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6 Questions for Your Will

MoneyWise / Rob West and Steve Moore
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April 12, 2021 8:03 am

6 Questions for Your Will

MoneyWise / Rob West and Steve Moore

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April 12, 2021 8:03 am

Almost everyone agrees that it’s important to have a will, but less than half of the adults in the U.S. have one. So, what’s causing the other half to hesitate? Maybe they just don’t know the right questions to ask. On the next MoneyWise Live, host Rob West talks to financial advisor Ron Blue to find out how to overcome the fear of making out a will.  Then Rob will take your calls and questions on the financial matters you’d like to discuss. It’s 6 questions for your will on the next MoneyWise Live at 4pm Eastern/3pm Central on Moody Radio. 

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Rob West and Steve Moore

This is Doug Hastings, VP of Moody radio and were thankful for support from our listeners, and businesses like United faith mortgage. My best friend is blessed with three kids in a big house all the kids have their own rooms, but recently life in a bagel house is been different. In an effort to solve kid boredom. My friend, but when those massive blue tarps and created a full room tent in the spare bedroom. They put each of the kids mattresses under the tent in the shape of a T and every night for now, five weeks the kids have slept with their heads, feet apart and set of rooms apart, it's Ryan from United faith mortgage and when I see a home. I can help with the interest rates, escrows, and trying to help listeners pay the least amount possible.

But for me that story was a needed reminder that it doesn't matter whether our homes are big or small it only matters whether willing to enjoy the little things that God gave us today like a tarp tent. If you happen to be looking for a new place to put up a tarp of your own.

We are United faith mortgage United faith mortgage is a DBA of United mortgage Corp. 25 Millville Park Rd., Melville, NY. Licensed mortgage banker for licensing information, go to an MLS consumer corporate and MLS number 1330. Equal housing lender not licensed in Alaska, Hawaii, Georgia, Massachusetts, North Dakota, South Dakota and Utah and so funny thing about Will's almost everyone will tell you that there are important, but less than half of adults in the US have you have will paralysis. Rob West maybe you just don't know the right questions to ask. Well today I welcome financial advisor and financial teacher Ron blue to find out how to overcome the fear of making out the will of course on to your questions. 800-525-7000 800-525-7000. This is moneywise live wisdom.

Today's decision well I guess today is Ron blue.

He's a personal friend and mentor of mine is helping folks align their finances with God's heart and his principles for managing money, which by the way, as you well know is what this program is all about. I thought we would start there today. Ron welcome back. Now it's good to be here. Rob, thanks, does God's word have something to say about money 2350 versus according to Howard, he actually did the math right right take his word for it. You have spent your career long, long time really investigating these principles not only teaching them or writing about them, but allowing them to be proven out at a professional level which you when you apply them in a professional context, giving advice to clients that you really begin to see how these principles work. Don't you know the realtor I spent 40 years really giving financial advice to Christians and what you said a few seconds ago about where biblical wisdom meets financial knowledge was in exactly the words that God's word to speak to making financial decisions at the highest level of professionalism and now I can say after 40 years. It's irrefutable that God's word speaks to every money decision that anybody will make it any time under any circumstance. Yes, that's right. And I have a quote that often when you said that for long time run as believers. Why is this even more important because this isn't about applying some timeless principles that are going to help you perhaps just build bigger barns or end up with more in your investment accounts. Why is a Christian do we need to talk about this even more so well for one thing, I think everyone is searching for something and probably it's around the area of contentment and the only way to have contentment when you're talking about money is really two things. Number one is to have an eternal perspective. So you put everything into perspective and then secondly that you apply timeless principles that have been proven to work for thousands of years.

Now I can have confidence also. So it's really important thing and we live in a world that is very confusing when it comes to money, that's right.

And I night and you know what I need until I went to the mall have a plan for your life is spending billions of dollars to make me discontent about the connection between our money, our financial journey and our hearts. How does this actually affect our walk with the Lord. Well, actually it all begins with my heart and until I deal with a heart question of who owns it and do I believe God's word, then I can't really move forward to recess our level of contentment and confidence in my financial thinking and decision so we like to say that all behavior follows belief and so what I believe will drive every decision that I make and if you give me your checkbook. I can tell you what you believe that I love it.

