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009 - That's An Easy Question

More Than Ink / Pastor Jim Catlin & Dorothy Catlin
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September 26, 2020 1:00 pm

009 - That's An Easy Question

More Than Ink / Pastor Jim Catlin & Dorothy Catlin

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September 26, 2020 1:00 pm

Episode 009 - That's An Easy Question (26 Sep 2020) by A Production of Main Street Church of Brigham City

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You pick up your Bible and wondered, is there more here than meets the eye. Is there something here for me. I mean it's just words printed on paper right well it may look like just print on a page, but it's more than Inc. join us for the next half hour, as we explore God's word together as we learn how to explore it on our own. As we ask God to meet us there in its pages welcome to more than God, which we have in the form of the Bible written as ink on the page but when we under the influence of the Holy Spirit come to read it.

It comes off the page and becomes living to us. So it's more than just the application is ink to paper Inc. on a page is not just words or something more going on here more than English more than a castle that's that's where we come together and hope that you're with us and in terms of not just understanding the word, but learning how to understand word on so that's why we decided to move this thing for by going to the book of John, wellhead is not the definitive study of not taking more looking at every detail. It's not exhaustive. It's not the final word on John.

It's more John's Gospel is a laboratory for learning how to how I begin to explore the word laboratory for how to explore the word and increase like I said early on, you don't give me half reason to go back to John do it and so and every time we do a little bit different it's just it's an amazing thing I find is great value. This is something hot going fast. I mean like were working right now as were doing a chapter week big picture and that's that's really that's really fast and if there's parts of what were reading from week to week that you're witnessing you slow down talk about this we get that's fine but were not going to do that here, but we will do the overview what I call explorations like exploring to the jungle and just seeing what's here and if it cause you to go back to certain sections and one a look at it again, then all better so that the skyline when I think we talked about a few weeks ago how we took this trip to Israel. That was a geographical history tour and the first thing we did. We got off the bus was look at the skyline to see where where are we and what can we see from here and where we've been before and how does that help us orient ourselves in the big picture of the country so that's kind of the. The approach that were applying to the gospel of John right right so we hope you're with us last week we left off with the woman at the well in John four and a fascinating discussion. He occupies almost the entire chapter of John, for this was one small section to you so that we Jesus heals an official son at a distance. Is there a moment said no anyhow. So, what time did my son get better than they did the calculation. Exactly when said fine so I hope you saw that. So were going in John five again a new and him and remember that the purpose of John's writing this entire gospel for is so that we might know who yes remember back in John Q4 in John 20 end of John 20. He says these are written so that you believe that Jesus is the Christ the son of God and and and that by believing that that point who, yes, and that by leaving by believing you may have life in his name. So that's his purpose in coming to John five that is still his purpose which is who is Jesus and what to the events in his life .2 in terms of who he is and what you say as a result of the events in his life. Okay. And remember that at the beginning of the gospel of John in his introduction and in this 18 of chapter 1 he says no man has seen God at any time, but the only begotten God is in the bosom of the father. He has explained him and that were explained, means he has declared him thoroughly and completely if we wanted God we look at the sun came in the flesh and said that's going to come very clearly to focus in John five. In the conversation that follows this healing of the man at the pool of so John is wasting no time to kind of supporting his case for why on in the opening of the book he says what he says about Jesus is welcome. I'm just going to jump right in here a lot of people have this false notion that Jesus Jesus people claim to Jesus, something more than he was. Just because the resurrection and have to wait until the death and resurrection Jesus but here very early and through the entire theme of John's take on Jesus's life and and all the events in his life know that is like the theme all the way through it and the death and resurrection just Set off in a large measure, so well, and he pulls no punches here in this conversation and so none of the study skills that were to talk about a little bit today is how to observe exactly what Jesus says about himself and so one of the ways we can do that in a real practical way is to list or chart those statements to have a piece of paper handy. And every time Jesus says but I say or the sun is, or says something very specific about his relationship with the father write down in a few words that capture it and then you can move away from the text and just meditate on those things and that will often deepen the picture and deepen our understanding of what he has said yeah is also sharpened your your observations in that front to bring to you today some as well so here's here's a question that I posited myself as if Jesus knows he has a very short time in public ministry mentoring of about three years. What you do to provoke the issue about who he is. I mean, what provoked the issue because you want people have a very clear understanding of who is in fact, he says he said the couple chapters back that understanding who is is going to mean the difference between condemnation and communicating with MCP was to make sure he gets his point across really clearly who is so what does he do does he have giant rallies and stadiums know. Although there were some pretty large events and will see some of those by me what you do and today is one of a series of a number these things is calculated on Jesus behalf to to belie who he really is. But you wouldn't know that right up front so what's the event today that okay so where that done five opens with this healing of the man laying there for 38 years at the pool of Bethesda and John gives us a lot of detail selective in his gospel about we have miracles he highlights and said this is an interesting one because it gives us some interesting details about this guy since he had been laying here for 38 years. In Jesus knew that kicked him out of the crowd, maybe even stepped over some other people because it would've been people laying around this poor lady wearing this mythical event, the bubbling up of the water and then just asking this question. So let me just read the actual event. The event is a very small portion of them. It's only six verses in the entire chapter on five in the just causes a lot of conversation afterwards for long enough to pick it up in verse two John five Miller was there. There is in Jerusalem by the sheep gate a pool in Aramaic called Bethesda, which has five roof colonnades in these lay a multitude of invalids like playing blind and lame and paralyzed one man was there who had been an invalid for 38 years and when Jesus saw him lying there and knew that he had already been there a long time. He said to him do you want to be healed what was left of all seven so the sick man answered them, Sir, I have no one to put me into the pool when the water stirred up and while I'm going another steps down before me. Jesus said to them, get up, take a bit, take up your bed and walk and once the man was healed and he took up his bed and walked, stopped near to where you're going to the last tablet in the second you think this this is Jesus calculated vent to bring attention to a numerical does. But the detail is not the miracle itself. It's what day of the week. He did it on dad's that was calculated so it says in the next very breath.

