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Into Your Hands

Power Point / Jack Graham
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April 15, 2022 8:00 am

Into Your Hands

Power Point / Jack Graham

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April 15, 2022 8:00 am

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Welcome to this edition of PowerPoint with Jeff grand a little later in the program will tell you how you can get a copy of Dr. Graham's book heaven. First, here's the message father in your hand my spirit with our Bibles open once again to the gospel of Luke chapter 23 we find ourselves at the cross and one by one we are taking a long look at the words Jesus spoke from the cross at the cross.

These are often called the last words of Jesus but of course we know because Christ is risen. These are the final words of Jesus, his words live forever.

They are words by which we also live in each one of these statements that Jesus declared from the cross are representative of how we also are to live and give our lives would be getting in verse 24. It was about the six hour right now on the cross for these hours from 9 AM in the morning to 3 o'clock in the afternoon for six hours and there was darkness over the land until the ninth hour while the sunlight stayed in the curtain of the temple was torn in two, and then Jesus calling out little boy this wasn't the last gasp of a worn out life, but rather it was the cry of the victor with his last words he shouted though he was suffocated when you died on the cross.

As we noted in the past. You basically are drowning in your own fluids yet God gave him the energy and the strength of say father, into your hands I commit my spirit and having said this, he breathed his last is obvious from words of our Lord from the cross and his life throughout his days on earth that it was all according to God's divine purpose and plan, Jesus was dying.

It was a real death, but he was fulfilling his call. He was completing his mission. Jesus came to die. He is fulfilling his destiny is obvious that he is in control. He would say earlier in John 10 no one takes my life from, but I lay it down of myself. The death of Jesus on the cross was voluntary and it was victorious. Even in these final words Jesus breathed his last 90 and he said father into your hands I commit my spirit. The gospel writers all include these words of Jesus spoken in his final moment into your hands I commit my spirit.

One of the riders gives us this word into your hands I dismissed my spirit.

No one is ever died like Jesus died because he gave his life, he voluntarily offered his life. Dad didn't take Jesus. Jesus took their and he died. He breathed his last.

But when he did he did it peacefully and majestically majestically because he is the key, though he rode into the city of Jerusalem on that first Palm Sunday on the back of a donkey once again fulfilling prophecy one day. King Jesus will return not on a donkey, but a white horse leading the parade of glory. Jesus died and his destiny is fulfilled.

And while it seems like to sound like a senseless tragedy.

It is in fact a supreme triumph, the death of Jesus on the cross because on the cross at the cross Jesus conquered sin and death and hell, in the words that Jesus spoke finally here we see the Savior's heart.

We see the father's hand and we see the believers hope. First, the Savior's heart. All of these words that Jesus spoke from the cross reveal the heart of God, the great heart of Jesus that that the cross and these words teach us when he died, and bowed his head that he now has accomplished his sacrifice to save us from our sin, he came to seek and say that which is loss is been my prayer in the series that you would begin to know deeper and deeper, more and more the love of God, just how much Jesus loves each one of us and that every person who hears these messages would receive this gift of salvation and eternal life, and that he we, as followers of Jesus trust and believe in him would see his heart even more that you would cherish the cross and clean to the old rugged Cross. This is why we boast in our Lord's cross, we are obsessed with the cross because we have been say, by the one who died on that cross. And all because you love God loves you and the fact is anyone can be say at the cross because the Bible tells us that Jesus died for all, reject any ideology reject any theology that tells you that Jesus only died for some only the select for only the elect know the Bible tells us that he died for the sins of the whole world that no one is excluded that everyone is included but the great heart of our God and Savior Jesus Christ welcomes all therefore we have been won by his love.

There was a man standing at the foot of the cross, a Roman soldier he had been there perhaps from the beginning and watch Jesus God never seen a man die like Jesus, God is a soldier. Perhaps he presided over hundreds if not thousands of execution seen many men died. The terrible death of the cross. Something happened in his heart that day when he saw Jesus.this hard hearted Roman soldier this Gentile unbeliever. In verse 47 the centurion saw what it taken place in the praise God saying. Certainly this man was innocent.

He proclaimed the sinless son of God. The other gospel writers include the fact that he said surely surely this man, son of God.

What could have broken the hard hard on this cruel callous so nothing but the blood of Jesus. He was one by God's love.

He never seen anyone like this. Jesus came to Christ at the cross were two men who were saved at the cross that day one when Jesus lived and spoke today to a criminal or Jewish criminal today you will be with me in paradise and another a Gentile centurion. This Roman soldier who, in his death brought this man to eternal life. The cross is God's great surprise.across the Savior data across would say the world save you your listening to PowerPoint with Jack Graham and his message father, into your hands I commit my spirit pastor this month we have a special gift for listeners to give a gift through book heaven can you tell us about this powerful resource.

