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What Your Time Is Really Worth

MoneyWise / Rob West and Steve Moore
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February 26, 2021 7:03 am

What Your Time Is Really Worth

MoneyWise / Rob West and Steve Moore

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February 26, 2021 7:03 am

You’ve heard the saying that “time is money,” and it can be a great motivator.  But the problem is most of us don’t have a clue just how expensive time really is. On the next MoneyWise Live, hosts Rob West and Steve Moore have a simple calculation that can help you place a value on your time and as a result, may change your thoughts on spending. Then Rob and Steve will answer your financial questions from a biblical perspective. What your time is really worth on the next MoneyWise Live at 4pm Eastern/3pm Central on Moody Radio. 


I was about Hastings VP here at Moody radio and we have a unique sponsor for this podcast that united Faith mortgage the faith focused mortgage team with a very specific advantage that can save families money. Here are two things you need to know number one united Faith mortgage was started by a dad and his son and his wife and they've grown into a team helping families all across the US and number two, they have unique advantage.

Their company is an arm of a bigger company, which is a direct lender meaning there is no middleman.

Their company uses its own money and makes its own lending decisions within its own walls. Again, no middleman, and often this allows them to get you a better rate on a new home purchase, refinance, or cash out refinance which could save you money over a lifetime. Check out the faith and family mortgage and that if he is a DBA of United mortgage Corp. 25 Millville Park Rd., Millville, NY license mortgage banker for all licensing information, go to an MLS consumer corporate and MLS number 1330. Equal housing lender not licensed in Alaska, Hawaii, Georgia, Massachusetts, North Dakota, South Dakota and Utah and you've heard the saying that time is money well it's a great motivator.

The problem is most of us don't have a clue just how expensive time really is the simple relation your time hard you have to work to buy things that are host advises president West says the answer may change your spending that year because anything financial at 800 557 805 five 7000 times more, what's your time, that's next right here moneywise live. Okay Rob already said that this is a simple relation so you're not going to get all E equals MC squared on this. Are you not at all and you don't have to be an Einstein to figure this out. All you need.

Actually, Steve is your latest tax return. Okay, let's assume we haven't what we do. First well defined that which you really earn per hour take the total or gross amount you put down on your last return. That's at the top. Jot that down then subtract anything you paid in taxes that would include Social Security and Medicare taxes plus the income tax you paid well then you're left with your net earnings at that point. Okay, maybe you could give us an example sure so just making up the numbers numbers here. Let's say you earned a total of $50,000 and you paid 10,000, and Social Security, Medicare and income taxes, leaving you with 40,000 okay got that done what now you divide that 40,000 x 52 weeks and you get $770.

That's what you are netting in a week. Now assuming you work a 40 hour week divide 770 by that number and you get well $19 an hour. That's your real hourly wage. Of course, if you typically work more than 40 hours a week. It means you earn even less than $19 an hour less than 19 that can be a little depressing folks making $50,000 a year might thing them think they make about $25 an hour but it's really only 19 okay so how does this help us guide helps us by letting you know what your time is worth. In real dollars. Once you know that you begin to see how long you have to work to buy something.

Let's say one night you're tired and you don't feel like cooking. So you pick up fast food for the family and that cost you $40 which is pretty easy to do. 60 for my family.

When you realize that you have to work more than two hours to pay for that meal. You're much more inclined to spend one more hour making it at home and cleaning up after when you know what things really cost David can change your spending habits. So, you'll be far less likely to give into impulse spending. And I think this is sometimes called value-based spending value-based spending at one of the call that well because it gets you thinking about spending that really matters.

But let's say you've been carrying a balance on your credit card. Nevermind the interest you're paying will save that for another day. But pull out your last several months of statements and check your spending. Odds are you'll see a purchase here for $10 another when there for 20 maybe one for 50 and so on.

Now look at each item you purchased a dinner out, maybe some gadget that caught your eye. The big box store look them over and think.

