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The Devil Hates the Blood of Jesus Christ

Open Bible / Rev. Joe Chambers
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August 15, 2020 10:32 am

The Devil Hates the Blood of Jesus Christ

Open Bible / Rev. Joe Chambers

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August 15, 2020 10:32 am

THE TOTAL POWER IN THE REDEMPTION OF MAN AND IN THE PURIFYING OF THIS UNIVERSE IS BOUND UP IN THE DIVINE BLOOD OF CHRIST’S DEATH. Without this sacrifice man is lost and the Lake of Fire will be his eternal destiny. Except by His blood offering this earth will continue on ... Read More

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Who when she touched the palm of his. That's just one of the stories that everybody. A lot of facts. The man felt when his eyes were healed, he went running through the screaming.

When the thousands of patients were seen packing up the rest. I wish I could see that can be done. Can speak and see the mouth of the people. Jesus. I know that when the Roman way they look at something going on and Paul is out and I really wish I could.

Was well out of his and a Galilean storm, he started coming off the Marine base. No smell. I want to taste a tease, he's just. The thousands. Boy. I wish I could have been complete here. Nothing has been see the multitudes of people Jesus bless.

The way mostly I people see that, but I really wish I could I wish the thousands would just efficiency pack up the rest. I wish I could just be here to see the moment. But this plan just fell away when I left the southern border to see you think he is.

I really wish I could see it. I believe that he is really. Thousands were conditions. I just think that maybe we can see the moment to people, Jesus, bless you. I don't get in the way. It's not a great made. I mean, really.

I was shocked. Could have been there. Wouldn't that have been something? Wouldn't that have been something? Would you like to have been there? But he's doing those miracles today. Not as many as we ought to have, but we're doing our best to pay the price for more and more wonderful miracles. I want miracles. I want miracles. I'm in the market for miracles. I say market. I'm in the altar. In the altar for miracles. I want you healed. I want you to know the touch of God. I want you to know the beauty of his hand. Because he is a mighty redeemer. He is a mighty savior. I love you today. I've got a I got a program for you that I think is just from the Lord. That devil hates the blood of Jesus Christ. Did you know that the devil hates the blood of Jesus Christ. But the devil can't do one thing about that blood. Because the blood of Jesus defeats every demon and every devil. Every time the devil does, the blood of Jesus defeats it. You have got to learn to depend upon the blood. If there's anything I say to God's people and God's church in this hour in which we live. But if you've got to learn to depend upon the blood, you've got to learn to depend upon the blood. We know we Pentecostals talk about the mighty power of the Holy Ghost. I want to tell you, the Holy Ghost does nothing but what the blood is done. He works to make the blood real. He works to show forth the power of the blood. The Holy Ghost up is God's agent of power to manifest how that God, the Father and God the son is. You can depend on that. That's just the way it is. And I am happy about it. And today, as never before, in fact, for several weeks now, I've been really studying the Bible about the blood I've preached. Last Sunday on five supernatural things the blood does for you. I'm continuing to Mara. I've got four already lined up. I probably will have another. I'll have probably more nine preachin in the time allotted to me. But I'm telling you, you need to understand the power of the blood and you need to know that that blood, that power is is absolutely nip tuck. You know, the word of nipple, it is up nitpicked. It's not only up nip. It is OPNET prescient. And it's not only Eibner present, it's up Nishan of mission. Everything about the blood, his obliterate out of mission, obnoxious and unimpressive homy. Whatever you are, it don't matter. Australia. South Africa. Up in Russia. Down in South America. Up in Canada or anywhere in America. The blood of Jesus Christ is mighty. To deliver is mighty. But you've got to have an absolute faith in that blood. You've got to quit fiddling around with it and learn to trust the power of the blood. The blood is mighty to save. The blood is mighty to heal. The blood is mighty. To do everything that this Bible talks about him do. Now, let's let's go to the Bible. Let's remember, this is a testament. We call it the Old and New Testament. Are really one. They blend together perfectly, blend together. So you have the testament right here in my hand. What is a testament? It's a wheel. It's something that somebody that was going to die wrote to you so that when they died, you would have the promises within the wheel. So the testament is the wheel of Jesus Christ will take you by his blood and by his death. And the Holy Spirit is the agent that takes all of this power and makes it real in your life. But but your dependency is not on the Holy Spirit. It's on the blood. You call on the blood. You depend on the blood. Your trust in the power of the blood. You do what the Bible says. And then you stand on the covenant, which is the wheel, the covenant of God. He made a covenant. It's a two sided covenant. You get the you get the positive side. He spoke from that world. It was positive, too. But he spoke the truth of it. And now we have the action of it. And the Bible is. Yes, that book of action. That book. Why the Holy Ghost Takes the Will of Jesus Christ and applies it to your life. Now, are you allowing him to do that? Are you allowing him to do. How long has it been since you heard a sermon about the Bible and the blood? I'm sorry about the blood. How long has it been to share the sermon about the blood? I'd like to help several people to call me today and tell me about the last sermon you heard about the blood. I don't think most preachers are preaching about the blood. I've not heard a sermon in some time. Long time about the blood. The blood is the centrality of everything. We. And everything we've seen, he wouldn't say, God forbid that I should. Glory save in the course of our Lord Jesus Christ. God forbid that I should go save in the cross. I don't have any glory but the cross. The glory is not me. The glory is not this church. The glory is not anybody out there. The glory is not the 3.000. That was my wife one. The glory is in the blood and in the cross. Every bit of the glory is in the cross. A man who glories in himself is is a foolish man. A very foolish man. A woman who glories in herself is a foolish woman. A very foolish omen. God forbid that I should glory save in the course of our Lord Jesus Christ. Now, let's dig into this cross a little bit today. Let let's dig into the blood and what the blood has accomplished fortnights. We'll start in the book of Hebrews. The Apostle Paul said some powerful things in the book of Hebrews. We'll start with Chapter nine, verse eleven, chapter nine and verse eleven.

