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Church: The Bedrock of Society

Open Bible / Rev. Joe Chambers
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August 1, 2020 10:16 am

Church: The Bedrock of Society

Open Bible / Rev. Joe Chambers

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August 1, 2020 10:16 am

The House of God is a Biblical fact from the dawn of the world. The first mention of faith and truth in a place of the world started with Adam and Eve. Listen to the Apostle Paul give a record of true faith manifested in worship in Hebrews chapter of ... Read More

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Tom, what a picture. What a beauty, what a song. I like that, don't you? I like that. God's pearly whites see soon. Coming down soon. Coming down soon. Going up to to meet it. We go up first for seven years and then we come down right before the city. All right. When the city. We don't know exactly who say, but we know that we both coming back. And he's coming down. The city coming. Now, what a joy. Bringing you a program today that I'm quite excited about. Well, you know, I'm excited about every program I do because I get in the Bible. And the only thing I have to offer you as the Bible. If you don't like the Bible, then you don't care much about me in this program. I understand that I'm not being critical. I'm just telling you that this program is about the Bible, God's house. This time, we won't talk today about God's house, the church, God's house, the church. I just read quickly a while ago to the Book of Acts and found a scripture that I suddenly remembered. Take heed, brethren unto yourselves and the flock, the flock over which the Holy Ghost have made you oversee us to feed the Church of God, which he had purchased with his own blood. Did you know the church was purchased with his own blood? That is a good name. And that was the name of a church I was part of for many, many years. 40 some. But that's a biblical name for God's church. Wherever it is, God's church, whoever it is, if it is about the Bible and in the Bible and follow the Bible, then it's the Church of God. And I am proud to be part of his church, God's house, his church. Let me tell you something. The House of God is the bedrock of the society. The Kocho for ever that culture is cannot survive unless God has a presence within that culture and within that society. And the church is his biblical visible, I should say, visible presence in any and all societies that are going to survive God's church. And, you know, I'm I'll take you back to the Book of Genesis Chapter one and show you that there was a kind of a church. I don't know that it was a building. It may just have been a location. It may have been a part of of Adam and Eve's home. The Bible don't tell us.

But we do know that Adam and his sons came with a sacrifice. So there had to be an altar that came with a sacrifice and offered offerings unto the Lord. They offered offerings and to the Lord. So the idea of an altar goes all the way back to Genesis one and a location where that ought was because Adam came with his sons. So it wasn't just Adam and Eve. It doesn't Mitch and Eve. But we can assure that she came with him, Adam and Eve. And his sons worship together. And you remember the story? The story was that one son brought a proper offering and the other son brought an improper Ofri offering. And God had respect under the biblical offering, which was a blood, a lamb, but God had no respect to the offering which came out of a cabbage patch or a corn field. I mean, God treated those offerings differently because one was up blood and there's no redemption without blood. Now, there had to have known that for God would not have Judge Cain. Well, he is false offering if Cain had not known that God wanted and expected a blood offering.

Now, that's beautiful. That's. Excuse me. That's beautiful. And it gives you a picture of how the church and and the altar begin in the life of both Adam and his family. The church and a place of worship, an altar, Sherman began. And the first family in the Garden of Eden. That is a picture that overwhelmed me when it suddenly dawned on me some days ago. You see, I'm a student of this Bible and I want to learn everything that's in this Bible.

And I'm going to do that if it's possible. He gives me enough time. You say you've got six to eight years to Christian. Is that not enough time? No. The Bible is an endless book. The Bible is an endless book. And though you may know every version, every line, you probably don't know the revelations of many of those verses in lines.