And one thing I've come to realize that I know you would agree with is that your financial journey in many ways shape your spiritual journey know absolutely in fact I think that the financial decisions you make are the most objective measurement of your spirituality. It shows me what I really value in life.

When I make a financial decision because that's where I allocate my time and my financial resources in my thoughts. Even so, if I'm not spending time every morning missing what God has to say. I don't how I would function during the day. That's exactly right. Well, as we begin again moneywise and relaunch this program and think about why we do what we do. I know I'm convinced Ron that this is a critical topic that we need to deal with.

From a biblical perspective because it has everything to do with our hearts in our walk with the Lord you see folks if we recognize God owns it all and were a steward and money is a tool to accomplish his purposes.

Well, that changes everything. I couldn't be more excited about my guest today for this program, we come back or execute term of court and get real practical and begin to talk about some wills it will take your questions at 800-525-7000.

This is moneywise live moneywise live. I'm Rob Wester guest today is Ron blue, the author of generous living finding contentment through giving, which were diving into today because it has a lot to say about wills just before the break we were establishing why this topic is so critical. Why spend all this time every day talking about money from a biblical perspective was Ron said it's because God's word is a lot to say about it. There's a real connection between the way we handle our money and our hearts in our walk with Jesus and because it's practical and working to get real practical here for a moment. Ron working to talk about wills today and specifically some questions that you encourage folks to ask when they're dealing with wills, but why do you spend so much time on wills in this particular book and why is this an important topic to address number one, it's irrefutable that everybody is going to die okay and if I don't plan the disposition of my estate or they state that God has given me. I don't. I can't after I'm dead so it's really it's just a roadmap. It says this is what I would like to see happen and it's my last testimony as a steward. Also, I've heard you say that before.

This is the last stewardship decision you will make and it's important that you take that Burberry seriously. Never folks were listening today Ron who perhaps haven't taken the plunge yet to make out a will, to encourage them. It's not that difficult, people tend to think that it's got to I got to have some wisdom that that I don't have but sitting down with an advisor of some sort or an attorney or CPA or certified kingdom advisor, they'll ask you the questions that will help you to design the disposition of what God has entrusted to you yet that's exactly right. And this is one of those areas where a professional is well worth the price of admission Ron that you've broken down, making out a will into answering six important questions, and I want to dive into those because I think this will help to frame up the key pieces you need to address as you think about your own will, but let's start with the first question what is really the first question is the most important question and that is how do I want to treat my children and I find when I speak that that's the number one question that people come up to talk to me about is their situation and you know when you have small children. It's less less difficult. But as I get older and older make financial decisions. It becomes more and more difficult and they get married they bring a spouse into the situation and bring your grandkids into the situation so as time goes on, how much I want to leave to my children is the most important decision that I can make and is to first decision I need to make that two things that we could spend the rest of the program on this one alone and we gotta move on. But two things always jump out at me when I hear you teach on this one is the fact that if we love our children equally.

We will treat them uniquely and so we may actually address the inheritance question for our children differently one child to another. The other is that this decision as to what you're going to lead to your kids may change over time. You absolutely, and of the idea that treating your children uniquely. They have unique to their differing needs and not for long time.

We had single mom is one of our children will her needs were a lot different than her older sister had married an entrepreneur so it's a difficult thing to do. But as time goes on, it becomes more and more complex because they built their own families and I asked the question what's the worst thing that can happen if I leave in you name the amount to a specific child.

That'll get you start thinking about the consequences of what you leave your children really important, so important and so often that goes on addressed question number two.

