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February 28, 2022 7:00 am


Power Point / Jack Graham

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February 28, 2022 7:00 am

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Welcome to this edition of PowerPoint with Jack Graham later in the program will tell you that you can get a copy of Dr. Graham's evangelism bundle.

But first, here's the message connect take your Bibles and turn to ask the second chapter the second chapter of the book of acts in your New Testament.

For the past seven or eight years. I along with members of our Graham family have chosen one word that becomes our word for the year is just a word that represents the focus of life in that you the over all overreaching. The focus intent motivation of my life for one year. I've had various words like stronger and kindness and and abide was one year and each word and I would encourage you to do the same but one word can is so simple really. You can just be that one thing I write it down. I put in my journal I put in places that I can see it. Just to remind me of that focus for the year and so all my goals that all my resolutions the things I want to do the things I want to change and so on.

Comes under the heading of that one word again is a great process in your life.

So my word is connect and I put it in the form of really a verb because it is my intent to connect with God. I want my faith to grow deeper and stronger. I want my relationship with God. Like the apostle Paul who was a strong believer and yet he kept pushing these and I press on to the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Jesus Christ. I want to know him more and more, he said, and that's my desire. I want to know the Lord more and more in my life connect with him at higher and deeper level. I want to connect with my family and friends. God is given me a wonderful family and friends and we don't take these for granted and so related to my connections in life. I want to make sure that I'm taking care. Those relationships relationships.

This is life and the rest is details is said and is true.

So family and friends. I want to make sure that I'm taking care of my relationships in life connect as never before, making sure that we as a company of family and friends are moving forward and then not only to connect with family and friends but connect with others outside of my current friendships or relationships. I want to grow these in particular, I want to grow my witness with those who do not know Christ.

I want to to invite people into my life. You don't know the Lord it over this past year. I can look back and I see how God added into my life so many wonderful new people and friends that that encourage me and I trust. I encourage them, but I want to see that in a more intentional level in my life so so connecting with others and I have a plan as to how I'm going to do that.

I'm not going to just think about it.

God's given me some ways that I can do that specifically on and then I want finally to connect the connected one of the one of the things that that I can do in a place of leadership is to make sure that other people are getting connected with other people and as a pastor is a shepherd. You know, this is one of my my ambitions if you will, is to is to use the connections that God has given me to connect others with the gospel and with the kingdom of God and with God's church. So that's my word connect and we see this regarding the church in acts chapter 2 and were going to look at the Scripture because it is a classic example of who we are what we are to do as the church of the Lord Jesus Christ bit of background here.

Chapter 2 of acts contains the day of Pentecost experience when the promise of Jesus was fulfilled.

The Holy Spirit came in.

The people went out and the entire world was turned upside down. Ultimately, on the day of Pentecost when the apostles were infused and in filled with the Holy Spirit. They begin to witness of Christ and the resurrection and preach that message of salvation that Peter delivered once a coward now courageously boldly filled with the spirit he standing before all, even the enemies of Christ and the gospel and is proclaiming Christ and as a result, revival came the first revival. He was the birth of the church the birthday of the church is acts chapter 2 and 3000 people on that very first day were born again into the family of God, and they all stood up and they said I got say I hope you can say that. So what happened is described in verse 41. What happened then and then what happened next and what should happen now. The New Testament church was a great church and was described as great on numerous occasions.

Actually, the word mega great and the church was great and throughout the centuries has been great, but we need to be praying God. Make your church great again because we have a great responsibility in front of the house that happened well, we don't go forward until we go back to verse 41 says so. Those who receive the word were baptized and there was added that day connected that day about 3000 souls, and they devoted themselves to the apostles teaching and fellowship, that's connection breaking of bread connect and prayers connect and all came upon every soul that's connection and many wonders and signs were being done by the apostles or through the apostles and all who believed were together, connected, and had all things in common connect and they were selling their possessions and belongings and distributing them the proceeds to all this connect to all and all who had need.

