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5 Roadblocks to Retirement

MoneyWise / Rob West and Steve Moore
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October 27, 2021 5:07 pm

5 Roadblocks to Retirement

MoneyWise / Rob West and Steve Moore

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October 27, 2021 5:07 pm

No matter your age, when you’re looking ahead toward retirement, you need to have a long-range plan that accounts for possible setbacks along the way. On today's MoneyWise Live, host Rob West will talk about 5 roadblocks to retirement that could possibly delay the day you quit working. Then he’ll answer your calls and questions on various financial topics.

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Rob West and Steve Moore
Rob West and Steve Moore
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Rob West and Steve Moore
Rob West and Steve Moore
Rob West and Steve Moore

Today's version of moneywise lives prerecorded store phone lines are not open 21 five reads the plans of the diligent lead surely to abundance, but everyone who is hasty comes only to poverty by Rob West. Applying that first to retirement. It means having a long-range plan that accounts for possible setbacks along the way. Today I have five roadblocks to retirement that could delay the day you quit working. We have some great calls lined up but please don't call him today because we're prerecorded. This is moneywise live biblical wisdom for your financial decision minting you think that's too far off to worry about now, but the truth is, you should be thinking about retirement from the day you start your first job. That's how you can plan for and overcome the obstacles I'm going the way out for you now. The first is no doubt the most obvious not saving and investing enough I said and because you want to do both saving refers to your emergency fund. If you don't have one. Start building it today. You want to have 3 to 6 months living expenses in your emergency fund. This needs to be kept liquid and accessible but not too accessible set up a savings account at an online bank like Allied markets or capital one 360, then set up an automatic transfer from your checking account into that online account. Most banks will let you do then use that money for only true emergencies like a job loss or unexpected medical bills.

Whatever you take output backend as soon as you can. What does an emergency fund have to do with retirement. Well, it protects you from having to interrupt or worse Into your long-term investments about investing your goal should be to put away 10 to 15% of your income toward retirement. It's critical to do this early in your working career to take advantage of compound earnings and long-term gains in the stock market. If your employer offers a 401(k) plan with matching contributions take full advantage of it. Those matching contributions are essentially free money so contribute enough to max them out. Your contributions are tax-deferred until you begin taking distributions and retirement. If your employer doesn't offer a 401(k), you can still open a tax-advantaged IRA either a traditional or Roth. Generally, the younger you are, the more you'll benefit from a Roth over the traditional. Either way, your contributions are limited to $6000 a year in 2021, 7000 if you're 50 or older and that's still what and where for investing now for the how inside your 401(k) or IRA. You have options for how you want to invest those assets and to keep things simple for now just considered low risk and higher risk. Subtract your age from 110 so if you're 30, that number would be 80 since you have a long time before retirement. You can comfortably put 80% of your assets into mutual funds and stocks. The higher risk category.

You would then put the other 20% and low risk fixed income securities like bonds. Now, as an alternative, you can put your contributions in what's called a target date fund. You choose one that's pegged to your anticipated retirement date and the fund manager rebalances your assets between low and high risk securities for you now. We've spent a lot of time on saving and investing but not having enough in those accounts is the biggest obstacle to retiring one day so the second obstacle to retirement is job loss.

Too often, you don't even see it coming.

Who could have predicted the covert pandemic and the loss of 30 million jobs, practically overnight. While this is where having an emergency fund is critical. The third obstacle is the loss of your ability to work, such as an illness or injury. The Social Security Administration says the 25% of 20-year-olds will become disabled before they retire.

Usually the work interruption is temporary and you can overcome it by having disability insurance. Another must the fourth obstacle is avoidable for most people, but far too many fall victim to it that it's a major reason many people have to delay their retirement plans. The only solution is to learn to live below your means, so that you not only avoid debt but have left over for discretionary income for saving and investing the interest you pay on credit card debt will far exceed any earnings in your retirement account so you're actually losing ground that the fifth and final obstacle to retirement is the premature death of a spouse it's financially devastating. Even dual income households will delay your retirement plans and derail them. The solution is adequate life insurance with a death benefit of 12 to 15 times the salary that is lost.

I recommend term insurance so there you have it, five obstacles to retirement were pause for a short break.

