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Christian Healthcare Ministries 40th Anniversary

MoneyWise / Rob West and Steve Moore
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September 30, 2021 9:00 am

Christian Healthcare Ministries 40th Anniversary

MoneyWise / Rob West and Steve Moore

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September 30, 2021 9:00 am

This year Americans will spend nearly $6,000 on average for healthcare. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to share that burden and lower the cost? On today's MoneyWise Live, host Rob West will explain there is a way to do this by joining a medical cost sharing plan. He’ll talk about that first with Lauren Gajdek of Christian Healthcare Ministries. Then he’ll answer your calls and questions about various financial matters. 

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This is Damon Baxter and I serve as business development director for MIDI radio. The only reason were able to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ on the radio is because of financial support from listeners like you. We also have businesses support us to like United States mortgage faith and family is at their core, it's why they choose to be such a close partner with our station is why they specifically advertise on Christian radio stations across the country.

It's wife, father and son, John and Ryan still lead the company to this day. Check out United faith mortgage and the direct lender thanks to you and to United faith mortgage for supporting beauty radio United faith mortgage is a DBA of United mortgage Corp. 25 Belleville Park Rd., Melville, NY license mortgage banker for licensing information, go to an MLS consumer corporate MLS number 1330. Equal housing lender not licensed in Alaska, Hawaii, Georgia, Massachusetts, North Dakota, South Dakota and Utah. This is Damon Baxter and I serve as business development director for MIDI radio. The only reason were able to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ on the radio is because of financial support from listeners like you.

We also have businesses support us to like United States mortgage faith and family is at their core, it's why they choose to be such a close partner with our station is why they specifically advertise on Christian radio stations across the country. It's wife, father and son, John and Ryan still lead the company to this day. Check out United faith mortgage and their direct lender thanks to you and to United faith mortgage for supporting beauty radio United faith mortgage is a DBA of United mortgage Corp. 25 Belleville Park Rd., Melville, NY license mortgage banker for licensing information, go to an MLS consumer corporate MLS number 1330. Equal housing lender not licensed in Alaska, Hawaii, Georgia, Massachusetts, North Dakota, South Dakota and Utah this year, Americans will spend nearly $6000 on average for healthcare great if there was a way to share Rob West. Well, it turns out there is by joining the medical cost sharing plan will talk about that first today with Lori guide Christian healthcare ministries. You won't want to miss what she has to say. But it's your call is 800-525-7000 800-525-7000. This is moneywise live your financial decisions yesterday as Lori guide VP of communications and media and Christian healthcare ministries, an organization that gives believers an alternative way to meet their healthcare costs. Lauren welcome back to the program. Great to have you Lauren were going to talk about some exciting things going on Christian healthcare ministries but for listeners who may not be familiar with you.

Let's start with the foundation tell us how Scripture in particular, guides your operation based on deletion, which is our flagship her and carry each other's burdens and way you will fulfill the law of Christ and God.

That's really what we're here to be. We are here to come alongside Christian believers at times in their lives.

Plan on another facing financial difficulties that pertain to their healthcare bill and another verse that we really like to emphasize that there actually a few verses in the book of acts is that chapters 2 and four when all the believers had come together and this is the first century church and they pooled their resources to share that no one had any need and that's what Christian healthcare ministries in the realm of healthcare you been doing it for a long time and will talk about an exciting celebration of how long that's been a little later in the program. But first, why would someone want to consider CHA this is a completely different approach for meeting their healthcare needs and I'd love for you to talk about that answer. In light of these uncertain times we find ourselves in that 100 Christian healthcare ministries which we abbreviate HM that we've been around for a long time in an really easy for me to remember how long we been around because I was born the same year that the HM started back in 1981, so I you know were celebrating this year our 40th year, and of course I'm dating myself because I you you know it's really exciting and I think people are looking for something that that they know has been around a while and you know we we are a Better Business Bureau accredited charity.

Well that's something that people can can really latch on to you at that looking for a healthcare cost solution course they want to make sure those healthcare costs are covered.

That's critical but it's this other element to it, which is an aspect of community in prayer talk to us about that part of right what we like you come up with all sorts of ways that body of Christ and you know what were big supporters of the local church. But I'm talking about you know the body of Christ all across the nation and even all over the world coming together to pray for each other and and we do that a number of ways. We do it, no online on social media.

