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Applying the Parable of the Persistent Widow

MoneyWise / Rob West and Steve Moore
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August 19, 2021 5:11 pm

Applying the Parable of the Persistent Widow

MoneyWise / Rob West and Steve Moore

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August 19, 2021 5:11 pm

The Parable of the Persistent Widow is a lesson about the power of prayer, but does it also teach us how to deal with unrighteous judges in our lives? Well, we don’t actually deal with judges all too often, but there are unfair business practices that we as consumers encounter regularly. So, on the next MoneyWise Live, host Rob West will apply this Bible lesson to those types of problems. Then he’ll answer your calls and questions on various financial topics. That’s MoneyWise Live—where biblical wisdom meets today’s finances, weekdays at 4pm Eastern/3pm Central on Moody Radio.

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Rob West and Steve Moore
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Listener that stands out that work with recently. Was this older couple was interested in refinancing eight reached out to a few different lenders in the other credit wasn't the best. I know some of these other bigger banks. You just won't hear back from that which I cannot stand not everybody has the 780 credit scores and never had any hardships in their life.

I'll walk you through what you have to do.

How can you end up being able to do this refinance. Whether it's 236 months from now back that older couple. We work with them for months and months to improve their credit and we were able to get the loan done. We were saving them hundreds each month thousands of dollars a year.

Finally got themselves into a situation financially that they can handle and they could start saving money each month, saving for retirement at the end of the day they just could not be happier. Which just put a huge smile on my face. We like today's version moneywise. My phone lines are not a parable of the persistent widow was a lesson about the power of prayer, but does it also teaches how to deal with unrighteous judges in our lives by Rob West. How often are you frustrated in your attempt satisfaction from some big corporation maybe are overcharged on your cell phone bill product turns out to be shot will apply a Bible lesson to the problem. Today we have some great calls lined up but please don't call him today because we're pretty this is moneywise. Why biblical wisdom for your financial decision.

So I was by a guy who got fed up long ago dealing with the customer service departments of big companies whenever he had a problem with a product or service. He felt like he was just getting the runaround. I'll tell you about his solution in a minute but his story reminded me of the parable of the persistent widow in Luke 18 Jesus says in a certain city. There was a judge who neither feared God nor respected man and there was a widow who kept coming to him, saying, give me justice against my adversary for a while. He refused. But afterward he said to himself, though I neither fear God nor respect man yet because this widow keeps bothering me. I will give her justice so that she will not beat me down by her continual coming now. Of course the spiritual lesson is that we should pray consistently because our heavenly father hears our prayers but notice that the widow doesn't deal with the court's customer service department. She goes straight to the top to get satisfaction and that brings us back to the article by are fed up consumer in his decision to try the same thing tired of trying to reach a live human on the phone, only to be told that company policy won't allow a refund exchange or whatever he decided to go straight to the top. It happened one day when he couldn't get satisfaction for overcharges on his Verizon bill. He decided to do something that most of us would never think of email Verizon's CEO. That wasn't easy. He had to hunt to find a working email, but eventually he did. He wrote the executive a lengthy but courteous email explaining his problem and was shocked.

Soon after, when he got a call from someone in Verizon's executive escalations department never heard of an executive escalations department. I had neither. But apparently, most major corporations have them think of it as an executive customer service department. Other staffed by people called executive response specialists and it's their job to provide speedy resolution to customer complaints that have somehow escalated to the top of the top brass in the company. So our disgruntled consumer was surprised to get this call. And as it turns out that iceman fixed his problem and told them to hang onto his number in case he had any more problems in the future. He did have more problems. Of course, and each time he contacted the executive response specialists. He received the same courteous assistance in solving his problem. In fact, the process worked so well that are then fearless consumer decided to try it every time he had a problem with any company that is email somebody right at the top. He reports that this tactic is worked with Home Depot spectrum Honda Bank of America and Chase along with the head of his local water utility and many other small companies. If you have a problem with Amazon. Don't expect Jeff Pazo's to give you a ring.