Ron, how do I leave my assets to my children, where you can leave them out right through your will you. You can leave them in the trust but you know as time goes on, Rob, I recommend the lot that you begin dispersing your estate earlier rather than waiting until the time that you dive check I got another principle in the book that I wrote all do your given why you're living so your known works: and that applies to charities and that also applies to your family my children can enjoy whatever we might do for them better now than 20 years in our whatever you perhaps you can be a better steward by being alive and actually seeing what's happening with your giving dollars sorry quickly onto number three. How much do I want to leave to other family members and friends. Well, that's a unique answer to that question, but it's a question right. I say this, Robin.

You've heard me say that if you don't answer a question you never get the right answer of the right question here is, is there anyone else that I want to bless or anyone else that I want to take care of for anyone else that should be recognized by my estate, and distribution. Certainly charities in there to end charities change over time. So I think that that question, do your given why you're living so your known were your words: there something that happens and that is joy in my heart when I do that well that's what I want to go next drama combine questions four and five because they both relate to charity ministry. The giving we want to do from our will and the questions are how much and how do I want to leave my assets to charity or ministry. Well it's it's a piece that almost nobody addresses okay. I think the numbers are less than 10% have any charitable giving and a will and you can't make that choice afterwards. But one of the beauties and giving charitably be in a will is that that's nontaxable land in the estate so figuring out where your passions are my church ministries I'm involved with missionaries and I'm involved with. Don't I want to maybe take care of some of them with the assets that God has has given to me.

Certainly when asked the question again.

Is there anybody outside of my family that I want to give an and do I want to give charitably yes well and having a plan is always going to allow you to do more getting some godly counsel and we talk to our friends of the National Christian foundation all the time about the gift planning that they do.

This is an area where you don't want to just go it alone right now.

Not all interact. I do think there's three things that have to happen to maximize giving number one my transformed heart. Number two intentionality. In other words, a plan in a will is a plan and third accountability so I can I have a financial planner that asked me the hard questions even are written the books on it. I still have to be accountable to someone.

Listeners are probably still processing background and has a financial planner and maybe that's a whole another program I Ron just a few seconds left. What you want to say about this last year which is taxes. Well first of all, I have a principal selenite with taxes that I believe is true that Jesus said given to Caesar what is Caesar's so I don't think it's unscriptural to give my government pay my taxes and I say this Rob you can plan for your taxes in your estate to reduce taxes and you should not say you should pay anymore than what you absolutely have to legally but I do think that when you look at your situation and you do have to pay taxes. You should get on your knees and thank God because didn't have income and assets you and have any taxes love it. It's a whole different way of thinking.

Rob, thanks for stopping by today. What a pleasure. Thank you, Rob. That was Ron blue, always a pleasure to have him with us. The book is called generous living pause for a brief break we come back your questions. Here's number 800-525-7000.

This is moneywise lot lies live on Rob West.

Always great to have my good friend and mentor Ron blue to stop by the program and I'm confident that insightful information those questions to ask about wills will be a real help to you a coming up a little later in the broadcast were launching a brand-new segment today. It's the moneywise market commentary by good friend and industry veteran Bob Dall will be here each Monday to share with us in 90 seconds. What's going on in the markets. As we look back to last week. If we look forward to the week ahead.

His insightful commentary on the market is something that is really well known throughout the investment landscape all up and down Wall Street. Bob is a regular on CNBC and FOXBusiness. He loves Jesus he brings a biblical viewpoint, but his analysis of what's happening in the markets is something I know you will come to count on so look forward to that a little later in the broadcast were so glad that you're out there today and get the phone number we do have some lines open.

We'd love to hear from you.

The number 800-525-7000 800-525-7000. Let's dive right in today and go south to Fort Myers. Julie your first up on moneywise lot go ahead yes ma'am you "well hello there.

There are multiple charts are here propane a lot easier. There are people in yes Julie it's a great question, one that comes up often whenever we talk about wills and I would just say you're right, there are some benefits to it to trust a revocable trust of the question is, is the cost of doing it worth the added benefit for you.