Will you listen carefully? Get your Bible out, would you? Get your Bible out and begin to read about the blood. I've got a sermon here that is the essence of this program and it's on the Internet. And you can get this whole article is a huge article, quite a few pages. You get the whole article by going to W depth. Well, you don't need to put the w w w Kev you want to, but Paul Creek Dot org. Paul Creek P.A. w c r e k dot org.

And you'll get our Web site. And you'll go on there to the sermon today. Look for the date of open Bible dialog and get today's program. It'll be up a little bit after 2:00. And you can read this whole article. You can read it. The Divine, the devil hate hates the blood of Jesus Christ. The name of the article is The Blood of Covenant. The Blood of his Coven.

I really want you to go read that. Every preacher ought to read that. And maybe, yeah, some many preachers preach sermons out for the Internet and off the Web site page. Well, preach this sermon. I'd love for you to do it. Get in. Get in it. Get your heart in it. No, don't just preach it like something you memorize, but put your heart in it and preach to your people about the blood. Every church needs to re establish the confidence and the trust in the blood in their church. Andrew Mary wrote some wonderful books about the blood. He was a South African preacher who really experience the great Holy Ghost awaken in his Presbyterian church in South Africa. And you wrote books that came out of that. And they were mighty and wonderful stuff. So Andrew Mary's books are wonderful books about the blood. Wonderful books about the blood. But let's go to the Bible. The Bible is the source of Hebrews nine and 11, but Christ be income a high priest of good things to come by greater and more perfect tabernacle not made with hands. That is to say, not of this building. Did you hear that, Maria? Again. But Christ being calm. A high priest have good things to come by a greater and more perfect tabernacle not made with hands. That is to say, not of this building, neither about the blood of goats and calves, but by his own blood, neither by the blood of goats and calves, but by his own blood. He entered and once noticed as they entered in Onesta in two he entered in once into the holy place. Entered was sent into the holy place and obtain a turno redemption for us. Now where and when did he enter into the holy place. When did he go into that place. That is known to in the Bible as the holy place. Not the earthly one, but the heavenly one. The Bible tells us, and I must read this to you and John in a little bit. When he was resurrected on the morning of the resurrection. Mary Magdalene came to the tomb, to the graveyard looking for him and she found him. She didn't know at first. He she thought he was the gardener. But when she realized it was the Christ. He said to her. Don't touch me. Don't touch me. He said, and go tell my disciples. I send the father, my father and your father. He said that go tell them a sin. When he ascended to heaven, it was temporary. Only that day he was back before the day was over and he ascended to heaven. What did he do? That is very plain. Very simple. He entered in once into the holy place. He went into the temple in heaven and put his blood on the altar of heaven. His blood is on the altar of heaven right now. Right now. The blood of Jesus Christ is on the altar in heaven. Oh, brother Chambers'. I don't believe that. Well, then you need to your Bible and you need to get on your knees and start doing some study. Could I tell you that open revelation 19. He takes his own garment, his own garment on which he is clothed and puts it his best year and dipped it in blood. Now, where did he get the blood? There's no blood in heaven, but his blood has showed me no animal slain up. There have been no human being slain up there. My Bible says flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God. There's no blood up there except his book and his blood is in this place right here. Well, he says a hundred in once the end of the holy place had been a turn. Eternal redemption. His blood was divine. Bloody can die. His blood can no more dad than than than he himself could die. Except he did it of his own accord. And so his blood is in heaven on the altar, and he will dip his garment in it before he comes back at the Battle of Armageddon to clean up the weakness in the set up his. Kingdom on this Earth for a thousand years. I'm telling you, that's good stuff to dig out for him. That's good stuff to steady. And this is not something new. It's as old as the Bible is. It's just that it isn't being preached today. And so most of you have never heard it. We we we don't get that deep in most the theological circles. We stay on the shadow of things. On the verge edge of things. But God is cold. I'm telling you. Now listen to me. I hope you will. We are fixin to see the end. The end is in the making. I'm telling you right now the Lord God is going to have the last word. And I'm telling you that the seven year judgment is coming. I don't know when it will start. The rapture has got to happen first. But I know even now we're going to hear more and more about the blood. And we'll be talking more and more about the blood. I'm looking for a wonder in the heavens. And do you know what I'm actually expecting God to put in the heavens? Is a great cross that is going to be dripping in blood. His blood is going to become visible for the world to know that the blood of Jesus is the only means of redemption. The only means of salvation. And that blood is going to come into focus. And then in the very short time, maybe any day now, maybe even today, that blood's going to come into focus and this world is going to begin to understand. That is the blood. It's hail. It's the blood or it's eternal damnation. It's the blood or it's the lake of fire. You choose. Do you want to be washed in the blood? Do you want to spend eternity in hail in the lake of fire? You must make that choice. I can't make it for you. I don't want to make it for you. If I could, I would. And it would be. Yes. I surrender. I give my scepter that cleansing of that blood. And I want you to do that. I want you to do that well. This Bible is so powerful for me. Read on a little bit here. Let me read that verse again. Neither by the blood of goats and calves, but by his own blood, his own blood. He entered in once you say his blood was built on the cross. This would have to be after the resurrection. Well, I don't know how they did it, but I know the blood of Jesus was transported to heaven. And I know the blood of Jesus was placed on that altar. The Ark of the Covenant. I know the blood of Jesus is still there, just as full of life as it ever was. You couldn't be saved, are you? You couldn't be forgiven. And I wouldn't even be saved up if it hadn't been for that wonderful blood. So the blood has been placed on the altar in heaven. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. I love it. I love how much more. How much more. How much more, my friend. How much more shell the blood of Christ who's to the eternal spirit offered himself without spot to God. Purge your conscience from evil works are dead works to serve the living God. Now I've got to go back and read verse 50 percent of the blood of bows and of goats and the sprinkling of a helpless sprinkling of the untrain to the purifying of the flesh of the sanctified of the flesh. How much more? I mean, throughout the Old Testament, the blood was a shadow, a shadow of something wonderful to come on the day of Christ. Something glowed. But that shadow was sufficient. Yes, the shadow of the blood was sufficient to cleanse Abraham and Isaac and Jacob and Owen and Owen to the Bible. That blood was capable, although it was yet a shadow, although it was yet to be offered. Although it was yet in the great plan of God, the blood of bulls and goats was the type was a type and a shadow of that future sacrifice. And it was sufficient to save sanctified clans, make them pyra, make them holy. David became a man after God's own heart. You sure won't quit. But it became one after God's own heart. Abraham became known as the father of faith. Great people in the Bible, Old Testament. I speak up that by the sacrifice of the blood, Moses was saved by the sacrifice in a shouter of the blood of Jesus Christ, the son of God. Now, for the only way you can be saved. And cleanse and purify is by the blood. If you do not trust the blood, not all made some to a penny anything. I don't mean some word that some preacher says over you at the altar. Stand in there. Still live in in your sande's. You are no intent of of repentant, no tears on your eyes. Let me tell you what you need to do. You need to get in that altar and get on your knees before Almighty God and let the glory of his presence and his blessing overshadow you. That the glory of his divine joy overshadow you. I promise you, heaven will respond and you'll be wonderfully converted. And you'll be so proud that you came to Christ. You know, I came to him sixty eight years ago and I was a 16 year old brat. I could. I could read or write. I was so dumb and illiterate. It was pathetic. But Jesus saved me. Made a new creature out of me. And it's all by grace. I would be sitting here of no value at all. I could you know the things of God. If you hadn't taught me. So it's all him. It's none of me. It's all of him. If Abba. You've said none to me. But all of the Abba. None of me. But all of the. If ever you said that you knew. Say it over and over and over. I'll never forget an old pastor friend of mine. If I did with my state overseer, another brother, brother LeMans. Oh, what a dear man he was. And he had the sweetest thoughts to say about his trust in Christ. His dependency on Jesus. Not by works of righteousness, but by his grace. That's that's what we all must say. Not by what you are. Not about what you could do, but what he's done for you. Hey, Luke, you're not wonderful. Well, I hadn't finished reading this. I'm sorry. I get excited about it. If the blood of bulls and goats and heifers were sprinkling of the unclean would sanctify them. How much more shall the blood of Christ? Who through the eternal spirit, who through the eternal Holy Spirit, offered himself without spot that God purge your conscience from evil works to serve our dead works, he says, to serve the living God. Do you want your conscience purged? You want this head of yours to be cleaned up until there's no guilt up there? Think about it. A prayer meeting on Tuesday night for late for mothers who had aborted their babies, aborted their children. There's been millions of them. We go America goes crazy over one hundred thousand or so that's died from this virus. I feel that pain. I hurt for those people that died. But how about the millions that we've killed. At the end of a doctor's instrument. I'll. My friend. My friend. God is holding us for all that. Oh, the death of those of those wonderful children. God is holding us right now. And we'd be judged. That's what this virus is all about. His God is saying, how long would you kill your little children? How long will you promote same sex marriage? How long will you promote the morality of every description? How long will you be a part of such careless living? That's what he's saying to us. And he's calling us to the altar. And why don't you lead the way? You can't do it for them, but you can do it for yourself. And in a way, you can do it when you do it for yourself. You're doing it for everybody. How I'm doing if I ever hear about. I promise you, Jesus is calling us to repent. Jesus is calling us to repent. And I'm telling you. You watch my word. That's gonna be a sign in the heavens above a wonder. I could should call it in the heavens. A bird, a wonder. I don't know what it would be. I pray it will be a cross. Just absolutely throbbing with blood. So some men will know his blood is alive right now. It is throbbing with life. On the altar of the father in the holy place in heaven. And you can depend on that and you can be saved right now. You can be healed right now. Whatever your miracle is, you need that. If it's in the Bible and you've got the palm of stand on it and don't waver. Don't waver. And I owe a stand on it and believe God and he's big enough and sufficient enough and faithful enough to give you a miracle. I'm praying for somebody right now. I'll be healed by the power of the blood, they say, by the power of the blood. Repent of your sin, dear friend. Ask him to forgive you. Ask him to wash it and believe him that he will wash you from head to toe. So in his blood. And make a holy vessel out of you. You say I could never leave. Holy. I know you can't. But he can. I know you can cleanse yourself. But he can. You've got to repent. You've got to be sick and tired of that mess you've been living in. You've got to be sick and tired of the booze you've drunk. Now, all the things I've seen that you've involved in and in and deluded yourself and I'm telling you, come to Christ. And he wants to save you. Now, let me go on, because I want you to take all of this with you. One more scripture. And for this cause, he is the mediator of the New Testament. Now, notice that for this cause, because he shed his blood, he is the mediator of the New Testament. That by means of death. By means of death, for the redemption of the transgression that were first under the first testament and which I call a mate. We received the promise of eternal inheritance. The promise for were a testimony is there must also be the death of a testate tall for a testament is a force after men are dead. Otherwise. It is of no strength while yet that person live it so that you got it. The testator is dead. That's the Lord Jesus Christ. And the testator are the testament is alive because the testator is dead. Now the blood of that covenant is the Froben powerful penetrating. Never die in blood. Divine blood of the divine person that we call Jesus Christ that we know as the son of the living father, the great God. He's so loved the world. He gave his only begotten son that whosoever believe within him should not perish, but should have everlasting life. Not want to take you to that scripture in John. I think you need to hear it now. Thank you. Need to see it. When Jesus was wooden, when he was when he was resurrected the morning of his resurrection, Jesus babies read Grow 16. This is St. John Chapter. Chapter 20. St John. Chapter twenty sixteen. You got it. Jesus said to her, Mary. This is Mary Magdalene. She turned herself and sent them to him. Rabinow that is to say, Mashita. She saw it was Jesus. She saw it was Jesus. She first thought he was the gardener. But now she saw it was Jesus. Jesus said that to her. Touch me. Not now. I want every one of you religious people who know a little bit about the Bible to listen to this. This is Saint John. Twenty and verse seventeen. You got that? Jesus said. And to her touch me.

