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The Great Race - Part 2

Power Point / Jack Graham
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March 24, 2022 8:00 am

The Great Race - Part 2

Power Point / Jack Graham

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March 24, 2022 8:00 am

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Welcome to this edition of PowerPoint with Jack Graham a little later in the program will tell you, you can get a copy of Dr. Graham's evangelism fund first hears the message the great race Bibles and turn with me to Hebrews chapter 12 we know there's no easy way to be fit to be in shape and it requires discipline and determination. Well, there is another kind of running that requires both discipline and determination is the race that every believer in the Lord Jesus Christ is running in the apostle Paul often spoke of the athletic arenas of his own day, and of the contest. The ancient world in which men would run and be judged upon their writing and their value as an athlete was determined that the famous leaders they would stand before judgment and often we read in the Bible that we are to compete as spiritual athletes that are Christian faith is to be muscular in the way we respond and the way that we run so verse one and two verses wanted to Hebrews 12 says this therefore, since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses, let us also lay aside every weight, and sin which clings so closely, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us, looking to Jesus, the founder and perfecter of our faith, who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is seated at the right hand of the throne of God.

Indeed, if you are a follower of Christ, then you are in this great race, a spiritual race that requires endurance and commitment, but the results the benefits of running this race are immeasurable. Not even you have ever been a runner.

You know that there are all kinds of reasons to give up. So the question is how do we keep on track. How do we keep moving forward. As we follow Christ looking under Jesus the author and the finisher of our faith. What is the secret to spiritual longevity. What steps can I take in my Christian life to assure that I will not be a spiritual casualty, but that I will make it all the way to the finish line and not only to the finish line, but to finish with a flurry.

Now we need to be asking these kinds of questions because one of these days, every one of us will finish the race that we've been running and whether we win or whether we lose this race depends upon how well we run one day each one of us will die and stand before God and our lives will be evaluated now. God promises our place in heaven and we are secure in our place and the promise of heaven, but Halloween run determines our position in heaven. Many people spend their days on earth just simply wasting time wasting their lives in a thousand trivial pursuits will one day God is going to ask each one of us about our lives, how did you use your opportunities, your resources, your time, your talents, what did you do to advance the kingdom of God in your lifetime. What did you do to serve the church of the Lord Jesus Christ. How many people are in heaven because you share because you serve because you witness, I remember you know we don't know the end of the race. We don't know how long we had to run. No doubt you expect to live a very long life and that's fine, but frankly it doesn't happen that way all the time. Sometimes some of us may live long lives. Some of us may not. Some of us may have shorter courses to run and that is why in the time that we've been given.

How ever long that time may be we must run passionately and pursue the product we need to make everyday matter because remember that life is not truly measured in its duration. But in its donation. In other words, is not about how many years I live but how much of my life that I give. That's what matters the most. Time is of the essence in the great race and we don't have time to waste. This gift of God's precious gift of God that we call life. We want to finish and we want to finish well. So what can we do what what steps can we take in order to ensure this longevity and the race so that we all stumble in our fall away or turned back, but that we will finish with a four.

These verses that we just read, speak to us concerning that very issue. So how do we maintain the pace finish the course will number one run with all your heart run with everything you've got.

Just as others have faithfully run before so are we to run and finish the course.

Of course the 12 chapter follows the great chapter of faith chapter 11 of Hebrews and one after another, we have the spiritual biographies or if you will, the obituary of the great men and women of faith in the Old Testament and how well they ran the race since we are encompassed about by these witnesses. These who have shared their faith before us, we ought also to endure and exercise our faith in the common characteristic on men and women when is that faith over and over again we read it by faith.

My faith by faith, by faith and literally it speaks of faithfulness exercising that faith. We are not to run halfheartedly but wholeheartedly. So when it is time to worship. We want to honor him. So what we do we show up and we say I was glad when they said to me let us go into the house of the Lord, but how many people today will say well you know I just can't get to church and worship today always too rainiest to stormy your some people is a chore is the dread is something they have to do. I can't go to church I I'm too busy. I just need to stay home and spend a little quality time with my family. The excuses run rampant, but frankly, so many have made a lifetime of excuses because they lacked commitment and discipline and determination and devotion to the worship of the Lord Jesus Christ same could be said of giving.

We asked the Lord to provide for our every need, and he does he provides for us. We asked the church to meet our need in the church is always there for us.

We have a funeral or a wedding or a need in our lives are something some blessing to share the church we always expect if we show up at the church is going to be fully operative in and that we will experience a great time in church while and that's a good expectation. By the way, and yet how many of us why we ask God to meet our needs in the church to meet our needs. How many of us when the offering plate is passed, we never even consider honoring the Lord with the first fruits of our labor bringing our ties and offerings on God's day to God's church and serve you see giving is a matter of pursuing spiritual goals and I live in advancing the kingdom of God thing to be trenched set of certain when where some are asked to serve. There's always a reason why I can't talk I'm too tired or I'm too busy, your and yet there are hundreds of opportunities for us to exercise our faith in and to give it everything we have in serving Christ so are you running the race. Are you committed to the prize when you faithfully following Christ.

