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May 26, 2022 8:00 am


Power Point / Jack Graham

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May 26, 2022 8:00 am

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This edition of PowerPoint with Jack ran a little later in the program will tell you how you Rams man of God. But first, here's the message unshackled that God loves you and has a wonderful plan for your life.

It is also true that the devil hates you and has a terrible plan for your life, the devil is real. We do know that evil exists.

Of course, evil exists, we have seen the face of evil throughout history the terrible works of man demonized by the powers of Satan. 68% of Americans say they believe in the devil. I don't know how much they actually believe in the devil and know what the devil is really like. But the Bible tells us that the devil is sinister. The devil is supernatural, the devil is spiritual, not everything that is quote spiritual is of God.

Many spiritual things come from the devil. The Bible speaks of spiritual wickedness in high places. But beyond evil itself. There is a mastermind behind evil, and his name is Lucifer the devil Satan himself and Satan can have power and control over the lives of people and that's what were going to see in this passage we see first of all I meant to call satanic chaos. Look at verse one of Mark chapter 5 they came to him from the other side of the siege of the country of the garrisons and when Jesus had stepped out of the boat, immediately there was there met him out of the tombs a man with an unclean spirit. He lived among the tapes and no one could bind him anymore, not even with a chain. For he had often been bound with shackles and change, but he wrenched the chains apart and he broke the shackles and pieces. No one had the strength to subdue it and night and day among the tombs and on the mountains. He was always crying out and cutting himself with stones.

Satanic chaos. Remember, behind the scenes you have a collision between light and darkness, God and Satan heaven and hell, why, and death and here we see one of these spiritual battles taking place between the power of God in Christ, and the powers of state social here. We need a man who is tortured and broken and exiled. He's cutting himself trying to destroy himself. He shrieking, howling, were told in Luke's account. He is running without closing his naked. He is vile in every way until Jesus Christ stepped into his life. Satan is the bondage maker Jesus is the bondage breaker.

He breaks every chain it.

Take a look at this demonized man really a pathetic shell of a man is really a scene out of a horror movie. It appears this guy living in misery and pain in wretchedness and in brokenness. A man who had lost his mind. He is crazy. We would call him and say he is a wild man not you might look at that and say well that's the description of mental illness. We know mental illness exist today are part from demon possession not suggesting that mental illness and demon possession are the same thing but there is a vital connection so often between demonized powers infiltrating and influencing the lives of people and mental illness a little bit more about that later. He has been this man as can happen today and I've seen demonic oppression as well as possession he is totally taken over by Satan, a horrible hoard from hell has infected and infiltrated his very body and soul.

When Jesus confronts this man and the demons within him. Jesus asking verse nine.

What is your name and the demon he was speaking who may have been the head general of the demons within said Legion, for there are many of us a role in the Legion could be up to 6000 men plus horsemen so we can surmise that legionella Legion army of demon hat is now controlling this man's life. They are powerful. He breaks the chains I try to lock him up and shut him down but he keeps breaking the chain. Matthew tells us in Matthew 28 that this man was fierce that he was dangerous. Nobody hung out at the cemetery where this man was was a living, families were telling their children don't go near that crazy. It was frightening it was.

He was terrified he was walking and living among the dead, at the cemetery. He was the walking dead. He is living in hell. While it is an extreme example. He is a picture of life without Christ and what a life without God can become because we are all dead in our trespasses and sins.

Before we met Jesus. The Scripture speaks of a woman who live for pleasure and because she lived for pleasure. She was dead as she was living there many dead men walking dead women walking and this extreme example identifies what can happen when we open our lives up to the powers of Satan and sin in our lives. He can take over and control our minds to begin controlling our morals and destroy us take us down. Satan will chew you up and spit you out if you allow it to happen in many people allow it to happen. This is our condition outside of Christ. This man ran to Jesus and the disciples as they were getting off the boat shrieking, howling, cursing, I'm sure in those disciples there headed the other direction get you see these guys but I just come off the sea of Galilee, traveling by boat that encountered a storm in Jesus in the midst of that storm at sea, calm the storm so they arrive safely on the other side and now they encounter a storm of a different kind of a human storm and this man comes running to Jesus and he's full of these demons. Now, I should say that demons are fallen angels, empowered by Satan.

Just as there are holy angels who serve God. There are holy angels on Holy Spirit's that serve Satan as I said, I have seen the reality of demonism and the effects of demons in people's lives. Do not mistake the fact that demon possession and demon obsession and demon oppression existed. Does and you deny it at your own peril. The Bible tells us that these evil spirits can actually possess human being Christians cannot be possessed by demons.

We are possessed by the spirit of Christ.

But let me say that Christians if you allow him a stronghold in your life can be oh press by demon spirits and influenced by the powers of Satan. Satan and his minions exploit our weaknesses and gain control to warp our personalities to devour our lives and emotions. Again, this is an extreme example of that, but it happens on many levels were told that this man was self-destructive. He was cutting himself.

