inasmuch as it depends on you, live peaceably with all people that are marching orders. As we got every day trying our best to live for Jesus. When I looking for a fight were not looking to make war is much as it depends on us. Our goal should always be peace but the reality is sometimes peace simply isn't possible because no matter how hard you try. Somebody is knocking to be happy. Anybody here who's ever had a job, or any kind of position were authority with authority where you have to make decisions for other people, you know I'm talking about right. There is no decision you can make that makes everybody happy. Is there not possible, but I matter every parent here who has more than one child.

You know how hard it is sometimes we just trying to sit down and pick out a movie to watch. You can make all the kids happy and sort of reality is true in following Jesus. No matter how hard you try, sometime somebody is going to be upset is always going to be haters. The number three Shadrach me shack in the Bendigo teaches that when the world turns up the heat. Sometimes God does to keep reading in verse 13 the Nebuchadnezzar in furious rage, commanded that Shadrach me shack in the Bendigo be brought in.

So they brought these men before the king Nebuchadnezzar answered and said to them, is it true Shadrach me shack in a Bendigo is it true that you will not serve my gods or worship the golden image I have set up voice say it ain't so like these guys right. He had promoted them.

I don't think he wanted to throw them in the fiery furnace is notice the leniency he's giving them already setting by the doesn't do it. One of the fiery furnace, and he's given them a second chance here maybe you didn't understand.

So let me repeat it. He says again verse 15 now if you're ready maybe you are right in first million. Understand now if you're ready when you hear the sound of the horn. The pipe alarm trying on the heart.

The bagpipe in every kind of music fall down and worship the image that I have made in well and good and gracious boy, give me another chance.

I just do it a big deal. I want to kill you guys just bowing woman gonna be fine but if you do not worship you will be cast in the burning fiery furnace and who is the God who will deliver you out of my it's I don't know that I've ever noticed Nebuchadnezzar's question before who is the God that's going to deliver you and seems to be implied. It's a rhetorical question guys there isn't one, and he's not just saying the Hebrew God Yahweh is not going to deliver you but Margo can never go and then you have been learning that they are not able to deliver you from me either. He seems to be saying there's not one to get a sense of how highly Nebuchadnezzar thought of himself right in the immense amount of power. He had guys just about because if you don't there's nobody that can deliver you the same and he's almost right because Marmaduke and her golden team.

None of those Babylonian gods could deliver them as they were real pretty severely underestimated the power of the Hebrew God, Yahweh, what interest me in the story and it fascinates me that week. You see this over and over again in Scripture. Have you ever noticed how many times that God seems to be the one who puts his people in place with her feeder to the fire. Have you noticed that it's God who puts his people in a place where it seems like there's no way out. When the world turns out they hate God says that I not enough.

Let me turn up a little bit more will make it really impossible.

I think that instances like Joseph who unite his brothers sold him into slavery. Spring years as a slave he spent years after that in prison. His life was horrible for delegates with no idea why God was allowing it to happen.

And it wasn't until many years later that God made it clear Joseph was able to say to his brothers. You intended this for evil but God intended it for good. He teaches Abraham such an awesome lesson and waiting for the child.

The promise and Abraham Waites decades and Isaac is finally born in life is everything Abraham I dreamed about it being for all of those years and that God does pay.

I want you to do take your son and offer him as a sacrifice, God did that Abraham not the devil you think it's an accident that David showed up on the battlefield right at the moment Goliath making his boast. You think it's an accident that Elijah found himself by himself. He wasn't the only prophet in the country, but he found himself somehow himself against 600 profits of bail that impossible situation. Esther found herself being forced to marry a pagan wicked king and her cousin Mordecai had the wisdom to tell her Esther who knows, maybe God has put you here in this awful predicament in the situation for a time such as this same thing here was Shadrach me shack in the Bendigo and what a tough spot to be over and over again. God does that puts his people in a million impossible situations where everybody goes, it's impossible, and God knows I know watch this. Just watch and I don't know what you're going through today and I don't know what battles you're facing. And I know everybody here you're facing heart aches in your face and tough times of one kind or another. And I don't mean to belittle those in any way, but I do believe that God places us in situations where banks are up against the wall where it seems like there's no solution. And if we can just trust him in the midst of that he delivers us or whether he doesn't. If we can manage the courage to trust him and walk with him through that there will come a time where we say while liquid God.

I had no idea what you were doing God, but this can come a point where it will become clear and you go all I get it now number four Shadrach me shack in the Bendigo teaches that when were faithful or if were faithful. If we can just have the courage to do the right thing and walk with Jesus through the tough time.

