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Your Home Repair Fund

MoneyWise / Rob West and Steve Moore
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September 15, 2021 5:15 pm

Your Home Repair Fund

MoneyWise / Rob West and Steve Moore

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September 15, 2021 5:15 pm

Saving in general is always prudent. But have you ever considered setting aside a special fund that would be designated to cover your home repair needs? On the next MoneyWise Live, host Rob West will talk about how that savings strategy can give you some extra peace of mind. Then he’ll answer your calls and financial questions from a biblical perspective. 

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Makes clear the wisdom of saving money and slack hand causes poverty. The hand of the diligent makes rich gathers and summaries of crude saving. In general, certainly prudent, but today I want to talk about a special category of saving that you may want to consider getting an extra measure of peace as you face life's financial challenges.

That is all your calls at 800-525-7000 1500 525-7000. This is moneywise live for your financial journey regular list thing up an emergency fund.

Ideally, containing 3 to 6 months living expenses. The only question is how do you define an emergency if the meaning is too broad you'll constantly be dipping into it for every little inconvenient expense. Then I will be there when you really need it. So let's define a true emergency. A real emergency will fall into one of three areas housing, food, and transportation. It must be absolutely necessary urgent and truly unexpected.

Everything else should be a part of your regular budget.

Examples would be living expenses. If you lose your job or have a severe pay cut unplanned medical expenses and unexpected home repairs and that's where our special category comes in. Using most home repairs are predictable. Many you can see coming from a long way off. They're not really unexpected, and for these you may want to consider setting up a separate category for home repairs separate from your emergency fund.

Most people understand that a home generally appreciates in value, especially these days by consumer expert Clark Howard points out that in many cases it's the land. The house is built on that actually appreciates you can't really separate a house from the land it sits on but if you could you might find that the structure itself depreciates as it becomes run down and in need of repairs. That means your house needs constant expected maintenance to uphold its part of the total home value. That's a strong argument for keeping your home repair funds separate from your true emergency fund. If you need more convincing. Let's look at what you might expect to pay for typical home repairs and maintenance. If a storm causes a large limb to puncture your roof water will pour in. But just as certainly money will pour out, but your thinking the hole in the roof certainly isn't expected, but it should be. Storms happen all the time and it just takes one to damage your roof.

You can expect to pay $400-$1500 for roof repair sure your homeowners insurance covers that type of damage, but how much is your deductible $500. The thousand that money could be ready and waiting in your home repair fund just as common. Perhaps you might need a completely new roof, not from storm damage but just routine wear and tear insurance will cover that.

So you could be out of pocket five to $10,000 or more. Then one morning you hit the shower to get ready for work but oh no hot water.

Is that really unexpected.

A little research shows that the typical tank type hot water heater last from 8 to 12 years in time corrosive particles inside the tank will settle to the bottom and eventually destroy the whining, that will cause a leak and you'll be out $800-$1500 all completely predictable.

Your heating and air conditioning unit last longer than a water heater but the replacement cost is a lot higher. Most HVAC systems can last as long as 15 years, sometimes even longer and again it's not a question of if but when and when yours ultimately fails.

You'll be out $4000-$7500. Now this next one is really predictable. If you live in a house with wooden siding, it will need repainting every seven years on average and the average price tag around $3000, time for one more predictable expense, but only if you bought a house with a septic system. Granted they last a very long time.

Some estimates say as long as 50 years. But if you bought an older home, you could be well on your way to needing your septic system replaced the average cost is four to $5000 now after all this, you're probably wondering how much should I keep in my home repair category.

Given the repair because we mentioned a good starting point might be one month's mortgage payment possibly going up to two months. That would take most of the sting out of completely predictable home repairs and the money will be there in your separate home repair fund and by the way, if you don't have a mortgage. Another rule of thumb is to set aside 1% of the value of your home each year in your home repair fund all right here because her next here's the number 800-525-7000: 24, seven, 800-525-7000 member of West and this is moneywise one biblical wisdom, your financial journey stay with us for joining us today moneywise live Rob West your hostesses biblical wisdom for your financial decisions and choices.

We got some lines open today were just about ready to turn to your phone calls. Here's number 800-525-7000. That's 800-525-7000 today.

Our second installment of our moneywise weekly wisdom when out.

