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What Works When Life Doesn't

Power Point / Jack Graham
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February 1, 2022 7:00 am

What Works When Life Doesn't

Power Point / Jack Graham

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February 1, 2022 7:00 am

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Welcome to this edition of PowerPoint with Jack Graham later in the program will tell you I you can get a copy of Dr. Graham's brand-new book and reignite it first hears his message. What works when life doesn't James the author himself is very personal and very practical. It begins with a brief introduction J servant of God and of the Lord Jesus Christ, that is remarkable in the sense that Jay is the brother of the Lord Jesus, the half-brother of Jesus I could to take time to show you that in the Scriptures, but it is a fact that the one who writes these words is James the little brother of Jesus the son of Mary and of Joseph.

Can you imagine growing up as the little brother of Jesus, why can't you be like your older brother James. Why does you clean up your room, like Jesus, James, he heard that his own life he knew obviously that there was something incredibly different about Jesus.

But growing up in that home did not make him a follower of Jesus and as a matter of fact, James was at one time and unbelief. He did not believe his brother was the Messiah. There is a instance in the Scripture when James along with other members of the family come to Jesus and try to take him home back to Nazareth. They said he's out of his mind. He's not thinking straight left, taking home so J, though certainly well aware that Jesus was well perfect didn't believe he was the Messiah, until the resurrection and the resurrection changed everything.

In fact, according to first Corinthians chapter 15 Jesus appeared to James's half-brother. As a result of the power of Jesus and the resurrection. James the brother of Jesus became James the son of God, a child of God. He ultimately went on to lead the church in Jerusalem. He was the deaf act of main man in the church in the early years. Not Peter but J and the writing the epistle. The letter that we have in front of us is most likely the first New Testament book written is certainly among the first and the oldest of all the writings of the Old Testament, inspired by the Holy Spirit. James knew Jesus as his brother, but he ultimately confessed Jesus as his Lord and therefore is interesting that when he introduces himself. He doesn't say J, the brother of Jesus change the leader of the church.

I'm the man.

No, he said James bondservant of slave of God and of the Lord Jesus Christ. Such humility James the servant of the Lord Jesus Christ to the 12 tribes in the dispersion dispersion meeting.

The Jewish dispersion Jews were on the run, especially Christian believers. Followers of Jesus were were on the Rhine and so the original recipients of these words from James were were Christians who were suffering Jewish believers who were facing pain and persecution they were refugees beyond persecuted say to all of us who are really not of this world. This world is not my home. We are scattered we are dispersed throughout the earth because ultimately our hope, our home is in heaven.

So we are strangers in this land pilgrim Peter calls this and as a result, we also this side of our heavenly home experience suffering and pain and problems and difficulties. James gets right addict.

He gives light in our faith because what he wants us to know is that the Christian life is not just about words but works not just about our conversation, but our conduct, not our creeds, but ID certainly know one is saved by works works do not say, but we're going to discover in the book of James that the faith that saves works and many of the subjects and topics that we deal with in our our lives today. Everything from discrimination to the use of the tongue to how we active church how we live in the world to how we process information, how we pray words about healing when were sick. All of these very practical, applicable subjects are found in the book of James. The book of James is closely a kit can in many ways to the sermon on the Mount, James, no doubt learned well the words of Jesus as they were taught at the mouth and perhaps even said in James on the home growing up with Jesus and so you would think that one of the toughest subjects that we could face the subject of suffering and trials of the one why we got you would think that he would sort of lead up to that right that deal with lesser lighter subjects but no right out of the chute. James is saying trial in verse 13 says, count it all joy, my brothers, when you meet or fall into trials of various kinds, for you know that the testing of your faith produces steadfastness and let steadfastness have its full effect, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing but go of the book of James, and beyond that the goal of the Christian life is Christian maturity, the development of our Christian character Christ likeness. The goal always summarize his godliness that we would be perfect and complete in our lives before Christ and before the world. James comes at us in his letter with all imperatives, not declarative, but imperatives in other words commands at, for example, there are four of them in the passage that we're looking at today count in verse two see it. Then in verse three know our knowing know this verse for the word let let patience have its perfect work and then in verse six. Ask if you need wisdom you should ask of God, so there are four imperatives that prompt us how we should not learn and grow and develop in our Christian life and faith. Here's the message the sermon in the Senate you can face trials with a sense of joyful confidence and faith.

When you understand God's purpose in the trial, I'll say it again.

Here's the message today. You can face life's trials with a sense of joyful confidence and faith.

When you understand God's purpose in the trial, let's talk for a moment about the reality of trials verse two says, count it all joy, my brothers, when you meet various kinds of trials. Not if but when not maybe so, but count on it. The trials in the Christian's life are nonelective's but require in the curriculum of Christ.

