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No Stimulus Check? Here’s Why

MoneyWise / Rob West and Steve Moore
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May 20, 2020 8:03 am

No Stimulus Check? Here’s Why

MoneyWise / Rob West and Steve Moore

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May 20, 2020 8:03 am

It’s been over a month since the federal government began sending out stimulus checks to individuals. Many Americans are still waiting on theirs perhaps you fall into that camp. On the next MoneyWise Live, hosts Rob West and Steve Moore lists reasons why stimulus checks could be delayed. Where’s my stimulus check on MoneyWise Live at 4pm Eastern/3pm Central on Moody Radio.

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Any number of drugs containing the lines the checks in the mail or from the government to help you. They're not funny if you been waiting by the mailbox for your stimulus check spent over a month since the federal government began sending out stimulus checks for rituals. If you haven't received yours yet.

Rob West has a list of reasons why it could be delayed over those that will take your calls on that or anything financial at 800-525-7000. We love to chat 800-525-7000 times more glad to have you along for today's edition moneywise Rob, it's probably safe to say that most people have gotten stimulus checks in response to the covert, 19 virus that doesn't include everyone. So why is that yeah well we should point out that these are the checks to individuals, not part of the payroll or paycheck protection program which is an entirely different operation individual Steve are set to receive $1200 each and 500 per child subject to income limitations of course and as best we can tell there are five reasons some people may not have received those payments yet. The first reason would be you didn't receive a refund for either your 2018 or 2019 taxes you must of gotten a refund and you had to authorize the IRS to give you that refund by direct deposit so if your refund came by paper check. While the IRS is using the same system to send you a stimulus check and that causes delays.

Interestingly, if you filed your return electronically and authorize the IRS to withdraw funds from your bank account because you owed money that won't qualify you for direct deposit on your stimulus check. It's only if you received a refund by direct deposit that stimulus funds would go out that way okay well it's nice that you're keeping it simple.

Okay, what's the what's the next reason. Well, your stimulus, Jack may have been direct deposited into an old bank account that you've closed since your 2018 return. If you owed money in 2019, or you haven't filed yet because the deadline was extended to July 15. The IRS will use the bank account information to have on file for your 2018 return well if you close that account. The bank will probably return the funds to the IRS now.

Unfortunately, the IRS had an online tool that may have helped in that case, it was called get my payment and it allows you to update your bank information, but they've now close that portal and it may not have helped.

Anyway, if the IRS was already in the process of cutting your paper check. Okay, I think of Gupta. What's the next reason, your check may have been delayed. Yeah, this one will probably surprise a lot of listeners. Your check may have gone to a temporary bank account used by your tax preparer.

You may not realize it, but sometimes a tax preparer will set up a temporary account to receive your refund. Their fees will then be deducted in the restaurants were in your bank account or some repairs offer advanced loans on refunds. I don't recommend it. So they'll set up a temporary account to recoup the loan from your refund so you could check with your tax preparer for either 2018 or 20, 19 to see if your stimulus check went there.

Eventually the money will catch up to you but a temporary bank account may help explain the delay. The old temporary bank account. Check didn't see that one coming all right.

Any any other reasons. Well it's the next one is this. You filed a paper tax return in 2019. That's eventually a huge snag because with social distancing due to the coronavirus outbreak the irises had many of its employees working from home. Obviously they're not going to carry half bushel baskets full of paper returns home. So the IRS temporarily stopped processing paper returns and now they have a lot of catching up to do so again if you didn't get a refund by direct deposit in 2018 or 2019 or you filed a paper return for 2019.

You be at the back of the line.

Unfortunately, waiting for one of those paper checks in the iris account. Let's hope that lines getting a bit shorter category of time for one more reason if you have one sooner doing that would be if you don't normally file a tax return. If your income is below 12,200 for an individual or 20,000 24,400 for a married couple filing jointly.