Did they really add value to my life, especially knowing how long you had to work for each of them probably not because you begin to realize that you can never get those hours back. Okay, got it art. So how do you take this newfound realization and put to work for you. Well, just cutting out impulse spending is a huge step forward. But beyond that now the time and money have become more important to you, you can begin to spend it in areas that have more value which would be well paying down dad could be building an emergency fund, maybe saving for your next car to buy with cash that could even be investing for retirement or the kids college. Any number of things interesting.

Grasping the concept of value-based spending will do something else to it will make you want to overhaul your budget because you'll suddenly find yourself with more money you'll be able to cut back in some categories and reallocate that money to others, which will help you in the long term and that certainly includes giving more generously now.

It'll take time for this to happen, but it's easy to get started. Once you figure your real hourly wage. Just keep that number in mind before you make a purchase. It will help you decide whether it's really worth your time and you know we start to connect our values. What's most important to us with our spending.

I think it's really helpful in bringing us it a place where we can feel like were being a faithful steward of God's mighty yeah I like that a lot and I as we said right at the very beginning. Time is money.

Money is time values are vital. So look at how you're spending your time and I were supposed to be good managers good stewards of our time, talent and resources. That's what God expects of the stuff we can help you with that if you like talk about that you have open lines. Lots of 800-525-7000 four today it's moneywise live host Rob West and Steve Moore chatting a little bit today about time and money. All of those things are unlimited were all given the same amount of time.

Essentially, I mean 27 anyway and so it's vital that we think carefully and thoughtfully about how were going to spend that time and typically that doesn't come to the fore until later in life. No, seven-year-old is concerned about that, but sometimes when you're 70 you're still not concerned so well.

How do we how we work through that.

In fact, our Facebook question Rob is how much do you think how much do you think about how long you'll have to work to pay for something and we have a few responses. Yet we sure do.

Bob said more and more the older I get, so I didn't use to appreciate how much I have to earn before taxes to pay for something in Emmanuelle and Kristi both agree they think a lot about how much they'll have to work to pay for something before buying it. I've seen this play out recently. Steve with my boys who started to work. I think I mentioned a week or so ago that both my boys have started to referee games at the church that we go to on the weekends and so they're starting to earn some money which is been great because were able to use that to teach some really valuable principles, but one of those is this idea that they begin to acquaint how much time they have to work to buy things, which is the whole idea what were talking about here, but as that light bulb goes off, it starts to change your decision-making even as a teenager because wow, if I have to referee three games to get that. Maybe I can do without that and use that money elsewhere, so this is an important principle that we have to teach not only her kids but also learn ourselves.

Amen to that art again. Our phone number 800-525-7000. Anything you want to talk about a financially speaking, is fair game. Let's begin by going to Lake Worth, Florida Marie what's in your heart today 43 years old. Major repairs like background may be a real considering moving to a different location and money and go to a different location. Yeah, I would be very careful. Marie making big renovations. If you are planning to move or at least that's even a consideration at this point, as long as all of the systems and appliances are working in the house and the roof isn't leaking. If it is you're going to want to go and repair that.

But other than that it's probably best to confine your sprucing up to maybe a fresh coat of paint where needed. Also in terms of selling.

Think about the front yard in a curb appeal is pretty important so you want to do your best to make the property look as good as possible without spending a lot because you probably won't get your money back if you do a substantial rehab. So I think you know, apart from you telling me you were gonna move I would've said yeah let's start to think through how much money you have and what's the priority order of these repairs. But as soon as moving enters into the equation. It really does change things quite a bit because you don't want to put a bunch of money into a home that you're not going to recoup, especially since you won't be able to enjoy it.

So I think the next step is for you and your husband really seriously, if you haven't already, pray and think through this potential move and then if so, that I think I would get a professional realtor in there. Perhaps many who specializes in the area. Your home is located.

To be able to give you some professional counsel on what actually you should do in the way of any minor repairs.