And day by day, attending the temple connecting together and breaking bread in the homes they receive their food with glad and gracious God hearts, praising God and having favor with all the people and the Lord added the Lord connected to their number day by day, day after day those who were being say, those they were say God say there was such an explosion of evangelism of the city of Jerusalem in those early days of the church that ultimately upwards to 100,000 people came to personal faith may be more, and not only salvation but then steadfast discipleship that move them forward in the faith and what you have here is is the embryonic version of the church, the beginning of the church and if we're going to go forward. As I said we need to go back and with all the ideas that people could concoct or conceive about how we going to grow how we going to reach people just go back to the first century in order to see how we reach 20%.

There, in this connection, three things. One, we are connected in membership through membership but it just get to that this morning I had three points only have one but just say also that they continue we continue in maturity growing in our faith and then we connect through mission on mission for the gospel of Christ, but let's just look at that verse one connect through membership a committed membership.

That's what was happening here. The church is made up of people and they counted each one because each one counted 3000 people came to profess faith in their Christ.

Somehow they were added up. They were added in, and this became the beginning of the membership of the church. We count numbers because people count and we have a membership because we believe is him is vitally important and is New Testament Christianity to make sure people are enfolded and embraced and included in the church that people are in and all in. But before we are all in the forward connected several things to happen. Here's the evidence one. These early believers were converted but notice again back up in verse 41, so those who receive the word were baptized and there was added that day.

3000 so they did for things they received the word was measly believed on Jesus. What were the word of God. The testimony of Jesus.

At the core at the center of this church is the proclamation of the word of God, the gospel of God, the Lord Jesus Christ.

And while through the years of the church even here we see strategies change in programs change methodologies change.

And yet, one thing remains the same and must remain the same as long as this church exist and that is our message and our mission never ever ever changes. It is the mission of Jesus Christ, and it is the message of the gospel and that's how people come to faith in Jesus Christ went when they hear the gospel, they gladly received the word. They were convicted of their sins and they were converted to Jesus Christ by openly confessed Christ in baptism and they were added to the church so these four things receive the word repent of your sins when they were convicted stabbed to the heart of their sin. A deed of salvation. They said what must we do Peter said repent and be baptized because of the remission of sin, so receive his spirit.

Repent of your sin receive the word and respond with that public declaration and demonstration of your faith in your listening to PowerPoint with Jack Graham and the message connect God-given calling to take the gospel to the world. That's why we put together a special bundle of resources to help you grow in your love of the gospel and share it with others. This evangelism bundle includes three Pastor Jack Kranz books the help of Easter life.and God's promises for doubt filled days. This evangelism bundle is our thanks for your gift today and thanks to a generous matching grant gift today will be temple. So call now to request your evangelism bundle when you give call one 800-7954 627-1800 795-4627. You can also text the word PowerPoint to 59789 and don't forget to visit Jack where you can shop our E store. Give a gift online or sign up for Dr. Graham's free daily email devotional our website again is Jack Graham.Margie now it's Québec. Today's message connect.

Secondly, a committed, so they continued verse 42 steadfastly in the apostles teaching or doctrine teaching of the Bible fellowship, breaking of bread, which is most likely the Lord's supper but could have meant communal meals were they shared meals together. So much of the fellowship of God's people, even Jesus and his disciples together was around the table and in prayers. You see, conversion is just the beginning. And when you are say then that process of growing in your faith, the doctrinal term is sanctification you becoming more and more like Christ. That happens as we are discipled again small groups and one-on-one Bible study, the teaching of God's word from the pulpit from the pastors and the leaders. One problem that were facing us churches across America in particular is that even regular committed church attenders are attending church services less often and with less involvement and time and carry new half wrote an article called 10 reasons even committed church attenders are attending church less often and I'm in a mention very quickly. Eight of the 10 that he mentioned because I believe they apply to us here, the reasons why I'm not talking about people who rarely come, but regular members and attenders are attending last numbers say something like to maybe three times a month. Max used to be back in the day, 20 years ago.

Some of us can remember when you came to church three times a week minimal Sunday morning Sunday night Wednesday night.