And we see self-destruction and self-mutilation in our world today. Again, we know where this is coming from is coming from Satan in this cosmic battle, and there many casualties and often we open the door to the power in the presence of Satan. It can be through addiction. My observation clearly that drugs and alcohol often play a large part in demon power and possession many are addicted to pornography.

That's opening the window of hell you click open that on your computer you are taking a look into hell and exposing yourself to demon spirits, gambling gambling can take over your life and ruining everything. Suicide. Suicide is a very real problem and let me say is never the solution to whatever you're going through. There's no good reason to take your own life.

That's a lie that comes from the pit that somehow your worthless or don't deserve to live, or you'd be better off dead or people around you would be better off without you. There is no good reason. It only not only hurt you. Of course, but it hurts deeply. The people around you. It is not a solution. You don't have to live in despair or hopelessness or deep depression so that you would take your own life. There is the power of Jesus Christ and the love of God's people that will get you through this. So don't do it. I may be speaking to someone right now ready to pull that trigger to take your own life in some way. Call us right now. Let us help you.

Let us help you find the power Jesus Christ overcome your listening to PowerPoint with Jack Graham and today's message unshackled our world desperately needs men of God strong man who model gentleness lead with humility and speak the truth in love, we want to help you identify the traits of a real man of God by sending you Dr. Jack Grant's insightful book and of God our thanks for your gift today. In it, Dr. Van gives you biblical insight to what a true man of God, looks like to espouse his family and the world. This is the last week of his office a call today: 800-7954 62 761-800-7954 627. You can also text PowerPoint to 59789 and don't forget to visit Jack where you can shop our E store. Give a gift online or sign up for Dr. Graham's free daily email devotional our website again is Jack Graham.Borge now it's Québec.

Today's message unshackled this man was on his way down to hell with Jesus came to deliver him and that is the next chapter which is the supernatural Christ.

Surely this man was hopeless society couldn't help it.

Only thing they could do was put chains on a product keeping contained but he was so strong and so powerful because it leads demon spirits.

I couldn't contain him like they kept him somewhat control out at the cemetery would letting come into town chasing lie. Can you imagine this man's family. He could've had children, grandchildren, a wife and ex-wife on me.

What what a terrible situation this man some woman's child is now a maniac in saying infested with demon. They couldn't do anything for the most part, the world can't do much for a person empowered by Satan. We can send people to rehab to psychologists and psychiatrists and this can of course be helpful. There's medication but beyond medication and education. You know you send your kids off to college these days.

The University and they come back indoctrinated with doctrines of demons. Children are being systematically not educated but indoctrinated and many of the schools Stroop education can change this man. He was headed for the abyss. He was headed for hell with these demons. He was uncontrollable, uncontainable Christ steps out of the boat and the man goes running to Jesus and the demons began to speak out of this man and Jesus not to send them into the abyss looks gospel tells us the abyss being the bottomless pit hell itself again.

The demons are running around in hell you know they're not Satan service down and help shoveling coal or are you know eating the bad people demons are loose on the earth and and so these demons they beg not to be sent into the abyss. They're going to the abyss. They're going to judgment and I say to the Lord Jesus, I say what we have to do what you owe son of the most high God, wow the devil and his demons know who Jesus is. James tells us that the devil himself believes in God and tremble, and these demon spirits are trembling in the presence of Jesus.

They believe in God they believed in Jesus, they believed in the Bible.

The devil quotes the Bible. They believe in hell. I know a lot of people say they don't believe in hell, but the devil believes in hell I said please don't send us in the hell does send us into the abyss and a sick citizen of those pigs. So now they're not praying on this man alone.

Now they're praying to Jesus and affect their prey and asking Jesus to send them in to Lee's hog. Now there was a home business going on the side of his mouth, and in this Gentile area.

We believe it was a Gentile area else. There were some bad Jews over there raising pigs but probably Gentile pig farmers and so all these pigs were there but will it tells us 2000. They heard a pigs and in a word Jesus said, go, and the demons left the man infuse those pigs. They ran down the hill and drowned in the sea of Galilee, just like that when Jesus spoke greater is he that is in you than he that is in the world in the power of his name at the mention of his name. In Jesus name. He breaks the power of sin and of Satan.

He is according to first Corinthians 1525, putting all his enemies under his feet.

The Dean, this is not a fair fight. This is not God equal Satan. Satan equal Jesus demons equal angels, Satan is always subject to the power of God in Jesus Christ. Even these demonize pigs now are glorifying God because they are at his command in the man when we meet him look at it in verse eight, for he was saying to him come out of the man you unclean spirit.