This is moneywise live back to moneywise live around Western posts with us today. Our team is a bit of time so were not in the studio, so don't call him but we got great questions lined up in advance. I know you'll benefit from what were able to share today were to begin in Knoxville, Tennessee for the segment in the Tanya, thank you for calling. How can I help all property that many option what I'm thinking out by what would be the better choice. You know where they are our current rental option I could not profit by the long-term event or I could take that many hate it completely Let you know what your thoughts are well tell me how your processing. This is you think about it which one gives you greater peace of mind which one are you leaning toward and are you married and if so what is your spouse think yet. I married your money you that are not so great pictures all that like that Where year In the long run that world and all and my job or anything like that happen and hate for me about how well I'm glad you will talk through it you mean you're right your borrowing is permissible and I would say even according to Scripture, and I would say there are certain rules. I'd love for you to use when you're borrowing or when you're continuing to carry debt as opposed to paying it off which you would have the ability to do with the sale of this property and that is that the economic cost is less than the economic gain meaning. This is an appreciating asset so you know, it should appreciate more perhaps than the debt service number two.

The husband and wife are in complete agreement and that you know you've calculated the debt service into your budget, which obviously been paying on it for some time and you been able to make that work. So I think you making this decision. If you and your husband felt comfortable taking this money and deploying it into an investment property.

There's nothing, out of bounds on that as we waited again. Scripture, I will also say though that paying off your home is never a bad idea.

You have the peace of mind that comes with that. They clearly in Scripture we see the change in the relationship from master to slave is one that we want to get ourselves out as quickly as we can.

And you know if you all were to decide to do that.

I don't think you'd ever look back and say that was a bad decision. It would also give you the ability with the savings of the mortgage payment each month to accelerates. Perhaps your savings that could ultimately result in you buying another piece of property down the road. The only caution I would have with regard to doing what you're describing with the vacation property and I understand you're in a desirable location. It's beautiful. There is you are you going to be paying a premium for this property over even one to two years ago just given what's happened in the housing market. Each locale is different and this being a vacation area.

It may or may not have been affected in the same way, but I would want to understand you know what, are you paying today and where were prices 12 and 24 months ago and are you paying even or going to be asked to pay beyond what truly is no market value based on comparables because of where we find ourselves in the housing market and if so is that gonna put you at a disadvantage right now versus let's say 1 to 2 years down the road where you're paying top dollar. And that's going to eat in the summer your profits whereas you you might have the ability to buy something a little lower later. I would also want to understand just kind of what has been the resiliency of this market that you're talking about over the last year have they continued your part from the shutdowns were everybody was you had to stay home, have they been really affected inside one of you, have you get in there and understand, what's been happening in the market with somebody who's really knowledgeable and has first-hand experience.

Have you Artie been a landlord Tanya with this property or selling now land where else on the coat or and I can't tell you Now.

They are what they were gone at glycol everything out the higher your account or your doesn't automatically's mean working to see a softening, although I think you know as inventories increase. We arty have seen a bit of a softening in the housing market.

Although I don't think were in a bubble situation. I wouldn't it would be hard to convince me that were going to see prices declined slightly before they go higher in over the next 12 to 24 months, but I think the biggest question is just you do you and your husband have a real conviction about being debt-free, being out of debt and if so, I wouldn't hesitate to do that and I don't think you look back with any regret.

And then secondly if you're comfortable carrying this data and you really want to have this asset for your future. There's nothing wrong with it just going with your eyes wide open in terms of what you could be spending much above market value what's happening in this market and are you prepared to be a vacation rental landlord and all the things that come with them. Glad to hear you have some experience in it will certainly help being local to this property but you know you're taking on basically a part-time job and so you just need to go in with your eyes wide open on that as well so I think you're free to pursue. Whichever path you want. I would just pray that the Lord would give you all unity in one heart in this decision and if one of you. If only one of you even has a real conviction just to go and eradicate the debt that I would just take that as the Lord's leading to do that but if you're both in agreement about moving toward an investment property that I think you just need to go in with your eyes wide open.

