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Misconceptions Lead to Student Debt

MoneyWise / Rob West and Steve Moore
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May 12, 2022 5:38 pm

Misconceptions Lead to Student Debt

MoneyWise / Rob West and Steve Moore

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May 12, 2022 5:38 pm

Many high school students are receiving their diploma and heading off to college. So, are there ways they can avoid borrowing a ton of money to complete their education? On today's MoneyWise Live, host Rob West will welcome Art Rainer to talk about 6 misconceptions that lead to big student loan debt. Then Rob will answer various financial questions from a biblical perspective. 

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Nobody dares bring up. I decided to talk about mind and let you eavesdrop on the journey. My name is Brian Dolly and a brand-new podcast called the grandfather effect dust off the skeletons in my family's closet to determine why my grandpa stopped speaking to us on the journey ended up discovering something else entirely.

Listen on the Moody radio mobile app or wherever you get your podcast as the government is about to cancel $100 million in student loans that should take care of at least four people. Rob was okay. So that's an old joke, but it illustrates the need to borrow as little as possible for education because it can quickly get out of hand today all talk with our grader about six misconceptions that lead to big student loan debt. But it's all your calls at 800-525-7000 number 24, seven, 800-525-7000.

This is moneywise live biblical wisdom for your financial decision yesterday biblical for Nancy's vice president of the college at Southeastern and that gives them some really informed opinions about student loan debt. Always great to have you with the start.

Rob is always such an honor to be on moneywise thank you absolutely are.

It's a human titled six lines of thought that resulted in significant student loan debt. I'm really excited unpack this today because I think this is such an important topic so diving if you would. What's first on the list yet at first like to say that I wrote this article because student loan debt is such a significant issue today. According to the education data initiative. The average college graduate leaves school with around $40,000 in student loan debt. While that's a lot of debt right now. Many high school students are receiving their diploma and heading off to college and when and how will they cover their costs. Now, based on statistics.

The majority are going to use debt at some point while pursuing their degree and this is not purely a function of cost.

Sometimes students are taken in by just incorrect lines of thought that lead to a lot of debt. If your student you really need to avoid these misconceptions. And here's the first one attending a costly school will get you a better job attending a costly school get you a better job. Higher tuition does not always equate to higher salaries. Employers don't look at the amount you paid to kid a college degree.

They just look at the degree after your first job where you went to school starts taxi. Take a backseat to your prior work experience. So find a school that makes financial sense for you where you can get a good ROI on your education.

That's a great thought and that alone could save you a ton of money R&R.

What's next for the second misconception is that you need the quote unquote college experience know there's nothing wrong with enjoying your time in college I enjoyed my time at college, especially if it works with in your current financial situation more and more students are realizing that having the college experience. It just simply not worth having that college debt yes over there getting jobs to help offset tuition costs so that they won't be paying off student loans 10, 15, 20 years after graduation and number three is this it's okay to stretch out college. Certainly there is some leniency here, but you need to be careful when choosing to stretch out your degree program, you may actually end up paying more and actually run a greater risk of not completing your degree and don't take those throwaway classes don't take the underwater basket weaving class is your investment worth it makes her every class that you take is intentional you not talking about the badminton class I took their payments are you I took a class on on the study of blogs.

Now how does that apply to personal finances. It doesn't but I was a get a quick a.

I will say I did get P credit for going skiing during her employment here and I wouldn't trade that for anything about what's number for this one has to do with education and loans yeah it's that you don't need to know what you're signing. I run into this all the time with those who have student loan debt. They just didn't not know what they were signing.

You need to educate yourself on student loans before you sign any papers understand the commitment involved will take to pay off the loan and what other alternatives are available. You will need to understand your loan when you're paid off, so you better understand it before you sign that document number five is this everything will take care of itself. We hear this all the time is just going to be okay will unfortunately that's not how it always works out student loans are stubborn things.

They even survive bankruptcy. I'm less concerned with the student feels burdened by the student loans and the one who feels no burden from their debt unless you managed to get through the obstacle course of debt forgiveness program that's not easy. Your loans will have to be repaid no matter what grade thoughts.

Check this article out to learn more. It's called six lines of thought.

The result in significant student loan debt. That was our grader. You can learn more. Also in our writer because he lacks the number to call is 800-525-7000 stick around.

As the family was not natural decisions that we got slides open today were just about to go to the phones but we'd love to hear from you the number to call is 800-525-7000.