You don't have to file a return. In that case, the IRS doesn't have up-to-date records on you essentially have to let them know you're out to her. So they've set up a different portal for non-filers where you can input your information and will have that well link for that in today's show notes it moneywise and now you won't have to do that. If you receive Social Security benefits because the government already knows that you're out there by way of you getting this benefits the government already already knows that we're all here because when the radio each day talking but that's your listening to moneywise line will be back in your cause is the question of the day is something along the lines of what has been your experience in receiving your stimulus check. Brenda says I'm still waiting. I can instantly file taxes on time with direct positive I even had it done already this year before all of this started. No check as of yet, were sorry to hear that Lorraine says received my two weeks after they went out saved a portion spent a portion and the rest paid half my credit card balance off. That's a great thing. Mary Lynn says I received mine for the most part it's gone to pay bills and that's a good thing to but were also all about celebrating. If you do something great, something positive with your finances, save a little out and go out in the course Rob my go to was always a large pizza with mushrooms and like black olives on mine and will what about yourself, you can celebrate if you if you and the wife are going to go celebrate as they say. Rob, what would it be that we should never paid you for a vegetarian pizza, God wants to meet there somewhere you like chicken I like chicken a lot. Your seats for my pistol economy.

I think we're here were typically a pepperoni and mushroom counted family. Yeah, motion the security guard shifts. None of those little fish. One of the company as sardines yeah yeah no I don't care for those I use her phone number is were supposed to be taking your calls 800-525-7000. If you'd like to talk about money and finance, and what God's word says about it to make us even better and stronger stewards and followers of him. Let's do that 800-525-7000 Staples, Minnesota Colette, how can we help you today wondering, I know you will not so you won't have to pay back the stimulus money to keep in mind, neither the.

The unemployment benefits are taxable to you, both federal and state as income the stimulus money is not taxable, but none of it will have to be paid back as a part of this program. You're welcome: thank you for going.

However, Rob.

Someone might suggest that ultimately somebody is going to have to pay it back to the government in the years to come. But that's another topic for another day. I would venture to say you are correct labeling runs yeah okay thanks Lakeland, Florida hi Carl, what you question for Rob West. I received a year. So security but I bank account.

I haven't received it yet. Now I would Carl.

I would just be patient. I was asked to just talking to somebody receive their paper check yesterday so it could be that it just hasn't gotten to you yet, but you can rest assured that if you receive Social Security. The government has your information and a check should be on the way and I venture to say you'll get it in the next few days so keep an ion it stay on the lookout. If for some reason it doesn't come in the next couple of weeks that it probably is worth a follow-up to the IRS says starting with their website.

Or you could place a phone call to be just a bit more patient and I suspect you will see it any day.

Carl best buddy. Thank you sir. Okay down to Orlando, Florida hi Randy, what your situation right now about one: thank you for your program. You got to get it out on everybody.

Thank you so Mike my question okay so I'm battling between having a real estate agent on my own or maybe you took injector owner now while I looked online I got people who are. They were excited about it. Did a great job they made out well. Other people like my gosh nightmare. I talked with different kits that you could find any kind of walk you through the different process of viral paperwork alike, but I just want to get your full poltergeist opinion on the plot in a minor, actually been out for the realtor or firm reselling it on my own yeah, no question about it. Well, obviously the reason that will people will sell homes themselves as they want to save some money and so they get out from under the commission. Obviously you know your home, you can take your time, but I really feel like that's offset by the lack of having professional expertise and help. So I'm a big advocate Randy of having a real estate professional. This is for most folks the largest transaction that they will have. So when I think about every aspect of what a real estate agent brings to the table professional, especially one who perhaps specializes in your particular neighborhood or part of town you know everything from setting the selling price, they can give you a comparative market analysis to determine what the appropriate selling price is.