He probably has a legion of executive response specialists and it would be one of them who gets back to you. But before any of that happens. You gotta find a working email for someone at the top of the company. In the article's author says that's the hardest part. He lists a few websites that might help and will put those in today's show notes that you can find it moneywise If that doesn't work you suggest trying to get anyone's email address at the company. It has to be a personal address, not customer But once you have that you have an idea how the company structures its emails. Is it or or some other structure. But even if you can't determine email structure.

You can try all of the standard ones, like I mentioned a lot of those emails might back, but who knows what might go through and you get referred to the executive escalations department and when this finally works for you and you have your contact. Never lose it because odds are very good. You'll need it again one day.

The article's author. We use the contact.

Four years later though the original specialist and left someone else probably contacted him and satisfied his complaint by the way it's always better to use L rather than the phone because the paper trail.

By the way don't think this a one-way street. When you get satisfaction of a company unrighteous judge asked righteously get the word on yelp or another with plan to pause for a brief break that much more. Thank you for tuning in the moneywise I biblical wisdom for your financial journey are so thankful to be in partnership with you as you call in and share your stories, questions we get to serve you with our moneywise coaches and certified kingdom advisors. We see this is a big family or community of people that want to know God's heart related to managing his money and we can do it better together as we journey together. So thanks for being a part of our team is taking some time off today so don't call in, but that we had some folks that have some questions we were able to line up in advance and some will take those now, let's head south to Hollywood, Florida Joseph, thank you for your call sir. How can I help you question I want to try to get over it.

Get rid of my PMI my a mortgage through the FHA and I refinanced once I went interest rate applicable .75. Now I have 3.5 so I didn't know if it was a good idea to refinance again to get rid of that PMI's well yeah as you as you know you can only way you can get rid of the FHA equivalent of PMI is through a refinance so we would be looking for you to get a one point reduction at a minimum in your interest rate and then be able to plan to stay in that home for five years or more and then I want to make sure also that the expenses associated with that were around 2%. Not a whole lot more than that the cost of the refi. So do you think you can do that and if not then unfortunately you're going to have to look really hard at whether the cost of the refinance is going to be prohibitive meal for you even though you're going to have to still continue to pay this PMI which doesn't do anything for you. Unfortunately, so I give me a sense of whether you think you can meet those criteria. I think I hiked 10 I was thinking last time I did it today or eight I have any money come out of my pocket because the property value had gone up and down because of that I didn't have to have any money out of my pocket I think was maybe that conflict may be $800. At some point I got a credit. So I ended up refinancing and it didn't cost me pretty much anything that I could think of that I had the money out of my pocket okay but yeah, even though you're not bringing money in your pocket you may be doing a couple things you may be extending the term of the. The loan meetings. If you have a 30 year mortgage.

Even paying out three years. You start over 30 years, which is in the earlier years is where the most is going interest of the second thing that may have happened.

There is even that wasn't coming out of pocket, you increase the balance of the mortgage. So even though your home is rising in value you adding more debt to the property as well. So you just because you can do it and it will result in a similar payment and you not spent in a coming out of pocket a lot of money doesn't mean that it makes sense financially because what you need to look at is what is the total amount of interest. You're gonna pay over the life of the loan and the only way to get that down is to decrease the interest rate and/or decrease, or at least match the term so I don't want you to reset the term of the new 30 years and I'd like for you to get that interest rate down. Otherwise you just can continue adding get out creeping that balance higher and higher that mortgage balance.

And you know it's just knocking to be financially effective for you. So I take a hard look at that. Let's make sure you can save at least a point on the interest rate. Let's make sure you stay for five years and let's make sure the expenses are no more than 2% of the value the mortgage. Otherwise, I'd probably leave it alone.

Joseph, we appreciate you checking in with us today. Let's head to Strongsville, Ohio Joe, thank you for calling. How can help you property next door to one up for a Sheriff's auction and I purchased it.

