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How to Find More Joy in Giving

MoneyWise / Rob West and Steve Moore
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March 3, 2021 7:03 am

How to Find More Joy in Giving

MoneyWise / Rob West and Steve Moore

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March 3, 2021 7:03 am

Do you feel joy when giving to your church or those in need?  Did you know there’s a way to increase that joyful feeling that’s found only through generosity? On the next MoneyWise Live, hosts Rob West and Steve Moore welcome Kendra VanderMeulen of the National Christian Foundation to talk about that. Then Rob and Steve take calls from across the country and answer various financial questions. How to find more joy in giving on the next MoneyWise Live at 4pm Eastern/3pm Central on Moody Radio. 

Rob West and Steve Moore
Rob West and Steve Moore
Rob West and Steve Moore
Rob West and Steve Moore

This is Doug Hastings, VP of Moody radio and were thankful for support from our listeners, and businesses like United faith mortgage.

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So I go to hang the grandma for a bit and I see she's holding her big plastic cup with her T the cup is literally sitting inside one of grandpa's sports socks. I'm not making this up. No one can make this up grandma you okay of course dear the socks soaks up the sweat and keeps the tea colder. Hey, it's Ryan from United faith mortgage and as I thought about it later. I thought that's the kind of mortgage team. I want us to be the kind that's willing to take any step needed to get the job done on your new home purchase, refinance, or cash out refinance and can we help everyone know, obviously we can't know were willing to use grandpa sought to keep a drink called you know were willing to do whatever it takes to make sure you're taking care of. We are United faith mortgage not a faith mortgage is a DBA of United mortgage Corp. 25 Millville Park Rd., Melville, NY license mortgage banker for all licensing information, go to NML as consumer corporate MLS number 1330. Equal housing lender not licensed in Alaska, Hawaii, Georgia, Massachusetts, North Dakota, South Dakota and Utah and second Corinthians 97 reads each of you should give. When you have decided in your heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver feel joy when giving to your church or those in need know there's a way to increase that joyful feeling phone only through generosity today host Rob West welcomes Kendra Vander, one of the National Christian foundation to talk about that limits your calls on anything at 800-525-7000 times more to find more joy in giving that snacks right here moneywise live Rob Kendra Vandermeulen as president of the National Christian foundation's Northwest office in Seattle. She and her team help families and individuals across the Pacific Northwest to create innovative giving strategies.

That's exactly right. And it's all a part of a growing generosity movement in that region Steve Kendra. Great to have you with us on the program today.

Thank you so much and I really am pleased to be here, absolutely. Will you work with faithful people.

Kendra, who want to be wise stewards of what they have, to give to do so with more purpose with a hope to experience God's joy in their giving, and I'd love to start there because this idea of joy in giving us such a big foundational idea, but why does joy matter when we give thanks to asking. I think that is a really key question to a really helps to sustain our energy for the causes that we give to giving can be challenging when you're trying to have a particular impact, and we have to sustain that energy across sometimes years before we see all the fruit that were hoping for some joy helps keep us going and also helps us to know where were called to give choice to sign a signal that we are in God's place that he's given us and the idea of joy in giving is really biblical in addition to the verse that she read earlier from second Corinthians 9.

We know a lot of things about where God is kinda coming from in this whole area generosity we can go way back to the fundamentals of our faith.

God is all about his glory and he's all about our joy is he is most glorified when we are most joyful in him.

So joy in giving brings him glory. And that's after what it's all about love and I think you as we begin to lean into that and realize that joy should follow with her giving and that perhaps we need to think more intentionally more purposefully about our giving and connector giving to the passions that we have been is that your experience Kendra that when people connect their passions with their giving of God's resources. The joy is just a natural byproduct of the yes when people really know what they're passionate about. And that's really the key and they connect their giving and their surveying to the things that they are really passionate about that then their joy begins to increase.

And that sustains them in and it also brings great joy and glory to God, yeah, and there's this other ideas will Kendra were acting differently than the world. When we give joyfully. Would you agree with. I think honestly that react differently from the world, mainly because we act out of different motivations.

