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Teaching Kids About Money

MoneyWise / Rob West and Steve Moore
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August 23, 2022 5:30 pm

Teaching Kids About Money

MoneyWise / Rob West and Steve Moore

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August 23, 2022 5:30 pm

Everybody knows the most important thing you should teach your children is the gospel.  But what comes after that? On today's MoneyWise Live, host Rob West will welcome Art Rainer to explain that after the gospel, perhaps the next most important thing you can teach your kids is how to handle money wisely. Then Rob will answer your calls and financial questions. 

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Everybody knows the most important thing you should do through children, but what's the second time Rob was sharing the gospel is the most important thing you can do for your kids, but perhaps the second most is teaching them how to handle money wisely.

Talk about that with Art Rayner today it's on your calls at 800-525-7000 800-525-7000. This is moneywise live biblical wisdom for your financial, the author of several books on finance including a few on teaching kids about money, no art was on with us just a few weeks ago there was so much we didn't get to. We needed him to an encore performance are good to have you back with us. Robert is always an honor to be on the show. I love love what you guys do thank you for your ministry well were grateful for you as well arts and earlier.

As you know we talked about your three volume series the secret slide money club which is very entertaining and educational stories for younger kids teaching them how to handle money from a biblical perspective, by the way, we are still offering that to listeners through the end of August for a gift of $25 or We'd love to put it in your hands but art. We want to continue that discussion today and perhaps starting with this foundational question. Just why is it so important to teach kids financial stewardship. Well if if they're going to take care of us during our retirement years. To me that they better be well-off and financially healthy.] So innovation yeah right.

There certainly is the practical EE we want our kids to be financially healthy. We want to kids to to avoid debt. We want them to have their emergency fund have enough for for savings. We want them to make good financial decisions because we know the stress that comes along with poor financial decision-making and so we certainly want them to be financially healthy. So there's that practical element to it, but there's also the spiritual peace to money management reflects heart management and you will know this well meet in Matthew 621 it says for where your treasure is, there your heart will be also write your heart follows your treasure and that's an important teaching. So as we are talking to our kids about finances were not just helping them get financially healthy but though that certainly is part of it but were helping them follow God's design for their money and for themselves and helping them prioritize that the gospel above above all and so were really working with their hearts. When were talking about talk about money yeah this is such a big idea artist that we want our kids to leave our home as future adults, understanding not only financial literacy which you talk about we talk about balancing checkbooks and the danger of debt in the power of compound interest but also a really God's heart and perspective on money, which is throughout the Council of Scripture. If we leave that piece out there not ready to approach money from Badlands and that changes everything doesn't yeah yeah without without question if they are not able to understand and look at finances through a biblical worldview, their finances, or can be impacted for sure, but also their the heart is going to be can be impacted in their gonna fall into these common traps that is so many so many experience that we want them to avoid those the straps were to get into the nuts and bolts of what this looks like today art and just this minute we have before the first break tell us when this process should begin how early do you start well, I don't recommend starting to introduce you to your all to the finer points of the Roth IRA with a traditional IRA that's now behind.

I have made many mistakes to learn from my mistakes. They dumped it out at age but here's the thing. Don't underestimate what your kid can learn and retain at a at a young age.

Don't ever underestimate that so you can start at a very young gate even three for your little teaching them, teach them basic principles about what the Bible says about money yet witnessing to them the ABCs is to be seen, Jesus loves me. And through those songs were teaching them some very important principles and you can do the same.

Not necessarily in song but you can teach them some basic money principles even when they are incredibly young now. Tomorrow I Rayner's child tells us how to calculate the US gross domestic product only miss it only come back a lot more on this topic.

How do you teach your kids about money and God's heart right out of his word, Art Rayner with us today. Stick around will be right back with us today.

I moneywise live time Rob was your host joining us today. Author and teacher. Art Rayner also contributed and today were talking about money and kids. How do we train our kids so they can leave our homes ready to handle money not only the financial literacy component of money but also understanding what God's word says that he's the owner that there is steward that money is a tool and really understanding as Art said the money issues well there heart issues. How do we communicate and impart all of that to our kids as they are under our roof. What were going to talk about that today and aren't I want to begin with the nuts and bolts of this. I know you recommended the three jar approach gives save, spend, is that the approach starting at the youngest ages, or something else yet so I certainly love those those three jars and we use those in our house.