Get some real competent advice from a real estate professional who knows the areas and including these rental properties you're talking about. To make sure that this is the opportune time because the other option is you sell you put the property of the proceeds in cash in your weight and you can never go wrong with that as well so I'm not going to be a definitive answer, but it sounds like you're on the right track and hopefully some of that will help. Sorry. Let's head next to well looks like were going to stay in Knoxville, Tennessee hi Lena, how can I help all rental property on any and all I know and I do not enter the longer I am aware that I actually your current economic cycle so way pretty good situation anywhere 91 long-term anything that I don't care. I anyway I might, I want to keep saying I don't know what very good will. I think this is the first question Elaine is are you wanting when you say you want to keep it safe. You want to guarantee meaning. Are you willing to take any risk with it in order to get it out not been eight or 10% annualized return but but a bit more than you would get in CDs and savings accounts or through an insurance contract of some kind. I don't really have much rent all all went well and I say that is it just gives it. It really limits her options are not saying it's the it's a wrong decision to said I want to take any risk, but that's really the first question you have to ask because if you say I want to eliminate all risk you're really left with either CDs, certificates of deposit, which right now are paying very little or high yield savings accounts with FDIC insurance.

Apart from that, you know, if you move out to anything else apart from a guaranteed insurance contract like an annuity, then you have the year you're going to be assuming some level of risk and so you know. For now, that means getting about 1/2 a percentage point to maybe .7 almost you maybe to three quarters of a percentage point in terms of an interest rate. Now that'll move up over time, but as you know, that's not a whole lot to me. You're not even keeping up with inflation. At that point, I think if you wanted to move into some risk categories then what I would recommend is you get an investment advisor that could build a very conservative and what would be called a stable portfolio where there might be exposure to stocks of maybe 20% to 30%. You have to work through that and that would over time, provide the growth engine to the portfolio, but keep in mind at any given time. That may be down, but you would go into it knowing I'm not gonna touch that if it goes down on the let that recover you know over the next five or 10 years, and let that moved to higher ground and then with the rest of the portfolio be a mix of cash in CDs and maybe some bonds which also have the ability to lose value, but should be more stable in the goal for a portfolio like that with maybe 70% fixed income in 20 to 30% in stocks would be. Maybe instead of 1/2 a point to 1% a year would be maybe a 4% is a goal, so I think you know that's really the decision point here if you said no. I just want to protect it. Then I'd put it in a high-yield savings account with FDIC insurance of Marcus are capital one 360 New York Ally Bank Wait for interest rates to come up in the meantime, it would be backed by the full faith and credit of the United States government and you have would have to worry about losing a penny because the government would protect itself that's helpful to you. We got him a break for you. Stay on the line will talk just a bit more off year. This is moneywise live biblical wisdom for your financial decisions were taken some time off today so don't call him back with more questions you for joining us on moneywise live on Rob Webster hose were enjoying some time away from the studio but that didn't stop us from scheduling some great calls in advance over to go back to the funds in just a second, but because of that.

Don't: there's nobody here to take your call will be back quickly, though, so when you do I have that question. It's only a matter time before will be here ready to receive it. Just not today.

Okay, let's head to the phones. Fort Myers, Florida hi Annette, how can I help you, thank you so much for taking my call. In the process getting ready to refinance my mortgage that I'm beginning to think that maybe I should pay it off if I get paid off only to leave me a little bit you know very little cash, liquid cash, but of course I can build that back up again. Could I be putting my mortgage payment in a right back into savings so it wanted to get your thoughts are not connected really what I have in the bank right now that's all the cash that I have yeah I be really nervous about you depleting all of your cash. I love the fact you be debt free and I want you to take that seriously, but I don't want you to be completely drive of emergency reserves.

I'd really love for you and that to have 3 to 6 months. Now I realize it, you could build it back up. She would never mortgage payment, but that interim. In I'd rather you not have depleted your funds that you would otherwise have available, so perhaps you know what we could do is kind of a hybrid here where you maybe you start to accelerate the payoff a little bit beyond the monthly payment and or you try to take any surplus you had to continue to build your savings so that you could get to a place where you at least have a couple of months worth of your expenses in emergency reserves, then pay it off and then take that mortgage payment and not find anywhere else to spend that but just use that to replenish your savings until you get back up to three months expenses but I don't think now is the time to do it just because it would bring you down so low.

Does that make sense money and that I can only hold from if I was desperate. I also like paying off my credit card every month on not get anywhere else on any really don't foresee any other expenses coming up in my car I'm good for 3 to 5 years may see it okay that one of my goals is can be enough to get my mortgage paid off okay and how much would you have left. If you paid it off in full believe that $2000. What are your monthly expenses. Total monthly expenses.