That is a weekly email that we said with a note for me, thought to about biblical financial wisdom that I share with you each week. Our recommended reads are trending podcasts and are verse of the week it's delivered to your inbox. It's a real encouragement to you as you renew your mind around God's heart related to managing his money. It's our moneywise weekly wisdom email sign up to get it delivered to you at no cost to send our website moneywise scroll down to the bottom of the page. Create a free account and will make sure it's delivered to your inbox. All right, working ahead to the phones again. I got some lines open.

Here's the number 800-525-7000. That's 800-525-7000. Lori is in Venice Florida WK ZM Lori, how can I help you heal about long-term care insurance and 72-year-old I am a widow so I don't have a husband that I would need to be concerned about providing care for, but I talked to my financial advisor weeks ago and that considered any long-term care insurance and reading a little net about not trying to figure out if that was a good option wanted to get your opinion. Yes, well, it's a something I think everybody should consider the statistics say that Lori 70% of Americans age 65 or older will need some type of long-term care during their lives. That's according to long-term The website of the US Department of Health and Human Services, and that's a big number and the question is are we prepared to cover that, depending upon how long it's going to last. What we know is the typically folks who need that term type of care though 70% receive it for more than two years. Generally three years or less. But it is expensive you know you look at the national monthly median cost for various types of long-term care. We were talking L 4000 a month for in-home care or it could be assisted living at around 4000 a month a private room in a nursing home could run the 8500 a month or more, and so that's where this becomes very cost prohibitive and can quickly erode your assets now. This type of policy is not cheap.

And so you need to make sure that it infects fits into your budget and if there are increases which have to be done in the aggregate, not policy by policy, but if there are increases in certainly policyholders in the past have experience that the tell you have the ability to absorb that which is why we encourage you to look at it between ages 55 and 65 because it's most cost-effective at that point. To ensure that it fits into your budget. If you have find one that over time, you're not able to sustain them.

Obviously it's of no value to you if at some point you have to drop it. I would encourage you to get a long-term care insurance agent someone who specializes in that type of policy so they can help you determine what companies are most committed to the space they been in a while.

They know how to price these policies you want to know about you know an inflation Rider which is typically 3 to 5% which protects against losing the buying power of this policy. Over time, it does add to the premium, but I think it's an important piece of there's a waiting period, which is kind of like a deductible on your home or auto insurance, but it's a number of days before the policy kicks then so the longer the waiting period like 60 or 90 days, the lower the premium, as opposed to the pricier first-day benefits options and then there's of course the benefit. Most folks will say 3 to 5 years worth of coverage is about, you know, your best option.

Just because you know on the average. You women need these policies for little over three years usually close to four men for close to two years and so if you had something in that 3 to 5 year range you would pretty much cover you know most folks need for this type of care and the ideas.

It's just offsetting this major risk of a huge expense being added to your monthly budget that you're not able to sustain in this season of life which can erode your asset so I think checking into it is so certainly a good idea. What did you say your age was 73. Okay, so at 73.

You can still get long-term care insurance. If you have good health and good family health record but it's probably going to be expensive.

I mean this is something you could expect to pay you $4500 a year for 400 a month so I realize that's a significant amount that may or may not be able to be absorbed into your budget so I think you've got a look at your budget. Get somebody to quote a policy for you and to see if it makes sense to you. Okay I very good. Lori, we appreciate your call today. All the best to you and thanks for listening to moneywise live phone lines are open 800-525-7000. That's 800-525-7000 members on your mind today. Whether it's saving or investing, perhaps it's long-term care or some other type of insurance or maybe want to know how to be more effective in your giving her how to decide how much to give. We'd love to tackle any of those, and whatever else you might have for us again. Here's a number 800-525-7000 Shay is in Chicago, Illinois. W MBI hi Shay how are you very well things go read it.

Question one in my head and I have a knack that the packet that we make our nonaccountable one canal if they should take that and apply it: our payoff of both of our vehicle or credit toward our mortgage.

I see one. Yes, this was a second property not your primary residence.

This townhome and you don't have specific plans on redeploying this apart from just your your financial goals.