We have gone through that the physical charge where there putting physical cash into the give jar the saved are the live jar. We've also transition are two older boys and onto the green light, and other still have him give us a live account for familiar with with green light on but we still are using that pattern. The pattern that we find in Scripture that we are to give generously. That's on priority, then we are to save wisely and then we are to live appropriately or spanned appropriately. Now it's important to remember when you're teaching kids. It really anything that you must keep it simple and you have to be highly repetitive course parents understand that highly repetitive shirt on it, but that's how you teach kids any anything including money and we start in our whole household with the fact that God owns everything that's one thing that we repeat over and over and over again and if they say, and this is my toy occasionally with on their head. This is God's way. Remember that, or if hey this is this is advising this my car then that though sometimes China's I know this is God that this is God's car. Dad and I'm like yeah I get it I get, but certainly got God owns everything and we are that we are the manager to take care of what he gives us and then ES. We do use those and give save and live with her to jar or digital count wheat we teach our kids to follow that pattern and by doing that by helping them understand that particular pattern. We can be highly highly repetitive and it set them up for the future when the reality is, as adults if we can get that right. We've accomplished something. Well that's so true and that's really the foundation then you can start building upon that as they get older with some of these more complex ideas are and let's get this one out of the way, how do we approach the allowance.

What is that look like in the Rayner household. We definitely have chores. Our boys participate in the upkeep of our of our home.

We think that that is important. They are paid for the chores that they that they do and we we do that because we want them want to understand the value of of work. This is also part of God's design that work was a pretty fall idea in Proverbs 1227 says the lazy do not roast any game but the diligent feed on the riches of the hunt. We are designed for. God wants us to work.

It is a wise thing to work and to be compensated for our work and so we want them to understand the value of work and also understand this part of God's design for them to not just supposed to sit back and receive, and receive and receive without putting in any type of effort. So yes we do have weekly chores and they are paid for those for those chores okay very good. Now, obviously, as they begin to graduate. Beyond that, and they get a little older we build on this idea of give, save, spend, but you're also trying to communicate some big ideas to them including this idea that the world culture is lying to them about money. Tell us about that and how you go about it yet so they are going to be bombarded with the lies about about money.

The world is going to constantly teach them, it's lessons about my which is why it's so important for us as parents to teach what the Bible says about about finances. One of the lies is that much. The money that we have is actually ours right mentioned that God owns everything and another one is that money leads to happiness. Your kids don't social media are there watching. Maybe your friends accumulate things they may get that the sense that hey if I have more stuff for far more money than be happier.

Which of course we know is not that not the case now.

The lies that money leads to a satisfied life were that money is is always good and that less is is always is always bad course we know with the parable of the of the talents that some people have more some people God gives gives less and that's okay. What's ultimately required of us is stewardship. In either scenario, and so we want to correct these lies and help them understand what Scripture says about money and how we are to manage it, and when we look at the Council Scripture we clearly see jumping off the page that we should be givers right we were created in the image of the ultimate giver. So how do you teach the importance of giving back to God and sharing with others in the dark will edit it goes back to those jars that give save lives are that they give jar is the first thing that they do with their finances. They put their money in that and that give jar so helping them understand that generosity is a priority is essential as a as as is apparent.

My recommendation to parents is to be generous themselves lead the way and talk about it. Talk to your kids about your your generosity.

Recently, I was at a stoplight and there's a homeless man right right next to me. I did not give him any money, but I gave him what what I had. I gave him some some drinks and and so just that display of generosity.

My boys were in the car so they saw that. Let your children see you. Be generous to to others and talk about it and then when your child decides to be generous themselves. Let them don't ever stop them from being generous, especially at at a young age my my middle son wanted to give money to a a lion preserve something to the discovery channel a question whether or not he should. Whether or not that was the best uses funder should get to the local church but I didn't want to stop and so I I did of course now we receive Discovery Channel solicitations all the time indents so went but when they do get to know stop them that when they they do give celebrate celebrate their generosity so that they can be encouraged to continue to give as God has designed us to do this. Grapes are just about 30 seconds left. What about allowing our kids to fail, especially as they get a little older and in this area of money specifically, just so we are.

We certainly allow our children to to make that purchase decisions, decisions that they that they regret and we think that that's important for them to feel that they regret to feel the consequences of making a a poor spending decision because I would rather them feel that now when the stakes are relatively low. Then when they get into college or get out of college when the stakes are significantly higher but so good and then finally we got a model at artisan a critical yes without without question. If we want our children to be financially healthy into line. Then there are financial practices. What we find in Scripture we have to do it. First we have to model it for them.

Love it. You can learn much more an art is get some great articles on this topic are. Thanks for stopping by my friend.

