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Facing Your Giants

Power Point / Jack Graham
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May 17, 2022 8:00 am

Facing Your Giants

Power Point / Jack Graham

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May 17, 2022 8:00 am

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This edition of PowerPoint with Jack Graham a little later in the program will tell you the first here's the message facing your Giants, your Bibles and turn to first Samuel chapter 17.

Let me ask you question how many Giants are you facing in your life course. I'm not talking about physical giants, but there are giants that threaten us and taunt us even terrorizes on a daily basis and many of us are facing fears in our lives in our homes or marriages or jobs and these fears require courage is a response and that's really the theme of this message today is his courage because I will remind you as is whatever giant you may face all of us need courage in order to combat the giants of our lives and I will remind you that the same God who delivered Israel and who empowered David to defeat the giant of Gath, Goliath is available to you in order that you might meet the challenges of your life today that you might defeat the giants of your life.

These fearful fears, tormentors, I I truly believe that more men are afraid that we are willing to admit and that so often, our fears keep us from achieving the success in life that God's plan for that keep us from experiencing the victory that is promised to us in the Lord Jesus Christ and what I will show you in this passage is which I got a fresh look at the story that most of us have been hearing all of our lives.

What I will show you are some of the principal of victory, if you will, principles of conquest that were true. In David's day and are true and our day because the God of David is our God is in Christ and this God is able to deliver us from the hands of any enemy of any giant pig with me. First of all, about the challenge. The challenge of the living God. Now the story that we have before us in first Samuel chapter 17 is really the story of the conflict of the ages since Satan rebelled against God at the beginning of time in this battle between good and evil, and this battle rages today and is never been clearer. Has it that there is evil that exist in the world and that the battle of the ages is to fight against evil in the world to fight against the Philistines and to destroy the enemies of God, not in verses one through three. We have the scene that I will show you now the Philistines gathered their armies together the battle and were gathered at Sukkot, which began belongs to Judah and the in Between Soto and as a car in Ephesus dominant and Saul and the men of Israel were gathered together and they were encamped in the valley of the law and grew up in battle array against the Philistines for listening still a mountain on one side and Israel stood on the mountain, on the other side with the valley between them. So this is known then as the Valley on Eli, the size of this challenge against God was an amazing giant verse four and a champion went out the camp of the Philistines name Goliath from death whose height was six cubits and a span he had a bronze helmet on his head and he was armed with a coat of mail in the way the code was 5000 shekels of bronze and he had bronze armor on his legs and a bronze javelin between the shoulders. Now the staff of the spear was like a weaver's beam and the eyes. Wait 600 shekels and a shield bearer with before him. Well there was this great giant. The giant of Gath, known as Goliath will just how big was this bad boy. Well, when you read the numbers here and there are difficult to translate over into into numbers today, but he was somewhere between 9'6" tall and 9'9" tall and this giant was armed to the T his armor waves somewhere between 150 and 200 pounds. His spare point way about 20 pounds. This is spear so it was a huge challenge, but in verse eight we find out, and we hear the shouts of this giant was his giant Billy he still he cried out to the armies of Israel and said to them, why have you come out to line up for battle, and I'm not a Philistine you the service of Saul choose a man for yourselves and letting come down to me art. Here was the big challenge this giant is shouting at them. He's defined God is blaspheming God. He's mocking these these Israelites every day. He said why don't instead of us fighting is as armies you just send down one man to fight Willis go Mono Mono and it will be a winner take all.

And guess what, nobody was lining up to go down and fight the giant. So in verse 16 we see the seriousness of this challenge and the Philistine that is giant drew near and presented himself 40 days, morning and evening when Saul and all Israel heard these words of the Philistines. They were dismayed and greatly afraid analysis stop here for a moment for an application because if some of you that I'm talking to today who are paralyzed by your fears and you are not getting done what God wants to get done in your life because some giant is threatening and you've allowed the fears to consume in the fears that means you every morning and say good night to you every evening you've allowed these fears to dominate your life so often we're not champions because we are afraid. So often we are afraid of failure. Have you have you ever notice that that so often the worst time for fear in our lives is when we first get up in the morning that fears right there to threaten us and wins the other time the fears are so often there we laid out at night and you can't get away from the threats and the challenges day and night. They come in.

That's what was happening to the Israelites. This was the challenge to the living God and the people of God. The second, I want you to notice in the champion of the living God. Enter David the one constant of all champions is that they must have heart courage is not the absence of fear. It is the mastery of fear. Courage. Someone described is a brave way to be scared it is to confront those enemies to confront those giant even when we are frightened the face and to deal with the enemies and to do it with confidence in God. So David is a Braveheart and there are several characteristics of Braveheart's in every generation.

One is consistency.