Whether it's your spending plan, paying off that debt, like will be talking about here in just a moment with Clinton, Chattanooga, or maybe it's saving for the future.

Whatever's on your mind today would love to hear from you again.

800-525-7000 are, let's add to the phones St. John Indiana Mike, thank you for being our first order they go right ahead around my call. Sure it was cool hear from you and Carl accrue by the way love that all great yet. I was so much fun. I love being on with the Bucher. So here's my question. My wife just sold our house that we built three years ago when we make it. Just under $300,000, and work a downside and the next house is about 515,000 and I can pay cash for it, but it will only leave me with about 20 $25,000 in the bank would you say to get a small loan mortgage 15 year or would you say pay it off and just start building back yeah that's a great question.

Couple questions for you before I weigh and one would be what would be the total of your monthly expenses each month in the aggregate. If you read the gifts owe about 3500 bucks a month okay and how much do you have in surplus or would you have if you didn't have a mortgage on a monthly basis, probably about $25,000 in cash. Yeah, but not on a monthly basis flood so you don't have to pay the mortgage, how much margin would you have every month money left over at the end of the month that you could put into savings 2500 2500 a month okay great and then you have about 20,000 in savings and are you all saving up for retirement through company-sponsored plan or something like that yeah got an IRA. Okay, so that IRAs only allow you to put in the oh 6000 a year or 7000 if you're over 50, you could double that for your spouse, but are you also contributing to another type of retirement vehicle or is it limited just to the IRA contribution while part of the company and I'm hoping you know when retirement comes, I can sell out and walk away with with that. Okay so you're looking to cash out based on your ownership or partial ownership of the company as opposed to trying to save a bunch of money right now, beyond just the IRA correct okay and what is your age.

I'm 30 okay great well ill. Here's the thing. I mean, I love what you're doing right now and I love the idea of you being completely debt-free and you know with that 20,000 or so you essentially have six months expenses you guys are living modestly, if in fact you live on 3500 a month six months of expenses would be 21,000. You're basically there and you got 2500 a month that you could be putting away which is great.

So I would say if it were me, go for it. Let's be completely out of debt, unencumbered by that house with cash you've got six months worth of expenses in your emergency fund, I'd call that fully funded and then the question is what we do with this 2500 a month and I'd love for you to do some planning.

Just so you understand you know you your highly concentrated in that company so that company does well, you're going to do well over time. If it doesn't, you've obviously got a lot riding on the success of that company in terms of the long-term value of that being able to be converted to you cashing out and then having a pretty healthy in a retirement fund. The IRA alone is probably not going to get you to where you want to go to be able to offset your expenses in retirement. You know supplementing Social Security so I guess the only other question would be, you don't want you Your lifestyle. Meaning you're not looking to spend more on a monthly basis on just lifestyle spending and what you paid off all your debt which you will be completely debt-free, then that leaves only two buckets the grow bucket that that you're saving for the future and the give bucket now with regard to grow.

If you've already established your emergency fund. Then you got 2500 a month or you could potentially put into long-term retirement savings you if you love kids you could look at the college fund as well with retirement savings. I'd love to get as much going in on a tax-deferred basis as possible and so if your company offer something there. You might want to consider it, but you've also got an incredible opportunity to dial up your giving really pray through a plan that says Lord, what would you have us do over the next 12 months.

In terms of our giving and what other giving opportunities will align with our passions and how can we lead into that both on a systematic and a plan basis as well as a spontaneous basis of the Lord were to lead you in that direction, but I think at the end of the day Mike I love the idea of you are buying this with cash not having a mortgage having plenty of margin every month that you can use to find your other goals and you've Artie got your emergency fund in place so I feel really good about that. Awesome. Thanks a lot Rob that I cleared it up to deal with. Thanks for calling Alyssa congratulations for being on such a great financial footing here at the age of 30 and the Lord's to use you in significant ways. Just be open to what he has for you and we appreciate your call today 800-525-7000. We got several lines open today would love to hear from you what's on your mind, financially speaking with love to unpack it today along with her other.

Moneywise listeners are out there listening and again. 800-525-7000 were to stay in Indiana Addison. Welcome to the broadcast redhead hello*I'm really anxious I got. I started but on a I'm glad you called Addison just take a deep breath and then tell me what's going on. All II gone on the way. And I'm really anxious about how I should properly keep my money. So to make sure that you know I don't waste all my money I do not feel like a lot of people do that spend all the money in my get better To get it now. The childhood yeah well here's the thing you know is it is a young guy with the family and the kid on the way. That's an incredible blessing from the Lord. So we start with thanksgiving and gratitude to say Lord, thank you for what you've given to us, especially this amazing gift of the child but also the resources that he's entrusted to you, and I think the starting point. Addison is to say, recognize that God owns it all. So everything I have is his East asked me to be as money manager's role as provider.