We have members who will send each had their cards and letters of encouragement, especially when they're facing the nonmedical illness or injury and and we just another myriad of ways that we just want you provide that type of support particularly for people who are hurting just about a minute before first break. You mentioned that CGM is been around for 40 years since that significant. I know you're actually celebrating that anniversary right now what is that mean to you. Why is that so special. This longevity of this organization for something that we were actually the pioneers at this time we were the first health cost-sharing ministry and you know this is really a novel, and nobody knew it was going to work but no looking back now, we can see how how wonderfully it has worked and how God blasted and that our members have date I shared more than $6 billion in medical bills and billion with a B is incredible. The original medical cost-sharing ministry serving individuals, families and groups, and it has been a real blessing for so many of our moneywise live listeners much more to come.

Just around the corners. We celebrate see HM's 40th anniversary with us partner of ours here in moneywise live is Christian healthcare ministries there an underwriter of this program and have served so many of our listeners and even our staff here at moneywise media providing a medical cost-sharing ministry meeting the health care expenses and costs of so many. And yet providing a biblical basis of community really with prayer undergirding all of that and were joined today by our good friend Lauren guide to active Christian healthcare ministries. She is vice president of communications and media. See HM is celebrating an exciting milestone 40 years in serving believers and look for you to take us back Lauren to house see HM started. I know it's quite a story. Back in 1981.

That really interesting what happened on it story with a very happy ending it with Karen and it was an October morning in 1981 pasture with car with his family on the road there and terrible terrible car accident and it is very sad. His wife passed away one of his children passed away, and poor man with email having to deal with that tremendous loss same time, he didn't have any. He didn't have any healthcare. He didn't have any health insurance and so on. He had founded a few years before he had founded a rescue mission to help alcoholics and people dealing with substance abuse and he had a newsletter for that rescue mission. So he printed in his newsletter. I noted the story of what happened to him and his family and he said I you know I don't have any way to pay for the medical bills. Can you help me and the respondent was just tremendous that people on really really stepped up to help them with those built in just a few short months on all of the medical bills were taking care of its incredible and here we are now 40 years later and what's incredible is that valves $6 billion been shared with CHA members. Absolutely stunning. Lauren share with us some of the milestones along the way to becoming the ministry that see HM is today. I really would like to start back in 2000. Until that time, you know that ministry with more of a grassroots organization people would hear about it from person to person word is now and into thousand 10 a lot of things started to change because you know Congress started working on the affordable care act, which is the national healthcare law and one that got half you know what we saw with a lot of people started looking for alternatives to what they had before, and so they they look into health cost-sharing, which is what PHN is and that we just saw over about five or six years we just doctrine and tremendous growth fund that in the meantime I see HM had applied for and had earned the designation of a Better Business Bureau accredited charity, which is an extremely stringent list of qualifications in order to meet that standard so that you know people when they see that they they think okay this is been around for a long time.

They have the seal of approval from the BBB and not only added you may know the number of folks joining my favorite little story that I can just share real quick Christian healthcare ministries headquarters are actually into school buildings on in the city of Barberton, Ohio, and a funny story about the second building back in 2017, yet we knew we needed to expand that we would have enough staff to serve our membership and we ended up buying the second building from the city and Barberton for one dollar is not.

It was one dollar they were going to tear the building down and we said no no no will fix it up unit we want to keep our administrative costs low so we can operate out of the school buildings and not the way it can be great.

You mention the affordable care although this is not insurance and think it's important to know that this is an eligible option for individuals and families under the national healthcare laws in the right that is right and we do have a lot of information about that on our website that were very intentional about making sure that were operating under the lot that people can feel comforted with that absolutely let's go back for second to this 40 year celebration. It's fascinating that that's that's milestone were celebrating today and there's real biblical significance to that members of their talking a lot about that year, even among start time. At 40, meaning 40 years, or maybe 40 days. Actually, nearly 150 times in the Bible and generally speaking it's always a period of preparation in a couple of examples that would be you know the Hebrew people. They were wandering in the desert for 40 years and what came out of that was you know they were being prepared for entering the promised land on you know Moses was on Mount Sinai for 40 days and he came down presented the 10 Commandments and was preparing people for you know A lot of which they would live their lives and then I knew An example of that would be Jesus fasting in the wilderness for 40 days, which helped to prepare him for his ministry here on earth, and that though we look back at the past 40 years in we just want we believe that God is preparing us for something great.

We seen so many wonderful things happen. Over the years, but you know we just look forward to the future with great anticipation. Sure you do, let's talk about the future. For a moment what would you share with us about where CHN is that it is a really exciting time to be a part of CHN, you know, we have hundreds of thousands of members all over the country and and one of the things you are looking to do is were looking to grow on you know not not for the sake of numbers because that's not really important.