In some cases, it will be in others folks will choose not to go that route will of course is typically less expensive and easier to set up because a trust is just a bit more complex as a legal document will was written basically to express a deceased person's wishes from naming guardians of a minor child or children which is critical to bequeathing objects and cash assets to friends or relatives or even charities or ministries will though becomes only active after one's death. Now a trust is active. The day you created and a grantor may enlist the distribution of assets before their death in it. Unlike a will, so it can go into place based on certain triggering events of your incapacitated. You want your trustee to take over and carry out your wishes even prior to death. There are your revocable trusts often created for tax purposes. That's not what you're talking about that would not be able to be altered.

Of course the revocable trust can as you mention one of the other benefits is the anonymity that goes with it. It's not a part of the public record. It also does allow your personal effects, and assets to be transferred outside of the probate process is can run you, typically about $1500 or more. Where is your average will would be in the 500+ range. So I think perhaps the next step for you. Julie is to sit down with a godly estate planning attorney someone who can really walk you through your specific situation.

Ask some probing questions help you carry out your desires with regard to the stewardship of God's resources both now and it death and then determine the most appropriate legal instrument to carry that out and then I think the decision will become clear at that point. If you need a godly estate planning attorney. I'd recommend you connect with a certified kingdom advisor therein Fort Myers to score website moneywise click find a CK putting your ZIP Code in any one of those CKs could refer you to a godly estate planning attorney if one doesn't come up in the search automatically so hopefully that's helpful to you. Does that accomplish what you're looking for as well well on track for law in the whole country.

Yeah, you would just want to make that estate planning attorney aware of that fact and that would be a part of the normal question that would be asked when it's drafted. If you take on a residence outside the state where you move after the will or trust was created. You want to have that reviewed by an attorney, either in your new state or somebody who also is familiar with the state laws where you have residents because there may be need to be some updates that would be one of those triggering events to at least have those documents reviewed to see if they need to be updated.

We appreciate your call very very much.

Let's go to Sonja in Kansas City so you your next on moneywise lot go ahead and buy regarding wheel in my area okay with regard to making the will. There are some online tools. Now we are typically not a huge fan of those resources what you will find is that yeah there's a cookie-cutter approach and ask you a series of questions that would allow you to put something in place and clearly something is better than nothing, especially Sonja. If you have small children because I want to book make sure that there's a guardian that's been named so you're making that decision and not the court or anyone else and using an online free will. Creator would certainly be one of those opportunities but in my view this is important enough as a financial decision that I would be looking to get some counsel from a professional someone who can really take the time to walk you through a series of questions understand what's going on in your life understand your wishes. Make sure that the document is drafted appropriately and as we just discussed with the last caller is done in a way that reflects that the laws of your state so I'm going to encourage you to spend the time to perhaps save up and visit with a godly estate planning attorney. A lawyer who can draft that for you and make sure that it's done exactly the way that it should be. But yes, there are online tools, many of them free, and that would certainly be better than nothing and we appreciate your call very very much today brought pause here in just a moment to take a quick break more of your calls just around the corner. You have a few lines open 800-525-7000 800-525-7000 want to say thank you Christian healthcare ministries are you looking for a biblical budget only answer to medical bills. Well, CHN brings faith the community together to provide health cost sharing. Check them out. CH ministries will be right back with much more on moneywise live don't go anywhere 5257 program. This is the radio program where each day we unpack God's timeless principles and apply them to your financial life.

Thanks for your calls, questions, and for checking in with us online as well, where active on Facebook and Instagram would love to meet you there tackle any questions or comments you might have. Let's continue on with the program next on to Texas and we welcome and to the broadcast current and know the best way to my many extracts Downingtown and then going to rent instead of buying another home and also add like to know if you have a list of good reliable charity to donate to earn and dancing sound where the CEOs get outrageous salaries and it's not the doesn't go where you think it's going and so forth. I appreciate that. Certainly we want to be a good steward of God's resources and when it comes to our investing and are giving I think that's wise. Let's tackle the first parts of the first and that was of the proceeds from this sale.

You indicated that you might be buying something just not right away.