One of my favorite Christian thinker CS Lewis once wrote about heaven. He said Eve you read history you will find that the Christians who did the most for the present world where those who thought most about the next world. For example, Christians like William Wilberforce and John Newton led the fight to abolish the slave trade in England. Newton is best known for penning the lyrics to the him, amazing grace when we've been there 10,000 years. These were men who long for heaven and it made them powerful forces for Christ on earth. That's something we desperately need right now isn't it we need believers whose hope is that firmly anchored in the promises of God for the life that is to come because that will strengthen us boldly to witness and to live for Christ right now that was one of the praise in my heart when I wrote my book called heaven. I'm excited that we offer yet is our special thank you when you give to help promote the message of Christ and the gospel through PowerPoint so please be sure to request your copy of heaven. When you give today call today and get Dr. Graham's book heaven is our thank you for your gift: 1-800-795-4627 that's 1-800-795-4627 or text the word PowerPoint 259789. Now it's get back today's message father, into your hands I commit my spirit miracle to back. There were several miracles that took place when Jesus showed us his heart on the cross we see the heart of Jesus at the cross. There was an earthquake that shook the place and as a result of the earthquake.

As a result of this trembling of the earth, and the darkness when Jesus died.

The Bible tells us here in this passage that the veil of the temple was torn from top to bottom know what is that about well, the veil of the temple was a thick beautiful linen piece that was woven with colors red and blue and purple.

It was very thick about a foot thick.

It was 30 feet high 30 feet long and this massive currently weigh hundreds if not thousands of pounds in this massive curtain was raised between the holy place of the temple where offerings were collected and priests were washing and basins and serving the people from the temple that was a holy place, but the veil of the temple. This magnificent piece stood there to separate the holy place, listen to me from the most holy place the holy of holy the holy of holies was viewed to be the most sacred place on planet Earth. Why because the ship hyena gloried the presence of God was in that place.

So the holy place the present, representing the presence and the power of God can only be entered by the great high priest offering a sacrifice of blood on the cross button now, not by the hands of man, but by the hands of God from top to bottom. That veil was ripped apart and because of Christ, that we now have a way into the presence of God forever. No more need for blood sacrifices. The blood sacrifice the lamb of God has been slain. No more need for Passover celebrations because we now know Jesus, our Passover lamb. Now we have boldness to enter the presence of God. He tore it down so that we can now go in thy salvation. That's what Christ has done for us. We now have total access through Jesus. The last offer the final and full and forever sacrifice on the cross, Jesus made a way and now by faith we go in. I look in Hebrews chapter 10 verses 19 and 20. Let us draw near with a true heart in full assurance of faith, with our hearts sprinkled clean from an evil conscience and our body wash with pure water. This is all Jewish language Hebrew language metaphors describing the cleansing power and the opening of the door to salvation. We can now enter boldly because the same hands that were nailed to the cross. The nail scarred hands is open to us not only the gates of grace. Salvation. But the gates of glory so that we may enter in the second thing at the cross and that is in these final words of Jesus we see the father's hand.

The father's hand. He said father into your hand, I commit my spirit. God the father, God the son had a perfect relationship, Jesus had always walk in obedience to the heavenly father. He said as a 12-year-old boy I must be about the fathers business. He communed with the father.

There was union and communion with God the father and God the son when Jesus was bearing the weight of the world and cried out my God, not my father but my God, my God, why have you forsaken me in that moment he was bearing the penalty for sin and God the father forsook him turn his back on him. But now in his bed.

That relationship is perfectly restored as Jesus commits himself to the father, no more in the hands of men but in the hands of God beautiful to me that Jesus is quoting Scripture throughout his experience on the cross and once again he is sustained and strengthened by God's word as are we, whether we live or whether we die we are sustained by the promises and the provision of God's eternal word and because of God's word. Just as Jesus knew the father would be there when he died. We also know because it is word that our father will be there for us that no one can take us out the father's hand in John chapter 10 and verse 29. One of my favorite verses. The Scripture says that no one my father has given them to me talking about you and me, is greater than all and no one no one is able to snatch you from the father's hand.

We are kept by the power of God. This is why I believe in the security of the believer in Christ because you're in the grip of Almighty God, you're in the father's hands. Nothing, not heaven.

Hello, nothing can separate you from the love of God which is in Jesus Christ. Urine is handy you are ashore for heaven. In Christ, as if you were already there, why not because you're holding on to him because he's holding onto you were And so when we lay down to God or when we get to live.

