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How to Cancel a Credit Card

MoneyWise / Rob West and Steve Moore
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February 18, 2021 7:03 am

How to Cancel a Credit Card

MoneyWise / Rob West and Steve Moore

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February 18, 2021 7:03 am

Credit cards can be handy tools when used for items that fit within your budget and when you pay off their balance every month. But at times you may need to cancel a card. So, how do you do that, while minimizing the impact on your credit score? On the next MoneyWise Live, hosts Rob West and Steve Moore have the answer to that question. Then they’ll take some calls and questions on several different financial topics. Join us to hear how to cancel a credit card on the next MoneyWise Live at 4pm Eastern/3pm Central on Moody Radio. 

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In 1901 he woman by the name of Annie Taylor climbed into a barrel that she could ride that barrel over Niagara Falls. The first person to do so. The reason for her crazy endeavor. She was struggling to make ends meet and she was hoping for fame and financial security, it's Ryan from United faith mortgage of faith and family mortgage scene that tries to improve your financial outlook without having to ship you over a 170 foot waterfall. Our mortgage scene happens to be an arm of a bigger company, was a direct lender, which means our company gets to use its own money and make its own decisions within its own walls. There is no middleman. This advantage often allows us to get you a better rate, which can save you monthly and lifelong money through refinance or help with the cash out refinance cashing out some of your home's equity to use for life.

We are United faith mortgage not of faith.

Mortgage is a DBA of United mortgage Corp. 25 Belleville Park Rd., Millville, NY license mortgage banker for licensing information, go to NML as consumer corporate MLS number 1330. Equal housing lender not licensed in Alaska, Hawaii, Georgia, Massachusetts, North Dakota, South Dakota and Utah and mathematicians in the financial advisor said down one day to discuss credit cards after much deliberation, they determined that credit cards have three dimensions. Length, width, and a lot of serious questions about credit cards here at moneywise live asked is how do I cancel my card well today can give advisors, Pres. West has the answer calls from all across the country. However, the visitation program is not lively, I'm Steve Moore how to cancel credit card that snacks right here on moneywise live. We might be tempted to think that we just have to call the credit card company and tell them we want to cancel, but there's really a bit more to it is, there is Steve, especially if you want to minimize the impact on your credit score which will get into it a bit, but first you have to decide whether you should cancel the card in the first place because by itself. There's no benefit in canceling the card it won't raise your credit score so when should you cancel the card while consumer expert Clark Howard says there are two reasons this makes sense and I would agree with them first. If the card has an annual fee. That's more than the benefits you receive from the card output plainly if you're paying $135 annual fee, which is uncommon but you're only getting $100 a year in rewards.

Obviously, you'll be money ahead by canceling the card now. The second reason the court puts forward. If you're running up a balance on the card. If you can't resist the temptation. Probably best to cancel it. You may even want to throw it in the oven.

Fair enough. Not to mention the canceling the card will impact your credit score. How does that work well first you have to understand the five factors that make up your credit score your payment history. Whether you paid on time or late makes up the biggest component it 35%. That's followed by credit utilization how much you have been outstanding balances versus your total available credit. That's another 30% of your score. Then there's the length of credit. How long you've had each account opened that's 15% new credit counts for another 10%, and we round that out with your credit mix at another 10%.

That's whether you have just a credit card or if you also have a car loan and maybe mortgage lenders feel that having different kinds of credit makes you actually a better risk okay. 32. I've been adding these up and also come to 100% risk you're always watching. So why does canceling a credit card. In most cases, actually lower your credit score. Well, it's because closing that account can affect three of the five factors making up your score. Your credit utilization. The length of credit and the credit mix unless the card is completely maxed out. It will mean you have less credit available. Eventually it'll cause the length of time you had the account to drop off your credit report and it may also eliminate one type of credit in your overall mix so it has the potential to negatively affect 55% of your credit score.