Because all the mystery of the Bible is known by revelation and not by human knowledge. You don't learn in an academic certain set set in. You learn it in a spiritual setting. Learning the Bible requires. Spiritual experience. A spiritual life. And a spiritual study. A man who will get on his face. And stay with God. Will learn the great revelations of God. The man who goes in gives all of his learning out of somebodies books. We'll have book learnin, but not God learning. And so I'm here today to tell you that God's house is central to the Bible. Not only is God's house central to the Bible, is central to a society, a culture, a world, a government. It was said many years ago to two America, if you ever quit being spiritual and biblical, you will quit being great. And so have we seen it occur? I mean, there's no doubt the Bible is the bedrock of the culture. The Bible is the bedrock of society. And those saints of God within the body of Christ in the Bible calls the church the body of Christ. You've got the word God's house. You've got the word but a body of Christ. You've got the word church. And you've got other words. Also the Bible that relate to God's sayings. Get it together. One scripture says, for Pete's sake, not the symbol in of yourselves together as the man of some. Is that well and so much the more as you see that day approaching and so much the more as you see that day approaching. I'm coming to you today to tell you how important the church is. And we've been through about six months. All the abortion clinics have been open and there's been something close to ten thousand babies killed during this period of time. And at the same time, in most states, they wanted the churches all closed. And I'm not against a period of time where we shut the door because of an epidemic that is so big. We did that right here two months approximately. We closed the doors and had worship out in the yard. I mean, we did a big school event out in the yard that, you know, ended up in both times. In our times, it weren't very good. But now we're back in the church. And a lot of people are afraid to go to the House of God. But they'll go to the grocery store. They're afraid to go to the house, to God, but they'll go to the drugstore, that they're afraid to go to the house of God, but they go to the emergency room at the hospital. I mean, you can just name the places that people will go but are scared to go to the house of God. Now, if the church is careless, I would understand that we have a means of sanitize in your hands here at the DOA. We we sanitize the whole building. Men do our sanitize this building before church. About an hour or so. I sanitize it. The air is full of it. The AC system picks this all up and spreads it over this whole place. And I'm telling you, when you come into Paul Creek Church, you'll be coming in sanctified place, a place of sanity, a place of Kiriat Perrottet, a place of cleanliness and a place that's been sanitized. And we don't pass an offering plate through the pews. We let people walk to the altar behind their offering and we'll do that flab. I like that. We don't know. You know, we were we told you to stay separate. We have every other pew marked off. Nobody sits there. And so you got a pew between you and the folks in front of you. It's up to you then to make sure you keep some distance. To those on the same pew, you own families together. Families certainly don't have to be six foot apart. They didn't come to church six foot apart, came in the same vehicle. So they are part of a family. And that's their responsibility with one another. Keep their hands clean. Keep their houses clean. If a man goes out to a shopping mall, he ought to come back and make sure he's been sanitized in all kinds of things you can do to be very careful. And you do know that most of the people who've gotten bad sick had vulnerable reasons. If people are unclean in their lifestyle, they're going to be more apt to get this virus if they commit adultery and fornication. They shake up every other night. And some which were strangers. And do all kinds of planes like this that they go and get this if they get out there and protest and march on top of one another and right side by side. And I've seen that many times. They may just get it. And they are telling me that's the reason for the uptick. Well, I'm not sure of all of that. It's been so many reports. I know which is right. But I know once they were having good church and we come in very carefully and you will be expected to sanitize your hands when you come in and you will be expected to keep a six foot distance. So you'll be expected not to hug and kiss one another. You'll be expected to act like you're supposed to act in the House of God and to be a little separate. And I promise you, we had a big. Meeting for many states and no problems. Churches had problems. Who didn't do the proper things? And on the sand, you see in Iraqi, you get sick Christians, you get as sick as it is as anybody else can get. I know we have a healer and I trust his healing power, but we are trying to treat everything rightly and give you a safe place. And I believe with all my heart, the Paul Creek Church is a very safe place. Start and school a little less than a month now and oh, are we going out of the way to have a safe place? Nobody will come in our doors doing that school time without first sanitizing their hands and wearing a mask. These are adults, you know, these are people, moms, dads, whoever. I mean, all these things, we're going to do them. We're gonna do them, right. We're gonna keep the distance in the classrooms. We won't keep the distance when they go to the cafeteria to have lunch. We've gone. We're going to organize it. So no classes meet in the on the sidewalks as they go from church to censure to the cafeteria and others are returning. We're just gonna do it right and we're gonna do it sharply. And I'm not gonna put up a no junk. Gonna tell you that. So don't try and hit anybody out there listening to me. It's gonna be done, right. It's gonna be safe. And we'll have a great school year. We really believe that we already get new families as well as our previous families. Some families that used to come here are coming back. I mean, we expect a great banner year. And I think we will have it. And I promise you, we will do the job for you. Right. Cannot promise nobody will ever get sick. Of course I can't. I don't know what you're gonna do the night before you come to church and school the next morning. I don't know. Where you gonna go for the weekend. I don't know who you're gonna hang around with up in the afternoons when school is out. But I'm not on this location in this place. It will be done. Right. And we're going to do it because we honor you and love you and want your kids to get a good education. Okay. In school learning. We're looking forward to it. But now we won't talk about God's house. I really love talk and about God's house. I believe God's house ought to be the happiest, safest place on the face of this earth. I look at the junk the people leave in our front yard. And I know that men, families live very unclean and brokenness and throw things everywhere and do things that all gone nasty ways. They do it in my front yard. I'll pick it up all the time. Every day is use a hold of a new amount of it. Well, people who do that in a church yard do that in their own yard and their own living room. And so let's learn to be safe. Let's learn to be pure. Let's learn to keep our hands. Man, I wash my hands so many times lately. I would do it forever. I've had the flu so bad I'd have to stay in my house a week. Did sick good neighbor. I mean, terrible. My wife and I went to a funeral and somebody come from another state that was deeply, profoundly sick, had the flu bug and all of us got it. And oh, my darling. And I was sick for a week. We waited on each other in isolation for a week because we had the bug bag. I'm telling you people you can be clean and you can be safe and God will take care of you if you want to wear a mask, if you can. No Bhosale word, no boskoff criticize you. We're here to worship and to have church and to see the power of God. How to say Santa saved. Is that fair enough to see you bless and see your life grow. I'm planning to preach in the morning on the thought. The comforter has come. The comfort has come. It's a powerful thought and a biblical subject. And I hope you'll want to hear my sermon and get a little closer to God now of the church.

The church is so gravely important. Let me take you to Hebrews Up and give you a picture of what Poles said about this man who happened to be currently obscure. And I'll think in the book of Hebrews, one of my great grandbabies there, an Apostle Paul, said this about that particular man. And it says to faith, we understand that the world were framed by the word of God. The words were framed by the word of God. So the things which are we're not made of things we were made of things with do appear. Now, this evidence by Faith Abel, that was one of the sons of Noah and E..

OK. My faith, Abel Olfert and God offered under God by faith. Abel offered under God a more excellent sacrifice. Then came by which he obtained witness that he was righteous. God. God himself saw it and testified of his guilt and beyond. And by it B and B ended yet. Live it yet.

