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Set Your Estate in Order

MoneyWise / Rob West and Steve Moore
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February 12, 2021 7:03 am

Set Your Estate in Order

MoneyWise / Rob West and Steve Moore

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February 12, 2021 7:03 am

Imagine a court freezing your assets then combing through your finances for months. That can happen if you die without a will, but it’s easy to spare your loved ones the burden of having to endure that process. On the next MoneyWise Live, hosts Rob West and Steve Moore have a checklist of documents you need to complete to protect your estate from probate. Then Rob and Steve will answer your financial questions from a biblical perspective.  Set your estate in order on the next MoneyWise Live at 4pm Eastern/3pm Central on Moody Radio.

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Rob West and Steve Moore
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I was about Hastings VP here at Moody radio and we have a unique sponsor for this podcast that united Faith mortgage the faith focused mortgage team with a very specific advantage that can save families money. Here are two things you need to know number one united Faith mortgage was started by a dad and his son and his wife and they've grown into a team helping families all across the US and number two, they have unique advantage.

Their company is an arm of a bigger company, which is a direct lender meaning there is no middleman.

Their company uses its own money and makes its own lending decisions within its own walls.

Again, no middleman, and often this allows them to get you a better rate on a new home purchase, refinance, or cash out refinance which could save you money over a lifetime. Check out the faith and family mortgage and that if he is a DBA of United mortgage Corp. 25 Millville Park Rd., Millville, NY license mortgage banker for all licensing information, go to an MLS consumer corporate and MLS number 1330. Equal housing lender not licensed in Alaska, Hawaii, Georgia, Massachusetts, North Dakota, South Dakota and Utah and imagine a court freezing your assets than combing through every detail of your finances for months or longer and less exactly what happens if you die without a will, but unfortunately it's easy to spare your loved ones. That burden and give them some comfort in your past. Today, kingdom advisors, Pres. Rob West has a checklist of documents that job is your calls on anything financial at 800-525-7000 805 five 7000 times order snacks right here moneywise. Rob obviously were talking about the need for a will. So I guess we should start their right then.

If Jeopardy had a category of things people procrastinate about picking out a will would probably be at the top of the list but is essential if you want to avoid having your family go through the hardship of the probate court deciding how your assets will be distributed. The good news is Steve drafting a will is relatively inexpensive. In fact, the fewer asset you have, the cheaper it is to draft a will. Now what does a will do well.

It's simply a document that clearly lays out how you want your possessions divided among family members or friends and charities or ministries and also specify who will get guardianship of your children in the event both parents should die. This is big one. It also names an individual or executor to oversee the process of distributing your assets and possessions will can also help eliminate family squabbles by bringing clarity to who gets what. Now the average price range for a will is good be between 300 and thousand dollars but well worth the cost that you can probably do a will online for as little as $100, but I think it's worth the extra money to have an estate attorney draw it up. That will greatly reduce the risk that you'll miss something it does vary state to state and they can ask you really important questions that the cookie-cutter will Steve that you find online. Probably won't take your personal situation into account.

Certainly not quite as well okay you will will is such an important document. It's a wonder that so many of us delay getting one that will yes and the younger you are, the more likely you are to put it off. A recent survey showed that fewer than 1/5 adults between 18 and 34 Vecsey drawn up a will. Reminds me of the well. Things like investing more life insurance when you're younger. It just seems to be so far out you know why bother okay so after you have you will drawn up what's next document you need to set your set your estate in proper order.

Yeah that would be setting up a financial power of attorney and it can be very helpful while you're still alive. It allows you to name a trusted individual to make a financial decision or decisions for you. Should you become incapacitated.

In most cases, it would be your spouse to make decisions about the assets that you don't own jointly but it could also be a trusted friend or the family attorney granting a POA ensures that your finances will run smoothly when you're not able to do it okay power of attorney got it we had that box checked and what's next well. Next you want to set up a medical power of attorney. It gives someone the authority to make decisions about your health care if again you aren't able to make them for yourself. It sometimes called a medical or health care proxy and depending upon your state a financial and medical power of attorney may be combined into one document. Okay, but really what does it do yeah basically a medical power of attorney gives the person you specify the authority to direct your doctor to administer or withhold medications and procedures.