Now that they would have.

It is the same feeling about Jewish law.

You want training on Sabbath you know so it is I despicable been verse 10, so the Jews said to the man who'd been healed.

It's the Sabbath, and it's not lawful for you to take up your bed, but answered them while the man who healed me. That man said to me, take up your bed and walk and then they asked him, I would ask him mean that he will do, but the UNESCO method and the estimable.

Who's the man who said you take up your bed and walk and now the man who'd been healed didn't know who it was for Jesus had withdrawn as there was a crowd in the place. Afterward, though Jesus found him in the temple and said to them see your well, sin no more than nothing worth Morse may happen to you and then the man went away and told the Jews that it was Jesus who had healed and this was why the Jews were persecuting Jesus because he healed someone know because he was doing these things, the Sabbath, but interestingly enough on the Sabbath issued Jesus answered them in verse 17. My father is working until now and I am working okay so that was the second thing that made them angry saying was by that statement, making himself equal with God claiming to be doing the same things God is doing as God would do that and that's blasphemous. That's my last sentence true yeah and if if you if you don't know much about the Sabbath issues when you when you dig deep into them.

In the Old Testament it was God's way of promoting trust in God because in an agrarian culture.

You know 70s week menu go out there and you water and you prune and you pick the bugs off your crops and if you if you leave it offer one day one day a farmer will say mental just go out of control and having spent but God said no I'll tell you what I'm to give you day off give you a day off and don't do that on one day during week don't sweat about your crops, which grow feed your family dose.

What about that but I want you understand that I'll take care of these things and that the office was very much an issue of trusting God for the well-being of your family and because God's got take over for you on that day you can kinda put your feet is a wonderful blessing from God and but when you when you hear it that way, you realize that on that on that Sabbath day. All of the people are working. God is God is still working still at work. He still protect your crops is to bring all them he's doing and he asked him on occasions of not not just weekly but yearly in human years to tickle years off so Julia trust can issue so when you say you ask any Jew you know who gets to work on the Sabbath, though say when nobody does But God so when Jesus says my father is working until now and I am working.

He's basically saying he's God because he's got the only ones allowed to work on the Sabbath well and the thing we probably should remember from the story is that this didn't happen very far from the temple is a natural thing for this guy to do when you can walk, he probably had to pass through the temple area in order to get home from where he was like this pulling that is, it is very near North Side entrance to the temple and that's where he would've been laying and that's probably the side they brought in all the sheep from other stuff on the north side so there's no doubt he ran across temple official on the right.

People were coming and going right yes no question you affected this day if you ever go to Israel you can. I should go and visit where the site is it's an archaeological site in the actually found like this passage says they found the five colonnades has a five roof, they found that so it's there it's there you go check it out and when you there you can see you close it is to the temple mount.

We really need to press on to the things that Jesus that to the conversation that was provoked by this, that's just the action. Oh my gosh, because the rest of the chapter is concerned with the conversation where Jesus makes these astonishing statements about himself when they question him about what he is said you know he starts saying things like, well my father still working. I'm doing what my father does.