David was faithful even though David was a king and waiting for Tending the sheep he was faithful in the little things too often we want to succeed in this insatiable we want to win big battles and fight great fights and yet we are unprepared because we're not taking care of business in the little things in the preparation and the consistency of our lives. David was taking care of the sheet and doing what God had called them to do when no one else was watching now that's a champion. David was consistent in the small things and not just in the big things and that's the difference between people who champions and people who are not delicate versus a 3437 David said to Saul, your servant used to keep his father's sheep, and when a lion or a bear came out and took the lamb out of the flock I went after it is struck in deliver the lamb from its mouth and when he arose against me. I caught it by smeared and struck and killed it. Your servant is killed both lion and bear and this uncircumcised Philistine will be like one of them, seeing he has defied the armies of the living God now is escaping down the story just a little bit but is making the point, the consistency of the preparation is the principle of preparation if you will be a champion is David swaggering here, when no he's not swaggering he's not bragging. He is confident in his God and his abilities because he said you know, as a shepherd.

I've taken on enemies before I've taken on these wild animals protecting the sheep. Many times, I'm sure David had worked on his fighting techniques and the use of that slingshot and so while he was confident in his God and in his ability. Your giants may be bigger than you are. You need to know that you are ready because you've been faithful in the little things in your life and you are ready because you have a God who is greater giant life. You're listening to PowerPoint with Jeff Graham in his message facing your Giants pastor this month with a special gift for listeners to give a gift to PowerPoint your book man of God. What can you tell us about this powerful resource that I have a real passion to see men know and follow Jesus Christ as their Lord and as their Savior. And if I was just thinking the men right now II would say the greatest thing you can do with your life is fully follow the Lord Jesus Christ. I so you guys your tomorrow your good your good husband to get family guy your good worker but goodness doesn't get us to have that doesn't make us a man of God. God's man. Jesus knows that I want to encourage you to walk with God like never before.

That's the reason I've written this book man of God I really want to have this book because it talks about how we as men can truly be men of God. And if that sounds overwhelming. I promise you, it is possible for you. You can be the man. The person that God wants you to be as you walk with him and the power of the Holy Spirit's unwritten man of God so that we can live life with purpose and passion in life and make a difference in the world today and get Dr. Green's book man of God is our thank you for call 1-800-795-4627 that's 1-800-795-4627 or text the word PowerPoint to 59789 Nellis, Québec. Today's message facing your Giants. These Israelites they want to fight this giant they were saying. Look how much bigger this giant is that we are David was say look how much smaller this giant is that God is, he was confident, and full of faith and it was his faith in God then vanquished his fear. The only way to overcome fear in our life and possess courage is to believe in a God who is able to put down verse 45. David goes out to the Philistine. David said to the Philistine, you come to me with sword and spear with Javelin but I come to you in the name of the Lord of hosts, the God of the armies of Israel, whom you have defied. David was encouraged by his past victories.

He was encouraged and confident in the greatness of his God.

David knew where his power existed. His power was not himself. He was confident in the spirit not in the flesh earlier in the passage down verse 39 we will read it but you just look at it there. Saul should've been the one fighting this giant. He was the leader of Israel. He was the king of Israel but Saul, like the rest of them was afraid but he offered David his armor. Remember this part of the story and David was, you know testing.

This harmony was walking around in his armor and it was it was too big and David said, look, I don't mean this armor.

God's protection is all the protection I made there. You see, his heart is hard for God Marranos. All you gotta have a heart. You gotta have a heart when you face great giants, not by my not by power but by my Spirit, says the Lord. So he was consistent and looked down verse 40 we see this conquest of the living God is instruments in the conquest. He took a staff in his hand and he chose himself five smooth stones from the brook, and in verses 41 to 44 we hear the insults coming of the giant Philistine came begin drawing near. Today, that means coming right at this this young man and the man who bore the shield with a and he looked at Dave. Look at verse 42, the Philistine looked and saw David. He disdained him, for he was only a you ready and good-looking. So the Philistine set a Mayan dog that you kindly with sticks and the Philistine cursed David by his gods and the Philistine said that they would come to me. I'll give your flesh to the birds of the air, the beast of the field. The data was not about to be timid, intimidated, David's faith was real. Yet consistency and he had courage. Giant was infuriated and David was ready to take him on, so he didn't allow the intimidation of the giant to destroy or to defeat him. But notice the impact of David's life.

He he took that those stones and he took one of them in the giant is coming at the money he's got this thing above his head.

He's whirling around and before Goliath even gets his helmet on and before that new front. I think you get the shield up. David lets it go and that stone makes impacting contact in the giant false all five, 600 pounds of it with a thud and can you imagine that the get this deal yet armies of the listings on one side there watching is a heavyweight championship of the world you know yet they armies of Israel on the side will David runs out there no armor to slingshot when when I went he goes down. David runs to another.

This was thing about this was one of the most dangerous parts of the battle. David then runs to while the giant is down for the count.