My role is that of faithfulness. So what is it look like to be found faithful. As a young guy just getting started building a family, and I think it's really first of all, after you recognize your role then to say what principles can I glean from Scripture around how I should handle money and I think that starts on your knees, you and your wife, saying, Lord, what would you have for us and how can we take this tool called money and use it to reflect your priorities, not ours, and where you leading us as a family and what can we do to live well within our means and avoid using debt as best we can and have some margin, meaning some surplus beyond our bills that come in every month and the spending that we do so we can fund those goals, giving goals and saving goals. You can save for your future and not be a burden on your kids, but also so you can save for a college education. Things like that that you might want to bless your kids with and then yell as you're going along through that journey as your lifestyle continues to grow as your income grows.

I think the key question will be how much is enough so you can really understand how much you're trying to accumulate over time, and what lifestyle has God called you to. The first place to really begin. Addison is a spending plan and I have you and your wife taken the time to put a budget together all we recently have done. How sweet. We just moved in right really talk a lot about financials. I think we should buy. So we really haven't got around to know nobody paying her Republic because I know I'm swiping problem.

I like the buyback yeah well that's good that you recognize that in a plan can really help you all stay aligned in terms of your decision-making you would get what's most important to you and the only way you're going to find your long-term goals is if you know what they are and you have a plan to do it and that means you gotta live within your means and you're knocking to be able to do that effectively unless you give every dollar a name, especially if your tendency is toward being a spender and you know were usually were either suspenders or hoarders are going to somewhere in the middle and if your tendency is toward spending you having that plan that says I want to give myself some freedom to enjoy what God has given me within this, but it's good to be in the context of a well-thought-out plan, not a spontaneous reaction. So I think that's the beginning point is for you all to put that budget together.

I would start by tracking what you're spending for 30 or 60 days just to find out what are the things were getting a bill for what is the discretionary spending which tends to be the budget busters the eating out in the entertainment and clothing. Things like that and then get that either end of the moneywise app or on paper and then from that point will have a plan to control the flow of money in and out because the best thing you can do for your son on the way is make sure you all are being good stewards of what God has entrusted to you.

So let's do this. I want to do a couple things number one you hold the Y will get your information and I want to get you a six month Pro subscription to the moneywise app. Also, I get you connected one of our moneywise coaches to help you guys put that spending plan together.

The other thing I want to do is send you a book called money and marriage God's way that will help you and your wife really get pointed in the right direction as it relates to how you manage money under the Lordship of iced understanding his principles so you stay on the line will get all that out to you and I think that will get you back on moneywise lives. The legs are joining us today.

Moneywise, lively apply God's wisdom to your financial decisions. Got a few lines open today would love to hear from you because 800-525-7000.

That's 800-525-7000. We set out our weekly moneywise weekly wisdom email today it comes to your inbox when you create a free moneywise I share a thought with you for the week and then we give your recommended reads this week kill one of the articles was based on our opening topic today five mistakes college graduates make from our greater also five questions you can have ask yourself to have more joy with less stuff and perhaps stuff is holding you back from a better life. This article helps you explore that and from Eventide or frenzied Eventide business for profit and neighbor looking at God's intention for business are trending podcasts are there as well.

Plus our verse of the week it's all in our moneywise weekly wisdom email check it out when you sign up all right back to the phones we go Chattanooga, Tennessee hello Clint, thank you for calling today. How can we help hey Rob McCall, so recently my wife and broke down and budget, double check what we stand permanent.

Based on our monthly income and that way we can, say what's going now what our savings are and all that good stuff but it I do have a question.

My question is, I've got. I want to see about paying off debt.

So we have more monthly savings, and an the two out of the now. The list we created the two that I'm looking at is a car loan that does have some interest rightness, a couple years left on and some credit card debt credit card debt does not have any interest. We got about $5600 in our savings. That's not including our we got to not have to three months of our emergency savings put back so were not even looking at that amount.