If you want to cancel multiple cards you can lessen the impact by spreading out the cancellations. I would say one or two every six months or so. The impact is a lot and it's only temporary, but you don't want to increase it by canceling several cards at a time. I know how to actually cancel the card. Well first you want to redeem any outstanding rewards you might have on the card. If you cancel it.

First, it may invalidate your reward points then you want to pay off any outstanding balance. Technically, you can still cancel with the balance, but you won't have use of the card and you still are accruing interest. Next in this one can save a lot of headaches.

Check your card statements for the last few months to see if you have any automatic charges.

For example, maybe you have auto pay set up for your car insurance. If you find any automatic payments on your statements, put them on another account. If you miss any.

It could result in late fees. Now you're finally ready to call the credit card company to cancel. They have different procedures for going about this though, so ask for specific instructions. For example, you may have to do it in writing. On the other hand, you may be able to cancel the card entirely online, so check the issuer's website to see if they have a procedure for canceling. If so, follow the directions carefully to make sure it goes through so that's it then. Not quite there still one more step to make sure it's actually been canceled. Get your credit reports from all three bureaus. You can get them an annual credit probably best to wait 30 days from the date cancel if you want to make sure that the cancellations reflected on that okay and that's it. That's how you know when to cancel a credit card and how to do it and how it might impact this is moneywise live with Rob West were pretty today don't call will be right back in your lawn today on moneywise live. This is a program in a place where we try to find your finances best of our ability was the Bible has to say about it. Today's broadcast is pre-record. Please don't try to call in. If you do well, no one will answer, but we do have some callers all lined up in advance. Just for today, so let's begin out to Spokane Washington and how are you today sir. How can we help real quick what what would your counsel be to fellow believers in terms of giving what God has prospered them on example, a businessman might generate 500,000 in revenue but in doing so, they incur $100,000 in expenses, so are they are they expected to give on the 400,000 are on the gross 500,000 as opposed to a salaried person who maybe has $100,000 in income but no expenses right right well there. There are no Christian businesses.

There are business people that are Christians right and so and so what we do is we look at what is my increase as the steward of God's resources as opposed to what is the revenue of the business and so the question would be, in the case of an S Corp. or everything flows through yet doesn't really matter what the gross revenues are of the business because there may not be anything left over after all the bills are paid and if we tied on the full gross business would go out of business, so we need to look at what is truly the increase to the individual.

The steward that is then giving on that as an act of worship to the Lord and what I would say is a couple of things. Number one is any salary that's being paid out of the business to the individual. Clearly that's the increase in then any profits that's retained in the business which you could look at on a quarterly or an annual basis where it's either held in the business is profits or it's paid out over time as a distribution of profits doesn't matter. That would be where you would type because that's part of your increase but certainly not on the gross receipts that just wouldn't work and you think about a business like a grocery store mean the others margins are so thin you know if you took 10% off the top that just wouldn't work.

So I think you always have to look at what is my increase personally and from my business. What's actually coming to me as income or profits regardless whether it stays in the business or not. Does that make sense and I don't listen because of my schedule I can't listen to all the time.

But that's a very good balance is encouraging to hear that a lot of times Christians get under bondage. They don't understand your principles were very good to excellent. Absolutely. I thank you for calling. I appreciate that encouragement. Thank you. Let's go to center Alabama Rhonda is center like right in the center of the stator. What's what's happening in that regard. Actually Alabama has 15 miles from Georgia hello okay will you in the center of our radar right now. So with that said, how can we help you well know, we paid off, and Alabama. So we did not have credit card credit card. We no longer had a payment for literally we went back 785 320 year old building never get over right so your credit. Unfortunately, in order to get the top tier of credit you the credit mix is going to be a pretty big factor there.

Are you carrying any balances currently not, and if the only open account is the one that you're using on a monthly basis. How does the average charges.