Not for I am not yet ascended to the father. I have not yet ascended to the father. You know, he was there for 40 days. You understand that. But he had to temporarily ascend to the father. And he said to mark Mary Magdalene. Don't touch me now. Why did he say don't touch me? Because he was the live in sacrifice. He had offered his blood, but he had to make that offer not just on the cross. He had to make it in the temple, in heaven. He had to go into the holy of holies.

And put that blood on the altar, just like the priest would do. And the and the priesthood of the Old Testament. Now, Jesus had to follow the same pattern. So he had to ascend. He had to go to heaven.

And he had to go into the temple. He had to go into the holy of holies. And he had to put that blood on the altar. And I'll read this again. Jesus says, and touch me, not Paul. I am not yet ascended to the father. I'm not yet ascended. But go go and and tell my brother in and say under them a sin. And to my father and your father. And to my God and your God. Hallelujah. But by the chambers, he appeared to the disciples that evening, that evening, he appeared to the disciples. But he had had to go to heaven. And he's sending Mary Magdalene to tell them he's going to go to heaven.

He's got to go to the father. And then we just saw that in Hebrews nine. While he entered into the holy place, entered into the holy place and offered the blood on the altar. Now, I don't know what this does anything for you, but it sets my heart aflame. I will never forget the morning in that sanctuary. And there I was that preach. It was about half way down the aisle from the from the from the altar toward the back, Noah. And all of a sudden the Holy Ghost gives me this inspiration and I cry out. Hey, wait a minute. When he put that cape about himself in heaven before he mounted his white horse, he dipped that cape in blood. Now, how in the world did blood get to heaven? How in the world was an animal slain? Well, the people know none of that happened. Read your Bible for yourself. The only blood up there was when he had offered in that holy place that we read about in Hebrews nine and that we see here now, in his words in John. Twenty seventeen, my friend, that blood is only out in heaven. Are you hearing me? You go get your pastor, man. Dig into that and learn hwat by the chambers. His teacher knows. And you start showing us that that blood is in heaven. Now all you all you must do, every one of you is come to Christ in total surrender and claim the blood of Jesus Christ. Oh, your proud life needs to be cleaned. And the blood, all the promises of God in this Bible are sealed with the blood. There's nothing else that makes these promises alive. But the blood of Jesus Christ, the son of God. I'm not helping you. Oh, I pray about the help of God. But the sweet Holy Ghost I'm believe in for a great sovereign revival. I believe in a mighty move of the Holy Ghost. But the Holy Ghost cannot move. But by the blood offering of Jesus Christ. And the promise. And when there's a promise and there's a covenant, there's got to be both the covenant maker and the covenant keeper, the covenant maker and the covenant keeper. He's the covenant maker. You are the covenant keeper. You will get what you believe the part about the blood wants to give you. If you will totally surrender and start claiming the blood of Jesus Christ. I hope I'm getting the cross because I know this is divine truth. This is heavenly truth, my friend. This is mighty truth. And this truth will change the church world. We'll have the Holy Ghost awaken. We'll have a Holy Ghost read Bible. If we all get into this truth and start liberty and start believe in it and start claiming it, it's God's promise to us. Hey, hey, hey. I know what you know, but I feel the mighty Holy Ghost sitting here. I feel the mighty holds Holy Ghost shit in here. Now I got more scriptures to read. I'm fixing to read them to you. But I would love it if you'd pick up that phone and call and ask me some question about all of this. And let me make it as plain as the Bible has made it for you. I will. I promise you, God will help me make it plain. Grab your phone. Seven oh four three nine one oh five eight eight seven oh four three nine one oh five eight eight. And I will answer your call and put you right on the air. I got the phone set. Now, have you have people listen to you. It will be a delight and a joy. It'll be a delight and a joy. So do it if you will. Do it if you will. And you've got to understand in the Book of Revelation, this truth of the blood of Jesus just comes alive. Let me tell you how many times Jesus is called the Lamb of God or the Lamb in the Book of Revelation doesn't start the Chapter four, but from Chapter four to 22, he is called The Lamb of God or the Lamb. Just simply the lamb. Twenty three times. Twenty three times you can take the Book of Revelation and you'd hold in your hand and you can say this is a testament that Jesus Christ seal with his blood. It calls him the lamb. Why was he called the lamb? Because he was slain. A Lamb of God is a picture of the crucified Christ, not the live in Christ preaching on the streets of Jerusalem. And in the different areas of Israel, it was the Christ who was crucified, the lamb. Here's a picture of the slain son of God, the crucified son of God. When you mess with the Book of Revelation, you are messing with a book of him. You're messing with a book that belongs to the Christ. I'm telling you, if ever you've got in this book and lived, you need to do so today. I hope everybody's here. And me. Really do. As far as I know, it's going everywhere that he intended to go. And I pray how many of you remember how many of you remember all the beauty of the Old Testament, their sacrifices, and how the shadow of the blood was so redemptive? How to remember the brazen serpent, the brazen serpent. That one, they looked upon it. They were instantly healed. And there the old shepherd was defeated. If I could get everybody listening to me to look this morning. This was the scene this afternoon. Yet you looked at the blood and nothing but the blood. If God is ever changed me and made me dependent on the blood has never before he's doing it had been crying out for a faith that is anchored in nothing but the sacrifice of the blood. I've been crying out that all I am is at his disposal. And by his grace is that we can touch our world. Are you ready? Are you ready to help me touch our world? Well, there's so many things in this great book. And I've got to read all of them to you. I really have. They are wonderful to me. Let's go back to Hebrews chapter team and versus 19. Oh, this is a part of the Book of God that I love Hebrews. I preached from this last Sunday morning. I preached from this last Sunday morning. Pontelli Scriptures here. I'll tell you, I love the Bible. How many of you really love your Bible? Do you. Do you really love your Bible? Here we are now. And the Book of Hebrews, Chapter 10. Let me read you a little more about this. Power of the blood. The power. Heaven.