Is that right party completely so that townhome. We actually bought a single family by an apparently we made a nice contaminant townhome fell at it we don't have anything specific that we have met you now to do with that money. Okay, we want to make it in your yeah and the townhome was your primary residence prior to you selling alright so you don't have any taxes so I would just kinda run through your priority. Use of these funds. First question I would ask is do you want to give based on some of the increase and beyond that I would be looking to shore up your emergency fund. If you don't have one, or it's not fully funded and I would say fully funded would be somewhere between three and six months worth of living expenses that you should have in a savings account with FDIC insurance, preferably a high yield account release getting a little bit interest but it's there for you to fall back on. Beyond that, I would be looking to probably pay off consumer debts. If you don't have credit cards. The next highest priority for me. Just because interest rates typically gonna be a little bit higher and you could probably pay these often full would be the cars and I would look at continuing to pay yourself the same monthly payment that you have been paying but put it into a fund to at least get you on your way to a car replacement fund. So next time you have to replace an automobile. You've got cash to do it and you can get out of the cycle of borrowing you if you had money left over after that and you're already saving for retirement separately you're using some of this money to accelerate the mortgage payoff by just increasing what you're sending beyond that schedule monthly payment is gonna go along way of an even just $100 a month on a typical mortgage over the life of the loans going to cut off $400 or four at four years of the 30 year mortgage so you can really make a dent by just adding something, but I would look at giving emergency fund, car debt repayment and then mortgage beyond that settle make sense yes we have already probably deftly have been hard on Ari, we have payment in addition to that we will have money for Christ and are currently on pay toys I retirement pension at work and so that's why we thought, you know, we simply have to my go ahead and get paid both vehicles.

Although it is nice chunk of money, but it still would free up that money where we can start putting more towards our mortgage.

Yes like that. I think that's a great planning clearly want to be moving toward being debt-free over time. Shay, thank you for your call today. We appreciate you checking in with us. Second Corinthians 10 tells us to take every thought captive to obey Christ and Paul knew that what you think becomes what you believe and eventually what you do.

God cares about how we think about money, which is why gives over 2000 verses on this topic in terms of how we should think about it and handle his money that's working to explore right around the corner. Stay with us. This is moneywise live about last night when you joined us for moneywise live biblical wisdom for your financial decisions were also grateful for our partners shows supporters of moneywise need you to help us do every day. If you'd like to consider a gift to moneywise meet would certainly appreciate it. Just head over to our website moneywise, click the donate button you can give quickly, safely, and that we would certainly be grateful again moneywise click donate read back to the phones we got 1234 lines open 800-525-7000.

That's 800-525-7000 to be talking about paying off for some credit card debt really talk about buying a car, but Cornelius in Tampa wants to talk about a reverse mortgage Cornelius credit yet yes or no to retirement in seven years. She can retire, but we both think about retiring well stop working at 852 so we got about 10 more years though we think about doing a reverse mortgage to make out for my retirement week.

We figure we need about $3500 a month retirement board in her income will 2000 and did not.

If you hundred so what about going to reverse mortgage once once we aged, yeah, well, you certainly can do that. A reverse mortgage is a way to earn some extra income.

If you're 62 or older and you got enough equity in the house.

I'm not a huge fan of them just because they're typically somewhat expensive and the fees are generally higher with a reverse mortgage as opposed to a traditional mortgage if you want to leave the home to your heirs. They would of course have to pay it off, but that would be down the road if you wanted no remain in the home which of you, so you would. It makes a little more difficult. If you decide to downsize or no longer live there and then you have to keep up. Of course with the property taxes and maintenance.

But I think you just using debt of the equity in the home to fund lifestyles not my first choice, I'd rather you all save as diligently as you can between now and that time perhaps consider working a little bit longer until you can allow Social Security to click a kick in perhaps a put more side of your own savings and then perhaps look at downsizing in that season, and you're not using necessarily reverse mortgage but if you want to retire earlier and this is really your only source of funds, then certainly that's what it's there for you as long as you hit that 62 mark at a minimum, you can certainly convert that equity into an income stream and I think you just need to be well-planned, but I would just count the cost realize there is an embedded interest rate plus all the fees and so forth and think through all the implications before you make that decision to retire at 62, as opposed to waiting for you can save and perhaps let your Social Security buildup, which could cover that gap. Does that make sense though Cornelius, thank you very much okay listen. God bless you buddy. You got some time obviously so I just pray through this and throwing think through it, but in the meantime keep your lifestyle modest and try to save as much as you can hundred 525-7000 Noblesville, Indiana hi Joel Karen ahead will thank you for your ministry and guidance today. I so I was in out for about 20 years, God save my life with my wife, got into a pickle financially and do the best things in my life.