But my question is, would that be good to pay off both loans or should I focus more on the one that has the 4.2% interest rate it would deplete our savings account sure so I appreciate that background and understand the money you're talking about is different from your emergency fund. Did you see the money you have to apply toward what debt reduction is 6600 is that right yes I am. What is the balance on the credit card debt so the credit card is little over $1200 and the car loan is just under 5 g. Okay. All right.

And how long does that 0% last on the credit card that that 0% it's good when I think it's got box that the month flipped on okay now if if I'm right. Seeing these numbers right though, if you will just under 5 g. The car in 1200 on the credit cards and you have 6600. You should be able to pay off both right.

Caray, but not my thing is that would kind of almost eliminate like a general savings account so that we would only have the emergency statement that the bill back up just the general statements count one other savings are you doing separate from this so you contributing to a company-sponsored retirement plan or anything else is by what percent of your income or you contributing 5%. My company matches that okay see putting in 10. It is your wife work as well she does. She's a teacher okay and she has a retirement plan as well of the okay. You know I'd be okay with you all doing that because here's the thing you know you can say that guaranteed 4.2% on the car loan by paying that off. You're certainly not earning that in savings and that credit card debt. I'd love to just get out from under that, I realize at 0%. But seven months from now. Let's get a jump up to probably 12 or 15 or more and so let's just go and wipe that out and then you're going to save the minimum payment on the credit card debt plus that car payment every month that you can use to rebuild your savings. I think you've already got three months expenses. Let's try to get that to six months, but we can do it by saving these two payments and then you debt free and let's try to keep it that way does it make sense really appreciate okay yeah I think that's going to give you a lot of peace of mind to know both these debts are paid off and give you all some excitement and energy about putting that money aside once more giving and even increasing your retirement contributions, perhaps even up to 15%. So we appreciate your call.


I bless you my friend 800-525-7000 without one line open will be right back on moneywise lives makes returning it to moneywise live biblical wisdom for your financial decisions moneywise that would love to check it out you find it in your app store to search for moneywise biblical finance manager money connect to your institutions download your transactions set up your budget user digital envelope system. You can also listen to broadcast archives jump in your moneywise community and post a question or comment, and enjoy all of our great content from 16 content partners, articles, videos, and podcasts. It's the moneywise community in your pockets on the moneywise app to search for moneywise biblical finance in your app store today all right.

All the lines are full some great questions coming up, so enjoy as we head to Indiana. Tom, thanks for calling circle redhead.

Thanks for my call have ace Ira and I have purchased some real estate with it and it's rented out stays rented out pretty well. Next money pays for itself just want to know how that all works when it comes to retirement age yeah how that Jan stood in terms of the required minimum distribution or something else yeah yeah like that out loud at work against the property. Yeah well with a self-directed IRA whether it's a traditional simple or set up. You can own real estate inside the assets of the great thing is that in all the appreciation of that happens on a tax-deferred basis and there's no income coming into that account and so forth.

That's a great thing that when you get to age 72. You will have to take a required minimum distribution. Based on the value of the account and your age, you're not gonna be required to liquidate the holdings. You can take an in-kind distribution. So if you have it all. Any cash portion of that account.

You can use that to satisfy the required minimum distribution every year and continue to allow the real estate asset to grow. The key would just be making sure there's enough to distribute at least the required venom out of the account to satisfy the IRS requirements and what would that I will be based on the IRS table so you can go to the IRS's website you have to determine the value of the holdings in it because you have to get evaluation and based on that valuation and your age, the IRS will tell you exactly how much you need to take out it will change each year because each year you get older and the RMD is based on your life expectancy so it'll be pretty simple to calculate. I would probably have a CPA or accountant do it for you. For the first couple years, if you normally do it yourself. Otherwise, it's normal. But if you want to get a good idea of what that is. You could just go to and get a good sense of what that the required minimum will be for the year. Okay that's it's probably just better off just if you can just let it right right. Oh yeah, I mean that that would be great because then as this property continues to appreciate.

Inside that's up IRA will grow in value. There's no drag of the taxes on it because it's tax-deferred and then obviously as you liquidate that if you need to draw an income from it. In retirement you be able to do that.

But this is a great option for you as you have a real estate holding inside that the tax-deferred environment?

Would it be advantageous to turn it into a loss. I don't yeah it it is you know it's all going to be taxable to you, and I think in a one touch your reason you do that is if you think you're in a more favorable income bracket tax bracket right now, then you will be in the future that clearly we have low tax rates right now they are likely headed higher down the road, depending upon which parties in control in Congress but at the end of the day. You know when you get close to retirement when you don't have the compounding years working for you is as many at least, and you're going to be looking at adding significant amounts of taxable income.