You may price it to low and leave money on the table just based on the data they can bring to bear. Then the state looking at how is the best way to position the home so it shows well and you know perhaps you have too much clutter in one room where you have too many family photos in one particular they can come in with really an independent view on this and just give you some counsel on how to position the home to sell well, including perhaps a little bit of money. You should put into repairs or even to spruce up the place. For instance, curb appeal is a big deal when it comes to video getting your home ready to set out to selves so maybe worth a few hundred dollars in landscaping. If you have a some loud colors in a particular room. It might be worth a coat of paint so those kinds of things they can help you with. I think then it's a matter of the actual showing of the home where you've got a professional there who's thinking about everything from security, who are these people that are coming in your home. Are they coming with another agent where they know at least somebody has vetted them and is working with them or is this somebody just calls from off the street.

So there's a bit more security there in terms of who's coming and going from your personal residence.

Then there's the negotiation you are often in a better position if you're not the one negotiating with the buyer but a professional is doing that on your behalf and then we haven't even got it gotten into the contract side of it.

Somebody who understands that the laws in your particular state understands the contracts that are being used by the board of realtors or whatever contract might be in play and can help you manage that side of it. And then there's the closing in and getting all of that piece done so when you think about all the different components.

Yes, you're going to spend some money in the form of a commission but I would venture to say that the value of that and potentially the higher selling price that you can actually realize as a result of having that professional and there is well worth the expense. In fact, I would probably go as far as to say in just about every case, in my view you're to come out ahead.

Great points. I really appreciate you think about and also to white prayer but yet so much what you're welcome and I think that's exactly the right way to go. Give it some thought and prayer, and see where you guys come down but all the best in the days heads are that are anybody, Rob, if I remember correctly you sold your home used a realtor just a couple years ago your home sold in two days.

Ron Bloom, we found out yesterday just sold his home and it sold in two weeks.

Now and again I believe used a realtor, but when you sell your house in a couple of weeks or in your case a couple of days that's that's generally a positive thing.

Oh, absolutely. Ours is sold in less than 24 hours. It was just fascinating. We moved out for the weekend knowing that they were going to do an open house and put it on the market.

It hit the market on Friday afternoon we went to my mom's place for the weekend. Assume we were coming out of the way. Knowing the people would be coming and going and by 5 PM on for on Saturday we had for full price offer's yeah it's it doesn't always work like that. It certainly hasn't for us, but tell you there is certainly value in having somebody thinking about all sides and what I yeah I agree with you totally.

You're listening to moneywise so moneywise live. We are indeed live today, and if you'd like to chat with us about anything financial that might be going on in your life that it be great. We love to hear from you.

800-525-7000 combat say hello to Gladys Jess and down to Ocala, Florida as well by Nina nation. There stick around clear moneywise live where we help you understand and establish God's plan for your life, your finances, your money, you are planning if we can help you do that today we have an opportunity when you call 800-525-7000 two Maquoketa, Illinois hi Gladys are you doing today I were doing wonderfully.

Thanks. What's on your mind and start drawing security number 18 and I think they are looking to Any meager advance have receipt Jack okay all right yeah you know I I would just be patient on that Gladys is.

I suspect you're getting a paper check which those are in many cases still arriving and the fact it's your husband is on Social Security you're on disability, you can rest assured that government does have your information and you will get the check.

It's just that those electronic checks went out. First, the paper checks are still being sent and received what I think you're in a good spot here, and as long as you can be patient here for another week or two. I suspect you will be showing a person yeah let us everyone. If everyone in the country has is pretty much said they've gotten their check then you know maybe there's an issue need to deal with, but since there are a lot of people that still haven't haven't received and we definitely know the government knows you know who you are and where you are.

I think if you just give it another week or so. As Rob pointed out, you guys will be good to go and were glad that you called today thank you very much.

Muncie, Indiana hello just have a question. Thank you very much my daughter she's a struggling college student mastery program last year's first year she actually filed income tax to get a refund electronically in her bank account that did not received her check either.