Any knee pain when it might be.

I would say probably that founders and maybe 1200 really well, okay, what if it's not lien then obviously in that would be without a mortgage payment or including your mortgage payment would be including the mortgage payment. Well, okay, well maybe if you still had a couple of months worth of expenses and now all of a sudden your monthly need is going down because you don't have a mortgage payment and you could plow that right back into savings and bring that back up to six months expenses you know in just a few months and now you're completely debt-free. You've got a fully funded emergency fund and then you can redirect all of that money in the longer term savings. So, I think, given your conviction. Here Annette to be debt free and given that you have such a lien.

Monthly need, because you're living so modestly because you'd be able to take the margin replenish that you've demonstrated you can do that just by way of what you told me about how little your spending every month that I could get on board with this plan and I think you'd be delighted to give it a thumbs up. Okay, I think we lost I'm glad to go the day that I hope that helps you that we appreciate you folks.

There's nothing like being completely out of that we should all make that a goal at the very least, by the time we reach that time and season. If not, okay, I know from talking to simply people have done it never is much more to come just around stay with us. He was moneywise live on Rob Webster hose care team is taking some time off today so were not here, therefore, don't call Lynn however got some great questions that we lined up but let's head right back to our phones, Richmond Hill, Georgia Mike, how can help user very well for you all. How that I out. I get hundred dollars I paid about a year. I got a balance of about 12,001 it's a great question so obviously that the money that you have your in addition to what you don't have a mortgage on it but other than the 5000 property tax been putting some aside for maintenance. Your cash flowing 1300 a month on that so obviously that would go away but it would be offset by. I assume your ability to pay off in full. Your primary residence, is that right okay right and would not give you some more peace of mind to know that you're completely debt-free. I think it might be how this is going to be in the area. Taxes on the sale of the house and then also following my own taxes every year situation going to be nightmare.

Even though you well you to pay some capital gains on the gain in this property.

No, for most folks it's gonna be 15% based on the income that you have so you know you could go ahead and think that through. Basically it's the final selling price minus the cost of the purchase plus any house improvement costs and transfer costs and so that would help you with the you know what your capital gains would be in the amount and then you know it would probably be 15%. You have to check with the CPA to confirm that so it's not a significant amount of money and right now, I suspect, depending on where you're at in Texas just given where housing prices are.

You could probably really maximize this asset.

So it perhaps is a good time to sell. I think the key is, you know, what would you do then with the money you know your recouping out of this in terms of if you are already funding your mortgage payment. That means you have enough to cover it. Are you really just cannot offsetting the 1300 that's coming in versus getting rid of that mortgage payment and if so then you know that's that's a great move there, because you've lowered your lifestyle and then with any excess you could begin to build that back up and perhaps get another euro investment property down the road or redirect that into a more passive investment that doesn't require your time and attention, especially as an absentee landlord in another state for you to maintain that property, but I wouldn't be terribly concerned about the tax effect that really be looking at this more about what is the most appropriate asset for you is that stocks and bonds or is it real estate and do you want the upkeep and oversight of being a landlord versus you know you being completely debt-free and and then being able to save for the future in another asset class so give me your thoughts on that like that not been the real the really more predicament. I would be I would be terribly concerned about that. You obviously want to understand what the taxes will be in and know what that's going to pull out of your profits, so I probably consult with your CPA just to get a good handle on what is your gain and what is the capital gains tax rate that will be applied and then what you be left with in terms of the proceeds want you know that number. I think at the end of the day.

It's a decision. It comes down to one. Do you have a conviction around being debt-free a number two where the best place for those of funds moving forward and you I think that'll make the decision pretty clear at that point so we appreciate your call today. Thanks for checking in with us and feel free to check back we can help along the way.

I let's head to Ohio hi Martha, how can I help you. I really appreciate your and your team. I do listen frequently, buying time.

My my situation. I have learned from your right class that you can use here he and hardback go directly to a nonprofit organization or to my church and I'm not old enough yet for my own personal IRA to do an RMD, but I have here it IRA and it's been my understanding this is traditional IRA that I cannot convert that to myself and the inherited status but can you just directly here RMD out of an inherited IRA that we get a direct answer yes you can. So for an inherited IRA. Q CD is reported as an after death distribution for required minimum distribution purposes, so you would just want to keep an acknowledgment of the donation from the charity for your tax records but I would consult with your tax preparer. Do you have somebody prepare your return for you Martha, I didn't reach out with this question that I don't know she's just extremely busy, but I spent over a month and I still I still like getting everything so I don't know maybe I am getting to the point I might meet you go through your organization to find a tax preparer that is in your organization, what would you recommend well yeah you could certainly connect with a certified kingdom advisor there in Ohio.