Even though you're paying it off before you pay it out of those charges relate to the total available credit right right right so you're using 93 per or more percent of the available credit before you pay it off at night. Okay, great. So it's below 30% so I think is really the only.

If you don't have any late payments and you're not pushing the utilization even before you pay it off above 30%.

You're not out there seeking new credit and you haven't had a major change in employment and really the only factor you've got here is a lack of credit because when somebody's accounts were closed out. They may have rolled off the report so they're old enough where there are no longer appearing. Certainly not reporting any new information in the credit mix which is do you have in addition to revolving accounts.

Those are credit cards do you have installment loans, mortgage, car, you don't and so you know I think you're going to have to kind of settle with this high 700s, but the bottom line is you know over 740 Rhonda you're gonna qualify for the very best terms and rates, so this is not going to work against you. Apart from just kinda being annoying that you're handling your finances so well when you're not being rewarded for it. But apart from that you're not gonna miss out on anything if you ever did need to go get additional credit in the form of the new loan so I think it's something that you really shouldn't lose any sleep over Dara you to goblet. Thanks very much already continuing on Coeur d'Alene, Idaho hello Tracy, you have a question today for up around West all what will yes if you call where to get your credit score. I'm sorry miss the first part: what information while I see yes make sense. Tracy's a couple of things. Number one is if you want the credit report, you know, not the score but the report I would go to annual credit that's the ADI website that's put in place by the US government or sanctioned by the US government and authorized by federal law for you to get free credit reports.

Now, you could expect to have to not only give them your Social Security number and address. But you're gonna have to verify that it's you by answering questions related to information contained in those reports, they might show you a list of addresses and say which one is yours. They may show you a list of your finance companies and say which one are you currently doing business with. That will be the kind of information out to get there in terms of your credit score you could go to credit Karma you could go to nerd wallet. Even if you have a credit card. Many of the credit card companies like discovering capital one and others are now offering free credit scores just by doing business with them, you're gonna have to provide similar information to those though now it your credit reports card company. There you have all the information right because you're logging into their account or their app and that's where you're getting the credit scores you not providing any additional information. If you're going somewhere like credit Karma you would be providing the similar information to annual credit name, social, and you'd be verifying information contained in your credit report to prove that it is in fact you that seeking this information. Are you concerned about that, though. Tracy in terms of giving out that course to write about. People install.

I do not want to sure, sure, and that's certainly legitimate. I mean you know more and more business is being conducted online, more more people are transacting business. Electronic payments are checking their financial accounts, making electronic transfers.

Banks then mow Apple cash them in your moving quickly toward that type of commerce and with that comes risk and that's why you need to make sure you do things like have really strong passwords.

Change them regularly.

Don't transact business on public Wi-Fi.

Make sure you're checking regularly for spyware on your computer you not clicking links in emails, but if you just want to stay away from that. Do you have a credit card that you use are no all the time why did you okay do you happen to know if either of those. Just as a benefit of having the account offer free credit scores. Now that I can find. I yeah I will check okay yeah check with your credit card company often times they will if they won't. You can pay for a credit score from the three bureaus and that they will charge a small fee, but they've Artie got all this information so if it was going to be compromised. It's already there. You're just providing it in order to verify that it's in fact you, but I'd start with your credit card company.

There you have all the information to and at least you wouldn't be giving it out to 1/3 party on the web. Tracy was going to have to signify right of time, but we hope that information helps you great question. I'm sure many others have the same concern. Thanks so much and you're listening to moneywise live with Rob last today's broadcast is prerecorded, so we won't be taking any calls but we have some calls lined up in some great information coming your way, but I think you'll find usable at the very very least, this is moneywise live on Steve Moore will be right back with us today live in St. Cloud, Minnesota, Stephen place to have you there my friend. What's your situation, so I'm wondering if it better for me to buy a car with like the money I saved up or to stave out more money for even a better car so I'm I have been thousand dollars budget.

