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Are Christians Required to Tithe?

MoneyWise / Rob West and Steve Moore
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May 22, 2020 8:03 am

Are Christians Required to Tithe?

MoneyWise / Rob West and Steve Moore

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May 22, 2020 8:03 am

Many evangelical churches regularly encourage their members to tithe. However, the issue of tithing -traditionally understood as 10 percent- has perplexed churchgoers for years. On the next MoneyWise Live, hosts Rob West and Steve Moore offer both sides of the tithing argument. To tithe or not to tithe on MoneyWise Live at 4pm Eastern/3pm Central on Moody Radio.

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2000 years have struggled with a simple yes or no question that has sometimes sparked controversy within the church are believers required time right question may be a simple answer. Moser not planning and future around West sides of the argument. Decide for yourself. Your calls on this topic or anything else that you're wondering about any financial 805 five 7800 525-7000 nine more are Christians required to tie that's next wise line mean for that to be poetic, but it Christians required to tie that's next. The money went well, you know you got a got. I guess that the that almost every pastor and probably most Christian financial advisors have been asked that question.

At one time or another. I would you say this is an issue that reasonably reasonable people can disagree on. I think that much is fair to say, but it's also a question that each of us needs to decide not on the basis of talking points, but on God's direction after earnest prayer because the answer to the tithing question goes to the heart of our relationship with God Steve. Whichever way you decide you have to do it for the right reason. If you believe tithing isn't required, but you're basing that decision on greed while you're jeopardizing that relationship. On the other hand, if you believe tithing is required, but you go about it. Legalistic Lee.

I believe that's the wrong reason is well for God loves a cheerful giver is somewhat ironic that there are these issues in the body of Christ that good people with earnest prayer still end up disagreeing and maybe you that Underwood self is it is something we can learn from. Well, that's right there commands but there are also matters of conscience or conviction that I think we need to pray or pray through earnestly will surely have some new believers listening today so maybe we can just start with the definition. What is the time God simply 1/10 of your income in the Old Testament Jews were required to give 1/10 of their income. Or you could say increase to support the temple and its priests. But it didn't in their Steve. There were also requirements for additional giving as well. With that established the core issue here is whether believers today are still under Old Testament law, right now, that's correct.

Yeah, those supporting a requirement for tithing will often cite Malachi 310.

Among other verses that reads bring the full tithe into the storehouse, that there may be food in my house and thereby put me to the test, says the Lord of hosts, if I will not open the windows of heaven for you and pour down for you a blessing but then again, those who believe tithing is no longer required will recite Romans 614 for sin will have no dominion over you since you are not under the law but under grace our Paul specifically says we are no longer and no longer under the law but under the new covenant of grace.

Should net pretty much settle it while you might think so but those who believe were still required to tide will cite Genesis 1420 were Abram gives 1/10 of his victory spoils to Melchizedek, who is described as a priest of God most high will also point to Genesis 28 were Jacob pledges to give back 1/10 of all that God would give to him. I just read that the other day since those examples occurred before. Though the Mosaic law Steve were handed down the thinking is the tithing didn't end with the old covenant, and therefore still applies and what with the folks on the other side say about that. Well, they have an answer for that as well and it goes like this. The examples of Abram and Jacob are different from other mentions of tithing in the Old Testament. They were a one time or limited event, and in no way indicate that Abram and Jacob continue tithing is a practice. Also, the decision to tide was their own. They weren't following laws or even customary practices at the time the way I read right so this debate goes back for couple of thousand years at least. It probably won't be decided by us today. So where does that leave us well. I wonder if maybe God left it that way on purpose Steve so that each of us would have to make our own decision because that will exercise their or should say that exercise will reveal our hearts and to be fair, I think most people on both sides of the tithing question know that they should support the church and I would go as far as to say support it systematically. First Timothy five says let the elders who rule well be considered worthy of double honor, especially those who labor in preaching and teaching. For the Scripture says you shall not muzzle an ox when it treads out the grain and the laborer deserves his wages.

You know Steve, there's a lot more we can unpack on this and maybe we'll do that a bit more and even take some questions on this right after the spring all right sounds great listening to moneywise live our special Friday edition he's from West times more phone number at home right now 800 557 uncertain times and microbrews new book financial study just a short assessment will show you where you are now online for ages financial wisdom and action plan in writing to transform your might now request financial support, moneywise live with the gift of $25 more moneywise live outdoor our friends and sound mind investing have been helping Christians reach their financial goals since 1990 with step-by-step guidance for investors.