Yeah, well, you're not obviously claiming her as a dependent. Correct correct okay yeah so she should be eligible. Parents, many of them don't realize that the stimulus payments leaves out anyone 18 years and older who is still claimed as a dependent on another person's tax return or if they can be claimed as a dependent. But in your case because she is not, and she's obviously filing her own return, then right, I don't see any reason why she wouldn't get it in the fact that she did get the refund electronically doesn't raise up a little bit of a suspicion there because most folks of Artie receive those but I would just be branching on that. I don't see any reason why just you won't receive it.

So I think I would just hang tight.

If the next couple of weeks go by, and it doesn't show up. I would look at perhaps some of the other options we mentioned. Did she use a tax preparer where they had an account that received that that refund that perhaps it's sitting in you know that could be one night in a hard-fought, she didn't. Okay, so I came directly an online service learning. Read it yourself and and so it came directly back to her checking account, correct okay yeah so I would just be patient on that. If it doesn't come in the next two weeks and I would be on the phone trying to get a little bit more information or on the IRS ALL right. Thank you. Appreciate very good thanks this 800-525-7000. If you like to speak with Rob West today Ocala, Florida, is it by Nina my pronouncing it correctly then yeah okay I apologize for that. I knew I knew I was going to make a mess of that and I apologize what you question today shine their records, you know, there's nothing that we've seen mine, but I know that would indicate that the felony would preclude you from receiving that they said this is not someone who's incarcerated currently is at right now. Okay, so nothing that I've seen that would indicate that you know just that that conviction being on the record would in any way impact that will have our team look into it out a bit further down not aware of anything right offhand rent.

I never thanks thanks for completion of the best when he said we think an email. This is from Mary. She says dear Rob and Steve for the past 19 years. My husband has managed the money. It's frustrating to know that we have overdraft fees, and other financial problems, but every time I offered to help. He says I'll figure it out unquote. Would having separate accounts help us if they know Mary, this is a tough situation. Let me just encourage you first of all, it was a lot of people that find themselves in the spa with just the lack of communication going on. Perhaps one of the marriage partners is handling the money. The other is not, and vice versa.

It's not always the husband are always the wife. It could go either way. But I think the bottom line is this is perhaps enough of a red flag that you need to lean into this further, because just what you're describing here even at a very superficial level would indicate to me that perhaps there's something going on behind the scenes underneath this, you realize money issues are heart issues and so underneath all this is trust which is obviously been eroded by the fact that there's evidence of mismanagement in the form of over overdraft fees and other problems and there's a lack of transparency, separate accounts just to magnify that. So I lean into it and ask if he'd be willing to get to 1/3 party involved. Perhaps one of our money wise coaches, or if you have a financial coaching ministry at your church and also pull a copy of your credit report just to see what's out there as well be praying for you, prayed up approaching about it has to real transparency and get somebody else. This is my mind/James 43 reminds us. You ask and do not receive because you ask with wrong motives, so that you may spend it on your pleasures.

If we can help you today as we talk about spending and earning giving and saving and investing call right now 800-525-7000 two Illinois and Linda what you question today. How are you very great. Thanks, and I was just wondering partner was on eight received RM's kinda nervous shirt. Oh Lord, forgive me I'm sorry I take the time so did someone claim you on their taxes last year as that. I'm sorry.

Yes, I okay and you're on disability out yes and I was just wondering when you get this check probably not blend you that there is a group of adult dependents that are excluded from payments.

These can be college students who may be adults in the eyes of the law, and yet are still claimed as dependents on their parents tax returns, but the other group is disabled adults that can be claimed as a dependent on another person's tax return are excluded based on the way that the bill was set up so if you haven't received it in. You were claimed on someone else's tax return, you are likely not going to receive an import okay that's what I figured, okay, thank you, bless you.

Yes ma'am. Thank you, continue on to Fairmount, Indiana and Lee. What's what's in your heart today working now and wondering what you about that would be for.