I would say for a car need it right now, but I'm curious what steps should I take to get the right car at the right price. Yeah Stephen. I appreciate this question tell me just a bit more about the rest of your financial life. Do you have an emergency fund and then secondly, do you have any debt I have an emergency fund, and I have noted okay in the emergency fund, you're speaking of is in addition to the 10,000 saved for the car okay and are you contributing to some kind of retirement plan. I am excellent and you said you don't need a car right now.

You see, you have other means of transportation work vehicle my boss what my regular personal yeah okay well I think you know we would prefer me just kind of as a starting point, we would say try to look for a 2 to 3-year-old. If not that 3 to 4 year old reliable car that gets a good rating on Consumer Reports meaning, meaning that it's tends to be reliable it can be repaired without an exorbitant cost and you want to have it checked out by an independent mechanic who can look it over and if you look at cars today and that 2 to 3 year range good quality car.

Nothing fast and flashy but just something that's going to get you where you need to go in a reliable fashion. You're probably going to want a little bit more than $10,000, but the great situation is you've got another vehicle.

It sounds like you've got all the other boxes checked at this point it so if you're keeping your lifestyle at a minimum, which I suspect you are given what I've heard thus far, you could probably continue to save up what I would do is go out and look at for the make and model that you ultimately want to settle on the it's a newer car yelled. It really is going to last you for a while. Something you can buy and just plan to drive for a long long time. We just ended the last run of our last vehicle at 230,000 miles. A Honda just did great for us and that's the way I prefer to buy and use cars but if you're going to do that. You probably can want something that's a little bit newer to start with, and that 2 to 3 year range.

So I think as you go out and look for what that is. You may settle on 15 or 18,000 that you need to buy that car, maybe even a little bit more and so perhaps you take this opportunity to continue to save and delay that purchase until that time, Stephen. The other thought you might have no II.

I like everything you said.

I did want to ask one of the question to see Stephen Rob referred to it as fast and flashy.

Is that what you're looking for. I mean, are you trying to impress someone.

And what's her name not be gone for further thought came up.

So what if God forbid I needed to have a car.

My heart breaks down what you do. Yeah well I think at that point you could decide do I either want to take what I got because I have a conviction.

I'd like to stay debt free and just go by the most reliable best deal car you can or do I want to take on a small note and you know put 50% down or put 70% down and you know borrow a small amount to get into the car that I wanted because you have handled your finances so well to this point.

I suspect you could pay that off in a hurry just given some of the margin that you have so I think you could go either way.

At that point it really would come down to a your budget does it fit and how quickly could you pay it off and be do you have a conviction that you just want to remain debt-free and if you do that I would just trust the Lord will provide the right car with the money you have. Yeah okay I had to go on a limb or offend anyone. Stephen by mentioning names and models and things like that. But if you are my son and you had 10 grand. I would say by you to Toyota by a Honda anything that looks good and has moderately low mileage for $10,000 and I more than likely you're going to be just fine for the next for five years and was never going to have to let you go.

God bless thanks for calling and will pray that God directs you to the right automobile to moneywise live he's Rob West, always a little faster as she I'm Steve Moore fairly one main and understated and will be back with more all here. This phone number 800-525-7000 and you along today moneywise live less than more this quick reminder, we are not we are taking some time off today. The boss is been very generous so we are pre-recorded but I hope you'll stick around some interesting calls coming up, so please don't go away. That's continue on by going to Terre Haute, Indiana hello Jackie, what you question for Rob West, share I just added protection that I don't have to corridor anything on that side, like people do and perfectly clear half their Tremont that they allow you to go with your mortgage company with okay be able to make up my going to the quicker the impact that I got on with his fourth count Apart in part might convey that I didn't have a job working Empire. We have everything going and working in restaurant that quickly faded that foreclosure at a halt, but it did not favor a little debt increase foreclosure really nervous that it's coming everything like her many different ideas guide just about daily. Jackie you've been through it and I'm sorry to hear that. I know this is been a challenging season on a number of fronts.