Obviously this is something you want to discuss at length with that individual in advance so he or she knows your wishes that you may also want to include what's called an advance directive that specifies your wishes about being put on life support equipment in the event of a terminal illness that document again may eliminate family arguments okay as we move down the list medical power of attorney. Check anything else yeah just one more thing you want to make sure you name beneficiaries for your retirement accounts and insurance policies.

Keep in mind that doing so sleep supersedes anything you've laid out in your will assets in those accounts go directly to the named beneficiaries without going through probate. Okay good night, good to know any final advice before we run a time here. Yeah you. We've listed several documents you need to put to your state in order and that task might seem daunting to some people but if you hire competent godly estates attorney someone who deals with a sort of think it'll make the process a lot easier and you probably get a break in cost.

If you do them all at once. If you don't have an attorney you can find one by going to moneywise live click on find ACK and ask for godly estate. There you have everything you need to set estate in order.

Your calls next call right now open line 800-5257 is today. Well it is Friday finally arrived and we always like Fridays. There's always something a little special is speaking of little special coming up well maybe in the next 15 to 20 minutes. I want to tell you something about this specific Friday but I'm not going to go into it just yet know I haven't run this past Rob but that's what makes it fun.

Rob, your son was here just a couple of days ago in a friend of his and they were trying to raise some money and it was for an organization that I've I don't have in front of me. Now the leukemia Society. Something along those lines. Yes that's right yeah he stop by on a program we did about Gen. Y and generosity and to mentor was here as well. With so many of you were so kind to call and say what impressed you are with Kobe and Kayden they they had a lot of fun today is a big day, though in his life. He said you know he was 16 when he joined us here in the broadcast on Wednesday will. Today is when he passed his drivers test.

So I now have another driver in the house and you know it's a different page because you know I'm a bit of a techie.

Steve yeah and so of course I've got an app where I can see where all my kids are at all time so as were talking here. I'm literally watching him drive around Marietta and I can see his speed and whether or not he breaks hard and every email you must love that you can really loves that right and then you can text them and say hey, slow down buddy Luddite and although you can't text and drive. So you better not respond well. Congratulations to him and our prayers for you and his lovely wife as the kids continue to grow up in spite of well in spite of that, I don't know what I can keep feed them the good, the do that again if we can help you today with anything financially give us a call 800-525-7000 Grand Rapids, Michigan, WGN B hi Mary, how can we help take my coffee.

Yes we we already have a try but I wondering what we can to eliminate the truck and put everything in a POD, fire investments are TOD makes it real simple.

And then if we can do that and we get even put our house at that transfer on death to our children. Yes, you know I I would encourage you to visit that within the state attorney just to talk about what you might ask you'll be giving up yet there are benefits to the trust beyond just the expediency of the transfer happening outside of probate unit with a living trust you're going to have things pass outside of the public record, you know there are other benefits in terms of it goes into effect prior to death.

And so if you wanted to be able to have a trustee make decisions on your behalf for the assets in the trust because you are incapacitated if you wanted the ability to control how the assets are distributed beyond your life. So if there are certain triggering events where inheritances occur or you wanted to be able to build allow that money to be distributed over time. That's one of the benefits. I will say some states do allow you to set up what's called a TOD transfer on death deed for property not everyone so that's again which you'd want to check on so I think you just need to compare your why you have the trust, especially now that you spent the call in of the time and the money to establish it, and whether you would be giving up any benefits by letting it go versus just having a simple will, and named beneficiaries along with TOD accounts which again are just going to go allow you to pass your estate to efficiently. So if you don't have an attorney probably do the person who drafted it.

But if you've moved or something like that. You could certainly connect with a certified kingdom advisor there in Grand Rapids to see whether or not you could let this go, and perhaps operate outside of it is that how absolutely Little things are in close contact ACK thank you. Saul my yes and yes ma'am. Thank you Mary, and again Rabbi CK certified kingdom advisor and we have those people all over the country and an easy way to find one near you is to visit our website moneywise scroll to the bottom of the page a little bit and you'll find a little window that says contact or find ACK a now have to ask you, the primary question whenever we discussed this, the year without going into a ton of detail about the difference between a will and a trust Rob yeah the will is a document that basically expresses your wishes on how you want your estate to be passed at your death. It's only going into effect at death, and it gives of the probate court and the personal representative.