Live in its spicket. So that here was a ball in the New Testament first family who offers a sacrifice. Now you can offer a sacrifice of that road. You know that. It was it was it was a lamb from out of his flock and the lamb had to be killed to be offered to God. And so the lamb was killed. The blood was shed. So I had to be an an altar and the altar had to have a location because it was a place that Adam and his sons worshiped. God. I mean, and so you have to call it a church. You're in the can call it nothing else, though. These places were never called a church in the Old Testament. They were temples, are they were synagogues are they were houses of God's presence. I don't remember ever studying all the names that may have been used for Church of the Old Testament. But I can tell you, they were real places offered by real people. Now, I'll take you a minute to one. Has the Children of Israel march from the land of sacrifice? I mean, the learned a bondage to the land of of of liberty and and freedom. A wonderful place. I'm telling you, you are dealing with something so beautiful and so breathtaking until it's literally overwhelming. It's literally overwhelming. What a god we serve. What a God we serve that that provides a house for his people in every generation. So there you have it. Hebrews Chapter eleven, verse three. It says it by faith. Abel offered under God. Hey, more action on sacrifice than Cain. And by it testified. God himself. Speaking of it and noted it. God noted it. It had to be worship. You had to be the right place. Had to be the right to put God solid and plays. And here we have it. Here we have. Well I go to say names. Yeah. I got two men in my head here. We have a bus, a pole making mission of it, and Hebrews eleven, Hebrews eleven. And I make sure you understand that this comes right out of the Bible. Let me take you back, if I might. Let me see if I marked down the scripture here. Four and three, four and three. I got it here. All in three.

And in in process of time, it came to pass that Cain brought an offering of the fruit of the field, fruit of the ground and offer it until the Lord and Abel Abel. He also brought up the of the fresh talent of his flock of the first of his flock, and offered the fat thereof to the Lord.

And the Lord had respect unto Abel and not unto Cain. Now, you know, that was the source of the first murder. Cain was mad with Abel because Abels wash. It was real and Cain's wasn't. Isn't that what we have today in much of the world? People fussing over their religion person over which one has got the right one? Well, I can tell you it isn't mine is the Bible not not me, but the Bible. So we have a picture here of worship in the first family and an offer in offered until the Lord and offered a lamb slain. And the fact that were it had to be slain, had to be killed, had to die. And and and they often had to be offered under God. It required far to offer an offer to the Lord throughout the Bible. And so here we have a picture of the first church type setting in the Old Testament and the first family of Adam and Eve and their sons. Could you say praise the Lord? Now, you say I don't care about the church. Well, you've got a biblical problem. You've got a spiritual problem. And you've got an eternal problem. You really have. And I would say it's very important that you get it settled.

I would say it's very important that you get it settled now in God's house. God's house may be a beautiful house like we have here are God's house, may be a tent of God's house, maybe a brush arbor. I've been to brush harbors and her church. It may be a place set aside in the in the woods in a certain tree setting. It may be in some US base basement where they're meeting together in the process of of organized in a church. The Church of God, in his early years that I was part of, had many churches in front door for what's the door front. That's a little door, a little a place where there was a shop of some kind and it closed down and a church or rented it had a church inside a storefront building. And that's why the church would start and they'd start raising funds. And before long, that piece of land build a church and wouldn't be long. There'd be a church. The Church of God had, as had many like that and every other culture, every other nation. I don't know a religion that didn't start with things like that in their early days. That's that's fine as long as you dedicate the place and put an altar. No church can be called a church that doesn't have an altar. You got to learn that everywhere in the Bible. You. Find the church, you find an altar because the art is where God is represented in a sacrifice. The New Testament. That's it. There's an altar in heaven with the blood of Jesus on it. And I'll set and right in there now, sanctuary is an extension of that heavenly after. Do you understand what I'm saying?

That order in that sanctuary is an extension of that altar in God's heavenly sanctuary. And it's justice. Powerful. And I'll read your scripture later about you and in the New Testament and how we respect the altar and pray and seek God at the altar. But now let's go to the book of the book of Old Testament. The children of Israel march out of Egypt. Did you know there was about two million of them? It was one crowd of people. And God took care of them all the way through that through that desert to that desert and get it right here.