But for the sake of being able to serve more of the members of the body of Christ. We know there's a lot of people out there who are looking for something like this for their healthcare costs and unit we want to come alongside them and help them in whatever way we can you know another thing we really want to focus on is providing great technology solutions for our members then and I'm sure you know technology becomes what they say outdated.

Every 18 months or so is totally doubles every 18 months or something like that. We really want to stay on top of that and and be able to use technology on make being a member of CHN extremely easy and something that you know people that just very seamless for them to be a part of a very exciting vision Lauren I know there's many many CHN members of our listening audience today.

Would you like to save them like say, you know, first of all the credit and glory goes to God. You know he's the one his made all of this possible and and secondly you know the faithfulness of our members has been so instrumental, so thank you so much for your faithfulness. Over the years and I want to invite your listeners to join us online for a birthday celebration.

1/40 year birthday celebration. You will go to CH CH and look at our October issue. You will find all the information about the online celebration which is actually tomorrow, October 1 so please be sure to head over there Lawrence thanks for stopping by today, congratulations, thank you so much. Always a pleasure to healthcare ministries is better just to do their website again is CH your calls or text 800-525-7000 stay with us right back was live around West euros Lodge along with us today were taking her closer in just a moment.

We got some was open. Would love to hear from you on your mind today, financially speaking, will try to tackle it through the lens of biblical wisdom, here's the number 800-525-7000. That's 800-525-7000 before we head to the phones are money wise weekly wisdom. Email goes out tonight every Thursday night with this week's digestive recommended reads so featured podcasts and encouraging Scripture in a message for me focusing on fear in this edition I'd love for you to get a copy delivered to your inbox again. It's called her moneywise weekly wisdom and you can sign up for it. When you download the money was up in your app store to search for moneywise biblical finance. You create an account. That's all you need to do or you can head over to our website moneywise scroll to the bottom of the page will see were you can register with us and will make sure you get the weekly wisdom tonight again moneywise phone lines are open taking your calls and questions on anything financial. Again, here's the number 800-525-7000. Let's head to begin today to Oklahoma hello Derek help user you don't borrow them a call. Absalom call form.

All that was Oklahoma hello all, my wife losing all Chicago. She's weekly, you know, get this accomplished.

But, my first question is no suit people in my area, you know, we don't offer any kind of real estate services or mortgage services week's moneywise media provide education through this broadcasting through our website was through our app, we do have coaches that would be happy to help you with the spending plan or debt repayment plan certified kingdom advisors that help in investments in financial planning, insurance, tax and accounting estate planning, but nothing on the real estate front. But what's the question you're wrestling with today. Maybe I can help most of the site isn't that of the novel talking to Vincent and the listings of homes in the last one you sent me like the left.

My were supposed to have a meeting on Sunday were well and formally the closing cost for the loan would be four to $5000 and all those like too much or what is that she shirks. What's the value of the mortgage. Do you know how much we borrowing about this between 115 01 30 okay so would hundred and 30,000 you know I would be looking for you to pay no more than 3% of the value of the mortgage which would be right around 4000 so it does sound like that's the bit on the high side. In fact, I'd target 2% so somewhere between 20 504,000 would be what I'd be looking to pay which is why you know you need to really shop this mortgage around I'd look for three different lenders you don't automatically have to go with the one the real estate agent is recommending to you. It may end up being the best one, but perhaps not. This is the largest transaction, you'll probably ever make or at least one of them. When you buy a home and so we want to shop this around the same way we do it with any item that were purchasing so I make sure at least two of the bids for your mortgage come from a long line lender someone either with an online bank or just an online lender where they can be pretty aggressive. I go to bank and look for who has the most attractive terms and rates right now what you're going to want to compare. As you said, in addition to the interest rate the closing cost to make sure that those are in line and argues that 2 to 3% number is a gauge so perhaps get a couple of other bids and see if you can get this down a bit lower. Does that make sense though there will very good bank is the place to go at least one of them to evaluate who has the best loan programs.

Right now it does vary from time to time, because depending upon how much money these lenders have available to lend, they can be fairly aggressive in some cases, and you want to see who has the best program right now so check that out if you have other questions along the way. Give us a call back and we appreciate you listening today. We got some was open 800-525-7000 with your questions on anything financial next to Viola and she's in St. Louis Missouri. Go read about this is Viola. I was just wondering.