We know where the father's hands and we are kept by his power. That's why we can live and die with confidence the same kind of certainty and confidence expressed by the apostle Paul said in second Timothy 112 I know whom I believe I am persuaded that he is able to keep that which I've committed under him against that day I sometimes we miss translate that verse. I know in whom I have believed, doesn't say I know in whom it says I know whom I have believed.

I know the one in whom I believe Paul didn't want even a preposition between him and Jesus. He said I know Jesus and because I know Jesus. I live with the certainty of confidence that when the day comes when I stand before him, I will be secure, Christian, you can pray this prayer every night. Father, into your hands I commit my spirit. When you can't sleep because the tears are coursing down your face the fears running through your veins. Pray this prayer father, into your hands I commit spirit when your heart is breaking your life is a father, into your hands I commit my spirit. He's there in the darkest hour, even in death. You're in the father's hands Christian. One final work the Savior's heart.

He loves you. The father's hands. He holds you where held and then the believers hope just as Jesus prayed father into your hands I commit my spirit. We know that our spirits belong to God. This is the part of you. The spirit, the soul that will live forever. You were made to live forever.

Your body will die, but your soul is the part that is made to know and love and experience God's presence, and your soul will live on the cross is so precious and so powerful, so cherished by believers because we know that even when we face the end that we can cling to the cross. The cross gives us hope his victory is our victory. His hope is now our hope as we are embraced by the father and welcome into his presence.

Death is the final enemy. There's no getting around that death is an enemy. Death is a terrorist. In fact, the Bible tells us that death is called the king of terrors. When Jesus died. It was ugly.

It was brutal. He was beaten he was bludgeoned his visage. His face was marred his his body was drenched with blood. He was so with his own blood. The terrible picture of what sin does the death of Jesus Christ. But in the midst of all of this terror and death and hell. Jesus died in peace. Jesus died in the present with a simple prayer into your hands I commit my spirit. I've seen cancer devour grown men's and women's bodies seeing disease destroy people and destroy families obscene accident bring death, young adults and teenagers sometimes when you see death and the experience death. You just so beaten down by. That's when we run to the cross and there we find hope because at the cross we discover that death does not have the final say Jesus has the final word that Dan is powerless in our decaying body are dying bodies will one day be raised because Christ is rates that we will be in the presence of God.

Why we are not offered an easy death. We are promised a sure future with Jesus.

Father, into your hands I commit my spirit Tessa prayer to live prayer to die for listening to PowerPoint with Jack Graham in today's message. Father, into your hands I commit my spirit. No matter what strengths are facing today. You have hope in the premises awaiting you in heaven. And God calls you to share that hope with others today. That's why we want to encourage and inspire you today by sending you pastor Graham's book having this exciting, that takes you straight to Scripture to help me see all that awaits you in the life to come, and how it impacts your life today to find hope for today encouraged to share that helping others so don't wait to request a copy. Heaven is our special thanks for your gift to help boldly proclaim God's word through PowerPoint to request a copy when you call today: 800-7956 27 that's 1-800-795-4627 can also text the word PowerPoint to 59789 and don't forget to visit Jack where you can shop our E store. Give a gift online or sign up for Dr. Graham's free daily email devotional our website again is Jack Graham.Margie pastor. What is your PowerPoint what I want to do every day with my life and all of the listing today is truly give my life commit my life into the hands of a loving God the nail pierced hands of the Lord Jesus Christ to commit my decisions to commit my family to commit my friends are church or ministry to truly take hands off and to give this completely to him.

That means to live in dependence upon him II don't want to live my life. Self dependent. I don't want to live focusing on myself, but rather I want to commit my spirit, my life, my all my future. God knows it all. And so I want to give it to him and that's what I would challenge you to do today. Maybe you've got some things in your hands that you need to let go today a problem that you're facing a sin that you're holding onto a family situation that is driving you up the wall and you just need to turn it loose and committed to the father's hands. That financial situation. Your business is cratering. I don't know what you may be going through but of all our listeners out there. I believe this is a moment that God has brought you to today in order that you would truly take hands off your life and just give what you have, to the Lord whatever you're going through. Give it to the Lord, just as Jesus bowed his head and said father into your hands I commit my spirit, commit your heart your life your all your spirit life and death and all of it to the Lord Jesus Christ give it to the father's hand and he will bless you and that is today's remember when you give a gift PowerPoint will send Dr. Graham's book heaven is our thanks.

Call 1-800-795-4627 that's 1-800-795-4627 can also text the word PowerPoint 259789.

Join Dr. Graham next time when he brings a message about what's waiting for you in your heavenly home. That's next time on PowerPoint with Jack Graham PowerPoint with Jack Graham is sponsored by PowerPoint ministries

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