It was three city lot one of the lots have the house on I sold the house and the lot with the house.

Now I have two city lot. I kept one for myself and now selling the other one know that I figure out capital gains or I would like to not have to figure out all money on it.

Yes. Well, I would contact a CPA and there's a lot of moving pieces their job in the bottom line is this is not none of these are your domicile so they're all subject to capital gains you have to establish your cost basis for all the property and then you have to establish as it sold off what portion of that is considered gain where you know it's appreciated beyond what you paid for, and know that said that profit there between your original cost basis plus any improvements that you made minus the 80 is subtracted from the sale price of any pieces of this care will help you determine exactly what's going to be subject to capital gains tax help I would duck if you don't have a CPA or account. This is the year to get one and you have that person you look at the all of the parcels and help you to establish the cost basis of that as these are sold off more now that they are sold off and that the you know exactly what is taxable and at what rate and you can be a plan for that, so that's not catching you by surprise. In fact, some of that probably needs to be prepaid so that's got to be my best advice we don't have a CPA or account, you can connect with a certified kingdom advisor in your area and ask for referral just head over to our website and click find a CK.

We appreciate your call today very much.

Before we head to the next break I let's take an email or two. Haven't gotten to a few these in a while. This is emails that come into questions and Patty is our next one up Patty just says simply how do I improve my credit score will Patty, there's a couple ways to do that. But first of all let me just say you know it's really critical that you understand that you're in the comes to improving your credit score, you don't need to pay anybody to do that because there's nothing they can do that you can do yourself. So I think it's really important for you to understand that fundamentally up the biggest thing you can do Patty to improve your credit score over time is really into two areas one would be just be in on time, pay your payment history is the largest percentage of what determines your credit score.

The second thing is keep those balances. I'd prefer them at zero because were only using the debt for budgeted items. I realize that's not always practical, so make sure from a credit scoring standpoint, not the financial management standpoint but from a credit scoring standpoint. Make sure those balances are under 30% of the limit.

That's what's called your credit utilization. The amount you owe versus what is available 30% and above's gonna hurt you 30% and below will help you below 10% will be even better.

And then the other things that you have less control over the length of your credit history how much new credit you have. Are you out there seeking credit and your credit mix multiple types of credit accounts. All of that together is what makes up your credit score, but the very best thing you can do over time is only use credit for budgeted items have active accounts we not carrying a balance, but where it's showing in being reported as on time every month so that your scene is an on-time pay or if you do that over time and follow biblical principles of managing money. You'll be rewarded in the form of a higher credit score and Patty. We appreciate your call to rescue me your email folks if you'd like to citizen email and have it read on the air send to us and questions questions were to pause for a break will be back with much more. This is moneywise biblical wisdom for your financial journey stay with us to moneywise live God's wisdom decision last week delighted to have you along with us today.

Their team is taking some time off today so were prerecorded so I would encourage you not to: however, we have some calls that we've lined up in advance that I know you'll enjoy beginning with Sue in Chicago hello Sue, how can I help you today. Thank God my daughters, next month when I got my God, it will be starting grad school and subsidized loans for grad school, but shall stop coming to their responsibility.

If I can current hurt the don't like eggplant plastic 6% and really benefit the birth like you and the greater your income, but I do have a house chlorine conducts on quite a bit of money that's good that could help her yes okay with these the assets that you would not need it for some reason she was unable to pay this money back.

That is correct okay yeah I know, I think, as you go into this you would just kinda need to make some key decisions in your mind and then talk it through with her. I generally discourage folks from lending to family members, and certainly that would include the child unless you're ready, willing and able to forgive the note in any point, if it required its fits required and here's why that unit we see in the Bible that their relationship changes when you become a lender and a borrower. It says the borrowers servant to the lender, which means that you borrowers. The lender slave in a sense. And so you know there's a relationship.