The instructions on how to pass your state.

It also gives you the ability to name the Guardian for minor children. In the event both parents die that's different from living skews me well living trust or revocable trust where that can go into effect prior to death and does add these other benefits for any assets that are titled in the name of the trust and that is passing outside of probate keeping it anonymous, allowing you to express your wishes to have it pass over time based on triggering events. There are certain legal protections as well so they are different entirely and you need to just understand which tools can be best for you, or both, based on your situation. Okay what we were speaking about children just a couple of moments ago to Atlanta, Georgia Mary, you have a question about helping your child right now trying to help her manage her money better in her 20s that lead to any great job.

Then we learned a lot trying to get her like an temple.

Later understand compounding interest and instead one of the times that she had found a couple of times a week. They rethink and if we could tell her what a $10 meal like that towards them tighter than a count of how it would growl when I like the temp in online I get sober loudly.

I'd like get sidetracked. Thank you all might have an idea that I can simple climate that we can plant that and just say give her an idea yes well it's a great idea Mary. Because, as you point out you. It's hard to grasp the opportunity cost related to spending money now that could be saved for the future, especially when that amount saved and properly invested can compound over time, and I think you know couple of thoughts come to my number one if you send me an email just send it to just recap what we talked about here. I'll reply myself with a couple articles and even a YouTube video or two that you could show her to explain this concept, but any number of compound interest calculators that you could find just by googling that term would allow you to say okay if we were to take whatever that amount is if she's eating out twice a week and she spending $12 meal $24 a week times 52 weeks invested at 8%. You know, systematically, over the next five years you'll show her what she could have, and I think you know as she begins to relate those amounts that she could be depositing to the actual spending that's occurring now and what that could turn into down the road. It will begin to make the point and I think you're beginning to have those conversations now as money is beginning to have some meaning because she spending her own money and understanding what things cost and so forth. This is a really valuable lesson because the other opportunity here is to begin to equate if she has a job. The amount of hours it takes her to earn. You know that amount that she spending on that meal so she's seen on my son's refereeing games at the church this weekend will be making $12 an hour he goes out with his friends to dinner or something and spends $20 and also and he realizes wait a minute you mean I have to work two hours just to pay for that meal and you number the tide on that I got up a little taxpaying on how much iron and wait a minute you know maybe I want to think twice about that. Maybe I'll just eat at home and then you know we can now do something after so you teaching these lessons are really important. So I would start with a simple couple and compound interest calculator to begin to show her that and that if you send me that email. I'll reply with a couple of the articles that I think you'll really enjoy Mary were glad you called today thank you very much for that.

I you listening to moneywise live with your host Rob West, I'm Steve Moore. We combat yes we have yet another married three days in a row with some questions that she wants to know about putting their house in a trust that and more when moneywise live in having a wonderful day where ever you are, maybe you're shoveling snow in upstate New York. Maybe you lounging in the sun and West Palm Beach. Whatever led you listening today. Thank you very much for that and if you have a question today for Rob West. Anything financial or sunburn related 800-525-7000 done we haven't done a topic in that regard in a while Rob of sunscreen importance of it good value and sunscreens. Maybe we can put our our team on that what you think the value of sunscreen.

I'm a big fan of sunscreen. I grew up in South Florida and so certainly certainly know the value of sunscreen well and I am in love much so happy Steve, you were talking about. My son got his license today and tracking him as his driver. He made it all, you made it home safely. So first trimmed success checked about his that he stop at Chick-fil-A can you know I think you went to Wendy's. What you need to sit down to speak to the 857,000. Let's see how about our third Mary today calling from Odessa, Florida.

Let's say Mary were so glad you called today how can we help you to us. Mary you quick question we've been getting our affairs in order.