The market price for about four years now working on getting my credit rebuilt just recently couple because they my daughter who's turning 16. I got a car that paid off. My wife has a car that the lease will look in the purchase. We spent all the funds all by Merton on an attorney to get my child back so I know where the pickle with lenders how they fit with the car market being the way it is everything below price more than it is so I heard an episode 150 months back where you would talked about Christian lenders that lent their own personal money stolen off our credit scores and I couldn't find anything on that on the website All that the cellular we talked a good bit just about this move towards investing that is aligned with your faith in. We talked recently about even bonds to use that where the source of funds is meant to be serving the kingdom purpose, but does not necessarily lenders I will say though. First of all the fighting. Her story Joe so thankful that we serve God is in the business of restoration and that's certainly your walking testimony of that delighted to hear about your daughter and that reconciliation is well. You could certainly look toward a Christian credit union that would be a great option I could throw two out CCU Christian credit union and thrive in credit. Both serve Christians in large both offer automobile loans and you would know that you're using Christian organization so breaks down the line. We'll talk tomorrow.

Thanks for turning in the moneywise live on Rob Webster host. Here's the number to call today taking your calls on anything financial 800-525-7000. Would you like a financial professional investment advisor or financial planner tax accountant a estate planning attorney and insurance agent who shares your values well certified kingdom advisor has met high standards in terms of experience and integrity and character. And yes training in delivering professional, biblically wise financial advice. You can find a CK a in your area. There's more than 1200 of them around the country by going to our website moneywise just click find ACK 800-525-7000 back to the phones will be in Tampa on a moment in Chicago. But first, Canton Ohio W CRF hi Therese, how can I help well I know about this number, but my brother gave it to me.

I was walking and I would credit card. I am now 7000 down to 7700 okay and I had I had quit working because of the pandemic. My pulmonologist told me to get out of the field and out right now because of my I have emphysema and COPD with emphysema.

So make a long story story short, I don't have money that they are expecting for minimum payment now that I'm not working yes, well, a couple of thoughts on that first of all, I'm sorry to hear about your health status and will certainly ask the moneywise live community to pray that the Lord would touch and heal you of what you're describing. Secondly, as it relates to managing these bills, namely the credit card debt of around 8000 on a fixed income.

I realize that can be a real challenge because this was due to the pandemic, even though you have some of these benefits are beginning to close. I would at the very least, if you haven't already. Call your credit card company to let them know of your status and they're very willing to work with you, especially in light of what's happening around us and they may be willing to reduce those monthly payments. I'd also like for you to connect with my friends at the Christian Christian credit counselors, it's Christian credit and what they will be able to do is look at each of your debts and determine if through a credit counseling program they would be able to get the interest rates reduced and get you on one monthly payment that would cover all the credit card companies that actually fits in your budget. They may not be able to but they may and if they could. That would be huge because the combination of you paying that one monthly payment every month with the reduction in the interest rates that they're often able to get for you, will allow you to pay off. Well, on average, this debt would be paid off 80% faster than if you just go it alone. So the number is 800-557-1985. That's 800-557-1985 or Christian credit

If you use the web and I'd like for you to start there and then, depending upon what they say we can come to take it from that point. Does that make sense number 105 77 try one more time. It's 800 close 800-557-1995, seven okay yes ma'am and listen all the best, Lily pray for a formula to go. Father, we just lift up Therese to you and you know her situation you created her Lord is going to call you as the great physician.

We just asked for healing for her body, and there we ask you to give her wisdom as she navigates her financial journey using your resources for your glory. Lord, help her to have a plan that can allow party get out from under this credit card debt where the trust you in the process.

Thank you that are you are a provider and you never leave us or forsake us. We love you in Jesus name, amen.

God bless you Therese onto Chicago, Illinois. W MBI hi Frank, how can I help you sir hi John, Bob, yeah, that's great. I'm 66 years old. I'm collecting Social Security.

I don't have no faraway 401(k).

I had like a savings 35,000. I do have health problems.

I just wanted to get godly counsel, you know, while I'm still here on this. You know what to do a little you know in don't know what to do. Well, I can certainly appreciate that Frank and so you are not working. Is that right now, not so security right now.