Any sprucing up of the property. Things that in particular, will help improve the value of the home and get it sold quickly. So that's where I go next. Marie, I hope that helps you wish wish you guys the best as you will consider moving to another location. Thank you very much and we hope wherever you move, you can still hear our program. 800-525-7000.

If you have a question today for Rob West. It's a Friday were excited. I'm not sure why.

It's just that Friday thing that sometimes happens.

So a call right now 800-525-7000 Port Angeles, Washington Charlene, how can we help you live alone, I had compensated for that I get to find out how much of the company in our area that I could put her in touch with guidance yeah well I love that you're thinking this way, Charlene. That's exactly the right move to make, especially somebody who has struggled to have much and now has all the sudden the windfall.

It can be somewhat overwhelming and so having somebody who can guide her somebody who has professional expertise to walk alongside her and helping her to protect this money, but ensure that it lasts as long as it can while at the same time meeting her needs, which she clearly has is really critical. You'll hear us on this program talk often about a designation in the financial services industry called CK, a certified kingdom advisor.

Basically this is a professional men and women who are specialists in biblically wise financial advice they meet significant experience requirements character and integrity requirements as well as extensive specialized training in the application of a biblical worldview to financial decision-making and they have to recertify all of that annually so we encourage folks to look for somebody who has the CK designation as they're seeking a competent financial professional. I would always interview two or three. Perhaps you might even want to go with her if she wanted you to just to hear each of these professionals out, ask a series of questions. Find the one that you feel like is the best fit so you can do that quickly and easily by going to our website moneywise just click the button that says find a CK you be able to put in city, state or ZIP Code do a search and then you can visit with the two or three again, that are close to you and your friend, and I think this will be a great next step in after you do that if you have any questions, don't hesitate to give us a call.

Thank you Shirley. We appreciate you calling and getting through today. Again, if you're having trouble getting through will keep trying because I know we have at least four or five extra open lines 800-525-7000 and Rob. We also have an email that's been sitting here for a few days so this is from let's see, this is from Dolly hi there, were thankful for your program.

My husband was laid off due to COBIT. He's been unemployed since last October. We badly need to refinance our home but can't because he doesn't have a job. Is there another way to access the equity in our home, Dolly. It's a great question. I'm so sorry to hear about the fallout financially that you and your husband is experienced as a result of the pandemic.

Certainly many in our listening audience are in the same situation.

I will encourage you, though not to think about the solution to these hopefully temporary financial challenges as being your equity in your home. The other reason you can't qualify because he doesn't have income is the very reason that's where I don't want you to go because if you take this hard earned deck equity that you've built up by paying into your home and whatever down payment you put down in any extra you put down along the way. Not only is that then at risk, but also if for some reason because of these financial setbacks. He's not able or you together are not able to make the payment which would be higher when you refinance and pull equity out now. Your home is at risk, you could lose the house and so I'd love for you to just see that equity and and keep it right where it is and let's look for other ways to make it through this difficult. Let your church know about the situation that you're in.

Look at doing a made a budget which you'll find information about that on our website moneywise to search for that and it'll talk about how you put a Mayday budget a temporary budget in place that focuses on the big for keeping your house paid the utilities on gas in the car and food on the table and everything else is subject to being tossed out of the budget just during this period of time.

So let's go there first and see if you can't find ways especially by working with your creditors. You may be able to offer forbearance and other options to reduce costs during this time and then let's pray that the Lord would provide additional employment for your husband in the very near future. Let your church know about that as well.

Often times, though, have a job board and can be a source of networking to get information. Thank you, Rob and Dolly we hope you are at your radio today able to hear that. If you'd like to contact Rob with a brief email so that you can hear right on the air addressing his questions@moneywise.g okay. Have we have some loaded phone lines. It will get all of those return this week. It had its moneywise live last morn talking about all things financial typically we try to focus on what God's word says about things like well you might be surprised to know the Bible addresses savings and generosity work and career. The use of your time your faith in God budgeting that and much much more in the Bible and that's where we start. And if we can help you in that regard, we are poised and ready to jump in when you dial 800-525-7000 go down to your home state Rob West Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and Viv what's going on in your life real quick question for you.