I'm 60 next week and we trust years back, but then the attorney we used for all of that disappeared so I don't know how to put your trust. We down to business. We have private mortgages for our children and stating Those all have our POD would get there but what exactly should I be putting into the trust and how exactly do you do. Yes, you certainly can and it would probably be time to go and visit with the new estate planning attorney could no longer have a relationship with the one that set this up in the first place, just to see if there is something that needs to be updated but essentially you know you determine what type of deed you want to use various types of property deed you could use to transfer your home into a trust, you prepare and sign the deed gets recorded with the County and essentially it's becomes then an asset of the trust at that point you want to make sure the trustee knows the property is inside the trust and this is going to allow the home along with anything else.

It's titled in the name of the trust to the overpass, not outside of probate essentially and according to the directives inside the trust that the trustee will carry out your some folks will use it to decrease their taxable estate. Although with the taxes the way they are now. It's typically not an issue because it's so high up but still a good idea. You've taken the time to put a trust in place. No reason not to put all of the assets that make sense into it. So again I would connect with a godly estate attorney have he or she look over what you have talk about anything that needs to be updated and then you could do proceed. If they agree in preparing the deed to record with the County of the trust. This gives me the whole being in the name the trust as opposed to your own Mary, thank you very much for that great question today.

Hope that helps. Let's go to Muncie Indiana and Don, how can we help user.

Thank you for taking my call. My wife just passed away in January and I'm filling out my taxes went down then and I just realized what I quit with a spouse signature is hurting answer goes well done. I'm I'm so sorry to hear about your wife's passing. You can still use the married filing jointly with your deceased spouse for the year of death unless you remarry during that year if you remarry in the year of your spouse test you can't file jointly with your deceased spouse. But you again. You can use the married filing jointly with the new spouse. So in your case you haven't remarried. You absolutely can still married filing jointly and then on that line to your question, you would just to simply put, deceased, and if you have other questions related to your taxable situation. I always encourage you, especially in a year worth some things are changing to connect with a professional, a tax preparer accountant who can really look over your situation and make sure things are done properly, but at the end of the day, you can still proceed in the year of the death married filing jointly and just make that notation on the signature line done. God bless your brother we appreciate your call today and we wish you the very best coming up were going to get to Susie and then Susan in Indiana.

But before we do that, Rob. I mentioned I had something to show for us today because just the official day, yet today is lost any day nationally.

Of course, the first US penny was designed by Benjamin Franklin minted in 1787 in 1909 the penny became the first coin to have a presidents image and it was first released on February 12, 1909 to commemorate Abraham Lincoln's 100th birthday. And then of course coming up this this coming Monday after Valentine's Day which is Sunday but on Monday is Presidents' Day so you see how all that works together, look at that just fits together puzzle. Here are some things you can do with the penny or something. She can't can't buy penny candy and more. It's used to when I was a boy but that's not slick, at least now you can use a penny to teach a child about money and how it works in the value of money. You can do with your child or your grandchild. I have a couple you could start a penny collection something kind of fun maybe.

Maybe the very beginnings of their investment portfolio.

Who knows, but there you have it gets lost. Penny day to have you aboard. Today it's moneywise live where God's timeless wisdom meets today's financial choices and decisions is our phone number jotted down. Better yet, give it a call. We have several open lines. We love to say hi to you today. 800-525-7000 800-525-7000 up to Ohio and Susie. We know you've been paying patiently waiting. Thank you for that and what you question to help question number 2022 remembers providing personal care, that person could remain in her own home. She directly questioned her 2020 would be given to caregivers need to do anything besides simply brought amounts to the language. They report the wages earned anchors that person receiving the care need to do anything extra other than you know what was Artie done, which is Katie people in her 2021. Looking ahead, assuming this carries containing going to the caregivers need to file a self-employed and pay estimated taxes quarterly or on the done more asset was done you differently attic to your wages earned during the year right. Let me just tell you generally, and it forces there are some exceptions, and so I don't think it's a bad idea again in and in a situation where something new is taking place, there's a change in your financial life that the results in income just to get some competent to professional counsel.