Now we get people to church services three times a month. We think were done well so why is that what here are some reasons number one greater affluent just to put it crassly.

We got more money we got more options, the greater affluence that we have I seen it through the years and in tough times, it seems that people show up at church more faithfully when times are rolling, then people find other things to do that here and there.

So, greater affluence and that may lead to the to the others that I'm going to mention. Secondly, higher focus on kids activities because we have more money and more options. One of those options is children's sports and children's activities. The third reason we got more time to travel and more money to travel and so we got lighthouses and and we got beach fronts and we take vacations more often not you know when I grew up.

I know I sound like a dinosaur now but when I grew up I believe we left the County line. We were having a big day. I went and and and we rarely took vacations maybe your family did we did.

We couldn't afford to do it now. We take all kinds of vacations and we got spring break and then when when did fall break.

Now we have fall break and we have Thanksgiving break and Christmas break and New Year's break and spring break and summer break and were on break and were on vacation and where were in and out and out and in work travel is a way of life for blended and single-parent families.

This is a cultural shift because not every child is with the same parent every weekend and so children can be with a parent who goes to church on one weekend and apparently does not go to church or in a blended family and and again it creates some dysfunction in that family spiritually when when they're not together as a family and church.

It makes it more difficult yet single parent, single mom, single dads and you know we we salute you as a single mom and a single dad. You have such a a a a difficult assignment to be both parents to a child and many of you working overtime your single mom you doing two jobs you can't get to church because you're trying to take care of your family.

That's a fact. Linda families and broken families has created a distinct disadvantages for churches in these days. Online options is about. We appreciate so much I'm looking right into the camera right now and our own line group and you're watching I pray your worshiping in your and the word with us but is not the same as being your summit you can get here. Of course you live in other places is good when the aware away from home.

You can you can tune in at any time. Preston would live and we have several thousand people each week who are are are with us online and and and that's a brand-new thing this really increasing in the last 23 years.

In particular, and we're embracing that as a church and really go after that. But having said that, the online option is not the same as me.

We live in the most connected generation terms of technology that ever before, and yet we're being told. The studies are coming in. People are more isolated, more alienated than ever before. We need one another. That's the church so but online options are affecting churches today. We think about you that you have a late Saturday night you come in as a cold wintry morning on Sunday morning and your alarm rings and you're getting ready to thinking about going to church and say would sure be nice just to get a cup of coffee and watch Jack preach online.

I hear here's one the cultural disappearance of guilt.

Now this is not a recommended reason for coming to church, guilt.

But the fact is people don't feel guilty about missing church these days it out. Some of us if we grew up, and we did make church for week or two in a row. You know I felt guilty about that again. Not a great motivation should not be ideal, but the goodness of God that brings us together but the fact is, it's just different people that don't think about being guilty and they miss church okay the matter never feel guilty about never feel can make the biblical word is convicted about just not convicted about my need for God's church of God's people and then self-directed spirituality L think that's on the screen but I would say that all people just consume religious information online.

Otherwise I don't think they need the church to get it but number eight is a failure to see a direct benefit.

We live in a selfish selfish generation and the question is, you know, why would I do that. Why would I spend to three hours in a church service or in a Bible study, what was the point was the need many people today in an increasingly unchurched, the church culture just no longer see the need for church. But remember, I'm not talking about the unchurched of the deep church I'm talking about so many regular attenders who just say well you know it's not that important, whether on.

They are not.

I'm not getting that much.

It so I helped the early Christians, and Christians who are committed to the call of Christ upon their lives. They're not looking for a fast food service church looking for a church where together we can grow and go with the gospel of Jesus Christ committed very quickly. This membership was convicted verse 43 says, then fear came on every soul, and many wonders and signs were done through the apostles.

We see the hand of God moving you're motivated to be present. You know God to do something that you never seen people and in the fear of the Lord that that means we are all struck in the majesty of his presence.

It used to be a complement to say someone is a God-fearing man or a God-fearing woman. We don't hear those terms today and yet the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. The fear of God means that we are in all of this present, his holiness, his righteousness, his greatness in all of the Almighty and in the fear of God.