My father shows me he's just the list are supposed be yeah so I don't know the order take the time to read the rest of the chapter picks up beside me, but I you know I just made a very short list couple days ago as I was about talk about that so my father is working until now, and I'm still working what the father does, the son dies, he does what he sees the father doing the father shows the son everything that he himself is doing since the father just like the father raises the dead. He gives the sun life to give to whomever he wishes. All judgment is given to the son, everyone who honors the son honors the father and if you don't under the sun. You don't honor the father.

These are statements that would have any one of these statements would cause people to pick up rocks yeah because he was saying. I am doing the things my father is doing just like you would do them right and is not to sing like God the father. He says no almost saying directly I can claim total identification well yes and if you look down to verse 26 he says just as the father has life in himself and no good. You would dispute that. Even so, he gave to the son also to have life in himself, so he saying just as God is a source of life and life giver, so I'm right, just as God the father raises the dead. So do I yeah and that's that. Again, if he's not the son of God is not equal with God. This is outright blasphemy and of course the Pharisees look to Jesus is just some kind of wild Nazarene hooligan and so they they did not really want to think carefully about who we might be.

Nicodemus is an exception chapter 3, but sketches are not prone to want to do that.

So when Jesus is this bold hear their first response is going to be discussed.

Blasphemous right he's claiming right equal with God. You can't do this, you can be claimed to be cool with that. So this this equality with God thing very clearly stated in verse 17. No fathers were 18, that's where the hole in John tells us where Jews are seeking to kill him he was. He was even calling God his own father, making himself equal with God. So if he's not this grotesquely blasphemous and and so this is now in the rest of this chapter. Then you know you list a bunch of these things. John's gonna make his case for why Jesus does have unusual authority, not just a great teacher but equal with God kind of authority that would be the next section he talks about and then after that he moves into the series about Noel according to who your witness yet only witness as to what the evidence yet what I evidence and so so we as we said before, make a list go through that next section that starts in verse 19.

Go to 29 and make a list about what exactly did Jesus claim about himself in relation to who God is no end and then you can make that list and you can kick back from your chair and just look at that goal well. So next time you find yourself in a conversation with something somebody says will Jesus never claimed to be God you know John three John five together and you tell me that he claimed to be God because you know he had begun talking about judgment based on believing in him. He is back in chapter 3, right but I keep positing in verse 24 when he says truly I say to you, he who hears my word and believes him who sent me has eternal life, and does not come into judgment, but has passed out of death into life right that is a is an astonishing statement yeah yeah I muse is life and death itself is not just an iffy thing is life and death. One and then he really ramped up and talks about honoring his honor. The father absolutely that was part of religion and onto the father and now Jesus inserts himself into that picture and says well you know you have to honor me as well and this 23 and all the all judgments given given to the son, that all may honor the son as just as they honor the 50I and and just if you missed that point. Jesus says whoever does not honor the son does not honor the father who sent him is so so Jesus ramped it up right here is not that he sorta like God and he has all the attributes of God, you naughty copies who God is, is basically if you if your life is intent on honoring who God the father you need to honor me as well faces and you clearly that this is much later in the chapter. You don't even have the love of God in your selves. That's down in verse 42.

I've come in my father's name, and you don't receive me you love God because if you love God you would be seeking the truth. I am the truth and these are the witnesses that testify to the truth of who I am and what I'm doing. So we got ahead of ourselves here.

We need to double back and touch on the witnesses list impact as do the witnesses present the last section goes from 30 into the end of the chapters and Pharisees would always preach or teach in public when they would do that and they would always have to reference somebody else since it will, according to the railroad by Molly Noble global, but I know it was like name dropping, so they would say I can say these things because this is with these guys is what these guys that's kind of the witnesses kind of thing so it's her way of saying I'm not saying this just on my own accord. There are these other witnesses that support what I'm saying. The more witnesses you can pull into your case.

That was Pharisaism terms of teaching us that's what you did. The town what is very much like that's a collection of those, why sings by the rabbis accumulator but you always had to name drop what had to see how easily that no no. I'm really, really we call different you know TV evangelist A Bible answers hourly will our he says will I get that so so that's the next thing. That's the next question in their mind, which is why Jesus goes there automatically after he makes his old claims about being honor just like the father coming in verse 30. He says I can do nothing on my own noise I hear, I judge in my judgment is just because I seek not my own will but the will of him who sent me, so he sang were identical here in and if I alone bear witness.

This is a saying among is if I alone bear witness about myself, my testimony is not true.