My son got laid off with a nice severance package, but they recently had a baby and his wife, and I was wondering if this medical program Christian healthcare ministries is something that my husband and I can purchase for them until no get employed again.

Absolutely yeah you got a couple of options. Cobra should be available to him, but it may be cost prohibitive in the Christian healthcare ministries would be a great alternative to that you can find out it's not health insurance. But it is a faith-based healthcare cost solution. It's in all 50 states and it does satisfy the requirements under the Obama care legislation. It's budget friendly though so you know it would give them some coverage, depending on which plan they picked probably the first $500 of any incident would be out of pocket but anything beyond that would be shared by the ministry and that really just takes a lot of the concern away gives you the peace of mind to know that if they ended up in the hospital or have an event that involved you know ongoing care. Good to require that it went well above $500. All that would be shared and covered, and I think you know going without anything especially with little ones but really just for anybody is not a good thing. So I'd check it out. I think this could be a great option. And yeah, absolutely. You and your husband could come in and pay for. This is a gift to them to make sure that they have this in place while he's looking for a new job and then Lord willing, he finds that job and he could join policy. Check it out today.

CH and know that love to assist you pause for a brief break we come back more of your questions.

We love to hear from you today, but there's a number 800-525-7000 on Rob Weston.

This is moneywise life but he was live biblical wisdom for your financial journey like to invite you to become a partner of ours here moneywise media we rely your gifts to do what we do every day.

If you'd like to consider a gift. It's quick and easy. Our website moneywise just click the donate button.

We know the end of the year is our gift to you would like to send you copy of the brand-new book that said by Paul David Tripp entitled redeeming money. It's one of the best new books on money in our hearts that I've read in a long time. It's our gift to you with a gift of $25 morgan just adore website moneywise you can click donate. We would certainly be grateful but said back to the phones today. We've got to what C4 lines open 800-525-7000.

Perhaps one of those is for you move in a moment will be in Colorado with Linda. She's wanting to find out about refinancing Daniel in Chicago's wondering about opening a mutual fund or brokerage account but next up in Wisconsin is Pete hi there can I help you sir Michael and I about $50,000 liquid through separate counsel still don't like the calling yes did you say you're just back from Afghanistan yet okay in the Armed Forces Department of okay great will thank you for your service. Do you have an emergency fund, you have separate from this roughly 50,000 funds that you can use its liquid for the unexpected. Okay, great.

Yeah so putting this to work I think would be great.

Talk to me about the retirement account options that you have available to you through your work will okay are you faxing that out. How much are you putting in a I was okay and that's what you currently putting yeah will that quite well with the ability that line you think you hit 19,500 limit. Well, there's a contribution limit for a 401(k) for 2021 of 19,500 you think the 16% you're putting in will get you to the max contribution for the year. Okay great well so obviously you're contributing quite a bit there. The reason I ask is I love for this money as much of it is possible to be in a tax-deferred environment and so I was give us a yell if you didn't have the ability to contribute to the max and that was going to impact you know your monthly income and not give you enough to cover your expenses. Perhaps you could pull from the 50,000 to supplement and bump your contributions up to get the full 19,500 going into the 401(k) which is going to get as much into that tax-deferred environment as possible. But if you're already doing that than really the next option is to look at investing this in a taxable environment. So at that point I would just be looking. Perhaps the two fund.

First, a Roth IRA. Do you have any IRAs that you're currently contributing to roll out of the loop. You sure okay great and are you married Pete know I'm okay gotcha yeah so you can open Roth are you will reach 50 okay so you could put in 7000 for this year and then you could turn right around and put in another 7000 when we turn into the new year in 2022.

So that would cover 14,000 of the 50 do you have any relationships with investment professionals or do you have a custodian you'd like to work with dimension fidelity you. One option would be to use a Robo advisor solution where essentially through a series of questions and answers.

The algorithm would build a very well diversified portfolio that would be low-cost using index funds to her ETF's really to take you into a broad market strategy of stocks and bonds and you just capture the broad moves of the market over time that be one approach you could certainly do that with fidelity. Another approach would be and you could do this at fidelity as well. But you visit with our and you could use the soundbite investing newsletter to select the mutual funds that would be a good fit for you based on your age, goals and objectives that you will give you the mutual funds to go into and they update the literally monthly, although you wouldn't make changes that often but they could give you really the direction to go.