They were convicted together.

They were convicted, they were committed.

They were converted and yes, they were connected connected verse 44 they believed and they were together and they had all things in common spoke of the breaking of bread and fellowship. That's the word New Testament word in the language of the New Testament is uniquely Christian word coin in the you hear the word coin or coins in their coin in the Paul actually use this word to describe the stewardship of the people in Corinth in the distribution and the partnership they had in the ministry of the church fellowship in giving blood beyond our giving, it is it is are growing together are giving together are shared together. And yes, our loving together. What did Jesus say you shall know their Christians by their live by this shall all people know that you are mine that you love one another.

There is a love here that is inexplicable, unexplainable. We are together not because we join this church like we join a club or an organization.

This is not an organization to join it as a family to share. We believe together belong together were bonded together were blessed together where family this is our church home is our fellowship is our family and fellowship is in serving say well I don't have much fellowship start serving with a group of people that are also serving with you go on a mission partnership with the group go across town on on an endeavor to reach lost people in another community get together with Christians and and work together in some way fellowship is not just you know having a party after church, you have fellowship and that we like to party and there's plenty of places around here for hospitality.

That's why we created them.

But real fellowship real point in the you is that sharing of life and love and labor together is what they do and don't wait to be of to be befriended, but to be a friend and reach out to people around in Danish, and the fellowship of God's people. You'll be much more likely to be a faithful member and attender and participator. The benefit of the blessing of God is listening to PowerPoint with Jack Tran and his message connect 3.2 billion people in our world still have no access to the kidneys and Jesus, and we must do what ever it takes to reach the lost, with the hope of Christ. That's why we're excited to tell you about a matching grant that will double what ever you give today to help reach more people to PowerPoint your support will help broadcast the gospel into some of the most spiritually dark corners of the earth will say thanks for your gift by sending you three of Pastor Graham's books Tempe share the gospel right where you are. This evangelism bundle includes the help of Eastern life in God's promises for Filled days so call now to have your gift doubled by the max and requester evangelism bundle: 800-795-4627 that's 1-800-795-4627. You can also text the word PowerPoint to 59789 that's PowerPoint to 59789 and don't forget to visit Jack where you can shop our E store. Give a gift online or sign up for Dr. Graham's free daily email devotional our website again is Jack Graham.worksheet*what is your PowerPoint for today. There so many white churches are not active in our times. I don't want to be critical of church or of churches.

I think we ought to believe in the church and trust Christ and follow him in the ministry of a local New Testament church, but frankly, you need to find a church that is preaching Christ exalting Christ and preaching God's word to many churches either don't preach Christ, or there in some kind of maintenance mode. They move from mission to just trying to maintain what they have and before you know it the church which was once a mighty powerful movement for Christ and a mission for the glory of God is just plodding along, drifting along just trying to get by. Pay the budget and just keep the doors open – not the church is Christ intended. If your pastor listening to me today or your lay leader in your church. I want to challenge you to take a serious heartfelt look at your church isn't passionate. Is it fulfilling its purpose, is it fulfilling the purpose of Christ. Are you caught up in the politics of just trying to keep the church going or are you pursuing the mission of Christ in reaching your community and world for him. I do pray that God will use you and your church for his glory again.

There so many good churches.

Truly great churches in the size of the church doesn't matter if the heart and the mission of the church that truly matters. We need to pray for revival in all of our churches today that we will build up a body of believers who are a force for evangelism dedicated to reaching our world for Christ.

Take time today again to read acts chapter 2 verses 42 to 47. That's the church as God intended, and then pray over what you need to do to make your church a powerhouse at a lighthouse and that is today's gift PowerPoint.

Your gift will be doubled by a matching grant call one 800-7954 627-1800 795-4627. You can also text the word PowerPoint 259789. Join us again next time. Dr. Graham brings a message about how you can succeed in your life and in your witness for Christ. That's next time on PowerPoint with Jack Graham PowerPoint with Jack Graham is sponsored by PowerPoint ministry

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