Many people in the world to have and they give politically and they enjoy it, but our motivation is different. Our motivation is not for our own glory, but for the glory of the Lord, that we serve and so fulfilling his purposes as he's designed for us were acting out of faith and that makes all the difference. Kendra we go just about a minute left when someone comes to you and says they don't have any joy when they give. Where should they start perhaps to figure that out will encourage them to pray about where God might be calling in to give.

I don't believe he wants to keep that a secret from us. So I encourage them to begin with prayer, but also to go to the word. I think we can clearly see God's priorities in Scripture.

For example, Scripture breaks it down into three big areas when he gives the church meeting a community of people who feed us spiritually way to get to the great commission is reaching the ends of the earth at the truth of the gospel and worth more. Finally, to give to the vulnerable widows and orphans and others who have needs.

You can see these things all throughout Scripture and its it's a good place to start.

As we begin to pray about our passions love that it really gives us a roadmap for giving just around the corner will get real practical about how we apply those areas to our own personal giving Kendra Vandermeulen with us today from the National Christian foundation, the Seattle office finding more joy in our giving that and more when moneywise live juniors in today's topic finding more joy in your giving and which comes first, enjoying the giving or vice versa will find out as we chat with Kendra Vandermeulen of the national foundation. Kendra just before the break you were sharing with us. God's priorities that Scripture breaks down our giving them the three big areas and I think this is really helpful the church, the community of people who feed us spiritually.

The great commission.

Reaching the ends of the earth with the story of the gospel and the vulnerable widows, orphans and others who have need. Practically speaking, how do we apply those three areas to our own personal giving yes big question because of course those three areas are huge and we can't take every aspect of all of those things on ourselves but we know that there are purposes that God has prepared for us in Ephesians 210 we read, for we are God's handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do so. We believe that when we can find the place where were prepared and had been prepared by God to do the work and were into his purposes.

Then we can be really comfortable and that's when the joy begins to flow my encourage people to start paying attention to things that either break their hearts or bring them great joy.

Those are God's indicators of where he might be calling then to give personally something to really breaking your heart and you know that is something that you have great passion about and that passion to solve that issue will sustain you and things that bring you great joy are also a great sign that that God is working in those places in your heart. I love that what breaks our hearts, or perhaps many of us haven't thought about that as we immerse herself in Scripture and see what's on God's heart and then think about how he's wired us uniquely. What breaks our own hearts.

Perhaps there's an opportunity at the intersection for giving that will bring us incredible joy and look for you to share a story I'm sure you have hundreds, but perhaps a story of someone you've helped experience a greater sense of joy through their giving share.

I think that my favorite story is actually a story that involves many people in helping this particular couple and they had reached a place in their lives where they really wanted to step up their generosity and learn how to do it well and honestly they been giving faithfully to their church but they didn't have any experience in particular getting beyond that, after spinning some time with them. I introduce them actually to a friend of mine had attended Inge, who helps people with this whole journey by helping them devise that a family mission statement and helping them to do research on various charities that might fit their mission statement. She took them around town to a whole bunch of different kinds of charities invited them to see what the work was all about and ultimately they just ignore their hearts are broken by the women and children shelter at their local Union Gospel Mission, and they've gotten very involved there. Kelly, in particular with her personal time as well as with their financial support. Ultimately, David began traveling internationally and looking at opportunities in Africa and it's just been so fun to watch their joy increase as they find out more and more things that really God has prepared for them and been able to connect those things to their giving love that you're my friend Lloyd Reeb talks about as you consider half time what God has called you to.