Just getting started making choices in a 401(k) or getting ready for retirement all grounded in God's word, yes my slogan is financial wisdom for living well.

More information is available online. Sound mind investing that the SMI website also includes articles, and money and investing sound what is your biggest obsession is different. A month ago than it is today is hard to not get caught up in the pandemic and the far-reaching effects is having on everywhere we turn the news is about the coronavirus and the changes it is forcing to our everyday lives.

We are often pulled into things in ways that steal our focus from what should matter. Other times, the stress and worry of life force us to think as much is times like this remind us of the importance of good health, family and community. There is one relationship that matters more than all the others.

That is our relationship with Jesus Christ. He wants to walk through these uncertain times with you and take all your you want to know how to do that then. Call 888 need him to learn how to begin a personal relationship that is 8888 him or chat chat about Jesus. And if that is robbing you of freedom and peace of mind. Christian credit counselors can help where a nationwide nonprofit counseling organization has helped over 3000 individuals in the last 27 years get out of credit card debt 80% faster while honoring that that info to learn how Christian credit counselors can help you visit Christian credit Christian credit counselors.or call 800-557-1985 zero money manager money is different to us because money says a lot about who we are spiritually. Money is what God uses, so that we can relate to others and help others. It says a lot about our faith in our hearts and of this one question that we been talking about today.

Rob tithing and giving, how much, how little Old Testament and New Testament.

As we've already said were probably not going to settle it today because there are great Christians on both sides of the issue, but you know where we want to finish up what what what you want to say about money, finances, and God's work in our lives.

While I think as I was saying just before the break, you know, despite where you come down on this.

I think it's clear that we need to support the work of the local church that's God's plan a we need to recognize that he owns everything he doesn't need our money, but he wants us to be generous givers because that's good for us. Money can become an idol, but giving breaks its power over us. Second Corinthians 9 I believe is very clear. Whoever sows bountifully will also reap bountifully. Each one must give as he is decided in this art, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver. You know many people and I would agree with this notion believe that the ties should be the training wheels giving that you should strive to be even more generous. If you're able. It's a starting point, not an ending point and at the very least, Steve.

I like the idea being systematic or perhaps you might say a percentage giver and then increase that amount as you're able and see if God doesn't pour out his blessing on you as he said he would.

We don't know what that's gonna look like it's not a gift to get it's a give out of obedience. It's a give is an act of worship that I would also say that if you're in a church where the pastor teaches tithing your under that leadership. And I would say you should been tied, but I think this is a matter where there is room for different interpretation. We should develop our our own convictions, but clearly we were created in the image of an incredibly generous God.

I would say the ultimate giver and so that means we calibrate our hearts to his women were giving and we most look like him or resemble him when were giving because remember he gave everything he gave us his son who paid the ultimate price for our sin, so we could be reconciled and restore our relationship back to the father.

So this is something that's on the heart of God as you do it. I'm confident you will find ways to reorder your finances to do even more. And that's because what Jesus said is true and that is it is better to give than to receive. It is more blessed to give than to receive. So we should be giver Steve and we should do that systematically and I think it starts with the local church and that calibration of your heart. I think that something that actually happens automatically. The closer you get to God the closer you get to God and and since his spirit of the more generous you will become. And that doesn't happen overnight, but I think it's kind of a lifelong thing and you know when you when you sense God when you feel God when you being obedient to God, you naturally want to reach out and help others in that name. That may be financial.

That may be helping the widow next door take her garbage out to the side of the street. I means that you just want to do for others what God has already done for us. Well, that's exactly right. And that's just the way it works. As you begin to experience the joy of giving. It becomes contagious and you just want to be able to do more and more of it. Did you have to use that word contagious today. It was too soon hundred 800-525-7000 where your mask let's go to West Palm Beach, Florida hey Mike, what are your thoughts on this.

I might get up a little bit.

Mike you try to move to a place or maybe you have a one extra bar or two on the phone and try to get out now that sounds great.