The changes there as you go from mother daughter to lender or borrower, and it has the real potential to cause a strained relationship. If even you know if everyone goes into with the best of intentions, and she's unable to get the job she wants. The Lord redirects into something outside of the field.

She's been studying for that is not can earn anywhere near the amount of money and so therefore she's not able to pay it back and you know so you get into those situations, and collateral damage a relationship is not worth any amount of money and so that's why we just err on the side of just you know passing even if it's going to cost her more in the long run. Now if you were to say to me Rob.

I think this can be a blessing to her. I have the financial wherewithal to do it even if I had to forgive the loan and I'm ready, willing and able to do so under the right terms and conditions or situations and there is a real healthy communication and dialogue about that on the front end so that there's not even you know guilt on her part. If that were to have to happen because she knows it going into it. These are the conditions under which I would only you'll be guilty at all comfortable with you doing this. Does that make sense though Sue all whole, all will will you certainly could you want to have to all that in writing ahead of time so there's not any kind of misunderstanding as you go into it, but what I think is more important than her feeling like God taken advantage of mom because I can see her just now seeing you as wanting to help and being really grateful for that. We've got a think about the worst case scenario and deal with that first and that worst-case scenario is she's just unable to pay it back anytime soon and you were 10 years down the road and she is still working on the other debt that you know has real lenders that are not related to her and she hasn't been able to touch yours and she had told you she was gonna plan to start to pay it back and she hasn't been able to in again it could be for any number of reasons, and then all of a sudden now we've got in a potential conflict between a relationship and it's just not worth it.

So I think that's where you need to go into it saying I have the ability and I'm willing to forgive this if it comes to that, because I'm not willing to allow this to come between us. You follow okay so I think as long as you wrestle through that and then based on what you've decided you will sit down and have an open and honest conversation about it and then whatever is decided is is then reduced to writing that you both have agreed to so there's no unmet expectations or potential conflict and I think that's then the position that would allow you to move forward and do something that would be a real blessing to her. But with proper understanding so that we elevate the relationship above the financial situation and we appreciate your call today. Let us know how it turns out, will certainly be praying that God will work in that situation, Robertson Pennsylvania, Robert, we have just about a minute left. How can I help you vehicle maintenance are your budget is concerned.

Yeah that's a good question.

You know, if you were to look at this vehicle. What would you say it's worth questioning to me and work through it, but I want to know the rule of bundle by yeah I mean you know typically if it's something you're paying for me. Have a note on anything that's more than 12 months worth of payments. Certainly if the cost get up to more than 50% of the value of the car. I think that's really the key deal, but in most cases, you just want to evaluate what's the market value of this car how much of I spent in the last in the trailing 12 months and you know what percent of the value of the car is that and when I begin to push over 25% heading toward 50. Clearly, it's time to make a change and again you got always be evaluating what is the underlying condition of the scar.

Is it something that's just going to continue to have problems or did I just have one major event like a transmission that an independent mechanic look over it made the decision yet, but if I make this investment I would build get another hundred thousand miles out of his car, then it might make some sense, but I think those two rules of thumb certainly could be your guide. We appreciate you checking positively think this is moneywise live with God's word financial decision just around moneywise.

I'm so glad to have you with us today taking your calls and questions covering a range of financial topics. Applying God's truth and wisdom order to do that with Elaine and Lyons, Ohio Elaine understand you have a question about a health savings account is a right hi, short and HSA through optimum bank will immediately own a farm so we had pay her own insurance so it's a high deductible account and I now have just over 27,000 in our health savings account and optimum online online when I look at it there encouraging me to invest quite a bit of that. Actually, they can eligible to invest up to 25,000 that money, i.e. I would love to look at it all in the investment that it actually is money that we have set aside for our insurance which Anna has it a family deductible of $12,000. You are very blessed that we have had good health. So far, and haven't had use much of that but we're getting older and not sure how much of that I really truly ought to keep in their as gestating than what I could put actually invest their telling me. 25. I'm thinking more like 20 16th 20 for like two years of my insurance worth.