If we don't have someone in the tax and accounting area. You can ask for referral, but I think the key is you want somebody who's really good to be a good fit for you is able to communicate with you. I realize during the height of tax season that may take a little bit longer but just generally speaking, I should be somebody to get back to you with your questions and answers that you need, but at the end of the day. Yes, generally speaking, you should be able to do a qualified journal distribution. Even with an inherited IRA, which be great for your tax purposes and for the benefit of the ministry, but I would always run this by your text just to make sure that based on your specific situation so they can weigh in if you need to connect with CK website moneywise March. We appreciate your Martha. We appreciate you listening and going folks were to pause for a break, much more than moneywise live on the West Coast.

Our team is taking some time off today so were not actually in the studio.

This is pre-recorded so don't call it, there's no one here to answer your call today, but we lined up some questions in advance that I know you'll enjoy. So let's head right back to our phones and is in Indianapolis, Indiana hi Ed, how can I sisters are all I'm in a really really bad situation which is so big I don't know how to build it so I have done anything with it years and said call you guys for some advice. Why find a small business for a few years ended up not first time tenant be responsible for our own taxes and $200,000. I guess over the years Back taxes have since shut down the business I'm I'm working out another company. Some back on the deductions and automatic tax deductions. I cathing 200,000 in back taxes to $9000 $2000 and student loans. We have $50,000 with a collection agency right now from a debt consolidation loan that we were unable to keep up with and about $10,000 in credit card debt. I'm aiming to mention my mortgage and the two cars okay well and I know this must be a huge weight on yet. I think the first step is just what you're doing right now is to say I'm not going to ignore it any longer, actually want to do what I can. Realizing that I can only do what I can do you know the decisions that have been made in the past are those decisions we can leave those that the foot of the cross and asked the Lord to redeem the situation.

We can learn from it grow from it and then try to be found faithful moving forward, to do everything you can end in God's power over time.

Let's see if we can get all of this paid back or at least pay back, to the extent folks will be willing to work with us to compromise and go take settlements of certain amounts against all that you owe. What about from a legal standpoint as their federal tax liens and judgments against you this point. Well, I had the taxes prepared.

We haven't found them yet so I haven't heard from the government yet. I don't believe it.

That way we do it, but I know that no eventually it will come knock on the door so that no that happened yet, but you have a tax professional who has some experience in offers and compromises to the IRS in negotiations that type of thing. Not really a man have an acquaintance or friend who is an accountant and she give me some advice.

All that but I haven't officially so back I had this business.

I did some trade with the CPA want prepare my taxes for me at that time their current summing the seat now at this point you were talking.

Eight years short of holding the interest and penalties. It's it's going up but yeah will you have to file your taxes to be eligible, but I would encourage you to have somebody who's really a specialist in this type of negotiation with the IRS there go no guarantees, of course, but it's quite possible that you could have a that 200,000 in back taxes reduced significantly because they know that they can't get blood from a stone so you know, they often lower the amount owed to something the taxpayer can handle.

And you know can work with you on payment plans.

The key is to get that started and begin moving toward something that weeks. The lease keeps you in good standing. Based on an agreement that you come to if you can get to that place so that you stay on the line after were done here I'll connect you with somebody that really is a specialist in this area and perhaps could be of assistance to you. Beyond that, you know, but I think that's the first priority of the second would be other credit cards in an open Christian credit could be a great resource to you at some point to actually help you want your you're ready to get these interest rates reduced and perhaps get you on a payment plan to get these paid off. Of course with student loans. You want to talk to your loan servicer and see if you can change a repayment plan. You look at the deferment or forbearance which is temporary, but you know if you qualify for it. That could be a great start. Obviously at the end of the day you only have so much that you have available to begin to move in the direction of these so I'd probably start with the tax situation. First, see if you can make some headway and then move from there. Just asking the Lord to give you wisdom.

I know this is going to be really difficult just emotionally and it's a heavy burden that your caring and so we just need to know.