Karen had touched on what I was thinking a minute ago but I think that for people who don't hide. I think they don't fully understand maybe what that I done you know it the 10% of whatever you give doesn't go directly to the pastor's pocket.

It's not like you're paying for his salary only mean that any of the goings on with the church giving the missionary for all of the support comes from the time so even if you put aside their differences of Genesis are or Romans and you want to battle it out with with Bible verses. I mean it's the right thing to do. That way, and in the second thing you I don't know how they would think that get done without without your time. The other thing is just to try if if you try tithing and you just start out being what I consider it an act of faith because II believe it is it is a written law for us to follow, but if you try mean God gives us everything.

Anyway, what's 10% one cent out of a dime that would be nothing's well. Mike points you raise some great points and that is that you know we should be obviously with our giving, and I would say from our increase off the top because your member. The tide was the first and the best in an agricultural society where you are giving the best or the first of your produce or what your farm yielded or of your cattle, whatever it might be unblemished as an act of worship to the Lord right off the top demonstrating his ownership of everything because that leads to the other point you made and that is it's not that 10% is gods it's all God's. He owns the cattle on a thousand hills 100% is his. This is our opportunity just to return to him.

A portion of what he has entrusted to us to participate in his work, and as you said to be a part of funding the local fellowship. The body of Christ locally of the church so great thoughts today. Thank you for waiting in and we do appreciate that call Fort Lauderdale Anthony, what are your thoughts hi Anthony, lives and I agree that I think that we should get mentioned in my day of every week.

Each one should set aside, not in keeping with it then comes out I got wanted to get on a regular basis to question the word hi thing I don't use that word that the Old Testament word template standing in the New Testament the church you know when the church started getting at the resurrection of Jesus in book of acts like tithing, it's always no contribution giving much if you Like Corinthian grant and what you mean, I think I'm like 10%.

We should have some percentage on my unit. We may not know how little we might be getting when I think I personally should at least 10% of the work tithing. I guess I don't use that because of terminal cancer comfortable but clear on getting sure you're exactly right there. I think the idea there is proportionate giving giving in person to how you've been prospered. What you've been entrusted. I like the idea of that systematic giving what you've decided in your heart which means it's not out of legalism not trying to check a box, not trying to perhaps do something that would be celebrated either by others, but between you and the Lord working that out and I love the idea that even a 10% number is not an ending point. Perhaps you push it to 11 or 12% or you keep going and then you get to the place as you experience the joy of giving Anthony were you begin to flip the question around and say not, how much should I give, but how much should I keep and then you have an opportunity say what is my financial finish line.

How much is enough and over what point both in savings, meaning my balance sheet or my income and my get a Bit and save Lord. This is the lifestyle I believe you called me to and beyond that everything is good to be given to you, and there's been testimony after testimony throughout history of people that have done that that have said, let me just tell you what God's been able to do not because of me. But just because I've surrendered my heart out of obedience to him. And so I think the 10% can be limiting at the same time. Some people might say that it's it's out of reach. So in all of that in prayer and recognizing God's ownership in recognizing the opportunity that we have to be found faithful in giving. I think therein lies the frilly, the heart of this conversation Anthony. We appreciate your thoughts and comments today.

Thank you so much for calling us one more quick win before the break, Rhinelander, Wisconsin hi Marylee, do you have a question and divine when it tell you guys that I really appreciate your program you have saved me from time financial blunders will think you we appreciate you go read well I do find it little bit more. I had I hadn't listened you guys for a week and then all of a sudden I I I turn you on and this guy had the same problem that I was wondering about and it would it would fit that unit wasn't a fluke God that you know you guys got some information for you.

You get better tournament. That's great.

Well tell you it's an encouragement to us in a real blessing to hear how God is working in your life and were just trying to bring his principles to bear. It's not our wisdom.

It's the Lords but that we appreciate your testimony today. How can we help you. Okay, I have to question one with regarding to governmental check that we all received.

Do we have to put that toward taxes and be It. This Actually Marylee Is One Instance Where You Don't Have To Report Income on Your Tax Return Legislation Providing for Stimulus Money to Individuals Expressly Says That It's Not Taxable. I Will Point out However That Unemployment Benefits during the Coronavirus Pandemic Are Taxable As They Are Always Are, but Not the Stimulus Check Wonderful My Car Broke down Anyway. I Had No Money to Be Able to and When This Came along with.