God took care of them. And it was marvelous. The results. You know. That one of the first things they started doing and God directed them to do this now was they built a tabernacle, a place where God could show up in their mess. That's what the purpose of a church is, a place that God can show up. A place where we worship him and God can show up. Do you know there are many testimonies of churches where the fire of God would come down and settle over top of the building? PA departments would come to put it out, find out it was wasn't that kind of fire and water didn't affect it? What happened to my home church? Well, I was converted in 1952. It happened before I came along. But I've had the testimonies of the very people who saw it, who saw the fire, who saw the experience. So a church is a place where God's people meet and meet God and God makes himself known to meet. Man Read The Book of Revelation, Chapter one. And you've got the the mighty Christ walking in the midst of seven golden candlesticks. What are those candlesticks? He names it. They represent seven churches, which represents the fullness of the church world. And so Jesus walked in the midst of the church. You go read Revelation Chapter one. I promise you, you'll see the great Christ as he walks among seven gold candlesticks. And then you'll hear him plainly say in his scripture that those candlesticks represent the seven churches of Asia and the seven churches of Asia represented the church from then until now. John, to go back quickly to it, I'm telling you, the Bible is just full of this wonderful truths. And when you understand it and get it fixed in your mind. Hallelujah. What a blessing it is. A massive unfunded right. Quick. And when I spelt. Well, when you go back, you don't have the right one, I say. I was in the spirit on the Lord's day and heard behind me a great voice as of a trumpet saying them Alpha and Omega. And I turned to see the voice to speak with me and see in seven golden candlesticks. And in the midst of the seven candlesticks, one lac onto the sun, a man close with a garment down to the foot and and draped about the pack with a golden girdle. I mean, it goes on to show that whole passage. That's an revelation. Chapter one. And you see the church. I didn't plan on that one. That's why I kind of messed around with it. I'm telling you, it is a joy. It is a joy. When you have these great truths of God and you live in it and you love them and you enjoy them and they they touch your life. I'm telling you, the church is real to me. When I got saved, I learned to love the church instantly. It didn't take me a bunch of days. I learned to love the church instantly. I'm telling you, friends are God's house has never been more important than it is today. It's extremely important. And we must love and understand the beauty of the House of God. I'm telling you, we must. Now let's go to Israel. Israel was leaving the land of Kanan. I mean, the land of Egypt saw leaving the land of Egypt. They'd been there over 400 years. They were in bondage. They were treated like nothing but slaves. That's all. They were slaves. They labored and they were beaten and they went to terrible things. Did you know that slavery. Did you know that that own enslaved is not something that started with America. It started with the world. It started all the way back and seen it start all the way through the scripture. It started in the coaches of the world. The people who founded America simply brought with them what they were used to and what they had come under in the end of prior world. And you've got to learn that. And you can look differently at those men who have founded America. They just were what they had been in the other countries before they came to America. And when you get all that in your head, you quit being so full of prejudice. Yes. And you quit trying to eliminate everything you know of historical importance because you understand the truth. You understand what the Bible is teaching us now in the in the wilderness. They live in Egypt. They own the way to the land of promise. But they need God with them. And God tells Moses how to build a tabernacle. God actually gives to Moses the description, the land, the size, everything that was about that temple, that our tabernacle that there were to be built or to bail because God wanted it built by his his divine direction because he was going to show up in that tabernacle. And did you know that when they finished and they dedicated that tabernacle, that the glory of God came down until the priest couldn't even stand the minister? It was it filled the house like a great cloud of Chicago glory. And and they all had to stand back while God made himself Rahula and rebuild himself. And I'm at church and I'm at the Tabernacle, a type of the church. The tabernacle in the temple were nothing but Old Testament types of the New Testament, you know. And when you understand the whole Bible, you quit being so full of all kinds of junk that preachers were preacher. Well, they haven't studied the Bible like they ought to and lived in the Bible like they are to God. The Bible is pure for him. And so God would come down and they worship God. And his glory was so wonderful. I got scripture I want to read you. I thought you would like this one. Yes. In numbers. Chapter twelve. In Verse one numbers. Chapter and verse one. And this is powerful. This really is powerful. And Marium and error. Aaron espec against Moses Marram and Arrow. That was his sister and his brother spoke against Moses because of the Ethiopian woman whom he had married. He had married an Ethiopian. And they were angry with him for mayor in this Ethiopian. I think you would call that prejudice, wouldn't you? I don't think you got anything else but prejudice for what he had poor.

He had married an Ethiopian woman and they said had the Lord indeed spoken only about Moses, has the Lord indeed spoken only about Moses, has he not spoken also by us?

And the Lord heard it got hurt him run their mouth and God did. You know, God hears everything you say. You better watch what you say. You better stop being a little more careful. Gagas. God's listening. Did you know he knows your thoughts so far all that. You know, the Bible said that he knows all about us. We are absolutely known by God, every one of us. The numbers on your head have been counted. And he knows when you lose a dozen combing your hair, I mean, the whole thing is so breathtaking. It is. We I love to preach this Bible because it's so wonderful. It's so biblical and and the and the man Moses was very meek, above all, the man with Quechua upon the face of the earth. I like that.

And they all speaking to the Lord and the Lord spoke suddenly under Moses and the Lord speaks suddenly under Moses and Aaron and unto Marian come and out there and unto the temple, under the tabernacle of the congregation. And they came. The three of them came out and the Lord came down. The Lord came down in the mist of the cloud and stood in the doorway of the tabernacle.

And I love this.

Stood in the door of the tabernacle and call Aaron and Moses. I mean, Aryan and Miriam. And they came forward and he said, Here now my words. If there be a prophet among you, I, the Lord will make myself known and to him and we'll speak to him in a dream.

Master servant Moses is not so.