It usually doesn't make sense.

He could run that by your CPA run some scenarios, but I think especially given the fact that you wouldn't be able to do this in portions because you own one single asset inside that's up IRA would all become taxable to you at the point you do the conversion taxes upfront you do for whatever portion you convert to a Roth and that could be pretty costly and push a good portion of that up into a higher tax bracket so I would explore that. But it's likely that you just need to leave it where it is and then when you get to 72 you'll start to take those required minimums. All the best to you Tom. We appreciate you checking in with us today to Chicago. Jessica, thank you for calling the redhead will I come home buying and how I haven't been a bit of practice the phone and have a credit card at 11,000 and I have not bad when that is there an APR balance) that had about 4000 and where he has about a 15% interest rate on the whole credit card that is my 401(k) to finally first time home I would not do that. Jessica limit let's talk through this together and obviously you need to make this decision and I want to tell you what to do, but let's just kind of process this number one is your mom and dad gave you that money specifically for a down payment. Is that right okay and it had you been talking to them of just about your go home buying process and the fact that you haven't had something of your been communicating about that okay great and $11,000.

Where did that come from was that one event or is that just kind of been building over time. Because you living beyond your means that you okay and what about now are you going under every month.

In terms of yet more expenses than income and so that's you know you're continuing to add to those credit cards at saying I okay and feel when you look right now at the home buying situation. What are you thinking you're going to spend what what to price homes of you been looking all okay and what what you have in savings do you have anything in savings beyond the 6000 I have a file on an IRA.

Okay so I think the next steps for you guys are number one and I would really delay this home purchase number one yellow. First of all, the housing market is sky high right now. Number two, I'd really love for you to have a 20% down payment before you go into it that's in a $40,000 or so and you got six 40,000 on the total $200,000 home purchase and so if you go in, you know only was 6000 $200,000 home. I just don't think I can give you enough equity if the housing market were to take a dip. Guys are already a bit overextended vis--vis the credit card that I think you just got it the way that so I put the 6000 aside and just not touch it. That's a great blessing that your mom and dad are giving you but it's for later. Not right now. The thing you and your husband need to focus on right now is getting a spending plan that balances so you living within your means and I would not pull from that 401(k). If anything, I would stop contributing new money to the 401(k) and I contact my friends are Christian credit to get on a monthly payment plan to pay that credit card debt off but do it within a budget balances they were to pause or break would stand the light.

Jessica will talk a bit more of the right. Thanks for joining us today and moneywise lives we apply God's wisdom to your financial decisions right back to the phone just a moment will be back in Indiana with Paul in Ohio. Gary first Tampa Florida. Sarah think Kelly did a good redhead and boy will.

We parked the car home $400,000.05 years ago now publicly held thousand dollars all-male. Help me out $30,000 on the mortgage paid it on the home equity line of credit $5000 so nobody lived in the home ground and he knows shall I bind him out of the house. We just found the house understand that the marketing club is one that I can sell it for $300 in $2000 mortgage and try to find another plane may be difficult for me to find a fight We have four bedroom home and more I wanted to follow because I would like a children like to come back there clown got 25 and 30 ever needed a place to come home.

I like how no daddy both all live for me to hold onto.

Yes. Well Sarah appreciate that question. First of all, I'm so sorry to hear about your divorce. I know this is a difficult season will ask the Lord to be near to you and really just walk with you every step of the way.

I know the financial decisions are real and can be difficult as well. The I think the first question is, what would you like to do and I realize you said you you've explore both sides of this decision, but one is selling and that gives you the ability to downsize, have less upkeep, less responsibility, homes not as large easier to maintain it.

Or perhaps you're in a townhome where you don't have to keep up with the yard and those kinds of things the other side of the equation is you been there a long time. You love the home and you want a place for your kids and grandkids to come back to. So I think part of this is where's the Lord leading you in this next season and then secondly, what financial means. Do you have you have the ability to buy your husband out from under this if you were to have to pay him 150,000 or take out a mortgage to be able to do that all eight well I will follow here quickly but the way not working, however, have irate that I bawled out the mortgage and Albert, I know, not all gifted regular utility mortgage on the house are the only things that I do have off and $80,000 so I can easily pay that I could do that yet. Sure okay so if you have the financial ability to do that and then you have to decide you want to try to liquidate assets and pay him in cash or do you want to take on a mortgage note that 5% interest, a 20 year mortgage on hundred 50,000 will run you about $1000 a month and then you have to add homeowners and taxes on top of that it probably be 13, $1400 a month.