I I Can Figure What a Blessing. If You Have the Second Question You'll Need to Hang on for Us.

We Got Hit a Break Here. If Not, Thank You for Calling Today Were Great Devil Will Love You Talk You, but I Fear Marylee Thanks so Much for Calling This Is Moneywise Not Taking Phone Calls or Comments You Thought You Questions at 800-525-7000 and This Do You Know If You Have Enough Money House. Do You Know How Much Is Enough. If Not, One Blue Can Help with This Book. Master Your Money a Step-By-Step Plan for Experiencing Financial Contentment. Learn How to Save and Invest and Give Wisely Create a Long-Term Financial Plan and How to Get Out Of Debt.

Find It All in Master Your Money by Ron Blue Available When You Click the Start Button Moneywise Separation to Ensure We Really Wonderful and Gloriously Righteous.You Can Do No Wrong.

A Lot Of Times since Not Regulations Make an Appointment to See Me. I Need to Know about Timmy Manual for Bible Study at 930 30 Central No Problem, Money and Life Run on the Same Track.

Unfortunately, Sometimes It Seems like Your Money Is Heading in a Different Direction from Your Goal in Never Enough Three Keys to Financial Contentment.

Author Ron Blue Helps You to Break down All Your Financial Options to a Basic Floor and Then Shows You How to Keep It All Chugging along in the Right Direction on the Same Track Never Enough Three Keys to Financial Contentment Available When You Click the Store Button Moneywise Financial Anything at All. Give Us a Call. Rhinelander, Wisconsin Just before the Break, Marylee and Marylee.

What Was Your Second Question Okay. You Have Been Talking about Typing and I Was Wondering If We Have To Tie on That Government Check.

I Appreciate You Asking That Question Is Clearly by Even Asking That You Want to Be Found Faithful in Honoring the Lord in Giving You Know If We Were to Apply the Principle of the Tithe and That's Really Been Wrestling with Today.

The Principle of the Time Marylee Is That We Give off of the Increase We Get Proportionately and Systematically If We Apply the Tide Literally Means Attend and so We Would Give 10% Honor Increase and Then the Question Is What Is My Increase. Well I Would Really Lump All Provision from the Lord Because It All Comes from Him into That Increase Which Would Say My Salary Is My Increase, My Inheritance Is My Increase My Social Security Is My Increase and My Stimulus Check Is My Increase and I Would See Again Even Though It's by Way of the Government.

It's All God's Provision Because It All Belongs to Him Anyway so If You're Applying the Principle of Principle of the Tithe. I Would Say Absolutely You Would Give a Proportionately Based on the Income You Received Okay I Appreciate That. I Was Wondering about It and It Is Definitely God's Blessing Clearly Now. We Hope It Helps You with Your Car, That's for Sure.

Marylee and God Bless You for Your Generous Heart. We Appreciate Your Phone Call Today. Thanks and Your Brother to Question Lots of People Are Asking You on Getting This Money from the Government and Mice. Most the Time from It so That's Right Well Yeah and I Think Again Going Back to the Understanding That All Provision Is from the Lord Because It All Belongs to Him. He May Choose to Provide through Your Employer or the Government or Somebody Who Shows up at the Front Doorstep Use of the Holy Spirit Told Me I Should Stop Here and Offer You This Basket of Groceries. Whatever It Is It's Got Vision and so We Give Out Of Recognition of That Proportionately off of the Increase to Say God I Want to Honor You with This. Muskegon, Michigan Hello Margaret, Welcome to Moneywise and What's on Your Mind You Hear Me Yes Ma'am, I Question and I Married, I Read a Little Bit about Dave Ramsey You Know about Him with. But My Question Is If You Have like Two or Three Credit Card and You Know One Married and They're All Drunks Should You Pay All Your Well There's Two Schools of Thought on This. Margaret and Your One Is Called the Debt Snowball and Then Playing on That.