I'm looking to purchase a home on at the end of the year and just wondering interested all the looks like we lost Viv Viv, are you still with us.

All right, me. Yeah there your back, go right ahead.

You said you're looking at purchasing a home this year and then we lost for a moment about that yet. Looking to buy a home later on this year interested in maybe purchasing a foreclosure or short sale. Is there a website or I'm a place that I can go to look at those type of properties I call the local banking a warning that help me make it.

They referred me to a realtor by down there another way to do it.

Yeah, you know, a real estate agents who specialize in that could be a source for you and so that would be the first place that I would go. I might call around to some of the local offices in your area and see if there's somebody who in your in that particular office specializes in in these types of transactions and you know beyond that Cillo newspapers, bank websites, the auction houses public records. All of these would be sources of this type of information so I would just start by googling where to find house foreclosures and you'll see all of these sites and options that I mentioned, I think you you want to be careful when you're looking at a foreclosed property, especially if this is not something you've done yourself. You want determine attempt to determine how much house you can afford. Again, I'd hire an experienced real estate agent.

That's could be worth its weight in gold. Somebody who can help you navigate this process, especially with the unique complexities that come with the foreclosed property and they can also help by determining what is the real value of the property and in helping you put in a competitive offer than the home inspection is going to be really critical because so often you're buying these as is and so that's really important to get that home inspection before you proceed.

But any of those options again bank websites, newspapers, public records, real estate agents I think would be a great starting place thank you Viv we wish the best as you ponder that no Rob, someone might be asking, or at least wondering as a Christian, is it okay for me to consider buying the foreclosed home because might it be taking advantage of someone else who was in the middle of a bad or a tough situation know. I don't think so because you know they're going to need to resolve that issue one way or the other. And if the bank chooses to foreclose on the property that's between the borrower and the bank now. Hopefully they'll be able to work out another option you're putting perhaps a certain amount on the backend and getting them current, especially during the pandemic where people have reduced income, perhaps working on a short sale agreement where though agree to take whatever it can be sold for to make sure they don't have a deficiency balance when it's all said and done, recasting the mortgage mean any number of things can be done but that's between the borrower and the bank so somebody who's coming into bio foreclosed property. I think again it's on the market. So the circumstances are what they are and so I don't see any reason why you would want to proceed in that regard.

Okay appreciate that. Let's continue on to Chicago, Illinois hello Frank and what's going on in your life today Ray thank you all skating charity in October I found my money put away matter know I run for one or not like that. Maybe about 40,000 and I know you want to get you godly advice as well is you want to have for you not to call an emergency, but you not take, yes, well, I think you think in the right way here. Frank and I think that starting points when you're on a fixed income like you are living on Social Security is to really focus on that spending plan try to do your best to dial back your lifestyle and make sure you have a budget that balances because there's not anything to turn to run over each month and then beyond that yet you want to have some margin, you can start setting aside for emergencies because the unexpected will come starting fit with $1500 I think is your first goal, then three months expenses and ultimately it be great if you could build up six months worth of expenses in your emergency fund and slick with an available Frank Cray question.

We wish you the best with that. Thanks very much for listening to my life moneywise live right for phones. Cheryl is in Birmingham, Alabama, and we help today. I Cheryl we can. Yes ma'am Greta. Care to fly away at work and your program for years now and nicer and he wanted me to row my trial went over into an IRA and it has done well where it's at. I just wanted to know if that not only culturally met and in our 401(k) are assets on tax why is it better to have the IRS yeah great questions Cheryl and we appreciate you listening for so long.

Certainly no problem with you leaving it there in terms of either did not being permitted or there being any adverse tax implications.