The second half of your life; low-cost probe where you begin to experience. Perhaps the areas God is working in witness that personally and then see what he does and that's what you're describing here with your giving you the opportunity to begin to experience where God is at work and find out what perks your heart in a way that might cause you to get more involved with your time and your money right exactly and I think many times people don't realize that they can just go visit some of these charities love to have visitors and they love to have volunteers. Another thing you can do that are like you say low-cost probes into the things that God might be prayer preparing for you Kendra. I do want to transition to a Bible study, but what you do with the verse to whom much is given much is required. But what does that mean to us today is is that connected to a dollar figure or is it something other than that, that's a very, that is the Bible study question and will spend the whole session on the let's just begin by saying that that everything that we have has been given to us by God. It's all his and he's entrusted to us to be his stewards and when we begin to really comprehend that and think about that then it turns the question around from how much do I have to give to how much could I give little might I spend or how might I better rethink the balancing between spending, saving, and giving in a way that really lights up my life according to purposes that God has prepared for me and I think that now that does start to ask question answer class and answer questions around things like what is the purpose of the tie is that tied the beginning of the end of my giving and how does that all fit together. Let's tackle that question Kendra because we get this a lot. When he was alive, and that's related to or giving in the local church. But what you tell someone who's trying to decide between dividing their giving between their church, where God has them planted Werther serving and being fed and other things that bring them joy.

Well, sometimes people get confused about this and I think the confusion can start with an assumption relayed that the tide is the part of their income that they're supposed to give and then get sent to the church, but if they can get anything else they need to somehow take money out of the tie. I don't think that's how God looks at this I think again everything is his and where his money managers. So in that context, we can begin with the support of the church and I think I think I personally believe that our ties is meant to support our local church. There can be debates about that but I think you get into Scripture and youth and you praying you listen to the Lord and yields you'll find that your support of the churches is a very high priority in God's economy that are giving is a need to stop there and we often see people that I work with who either started out saying I'm going to add to my tithe. Every year 1% 2%. I'm or they reach a point in life where they realize they been entrusted with more than they really need or more than they ever thought they'd have any begin to think about giving beyond the ties to many things that God is doing in the world and that's with this conversation about joint purpose can really come in love though just a few seconds left before you leave us today. Kendra summed this up for us as relates to joy and are giving I think joy is God's gift to send as a gift that he gives us for many purposes, and among them is to sustain our generosity has as generous giving says have you ever met an unhappy generous person.

I don't think so and so it doesn't just begin and end with the tide, but it gets the opportunity for us to unlock our time, our town and our treasure towards the things that he's created for us to do and that's life.

It's truly life this is been so helpful, finding joy in her giving, which leads to the ability to be more faithful, more generous and even more fully alive. How can folks get more information.

Well there's plenty of information and NCF for sure.

And you can get there by visiting moneywise for all the resources that we have available. Generosity gender. Thank you for stopping by the privileged, thanks so much for having me Kendra Vandermeulen of the National Christian foundation has been our guest today again. You can check them out when moneywise your calls next was live the user phone number of one's availability hundred 57, so no waiting. Today give us a call right now your comment or question concerning conundrum 800-525-7000 Rob with your permission, sir, will jump right into right out some great Hinsdale, Illinois just outside Chicago, I believe, and the necklace.

How can we help you sir about my job opportunity. You have been here become a 401(k) for about a year doing 15% and I don't know a lot about the investment world and develop a better one lot about them to try to and welcomes possible but the other think I'm going to be a good screw you other than my emergency savings and you know putting 15%.

Another check from August.

My question was is that I need to do is other than looking at myunit recorder to redistribute funds in our is a good plan, it's a great question, Nicholas, and I'm delighted to hear that you mentioned your emergency fund that's great that's going to really serve as the basis for your financial life. I hope you live on a spending plan is not to check out the moneywise that we might build help with that as you manage the flow of money month in and month out. Make sure you're giving systematically and I love the idea that you're saving toward retirement you're still young guys.

You got time on your side of me, depending upon what the Lord has in store for you but potentially 30 years or more of working in your already saving it. A good percentage of 15%. I would be at the top end of what do we would tend to recommend it.