Looking at all the details and being able to provide some advice, but generally speaking, Susie. If you're the primary caregiver for an elderly family member and you don't run a home care business. In addition to that care. You would typically not be required to play self-employment taxes you would just put that income as other income on your tax return and that's gonna spare you from the FICA tax and there is some information that you'll find on about caring for family members. You could certainly check that out. Or, again, this may be the year that you just want if they haven't previously that you want to get to a competent tax professional to prepare the returns you can bounce these ideas off of them and perhaps look at other ways to add new deductions and ways to save in taxes because of the care that they're providing. So I would check that out, but just generally speaking, you're right. This would come in as other income not self-employment income.

In most cases.

Susie, thank you very much for that. We hope that helps me give the phone number one more time because we do have a couple of open lines would like to chat 800-525-7000 800-525-7000 Rob have an email or two. We have a new one that just came in from Rachel were putting money into a 529 plan for our daughter's college education. But what if she doesn't want to go to college our savings bonds a better tax-free option. That way she could buy a car or use it as a down payment on a house or business right. We appreciate your thoughts. Yeah, you know I'm I'm not a big fan of savings bonds. Just because the interest rate is so low but I so totally get what you're saying, you know, you may want to be able to provide some assistance to her for uses other than college for that portion that you want to go or that may go toward college. You can't beat the 529. Just because you can get the tax free growth, not the deduction going in federally but you get the tax-free growth. There are ways to move it out. Namely, you can take it out on a pro rata basis for scholarship awards. You can also transfer it to yourself or another child for the purpose of higher education, but if in fact it just goes unused.

You will have to pay taxes on the gains and there will be a penalty for it coming out and so that is something to be aware of. I think really the only other option if you don't want it earmarked for for college. Specifically, I wouldn't use a custodial account because that then becomes the child's asset at the age of majority to do whatever he or she wants with it, and they may not be making good decisions. At that point you may not want them to have access to it.

So I would just simply open a taxable account in your name or jointly with your spouse and separate it from everything else.

So you know that it's earmarked for the child and then just invested in a prudent way consistent with the time horizon goals and objectives and just know that as that money grows. Yes, you will eventually have to pay some capital gains tax on the gains that you have but it'll still be there to be used at your discretion for the benefit of the child for any purpose not specifically for college okay good ritual.

We appreciate that one more quick when Rob I think it will be quick. It's from Donna she says dear Rob, should we save our stimulus check or put it toward our credit card bills. Yeah, you know, at any time we receive income. Anytime we have an increase we want to put that into the mix with everything that we're looking at in terms of our overall priorities and objectives. So whether that's a paycheck or stimulus check as it's coming in for the regular income were counting on. We should of course have a spending plan to know how that money is going to be allocated in advance if we get something on top of that unexpected like a stimulus check. I think at that point we should be looking at.

Okay, what is the next priority for us as we consider our total goals and objectives. I would start with you.

I have my emergency fund funded if the answer is no then that your answer that's what to do with it, save it. If the answer is yes then yeah if you've got credit card debt. I would go ahead and attack that right away if you've got you don't know emergency savings and credit cards. I'd probably only save in the emergency up to $1500 and then pivoted over to the credit cards just because that high interest rate is so costly once the credit cards are down or paid off. We can flip back to the other dollars art and a related question. I'm strolling in because we get it allowed people often wonder if the going to have to pay taxes on their stimulus checks and I'm going out on the proverbial limb and say no you are exactly right. Yet the government is made that very clear no taxes on the stimulus money see now I get my own parking space. Maybe not Indiana. Linda, can we squeeze it in here. How can we help you.

I am getting ready to refinance my mortgage and I actually wanted to take out 30,002 replace my roof and windows and I hear you say many times that if you're not gonna remain in the home for 5 to 7 years. It might not be wise to refinance. I can save probably 2 1/2%.

Right now I'm I've got my .35 or something and go down to 2.75 and the percentage rate so I was just curious as to if something happened. Then I wanted to sell before you expect that you would sell Linda here in the next couple years now, not necessarily because really defined in that place cheaper to live. I wouldn't know where to go okay very good you know is as long as you don't have any plans to move and you think that everything plays out the way you expected. Obviously things can change that you would stay in the home that I would say yeah, you're saving a significant amount on interest. Just make sure you don't extend the term so you have 25 years.