If not, I assure you, you are headed for some detours and distractions and perhaps even a fall in your life. I assure you, if you are not committed to Christ full out, then you are in danger of becoming a spiritual casualty is just a matter of time that you will be off course and potentially out on the right.

This is why we are told in the Scriptures that we therefore are to run with endurance exercising our faith and then to lay aside every weight, and the sin which so easily. The census, as I said the weight is anything that slows us down in the race. The sin is what stops us ultimately in the race. Sin can be anything that is setting or that particular sin that holds you back that addiction that power of sin that grips you most likely the sin referred to in this passage is the sin of unbelief.

It is not trusting in God.

It is not following through in faithfulness.

It is being an unbelieving believer. The second thing that we need to remember if we are going to take the steps forward is not to give in to sin, refused to give in to sin, refused to compromise in any area of our life. Every athlete knows the necessity of preparation, the need to stay strong. The need to prepare for the contents of the need to get ready for difficulties and there are many reasons that an athlete would want to quit but is true. The spiritual event is well as you run you will face stumbling blocks and detours, and to obtain ship limited. Always seek God's pleasure to follow after Christ and to keep yourself strong listening to PowerPoint with Jack Graham in today's message the great race, part two God-given calling to take the gospel to the world. That's why we put together a special bundle of resources to help you grow in your love of the gospel and share it with others. This evangelism bundle includes three of Pastor Jack Graham's books help of Easter life and God's promises for doubtful days. This evangelism bundle is our thanks for your gift today and thanks to a generous matching grant gift today will be doubled. So call now to request your evangelism bundle when you get: 800-795-4627 that's 1-800-795-4627. You can also text the word PowerPoint to 59789 and don't forget to visit Jack where you can shop our E store. Give a gift online or sign up for Dr. Graham's free daily email devotional our website again is Jack Graham.Margie now it's Qubec. Today's message the great race, part two here is an interesting says keep yourself in the love of God when you read that, you wonder what is that exactly means because it doesn't God keep us in the faith. Doesn't God secure us in his grace we already By the power God answers yes absolutely.

We are kept by the power of God so what is what is it to keep ourselves in the love of God keep yourself in the love of God. Well, we all know situation.

We all know sins we almost seasons in our lives when we are vulnerable to the attacks of the enemy Peter who knew something about that, having denied the Lord three times in the face of the cross warming his hands by the fires of the enemies of Christ would later's report that Satan is like a roaring lion roaming about, seeking whom he may devour the Scripture speaks of those who turn away from the faith turned back from the faith, and so while God keeps us all the way to the end and beyond into eternity. We are to keep ourselves under the umbrella of his love and protection and provision of his love where to keep ourselves in a position that God can express his love and show his love powerfully to us. We must never allow some weight in our life or some sin in our life. Some compromise with sin to to remove this from the power of his grace in our lives. So keep running. Never ever compromise with sin in your life and then finally rely upon God and his word completely always going, looking unto Jesus the Scripture says that's faith, looking unto Jesus the author and the finisher of our faith.

What is there about us that always wants to look back to the good old days. The devil comes along and he plays that card. You know, he says. Remember back before you met Christ. How much fun you were having him back the old days when you were in high school or college, and men you are having a blast. Remember all that and he uses the memory cord to strike. You know, pleasure and hearts about the way it used to be and how you know what he doesn't remind us is how miserable were and how empty we were and how sinful we were in our days before Christ like that shirt I saw a guy he was wearing about his athletic career he said the older I get, the better I I was Satan wants you to look back to the past you know if I just get to the high school reunion and remember the way it was the way it was, wasn't so great it really was no turned back don't don't look back. Like lots wife is Sodom and Gomorrah was inflamed to her own destruction. We can look back or turned back to the old life and when times get hard in crisis will come. We must run through the quitting points and keep on running and thankfully we don't have to do this in our own strength. Isaiah the prophet said chapter 40 verse 31 they that wait on the Lord. Those who hope in him trust in him, looking unto Jesus, shall mount up with wings as eagles they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint looking unto Jesus the author and the finisher of our faith, knowing this, that he who began the good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ.

So did Jesus fix your focus upon him. Never take your eyes off him. There's a great Old Testament personality by the name of Caleb Caleb's one of my favorite people in all the Bible. At the age of 85, after years of running the race trekking through the desert with Joshua and the children of Israel. They now come to the moment of taking the promised land and the prizes being passed out the land of promise is being given to the to the various leaders of Israel in homes and families in and so on and so Caleb is time for him to receive his prize and that's when Caleb, now 85 years old says I want that mountain and he pointed to a mountain filled with giants. He was still climbing mountains that at that advanced a sheet he still wanted to conquer for the Lord God and and so he says give me that mountain and he was given a place called Hebron, and while it is somewhat mysterious as to exactly what the word he Brian means it most likely means fellowship. Love communion, fellowship, love, commute, it was that he that Abraham met with God face-to-face.