10 to 15% of your pay going into the funds that you mention you're in a target date fund which target date are you said 26, 20 okay yeah that's that's fine. Doing this will target date funds have grown in popularity tremendously. Just because of their simplicity and hands-off investing approach. Essentially, for the benefit of our listeners a target date fund is a fund of funds.

So what that means is your investing in one fund, but inside it are a number of different usually index funds that employ a mix of both stock index funds and bond index funds with the larger concentration toward stocks earlier and then as you move toward that target date which is supposed to be your retirement age, at least in theory so well for Nicholas is 35 years old and a 2055 target date fund go that would be what he would be potentially shooting for is retirement date and as you get closer and closer to that date. Your allocation over time is gonna automatically adjust to move from a more aggressive posture with the stock exposure to overtime more bond exposure.

Ideally, then making your portfolio more more conservative as you near retirement, so that in theory is very good low cost to indexed approach hands-off getting starting out aggressive getting more conservative. Over time, but potentially the maybe the only downside to target date funds as we've seen them now for over a decade is some folks will say that they tend to be maybe too conservative. Eli one-size-fits-all doesn't work for everyone. Based on your risk tolerance and what you're trying to accomplish and keep in mind that once you retire the Lord Terry's you have good health. People are living longer these days.

Once you reach age 65, which I realize is still three decades down the road but once you reach age 65 lease based on what we know today. Your life expectancy is 83 years old so it what folks are finding is that that retirement date still means potentially you have three decades of need for that money to last and so some folks find that your that can get them into conservative, a posture if they will go with the street target date approach.

So again I'm not against it. I think it's a great hands-off type strategy, but an alternative might be in.

This might be my recommendation to you Nicholas to go ahead and and schedule a visit to visit with a financial planner who is also an investment professional who can do a financial plan for you comprehensively look at are you appropriately offsetting any risks in your life.

What is your current track for retirement savings and will that meet your goals and objectives will it oversubscribed and could you be doing more giving our or other things and are there other investments inside that 401(k) that you're missing out on by taking the targeted approach should you maybe have an allocation to the target date fund. But then, with a portion of your money.

Perhaps there's some really phenomenal growth stock funds in there that there might be more actively manage that might give you a little better return over time, and I think that's where professional could give you some guidance you pay for your for the time of that professional but they would, perhaps, in addition to that financial planning assess the various investment options in the portfolio and you help you make a selection.

But beyond that, so that you're doing all the right things and the last thing I'll say is I like the idea that you said looking at a quarterly whether it's monthly or quarterly.

I think that's the right rhythm. I certainly wouldn't be looking at it every day you could gonna draw you drive yourself crazy is that all makes sense so that automatically really meant and hands-off that enclosed by big market then it redistribute automatically by Vanguard and decide on what truly hands-off will not that's exactly right. Yeah they will rebalance periodically and Vanguard's very solid mutual fund family known for their low fees and high quality but again I think the potential option for you at your young age is to say, do I want to go hundred percent into the target date fund or do I want to put a portion there and perhaps portion and something else because there's some other wonderful investment options in my 401(k) that I might be missing at your age, you have the ability to be a little more aggressive even than the target date fund might let you go through and thank you very much for calling question today, your next step is done very and then you lines and 800 557. This is moneywise. Their website is when he was for money was you will find a lot of things that are links to resources, personal finance budget templates and you find information about something were really excited about its fairly new elixir. It's our newest substantial resources called the moneywise as happened when I say substantial Rob filler listeners and then all the parts and pieces that are there yeah be happy to, you know, moneywise is much more than a radio broadcast. Although were delighted to come to you each day here on the airwaves.