Let's get a 25 year mortgage at 20 years left in a 20 year mortgage. Don't go for a new 30 and reset it. But the combination of the reduced interest rate and the ability to take care of this needed expense with the roof that will put you in a position to sell if you had to I think is going to be enough reason to go ahead and proceed unless you just feel like this is likely, and if that's the case then I would pass on it. Otherwise, I think you're in good shape and to thank you very much. Nice to hear from you today will become back brackets Marion St. Louis. Please wonderful day in the neighborhood in our neighborhood is where you are and course we always do our best to remember that God owns it all by let's go to St. Louis now and Mary, thanks for your patience. What your situation. Program I wanted guidance are your thoughts on my situation.

I been blessed to accumulate at pretty comfortable amount of assets for retirement and retired currently in the last year or so, and I've always tied their done even more sometimes, but when it's no longer at taking a look at your income on a monthly or annual basis and saying okay when I get 10 or 15 or whatever percent. Now you're just looking at taking money out of your cleanout nest. Thanks. Underlying I want to continue to be stored in a generous dog out anyway but yet trying to temper that with being judicious and not really, not really knowing what what's enough but not too much in terms of how you determine what your getting. As you know, it's a great question, Mary and I can certainly appreciate your wrestling with this. You want to be found faithful in managing God's resources, which means we want to hold it loosely and open handedly allowing ourselves to be a conduit into God's activity not just keeping it all for ourselves because we realize that you know at some point we have to define enough and I think that in includes both lifestyle. How much is enough as well as assets, how much is enough you could say how much is enough income do I want to live on and how much is enough in terms of my balance sheet or my accumulation and we have to define that in both areas. And I think we have to do that prayerfully, recognizing that you know we should be a conduit of blessing to others around us that are in need with part of God's provision and perhaps that's why he's entrusted much to us but nobody can tell you what that right amount is nobody can define the appropriate lifestyle for a Christian. I think you need to do that before the Lord and allow him to really inform that I think the other thing that I'd love for you to do it. We had our friends with the National Christian foundation on with us.

Just the other day and they put together a fabulous 10 day devotional told 10 days of biblical generosity, illuminating how God can use generosity in your life. I would love to challenge you. Mary to take 10 days and go through this, excuse me, the study I think as you do that. They're very short.

I think you'll be encouraged by them and and really just getting into the Scripture to see God's design for generosity. What he has for us. His desire that it's for our best and that it truly is. As Jesus said more blessed to give than to receive, and perhaps even as a part of that give you a vision for what your generosity could look like because again I don't think I can tell you what that proper amount is it here's where you could go to get that if you go to our website CF CF you'll see the latest entry there from January and you'll see the PDF 10 days of biblical generosity. If you just take some time just to read through that over the next 10 days, and asked the Lord to give you some clarity. I think perhaps you will come away.

At least this will be my prayer with a real vision on what the Lord has for you in this season of life, recognizing you've accumulated much God has been very gracious to you in that area and trying to figure out what should I keep for me and to pass on to others someday, and to live on and what portion should I put into God's activity and a let's see what he does and if you would mind outlook free to call us back at the end of that process and tells what he told I was at some think it was you know that's not me that's a situation that all of us are most of us will have to face. You know that the balance between generous giving and planning for the future.

Having her faith in God, not her checkbook and I believe the Bible says yes to all those things so you know finding that balance is something that each of us has to do personally if you're married, hopefully with your spouse but you it doesn't mean that you're not a strong Christian. If you asked these questions know it doesn't and the intent here is not to make anyone feel guilty for having much because we realize you know God and trust much to some and little to others and where to be found faithful with what God has given to us and there's nothing wrong with wealth because it can be a blessing not only to our families as we provide, but also to others in meeting needs around us and many have the gift of making money of the question as to what end, and in what we realize is that money is not an end and of itself money is a means to an end and here's what's most powerful about that means to an end its most powerful when it's a means to an end and that into something other than you and as we begin to understand that an experience and I think that's were real joy comes from assembling lots of dollars shouldn't be the goal, but finding out what God wants you to do with that and then investing those in the kingdom. That's a much better approach 10 Port St. Lucie what's on your mind today to find out. My mom experience or memory loss. I think she had had him demand For several years now that it requires so I wanted to know anything that I can do for her.