Is that correct and if so how long do you anticipate now I'm not didn't buy anything. And I'm Dennis, hang out and then I'm going to rent a house not going to back so I'm wondering what the best way to invest my money would be tied to a tax person and they said that I don't have to worry about an increasing amount in An income tax because applet care more than five years. Though I was just wondering what you know if you have any suggestions on the best way to invest in the sale of the half yeah very good and so this money is not earmarked for anything in particular.

Tell me about your income sources and are you needing to invest this in such a way that you would draw an income from it to supplement other sources, or is this money you would just see growing without you needing to touch it in any way. Well, I would probably like to Hansen income sources to pay the rent because I don't not home now and I don't have any big expenditures for ran or anything, or mortgage or anything and sounds rent going to be a new factor in our life that you living on Social Security or some other income had Social Security and other thinking that very good and do you expect that your current income apart from the proceeds of this home sale would cover the rent or are you going to need to supplement that because you have a shortfall now know and don't hit delete that out I'll have enough money that sure how much do you plan to get out of the sell the home. Well I'm hoping close to hundred 90 okay very good you know I think this is a great opportunity to put this money to work in a way and that reflects your goals and priorities.

I would start by really looking at a big picture financial plan. If you don't have a financial professional, I would engage one at this point, a certified kingdom advisor who's in the financial planning discipline who can help you look across really only your spending plan, but your investable assets. This certainly the proceeds from this home sale as well as anything else and also make sure that any risk you have is offset I think you also expressed a desire to do some giving here as well and I think being thoughtful about how that set up is going to be very important in terms of what that might look like for whatever portion is not given away or perhaps allocated toward an emergency fund. If you need to shore that up a bit and I would be looking at this stage of life to have at least six months in emergency reserves not invested in a probably a savings account.

Hopefully, an online savings account were you getting a little bit of interest but anything that's not going to any of those places certainly would be invested and I would typically expect you to have a very conservative portfolio, probably more than half of it in bonds or in fixed income type investments that are little more stable and income generating a smaller portion perhaps 30% maybe a bit more in stocks to create a bit of a growth component, but in such a way that if the market were down for an extended period of time you would need to access those funds and you could allow it to recover but all of that would be work through with an investment and financial planning professional that can look over your front, your whole financial situation and then after these decisions are made. Help you deploy an investment strategy that makes sense. If you'd like to do some reading on the topic, I'd love to send you a copy of Austin Pryor's book the sound mind investing handbook.

It's all about investing from a godly perspective look to send that to you as our gift and I think you'd enjoy reading it. With respect to the giving that you want to do couple thoughts number one is I would consider it can connecting with our friends at the National Christian foundation in CF for two reasons. One is they can help you with the giving strategy that would really uncover some of your passions and desires and connect those from the giving perspective with ministries doing great work in the name of Jesus is no cost for that and they could help you set up what's called a donor advised fund. So whatever portion of the proceeds of this home sale you want to give away would go into your donor advised fund going get the tax deduction. Now think of it, then like a charitable checking account where you can make gifts out of that as the Lord leads you would have to do it all. Right away, and you would then make those gifts online at your leisure in terms of where to go to look for ministries. As you said, that are doing great work and you are above reproach. I'd you could click on the tab for shining lights. They have profiles of Christian ministries doing great, great work and I think it would give you some of the filters that you were looking for, so hopefully that's helpful to you to connect with a certified kingdom advisor in Texas where you'll be moving you can go to our website moneywise and click find a CK. Let's head to Lakeview, Iowa, nor your next on the program. Go ahead and quick question for you when you're at, at what point you have nothing that kind according and it should be doing some work for you rather than .25% sitting in small bank yeah well I think really it's it's about the purpose of the money as we think about money being a tool to accomplish God's purposes. We want to look at the principles that he's outlined his word.

We want to manage her money.

Accordingly, really his money accordingly and you know for that that we would set aside as emergency reserves. What I like to call an emergency fund. I think we need to be prayerful about. What is the appropriate amount. I like the number 3 to 6 months worth of expenses, not income, but if you say what do I need to.

Was it cost me to fund my lifestyle in a monthly basis and then I find like to have three or as much as six months of that amount in reserves.