Therefore, brother in heaven. Therefore brethren to enter into the holiest. By how the blood of Jesus. How do you pray?

Do you pray. According to how strong you feel and how much you think your faith is worth. And how strong you feel your faith is. How do you play in total dependency on the blood? Absolute total dependency on the blood has. Therefore, brother and boldness turn into the holiest about the blood of Jesus by a new and living way.

See the Old Testament, the New Testament. The New Testament is the new and living way. The Old Testament is a shadow. This is no longer Shatta. It's the real thing. By new and live in way which he had consecrated far as through the veil. That is to say, his flesh. The son of God was divine. Every every part of his being was divine.

He was conceived by the Holy Ghost. He was the son of God in Mary's womb. Are you listening to me? He was the son of God in Mary's womb. Have you. Have you have you have you dedicated yourself to know that Jesus Christ was the son of God in Mary's womb and the whole of that place. And you will come back. But go with me. Back to Luke. Go with me. Back to Luke. I want you to see something, will you?

When Jesus was conceived in Mary's womb, when Jesus was conceived in Mary's womb, the first thing he did post a she did. I'm sorry. The first day Mary did what she left to go to her cousin's house. Elizabeth. She had to go and let Elizabeth Elizabeth, who is to be the mother of John the Baptist. Now, Elizabeth was six months pregnant. John the Baptist was in her womb and Mary entered in to Elizabeth's house. It entered it. And the angel said to her, If you're not Mary, Paul now has found favor with God. And behold, thou shalt conceive in the womb and bring forth a sound. And she'll call his name Jesus. The angel said, call his name Jesus. And Mary and Mary Rose those days and went into the hill country made with haste under the city of Judah and entered into the house of Zach Zacharias and saluted Elizabeth, who's Elizabeth? The wife of Zacharias, the mother of John the Baptist. And it came to pass that when Elizabeth heard the salutation of Mary the baby six months, John leaped in her womb. And Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Ghost. Now, that's in the Book of Luke. If you want to go read it, Chapter one. And it goes on to say that John the Baptist. Six months. Conceived. Three months until a birth. In the womb of Elizabeth also was filled with the Holy Ghost.

And somebody says, when does life begin? It begins at conception. I'll tell you when it begins. The moment that babies conceived in Mama's womb, there is an eternal soul in that mother's womb, an eternal soul. And that mother, that mother, if she gets saved later on in life and goes to heaven, she will meet her little baby that she killed in her womb. If that don't scare the hell out of you, I don't know what it would take to scare the hell out of you. I am. Listen to me. I'm telling you that we must understand this. Life is a miraculous life. It's not just a few short minutes or a few short hours, a few short years or maybe even 100 years. It's an eternal light. You will be somewhere in eternity. And those babies will be somewhere in eternity. And I know I know I probably got some people turned off with that. But I'm sorry. But I just want you to understand that Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Ghost. But Mary's presence, though Mary, could not have been pregnant more than 24 hours, maybe less than 24 hours, maybe two days, no matter. Very little is gonna happen in, say, two or three day span in the womb of Mary, except that baby is conceived in her and Jesus was within the bowels of Mary. And so his presence caused Elizabeth to be filled with the Holy Ghost and called the baby six months, three months until birth. John the Baptist to leap in her womb. And scripture also said he was filled with a Holy Ghost. Now, friend, these kind of truths are over my head. They really are. But I am willing to say them because I believe the Bible is infallible. And I don't believe I have a right to mess with nothing. I believe I have a right to mess with nothing and give it to you. Now, let's go back to Hebrews. I want you to get this and I want you to take it home with you. And I pray that God would get a hold of you. And if you don't believe everything I said, at least believed the power of the blood and start claiming that power of the blood. And I start crying out for God to feel you with his great spirit and open your heart to the blood. And for every promise in this Bible, claim the blood. Don't try to live God by your own strength. I've been saved 68 years. And I dare not trust your chambers. Had Darren trust in myself. I trust only in the power of the blood to keep me. I've been yearning lately to be more committed to him than ever. And I finally reached a place where I am saying I am crucified with Christ. Nevertheless, I leave, yet not I. But Christ live within me and the life which I now live. I live by the faith of the Son of God who loved to me and gave himself for me. I'm yearning for that. Paul said. The latter part of his ministry. I can't. Not my step to be apprehended. That for which I was apprehended. But this one thing I do for those things which are behind our press, toward the market, for the price of the high calling of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord. I'm doing that to have Presson toward that mark. I'm not there yet. I don't claim to be. I still feel like I have failed in so many little ways. Thank God. Thank God he's kept me by grace. I've never actually had and gone back into the world of sin. He's kept me living for him. I give him every bit of the credit. I really do. I give him every bit of the credit and I got to take you back to Hebrews, cause I've got to get you live in Hebrews. I got to get you dependent on this. Now, remember the name Lown or Lamb of God is in the Book of Revelation. Twenty three times we are live in the latter and of the third chapter of the Book of Revelation. We are living in the latter Latin right at the end of the third chapter of the Book of Revelation. We are living in the midst of the late Odessey and Church. Now there are still some people from the Philadelphia Church. The Philadelphia church was the church that that God promised that they would be used of him. And that church is slowly dissipating and the new church world is a lay ODAC and church. You know what the word layo to see excuse me, means? It means the church of mob rule. Well, you that the churches up mob rule. The preachers are nothing but mob members. I get amazed at preachers today. You try to get them on their knees, pray in a few hours a day. And you you're wasting your time. You're wasting your time. I am here to tell you, you listen to me. The greatest need of this hour is get back in this book and get on far with the words of this book. And live by the blood under the blood. Do you remember? I remember when I got saved. He was always hearing people's say came in the blood. I'm claiming the blood. I'm dependent on the blood. I'm trusting in the blood. I'm under the umbrella of the blood. That's how people live. But when I got saved, that's the reason I've made it all these years up here. I've always lived under the power of the blood, but not as dedicated as I should have. I'm claiming nothing except I'm striving and reaching forth to more and more and more because I want to be more and more for him. Now we are going to have a sovereign Holy Ghost revival.