Four years what would be like a good plan yeah tell me about that lien, and by the way, congratulations on the high school and Artie thinking about setting yourself up financially for the future when you say four years. What are you targeting using this money for the next 40 how future mainly want to make sure I don't have the money, get out college group yeah you know unfortunately that's just under kind of my rule of thumb for when you want to put this at the risk of the market and that I don't really like to see at least five years and you often 7 to 10 years to be invested. If you gonna put this at the risk of the stock market and want to make sure that you preserve the capital to have access to down the road and then of course the objective is to have some growth on top of that, but you're saying that for years from now. You want the ability to come out a grad school know that this money is there.

So you can put a down payment on a house. To me that saying the return of my capital is more important than the return on my capital.

I was just means that we need to put the preservation of capital paramount here above even the ability to earn a good rate of return. So in this case Lee I'm gonna recommend you just put this in an online savings account right now with low interest rate you can get probably 1.51.6 percent.

I like Marcus I like capital one 360 you could look at Ally Bank. For example, you would put it in a separate account. That way you wouldn't have the likelihood that it would be spent out of your checking account but it would still be linked there. So you could get to it. You learn a little bit of interest each year, which I know is not very exciting but again the main thing here is that you know in the event we had a prolonged recession.

This market went down a good bit more than it before it went up which is certainly possible that you won't find yourself in a position for years from now we are looking to access this money in.

We just you know you've lost a good bit and now you're feeling like I don't want to pull it out because it's down and you and yet you're ready to make that purchase. So I think for that reason you don't have a long enough time horizon and so I would go ahead and leave that in an online savings.

Beyond that, really, I like to send you a copy of Howard Dean's book your money counts. I would love for you at this early stage is you're just getting started as an adult to really learn God's way of handling money, starting with God owns all the money being a tool and how you look at the biblical perspective around lifestyle and dad to savings and money that you owed for taxes just so you can really develop a biblical framework to think about your money in God's heart related to it. So you stand in line will get your information get that right out to you. Okay time to start off one well I think there's a couple questions I'd have first. I love the idea of saving early. I like the Roth 401(k) or IRA, especially when there's matching on the 401(k) but I want to make sure you have an emergency fund first three months worth of expenses want to make sure you don't have a lot of consumer debt like credit card debt or student loan debt Odyssey will have student loan debt yet but Jimmy credit card debt. Okay, great. And so yeah as long as you're managing your budget well and you you don't have any debt you got an emergency fund, absolutely going get started with the Roth 401(k). Thank you. Thankfully, we appreciate that 800-525-7000. Let's see if we can. Let's see if we can sneak one more in here think we have a crossline thing going on here. Rob, let's see. I think it's Kathy Kathy in Chattanooga you had a situation and now you got it worked out with your stimulus check right well I'm not quite what are currently separated that 10 years ago on 2018. He I tax preparer that lies at the time you ever been changed so that by going to the post office today went how online player that's been mailed my first went to the post office to check a night.

They didn't quite know what caline I wondered if you had any advice on how to get per se, cracking down on what yes so he is not file this 2019 tax return yet is Eric correct okay and do you think there's a chance you could contact the folks who reside at his former address and asked them to forward it to you think that would be wonderful, helpful, but I don't know how easily they are brought all that down.

By the way, I think that's yeah I think that's a starting point. I know the last time I moved I developed a pretty good relationship with my buyer does it seem like for the next six months. He and I were talking regularly, as things were showing up at the house and I drop by and pick him up or put them in the mail and so I think that is obviously a low-tech approach, but still may be of help and hopefully these are honest folks, it would be retrieving that I think beyond that visiting the irises website. They do have a free online portal where you can update the information. I think through the FAQs you should be able to see how where you verified. It's a bad address. You can provide that information and they can proceed with the stop payment and perhaps reassuring that if you can't get that check so I would take one of those two approaches either the former address trying to reach someone there and or contacting the IRS directly Kathy were glad you called in today. Thanks for that information. Sorry for the little phoneline problem we had there. But I think we have that under control.