It's really a destination, a community, if you will of people wanting to know God's heart related to their money and wanting to have the best tools and resources to live as a faithful steward so we wanted to put that community those tools right in the palm of your hand and we did that through the moneywise Apco what's in it well. Three big pieces number one of the best digital envelope system I've ever used connected to your institutions download your transactions set up your spending plan, fund your envelopes. Always be reconciled back to your bank accounts and you. And if you're married, you and your spouse always having access to what's remaining in each of those envelopes at any point when you open up the moneywise out so check that out. The second part is our community where folks just like you are asking questions and what's fun. Steve is that they're answering each other's questions. There was one another yesterday about separate IRAs and three or four of the users jump tentatively tell you my perspective another one said go to sound mind will help you and so that's fun to see you all interacting with each other but we also have expert moderators that come in there from time to time, and then the third pieces are brand-new discovered tab. This is only two weeks old, but we went out and collected all of the best content providers and voices in Christian finance and all of their content stories podcast. It's all feeding in to the moneywise app in the Discover tab so you'll see all kinds of new articles and videos and like it's a podcast it's all there.

So if you want to grow in your understanding of managing money. God's way. That's the place to do it when you put it all together and that's the moneywise app where you find it what's in your app store waiting for you. So just go to the Google play store or the Apple app store and search for moneywise biblical finance and you can download it today and you know lots of people have been asking. I've been getting these emails wondering if were going to add a garage sale component you know stuff you don't really want or need. You could posted their mean old lawn furniture sure that the children's toys things like that you think that might ever happen on the well that came up in our meeting last week and you know we asserted there was a few other people already in that space.

And so we decided to look well I just thought I'd need a lot of hundreds of been contacting me yeah sure they have the sea. Let's go to that school at the St. Louis hello Donna what's on your mind today your program on tell everybody about it. Thank you program and we heard both of you talk about if you're thinking about closing credit card that you shouldn't close all that one and I think something about maybe you should close the newest one. The oldest went well yesterday with Bentley.

I received letters from two different credit card company saying I had used either one of them in a certain amount of time they would like to close them out if I don't use it within 30 days so I'm not I remembered.

By so I'm calling you now I have a great credit rating would be better that I try to use one site they don't close in 30 days are not the one close better.

I called them closer to the make a difference if they close it does not make any difference whether you close it or they close it but let me just try to answer the question as to whether it's going to have an impact on your credit done. Are you carrying a balance on any of the cards that you have heart heart.

I payoff every month. I mean I don't carry balances from mom so I don't great well that's the one I like to hear, especially since your money was live listener. I would expect that number two is you answer did you have other accounts that you use regularly for budgeted items in your paying them off so this is really can have little to no impact on you in terms of your credit score what's going on here is that in the fine print when you open these accounts. There was probably some language about inactivity and that if that inactivity continued for a certain period of time. They were to close the account. Why would they do that will they'd rather have that money available to extend to somebody else because even if you're not using it.

The fact that they've extended a credit limit to you is part of the total limit they have to extend everybody but they rather extended to somebody's gonna make them some money through the merchant rebate and interest and late fees and over limit fees and you're not playing along Donna because you're not using the card and so they're not making any money so there to go ahead and reclaim that limit. Where would it affect you.

Well if it changed your credit utilization, meaning you're carrying balances on other cards that are high balances and by this credit limits that's available coming off the table, it could push your utilization up to a higher percentage of the total credit available to you. That's where it could hurt you. But that doesn't affect you because you're paying off your cards every month types of credit 10% your score.

Making sure that you have revolving accounts and installment accounts. Various types of credit. Well, you're not taking the revolving category off the table because you have other credit cards that you are actively using so you're satisfying that the only potential issue is if these are the oldest of your accounts and the ones that you're using our newer field that's 15% your score and if they stop reporting it falls off altogether, it could remove one of the older account showing you have history that could affect you minimally, but everything I'm hearing based on the way you're handling your financial life tells me that if there's any impact this can be minimal and will rebound over time and the bottom line is that these are cards you decided not to use for any reason.

I like the idea of you closing them out.