So Hebron may actually literally mean face to face with God fellowship with God. What did Caleb want at the end of this day's after all those years he still wanted to be face with face with God, he said, give me give me that place of love and communion and fellowship with God now.

My point is, like Caleb, like all faithful, fervent runners and it is said of Caleb Betty follow the Lord fully wholeheartedly all the days of his life. My point is, never stop looking to Jesus never stop longing for Jesus to the place of Hebron, where you are growing in your love and devotion for him. If you look back you will fail you will fall in the desert. But if you look upward and onward you will win.

This is our desire. This is the key always desire to know and love Jesus more because that is what keeps us going.

This is what keeps us following.

If you follow friends. Friends may disappoint you.

If you're the only one running keep running though none go with me yet.

Still, I'll follow people may fall around you, but you must be fueled by faith and by the love of God and finish well.

Again, not just the short bursts, but a long obedience in the same direction there with the race is done. The victory is one. You will cross the finish line with your hands held high, victorious, in Christ you will be able to say like the apostle Paul said acts 2024. I have finished my course with joy. He later said near the end of his own race. I have kept the faith. I fought the good fight, I have finished the course are you doing what Jesus is calling and compelling you to do. Are you running hard after him. If so, you are victorious in Christ finishing vigorously and victoriously. This is not a time dear people for slowing down. This is a time for speeding up.

This is not a time is never too late to keep on going for Christ. This is not a time for coasting or relying upon victories of the past. This is a time for pursuing the price, forgetting those things which are behind and pressing forward to those things which are before mark the prize of the high calling of God in Jesus Christ. This is what keeps me going. This is what keeps me fired up about the calling that we have been given and what God is calling me today. God is calling all of us to to run hard after a man looking to Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith. You know Jesus didn't quit, he endured the cross, despising shame and went all the way to die on the cross for your sins that you might be forgiven and cleansed and changed from the inside out and no eternal life here now and for me to get in the race. And remember, God gifts, puts us in the race. Don't don't hear me saying today in any way that you have to run in order to be saved.

No, we are running because we are saying, because Christ is live is living in us and therefore we run, but first you gotta you must begin the race by being born again by receiving Christ into your life in the new life that you have so that you can start instead of living in sin of the past is living in the salvation listening to PowerPoint with Jack Graham in today's message the great race cartoon 3.2 billion people in our world still have no access to the kidneys. Jesus and we must do whatever it takes to reach the lost, but the hope of Christ. That's why were excited to tell you about a matching grant that will double when ever you give today to help reach more people to PowerPoint your support will help broadcast the gospel into some of the most spiritually dark corners of the earth was a thanks for your gift by sending you three of Pastor Graham's books Tempe share the gospel right where you are. This evangelism bundle includes the help of Easter life and God's promises for doubtful days to calm down.

To have your gift doubled by the max and request your evangelism bundle: 800-7954 627-2000 795-4627 can also text the word PowerPoint to 59789 that's PowerPoint to 59789 and don't forget to visit Jack where you can shop our E store.

Give a gift online or sign up for Dr. Graham's free daily email devotional our website again is Jack Graham.March*what is your PowerPoint for today. It is so very very win the race of life and the key to winning this race is found in Hebrews chapter 12.

Therefore, since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and sin which clings so closely, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us, and here's the key.

Looking to Jesus, the founder and perfecter of our faith. The first step to running the race of life in victory and winning is to run the race with everything you have.

I don't need to run your race and you don't need to run my race run your own race following after the Lord. We've all been given this race aligned Iranian and where to run with everything we have all of our hearts and to running your line well you just need to give God the very best that you have the best of your gifts the best of your talents the best of your service.

Secondly, running the race of life means saying no to the sins of compromise, allowing the sin of compromise to creep into your life is the fastest way to get off track and then the third step to running the race of life is to rely completely on God and his word, trusting in Jesus looking to Jesus always running forward, and never turning back. Sure the devils and try to convince you of your old way of life that is the best way but don't believe his lies. Keep your eyes on Jesus during the good times in the race as well as the bad times in the journey.

So as we close today's program. Let me ask you, are you running hard. Are you running hard after God and his will for your life. Are you keeping sins of compromise out of your life.

Are you living according to the convictions of your faith. Are you totally and completely trusting God and his word relying upon Jesus who is the perfecter the leader of our faith. If you find yourself weakening in the race.

If you're attempting to get out of the race. Remember, God will give you the strength to go on, press off trusting Christ follow him and begin living the life that God is giving you the power and that is today's remember when you give a gift PowerPoint. Your gift will be doubled by a matching grant call one 800-7954 627-1800 795467. You can also text the word PowerPoint 259789. Join us again next time. Dr. Graham brings a message about how to ensure your life is filled with passion, promise and meaning.

That's next time on PowerPoint with Jack Graham PowerPoint with Jack Graham is sponsored by PowerPoint ministries

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