If we can help you today. Pull your finances under control. We love the health 800-525-7000 toll-free 800-525-7000. You're listening to moneywise live last. I'm Steve Moore with more visited our website and while you might want to avail yourself of that is a lot of great information there are some downloads that you can take a look at for free and it's also with can help support our program and our ministry by clicking the donate tab at the top of the page. If you give that some a prayerful consideration, we would be most happy and most blessed by that. And again, click the donate tab at the top of the page. When you visit moneywise live.O Chicago, Illinois hello Cindy what's on your mind. This is great joy in our stocks. Think long-term projects going in a recession. What else would I put in money market right now everything and why not recommend yeah well I can certainly appreciate that, Cindy. The challenge is, you just don't know where the markets going from here. I could put on three economists who say that it's likely were to retest her lows and I could put on three others very bright people with a lot of education and experience that would say were probably not going to retest those lows you know in so trying to time the market is just a losing proposition, because it's really a kin to gambling, because frankly, no one knows what the stock market is going to do in the short run. The market is moving every day based on its best forward-looking thinking around what's gonna happen from here. The problem is the headlines change every day.

Yesterday the Fed chairman was out talking about the really unlimited support that the Federal Reserve is going to used to in the form of monetary stimulus and monetary policy to support the economy and then we get a headline about a successful trial for a vaccine for COBIT 19 and then all of a sudden we give the we get the unemployment numbers and we lost 3 million jobs and so you have, the market is just trying to interpret the date of the challenges, the date is coming is note daily if not minute by minute and so the fact that you could try to pick up.

To get out and then somehow picket.

To get back in and you make that work for you.

It just doesn't unfortunately and so instead, what we do as we say we need to take the long view. And that always begins. Cindy with making sure you're invested for the right reasons with the right investment mix. So one of the right reasons why the right reasons would be have got at least a 10 year time horizon so I can really wait out any recession the right reason would be. This is money that is long-term in nature, and it's money that you know I can stand to lose in the short run the right reason to invest would be you know you want to get a return on it and you then use an investment strategy that fits your time horizon in your objectives. So that's where the mix between stocks and bonds like that fixed income investments come into play but as long as you've answered all of those questions appropriately, then it doesn't matter whether the market goes up today are down today or next week or next month because were not looking at it from that perspective were taking the long view. And here's what all the data says in all the research that if you take that approach, you're going to do well every 10 year. Going back the last hundred years, you're going to come out better. In fact, the average return even though it might be wild fluctuation in between is gonna be better than 9% unit with just a straight stock portfolio.

So from that standpoint, trying to guess or pick a bottom or time the market just doesn't work in your favor. Time after time after time, and in fact the people that got out of the market. You know during the initial pullback missed an incredible recovery of more than 20% in a very short period of time will we could have never seen that coming because were already in a recession and yet the stock market has rebounded significantly.

So I think from that standpoint, you just need to despite the headlines despite some of the concerns you have just trusted and though if you take the long view. It's always going to work in your best interest doesn't make sense though get hot like Anjali I need to stop looking. And that's not a bad idea and it's not that we get our heads in the sand because as stewards of God's money.

We need to know what's going on, but it's not productive to watch the daily moves or even the monthly moves of the account because of the concern that it can create on your part again as long as you understand your taking the long view and and over time it's can be okay Rob what you recommend if someone says you know I just can't sleep at night. I just can't sleep at night knowing where we are and not knowing what the future is that the any recommendation when someone is in that in that position yet what I think you gotta start by renewing your mind with God's word and realizing God is ultimately in control and what he's done is give us principles to follow when it comes to managing his money in one of those is we should seek a return on our money, but we should also no heed the counsel of Scripture as it relates to our money and if we've done everything we can do by applying biblical truth to how were managing money that we leave the rest of the Lord and we need to rest in his sufficiency and control over everything and not try to assume that on ourselves, what are you doing with what you've been given. As long as that lines up with your values and God's word that I think we gotta leave the rest to him. That's easier said than done.