There are none of either of those. So you can leave it there. The only reason why I typically recommend that I suspect a certified kingdom advisor recommended that you roll it out to an IRA is a couple number one. The fees may go up slightly when you separate from the company and you leave a plan with your previous companies plan administrator, so you may end up paying just a little bit more but the biggest reason is inside that 401(k) and I realize you said it's done well investment wise terms of the performance, but inside that 401(k). There's a limited universe of investment options so each 401(k) will give you kind of a menu of some investments usually mutual funds to pick from that you can invest in the might be lifecycle funds based on a target date might just be some bond funds are some balance funds are growth funds and then you choose from the usually you know anywhere between five and 20 different investment options will soon as you roll it out to an IRA, you open up the you a whole universe of investment options you can basically invest in any stock, bond or mutual fund or exchange traded fund you want. You can also frankly invest in real estate to through a self-directed IRA so you just have a whole host of investment choices to pick from, which allows an investment professional to really tailor the portfolio especially during that season where you're moving, perhaps out of the workforce, asking the Lord what he has for you in this retirement season of life. Perhaps not getting much more conservative trying to protect what you have, but also generate a reasonable return that might even result in you taking an income stream from the portfolio. It gives the professional many more investment choices to build that portfolio with and you have a lot more control over the fees that you're paying as well because you can decide to take a very low cost Robo advisor approach or which I don't recommend in your stage or what I do recommend is you going with a professional is probably gonna charge a fee based on the assets under management. So again, no problem with you staying it's just my preference would be that you move it out for the reasons that I mentioned this at all makes sense to you at okay Cheryl God bless you and thanks for going to the thank you Cheryl and if you're wondering about finding the kingdom advisor in your area. More than likely unlikely we have one just visit moneywise scroll toward the bottom of the page and you'll find a section that says connect with the coach that's for a budget coach or find a CK that's a certified kingdom advisor moneywise Chicago, Illinois, and Josie what your situation no. You guys can add gay unlike get from me. Did you say 90,000 Jews only, but this can you Josie. He asked me about being a good look at the bank Monday for no negative yes rain out yes I did this person to try to build a relationship with you over the phone or over the Internet that sets how this happened the way I am so, so very sorry.

Tell me what you've done thus far.

What was your first step is what you discovered what was going on.

I have a friend that I cash money and I've been trying to pay that enough might So everything on my cards now are cloaked in my checking some of them very romantic note to find Simon depression. I can certainly understand that Josie, how are you paying your bills right now.

How are you keeping the lights on food on the table have a part-time job abstracting paying my rent. I doubled from my two bedroom may move out my apartment building called sleep, but not you. Have you reported this to the police.

Josie, I don't know what the goal okay well here's what I want to do.

I'm an ass get a hold in line were to get your information really connect you with some folks who can help you.

I just think through what are the next steps pray with you and encourage you to check back in with you along the way and help you put the pieces back together. Here's the thing the Lord is on the throne. He loves you he is your provider Josie somebody has taken advantage of you that's not your fault. This happens every day and so what we need to do is just take the right steps moving forward to notify the authorities let them know what's happened, notify your credit card companies notify your mortgage company everybody you do business with put a fraud alert on your credit report and there's some very specific steps that need to be taken to make sure that you move forward appropriately. I hope you're connected to a Bible believing church there in Chicago. We need to let them know so they can come alongside you and be a source of encouragement counseling but also perhaps some assistance financially.

Maybe even somewhere to live. If you need to move out of this home and there's some some clear next steps we need to take and we want to help you do that work in a walk alongside you to make sure that is all done. Let me pray for you and in them and ask you to hold the line. Josie and at work and get right back in touch with you and get somebody to walk with you. Does that sound okay okay very good father.