It's a proven strategy that I think could really work for you either one of those, I would be fine with Pete getting the 7000 and then another 7000 into the Roth this year and then right after the first of the year and then the balance you know being invested in the way I described is that sound like it makes sense and what you're looking for now Mike Baker number four ability next week with what other advisors you perhaps before that. Check out soundbite in the sunlight investing newsletter could be a great resource for you to pick some really high quality you know about funds that are low-cost with great track records and that would be another low cost way to go, and you'd end up with some really high quality investments that you could just set it and forget it.

You could obviously look at it when the statement comes, but you probably only want to make changes once a year or so, and over time you know you'll have something meaningful here that will build up for you.

So again, we appreciate your call today. I hope that's helpful and will hope to talk to you again real soon to Chicago, Illinois hi Daniel, how can help user Michael so I'm currently eight years old and $7000 away from being three so we try to start building the account and put it on neutral or should I open a brokerage account and like you know some trading. I'm not a big sale of trading Daniel. I really like what the Bible calls steady plotting when it comes to our investments where we get a portfolio of high quality, diversified investments, which by the way, comes right out Ecclesiastes. The idea of diversified and you we just let it grow over time and not try to pick the winners and losers, not try to pick our entry and exit points in the market which is capture the long-term trends which you know is one yet when you look back over the last hundred years in terms of the very best places to build wealth apart from owning a business. So that would be the direction that I would go. I love that you're to be debt-free at this age, that's great. You'll really be thankful that you did that but I think moving forward I would say the same thing I said to Pete either look at one of the Robo advisors at Vanguard or betterments or head over to soundbite and soundbite investing newsletter could give you some really high quality mutual funds that you could pick from. That would serve you well over time. Again, soundbite investing.we appreciate your call today. Daniel folks a lot more to come in moneywise live.

In fact, so we got lines open for your question 800-525-7000 stay with us. This is biblical wisdom for your financial journey around West moneywise live around West coast comes to money trust in the Lord. Things perhaps you control afraid God will live up to his end of the bargain will I talk about that in this week's edition of the moneywise weekly wisdom. The fact that fear can cause us to do things with money that indicates a lack of trust in God can lead to hoarding more lack of generosity and the opposite of that of course is faith. We want you to lean into trusting the Lord, whose promises are true. Who says I will never leave you or forsake us, and recognize that even before the first dollar of God's money that we manage.

We are already in an abundant situation. We been given the gift of salvation through trusting in his son Jesus Christ and his death and resurrection on the cross. We start there and realize we have so much so much even more than we could ever deserve. Well, that's what we try to explore here on moneywise live each day. How can we handle God's money, in a way that reflects her trust in him reflects his ownership in our role as stewards will do that together and head back to the phones today. Next up is Linda in Colorado and Linda how can I help let me call yeah I am in Colorado. A great doubt that on 60 in my interest rates about four, maybe 4 1/2. I know for sure help and I had spent that He has cancer been financially secure, market contractor, and so if I can get my payment down lower would help it that every time I talk about refinancing, they were better off what we are to call yeah so if I understand you correctly, Linda. You have two mortgages. And they're both about 60,000. Is it right right okay what is the home worth what we believe the home is worth about 55 okay and so you about 120,000 on it. How long have you had these mortgages okay alright so you know there's an opportunity there.

Perhaps to see if they might be willing to help you work on the payment you know they often times can recast the mortgage bill. Once you have that much equity to you change the payment that would be one option to refinance the challenge there is. You could get the interest rate down but you're probably not going to address the payment itself until you, you know, unless you were to do a new 30 year mortgage which 20 years into a 30 year mortgage. I don't recommend. Apart from that, you could look for one of the assistance programs like the mortgage housing assistance program for Colorado homeowners affected by coronavirus. If you're unable to pay her mortgage because of a financial hardship. They have some resources and you can apply but there are eligibility limits in terms of income and so forth.

But if this is more of a long-term situation. You know at this point other than seeing if they can work with you to re-amortize the loan and get the payment down. The only other option would be a refinance.

But again, it's going to involve you getting a new mortgage at a lower rate but perhaps for a longer term where you'd be resetting this, let's say instead of having a tenure payoff. You may have to go to a 20 year payoff to get to the payment you're looking for. Now that would take the pressure off in terms of giving you a payment that perhaps could fit into the budget, but it would extend the payoff of this thing for another 10 years, which I don't like because that means it's good to be hanging around a lot longer and get up a lot more interest.

Even with that lower rate.

So I think your best option at this point would be to see if there's a way to find some additional income. Perhaps you know you work part-time, or he does. In addition to what income sources you arty have look for ways to cut back on the budget.