Whether they do it or you do it because it's just one less account you have to keep up with the might be compromised and used fraudulently. Donna, thank you. I hope that helps you. Thank you for your kind remarks at the beginning of your call today. We wish you the best Grand Junction, Colorado. Gary what you situation this or particular phone call. Welcome to my NRA go to become a premier. Shortly we upgraded the boy through all card and group curricular activities taken are pretty much everything that we have made, but now you're at the point you're in all 50 and we are wondering what would be the best way to try to build up some savings will require we have a very little to be able to set aside else go make me but now with the point we should have a little bit more what would you suggest would be the best way to try to build full retirement yeah Gary it's a great question and I can certainly appreciate where you're coming from being a dad of four kids two boys and two girls. We've been involved in travel soccer travel basketball travel baseball and fill up quickly. All of that adds up financially.

Let me ask you this, what are you currently doing now that things have changed in terms of your ability to save for the future will currently employ well job you have me erupt and require him to apologize. The clocks got the best of us. You hang on the line to separate. On the other side of the money was what they were chatting with Gary calling from Grand Junction, Colorado. He and his wife are about to be empty-nesters and wondering well what can they do now to Gary appreciate you holding in Soria we had to cut you off their you obviously been raising three boys you been spending a lot of money. Just try to get them through high school and sports and all that life brings your way now you're in your mid-50s, wanting to put something away for retirement, and I know a lot of people are resonating with that. Tell me what you're doing right now in terms of retirement contributions, what percent of your income, and in what types of vehicles will we pay available through our company. We contribute 3% on each one of our ward. We have Personal debt free. Over the years. For the most part, all we had up your house payment which is thousand dollars and we have one car payment, which is $250 a month.

We don't carry any credit card that we only have one for travel and we pay that off. We have the money aside before really, but as I said at this point time we realize we don't have a lot so we want to try to accumulate as much we care. But we don't want to take X potentially more risk and maybe we need to so we want to hit the panic button. You know, yeah, I totally get that. How much margin do you have what what's left over at the end of the month.

After all the bills are paid currently. Well, now that the three boys were actually doing rather well. We could probably put I'm just going to say probably 5 to 700 a month would be reasonable that we could be without pinching ourselves delegates.

Well, you're in a good spot in that you have obviously kept your lifestyle at a minimum. Hopefully we can have the plan to get that house paid off before you would transition into whatever God has next in retirement. You know in the next decade or so because that's going to bring the total expenses down in retirement, which will help to make sure that you don't need a whole lot coming from the other retirement assets so obviously at this point you really want to because you're playing catch up you want to pivot back to really try to max out what you can put into the 401(k) again to your point, I don't want to push the panic button in terms of the investments you're getting too aggressive but at the same time. What I do want you to really prioritize is keeping your lifestyle and check looking for ways to cut back so you can free up perhaps even more than 700 a month because what I'd love for you both to be doing is getting your 401(k) contributions up to about 3% but 15% now. If there's any matching portion. You could take that off of their of their matching the first three.

That's six then you'd be looking to add an additional 9% on top of that, now you mess around.

That's just not possible, and if not that's okay but I think you we typically want to be in that 10 to 15% range but because you are starting a little bit later Juergen and definitely want to be as close to 15% as possible so that's I think.

Step one and that may require you make some changes in cutback in certain areas to free up more margin to put toward the 401(k) contributions. The second thing is Gary, I'd encourage you to go visit with a certified kingdom advisor there in Colorado to do some planning so that you and your wife have some confidence in what is it you need to have saved so that you can accomplish what you feel like God has called you to accomplish in terms of your giving and your lifestyle and being prepared for that next season of life. So then it takes the guesswork out and you know that you got a plan to get there at the same time you're there, that professional can also evaluate the investments that you selected inside your 401(k)s to make sure you're in the right things based on your agent goals so try to get those 401(k) contributions up to 15% and schedule a visit for retirement and financial planning with a certified kingdom advisor on our website moneywise Gary thank you very much we appreciate that today that's quickly moved to Massillon, Ohio hi Chris, welcome to moneywise live. Thank you for taking my call about long-term care insurance.

I am 66 years old and I have about 475,000 maybe 476,000 in that you now on a conservative and a balance and down.