And certainly this home on top of that I'm sure is having a lot of stress to your life.

So let me just encourage you God is on the throne. He can be trusted.

His promises are true and he is your provider. You will never abdicate that role or responsibility are handed off to anyone else or anything else. And so, NASCAR moneywise live community to be praying for you as you navigate this season and I appreciate even in your voice. Just your positive spirit that you have an and certainly I know you need some wise counsel here.

You know the good news is that you, this is a year where lenders are accustomed to dealing with these kinds of things pre-foreclosure is obviously just the first step in the for a foreclosure process but really it's designed to give homeowners options to stay in their homes before foreclosure and so I think that you know the next step is really to engage them in a discussion. Perhaps Yorty have perhaps you need to reopen those conversations. The reality Jackie is the foreclosure process is very expensive for lenders so they want to avoid it at all, if at all possible, and in many cases they will work with you especially this year to lower those payments delay the payments restructure through what's called a loan modification where they could take everything that's past due and stick it on the backend and just cannot reset the mortgage, which means you can pay more interest in the long run, but at least you could restart under a loan modification and pick up with the current payments. Assuming that you have the ability to do that with your cash flow, but at least you wouldn't have this kind of big lump sum that you have to come up with on the front end so I think looking at a loan modification would be one option you could check to see if there's any government mediation programs there in your state or even locally in your county where that would allow for an independent third-party to sit down with you and in the lender to see what might be worked out your obviously a short sale. If you're wanting to get out of this home is a possibility that would be where the, the lender accepts for the fact that you would sell the home for less than what you owe on the mortgage and you could just can walk away if if you were upside down.

So I think the key right now is to get into that process and see what's possible in use terms like loan modification or mediation. If that's what you're looking to do.

Let's say they were to put everything that's past due on the backend. Do you have the cash flow to be able to resume the monthly payments on time and I hate that. I know that I got I got a 90 your car that are probably there under 900,000.

Sorry like 3 to 400,000 equity okay well yes that's tremendous yes I think that's the key is just you know to explain the reality of the situation. Have you had that kind of conversation around these various options. They might put forth yes depending on what it is they're offering but yet I think your real goal here just based on everything I'm hearing would be to take this amount.

It's in arrears and stick it on the backend allow you to become current.

If you'll resume the monthly payments that would keep everything current get you you know where you rebuilding your credit score and get them the lender in a position where they're starting to collect the payments which is what they're ultimately looking for and then lynched it eventually collect every bit of interest there entitled to get is just that you don't have to come out of pocket right up front with this in a massive amount. So I think that's what tell you want to be looking for and I would probably call and ask for in a loan modification and talk to somebody about that. Once you do give us a call back and let us know what they say because I think that's really the next aporia Jackie thank you very much for your call and will continue to remember you and your family in our prayers. God bless you. Let's try to get one more in here today Muskegon Michigan sure what you situation. I am happy to get right down the unique treaty I I've blocked everything, a little bit enough for our USDA loan and bought a house in Eagan allowed to work part-time taken home about 350 a and wondered I get together thousand and I would like to. In fact, that why every time I get with the company, like the bank that help me in paths that I always lose. So I guess what I'm wondering what you think about doing it myself online. Even though I cannot, you know, ignorant and that's certainly an option.

Cheryl and I appreciate the fact that you know despite the fact he had some challenges you get limited resources here. I'm sure there's more expense than there is money in most months you're wanting to be disciplined and systematic and putting some money away and you absolutely can do it yourself what you have currently set aside for investments in and what potentially are you adding to it every month.

All I may be due not very much as I I'll. I am so tight I might be able to rate 100 here and there a moment maybe 200 extra month if I'm lucky if I don't Upon you know rainy day. Sure, yeah, I think you could use what's called a Robo advisor there very low cost investment solutions that would be a great fit for you here.