Every trial that we face is to prove us and test so when we face trials is not time for us as believers to curl up in the fetal position, but to learn everything we need to learn in the midst of that trial so that we can grow through not just go through it but grow through as trials are painful and as painful as they are in our circumstances.

They strengthen our faith and build our character and move us forward in Christ likeness. There is an advantage in adversity, trials or storms. They are disciplines. They are disappointments.

Trials can be pain and suffering heart ache.

They are designed to produce a deeper work in us and noticed they happen in life gets hard and light doesn't work the way we thought it was going to work for it says, count it all joy, my brothers, when you meet or fall into various trials. The idea that James is giving us is here were walking along the blue skies with singing 70 new Dawes Liberty a maillot my what a wonderful day and then I out of nowhere, out of the blue we find ourselves in the middle of the trial test in a storm and we're in the middle of it. Some of you I know I'm preaching to people right now you're in the middle of the trial is been said that for every Christian. You're either in a trial are you coming out of the trial archer going into a trial.

Welcome to life in Rome as they were told that all creation groans mother Earth is groaning in childbirth in preparation for the new birth of planet Earth that is coming when Christ comes again, but now this side of eternity. We live, suffering and pain often little listening to PowerPoint with Jack Graham and the message what works when life doesn't bring fresh passion and joy to your faith. Dr. Graham's newest book, reignite an intimate account of how God led Dr. Graham to one of the darkest seasons of his life. Whether you're facing disappointment, doubt, depression, or heartache. Weeknight offers biblical insights to encourage you in your pain and help fan the flames of faith in your life and it's our way to thank you for your gift to PowerPoint call today to get your copy of reignite as thanks for your support: 800-7954 627-2800 795-4627 can also text the word PowerPoint to 313131. And don't forget to visit Jack where you can shop E store. Give a gift online or sign up for Dr. Graham's free daily email devotional our website again is Jack Graham.Margie, what works when life doesn't. Secondly, notice the risk to these trials for verse two says, count it all joy, my brothers, when you fall into various trials, watch James come on. I promise you when I walk into hospital rooms are homes where people are grieving.

I don't walk in with a big smile on my face saying count it all joy. Everybody so why would James offer this is very difficult really impossible command count it all joy when you got to remember number one that joy and happiness are two different things.

Happiness is a byproduct of joy but happiness depends upon our circumstances. Jesus said, my joy I give to you in the midst of the trial facing the cross. He said I give you my joy it was for the joy that set was set before him that he endured the cross, despising the pay that joy that was before him. Jesus said that joy is your joy is not a superficial happiness. It is a supernatural joy that Jesus gives and therefore when we face these trials, our response should be joy. Joy is the spiritual pleasure that comes from his presence is what the psalmist said in Psalm 1611 in your presence Lord is fullness of joy in your right hand are pleasures for evermore. In the presence of God. When we start counting on the presence of God that we experience his joy joy that comes from Jesus. Now he notice notice he says, count it all joy, my brothers and you can certainly had sisters there, count it all joy. People who are in Christ. Joy is the unique promise and privilege to believers and followers of Jesus. If you don't have Jesus in your life then count on the next 15 minutes of pleasure you have, because that's all you got this pleasure in sin for a season that is over, but joy last a lifetime. Despite the pressures and problems.

Don't let anyone or anything steal your joy.

Nehemiah said the joy of the Lord is my strength.

If Satan or circumstances can steal your joy, then your strength is gone.

Never notice when you're down your miserable how exhausting that is when you're depressed and defeated how tired you are the joy of the Lord is your strength. If your goal is to be like Jesus and that should be your goal and prepare for trials coming but was the reason for these trials for you know verse three says the testing of your faith produces stead fastness trial.

Separate the man for the boys a superficial from the supernatural the artificial from the authentic the faith that can't be protested is a faith that can't be trusted.

The point of pain and trials is to test us to prove us any says here know verse three that the testing of your faith produces this steadfastness or this endurance know as Christians we all live by what we feel we live by what we know, not our emotions or even explanations, but promises and principles from God's word to you to keep up with your work come to church listen to God's word get the word of God in your life.

Growing the Scriptures yourselves as you hear the word of God speaking to you learn how to pray, learn to know what you know. I can promise you when if you're prepared when the task comes, you'll be ready if you know what God says what God says is that I'm in control your life. What God says is I'm working all things together for good. What works when life does not tell you what works when life work doesn't God works when life doesn't say why doesn't God do something. Why doesn't God come through about life. Why am I going through this God is you working he is working for all things are working together for the good of those who love the Lord. Those are called according to his purpose. God's work and if you know Jesus you know that God is good and God is gracious and God is present no matter what you're going through no matter what you're going through. There's never been a time in your life that you haven't been loved by heavenly father who daily walks with you and lives in you. So don't trade what you don't know what you do know if you know Jesus. Psalm 2713 says, I would have despaired unless I had believed that I would see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. This is faith that works it's okay pastor, I get it trials a real trials are raw.