We may not win. We may not win, but we will not lose my giver 60 Shadrach me shack in the Bendigo answered and said to the king own epic is are we have no need to answer you in this matter will need time to think about it. Good. If this be so our God whom we serve is able to deliver us from the burning fiery furnace, and he will deliver us out of your hand but if not, be it known to you okaying we will not serve your God's or worship the golden image that you have set up.

I have tell you that convicts me. I challenges me the courage and the bravery these men have standing before the most powerful man on the face of planet Earth. They look him in the eye and they courageously say King. Here's the deal. We have every confidence our God can deliver us from you, but even if he doesn't King. Here's what you need to know we are not bowing to your title is be honest with you this morning. I'm embarrassed and ashamed to admit it, but there have been more times than I would care to think about or mention when I had a chance to speak up and didn't when I had a chance to do the right thing and I remain silent when God gave me an opportunity to take a stand for him and I chose to sit instead and it's never been under circumstances that dire the worst I have it based is maybe my reputation might take a dating and somebody might think worse of me in some way and have the courage they had the threat of their life. And somehow I have a feeling if I can read expressions at all. I'm not alone. I read this passage and I'm so convicted I collected these men understand what did they know that we don't. What did they possess in their faith that we seem to be missing so much of the time. I think at least a couple things I think reading this it seems that Shadrach me shack in a Bendigo they believed in a God does stuff I don't know that we believe in a God. It really does think it's and I told the king, we have every every competence king our God is able to deliver you from your fiery furnace.

That's nothing. I think we talk back that way but I don't know that we really believe it is the reason we don't pray the reason we don't speak up. The reason we take the easy way out and with the reason we came in the midst of tough situations in our lives, rather than trusting God is because deep down in our hearts we really don't believe is the truth of the matter despite all the big game.

We talk is going to do anything or is not capable to fix our situation yeah I know if you got a bow but you know if your friend with your life and show up that he can hit my situation is not big enough to fix this think the second thing they seem to understand that we don't is that somehow they understood even if they lost the one king. We believe our God can deliver his coding and understand even if he doesn't, working to be okay fine go ahead even if we burn up in your furnace were not going to battle.

Can you imagine how much different.

I walked with God and how much a different relationship with Jesus might be if we really believe her backside up against the wall. If he really believed we are facing a tough situation that God really had our best interest at heart.

We talk about God being sovereign. We talk about God being in control, but I don't know that we really believe that there are those things we know in her head but has a hard time reaching her heart right we really believe one were facing the impossible situation that God is in control of this to and he can be glorified somehow in this to.

I don't know how, but he knows what he's doing.

Do we really believe in life in Jesus is so good that if we courageously follow him. If we have the courage to trust him in the tough times that even if the situation doesn't get better, even if the situation gets worse. He still God and we win in the and that one day will be clear how we were winning all along. Number five.

Lastly, Shadrach me shack in a Bendigo teaches that relief helps us now, but a relationship with God helps us with him from now on. Keep reading verse 19 then Nebuchadnezzar was filled with fury and the expression on his face was changed again, Shadrach me shack in a Bendigo. He ordered the furnace heated seven times more than it was usually heated.

He ordered some of the mighty men of the Army to bind Shadrach me shack in a Bendigo and to cast them into the burning fiery furnace. Then these men were bound in their cloaks, their tunics, their hats, their other garments and they were thrown into the burning fiery furnace because the king's order was urgent and the furnace overheated the flames of the fire killed those men who took up Shadrach me shack in a Bendigo.

The back draft and these three men, Shadrach me shack in the Bendigo fell back owned into the burning fiery furnace. Interesting side note, archaeology has been covered uncovered evidence that Babylonians did in fact execute people by this manner.

Punishment they found in some Babylonian ruins several years ago. They thought it first it was a kill used for making bricks as they cover. Then they came to the corner of that room. They found inscribed on the brick in the corner of the room. This is the place of burning were men who blaspheme the gods of Chaldea died by fire. Whether this was that kind of furnace or not, were not told, it's likely that out there.

It seems to me on the plains of Durr.

They had just dug a big hit and they were thrown down into it and that would make sense of why Nebuchadnezzar can still see them when they're in the fire. But whatever the case, they throw Shadrach me shack in a Bendigo in verse 24 then King Nebuchadnezzar was astonished and he rose up and hastily declared to his counselors. Didn't we cast three men bound into the fire. They answered and said true okay. He answered and said, but I see four men unbound walking in the midst of the fire and they're not hurt in the appearance of the fourth is like a son of the God's for the sake of time, skip forward with me to verse 29. They bring Shadrach me shack in a Bendigo out of the furnace and Nebuchadnezzar says, Blessed be the God of Shadrach me shack in a Bendigo who is sent his angel and delivered his servants who trusted in him, and set aside the king's man and yielded up their bodies rather than balance serve and worship any god, except their own. He makes a decree essentially nobody's allowed to say anything bad about the Hebrew God.