I believe I'm going to see it. I believe I'm gonna see it. I'm looking every day for wonders in the heavens above and signs in the earth beneath noticed blood and fire and vapor of smoke. I'm expecting some incredible things this very year.

I think God's got a speaker in this pandemic that we're in. God's got a speaker. And we got to hear from God. Only God can save us from the liberalism that's out there. Only God can save us from the Marxism that's out there. Only God can save us from the atheists and the colonizers and and those who are just dead set on terror and everything apart. They're dead set on every kind of rule there is being broken. They're dead set on Emara live in a dead set on killing our babies. They're just dead set on all those immoral things. Well, they're going to Cannes, Kenya, and the world's gonna get worse and worse. And no, America and Israel are the only two nations resist in the one world order. And and you need to get behind anybody who promotes the one world order. And you need a I mean, absolutely, absolutely turned from anything that would promote a one world order because. Yes. Of the devil. I'm telling you, a one world government is the devil to come out of hell. They want you to be a slave to the government. Oh, friend, listen to me. We are living in a late hour. I'm trying to get back to the Bible. And I'm I'm a crying out to you because I love you and I'm concerned. I want you to be in church tomorrow. I will. Should be in this church tomorrow. I'll be where? The safest church in Charlotte. Keep the atmosphere's sterilized. So we make sure every every inch air in this whole building is purified and cleaned. The Clintons. I'm dedicated to that with all I've got. We're gonna start our school the same way. It's gonna be the Piris clean this place in Charlotte. I'm dedicated to that. The Piris clean this place in Charlotte. So don't turn from this because you think we won't be unclean because we are not going to be unclean. You know, I put my life on that train. I put my life on it. And neither for the church. Oh, yeah. We on a distant Nissan, we have every other pew marked, often closed. We we have things for you to sanitize your hands when you come in the door. You know, and if somebody don't sanitize their hand, we make sure the building has been so sanitized that they get sanitized whether they want to be sanitized or not. I mean, if he had you we are out to make this a clean place. We're going to do it for your kids, too. This school is gonna be a clean, clean place. And our deep our teachers are so dedicated. Wow. Well, they're dedicated. And we we make Monday's start in our year and we're claiming the mighty hand of God, the mighty hand of God. And I tell every one of you, this preacher is dedicated. We've had people to say, no, I want my children to be in the classroom. I want you to do it on the computer. I can't stop you. But I can tell you that the academic world of the of the of the World Church. I'm sure I should say the world school has gone so far away from anything. Nothing has done more damage in America than education because it's full of liberalism is full of compromise. You've got to give credence to it in their thinking, to every moral concept that's out there. Look how far down, though, that the hourly it is. I mean, everything. You better not go to school and start promoting against abortion. Oh, it's all for abortion. It's for immorality. It's for everything but free. Fran, you can have a school that has the moral underpinning of the Bible, the moral independent. Well, I didn't mean to talk that much about school, but I care about your children. My wife and I have lived for your children since nineteen seventy four. We gave everything we had for them. Our school is nearly 50 years old. We'll be in three, three more years after this coming year. Forty seven years. And we've dedicated our chef to you and your children. And we all can. I will continue until I see how the other side. Hallelujah. Although three yo get a daughter, a granddaughter, great granddaughter. I'm sure my little three oh great granddaughter was talking to her mother and their grandmother a day this weekend. And they were they were weeping over my one. They hurt their mother, the grandmother. They were just talking about it and longing for. And the little three year old spoke upset. But Mama, Mama, grandmother, don't you know we're going to see her as soon as we get to heaven. And they all just ate autumn. They could barely below three year old spoke up and said, but we're going to see. Hey, we are coming to see you. I know people don't even believe we're gonna know one another in heaven. And I think that's the dumbest thing I ever heard in my life. Of course, we got to know one another in heaven. Heaven wouldn't be heaven if if.

I mean, Jesus was Jesus when he was conceived in the. The angel said to marry. He was Jesus when he walked the shores of Galilee. He was Jesus in Jerusalem. He was Jesus on the cross. He was Jesus in the tomb. He was Jesus in the resurrection. He was Jesus when he ascended to heaven.

He was Jesus when God the father honored him and gave him a name which is above every name. And he'll be Jesus when he comes in the air. Hey, do you hear all of that? And I believe it with all my heart. Oh, I have no doubt about it. What a day that I am. I'm trying to get back to the Bible. Listen.