The Next Was Called the Debt Avalanche and Interestingly, There's Been Quite A Few Studies on This in Terms of Which Is the Best Way to Pay off Your Debts Only Described in the Debt Snowball Basically Says You Line up Your Cards or Your Balances from Smallest to Largest Pay the Minimum on All of Them. Then You Go Back to Your Budget, You Decrease Spending Whatever You Can to Free up As Much Margin As Possible. And That's Just What's Left over after All the Bills Are Paid Want to Try to Get That Number As High As You Can with All the Minimums. Mom Paid and Let's Say You End up with $100 a Month Extra That You Could Apply Directly to Principal Will Debt Snowball Would Say That You Pay the Minimums on All the Cards Let's Say Five You Take That Hundred Dollars and You'd Apply It to the One with the Smallest Balance until It's Paid off, and Then You Take That Hundred Plus the Minimum Payment Go to the Next Card Right down the Line the Debt Avalanche Flips around a Little Bit and Lines It up from Smallest to Largest Interest Rate. Here's the End of the Story, Though the Studies Say the Debt Snowball Comes out Ahead Because It Gives You the Momentum You Pay Those Small Balances off to Keep Going to Call Today Hope and Information Helps You Investing Is More Than Just Returns. It's an Expression of Who You Are and What You Value. When You Invest Your Money Reflect Your Identity As a Christian, and Even Tightly Designed Investments for Performance and a Better World so You Can Invest with the Confidence to Reach Your Financial Goals While Remaining True to Your Christian Values and Commitments. We Call This Investing Makes the World Rejoice More Is Available Best Invest Christian Healthcare Ministries Enables Believers to Show Love for One Another by Sharing Each Other's Health Costs through CHN's Voluntary Health Cost-Sharing Programs Members Uplift Each Other Spiritually and Financially. CHN Was an Eligible Option under the Affordable Care Act and a Better Business Bureau Accredited Charity Interested. Learn More by Calling 800-791-6225 or Online at CH Ministries More I Worked for Many Radio, the Moody Bible Institute First of the Week Standing June 2021 Building Yourself Praying Waiting for the Mercy 20 and 21, the Moody Bible Institute. Call One 800 the Financial Wealth You Leave behind Could Be the Best Thing That Ever Happened to Your Loved Ones or the Worst in Splitting Hairs, Giving Your Money and Things to Your Children without Ruining Their Lives. Ron Blue Explains Why It's Important to Make These Decisions Now, Instead of Forcing Your Heirs to Do It Later. Splitting Hairs Will Foster a Real Appreciation for the Precious Resources That God Has Entrusted to You, and It's Available. Click the Start Button Moneywise Live.with This News. I'm Buying You in Washington a Big Announcement from Pres. Trump Today at the White House Affecting Houses of Worship. The Present Instructing Governors around the Country to Allow Churches and Other Houses of Worship Including Synagogues and Mosques to Reopen This Weekend. Pres. Says They Are Central Businesses and He Laments the Fact That Some States Consider Businesses like Liquor Stores Essential, but Not Houses of Worship, National Parks Will Be Open This Memorial Day Weekend. There Will Be Some Changes at the War Memorials in Washington DC but Will Still Be Accessible.

Meanwhile, Washington DC Mayor Muriel Bowser Says the Numbers Are Pointing to the Start of a Gradual Reopening Process in the Nation's Capital. Starting at the End of the Month.

It Was a Mixed Bag.

On Wall Street, the Dow Jones Industrial Average Was down by Nine Points to 24,465 – 1940. This Is Answering News Business Moneywise or Moneywise When You Check It out to Visit Our Website Has Time This Weekend to Find Much More Information about Who We Are What We Do Some Free Downloads Radio Archives Budget Templates Check It All and then lastly, if you're a fan of the program.

If you find yourself listening on a regular basis and may be being entertained or learning something along the way, perhaps you'd like to help us a special friend, you can make a donation when you visit moneywise just click the donate tab at the top of the page and thank you for your help and generosity, Maple Heights, Illinois, Jacqueline, what's on your mind today all calling because I had a combat I about the typing and I know people say that if an Old Testament principal, but I know that hiding was actually before the long so you know and then they go to the New Testament, but then Chapman actually that were under better covenant that we should be doing better things so my question is that while I get my commented. I see a lot of people that are really uphold the typing but yet they don't follow the New Testament principle either of doing better and I think it even though there's a lot of people that faithfully give.

I'm finding a lot of people that are really uphold to tithing maybe don't want to give anyway so you were to say, Jacqueline, and I think it really does come down to an ownership question.