Hoo hoo hoo hoo. Faithful who is faithful in all things. But with him will I speak mouth to mouth. Now listen, God appears in the door of the church, the tabernacle and calls Miriam and Aaron and tells them what they've done and how wrong it is and says to them, Now, poppets, I'll give them dreams. And also in the New Testament visions. But he says, the Moses. I talk to him face to face, mouth to mouth. Now, this is God's standing in the door of the church, standing in the doorway. It says, God stood in the door of the tabernacle. And you can't get no plainer than that. Well, see, that's how the Bible is. The Bible is this plain book that you can just find the great truths from one end of it. To the other, and they never. I love that. I really love that. That's the picture to me. And you can see that all through the Old Testament now from Humaira, from Adam and Eve in the garden. Their two sons worship an offer to sacrifice. And now you see the children of Israel coming out of Egypt. Well, they were not allowed to have a house of God. They were there as nothing more servants and became subject to the people of Egypt. But now they're marching toward the land. Well, if they had in place the Bible, don't speak of it. I presume they did. And now I'm kind of taken my own opinion there. But I want to tell you, on their way to the promised land, they needed God in the midst of them. And that's what America needs today. Could I tell you, America has a need. We need God in the midst of us. And that's what the churches posed to me. Now, many churches are not that anymore. But if eight if the real church would be the real church, if God's people would be the real people of God and we would get back again in our altars and start praying, start crying out to God if we're doing that right here with all we got. We're crying out to God for God to visit America, because the only hope for America is for the church to become the bedrock again. The church has got to be the bedrock. I said earlier you can open an abortion clinic anywhere in America, but they don't want the churches open in many places. And more and more churches are just having to close down because there has been so much sickness in their church. I don't know the reason for that. I just know we are not going to tolerate it happening here. We're going to stay. We're not face and we're going to pray. And all the angels overshadow this place and we're going to do all the cleanliness things, all the sanitary things. We're going to be so careful. We've gone. We're going to be so careful that Jake England be able to get in here. That's that's what that's a man we don't always know who might walk in that door. But I know one thing. I won't let somebody come in whom I suspect in any way would be here to father. So am I can be a bulldog when I have to be. You know, I don't want to be one, but I can be one when I have to be one. And I just want everybody safe and I want everything done right. And I want to be a blessing. And I want to see a revival of a mighty move of the Holy Ghost. And I know it's coming. I know it's coming. I know as they come in. I have no doubt about it. I know it's sickening. Now, I showed you that I don't have time. I could take you back in the Bible. Let's see where it is in Action 38 and show you how they built the altar. The altar in that tabernacle was of grave importance. It was built beautifully. It would cost a ton of money to build an altar today like they built for that altar offer that tabernacle in the wilderness. And they did it. Just coming out of Egypt. You know what the Bible says. The Bible tells of how the Holy Ghost moved upon many different ones of those Jewish people coming out of Egypt and gave them wisdom to do different things. That was great Meddings to be done. There were great, great Tyber tapestries to be made. You know, there were walls to be built. That was gold to be melted. And things were to be inlaid with gold or brass was used to melt the brass in in lace. Certainly the altar was inlaid with brass overlayed, I should say, with brass. I mean, you're talking about some breathtaking things that that happened.

And the building of that tabernacle and God was in the midst of it. God would make himself known. Oh, it was a beautiful thing. I go to thinking about it. I get overwhelmed. Then I move on to the David and Solomon. You know, David was dwelling in a house that was gorgeous. It was beautiful. I meant to have that scripture and read it to you. I didn't get that far. But Davis house was beautiful. And God got a hold of David. And David said it's not right. Here we are dwelling in these beautiful homes with ceilings and all kinds of beauty. And God is dwelling in a tent. And he says, that's not right. That's not right. And so he began to cry to God. And God gave him the measurements and all the directions that Bill got a house in Jerusalem. These things are beautiful when you understand them and you see there's no excuse. I mean, the House of God is of grave importance. You don't have to be a great big cathedral. I have no interest in being part of a cathedral of churches more than what we need right here. And it's beautiful. This building is worth about four million dollars. We built it with our own hands. We didn't even spend one hundred million. We spent probably seven, eight hundred thousand. It's all paid. Now, I want to thank God for that. Payment was about five thousand dollars a month for anybody nearly 20 years. Most of my. Salary went back to make those payments because I love the house of God. I love the guy. This is one preacher that loves coming here every morning at six o'clock and getting on my knees and waiting for God to show up. And could I tell you, he shows up. Could I tell you he shows up. So is really beautiful. Wish I had time for more of that. But let me take you to something that's quite beautiful. You know what David said, don't you? Let's see. That's in Psalms 122, Psalms 122 music by Mark that I'm not sure I did. But we'll find it. What does he say in marks 122? I'm read it to you. I can tell you I can quote it, but I prefer to read it because I want you to know it came from God. One, 22 and one I was glad. This is Psalms 122 personal one. I was glad when they said unto me. Let us go into the House of the Lord. I was glad when they said into me. Let us go into the House of the Lord. It was a awesome thing for David to go to the House of the Lord. It was an awesome thing. Could I tell you something he said in Psalms 22? Everybody in our Psalms twenty three. When I get twenty two times twenty three at Great Psalm, the Lord is my shepherd. The last verse, surely. Mercy. Mercy. I'm sorry. Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life. This is a day. But now he's talking about God. Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life. And I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever. Did you know that New Jerusalem is built as a house of God? Did you know that? Did you know you knew Jerusalem will have the word. The altar of God in the midst of it. And God himself and Christ the Lord and the Holy Spirit will dwell in that house. And that house is for the blood of Christ. The rest of the saved world can come to visit it. But the bride of Christ will live in it with him. It'll be like the the the bridegroom and his bride in the House of God call New Jerusalem, and we will spend eternity together. And that's why David could say, I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever, because he will say in that prophetically, he will say that prophetically, I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever. And that beautiful. You're talking about the house of God here. I mean, how beautiful the house of God is and how important it is. And you talk about a place, the new Jerusalem, the place where we all are going to dwell in the house of the Lord forever. Now there's a revival coming. A Holy Ghost awakening is coming. No ifs, no ends. The Barbeau made it plain. When God says something, God always keeps his promise. Nothing can change. When God said it and I want to tell you that this great revival is coming. You've been hearing me talk about it. I've been calling it a river, a river of the Holy Ghost. Well, that's the right term void. A river of the Holy Ghost is going to come pouring forward. And I want to show you where it comes from. You want to know why the river is coming from the River of the Holy Ghost? It's about to flow across this globe, about across this globe, all the way to talk to, I mean, every corner of this earth, every corner of this neck of these nations all over the world. It will be bigger many times over than this epidemic of this virus, the cholera, the cholera, cholera, Corneau. Well, I have a hard time saying that. But how this virus has spread over the world. I guess every nation has been touched by you way, too. God is still with his river and every nation will be touched by his river. He won't be a virus that that poisoned you. It'll be a grace that saves you. It won't be something that does your damage. It be something. Does you good. Hit a move of God that lifts you out of your terror and your sorrow. And you and your peers. And your anxieties. And I've got to tell you, it comes from God's altar. Let me read it to you afterwards. He brought me a part into that. And to the door of the house. This is the House of God. He brought me into the house of God. Behold, Waters is shipped out from under the threshold of the houses of the house. Eastward, from the forefront of the house, steered toward toward the east. And the waters came down from the under. Came down from under. From the right of the house. At the south side of the altar. At the south. He gives the Pacific direction of the House of God. In Jerusalem, that new temple that will be built after the rapture. Sometimes it's part of the early of the early seven year tribulation period that that new temple will be built. Here it is. And out of that temple is gonna flow this great river of Holy Ghost revival. Now, no, nobody that I know believes that it is only future. We believe that that House of God is right now in heaven and from the house of God, it's gonna flow this river of Holy Ghost revival. What are you listening to me?