What is your thoughts on Elena's additional money being put in every month or over six.

A time I put it out. I put it in once a year now Sherman 7000 okay great and if you were to look back over the last couple years on average. How much are you taking out a year for medical expenses.

You get three notes okay yeah so I mean generally I would say, you know, at a minimum you would want to make sure that you have what would be considered a reasonable amount for the calendar for the year ahead, and then add some buffer to that and then you could invest the rest because keep in mind with you adding an additional 7002 it and you're not even using anywhere close to that on average, and I realize that could change go as long as you have a year or even two as you said in reserves for what could be expected based on just what you been spending historically that I would say beyond that you absolutely could be free to invest in. And that's really the beauty of the HSA is get that money working for you.

It's a very powerful tool for retirement because past age 65. You can pull that money out and it doesn't have to be for medically related expenses and so I think that alongside your other retirement savings vehicles will be a phenomenal resource but you also don't want to get in a position where you've invested money money that's invested typically should be for of the long term meaning you know 10 years plus. And if you're having to sell investments, especially if it's a down market. That's not the ideal situation so that's why we want this 1 to 2 year buffer and I think you could go on the one year and just based on the additional money that's going in there every year of being so much more than what you need to set make sense now when I look and I push to invest. They suggested betterment and you just punching your amount that where you would go with that I can work quite well for the amount of money you're talking about you that's good to give you. Basically an index ETF approach and basically what that means is that they'll use exchange traded funds to build a portfolio that's very broadly diversified.

It's going to have a mix of stocks and bonds, the allocation between stocks and bonds will be determined by your age and risk tolerance which they'll put you through a questionnaire to determine that and then among the stock portion they're going to have a mix of international and domestic stocks large-cap small-cap mid-cap so you have a good range of the indexes which just means you're going to capture the broad moves of the market not anyone particular sector but the market as a whole. And that's probably a good thing. And the same will be true on the bond allocation will be a mix of government and corporate short-term long-term durations and notes can be very low cost, and again you'll just get that long term growth as the market moves up and obviously there's gonna be some bumps along the way. Especially that you given that were 12 years and will bull market but I think as long as you set aside what's appropriate for a year to it the most than you could feel free to invest the rest and I think that betterment approach with the amount of money you're talking would work just well's just fine so I thank you for checking in with us if you have other questions, don't hesitate to call back leg. Let's head to Illinois Victor, you're next on moneywise live go ahead and get all trying to have the blessing you have two morning one of my charities around the blessing every day when I get off work great. No investment like a training all course, but I'm chronically okay what type of computer to get and what you get on to start doing that type of training at all like small training.anomaly thousand dollars and they work myself up but learning how to do it. Put it all out of my shorts and Victor are you thinking about short-term trading.

Were you trying to pick winners and losers and move in and out to capture up your trends in the market quickly. Are you thinking about just being systematic with a long-term diversified investment strategy and all work it and I decided to get a look again at a rapid look upon the bigger picture than that, I'm glad to hear that because I wouldn't I would encourage you not to invest if you were going to take the first approach you when we invested should be for the long haul. Meeting 10 years plus, we should have money that's going into the market after we've set up an emergency fund.

After we been giving systematically after we've taken care of any you know short-term needs. This is money that really truly is for the future and well into it with that. We want to do it in a prudent way meeting following Ecclesiastes being properly diversified. We want to make sure that were not too emotionally invested in it. It such that you know if we were to see a downturn that lasted for even one to two years you wouldn't automatically just pull the money out and on. Try to time your reentry point you really you leave it there as long as you have the right strategy and an allocation so I think that's a good thing if you're just getting started. I like the Robo advisors you know Vanguard has a Robo advisor. Charles Schwab has one called their intelligent portfolios you could use betterment, which we just talked about with the previous caller anyone of those three would take you through a question-and-answer process and then with an algorithm that they'd set up a very low cost, diversified index ETF portfolio it would rebalance periodically and it would automatically reinvest every time you made a deposit with very little cost.