Steve, I get that. And that's where I think having wise counsel can help out at the end of the day, we gotta leave it with the Lord. Right. Well said Beloit, Wisconsin Gordon, what you question for Rob Jordan.

But Jordan, I apologize I you kind of touched on this with the last caller. I guess my question is been trying to ground myself daily and trusting in the Lord because only he knows the future, and I know we can trust them the same time there are these fears of you know what's going to happen with the dollar. What can happen in the economically you even a year from now.

My know we don't have any debt.

31 years old.

Three kids were able to put a new roof on the house with our tax return different things like that quick question is you.

I still have my job so getting a paycheck which is very thankful for that.

Would you recommend with some of the extra money that we do have investing in some physical assets like a generator or maybe even investing in Epcot buying account to butcher down the road or would you say just hold onto this money and you know that you have in your savings and just don't know.

Don't panic Welton spend it all.

But hold onto these might this mind that you have in your savings will I get that, you know, I think it at the end of the day, Gordon.

You've gotta start with recognizing that you gotta trust the Lord in all of this and it's, it's, you know, we can't operate out of a spirit of fear, we got a really operate out of the spirit of faith and trust and really rely on truth, so I think we start by going back to God's word and say what can I draw from Scripture that really guides how I should live well I need to make sure my trust is placed squarely not in the things of this world, but in and God himself. I need to make sure I'm being a faithful manager of what he's given to me and I realize that's at the heart of your question is your asking about some of these potential options you have that we know that you're clearly in Proverbs, we see this other places in Scripture there's precious oil in the house of the wise, the foolish man swallows it up so there's something to be said about taking a portion of what God is giving you in setting aside having margin that gives you flexibility and so I like the idea.

If you have access to keep that liquid and keep it there for you to be able to use as you need now. Beyond that, I think it's ultimately a conviction issue no. Do you have a conviction that you need to know how some of these extra supplies on hand. That's not the conviction that I have a no, I don't see as a result of this pandemic which is guilt and event driven recession that's come because of the health event supply chains have remained intact. I think were going to work and get beyond this, so social distancing is working. There's incredible amounts of science working behind the scenes do you provide some long longer term solutions to this. Can it be scary, sure, but ultimately our trust is in the Lord and you know I don't see where you know, investing necessarily and having no cow on the property or generator is necessary at this point you may come to a different conclusion that, certainly okay. I guess what I would just say at the end of the day as I like the idea of you having margin and flexibility and for me having that liquid cash available is going to serve you well, and perhaps even better than making an investment in one of these other options that you mention that may or may not be necessary.

And in fact based on what you're seeing doesn't appear to be necessary today and Gordon or Jordan. I apologize.

We hope that helps you where you have to run because were pretty much out of time here, but thanks very much. Maybe those two could be combined me. I know I'm no specialist in this area, but I got your cow. You got your methane gas.

I'm told you got your generator. Maybe the gas to run the generator we gotta like a perpetual motion machine thing going on here when you think you give that a try and then report stated he could grab tells about the new money wise EE magazine because were excited about it right. Well, we sure are Steve Lotta great resources and moneywise for you to check out one of those is the magazine, you'll see a green band at the top for you to give us your email address when I can.

A cell that when I can use it for any other purpose other than sending you every quarter.

A wonderful addition of the moneywise he magazine free of charge and will give you great helpful advice always rooted in Scripture. The current edition that you'll get right away when you sign up is based on the theme of financial hope and what we can all use some financial hopelessness. Boy I like to say that we had this well thought out, but in a and B it was months ago that we began thinking about this, but it just sort of worked into the situation today.

But again, the first issues theme is embracing and embracing financial hope. You might want to check it out today. Just visit My thanks to Judy Courtney, Claire and Jim for their technical expertise and assistance today moneywise live as a partnership between Moody radio and moneywise media drive safely, having remainder of your day.

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