That's where I would put it in that savings account earning you know about 1/2 a percent and be okay with that because it's safe it secure. It's available not to accessible would take 3 to 5 days to ACH transferred over to your checking account which I don't think is a bad thing, but you're not having to liquidate investments that might be down at any given time in order to cover and expense. So I think that 3 to 6 month is a guideline, but that's all it is.

I would with any of these questions make it a matter of prayer asked the Lord to give you some wisdom as you think and pray through. What is the right amount for you to set help the nor about a year's worth of salary amount of money out there out. So at that point, I think you can look at the point at something that has some risk to it. Think again that we need to be considered in terms of overall goals and objectives say we appreciate your call today. Hope that's helpful, much more, moneywise live just around the corner Thanksgiving along with us back to moneywise live on Rob West. This is the program where biblical wisdom leads today's financial decisions and choices like to be alone with us today were excited today to introduce a brand-new segment that you Monday. My good friend and Wall Street veteran Bob Dolan, equity strategist and market commentary, specialist, writer and speaker frequent contributor on FOXBusiness and CNBC will stop by each Monday to give us really his insights and commentary on what's happening in the markets right now. Here's Bob Dall, Rob glad to be here while at week equity mostly higher with a good week 507% smallpox were actually down for the week recovery sentiments seem to be the key driver for the upside was stronger than March employment report. The stable interest rate environment help drive the outperformance of growth and momentum after the meaningfully lagged versus value in the first quarter. Building tension in financial markets, not to the surgeon treasury yield level off, allowing many equity markets to move to the new high bond yields still have further upside in our view, as the global economic expansion and strengthening new variants of the virus may yet hamper bullish economic prospects, but for now the skies are clearing up to sustain the cyclical uptrend in bond yield and equity prices so no surprise. We continue to favor stocks over bond when earnings expectations move higher which they are that's traditionally good creative time for the stock market will have periodic setbacks but not bear market type condition and so periodic bumps aside the equity market will likely persist to be upside until inflation concerns become meaningful in the spirit of free money looks to come to an end this week. Moneywise market commentary very much Bob I will be back next Monday with the another market commentary and what we do with that. Well I think you know for many of us. We want to know where we at right now in our economy, stock market, how we take God's money and deployed in a way that makes sense. Of course with a long-term strategy not week to week, but also understanding the times and that's certainly what Bob Dall will help us to do each week and we appreciate his contribution to the program back to the phones and south of Chattanooga, Tennessee cutting your next up on the program to read thinking security security at 867. What are the vantages are continuing to work at 70 and beyond.

I get the growth for your sense of security. Is there any advantage that yeah well continuing to work. Connie could boost your monthly dependent benefit depending on how much you made in the past versus how much you're making now so your benefit just to make sure you understand how it's calculated is based on your high 35 years. So the key is if you're making more now than in a given year. When you first entered the workforce.

Let's say the higher salary year, now would we then replace the lower paid one which would increase your benefit, not a lot, but every little bit counts.

So you are kinda locked in by taking Social Security and really the only thing that's going to boost it would be this replacement of the higher wages now versus in the past, or any cost-of-living adjustments but you're going to get that whether you work or not. Does that make sense so to you make me feel better.

I'm glad to hear, and we appreciate your call. Yes, ma'am, very, very much on the Minneapolis-St. Paul San Diego red hi Sandy and get a little testimonial today about how your ministry and really helped that they had really not very why lately handle their money when our kids are growing up and we never had a well we heard on your show.

One time about Ron blue book splitting air so we need to get that and we actually read it together on vacation. One year I really think out and and we needed to start implementing come from the head towards retirement and during that time my husband's older brother Pat Dilley tingled and left my hat, then let him 90 and that all men fell, we were able to find in a pilot study that we attend a banking and invite their and that he started working that that that is that with an attorney and we were able to set the well and most candidates got a lot of information that we had read and decided that I meeting with them that Ron blue but now it had been that and where we feel like where making some real good headway with that of the thigh well and without the drama that me at their home and I never believed it 10 years ago. Well I think you meant she really made a big

Thank you. I love that Sandy will appreciate a couple things number one is your applying God's truth. It's not our wisdom and insight. It's insight that comes right from God's word and that's why it works.