We just live Josie up to you right now thank you that you love her. Lord, you are her creator. Lord, you are on the throne and we can trust you in this situation. Josie, as you know better than us is broken hearted and we ask you just be near to her right now, Lord, we ask that you would provide a pretty you give us wisdom give us people to walk alongside her. They can be an encouragement to her to point her back to you. I pray that against the evil one who might to use this as a foothold to discourage her to even separate or drive a wedge in her relationship with you and lumbar disc and look forward to seeing how you're going to work in the situation to bring justice to bring provision and Lord to to take this precious creation of yours and draw her unto yourself and at the end of this, may we look back and see that she's able to walk even in a more intimate relationship with you, for your heavenly father would tell you today. We love you Lord and I we were just testing you would intervene miraculously, only the way that you can assess Jesus Josie Stan line. Let's chat it off. Thank you very much and God bless you and if you are in a church with elderly people who are often targeted these kinds of things for someone shout you have with us today is moneywise live with Rob last telephone number is 805 five 7000 now morning raised in the state of Florida knows what he knows a lot of stuff but he knows about sunblock and he also knows about. There's the city it's like Mississippi's got lots of esses and hidden emblems and ease. It's like to send me your well it's fairly okay send me unless Pamela says that I'm saying it wrong and have my whole life I always called it Kasumi. What you think. Pam house. It pronounced yes Pamela okay Pamela, it's me.

Okay thank you what to question today. Okay, how in 2018 and I money out of my need to fund $142 I put down $105 hundred and $5000 on night deposit-my guy five taxes for me and this year I got back I have it request from 2018, 53, I'm trying to figure out if it's something that he meant yeah so I understand correctly when you bought that house Pamela in 2018. You put 105,000 on it. You pulled the money out of the mutual fund is that right yet all right and was that mutual fund inside of a retirement account like a 401(k) or an IRA know what was I money out someday 401 and I mutual fund right but what was the type of account. When you took it out of the 401(k) did it go to an individual retirement account or did you just take a withdrawal know that directly into the image of fund data company okay but that question is around the titling of the account you see a 401(k) can have mutual funds and IRAs can add mutual funds but so can taxable accounts, nonretirement accounts, they can all hold mutual funds so the question is not what type of investment vehicle. The question is what how was the account titled do you know if the mutual fund that you moved into was inside of of an IRA or was it inside of a taxable nonretirement account. You know that you know I do not know.

Okay, not one of thousands and I had to transport company and then you sold the mutual fund and you use that to buy the house right right yeah yeah so what's probably going on here is what you didn't realize at the time is that as you took that money out of the probably ira or it could be when you took the distribution from the 401(k) either one you created $152,000 worth of taxable income on top of any other income you earned in 2018. and that meant that you had to pay income taxes on all of that which put you in a bit higher tax bracket than you would been with it with a portion of that and if you didn't pay end based on that the other taxes that were due on that both federal and state taxes will you're in florida so there is no estate tax. but if you didn't pay in that the federal income tax on that withdrawal. that's what they're now asking for. i'm not sure why it's taken so long. but regardless that's probably what's going on. i think your next step. pamela is to connect with a tax professional somebody who can evaluate what you received from the irs get into the details of your situation and advise you on where you go from here because if in fact this is tax that you legitimately owe a either an enrolled agent or a certified public accountant can represent you before the irs and they can work on either an offer in compromise where you'd pay less than you owe in full and satisfied or get you on a payment plan. but in either case, you're going to have to begin working with the irs on a plan to get this paid back if in fact you owe it and you probably do, and having a professional to help you navigate that and represent you before the irs is probably the best next step. so if you don't have a tax professional connect with a certified kingdom advisor there in kasumi. if there's not a ck in the tax and accounting area then just call any of those decays and asked for a referral to a godly cpa, cpa, and i think that be the best next step for you. thank you very much.

probably god bless you.

chicago is next.

cheryl, welcome to the program.

what's on your mind. thank you very much for taking my call. so, and i see a required attribution from my 401. i don't need the money so i called the company to ask if i could send that money back to them and they said yes i was talking with a friend of mine and she said i don't think that's a good move. you should probably put it into a new product. can you tell that you are you still working through no no no no.