He pulls the giant sword and severs his head and the Philistines began to run to keep your place there in first Samuel 17 and just go over the book of acts. In verse 13. Here's a little commentary on David that I wanted you to see this morning, which gives you some insight into his heart and to any champions heart acts 13 and verse 22.

How do you know you're a man after God's own heart.

Here's how you know and when he had removed him, he raised up for them. David is King, to whom also he being God gave testimony and said I found David the son of Jesse a man after my own heart who will do my will.

A man after God's own heart is a man who is committed to doing the will of God. No matter the cost, no matter the consequences you're looking for short sentence to describe why this man was a champion. There is David response to the challenge and he stands alone and therefore he stands alone in victories champion say. Somehow, someway we are going to get it done. That's what David did.

Why was David so committed to doing the will of God because he knew there was a purpose in this there was a cause and this is what was the cause of this filthy Philistine was defying the God of Israel. This giant was blaspheming God Almighty. He was humiliating the people of God.

And David said, is there not a cause because you see is the glory of God in our generation are there not giants enemies of the cross that threaten and taunt and blaspheme the God of God's sure there are.

We face them every day and so often we cower down and we hunkered down and we are afraid to meet the big challenges of our time, but I simply ask you guys.

Is there not a cause, the glory of God is at stake in our generation and weaning men after God's own heart who have a hard for him to do the will of God. No matter what. Can you imagine what happened to the Israelites when they saw the big bad giant fall down. I me this the same guys would come in out 40 days and 40 nights. Save the five profile Nashville the blood of the Jewish and now he goes down. It was an impossible thing God won this victory through a teenage boy with some stones and a slingshot and a borrowed sword. Why to demonstrate for all of us that is not great talent or great education great physical strength is not our ability, not our expertise not our human wisdom that when the day. But God has chosen the foolish things of this world to confound the wise, if the Israelites had a 9 foot giant to send out against the Philistines giant and Israel's giant think the Philistine giant.

No big deal. A fair fight.

A big fall and it was over, but when God uses a little teenage boy and a stone just to gets all the glory. God gets the glory. And guess who gets the glory when we fight in the power of Jesus Christ, knowing that we can't but he can being prepared being fully committed, but at the same time knowing that we are weak, it is in our weakness, that he is made strong now enclosing then what does this old, old story. This cradle story mean to me.

We can all face the Giants of life with confidence and faith in Christ to live a Christian life to raise a family in a generation that is tough to raise kids that are godly and wholesome to be faithful to Christ and of the church to be consistent in our witness. There are giant, but we confront the giant. When we do the listening to PowerPoint mechanics and in today's message giant.

Today's culture has so distorted the concept of some even rejected as toxic world doesn't need less manly men. We need more men of God, men who love Jesus make a living. Husbands and fathers and lead as servants we'd like to help you uncover what God says about true masculinity by sending you Dr. Graham's man of God will gain difficult insight into how you with an ending your life can live with purpose and passion in Christ first in living radically for him man of God is our thanks for your gift to help proclaim God's word to PowerPoint to request your copy when you call today, winning hundred 795-4627 2010 795-4627 can also text PowerPoint to 59789 and don't forget to visit Jack where you can shop our E store.

Give a gift online or sign up for Dr. Graham's free daily email devotional our website again is Jack Graham.porch pastor. What is your PowerPoint rating demonstration what God can do.

A man totally committed to fight for God's honor no matter what the cost.

It was also a turning point in the lives of so many Israelite soldiers who had been terrified for days by the taunting and the tormenting of this Philistine giant seeing Dave his courage and God's supernatural power turned them back in the men back in real soldiers back into defenders of the glory of God. So today, perhaps as never before in our time, God is looking for champions. He's looking for people just like you to trust him and to face up and deface all the giants in your life.

Don't let any fear keep you from being the person God has saved you to be. Now I know that you may be facing some very big giants in your life. Huge giants that have made you fearful and maybe you have given up hope of ever winning the battle.

Well let me tell you something. The biggest giant ever is the one called death DE ATH and when Jesus cried out, it is finished. And when Jesus came out of that grave that big ferocious giant of death was defeated forever because of Jesus Christ, you can have eternal life, and it can begin right now by trusting him, receiving him as your Lord and your Savior and of God would defeat that giant for you.

The ultimate terrorist just imagine what he can do with the other giants that your face, take courage, my friend, be strong and bold in the Lord trust and Almighty God, you are more than a conqueror through him who loves you and then begin watching the giants of your life fall and that yesterday's member when you give a gift PowerPoint will send you Graham man of God is our thanks. Call one 800 795 461-800-7956. You also text the word PowerPoint 5 970 on the next PowerPoint.

Dr. Graham brings a message about what friendship really means and why it's important that next time on PowerPoint with Jack. PowerPoint with Jacaranda sponsored by PowerPoint ministries

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