So I go that route again.

Betterment Charles Schwab intelligent portfolios for the Vanguard advisor, which is the Robo advisor solution. I think that I give you what you're looking for. You can learn some things along the way. By the way, if you wanted to do some more study on this topic are friends of sound will be a wonderful resource for you to learn God's way of handling money and investments to check them out as well. Sound mind. Thank you for listening Victor to pause much more radical.

This is moneywise live with Rob West. If you hear a phone number mentioned today. Please ignore that number and don't call us because today's broadcast is a reprise edition but we think the upcoming information will help you and make you a wise steward of what God's given so please stay tuned back to the phones clean Ohio hello Andrew, how can we help user on the user put second time a widow and I did made in November, a young lady who now all we have to hear from one know how to planning on how I know I help I have right now my lady why you know Mark he had not been made or how you know you know moving forward we come together. If it how inoculated with all the bad in this kind of my mates is not doing things right, five Mikey, but also write about her as well. You know know me how it is, no doubt been informatics 25 years and don't know how to set that on the meal planning and all that.

Yes, that's great. Andrew and I really commend you for thinking through this because you we really need to think about as we merge our lives and to become one that includes your finances, but it's so much more than that, obviously, and so making sure you all have done a good bit of premarital counseling I think is critical from pastor somebody had a Bible-based church, the other can really help you all prepare for this really big decision and make sure that it's God honoring and that together you all are going to pursue Christ as the head of the marriage, but then also to take stock in. Think about the finances, you know, do really understand you know where you're both that financially coming into this how money was handled not only in the previous marriage. But you know even growing up because that's so formative about how you all view money today. What are your tendencies in these areas and how can you all come together as husband and wife. I think your updating clearly your wills and estate documents will be critical just because of all the changes involved and this is in one situation where I would say that a prenuptial agreement could apply and the only reason for that is because when you're bringing two families together that obviously have kids that you know from previous marriages where there's wealth or debt from a previous marriage is not that we don't want to join the husband and wife together. We absolutely do, but what we want to make sure of is that you know if there's assets that need to stay with one family, for the benefit of of certain children on that side that that's talked about in advance and that the others relational trust built and that there is decision-making that happens beforehand so that that can be then documented in a way that promotes unity but also recognizes just the complexities of the financial lives that you're bringing to the table you know if you're coming in with assets. You may want to pass along assets to your children, and she may want to pass them on to hers and that would be a decision you all would mean need to make doesn't mean in any way you're planning to get a divorce or you don't trust your spouse. It's communicating your concern for the future financial security of the other relatives and documenting that in either a prenuptial agreement or I love what our friend Ron Diehl talks about when it tag. He talks about a togetherness agreement which is essentially a different approach to the same idea where you really work through all these issues and then you could even have a togetherness agreement drafted by an attorney, so it's binding a legal contract and I would recommend you pick up a copy of his book, Andrew. It's called the smart stepfamily guide to financial planning from Ron Diehl and Greg Pettus and it's one of which can walk you through all of these issues and even get very specific about what that togetherness agreement can look like so a pick up a copy of that book. The smart stepfamily guide to financial planning and then I would encourage you to connect with one of our certified kingdom advisors in the estate planning area there in Cleveland so that a person can walk you through the questions and answers you need to be responding to, and then for any legal documents that need to be updated or drafted. They can handle that as well to settle make sense to you and deal Greg Pettus PE TTY asked Greg Pettus yet.

You'll find it on Amazon or at Fed Focus on the Family in the smart stepfamily guide to financial planning listen. All the best to you and appreciate you listening and calling will certainly play.

I pray the Lord's blessing over you on to Zeeland, Michigan Peter, how can we help user might call her property. We we have about hundred K and in the back right now that they account and you will be the best way to invest the money. I know that I can live in figures accounting in a given and have a percent or something.