It says in verse nine. Let me read it to you. Verse nine. It shall come to pass that everything that Libit, which a movie is, whether soever the river shall come, shall leave, shall live. And there will be a very great multitude of fish. This fish represents people's souls because this because these waters shall come hither, for they shall be a they shall be healed near with thayne shall live.

Whether the river touches everything shall live. Whether the river cometh. Everything shall live. Whether river cometh. And it comes from the altar. Altar is just one of the great truths in God's Bible. If your church don't have an altar, go to your pastor today or in the morning and say we've got to put the altar back. I know many churches. I've had churches. Tell me more. Ours is upstairs in the hallway. Well, ours has been moved to another part of the building. Oh, ours is stored in case we have only use it again. Well, the Holy Ghost call is called in you now to get back on that after and start waiting at that old start. Pray and at that altar, start getting yourself ready for God to use you at that altar. It's his wheel. Now, her mother asked Burse to go to.

And I want you to go with me to First Corinthians. First Corinthians. Chapter nine and 13. First Corinthians. Chapter nine and 13.

This is a powerful scripture and it's bakos in verse to deal with a little while and to give you an invitation to call as the lines are open. Seven oh four three nine one oh five eight eight seven oh four one three nine one oh five eight eight. Wherever you are, you can call and you'll get right in here with me. I've got it set. Well, I will hear it when it rings. I had to learn how to do that and I learned. And now I know.

And now you can call and we'll talk about this great idea of God's church, God's church, take heed into thyself and and the flock. That's the people. The flock, the crowd. Oh. Which the Holy Ghost have made you Obasi us to feed the Church of God, which he has purchased with his own blood. And you heard me read that from Act Chapter twenty. You heard me read it. You know. That's right. In the Bible. I'm not trying to tell you nothing that's not in the Bible is the inverse. Twenty and it's verse 28, First Corinthians, chapter 20, verse 28. Take heed that I selves and the flock over which the Holy Ghost have made you. Obasi is the feet. And he says these words now and I am posing nothing. He says these words into the Church of God, which I purchased with my own blood. And again, I'm not done that denomination and I'm not God's church, whoever that church is, that God wants you to take heed because it's your duty to feed the church, the flock of the church, the people of the church give them the word when they come in. Don't give them man's opinion. Give them God's word, God's book. When you close the Bible, you close the mouth of God forgive him. God's book.

Now, let me read to you and I want you to live by this. I want you to get this right in your heart. I don't want this just to be up to you here. I want you to go to your church today, tomorrow, get acquainted with the artist sitting down at the front entrance. That way should be go after getting the preacher to get it back in there and then learn this great scripture. Do you not know that?

They would minister about.

Holy things, do you not know that they which minister about holy things? Now you got those words, they which minister about holy things of the of the. I'm shy of the temple. And they would wait at the altar.

They which minister about holy things of the temple. And they which wait at the altar are part takeover's with the altar. Now there's a river flowing from the altar. And I want to be partakers of the river. How many of you out there can say a river is coming of the power and the might of the Holy Ghost? And I've got to be part of that river. How many of you can say that right now? Say it out loud. For those in your house and those in your car, are those at your job. And we'll be part of that river. That's coming from the altar. Cause God said, if I'll wait at the altar. That means you got to start praying. You've got to quit me on lazy. You've got to quit watching television all your spare time. You've got to quit playing golf all your spare times of fishing and hunting or whatever you use your spare time to do and get in your altar and start spending some hours. I'm telling you, there'll never be a Holy Ghost revival in any particular location without somebody spending. I was at the altar waiting on God because when you go to that old and you I says. And they will wait at the altar. Notice that. Wait. You know what that word means, don't you?