You know when you get that right when you recognize God owns it all.

This is not mine to begin with, it begins to change your thinking because now you're a manager of the father's resources and so just if you were to manage money for anyone you would want to hear from them you want to know what's on their heart as you manage their money and in the same way we should be talking to the father. We shouldn't let money take God's rightful place on the throne of our lives which it can often do if were not careful.

But when we get it right and it's about God and money is a tool for managing it. According to his purposes, and we see how generous he is and we see what he says about generosity and the ability to give systematically to support the work of the local church to give beyond that to the needs that are on God's heart. Whether it's the teaching of God's word, or the ministry of God's mercy of the ministry of God's justice or whatever's going on that we have the opportunity to participate and that's where it begins to get exciting so it's not how much do I have to give its how much can I give and wonder why need to do God with your money to follow your principles, so I have even more to join in your work and by the way, the compounding the rate of return we get in eternity compared to temporal compounding doesn't even compare. And so when we put money into the kingdom, the law of reward says it's got a compound for all of eternity and only heaven will tell us the fruit of our giving that was done in the name of Jesus. So, I completely agree and I think we need to really each of us take a look at our own hearts and our motivations. Great observations Jacqueline, thank you very much for calling in today 800-525-7000 Elmhurst, Illinois. Sam has a question about what I think is trying to sell his house; help answer. I know that all man and I hope all okay you know I would.

In this case talk to a real estate attorney Sam just to get some legal counsel on this special assessment. Taxes assert tax levied on property owners and generally to pay for specific local infrastructure projects. It may have been a construction or maintenance of roads or sewer lines, sometimes even an HOA, of course, will make a special assessment for a maintenance project. The taxes charged only to the owners of the property. Of course, in the neighborhood that benefit from the project and that neighborhood is called the special assessment district out there letting for a preset number of years and that's why it may not be transferable. If you're making payments over time.

But again, I would consult with a real estate attorney. Perhaps you could check with somebody in your church to get a referral you could contact a certified kingdom advisor there in Illinois and asked for referral but do you want to get some legal counsel just to understand what is permissible and what's not, but it may be in fact that what you're hearing is true and it's not transferable. And if that's the case, it would need to be paid before the property is transferred salmonella to go on that, but we hope it works out for you.

Thank you very much. Evansville, Indiana. Marsha give a tithing question about what your Social Security card and Rob… I don't like that I great and what a beautiful bedside manner.

You guys have many different types of people that call them are not entertaining things that others are highly intelligent and her finances in deep things and you guys just a beautiful job and it reflects Jesus and I pray that means whole. You would say that our our goal here Marsha is to be hopeful to be encouraging and really to try to reflect the heart of God in all of these things we talk about so your affirmation of that is really something that means a lot to us.

Thank you.

All genuine well what it is. Marsha is just is just a lot of caffeine is pretty my friend who said we were friends Marsha. We need to let you hang around more often I like to yes Montgomery you got a really nice of people that don't know and assess back in the day when I was working single and everything even married that half of the grow and I did a lot of offering and staff that I just heard you say were supposed to be hiding off about the security check like black thing that I'm worried about God because we don't marathon when he tells us to do something.

We have a confirmation and now we do it yeah well here's the thing. I think the big ideas that all provision is coming from the Lord. And so that's that's the big idea if you want to drill down kind of on the mouth of it, which is legitimate yeah the challenge is that you have to recognize Social Security is not just what you contributed because your employer did as well right and I guess my approach is these are legitimate questions by goodhearted people. I just don't drill down and trying to estimate how much is increase how much is return of capital you in the farming economy the biblical times.

They didn't subtract the amount of the wheat they implanted in computing the time they tied on the whole increase, so my opinion is everything we get is a gracious gift of God regardless of what I put in and giving is about nurturing that closer relationship with Christ by loving him for his provision and we certainly do that as we give so that's why all my increase. I would just put in that category and then give as godly Marsha here sweetheart.