Bait we think we don't have any debt except for what remains of the house we we actually own about hundred K in the house of the low rate tirade I have in the house is pretty loud about 2.5. I really don't want to put the money up alcohol because the race so low but happy that I just want to find a way that I can hundred K that NSI faded the site near regular stated account yes and talk to me about how you think this money will ultimately ultimately be spent in in what time frame.

Right now we know how to get there about 11 years old so you will partner will be college by now all of it and I'll want to have the variable of the case of an emergency. We needed how we can tap into the money and get some of it out okay how we are putting it out in our 401(k) You probably have a market and what savings do you have apart from this hundred thousand. What will be yet have another wanted to basically get for written expected thought, I will fluctuate between Dan sucking on the checking account believe that the amount of 8000 feet will be the one that I can get it in there right now not making any money. Okay, well, a couple of thoughts. Number one is like for you to think about this in terms of three buckets the bucket number one is your emergency savings. It's that money that you would if you had something unexpected not planned replacement expenses like no we know the washer and dryers on its last legs and you know tires on the carving things that we should be planning for.

That's not a part of our emergency expenses were talking about you unexpected loss of income, were talking about a transmission that just goes out unexpectedly or if something comes out of left field medically. That's where our emergency fund kicks in and I'd like for you to have 3 to 6 months expenses in that first bucket total up what you're spending on a monthly basis and multiply by three or as much as sex based on your comfort level and I put that in an online savings account at Marcus or Ally Bank euro you earn 1/2 a percent but it's you're not going to have to pull money out of an investment that's down when you needed for emergencies is supposed to be liquid and secure so that would be bucket number one and you could link that right up to your checking account. If you ever need it is just an ACH transfer away bucket number two is that portion of the hundred thousand that you genuinely want to go directly toward college and I'd set up a 529 plan for that portion. I go to saving for run through their question and answer process to determine which is going to be the best 529 for you. It may not be the one in Michigan based on the performance of the Michigan plan versus any tax benefits of you staying in Michigan with a 529. But that's can get that money growing tax free as long as it's used for qualified educational expenses. Then there's any month money left over, and you genuinely believe you're talking to need that money for 10 years, then I'd say go and put that to work, and I'd probably use you with whatever's left.

Let's say that's 50 K quinoa one of the Robo advisors would be a great option.

So Vanguard advisor Schwab intelligent portfolios or betterment when you get up over hundred thousand. I'd encourage you to contact a certified kingdom advisor to invested but I think is you just getting started.

That would be a great solution is to get you going, but to settle make sense to you that only gave me your talk about what it would be a taxable account, and because you're already doing your retirement savings immune if if you've got to if you don't have a Roth. You can open a Roth IRA and put it away on it would be a tax deduction be you get tax-free growth but then beyond what you can put into the Roth which if you're married would be 12,000 for this year unless you are over the age of 50 and that it be a 14,000 between the two of you that money just cannot. I'm assuming given the going to be in a taxable account, but it so it's you pay capital gains as you have profits. But at least it would be growing for you for the long term dissent make sense okay. Michael rightly appreciated Peter, thank you for calling today. Well I think that's going to do it for us today but say thank you for being on the broadcast today being a part of our money wise family. I do want to remind you moneywise media is entirely listener supported. And so, if you count yourself among the moneywise family. We would encourage you to prayerfully consider supporting the ministry. It's quick and easy. You can head over to just click the donate button again moneywise. and click donate all of those gifts go to helping us bring you this broadcast every day for your moneywise coaches for your certified visors. The moneywise happy all the great content on the moneywise websites again for your help moneywise live as a partnership between radio and moneywise immediately say thank you to my amazing team today. Rios engineering Dan Anderson policy thank you to Jim Henry as well and want to thank you for being here. Hope you come back tomorrow and join us. Will be back here answering your questions God's tree

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