i'm 84 i'm retired okay. in yet you are not good to be able to put it back into the 401(k). the only you can contribute to the 401(k) is through salary deferral which are not receiving the reason the irs is requiring you to take it out is that's just the way these these tax-deferred retirement accounts work 401(k)s and iras. when you reach a certain age you have to which used to be 70 1/2 now 72, you have to start pulling that money out.

you're not allowed to just let it continue to grow tax-deferred and it's based on your life expectancy in the table that the irs puts together. they want you to get that money out of the retirement account so the only way you could put it back in to a 401(k) like essays through salary deferral, which is not an option. the only other way to put it into a retirement account would probably be an ira, but you have to have earned income in order to contribute to an ira. so which are probably going to need to do is just going recognize that and just stick it into a savings account. you're gonna pay tax on it as it comes out and then it will just be there when you need it. down the road. the other option. if you haven't already done it is i was called a qualified charitable distribution where essentially you make a gift to a ministry or charity or your church in the amount of the required minimum distribution. the church receives the full amount they won't pay any tax on it, you get the full deduction of the amount that was sent without paying any tax on it because you've never recognized it as income and you satisfy your required minimum for the year benefit of that is if you are already going to give this money to the church or you want to give more than you were planning to give you can do that in a very tax efficient way because again you don't pay any tax.

they get the full amount to use for their ministry purposes and that you satisfy the rmd at the same time so that be about the only kind a way for you to miss out on the tax liability and still use it for an intended purpose. apart from that, i think you just can have to suck it away in savings.

we wish you the best with a cheryl, thank you very much.

i quickly davenport, florida.

we have just a couple of minutes matt, how can we help user there.

so glad you take my call. appreciate dara commitment to valuable financial wisdom in my life, not just received our tax refund and we start having conversations about our value on a pillow at that time, we need to get our bunk that an order and also start paying out that i don't really start moving direct. the lord want no and so were putting $1500 of the $5100 turn into an emergency fund and then we had start think we ought to put pay off the largest credit card is $2300 balance and then i thought. i want to know what strategy here enough to clark without the largest balance or should we go this noble illness at what… yeah very good matthew.

i love the way you're talking here because says you say you and your wife are trying to make sure that you use this money in a way that aligns with your values and priorities to be good stewards. that's exactly the way we all should be thinking about using god's money. i love the idea of starting the emergency fund that's great. i love the idea beyond the 1500 of paying down credit card debt.

many cards do you have so have three cart 2300… mentioned i'm in 1800… and a $700 balance great and what would you have left over after the emergency fund about 3500 yes that's correct okay very good yeah i would use the snowball method. just because all of the research i've ever seen. matthew says that that's going to give you the motivation to see this through. so what i would do is knock out number three was 700. the smallest balance that i'd knock out number two.

the 1800 and then i take the rest and put it against number three, the 2300, leaving a balance, but taking everything you were sending to two and three right the smallest in the next smallest, and then attacking that 2300 with whatever margin you can create in your monthly spending. now that this 5100 is gone until it's paid off, and you're going to immediately go from three cards to one and then hopefully in short order.

with all that excitement and enthusiasm and great diligence you get that the third one paid off in no time and you guys will be in much better shape with an emergency fund. no credit card debt and poise to ask out what's next matthew god bless you guys and we appreciate your focus on what god wants you to do with your resources. thank you very much for listening rob. hope you and yours have a great weekend set. i think steve and his friend isn't it.

his breath and remember moneywise live. this program is a partnership between moody radio and money wise media that was rob mentioned it's friday, which means a big weekend is ahead. in fact, in fact, rob, it's national strawberry day tomorrow, saturday, and if you can't make that implant city, florida. your wrath your home state. it's also national polar bear day so you might be able to figure out a way to celebrate that hunger. polar hug polar bear any chance you get. my thanks to amy dan clara stephen jim henry for their help and cooperation. today jim overseas access to our polar bear observation form as well weekend. join us again

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