We appreciate your time is always on her. Thank you is three book series for kids.

The secret slide money club is available with a gift of $25 or more that's money your calls next.

800-525-7000 stick around. Yesterday I moneywise live with us as we tackle your financial question through the lens of Scripture. We started today by talking about kids and money. I can think about better topic to think about in terms of our legacy. You know, we are raising future adults. If we have kids and as they leave the home. Not only do we want them ready in terms of financial literacy. We want them ready to understand the role as a steward of God's resources and what it means to see money is a tool, not an end, and to fight against the world's messages that say your self-worth is equal to your net worth and allow them to avoid the comparison trap so many things that our culture can draw us into. We want to try to help keep them out of that and we would love to come alongside you as you think about that that article is 800-525-7000.

We'd love to help you tackle any financial question, not just the questions related to your kids, whether it's saving or giving perhaps paying down debt or your lifestyle, your spending plan. 800-525-7000 is the number to call Ari let's begin today in Crown point, Indiana Mary, thank you for going to.

I would because I would let a little bit of money from my mom and she and I have three grandchildren and eight I would like to open them some kind of savings not actually stating that might open up an IRA with American college of the others in high school and I told them if I open this. It's your just to put money in a never take it out but I wanted to know if that's a good way to start them out or should I do it with some other type of meeting planner or something like that.

Yeah, I think the key is to define what the purpose of this money is. Let's first tackle whether or not you're even able to put the money into an IRA for kids. You are to the extent they have earned income so they would have to have jobs and you can only put in money up to the limits of the that's the contribution limit for the year which happens to be $6000 for this year and in then it's only up to the earned income that they have until you reach that $6000. So do they all have jobs, whether in college and they have jobs in the college but I don't know if it will pay for their college or fit their money. Well, it doesn't work it doesn't really matter what they use it for it's really in terms of the ability to contribute to an IRA in their name. It's really only up to the amount of earned income that they have that would be subject to taxes. Now they may not pay any taxes because they may be below the standard deduction.

But if they have earned income you know they would be able to contribute or if you could, on their behalf into an IRA in their name, but if they don't have jobs or you know they're only earning a few hundred dollars than you could only contribute up to the amount of earned income that they have. Beyond that, you know you I think we need to back up and decide what's the purpose of this money is it specifically for college.

Obviously, for the ones that are in college it's probably Artie taken care of. Is it for kind of the near term to be able to used by a car or put a first last and security on a department or is it your money that you truly want them to suck away for the future, as in 40 years down the road for retirement and I fully believe that this is a great use of the money if that was something you wanted to do for them and they had better earned income, allowing them to make that contribution order you to do it into their custodial IRA that would be great.

Nothing more powerful than the power of compounding over a long period of time and this would certainly get them going toward retirement savings but give me your thoughts on just how you want the money to be used well for I was. I was fortunate to get a job where I was able to know I'll make some money and put them into. I got a pension and and a 401(k). But my thought was with the IRA that it would be there savings for their older age, helping them start. I'm not sure where they're going to end up with jobs that they're going to have that and it they were and I told you contribute to that it'll always be for your money when you need it when you're older. So I am encouraging them to start that now while that winter $0.18-$0.19 starter saving in their very good so I think that's really your hearts desire, and that is to encourage the long-term, systematic savings, you know, for retirement to begin that now to begin to realize the power of that compounding over longer time.

That's a great thing to do and it's going to come down to opening an account, so the basically the way you do that is you have to have an adult custodian account there be an adult daughter that could be you or their grade their parents and then they would be the custodian or it or they would be you would be the custodian but then they would be named on it as well. It becomes their account solely when they reach the age of majority, which is 18 and most states.

So there is no minimum age but there is that requirement that it can only be up to the limit, which is 6000 for this year and only up to the amount of earned income that they have so pending on how much their working how much they've earned. They may or may not be able to put in or you on their behalf. The full 6000 and then you have to decide where not every custodian offers custodial IRAs, but in particular, Fidelity and Charles Schwab do in both of those are known as low-cost providers that would be great options for you so you would go open those custodial IRAs and then you could make that contribution up to the earned income that they have for the year.

No more than $6000 as a make sense all it does make sense. Thank you so much that I just want to make sure with that sound idea that I could do that for them and absolutely asked you thank you so much I'll thank you thank you Mary God bless you very much 800-525-7000 is the number to call whatever's on your mind today, financially speaking, we'd love to hear from you.