So I think all of those are in play, and perhaps maybe the best next step for you. Linda would be to connect with one of our moneywise coaches who could look over your situation. Look at these mortgages.

Look at your spending plan and then advise you on where you might go from here you can connect with a and after you do that if you any questions don't hesitate to give us a call back. We appreciate your call today. Let's head to Chicago. Floyd, how can I help user hello are you going to call absolutely. I will my mom bought a house and turned it over to the bank board reverse mortgage and I want you all, how will I go by to get it back. Yeah well you would want to get a payment in full amount from the reverse mortgage lender. Do you know what that amount is all know okay that be the first step is to let them know that you have inherited the home that had a reverse mortgage on it that Bill be aware of that you want the payment in full amount for you to take the home back once you have that amount.

You have two options you can either pay that loan off in cash or take out a new mortgage to pay off the reverse mortgage that pointed to, you know would be something you could take back to the reverse mortgage company and then from that point forward. If you don't have the cash to pay it out right.

You didn't have to assume that mortgage payment that you would be taking out does that make sense for you. Okay so I think that's where you need to head from here get that payment in full amount. I think that'll tell you where to go if you do end up taking out a mortgage to cover the payoff I get at least three quotes before you land on one of perhaps bank could give you the best loan program. We appreciate your call today I were heading south to Florida hi Kevin, how can I sister and I call your other question in regard to handling all coping same time so I know my struggle is a page that I have felt on my credit card debt that you have also do want to go ahead and best of luck to you like me to present how much of my being on a biweekly that you go ahead and be that, how much less to investment yeah that's a great question. How much do you have a credit card that Kevin find out about 9000.

And do you have a 401(k) at work are we looking at contributing somewhere else will you contributing anything currently. Yeah, they match the full 5% dollar for dollar.

Yet okay it's are you looking to put more to work beyond that. And that's your question. Are you wondering if you should even be doing that well thought you ever get sly would stay with that because you're getting 100% return on your money and I can get that anywhere else but I'm getting encourage a Kevin in two areas one is not to do anymore investing until that credit card that is paid off, you're just not get to find a guaranteed return of whatever that interest rate is on those cards, 12 or 15 or 18% anywhere in the stock market. Now you're getting 100% return in the 401(k) match but apart from that you not find any guaranteed return. So I would set that aside and really focused on taking 100% your margin and snowballing that that you piling every extra dollar beyond the minimum payments for all the cards on the lowest balance into you get all of them paid off. Then we can look at you you perhaps investing this. Secondly, I want to make sure while you're paying off the credit card you build up an emergency fund. If you don't have one of at least $1500 and then before you invest. Once a credit card debts paid off, let's get that up to 3 to 6 months expenses.

Lastly, I be really careful with that investing in crypto and trying to pay play speculative investing. It just doesn't pay off in the long run. I don't think crypto's going anywhere the technology the block chain technology behind it.

But in terms of it being a prudent investment is just way too much volatility and speculation for me and I'd encourage you to stay away from it. I'd encourage you to be more of a steady plotter with your investments and just be dollar cost averaging into the broad market as opposed to trying to pick the winners and losers. This is my perspective, but in terms of the priority order. I go $1500 in emergency fund. Everything focused on the credit cards and then additional long-term investments. After that, we appreciate your call today quickly to Indianapolis, Indiana Bobby, I just have about a minute. How can I help you wanted to get everything set up well and all that and I want the money from the house to go to my two daughters and my 4 Grandchildren Way to do that you can spell that out in the will, Bobby. That's fairly simple where you would basically decide and reflect in the will exactly how you want your assets to be distributed.

The executor would handle that at your death. And if you're married at you and your after both of you pass away and it can be passed very efficiently through the Polk probate court.

According to the last will and testament. So the next step for you is to visit with an estate planning attorney someone who could draft that will for you it should be less than $500 and you know it will make sure that it's done right and enforceable and according to the laws of the state of Indiana. So that's where I've had next and perhaps while you're there, you could think about living will, healthcare Sarah get even a durable power of attorney to deal with some of those other issues. If you're incapacitated so that you have determined who can make decisions on your behalf, but everything you describe can be taken care of in the will and appreciate your call to do it for us moneywise. Live is a partnership between Moody radio moneywise me so thankful for friends Moody to say thank you to Deb Solomon, Amy Rios and Jim Henley for their support. Today I thank you for being here will be back for again tomorrow look for you then and I hope you'll join us. May the Lord bless you

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