The word weight is a powerful theological word. It means that I have bound myself like codes of devotion, like like feathers of of complete abandonment. I have turned myself over to wait at the altar. I've turned myself over. I have done that very thing. I've turned myself over to wait at the altar. And I'm crying out to a preacher man and preacher people.

I'm crying out to the Sunday school teachers and autoworkers. I'm crying out to elders and deacons. I'm crying out to the congregational leaders and ministerial leaders. They learn that if you're going to be partakers of the altar, you have to wait at that altar. Is your out in your church. An extension of the one in heaven? The only way you can know that is if anointing from God is coming out of that altar and come in upon the people who wait in there. And people are beginning to get saved. You know, one of the great gifts of the Holy Ghost is his earnings spirits. And Dwight L. Moody had so much of the discerning of spirits that he could set out on the train beside somebody and they'd fall into conviction. He could walk through to a shop where they sometimes would take him when he's holding a revival in the city. And people would would at work look around and see Dwight Moody had fallen the conviction, get down on their knees and start getting saved. Now, let me tell you one about me. And Bill Osborne was out knocking on doors. We did that regular and he was one of the great knock door knock offs. And he came in one night and said by the chambers, I met this family that had an old book kindly ripped apart and torn a lot, but they wanted me to bring it to you. And so he handed me a book, a part of a book, most of a book. And that's what in the world is, as he said, that is about a revival that happened in the Presbyterian Church at Paul Creek, North Carolina. That's where I live. That's where this church is named after. We're right down the road from it. And he said this this press this book tells about this Presbyterian revival that took place right here in the community of Paul Creek. And it told the story of a book of a great, great what I called a while ago, Brush Harbor that was set up out in the woods. And they started a great Presbyterian revival cap meeting. And up to ten thousand people who are said in that book who have come to that camp meeting and multitudes were get and say, well, there was a neighbor who was upset because of this great event going on. So he got on his horse. And, you know, this was way back yonder. He got on his horse and he rode to the camp, disturbing the count. I mean, just a German stop this camp meeting and the Holy Ghost. This book tells it the Holy Ghost knocked him off his horse and knocked him on the ground. And he fell prostrate and couldn't move, couldn't get up, stayed there for some time. Kelly fell on the conviction, start sobbing, weeping, repent and got saved and got up from the altar. Oh, it was really at the altar. It was just out in the crowd. Got up from the crowd, work with a with a new heart. He was born again, born again, knocked off his horse and the Holy Ghost convicted him. This is Presbyterian. Yes. Our post today has never acted like that. You don't know what you're talking about. The Methodist acted that way. The Baptist acted that way. The Presbyterian's APTA acted that way, and the Pentecostalist used to act that way. I'm telling you, it's just wonderful when you see, oh, time, revival's, old time heartbreak in meetings. Well, you can read about the one on The Hobbit Islands. You can read about to get beaten up at the war. What's the name of that great university? Not Princeton and Harvard, but another name. It doesn't come to me right now. A great revival held there. I mean, this has happened all over the centuries at different locations. You could study and find different groups that came out of these great revivals. Well, multitudes were saved. The Methodist Church was born in a Holy Ghost revival. The Baptist Church was born in a Holy Ghost revival. The Presbyterian Church was born in the Holy Ghost revival. Don't don't kid me, folks. I know what I'm talking about. You know, when I got saved, I got saved. I started reading the Bible. I had to learn to read. I couldn't read. I got saved the 16th. I was a school dropout. I was. I was just dumber than than gully dirt. I mean, I was terrible. I started reading. They had to teach me how to read. Gave me a Bible. I learned to read with a King James Bible. And then I started reading books of of great man. I read the story of John Cabin and Calvin. I mean, I read the story of the Calvinist movement. I read the story of the Methodist movement. I read the story of all these different movements. And they were almost exactly alike. That made me a little theological difference at some point. It was it wasn't salvation points, you know. And and this is how revival was born but was born. And it kept the nation. America has been killed by the faithful people in the house of God. And right now, America is in is is in the throes of destruction. America is on the verge. Are we going to go after this crazy way of godlessness? So we're going to turn back to the wonderful ways of the Bible. Is the church gonna be the church again? That the church should be the church, that the people rejoice? I can't sing it because I don't know enough of it. That's the song. But I'm telling you, this time the church was the church and the church got on fire. This time the church got in this Bible and Leo by this Bible, not some theology. Some dude wrote in a theological setting. I'm telling you. Let's get back to the book. Let's get back to the book. Let's get back to God's word. Let's have a move of the Holy Ghost that breaks through the barriers, not God. I got eight, seven minutes. I'd like to take three or four calls. Would you call right quick? I got it fixed. I can hear you. The lines are all on and you'll be only a minutes time. OK. I would love to have you. Seven 040 three nine one oh five eight eight seven oh four three nine one oh five eight eight.