Verse 10 and he begged him earnestly not to send them out of the country, tells a story. The pigs feeding on the hillside and running down verse 14 the herdsman fled and told in the city and in the country and people came to see what it happened and they came to see Jesus and saw the demon possessed man formally demon possessed man man who'd been possessed with demons who had the Legion of demons and him sitting there, clothed and in his right mind, and they were afraid they know that somehow they're in the presence of a power they could not understand these townspeople. These herdsman and the people of the city who came out. Here's this man now unshackled on chain unbroken sitting in his right mind. What a picture of salvation set free from the power of sin and death and hell are mind transformed by the power Jesus, the very way we think is chain that's repentance is spiritual insanity to live without Christ, JC Riley noted author said no man is in his right mind until he is converted Stroop no man, no person in your right mind until you're converted you're out of your mind is spiritual insanity, you're out of your mind out of your mind to live without Jesus in your life, and many would stand to share their story to say I was out of my mind. I this is extreme, we understand that the details of your story are different, but the power of God to save his essay. Jesus is the same yesterday today and forever, here is this man. He is now redeemed, no longer lying naked but he's close, picturing that the fact that we have no longer are living in an indignity and immorality, but were living clothed in the righteousness of Jesus Christ with were sitting at his feet and were listening to him and where learning of him and were growing in him and were following him were no longer the devil's little plaything belong to Jesus.

We no longer belong to Satan.

What a story story that is repeated again and again and again. This man wanted to get in the boat go with Jesus on his way. But Jesus said in verse 19.

No go and tell your friends what great things the Lord is done for you. Salvation begins at home before it crosses the nations starts with your own neighbors, even if your faith doesn't work at home.

Don't try to export it starts at your house.

He had family and friends. He needed to know about Jesus. Jesus said you don't need to go with me know. Go home and he did. He became the maniac became a missionary, starting with his own household and he became a testimony to the Decapolis. There were 10 communities or 10 cities around and this man became known in his witness. He was going in the power of Jesus saying, look what great things the Lord has done for me and every one of us have a story to tell about is the simple truth great things the Lord has done for me this is what Jesus has done in my life. If you have a story and I pray you do tell it tell it everywhere you go in the same chapter 5 of Mark verse 17.

Speaking of the people who came out from the town herdsman and all the rest, they begin to beg Jesus to depart from their region.

Here's the sad tragedy he left. And as far as we know, he never came back.

Better be careful how you invite Jesus out of your life better not expect to have another chance. Another opportunity, another day to come to Jesus, you may not have the Bible says, my spirit will not always strive for the man he who hardens his neck. The proverb says the often reproved, shall suddenly be cut off, and that without remedy.

There is a blasphemy against the Holy Spirit when you will say no Jesus one last time and then gone forever. Jesus said I said at the door and knock it if anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in but Jesus will tear the door downhill not burst through in your life.

He waits for your invitation. So here's the choice you have a decision to either receive Jesus or reject Jesus save your life. They price you will be sitting close and in your life you're listening to PowerPoint.

In today's message unshackled today's culture so distorted the concept of masculinity that some even reject it as toxic better world doesn't need less manly men anymore men of God, men who love Jesus make loving husbands and fathers and lead as servants we like to help you uncover what God says about true masculinity by sending you Dr. Graham's book man of God, you'll gain difficult insight into how you with the men in your life can live with and passion in Christ first in living radically for him man of God is our thanks for your gift to help proclaim God's word to PowerPoint. This is the last week at this office a call today, when 800-7954 627-2000 795-4627 can also text PowerPoint to 59789 and don't forget to visit Jack where you can shop our E store.

Give a gift online or sign up for Dr. Graham's free daily email devotion our website again is Jack Graham.Margie Pastor what is your PowerPoint for today like today runs 100 miles a minute is not five and for the moment we wake up in the moment. We finally put our heads on the pillow. There are so many things.

Thousands of things baby that are vying for your attention, but is in the midst of all the stress and all the hustle and the hurry of life that we need to seek God's peace and God's grace and the promise of God's word and wisdom.

And that's why want you to spend time with the Lord every day growing in your faith developing as a disciple and follower of Jesus and the word of God in your life will help you develop spiritual muscle and strengthen you as you live the Christian life.

This is the reason I want to really encourage you to get my daily email devotion PowerPoint today we take God's word. A specific point of it and a promise of God's word and we deliver it with an application every single day. So many write to me or let me know how much the daily devotional means to them and so I believe it will be something that would add blessing and strength to your life help you manage the problems and the stresses and the stresses of life PowerPoint today will help you get the most the best out of your life as you walk with Christ every day. So here's all you need to do to get the daily devotion PowerPoint today. Visit Jack Jack and sign up for PowerPoint today – Jack that is today's PowerPoint. Remember when you give a gift PowerPoint will send you man of God is call one 800-795-4627 1-800-795-4627 also text the word PowerPoint 5 970 join us again next time.

Dr. Graham brings a message to how special you are to Jesus and what he will do fine.

That's next time on PowerPoint with Jack PowerPoint with Jack Graham is sponsored by PowerPoint ministries

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