What the reasons for trial. I have in closing five reasons for trials, you may want to mark write them down. The results of the trial number one stability. That's why he gives the word steadfastness there for you know the tent testing of your faith produces stead fastness which means to remain under pressure to get under the weight. It means patient endurance stability to be steadfast and strong, immovable stability and maturity. Verse four speaks of this perfect work. This complete work. He is completing his work in us. God is finishing us all to the full and when we persevere, we mature. When we endure we mature. He's working on us from the inside out and remember what's the goal was to go perfection which is Christ likeness. Now this side of the heaven we know that will never be like Jesus but it is your goal to be like Jesus and let God keep working and maturing you in developing your unfortunately too many Christians are not growing you. You don't know your Bible's you're still on the milk of the word, not the meat of the word prayer life is ridiculous. You came remember the last time you ever shared your faith with somebody giving maybe someone appeals to you, you'll throw a little bit in the plate, but the idea of tithing and giving your out need to grow. The third thing is clarity. Paul speaks RJ's here speaks in verse five of wisdom that ask and you will be given wisdom when we are in trials. Something about trials that clears our thinking understanding of perspective comes when God gives us wisdom when you pray your eyes get open to what God may be doing in your life you don't always know exactly why the trial is there, but you get some perspective in the trial there's there's clear then there's vitality James a servant of God and our Lord Jesus Christ, catalog, joy, brothers and sisters in Christ, vitality prepares us for greater service pain produces spiritual power for ministry.

I know this.

The people that I respect the most in their Christian walk and witness are those who have been through the deepest trials and struggles in a come through them stronger and better. I seen that many times as pastor.

People who go through the most horrendous things yet there joy remains in their faith is intact and stronger, and therefore their service to the Lord their their task becomes a testimony in their mass a message because they been through some things in God to sustain them and strengthen them. I know this God rarely if ever uses anybody the great why you hasn't been broken so God may send a trial in our lives to break us that he might bless us in ways that we can even imagine God wants to use you in a greater way so is like the crushing of the grapes in the crushing of the crucibles of life you're prepared for something better and greater in your life than you ever thought possible is not over God's getting you ready for something better something greater in your life, and one final thing. These trials produce humility.

So I James that on the servant is the remarkable testimony of the humility in which we serve God and you know when we go through trials we can be living high, wide and handsome, arrogant, full of ourselves and a trial comes shows us were not all that our hearts get broken lives. It broke and were crushed but it brings us to our knees and on our faces before God and in that humbling moment we receive in the trial experience of knowing God like never know life listening to PowerPoint with Jack van and the message works when life doesn't chances are you faced your share of crisis maybe you even in the fight of your life right now. Or maybe you're simply feeling exhausted by the busyness of life and Santa spiritual strength. Whatever your facing. We want to help fan the flame of faith in your life by sending you Dr. Graham's newest book, ignite this personal account of how God let Dr. Graham do his own crisis will help you focus on God during difficult season.

See you can experience fresh passion and joy in Jesus and will send you a copy. Thanks for your gift today. Call now to request your copy every night: 800-795-4627 that's 1-800-795-4627 can also text the word PowerPoint to 313131.

And don't forget to visit Jack when you can shop you store the gift online or sign up with Dr. Graham's free daily email devotional our website again is Jack Graham.Margie pastor.

What is your PowerPoint for today we can face trials with joy because you know that God is with us.

Jesus lives in us and we realize that through our trials. He is doing something greater in us something deeper in us and we are becoming more like him. The purpose of every trial is Christian maturity were growing up in our faith. We don't just go through our trials we grow through our trials trial separate the superficial in life from the supernatural. The artificial things that don't really matter. Our last from the authentic what is real.

So that's why I say and I say it again, the goal is not just to go through trials, but to grow through the trials are sure to come and tears are real but don't let your disappointments turn to discouragement defeat, and certainly not despondency or despair, there's never been a time in your life when you haven't been loved by your heavenly father who walks with you, who lives in you and wants to shape you make you into something beautiful.

The psalmist said in your presence Lord is fullness of joy when we are in the presence of God even in our darkest days and moments of our lives, we can experience his eternal joy. This is how we can endure pain and even in the list are pay with joy as hope to help us grow up into maturity in Christ and that is today's PowerPoint member when you give a gift to PowerPoint today will send you Dr. Graham's brand-new book reading night is our thanks. Call one 800-795-4627 1-800-795-4627 can also text the word PowerPoint 313131 text PowerPoint 3131. Be sure to join us again next time. Dr. Graham brings a message about how God grows through the struggles they ask next time on PowerPoint with Jack Graham PowerPoint with Jack Graham is sponsored by PowerPoint ministries

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