By new and live in way, which a consecrated for us through the veil. That is to say, his flesh and not and became the high priest and B in heaven and had been in high priest over the House of God. That's us. And that's him. He's the high priest over the House of God. Over the house of God. Let us down here with a true heart in full assurance of faith, high in our hearts, sprinkled from an evil kuchins, having our hearts speak sprinkled from an evil conscience. And our bodies washed with pure water. Let us hold fast the profession of our faith without wavering. Could I say that everybody out there let us hold fast. The profession of our faith without wavering. What you do that? Why would you do anything less holdfast. Your profession of faith will not waver and not waver an iota. Hold on to him. Cling to the blood. Live a clean life. A holy life. A beautiful life. Not forsaken in the semblance of ourselves together as the man of some is. But so much the more as we see that they approach it. Hey, listen to this. What if we sin willfully after receiving the knowledge of the truth that remain in no more sacrifice for our sins? Now, you might to hear that one, because that's not being preached about preachers today. For if we sin willfully after receiving after receiving the knowledge of the truth, there remain in no more sacrifice for those sins. You could stubbornly determined you're going to live like you please. You're not going to do what the Bible says. You're gonna be free to be had to be your own person. All right. I can't stop it. But he said he said it very plain that remain is no more sacrifice. Well, you read that for yourself. The book Hebrews Chapter Ten. And that was verse twenty six, verse twenty six. Now I've I've laid my heart back for you about the blood today. I know I've said the truth. The blessed truths of this book and I know the blood of Jesus is as mighty as it has ever been. There is no compromise with it. There is no defeat in it. The blood of Jesus Christ is mighty to save. I said to you, he is mighty to save. And I pray that you will turn to him with all of your heart. I pray that you are turned to him with all of your heart. Because he's mighty to save. And I want to help you. I want you to go to heaven. Could I tell every one of you listening to me. I don't care of you. After I'm gone, I view a Spanish. Or if you are if you're an Indian from India. I don't care from Russia. I don't care who you are. Jesus Christ will save you and make a new person out of you. He'll change your life utterly and completely. And you will be a new B.N. and he'll wash you, wash you until there's no sand left on your record. You'll have a pure record. And did you know that God doesn't remember the sands that Christ has washed away about the blood? Did you know that I can read Jewish scriptures right here in front of me? That that God himself does not remember your sins. When the blood has washed them away. Let me read it to you. Let me read it to you.

Very important. And their sins and iniquities. Well, I remember no more. And their sins. And their iniquities. Will I remember. Notice that word. Remember no more. God doesn't know your sins. That the blood has washed away. God doesn't know that God has forgotten. God has put him behind his back in the sea of God's forgetfulness, never to be remembered against you again. And I love that in the sea of God's forgetfulness. Now I've got ten minutes, and I would love to have some calls. Would would you pick up your phone? I mean, if you can tell me about the last sermon you heard about the blood. Would you call and tell me tell me how great it was. Tell me how good it was, how much you loved it, how much it encouraged you, how much it provoked you to to clean godly, pure living. How great became your faith? Because you learn. See if I can get. You believe in the power of the blood. I can get your faith to solar hacking. It's your faith to take on great excitement and great strength because the blood of Jesus is mighty. You remember when he was dying, when he was being ripped and the whole of pilot, you remember, they beat him with their Roman whips. I mean, it was terrible what they did to him. Could I tell you that every stripe on him was Hewson with blood. Divine blood. What made those stripes, my dear, to heal the blood, the blood, the blood of Jesus, the divinity of this lamb of God who was being beaten and crucified and now whipped to be focused affection. What what made him so powerful to heal the blood that was being shared by those whips up on his back every stripe. He he often was Hewson with blood. And I'm telling you, he's the healer right now. He's able to heal you this very moment. I'm right. I'm a plate for somebody who needs a miracle of healing and someone is gonna be healed. I'm believing that right now, Father. I come to you for people that I love. That's not a member of my audience. Even those I don't know. Even the brand new ones today who's never heard me before. I'm coming to you, Father, for them and for the healing of their body. I'm asking you to let Grace and Bircher and Mushie Coastal, their very body and their being and make them every whit. Holy Father. Right now. Right now. Make them every whit that butcher close to them and heal their body and father more important. I pray for every unsaved person out there that they will right now claim the blood of Jesus to wash them and cleanse downa and cleanse their conscience and cleanse their hired until they are free from CNN and ready to live a godly life in a pure light. You will make them so free of the powers and strings of of godlessness and he and iniquity that they will live. Clean and pure and holy life. And I claim it, Father. I claim it in the name of Jesus of Nazareth, the mighty Christ, the mighty savior of the mother. I claim that father and get us all ready for the rapture party. Get us ready for the rapture. Get us ready for that glorious trumpet sound. Get ready for that glorious moment, that wonderful moment. Praise your name, father in Jesus name now.