Also coming up today know if you thought about the fact that we were required for impact. We are hardwired for worship. And you know as we think about our purpose we are wired for impact as well an impact beyond ourselves. What is look like in terms of the financial decisions that you're making well I think you can make a difference in your giving your investing hand in your living will talk about that today.

Tackle a question that came in by email specifically related to a spouse that doesn't have any credit because her husband everything is in his name. She's concerned she wasn't even able to qualify for credit card overcome. That was your question 55 delighted with us today on moneywise live biblical wisdom for your financial decisions. Open will quickly 800-525-7000.

Whatever's on your mind today would love to hear from financially speaking that is tied back to the phones we go Lakeland, Florida hey Carol, things were going to read hello, thanks for taking my call behalf, my friend, I'm looking for ideas for her out little over year ago she was independent then to foster job due to child custody drain schedule that nobody would hire her with that schedule for the last year she had government I think government housing assistance, but at ending have to pay full rent next month got no more unemployment if she moves he will probably lose her custody cases. But she have a job so she can't get paid for her housing. She is looking for night job from home that would pay a living try but every assistant organization she can find and I'm just wondering if you have any thoughts on what she can do.

Yeah well it's so challenging in the situation and I'm so delighted to hear that you're being a friend to her because I think you know, obviously, some in the situation need somebody walking alongside them because it's often said you really want to be able to think about doing for one which you wish you could do for everyone, and I think in this case you're just being a friend of this person is really helpful and helping them navigate the assistance that may be available to she have a local church, a Carol that she's a part of yeah sometimes have helped her about it they can, and that dried up to spend every day looking for jobs and resources yeah yeah but I think staying connected to her local church. I think one of the keys is that she's demonstrating a desire to be part of the solution here and you're making her full-time job. Plaintiff trying to find assistance ill. I think you beyond that I would check into the church, perhaps knowing a listing of the available community resources that are there because not only can they be in assistance to her directly and as you said they already have in the perhaps there's a limit to that. I know that in many cases they can connect her to local counsel in aid that may be available there locally get housing allowance and other types of things that she might be able to take advantage of yelp.

It's really going to come down to social services. Your local ministries or outreach organizations that can meet her needs. There on the ground and then build the local body of Christ, and I think you as we asked the Lord to give you some wisdom here and help her navigate this plus her desire to get out of work and the good news is this is a really attractive job market right now in the labor market is still very strong.

There's a lot of people are still looking for you folks to provide the know to take jobs that they have open and so it's not like you know her and I've been a challenging job market right now and I realize there's limitations with her kids and so forth as to what she can do, but there should be plenty of options. So I think between all of these and then ultimately our trust in him will the Lord is her provider. I'm confident something will come her way. Let me just ask the Lord to be in the midst of this, if you don't mind Carol I would just lift up Carol's friend to you, Lord, you know the situation you know every detail was her creator.

Lord we just ask that you would intervene here miraculously that you provide employment that should rally around her people like Carol and others that can meet the needs that you give her wisdom and endurance during a challenging season that this wouldn't cause her to Wayne in her faith at all, but she would lean into her relationship with you, knowing that she can trust you and your promises are real be near to those kids in this difficult time. Given that what she has in front of her and the Lord were discontinued today that we trust you and invite you into every facet of this situation, including the finances of Carol's friend. We ask all this in Christ name amen Carol thank you for your call today.

Please keep us posted on the situation to Des Moines Iowa and need.

Thank you for calling the redhead while thank you for taking my call. I have a savings account where I put my money biweekly for my employer and they match me 3%. Right now I'm getting 8% of my money and I'm trying to see if it would be wise to just go with the 3% and have them match that and then put that other 5% in at different savings or retirement account sure what is your age Anita.

If you don't mind me asking detail. 52. Okay yeah I mean absolutely want to take advantage of the match. Beyond that, I like you continuing to contribute to the TSP. The only thing I might offer would be if you want to open a Roth IRA. In addition to the TSP what you could do is do the first 3% to get the full batch then contribute up to the full amount in the Roth IRA which is to be after tax money that will grow tax free and you could do that over age 50, it's up to 7000 this year and that if there's anything left.

Perhaps you come back to the TSP and you put in as much as you can.