You need to stay close to the Lord. Ask him to walk with you every step of the way you and your wife focus on what you have than you know. Continue to be grateful for that.

So that you don't get discouraged. I believe the Lord will honor your desire to be found faithful here, even if it's good to take a long time and it's can be painful in the process. So what I like to do is to pray for you, but then I want you to hold the line and end to get your information to get you connected with somebody who I think perhaps can help you on these taxes.

Okay. All right. Father, we just looked at up to you and we know Lord we are all sinners, we all need the blood of Jesus to cover our sins and Lord, you said that we can lay them at the foot of the cross and you are a God of restoration and I just pray that you would honor Ed's desire to be found faithful to no longer ignore these mistakes that he's made in the past and to be found faithful moving forward you would give him wisdom you would give him favor with each of these organizations, the government, the lending institutions and that there would be a path forward that would allow him to begin to make progress toward honoring these obligations which we know we should do and his desire is to do since we commit this entire situation you tell you we trust you.

We love you best be close to Ed and his wife during this season that they learn from it and emerge with a more intimate, close walk with you which we know is most important. So we commit this to you in Jesus name, amen. And that we appreciate your call today sir and all the best in the days ahead.

Keep us posted and use down the line over and head to South Carolina hi Renata, how can I assist you in my call. My question, I have to shut questions. The first one to little Caitlin and two years old and am wondering how we could start saving up money for them. What programs are available to help them out to save money for the future for Collegeville waterbed EKGs or in the second evening at any financial advice that in South Carolina you could connect that I be happy to. Thanks for those questions. I'm glad you're thinking about saving for the future for those two precious little ones.

I do want to make sure even though I love the idea of you will saving for them for college. I want to make sure that you've addressed other priorities first and what I would say those other priorities are, would be one that you're giving proportionately to your incomes of giving systematically number two that you got an emergency fund and that your emergency savings reserve.

I'd have if you if you can at least three months expenses in that liquid savings and then I would want you to be saving for the future for your future first making sure you're putting something in a company-sponsored retirement plan.

If you have it at least up to a matching portion but a goal of 10% of your income going into that retirement plan and then finally that you don't have any consumer debt, meaning high-interest credit card debt.

So tell me about those for you on track with those giving an emergency fund in retirement savings and no credit card debt 10% height will not support nonprofit to do so and make you have three minds and I had spent as well. For one case I chop into that. We do have about $7000 in credit card debt which we are planning to get rid off it by January 2022 cop data will be due or copying that I'll call, which is about 23,000 and then made to bank debt to all facts effective and long debts out to all five combined in a be about 380,000 and are you paying on that now is the deferred we obtain on that long okay do you know how many years it's can it take you to pay it off based on your current plan. We enrolled Dan income trip and every payment went that after you pay all to 20 years.

They rank this point given and so probably paid after six years of that the addict and its people at work in the federal/LED and I know that the loan forgiveness program which I'm trying to look more into that ACP consistently full 120 management Dominic Sandy can qualify for legal loans to be forgiven yeah I would look at the fine print on that.

It's the public service loan forgiveness program PSL's and the problem is.

Very few people actually get their loans forgiven.

Now the good news is the Department of Education just recently said they're going to relax the rules because they realize it's a problem and they want to make it more available to a lot more folks so it's a great time for you to go and take a look at that and you may be able to count a lot of the payments you've already made the six years of payments of review said quartered that 10 years or hundred and 20 qualifying monthly payment so I would check that out. Just go to student and look for public service loan forgiveness. You could also read about some of the pending changes coming down from the US Department of Education around that loan forgiveness but keep in mind, you gotta really understand the fine print is what I don't want Renata is you all to believe you're headed toward forgiveness only to find out that you don't qualify because of some caveat that you didn't understand going into it so you want to really research that well and make sure that you talk that you occasion about that.

You know that's can be my biggest priority for you guys, and that's a massive dad. I realize you know that obviously.

Get it forgiven. That's great in terms of where to go for saving for college for the kids of 529 college savings is your best option. Go to saving for and you can find out which states 529 plan is the best for you set up one for each child and then set up an automatic deduction is you make a call today.

Folks asking to do it for us moneywise.

Live is a partnership between moneywise media want to say thank you my team today. Gabby Jim and Amy I hope you come back and join us next time I'll be here and look for you and God bless

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