If a Medicare supplement foreign flight long-term like if she has to go NK like Kayla pay for our primary something that would financially power of attorney over her back. I just don't have anything else I need to do to help her in the long run, yes, well, clearly there are programs said that depending on her financial condition that would provide assistance, Medicaid being one of them feel throughout the rest of her life. I'm glad to hear you do have the proper legal documents in place, which is always important to make sure you do have that medical power of attorney so you can make this the decisions around her health care and be able to direct her doctors to administer or withhold medications and procedures you want to obviously discuss that with her in depth, but I think understanding more about the financial assistance that could be provided throughout the rest of her life based on her specific financial condition is really important.

So I would inquire with the so security administration Medicare office and get a bit more information perhaps set up a virtual meeting which they're doing during the pandemic just to describe in detail what's going on and be as knowledgeable as possible before you need that assistance to your your well-equipped going tenure. Thank you very much. I hope that helps you. Sorry to hear about your mom.

We wish you and her the very best arrive before we take one more last call today Clewiston on the moneywise app. I know it's a it's kind of a moving thing every week or so.

Some new aspect of it shows up and were excited about.

Well, we sure are Steve yeah you can find it in your app store to search for moneywise biblical finance three big pieces to the moneywise app and by the way, it's free to download others a digital envelope system. The best we've ever used. We built that the way we always wanted it to be and so you can connected to your institutions download your transactions have them automatically categorized to your various envelopes and then you or you and your spouse always know what's left in each of those envelopes, but beyond that, there's a community section where you can interact with others on the journey and we even popping there from time to time to respond and then our new Discover tab comes out next week with all the best content from biblical finance from the best content providers throughout the land in one place, articles, podcast videos, it's good to be incredible. So go download it today. Moneywise biblical finance and those communicators from across the land. They come directly to your home is that what it is right in your talk often because it's on your Beverly in Ohio you are final call her today. How can we, how can we help you there. Thank you for your program had bought me a theory E activating finding 91 1990 line and I asked the bank if they can cash it in no I'm sure it's matured by now and explain how to cash it in the best website for that to understand what you have, what the value is what the next steps are. Is the government's website for bonds it's treasury treasury You should be able to type in the CUSIP number find out exactly what it's worth today.

Emma Jim's interest is accumulated and then where you need to go. As a next step to get it redeemed so treasury Beverly think is the place you can want to go. Could it be Rod that all banks don't handle savings bonds like the knee during my very possible, Steve, me, most banks do you have a surprise so I would just kinda keep asking around for a doubly bond banks in general should take them a clearly it's reached its maturity, so it's ready to be cashed and I think you're visiting this website to find out the value but then finding a bank that will go ahead and redeem it would be the next rub in 30 seconds. How was the West family doing these days when it comes to this whole cold bid thing. Immunity is everything good there. Yet, whenever it is healthy.

Steve were certainly grateful for that to were certainly doing what we need to do to mask up in social distance and our team. As you know has been working remotely since March so apart from coming in to do the broadcast each day. Everybody's doing their hard work from their homes.

You were in Georgia so little bit more open than some parts of the country. My kids just finished basketball seasons and we're still doing some limited church activities.

Can't wait to do more but grateful to be well and you certainly praying for all those affected both financially and from a health standpoint that's right.

We appreciate that Rob, thanks much. Hope you and yours have a wonderful weekend and will be back out here Monday and I'd like to invite you to join me okay I'll do that take we like to invite you to join us as well.

I remember if you'd like to send Rob just a brief email just a couple of lines rather than calling you can do that. The address is by thanks to our technical staff today pushing all the buttons pulling all the levers helping us get off the ground. That would be Clara, Amy, Dan and Jim moneywise live.

This program is a partnership between Moody radio and moneywise media.

We hope you have a great weekend and don't forget Monday same time same place another addition moneywise

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