I just collected about a year okay do you have the ability to work with your health issues so-and-so but I'm kind of the work that I do it, hard to get a pandemic. Well, you know, yeah, yeah, well that is a lot of jobs out there in a lot of companies restaurants in all sorts of industries are being impacted by a shortage of workers so I would love to see you work at least part-time and something that maximizes your skill set gives you some enjoyment get you out of the house, but that gives you an additional source of income because you once you reach full retirement age, you can earn as much as you want from working and not impact your Social Security benefits.

So I think that's the first opportunity is just as the Lord to give you some wisdom there.

As you try to find a job, either part-time or full-time to have some supplemental income. Then, on a fixed income. The key is obviously keeping your lifestyle as modest as possible and really taken a hard look at those expenses as you build your plan around. Hopefully your Social Security benefits. But then if you are able to work. Perhaps you know that goes right into savings so that beyond that 35,000 which is a great start. You can start building up something that perhaps gets invested so that you know down the road.

If you have further health issues that are problematic are you need some some care of some kind that you begun to build some assets and so while you're able to.

I would look to be working while you can also consider reaching out to one of our moneywise coaches on our website moneywise they can look over your plan and actually give you. Perhaps some ideas on how you can put that spending plan together in a way that works for you, but I know this can be a challenge. Just know that the Lord is there. He is your provider Frank no one else so trust in him and try to be found faithful as you manage what you have coming in on a daily basis and we appreciate you checking in with us today on the Tampa, Florida hi Pat, how can I help you well your swing right aligned call today.tell me if you have back to fishing and my constantly asking me out line at Bentley Lanning. I want to pay off at half past H again and all of the hardware. I'm 75 and 70 he works part-time job to date the leak because he had health and help open heart surgery a few years back.

So right now we continue at that time have experienced the music that you hear just these were headed to a bracelet. Let's do this that I want to hear the rest of your questions and I definitely want to be able to weigh in on where God is leading you know what I think the most sense from a financial standpoint, so I got the first part of it and I'll let you finish your question right on the other side of this break, and then we'll chat about this is moneywise live biblical wisdom for your financial decision is more to come. Just around the corner so don't go anywhere doing hear from you, we got sprinkled, joyous, and moneywise live just bring telling us that has been impressing upon her and her husband this idea that they want to be completely debt-free pay off their home 70 in their 70s and Pat tell me the rest of the story just in terms of what is the balance on that mortgage wherewith the funds come from to pay it off because you said you have the ability to do it.

And then, where you both are at with this decision only okay in many just building out I say anything 401(k) Well down there so I mean, where earning interest and that not even a dollar an interest in learning and I can't Karen Lee pay off a card to pay for.

We really drive elder cars and got it running now and 90 lately that we can't have meant I else monthly and how we don't have any acceptable market generally pay off monthly rundown of the liquid assets that you have so what you have in savings and then what you have in retirement accounts, now fading to Cantley 5000 something like that and and retirement. It cannot happen when he tied at rollover and he can't get that right now. The total retirement accounts roughly would be well sell will probably hundred thousand and are you living on any portion of the annuitized you pulling money out of that annuity your plow thing out of the other account well every year.

Well I go ahead and take the RMD sure Now I just I can't get consider that to be like my part-time job. But apart from that you're really living on Social Security's work part-time okay all right well ideally I like the idea of you will be debt-free, especially if the Lord is really giving you both a conviction around that didn't do it don't look back.

The only thing that gives me pause is just that your liquid savings which a religion earning a whole lot on would drop from 65,000 to 15,000, and I'd love for you to have at least six months worth of expenses and you may not be quite there. You know when you're done with this, but you could pull little bit maybe from a retirement account. You'd have to pay some tax on it, but I would preserve at least six months, or if I'd prefer you have a full year at your age and and where you're at in savings and so I think that would be the only question is your perhaps you pull half from savings and maybe the other half from these retirement accounts and then what money is freed up by you no longer making the mortgage payment just pay that right back into your savings account to build that up.

But if you will cover both on the same page about this and given what you've told me today on I like the idea of you all being completely debt-free and have the peace of mind that comes with it and lowering your monthly need, because now you don't have that mortgage payment are how many foundation and we had at Manchester 8488 remediated at sure had a really long story in itself and most yeah okay do you have any other major repairs coming up. Now we live/caring letter. He felt very good listener, I like this plan, I mean the only pause I have is just that it would take your savings down the good bed, but if perhaps you balance it between the IRA and the pulling from the savings. I think that would be best. Check with your advisor before you pull it out just to see other any penalties and then obviously Factor in the tax implications, but I think you'll be pleased when this is done and just keep your lifestyle the minimum so you can build that emergency fund back up when that mortgage payment is gone. Listen, tell your husband hello and we appreciate you checking in with us. Lord bless you Pat but said Ocean Park, Washington hi Kelly, how can I help you. My question is about donor advised doing a little bit light reading on the Internet.