God bless you have a wonderful weekend. Agree more about our money than most of us imagine Jesus is more about our money and possessions and about anything else, including both heaven and hell in managing God's money on the radio and breaks it all down in a simple, easy to follow format that makes it the perfect reference to your interested in gaining a solid biblical understanding of money, possessions and eternity managing God's money is available in the store moneywise live.this is very good where I am a car guy here to help you understand God's purpose for your life to the eyes of a layman. It's disturbing to keep up with us that show how were changing, as a society take this one for middle-age white guys are killing themselves in record numbers increasing faster than any other age or racial group. Obviously something wrong what's happening here. It's a complicated study, but at the core middle-age white guys are stronger to find an adequate reason to live our life has to have meaning or we will value it becomes easier to that's where we are the old reason for living is valid and living God's purpose for your life.

He alone gives life meaning is not leading, changing your life and the lives around return.

Your job is not revival outside the walls. By moving everyone your with today closer to Jesus. You know how easy that is go tomorrow. TW this is my faith in Christ grow to listen to the Bible from James one considerate to enjoy, whenever you face trials because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance. Perseverance must finish its work so that you may be mature and complete any of you lacks wisdom, he should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault and it will be given, but when he asks you must believe and not doubt, because he who doubts is like a wave C blown and tossed by the wheat that man should not think he will receive anything from the Lord is a double minded, unstable in all dots from James one so here more radio Do you know the seven things not to do with your money and uncertain times, and would you like to know the 10 ways to trim your budget amid the current pandemic you get those answers and much more. When you subscribe to the moneywise magazine will receive valuable expert articles to follow advice leaving get access to exclusive podcast episodes and your subscription is free, get access to the moneywise magazine moneywise claims Illinois Sharon, thanks for holding regarding hiding will have a home church that were going through right now. The and our income is basically that income per month and we were wondering if it would be okay to try several different business is on top of the ministry and make up the pipe that went yeah I think that's a fine way to approach it. Sharon you're the other approach you could take his say you know we want to we want to give based on the principle of the tie off the top were going to divide up our increase weekly and wherever the Lord has us worshiping that week were going to give one fourth of it to that particular church and use that as a way to to bless them. But if the Lord lead you some other way again. I don't think this is about checking a box or being legalistic. Clearly, when God plants you in your new home fellowship. I think that's where you should be giving first giving proportionately and systematically to the local church, but while you're searching for a church home and obviously you can't visit around right now because of social distancing. I think the Lord will certainly honor your generous heart. However, he leads you think you am so glad we pretty let's go to the state of Tennessee.

Next hi Kathy, what you question for Rob last night you should hear and I think that would put on the date and where and I haven't gotten it back yet then they haven't got my return yet yet and not gotten for me and I yes ma'am. So yes, it has his name on it.

The Treasury Department says the stimulus checks made out to deceased taxpayer should be returned to the IRS that the check was sent by mail. It would be voided and then mailed back to the IRS.

If the payments are may be a direct deposit. The surviving spouse wouldst would write a check to the government and mail it in. So you you would need to return it and obviously you want to do that in the right way but you know it certainly happens and we heard about it, a number of times and so that would be what is expected at this point. Yes ma'am is actually an FAQ on the website on how to return that if you just go to there's a lot of information there. In one of the questions on that page is related to this topic with the instructions on what you do.

So I would visit and you can see specifically what you need to do and how you need to go about returning the help – very well thank you.

Already by you know a real spiritual person like yourself Rob would say hey that's the law. Mail it back Dedan no conversation but there are some of us that would save us, and she just lost her husband and she's got that she cut her some slack, but no, I mean God says render unto Caesar, and in this case that's the right thing to do correct. Well that's exactly right stimulus is God's money, and so how do you think the father would want you to handle his money think the answer will become pretty plain ask you. Hebrews 13 says keep your lives free from the love of money and be content with what you have, because God has said, never will I leave you or forsake you. There are lots of other verses Rob that I will point out that God has promised to meet our needs.

And yet there are people listening today. We know this is a fact that continued to be generous continue to give and yet they sense they feel that God is not hearing them, and in some cases. Maybe God isn't really meeting their needs and so they're a bit frustrated.

Perhaps even a little upset with God because he doesn't seem to be coming through with his end of the bargain to say to them yeah well I would just recognize that everything we have is a blessing from the Lord and God is not promised us in this fallen earth, that we find ourselves in right now until we he comes again and we are in heaven with him or on the new earth with him forever. They're going to be trials and it's not the fact that the way we handle money doesn't have anything to do or the first spiritual life really doesn't have anything to do with necessarily the amount will have financially that passes through our hands. Those things are not connected and so we just need to be found faithful with our little or however much or however much member apostle Paul said, I've learned to be content in times of plenty of learn to be content in times of need. The key is does God have my heart and I think that's where we need to come back to make it a matter of prayer.