I'm waiting on you to call. I won't. So much to have you right here on this line with me and talk about what we're what we're dealing with and how much do you love the church in about how to love the church. MAN two I love the church. My wife and I are gay. Probably half of our money all these years to the church at least. Hey, I'm got out every bit of our salaries, everything we've got to hold up, everything we made. We didn't win it for us. We belong to the church, the churches, our is our life. And the future of the church is Oberhelman folks. Do you understand? He won't be alone until will be on the other side with the great crowd of God's saints. I'm telling you, that's going to be something special. That's going to be something special. I intend to be there right in the middle. I'm getting the song ready. Take me a minute here. I want you to call me. I really do. I want you to call me. And I want you to be part of a conversation for a few minutes here and talk about what God can do, what God's going to do, what God's about to do, if we'll let him. The Great River. This coming and talk about the church. Are you dedicated to the church? I'm telling you, you be in God's house in the morning, go somewhere. They're doing the safe things. I don't I don't suggest you go into one that cares nothing about being safe. Well, they don't care about people sanitizing their hands and don't care about keeping a distance. That's not right. That's not right. Good people can get sick. Christian people can get sick. Godly people can get sick. You understand? That's why we have healing virtue. And so I'm telling you. Be right. Be fair. But you could come to Paul Creek and I guarantee you you're gonna be in a good church where the Lord is real, in his presence is real. And you're gonna love it. I'm preach. The comforter has come. Did you hear me? I'm a preach the comforter, Heska. And I hope you'll be here. I've got five minutes now. The church is the church. It always has been. Nothing like the real church, a church that is in the book. A church that has pre-war ideas that get. Often pray. A church that sings the songs of Zion and worship God. Oh, I love singing when it's full of the Holy Ghost. I love singing when there's a person on that piano. Yet that guitar net that a set of drums and whatever you got, saxophone, love saxophone. You know, I love it. I love worship, old fashioned worship. It thrills my. It thrills my heart. It thrills my heart. And I want you to love it. I want you to love it now. Telephone call. Seven oh four right now. Seven oh four three nine one oh five eight eight. I'm waiting for you to call me. Seven oh four three nine one three nine one oh five eight eight. You see the number, the top there's the seven oh oh oh three nine one oh five eight eight. You call that number Monday about school two. You'd call that number Monday about our school. We're gonna be open, have school the right way. We're gonna be open and have school the right way. I'm telling you, it's a mess out there. And it got so many different ways they're going. They don't. They aren't. I'm sure that they'll tell you right now. May change tomorrow. It may change tomorrow. That's why. Because I really don't know. They really don't know. But I'll tell you one thing. And God knows we've got I've got my teachers fasting and praying. We meet again Tuesday to finalize everything so that we do everything right. Everybody's treat it right and we are excited about it. We've here they are and we're excited about church. I hope you'll be here in the morning. I really do. Now I'm going to talk to you about the sermon. I plan to preach on the comforter has come. Do you think that you can figure any day, anything in it, any promise that's greater than the comfort of the Holy Spirit that comes into our life? When you say when you're born again, the comfort takes up his abode. Jesus said that that comforter will be with you forever. He said an ax to the promises and to you and to your children and to as many as far off as many as the Lord. Our God should call as many as the Lord, our God Shuko. You are one of those that the grace of God calls, and God appeared in grace to all man that all be saved. He's not willing that any should perish. He wants every one of you to be saved. And so I hope you will get the message and come here. The sermon on the comforter has come. I'm excited. No, I'm. I'm not gonna tell you. The Holy Spirit can change my mind. I'm his. And he'd change anything about me. He wants to change. I'm here for his change. I'm here to be his. I'm here to walk with him and obey him and please him. That's all I want to do. And I want to bless you. I want to bless you. I don't. How many more years I got. But I feel like I got a few. And I'm gonna dedicate all I am to you and to the school and to the church and to the people of God, to new people who have not been saved. If you're not saved, I want to see you give say. Do you understand? To be lost and to spend eternity in hell is almost too miserable to even talk about. Can you understand? Devil hell was created for you. For you. But for the devil and his angels. But you will go there if you don't serve Jesus. The only way your sins can be forgiven is the blood. The blood of Jesus will wash you as white as the ribbon's snow. The blood of Jesus will make you holy and purer. And you will be happy and a joyful person. It will do things for you that nothing else can do. Because God cares about your soul. God cares about your soul. It's God's will. The Savior is God's will to work America. Línea is God's will to show you his grace is God's will to do wonderful things for you. And I and I care. I pray my men. I pray early. We pray now at six o'clock every morning. That's been going on over two years. We're working in our third year waiting in that altar in there for God to give a sovereign revival in Charlotte, North Carolina. How one, a revival starts at the mayor's office and known and that it touches the last soul in this city. I want to see God move a sovereign visitation. How will to see centers where we spend our way through the Calvary and really yearning and coming to know the Lord in all the splendor of his righteousness? I'm telling you, there's nothing in the world that matches save soul. There's nothing in the world a match, a saved soul. When God gets a hold of you, he'll make a new creature out of you and you'll never be the same. I pledge to you, when you give your life to Christ, you'll never be the same. I don't play games with him. Don't play games with it. Your soul is too important for you to play games with it. Christ loves you and Christ cares about you. And Christ is reaching for you. Well, I know I've got to go church tomorrow. So church begins at 11:00 in the morning and 6:00 tomorrow evening. You have a great big welcome. You have a great big welcome. You will be honored on Palmyra's you and we will treat you nothing but write nothing but write because we care about your soul for him. We really do. God bless you. May God's grace go with you. May God's grace keep you. You are important. You are important to us. And we want you to live for Jesus. We really do. You're important to us. And we want you delivered Jesus. We really do. Hallelujah. God bless you.

Whose is God?

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