I'm guessing and so you have to factor that into your budget.

Or you could do a combination of paying him out of your assets and in the smaller mortgage but I guess the bigger question is what is got have for in this next season of life. Is this an opportunity to downsize and you know even though I know you'd love to have a place for the kids.

I think that's something you really just need to pray through and think through perhaps take the next week or two and just pray earnestly and asked the Lord to give you just a real peace of mind here, if you were going to sell it. Obviously that's the best way to go in terms of satisfying whatever portion he would be entitled to because we liquidate assets, tangible assets than it allows the proceeds to be distributed more easily pay back the two notes and then you will would divide the distribution the of the proceeds of the sale.

There's not community taxes doing capital gains because you all of their long time and that sounds like you have 500,000 in gains that would not be taxable and you have about 250 and that's great.

So I think the next decision is really just about whether or not you want to keep the home or sell it.

If he's willing to sell it to you.

He's already moved out of the home.

I assume he be willing to do that if you buy them out. But is that the right move and would you be better off in something a little smaller maybe with her still extra bedroom, but maybe not three extra bedrooms. You know what will allow to come home to come.

You have help me Caleb and Gail will bind and be happy with our place that's exactly right. And if you're there.

I am confident that will be the case and the kids will still come visit and you can make that exactly what you want that on a day-to-day basis.

There you won't have quite the upkeep and the expense associated with keeping this larger place. I think over time, you'll be glad you did Lily pray for you before I let you go today. Father, we just left Sarah up to you. Thank you that she is your child, Lord, and as she journeys through this difficult season. We ask you to be near to or give her a vision for what you have for her in this next season with her kids in ministry, church and Lord help her as she navigates these financial decisions as well.

Thank you. The tell you saying James that if we ask you give us wisdom and so were asking today for wisdom as she journeys through each of these decisions. She has before her Lord, thank you that your lover and you're right there with her and thank you for your son Jesus. Above all else, we assess in Christ's name.

Amen Sarah, thank you for calling me. The Lord bless you.

I want to finish today in Ohio. Gary thank you for calling circle redhead. Thank you all out $600,000 life policy whole life paid up. I'm 76 years old.

I borrowed 340,000 to pay my bills from being in the hospital of leukemia and to keep my home, leaving me currently 260,000 life, death benefit July pay back that avoid paying the 5% interest. Here are do I just let the policy ride and every year going down by 55% and if you are to God what is the surrender value on it today if you were to take it out. Cancel the policy is running out about hundred and 90 okay and that would be hundred 90 or 200 after the loans been paid back correct yeah yeah okay and what about your income needs right now Gary, are you drawing anything from this. Do you have a need for this money, no I got only six months need you in on my what my normal income when I've got much six-inch 7000 K yeah arrogance I'd like for you to visit with the financial planner just to look at the details of this policy understand the tax implications of this coming.

Clearly, if you haven't to, you know, obviously, pay 5% a year if you could get this money out you don't need the death benefit you can satisfy the loan and have a couple hundred thousand dollars that you could put to work for you and be able to access this as you need it.

That makes some sense to me but I want you to have somebody look this over, just to make sure you're getting wise counsel that we understand that only the details of the policy but as a set. Also, the tax implications of this.

Do you have an advisor Gary that you've worked with in the past. Okay, do you. Are you comfortable navigating the Internet online. Okay, let's do this. I'm going to ask you to hold the line Gary and I'm going to have for one of my team members get your information. You have somebody reach out to you over the telephone to connect you with a couple of advisors perhaps one that I think would be good fit for you there in Ohio just to look over what you have in that policy. Your other assets and just give you some direction so we don't make this decision without having all the facts because I want to make sure we get you pointed in the right direction and position you well for for the future so that you stay on the line devil get your information and will get somebody to reach out to you and help you make a final decision. Okay you to carry on the best place of wonderful callers today, God's people are such a blessing. Thank you for inviting us into your story and bringing your questions today sharing your heart. It's always a joy to be with you each day as it taken my team today, Deb Solomon, Amy Rios, Amy Lee and Jim Henry also want to say the moneywise light is partnership between radio and moneywise I'll be here tomorrow. I hope come back and join me will see you then

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