I go to either betterment for the Schwab intelligence portfolio either one of those open an IRA set up an automatic contribution every month for what you have, plus which is already set aside you go through the tutorial in a question-and-answer process will build an ETF portfolio for you of index funds will be low cost to be highly diversified.

Thanks. Recall will be right back. Thanks so much for including us in your day. This is money wise live if you get a chance even if you have to go on your way a little bit leftist local radio station know how much appreciate them that you appreciate the fact that that they carried money wise. Live each day to have big choices and decisions to make at your local radio station about what programs to carry and I hearing from you will really help them make a decision and will help us stay on the arrows go back to our phones, Kalamazoo, Michigan hello Jeff, what you question for Rob West.

I am just wondering if my house is too expensive for me to stay all I have three home equity line that has about $40,000 that I have spent out on on the mortgage. I have hundred and 61 left on it's about $250,000 home. All I like it a lot.

Don't want to move all and I also have a room available to rent out if if I am to stay here. I think I'll have to do that which is fine yeah you said the home is worth about 250,000 Jeff what are you what is the total between the first and second mortgage. I miss that that you all total like. So I hold 161 on the regular mortgage and about 40 so about 200,000.

Okay now in terms of your spending plan. Do you have a budget. Have you taken the time to actually look at your both your discretionary and nondiscretionary expenses and put all that on paper and determine exactly what your shortfall is, if any, right, I have okay give me a sense of where you where you came out some months it is not too much of a shortfall on some months it is a little bit of a shortfall little hard for me to tell because in the summer I keep private lessons. A lot of them over the summer so I earn an extra like fixed about $6000 and on the teacher so I have the $80,000 of income per year. Okay there's a couple of ways we can do this year Jeff, I think the first thing is you gotta really have an accurate budget and if the if I hear that some months it's working. Other months it's not. Perhaps one of the challenges you don't have an accurate reflection of what's really going on.

Not only just the monthly recurring expenses, but the non-monthly expenses. Being able to capture everything in there.

Even those things that happen once or twice a year, you got a build in some maintenance, it will often say you need to take a factor of 1% of the value of the home per year and be setting that aside, in the form of a regular savings and yelled take 1/12 of that every month be putting that in savings because things are going to break down the need to be repaired in your house. That certainly applies to your car as well.

We might have a semiannual insurance payment or HOA dues, we would gotta get a budget that has all of that in there. So I think that's the starting point. I would even love to see you anticipate what you're going to have in the summer and then spread that out over 12 months where that goes into savings, and you take 1/12 of that over the balance of the year and apply that to your budget to make sure it fits in terms of whether the home is too expensive for you to maintain. I think there's a couple ways we can go with that number one is just as a rule of thumb will often say you need to make sure that that principal, interest, taxes and insurance payment is no more than 25 at the most 30% of your take-home pay if it is that should be a warning flag that perhaps it is a bit much and you're not able to support that, given your other expenses in the things that you have.

I think you also perhaps need to look at this from a global perspective, you know. So often we start with the living expenses. By the way, I put the mortgage in with the living expenses, but we don't factor in the other pieces and I'd rather do those first so I'd look first at what you doing in the area of giving in terms of a percentage. But let's say it's 10%. Okay, what is your effective tax rate that's just your income divided by the total state and federal taxes you paid last year and you come up with a percentage. Let's say it's 15%.

What are you paying toward debt not including your mortgage. Hopefully it's at zero. But let's say that's it. 5% and then go beyond that what you putting into savings.

Well, whatever that percentage is, we can back into the income needed to support that nine basically just take your income divided by one minus all of those percentages so everything I just said totaled up to about 30%, so 1-30% is .7 well on 60,000 a year.

You actually need about 85,000 in income to support all that the budget plus POD the other expenses that you have both giving and saving and otherwise so I think that's the kind a deeper dive. You need to do to answer this question.