I think the key is that it's either going into a tax-deferred environment were you getting tax deferred growth, so the taxes are weighing on the investment you can maximize the growth over time or in a tax-free growth environment like the Roth either one of those are great and I my priority would be match first then were off. Then back to the additional contributions into the TSP so that would be the only other thing I might consider other than what you're currently doing. But if's for for simplicity sake, you'd rather just know pull the put the full 8% into the TSP. I'm a problem with that. The only other thing I would just say is make sure that the investments that you're selecting inside the TSP are the best ones for your age and risk tolerance, and perhaps if you have some insight into that great. If you don't, maybe somebody for some help there just to make sure you're picking the right investments out that we know what they're going to do, but that there the right in a mix of investments for what you're trying to accomplish, to settle make sense. It does so told me that I could just take it out but it in the bank but I'm not so sure that I trust the bank to hold onto my money either. Well, I guess. I certainly wouldn't do that you in terms of taking the money out of the TSP you're going to create a taxable event plus the penalties and then it's not available for it to be growing or compounding for the future of the other problem is in the bank. It's losing purchasing power every day, me and inflation is running north of 8%. Right now you're losing 8% purchasing power.

Every year on that money and it doesn't have the ability to grow and I realize were in a volatile market right now.

The market works in cycles and it will recover ahead of this economy. We have some longer-term challenges in this country, but in my view, there's nothing on the horizon that would cause us not to continue to be the most dominant economic force in the world. Terms of the size of our economy. We will get through.

Even if we slip into a recession. I think it will be minor that the market will recover ahead of it and will move to higher ground. So the very best way. In my view for you to build wealth. Anita over the next 15 years. Let's say until you retire and then if you're in good health and the Lord Terry's you need that money the last several decades beyond retirement age. Very best way to maximize that is a properly diversified stock and bond folio where taxes are not putting a drag on the investments and that's exactly where you're at right now the TSP so I would say continue to be faithful and systematic in your contributions that a percent a year and it'll pay off over the long haul and we appreciate your call today 800-525-7000. No standing by today Gabby team managing our phone. She will try to get you on the air quickly a lot more to come on moneywise. Don't go anywhere with us today on moneywise live drilled you here today. This is where we apply God's wisdom to your financial decisions and choices about West Coast guidelines open perhaps room for maybe the question 800-525-7000. Let's quickly go to Tampa Florida. Fred, thanks for going cigarette at 22 times should get out and close will and mortgage but cannot due to the lateness, which means that I will never bill you left only to catch up with maintenance. Well first suggestion is Fred to let this be an encouragement for everybody else listening to be very careful before getting into a timeshare.

I can't tell you many calls I've gotten exactly like this one and I don't mean to make light of it, because I know it's frustrating and it's a difficult situation.

There are great options here feel one is there is a forum online called tug to the timeshare users group you find it on the that is a place you could list this for sale the challenges there's more people that want to get rid of these then by them. So it's not always easy to get rid of them, but you could check that second you can check your contract. I'm sure you've already done this but you you could see what options you have there. You could see if the company will buy it back. They likely won't they want to be in the business of selling new timeshares to other folks, I don't want to buy him back but you could also see they take it back for free. You could try to sell it to go in the newspaper or you online but I think the tug to website to be your best bet there you could try to find one of these exit companies. I've never had great success with the exit companies but I know there are several of them that are promoted on various in various places you could do some due diligence there. I would want to make a recommendation to one because again I'm never found them to be terribly successful in any other option will be can you give it away to somebody you'd be willing to just take it off your hands if they'll use it and take the you don't start paying the maintenance obviously than they could get something that could be really a win-win for both of you, but unfortunately there's not a silver bullet here, Fred.

You need to do your homework, but I'd start with tug to see if if you can give it back to the company and then see if you can give it away to somebody who might be willing to take on the maintenance wish you all the best in this Fred and let us know how it turns out to Tennessee. Matt, thanks for calling Karen at hey I've got a question about meeting on Sunday at our church and somewhere around about $30,000 or so in a general font and they were asking about investing some of that and I will wondering getting out is on well is it illegal yes. Is it advisable know in my view, I wouldn't want to see the church invest its capital you what I would say is, and I've served on finance committees in the church at the church over the years and you know we always had a policy that basically established the target for our reserves and I think somewhere between six and 3 to 12 months worth of reserves is prudent and that's beyond what the mortgage may require it as reserves just for operating reserves, but I think anything beyond 12 months is excessive and I think the key is that God's people are giving to the church to fund the work of the church which is to reach the lost and build up the body and the extent to which were taking risk with those funds and not deploying it in the ministry is just something that I really don't get excited about it all. So you obviously putting the reserves to work in a way that protects the capital and earns a decent interest rate on it.