I'm loving you. And I'd love this this time with you. And I don't know my subject next week, but I can tell you one thing. I'll stay right in the book. And I am excited about the Rapture and I'm looking for in in moment. I'm really excited about that. Wonder in the heavens above. I'm praying that God will will consider what I have suggested, that it be a great cross with blood pulsated all over that cross. So this world will understand the blood of Jesus right now. Is this full of life? Is it ever was. Even the moments of his dying on the cross, that blood was redeeming and that but is still redeem it in the same supernatural manner as it was the day of his crucifixion. A thief was saved right there by the Christ, hanging on the cross and shed in his blood. And any thief out there can be saved right now. Now, that same blood. I'm really declaring to you and trying to get you to grab what I'm saying and trying to get in this. But what can wash away my sins? Nothing but the blood of Jesus. I wonder if your church will saying that tomorrow. What can wash away my sins? Nothing but the blood of Jesus. What can make me whole again? Nothing but the blood of Jesus. Oh, precious is the flow that flows. Hallelujah. Oh, precious is the stream. I can say it all, but it's a beautiful song. I'm here to tell you the blood of Jesus is the only cleansing agent in the world that cleanses sin from a human heart. You can wash our heads and our bodies with soap and make the outward man clean. But only God can make the inward man clean about the blood of Jesus Christ. I'm crying out to you. Turn to Christ with all your heart. Turn to him and all you've got. Please consider Paul Quick Christian Academy. Please consider it. I have a need. Maybe one more staff person. I won't try to tell you what it is, but you are looking for a place that is really full of God. Then come and let us talk to you. Come to church in the morning. Ten, eleven o'clock I'm sure the morning worship. Ten o'clock Sunday school tomorrow evening at six and we're back in church. We're doing discipline. We're sanitizing our hands. We keep in every atmosphere of the building cleaned up. I'm telling you, I'm doing some planes. I don't know what anybody else is doing, but I'm making sure. The air in this place is free of any kind of germ. And if somebody walks in, I know who has a germ about their body, that that germ will be killed because of the Abdin atmosphere being so sanitized and so carefully, carefully kept. Oh, I'm given all I got for that cause I love you. I won't. If somebody gets sick after they walk in here, it's gonna be it's gonna be because a body in here with him, you know, and I believe in most cases it'll be killed in our very atmosphere because we're sanitize it every inch of this place, every inch of there, every inch. You say you can't do that. Don't tell me we we've been safe since March. Been safe since March. God's took care of us because we're here for one reason to bless you and to help you. And to get you ready to meet God. To get our school ready for a great year of education. I promise you, your children will be safe in these classrooms. They'll be distant. Their teacher will well sanitize that room every morning and I'll be helping them. Hallways, restrooms. Every part of this place. Hallelujah. No adult will walk in this building without a mask. And without a sanitizing their hands at the door. I'm your kid. We're really gonna be tough to handle. It's gonna be right. It's gonna be good. It's gonna be clean. And we will protect your children. Because I love children with all of my heart. I know. But ever loved children more than one needs and both chambers. Then we're given our life to them. They've been they've been preserved and kept. Pyra, if some our jobs up in our parking lot not tries the pork out there and in their car, we go tell them to leave because we don't know what somebody has in mind and we aren't gonna take no chances. We are really an effort to be to be what God wants us to be in the same as church tomorrow. You can come and worship God. Hear the word. Nobody will try to impose on you. I mean it all. Be an effort on our part to make you safe in this church. And I love you, friend. The Lord come in. Did you know how close we are to the Rapture? Do you. Do you stop and think. How about that earthquake a week ago tomorrow in North Carolina? An earthquake in North Carolina was a wake up call warning you. Why do you say that one day in the heavens above might be the scene. Might be tomorrow. Might be Monday. I do. I'm looking in the moment. I told God. God, I'm. I'm not I'm not a Jacob. Oh, I'm not gonna let you go till you do it. I'm not gonna turn you loose. Got to keep the promise that you would give us wonders in the heavens above. I'm not gonna turn him loose. Will you join me? Pray with me that God will fulfill that great scripture act. Chapter two, beginning with Bush 17. He says in the last days, how pull up must period upon all flesh. Your sons and your daughters, your prophesy young men. You'll have vision, geomancer, dream, dreams of oh my service and I and my handmaidens. Well, Paula, my spirit and I will show wonders in the heavens above and signs in the earth beneath blood and fire and vapor of smoke. The sun shall be turned to darkness and the moon, the blood before that great and notable day of the Lord's come sometime shortly. The sun's gonna go out one day, be out a couple hours, and it's going to shake this world until that will be there won't be much left that doesn't have some consciousness of God. That's what I'm praying for. Extended Lord. Send it. Give us a revelation of thy glory. Give us a revelation of that power. Let us see the wonder of the hand. O Lord, we're hungry. Let's see the wonder of God's hand. We are hungry now. See the glory of God's presence. We are hungry for heaven to come down like rain on the mown grass. We really are. We're hungry to see his glory and God never fails. He really never fails. God never fails. He is a God of perfection. He is a God of beauty. He is a God of loveliness. I love him with all my heart. I really do. And I'm looking for Jesus to come at any moment. I'm looking for Jesus to come. And you wouldn't believe this. But right during the program, not my granddaughter up in Maine sent me a picture of the baby and I can't get it to come up. I was gonna show it to you. But look, camera up in front of me, but I can get it out. I want you to know Jesus is coming is at the door. Do you hear me? It is at the door. Any minute now that Trump it's going to sound and we're gonna be out of here. I want you to go. I really do. I want you to go. It's gonna be us. I can't make you go. I can't make you get ready. But I can tell you there's not much time left. Are you listening to me? I can tell you is not much down now. I got one minute here. I guess I could take a call. One call. Anybody, anybody you want to ask the question. Maybe you bleed the blood will. We'll do anything that the Bob promises he'll do. How many? If you believe the blood of Jesus is still alive and mighty right now, how many you believe is still throbbing with life just like it was when he was dying on that cross and that that blood.

Makes peer and makes whole and does wonders in the lives of men and women friendless Hidemi. The coming of the Lord is at the. The coming of the Lord is at the door. I want you to get ready to go. God tell you. I want you to get ready to go. I want you to get ready to go is at hand.

It's wonderful. I don't know how short it is, but I'm telling you at the door, Jesus is coming. Well, I didn't put the. I can tell you. Sometimes I'm human. Oh, you got that laughter. Sometimes I'm human all the time I'm human. I promise you, I'm human and God is great.

God is wonderful and God never fails. God is wonderful and God is great and God never fails. I don't know why this day. No, do what I tell it to do, but it seems to be stubborn. Did you ever have one stubborn. Listen, I got.

I thought I could not get a.

Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow. Yes, sir. Sir. Suenos. All right. Well.


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