That's according to Jewish law. At that mother would license rhino strength of two witnesses places there's another bears witness about me and he he drops he basically drops Johnston okay so the first but not John who wrote the gospel is John the Baptist family.he talked about a little bit, as the forerunner the one you went ahead and said now repent because the kingdom of God is coming. Get ready to do life. Another way because once the king comes to recognize him and in the it's interesting, but evenly John the Baptist can controversial the Pharisees in a way sort of accepted the fact that he had some kind of God connection. Disorderly was clearly a prophet in the Old Testament pattern right proclaimed this message of a need for repentance. He lived in the wilderness. He wore camel's hair and ate bugs like I recognized as a prophet. Even later, when Jesus challenges the Pharisees in an interesting exchange.

You know he gives him the choice of either pooh-poohing John the Baptist with the come from God or not they weren't willing to say we didn't come from God the right to the right so so clear and so Jesus starts her same mother was let's talk about when we as a human, but John John the Baptist pointed to me and said there's the Lamb of God that takes away the sin and then you get to 36 he says, but that testimony that I have is greater than that of John Wright.

What's the next testimony well. He says my father bears witness of me. What father has given witness of me will foster endorses Jesus. Well, you know, probably the most obvious ways was the voice of God speaking at his baptism, who Jesus wasn't the only one who heard that John the Baptist heard it, and many others heard it, even though they may not have identified exactly what was going on they heard right.

They heard something saying this is my beloved son, so the he says that the father the father's word has become apparent to her. There was no audibly out there or if it was through the word that is in the Old Testament to write the words Army says that interview he said get to that. Yeah, and you don't have his word abiding in you versus word the testifies about who I am. That's God's endorsement of Jesus but but you don't believe because you don't have that word abiding in what he says.

He says you can search the Scriptures thinking that in them you have life, but you're missing it because you don't realize that they all pointed to me right and yet you don't come to me. You don't come to me. So what's the point of knowing the entire Old Testament that points to Jesus. If, when Jesus shows up. They don't recognize who is so, and if 40, you know, you refuse to come to me that you may have life, and yet that's what those steps with those documents. The Old Testament talked about the coming of this Messiah. He should have been recognizable to them, but they would not not or will they will not, they would not recognize who was well they were seeking the Messiah that they expected from their own conclusions rather than the one that the Scriptures actually spoke bent understanding and right patient whose right to be yeah and you know you get so accustomed to dealing with things in a traditional thought pattern that you don't ever look at it afresh and at the end of the gospel of Luke you remember that that encounter on the road to Emmaus. It says that Jesus beginning with Moses exiting them everything answers you love time there at himself and Mike. You we need to always read that we were reading the Old Testament because Jesus himself said it all points to me so we can take that into our Old Testament reading so you know it's Telling us something here about the his plan to save us by sending his son exactly passage say and so he closes out this whole chapters is running short on time by saying talking out, let's talk about witnesses you know in the end. I'm not even going to witness against you but Moses will Moses will unite in 45 don't think that I will accuse you the father. There is one who accuses you Moses and so he comes down to saying you should've known through what Moses wrote who I was.

So Moses himself will stand there and say look, you know, I served notice to these guys and they wouldn't accept Jesus was. But from what Moses wrote should they should yet and Moses did say the Lord's get a raise up for you a prophet like me from among you write and write a note so and we come in John six.

We find because of what Jesus was doing and saying the people were saying is this the prophet is your speak of is that what so even the crowd was making that connection, but that religious leaders were not in its you'll find leaders because of pride. It took it's a competition for the masochist they were sure that they had the inside liner went out to do in this Jesus did not fit their preconceived notions. So that's where you get to peasantry close out the whole the whole chapter but if you do not believe that his writings, Moses is the opener Moses said will how you believe my words and sure enough they didn't believe his words so it is really this chapter centers on belief do you believe me. Do you believe the witnesses. The witnesses are testifying and giving evidence to something that something is true. Do you believe Exactly exactly and go back and rethink what you read for Moses to really serve notice to them. So this all started in this chapter with healing a guy deliberately on the Sabbath and it provoked the issue of the Sabbath and the only person works on the Sabbath is God himself and Jesus says about you looking at them. There's so much more I could say about this tongues this facet but take that make that list and make the lead through this chassis is clean slowly and just putting your own words he's saying and doing the father's work. Father sent me all those things in mind put on a list and then set aside and just think what that means in terms of who he is and do I believe him. So we need to quit were out of time again on next to push on and read with us were going to go into John six next week and it gets even crazier. Chapter 6 is one of the most amazing chapters in freehold and rolled anything. This was bold today. Chapter 6 were glad you're with us and hope you join us next week and explore through the Bible with us and I hope you learn how to do that on your own as well so I'm Jim and I'm Dorothy you were here.

See you next week, more than Inc.

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