As long as it's fully secure, I think, is an option but anything beyond that with marketable securities. No, not in my view and I would say if you receive gifts of stock, real estate, I would immediately initiate a sale at that time. That is my view doesn't mean it's it's right or wrong I just know I wouldn't be able to get comfortable as a lay leader in the church that were taking the gifts were given to the church for the purposes of ministry and putting them to work in the stock market that oval I think we lost it. Hopefully that was helpful if he has any follow-up thoughts on encouragement give us a call back Kelly in Florida, go right ahead you're on moneywise live and take my call so I'm a young man of 52 years old have not put a whole bunch of money wake up my cabinet, but I have some cash flow by hundred thousand dollars that I'm about to come into so I wanted to find out about either getting about compound interest or whatever suggestion would you have returned to the company-sponsored planet were Kelly will work myself while mold is okay all right grace and do you have a retirement account that you opened your December put a whole lot inner you don't even have an account created greater And put money away, but not a whole lot what is the right bank account you know okay yeah well, what I would do is I would open ASAP IRA to start with. This is a very effective tool for self-employed individuals that stands for simplified employee pension plan and you. It's a great way to get significant amount of money into a plan on a tax-deferred basis.

You can put in up to $61,000 and there are some limitations on that in terms of in others a personal limit and then there's the employee contribution than theirs them was consider the employer contribution, even though they're both your money and yeah it's a great way to get the good bit of money going in on a tax-deferred basis. So for you in terms of think about that hundred thousand.

If you don't have an emergency fund of 3 to 6 months expenses and I probably err toward the toward the six months as a self-employed person that I would say take that that portion of of what is equivalent to six months worth of your household expenses and I put that into a high-yield savings account online with like Marcus or Ally Bank one of those earning 1 1/2% a year, but with total safety and then link it to your checking account and that's for emergencies and then whatever is left. I'd say let's try to get as much of that going in on a tax-deferred basis as possible.

And that's where the setup IRA will come in in terms of you being able to to make some contributions to get that money that going in, and then you invest that you for your future and then keep up those contributions, you know, by limiting your lifestyle and as you have profitable years were you have some excess you know you can suck some more away and you can open that at Schwab or fidelity in the number of institutions will allow you to do that but that this would be a great tool for you to build gets money going okay by the weight of the young lady called Carol if she checked with her local career my ministry that I do happen automatically, apparently in Broward County.

If she checked with her local career and how to reach out yeah great lot appreciate that. That's great counseling. She still listening. Thanks for calling Kelly to Illinois. Susan, you're next in the program. Go ahead. I share Larry Burke When I was 20 I stayed out and start so I raised five children after 20 years married. She divorced 20 years took care of that might have an emergency fund established I rent my rent went up $320. My oldest child who lived out of state. Him and his wife want to buy a property here to stabilize my rent as I'm going into retirement. I am planning on file to work.

I told I told them I think you know that they make good money but I don't think they have. Therefore, children with they don't have a college fund established for their children and their home is not paid for their not completely out of debt. So I feel like they need to establish their own little village before they try to help me yeah yeah years wondering how to navigate that with them.

Yeah, yeah, well, this is tough because obviously I think if it were me, Susan.

What I would do would be just to approach them with that same part of sentiment that you just expressed stress to me just say listen, I love that you guys want to help me and here's my thought, you know, I've been I think I want you all to make sure that you're doing what you need to do for your own financial future. First, and I love you and I appreciate your desire to help, but that's you know what my concern is, and at the end of the day, Susan.

If they just decide, listen. The Lord is impressed upon us to give to you and to help in this way. I think that's great. And I would allow them to do that. I mean, obviously it's something that they have a burden for think as long as you've made your desire known then given them permission to say as much as I can use your help I would really want you guys to focus on yourselves. I think you'll come to the right conclusion where either you say you know what, I'm just going to be willing to receive this and be grateful for it and know that that's gonna bless them in doing that or they might say you know what we really appreciate that it will take that counsel in and then go you put that money to work and you know that'll make you feel good as well but I think the key is just open and honest communication here and an understanding that at the end of the day. This may be something that really just gives them a lot of joy to be able to do so. Let us know how that turns out. Susan B prayed up as the Lord intervene as you have that conversation and I would love to hear how it turns out, God bless you very much for folks we covered a lot of ground today. A lot of great questions about running the gamut of financial decisions and choices for such a privilege to be able to come alongside you each day is talk about how we can each be found faithful in serving the Lord and being a good steward of his resources but he was not as a partnership between money was our listener supported like a support as you can

Thank you Kathy Anderson, Robert Sutherland

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