From that point forward I think about which I think about the reality of walking through what they walked through walking up to that furnace. I don't know that they have much confidence they had and that they were going to be delivered.

It amazes me their statement that our God is able to deliver us from your furnace because what what historical precedent did they have for thinking that he would.

It's not like you can point to dozens of examples of people been thrown in the fire and survived, and so I imagine is all of this was going down the day they were having. I imagine they would rather have skip the whole ordeal altogether rights like they hear the decree Juergen have to bow me for a God please save as we don't have to do this God deliver us and God does they don't bow, nobody travels on them right. The moment kind of passes they preserve their integrity and nothing happens. God could've delivered him that way right gone on to live their lives for God out of and also that would've still been God delivering them and I'm sure given the option that will take option a God that sounds good.

I do not have to face the fiery furnace but had God given that option if they hadn't had to go through the fiery furnace, they would have missed out on experiencing the presence of God in a way that they never had. Can you imagine what these guys face was like after the furnace pretty strong going in rights.

Can you imagine the confidence they heading out after and I'm of the opinion that what we have in this chapter the man a bit, appears with them in the fiery furnace.

I'm of the opinion that this is what scholars call a Christophe in the it's an Old Testament pre-incarnate appearance of Jesus in the Old Testament walking through the fire with them.

I never would've known had they not had to go into the flames in the first place.

Here's the thing. Have you noticed and again this is such a Western mindset. What is the first thing we do as American believers. When we face a tough time. First thing we do ask God for relief frying ticket away. Make it stop. Go to any Bible study in America when I take prayer requests me know what night 5% per Questar prayers for relief.

Some because we live Bible studies and women we know we don't have the courage to say the real burdens on our hearts were trying to think of safe prayer requests, and so we say Jesus dry like to pray that my and Bertha's bunions get better. Whatever. It's all the prayers for healing and deliverance from tough things in here we will hear what I'm saying. That's not bad that's not bad. We should pray for relief from those things were not told whether Shadrach me shack in the Bendigo did.

They may not have had time. It all went down pretty quick but is not bad that we ask God for those things but I do think we need the understanding God's plan for us sometimes is something better than relief. See relief last for right now our relationship with God.

Last forever in God's plan for your life and God's plan for my life is not a lie free from pain. It's not a lie, free from any fires were never promised that what we are promised, as I will never leave you or forsake you that whatever fire you face I will walk through it. See, we want relief, but God's goal is always restoration action and relationship. That's what he's working toward, and sometimes he allows us to go through the tough time because his plan for us is coming out the back side of that, you're going to experience my route.

My presence in your life in a way that you never have. It always challenges me and convicts me and I've heard the state for years where we have Christian brothers and sisters around the country around the world who are pacing very real persecution for their faith.

They are imprisoned and they are being kicked, killed their churches are being shut down, and they face real hardship for following Jesus. And Americans like we tend to do. We want to step in and fix it and we throw some money at it.

We try to help them and we ask, how can we pray for you in these persecuted countries and you know what I have never heard one person say not once, I have never heard any of our brothers and sisters in those persecuted areas safe.

Pray that the persecution would stop blows my mind. They don't say pray for our relief. You know what they say over and over and over again. Pray that God would give us courage to boldly speak the name of Jesus in the middle of the persecution. Pray that God would give us courage to do the right thing and to not back say they've learned the lesson that we need to learn ultimately comes down to this rock and walk through some fires in her life and I will know what fires you might be walking through in years, but Robin walk through some if we can manage the faith to trust God and grab a hold of Jesus hand keep our confidence in him and walk with him through the pain through the heart ache to courageously follow him in the difficult times I think will find in the end that even if the problem never goes away.

Jesus gives us the ability to dance in the middle of the flight's press pray together, Lord Jesus, I know I'm probably talking to some in this room this morning that are facing some incredibly difficult time in Jesus. I want to belittle that the uphill climb that we have swimming upstream walking for you in the middle of our culture today but I'm so challenged and convicted by these young men who had so much more courage than I seem to have when the tough times come my way.

Jesus, our prayer this morning. Give us the faith give us the confidence that you're still a God who does things that you're still active, imprisoned in this world and your active and present in our lives, whatever were face and give us the confidence that life in you is so good and so blessed that even if from a worldly perspective, we seem to be losing that in you.

We have been made more than conquerors give us the confidence that you know what you're doing.

And Lord, whether your answer is deliverance in a mighty way.

Whether it's walking through some plain give us the courage to trust you. Either way, be glorified in our lives this week we pray in Jesus

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