They seem like an excellent opportunity. I purchased some stock in the dipped in March 2020 and it's become highly appreciated and now I my plan is always student to type format.

I look like with the donor advised funds.

I can take the opportunity now to move the tithe off, but it's good At this increase later, but I'm just wondering, are there any caveats or cautions. I need to be concerned with.

There really are. Kelly I love the donor advised fund is one of my favorite tools for giving to do just what you said you could take the portion you were going to give us a tithe and rather than selling and paying the capital gain. You just move the shares into your donor advised fund that sold and the cash can then be directed by you in the form of giving to your favorite charity or ministry.

Another strategy that's really powerful when you have appreciated stock is to move the if you're going to do some giving anyway out of cash rather than making that gift at a cash move those appreciated stocks in and endear donor advised fund their sold, you get the deduction and the full value goes to the ministry. No taxes are paid, and then read by the same shares with that cash which reset your cost basis so that's another approach. If you have a yoke out of a pile of cash. If you will, you were to make a large gift with you could just replace those stocks and save the capital gains, but in either case I think it's a great option.

I would encourage you to visit National Christian foundation in CF open what they call a giving fund, which is just their name for their donor advised fund and do it all through NCF. It's a phenomenal ministry. One of the largest charities in the world and built a good care of you. Okay, that sounds great, thank you very much appreciate it. Kelly, God bless you, but want to Madison, Wisconsin hi Ruth, I can help you. Hi to refinance her home in order to stay in it she applying for that mortgage on her own just looking for some advice. I gallantly godly and finding herself in a tough spot in light and he thought has to and no other cat that okay well I verse I'm delighted to hear that you're walking alongside her because I know this is a difficult season and you know you don't want to make a lot of decisions that you don't have to. I realize she has to solve her housing situation. But she's not going make a lot of changes until she gets and I would say perhaps six months beyond this just for the Lord to give her a vision for what this next season of her life is going to look like and how the her resources can support that money is a tool.

I guess the only caution Ruth would be. Is this the home for her meaning. Does it truly fit into her budget. Whether or not a lender will give her the money on her own or not, and has she gone through and put together that new spending plan and does it balance and is this mortgage can a payment can be no no more than 25% of her take-home pay is just kind of a rule of thumb and does she have the ability to save or is again a stretcher and you know create a little bit more difficulty beyond what's already you know difficult in terms of the other circumstances, so that would be the biggest issue is just is this the right place. Can she afford it and then beyond that, I would just look at not only putting that spending plan in place, but in terms of the process of the refi she's going to make sure she gets at least three quotes so she could go to her bank, but I use at least two online lenders go to bank to find out who has the most attractive loan programs. Right now it changes all the time, depending on who has what money to lend, but you know, for the largest transaction of our lives. Often times we just get one quote from one lender and I look for to get at least three so she get a good rate but keep those expenses low.

Ideally no more than 2 to 3% at the most of the mortgage. So $200,000 mortgage. You know what 4000 to 6000, the most in terms of the expenses so that makes sense to you. Thank you so much okay hey. All the best to you and if we can help with anything else let us know quickly to his son Barry PA hi Anna got just a minute left. I apologize were close to the end. But how can I help pension employer and were just eat. We have no and were looking at which Ron whether it is 401(k) or Social Security and let 401(k) grow yeah the thing about waiting on Social Security. As you can get a guaranteed 8% increase every year you wait versus the 401(k) there's not going to be any kind of guarantee and I expect the market to be somewhat choppy in the next couple years where I don't think were to see the kind of growth with rates we have seen in the stock market in the last let's say two years. In particular, for the last 10 years so I'd say probably look into that 401(k) just for my opinion and letting that Social Security grow probably be taxi banner advantage from I have returned standpoint just because of that guaranteed return on the Social Security will I will talk a bit more healthier folks. Thanks for joining us today. This is moneywise live biblical wisdom for your financial decisions on Rob last thanks to my team Rios Dan Anderson answering phones today and Mr. Jim Henry providing research. Thank you for being here come back and join us tomorrow will all be here

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