I would my financial advisor about some info on that and she had printed me out something that $400,000 I can get a $250,000 long-term care and insurance policy and down. That would give you 4000 well about 4000 41,000 little 4100 excuse me 4100 a little over that have as a monthly health hanging out your healthcare and sharing your opinion on. I mean, I know I'm kinda late in life start in this, but I was a little late in life investing also.

But everything I have is paid for and I don't know anybody and I do have a.m.6.20 600 between pension and Social Security which I could take my own Social Security, but I was advised to take my husband and just let mine grotto so that's what I have been doing okay very good you know Chris, I like the idea of you considering long-term care insurance at this point you you need to do it sooner rather than later because I think between 55 and 65 is really the ideal time to get it at 6666 it's going to become cost prohibitive. A pretty quick but you know you can expect to pay at age 65.

If you're in good health. About $2100 annually on average for long-term care insurance policy about 3100. If you have some health issues but are still accepted. Now not all created equal.

There's all kinds of riders like inflation riders in your other things like that. The reason you would want to consider.

It is based on the latest studies and you can find your studies somewhat over the map, but most of them will say about 70% of people turning age 65. Today it's some point will need long-term care services, either at home in their community or in a facility 04, on average, you know somewhere between two and in four years, so that's a good chance that you could need some sort of assistance and it's probably the biggest risk in terms of eroding the assets that you have up so that's why I would look into it.

There are a couple of other options though besides just the straight long-term care insurance policy you can add a long-term care rider to a life insurance policy you can do an acid based policy which is a hybrid again of of life and long-term care insurance so I would get a couple of other folks weighing in on this. In particular I'd look for a long-term care insurance specialist.

This would be an insurance professional who really specializes in this area of long-term care insurance policies because they're not all created equal and there might be one company that's better for you. Just based on your age and in health status of the key is you want to make sure it fits well within your budget because it does know you no good if two or three years down the road you just can't afford it. So you want to make sure it's something you can stay with for the long haul so that you have the protection when you need it. If you need a referral to long-term care insurance specialist you can connect with a certified kingdom advisor there in Ohio and ask for reference.

Chris, thank you very much for that before we take our final call. Just want to remind you that well this is a brand-new month. Just a couple of days into the month of March and we really do appreciate and treasure your participation not only your phone calls and listening each day, but also when it when you're able to help us financially, we want to be here. We want to help you as best we can, but at the same time. If you can help us with your prayers and your financial contributions that would be a great blessing. We just can't do it without you and what you help us. So start out this month and a really good position. We certainly would appreciate that and that the thank you for what you're able to do. Whether it's a large amount or a small amount well for a gift of $25 or more would like to send you a complimentary copy of the financial stewardship Bible. It's a Bible that we've been able to put together with the assistance of the American Bible Society all the verses that deal with money and finance are already color-coded for you in green. There are other resources in the Bible on both ends of the Bible. If you will do things to help you as you begin either a a multi-day Bible study or our daily devotional again.

It's the financial stewardship Bible.

We want to send it out to you for a gift of $25 or more and you can do that quickly, easily and safely.

When you visit our website moneywise just click the donate tab at the top of the page. Moneywise,, click the donate tab at the top of the page and you have our you have our thanks for your generosity. All right, back to our phone lines quickly. St. Petersburg, Florida Joanne, I just a little bit of time what your situation there are all yes ma'am I retire I will have all monthly income that between a pension and felt the charity we also have a fork folio that we are not work all that we believe are right where God wants that contract and monthly income that exorbitant flying didn't really like the option to go or we did. We thought about will let it clean finish line on portfolio.

Yes, you immediately jump in here. Joanne is a great question. I wish we had another 10 minutes to talk about. We got about 20 seconds. I want to talk to you healthier, but let me just say quickly. I love that you're thinking about this because our finish lines can be both on the balance sheet portfolios and income and I think you're right to say what is enough and then start accelerating your giving and a donor advised fund from the National Christian foundation.

Great way to do that use demo.

I will talk a bit more often. We will indeed moneywise live as a partnership between the radio and moneywise media thanks doing this again tomorrow

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