Is this too much home for me so that I can maintain my lifestyle, but also give and save and pay my taxes and pay off all of my consumer debts. If you have any to settle make sense though it was really fat.

But all but I was trying to write some of it down and I will immediately simplified and just say this.

I think the starting point is to say is that mortgage payment more than 25% of your take-home pay if it is, that would be a warning sign second.

Secondly, let's get a really accurate reflection of your spending plan, including those nonrecurring expenses to make sure that you can capture everything that happens over 12 months and still you know cover the house but you can't neglect the other things are you able to give. Are you able to save are you paying your taxes. Are you reducing your debt. So we've got a look at this globally before you make that decision if you conclude it is just too much house that I think you need to seriously and prayerfully consider downsizing, but perhaps when you have the numbers in front of you. You'll see how you can make some other changes to right size the budget and still do the other things I think are money wise coaches could be a great help to you as well.

Jeff just go to moneywise Click on connect with the coach and see if they can help you work through that spending plan to get some answers and Jeff if you want to revisit the conversation that we just had, I know it was a lot of information.

Great information, but it went by quickly. You can always visit our website moneywise go to the radio archives at the bottom of the page and really listen to this program. The perhaps that'll help you.

We wish you the best as you work through it. Great questions on your part today. Thanks Scott. I don't say hi to Christian Rupp Christian were so glad you called today how can we help you, thank you so much for Maronite soul.

Perspective on money how God given that to us as a tool to Stewart used to build his kingdom, and I really appreciate your guidance perspective. Thank you. Thank you. My question my question was me and my wife on a small seasonal business for snowplowing in our area got gifted us in the flour provision and we do very well with seasonal side business.

We would like to contribute to our churches, but work on your 2020 vision were trying to pay off the remainder of our churches mortgage 2,700,000 x 20 2020 and I would like to know if there's any way that I can contribute to that campaign from my business without any tax implications. Yeah.

So this is a sole proprietor business. What type of business do you have, where an LLC and LLC.

Okay so everything is going to flow through to you personally in terms of how it's taxed direct yeah yeah okay yeah so that's really the key as you think about you know any deductions.

They're not going to hit schedule C with your business expenses.

They're going to really hit at schedule a Escada flow through to you in this particular case so you can want to make sure you can itemize to take advantage of those deductions, but as a sole proprietor. That's the way it's going to be taxed and so none of these contributions would be handled as a business expense. It's really all going to be done personally.

Now you have an engine to create revenue that can be given away. You can get credit for it as it flows through to your tax return and so that's a great thing, but you will be doing that.

Personally, as it flows through on the tax return as opposed to out of the business. So I would be thinking about what the Lord may have you to do using the resources you have available. Notably, what you're able to do through your business that you would commit to personally and then make those gifts this year and Lord willing, be able to deduct a good bit of that, if not all of it and save some taxes at the same time, which could actually even allow you to do even more than you expected, and I probably visit with your CPA or accountant to run that through and understand exactly what you're praying and thinking about doing and how that would show up on your tax return so make sense Christian thinkers probably were not to be able to do that on the schedule. The buck from her skirt to me personally that I would be able to get their charitable nation. Once I've made out owner draw or payroll check from the business. I could give their quick implication after it started cost the business to me personally exactly and that's the way it's it's can be done most effectively. In most cases. But again, you can wanted to check with your accountant or CPA just to make sure run by him or her what you're planning on doing and then make sure you understand the implications of that the timing of it and how all of that will affect your tax liability.

But that's probably the way it's gonna work out most effectively Christian. We wish you the best with that. You sound like a very generous person. Thanks so much as speaking of generosity. If I may, if you haven't visited our website and while I you might want to do that. It's moneywise moneywise at the top of the page you see a tab that says donate the donate tab will help you if you'd like to help us, we wouldn't be here today without your past generosity. So give that some thought give that some prayer and we be blessed and honored moneywise live as a partnership between Moody radio and moneywise media. Thanks for listening. Join us again next time

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