He's promised to provide for our needs not our once we can take him at his word, but I think at the end of the day. Steve we don't need to see this is some in some way my financial struggles being an indictment on my faith.

Rather, we need to see it everything we have is a blessing from the Lord, and these days it really does appear that God uses the body of Christ to do his work and that includes work with in the body of Christ. So if you have needs and you have a never mentioned those to the body to the people that you go to church with your pastor or whomever, even though it may feel bad or be hard or difficult. Don't forget to share your concerns and your needs with others so that they can pray with you and perhaps God would has blessed them with more so they might even be able to help you financially. We seen that time and time again, so do your part to help others and allow others to help you already. Let's go to see Redding, California hi Bonnie, what you question for Rob my call the company that I worked for years ago and recently they filed And so and then they changed my commencement date to where I could start next month if I needed that. My question is I'm not sure what to do at this point because one of the options that they take it off of the cable lump-sum rollover so now they're saying that I have two options I can either take a five year certain life annuity or 10 year and it is taxable money and so I'm not sure what art what to do. I don't really need the money right now but I don't know that I want to just leave it sitting there because I cannot put a beneficiary on that until I actually have a commencement date and start receiving funds, so if anything were to happen to me then that money would absorb back into the company might might might children wouldn't get yes yes okay well under Chapter 11 which is a reorganization. Usually the company is going to continue in business under a court's protection while attempting to reorganize their financial affairs so it may or may not affect the pension plan. In your case it did in the sense that the lump sum came off the table, but normally it would continue to exist throughout the reorganization process.

I think the key is to recognize although there may be some protections you know that is one of the risks associated with this, in that if the company were to dissolve completely or file chapter 7 with the liquidation that may impact your ability to continue to receive those pension dollars. So I would probably, in this case given the situation.

Take that money in a shorter term as possible. For those reasons, just to ensure the greater likelihood that you would get the full benefit that is coming your way and obviously as you said as soon as you make that election. You can put a beneficiary on there which would be very important. I am getting around and rolled over into an active Ira or Ron well it to give the option to roll this money over into an IRA. It would obviously deferred those taxes until you take it out of the IRA. But I suspect they're going to pay that out to you based on the schedule that you elect as taxable income, and Bonnie, I hope that helps you. Thank you very much and Rob one more if I may. This color was on hold and then unfortunately, they had to hang up. But here's the gist of it. How do I get my adult children to understand the importance of tithing. They think all the money goes to the pastor yeah well you know I think as you begin to explain the fact that the the local church is supported by God's people and just like a business. Even though the local churches is not necessarily a business like we would typically think of it, they have all of the same needs they've got the staffing needs in the infrastructure and they gotta keep the lights on and they gotta keep it clean and they got to do all of these things. You might talk through the fact that there is no other place for that money to come from. It's not coming from the government. It's not coming from revenue Jennings generating opportunities that the church as it's coming from God's people who are being faithful to support the work of the local church and that is the institution ordained by God from the very beginning that that Jesus sent out the 12 to launch that has been really essential and even the temple before that in the Old Testament for the work of the Lord. And so I think as you begin to talk through that and explain the role of the local church and the needs that the local church has hopefully that will become clear.

I think also taking them back to Scripture and really beginning to explore some of those passages, and a great resource for that is the financial stewardship Bible. We got it in our store moneywise all the passages on money are highlighted in green and it would be a great resource just to begin to meditate on those passages and understand God's heart as it relates to our money. That's a great suggestion about thank you very much. It's been a great week we covered a lot of ground today. I think you and I trust you and your family will have a great Memorial Day weekend will thank you Stephen you and Marsha as well. Thanks very much. I will be back Monday. However, I will tell you that will be on tape Monday Monday Memorial Day program has been recorded. Please please tune in. Lots of good information coming your way. My thanks to our technical crew Judy Courtney Kathy T Jim Henry moneywise live is a partnership between the radio and moneywise media since your sleeve

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