Number two that your giving testimony to the progress that you may as you've applied the Council of Ron blue in your certified kingdom advisor and the principles we share in this program.

Each day you've done the hard work you sought out those professionals you're limiting your lifestyle and paying off debt and saving for the future and that's the way we should live so that we can live with freedom. We can live with joy, but we can also live generously. I like to think of it as living with an open hand which allows us to share God's resources through us as a conduit into God's activity so I thank you for making the call today and sharing your story. I know it's been an encouragement to those listening on the broadcast today. The next up Cleveland, Ohio. Maureen you're on moneywise live go ahead like I would like and how can I freeze my credit yes you know this is something that can be done very easily. Maureen and free based on legislation that was passed in 2018 that you would essentially contact each of the three credit bureaus that you would do that easily online by going to echo, and Trans You will need to go to each separately and you want to then follow the instructions to freeze your credit that what's gonna happen.

Well essentially you're gonna place a pin number on your credit file that is going to stop anyone who tries to access your credit file for the purpose of extending new credit if they don't have that pin number and what that's going to protect you against to someone fraudulently trying to open a credit account in your name with of course no permission to do so and win the lender whom they're seeking credit from is not able to access your credit because that individual doesn't have your pin number. Well, that should shut that down in a hurry so that's the next step for you is to go out there and initiate that credit freeze with each of the three bureaus and again you can do that experience ranging Trans Union or echo fax quickly onto Lake George Minnesota how your our final color today go right answer my call.

We were wondering story of a little better than well know it will account and will one day we moved it all required safety deposit box and were wondering working for a counting wherever yeah it's a great question now.

We certainly started with this topic today and will finish with it that you are probably the best place to keep your wills with your attorney or executor, especially if your executor is a financial institution, you can certainly keep a copy of it in your home you want to do that in a place that's safe because often that's not going to be the safest or most private so if you have a safe deposit box which you mentioned or a fireproof safe at home.

That would certainly be another place. Some states do allow you to file the will with the probate court or other designated court before you die. If you go that route. You don't have to worry about something happening to your will, and it not being found in most states that allow you to file your will have the time will keep that document private until your death but not all.

So you have to check with your state. In some states that will make your will public record that anyone can see right away. That's not always the case and so you'll just want to know that but I would say first option is with your executor or with your attorney and that is a great question.

We appreciate you calling and asking that today. Well, hey, thanks so much for being alone with us today. Let me take just a moment to encourage you if you haven't already. To download the moneywise app. It's a great way to keep up with the program to listen when you're on the go all of our archives are there as well. But in addition to that, one of the benefits of the moneywise app is that you will have the moneywise community right there in the apps you can ask questions.

Our coaches will weigh in on those I drop by from time to time and weigh in and in addition, you'll also be able to access our digital envelope system.

It's all there in one great resource. We love for you to go check it out today. You'll find it in your app store.

Whether you're in the Apple App Store the Google play store just head over to your app store. You can search for moneywise biblical finance. We also encourage you to check out our website a great feature article today there about the gospel patron behind St. Luke.

What is a gospel patron will buy behind every gospel proclaimer throughout history has been a gospel patron funding to work in almost every case, and would you believe the author of the gospel of Luke in the book of acts also had some gospel patrons and that you can check those out. It's great reading and something that I know you will be encouraged by as you read and think about what the Lord is doing in your life.

Perhaps you could be a gospel patron taking God's resources and using them for God's glory as you support this work is certainly one of the reasons why he entrusted to us really say thank you to my amazing team today executive producer Jim Henry producer Amy Rios Dan Anderson engineering today and call screener was Erin so thankful for their great work. We can only do what we do because of that team and your financial support. Grateful for that as well. Would you come back and join us tomorrow for another addition moneywise live

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