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Giving: A Form of Worship

MoneyWise / Rob West and Steve Moore
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January 27, 2021 7:03 am

Giving: A Form of Worship

MoneyWise / Rob West and Steve Moore

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January 27, 2021 7:03 am

Whether we give online, via text, or in the offering plate, the process of tithing can become routine. And if we’re not careful, we can easily overlook the way scripture identifies giving as a form of worship. On the next MoneyWise Live, hosts Rob West and Steve Moore share the proper way to view our giving. Then they’ll take your calls from across the country and answer your financial questions. A reminder that giving is a form of worship on the next MoneyWise Live at 4pm Eastern/3pm Central on Moody Radio. 

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I just don't Hastings VP here at Moody radio and we have a unique sponsor for this podcast. It united Faith mortgage the faith focused mortgage team with a very specific advantage that can save families money.

Here are two things you need to know number one united Faith mortgage was started by a dad and his son and his wife and they've grown into a team helping families all across the US and number two, they have unique advantage.

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Equal housing lender not licensed in Alaska, Hawaii, Georgia, Massachusetts, North Dakota, South Dakota and Utah and ascribed to the Lord. The little the glory due his name, bring an offering, and come before him, worship the Lord in the splendor of holiness.

First Chronicles 16 reveals that giving is an act of worship. We may forget that at times and putting our tithes and offerings in the plate sometimes does become something of a routine today kingdom advisors Pres. Rob West shares the proper way to view our giving limits your calls and questions on anything financial at 800-525-7000 800-525-7000. I'm Steve Moore giving a form of worship. That's next here on moneywise line Rob I want to be thoroughly unprofessional. Here I'm going to read the first the first line again just to prove that I can do it okay so bear with me ascribed to the Lord the glory due his name, bring an offering income before him, and there that's how do you like that highlight very nicely done. They were willing to thank her friends at the National Christian foundation today for a great article on today's topic which is giving is worship and will have a link for it in today show notes that's exactly right and will hit some of the high points of that article, Steve. Good place to start is with Jesus words in Matthew 621 where your treasure is, there your heart will be also good. I like that.

Okay you know the late Larry Burket often paraphrased this by saying show me your checkbook register and I'll show you your spiritual condition that's exactly right. I love that line and it's so true. But let's point out that our purpose here isn't to chastise, but to inspire and when we fully grasp that giving is in fact worship.

I believe it has the power to change hearts of the article we mentioned opens with the story of the disciple Mary anointing Jesus feeding Bethany in John 12 reread then Mary took about a pint of pure no hard and expensive perfume. She reported on Jesus feet and wiped his feet with her hair and the house was filled with the fragrance of the perfume. If I'm not mistaken, this account is included in all four Gospels. You are correct and I believe that's evidence of its Mortensen, how we should pay close attention to it the oil or the ointment that Mary used to anoint Jesus feet that may have been the most expensive thing Mary ever owned, but she gave it freely in an act of utter worship, even going on to wipe Jesus feet with her hair. Also note that Jesus defends Mary when Judas objects to the gift that shows us that God recognizes our giving, and knows when we are offering our best to him and when were offering our hearts to him along with that God doesn't need anything from us. Of course, but he wants our hearts so I believe we should recognize that giving and worship in general isn't really for God's benefit. Yes, our giving in worship glorifies him. And that's right and good, but he is already far more glorious than anything we could really add. So why does God command us to worship him.

Well it's for our benefit. It defines our relationship with him and aligns our will to his.

And giving is shown as a form of worship throughout the Bible right well it is. The Old Testament cites many examples of giving the firstborn of the flock, the firstfruits of the harvest in the New Testament we have the example of Christ praising a woman who gave her last two copper coins in the temple, you'll know the story.

Mark 1243 and 44 it says truly I tell you, this poor widow is put more into the treasury than all the others. They all gave out of their wealth, but she out of her poverty put in everything.

All she had to live on.

So there. Again we see that God recognizes her gifts and the condition of our hearts when we give. And that's also why we say that tithing is only the training wheels of giving it when we give sacrificially and joyfully God recognizes that our hearts are lighting with his like it okay.

What else does.

I giving indicate about our relationship with God. Yeah I would say couple of things as the article points out, it shows her gratitude for the past and our trust in God for the future are gifts point to the past because they acknowledge that everything we have comes from God.

Our gifts show our gratitude, but I also believe they point to the future. Steve indicating our willingness to trust God in the days ahead will need money for as long as were alive, but our decision to give up part of it shows that we trust God to provide the and as you well know, Steve is only one place in the Bible where God allows us to test and Malachi 310 bring the whole tithe into the storehouse so that there may be food in my house asked me in this and see if I will not open the floodgates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that there will not be room enough to store like it will come back to sum this up and take your calls to 805 five 7000 call rate is live here today because your questions or comments about anything financial that Lord may have put in your heart so call me love to chat. 805 five 7000 were talking earlier in the program about giving and giving being a form of worship and what that really means to us. Anything else any bill you want to put on this Rob. Because really, it is vital in our relationship with Christ. There's no doubt about that and I just think at the end of the day. Steve we need to acknowledge that prove that God provides everything we need and that we trust in his promise to take care of us in the future and when we do that we live with contentment and acknowledge God's provision insufficiency that I believe he sees us and will bless us in that and not necessarily in a financial sense, but always spiritually in the future, extends into eternity. And when we grasp that God has already given us his son Jesus Christ who died for our sins.

What is the only appropriate way to respond to that. Well I would say it's with our worship and that worship includes our giving so when we hold what God has entrusted to us loosely, which means he can take it out with that open fist, but he can also put it in. I think that puts us in the right posture to experience God's best, whatever that is. And that doesn't mean there will be seasons of trial difficulty. There absolutely will ask why the apostle Paul said, I've learned to be content even in times of need, and he certainly went through some really difficult times, but learning that idea to trust in God and to say you know what I'm content because you said you will never leave me nor forsake me that promise alone is enough reason for us just to say you know I got him and to trust you illicitly and I want to be a conduit with your resources into your activity because I know that's gonna bring me joy and great blessing, love it yeah get your eyes off of circumstances and off of the temporal things and to the best of your ability with cats help put your eyes on him and what he's capable of meeting the fact that Jesus designed the entire world and everything in the world that that should give you a positive for at least a again her phone number 800-525-7000. Let's go to the see how about Sandusky, Ohio hello Karen, how can we help you now going to a different church. I went searching out a new church become too far from for me to go now move.

Yes, I became a member put together church well and going to church here in a couple trying do I buy my own church. Try church yeah yeah it's a great question, Karen and and I know the spirit behind this is really you just want to be faithful in honoring the Lord with your your tithes and your offerings and clearly I love the idea of applying the firstfruits tithe to our giving as a starting point to say God I want to be systematically get proportionately from my increase and we realize that everything that comes into us.

I would just a few exceptions is in fact our increase overturning a portion of that starting with the local church were God has you planted is a great idea for your giving in terms of where that goes. You know I think wherever God has you is the place where you're getting it think has less to do with the church membership and more to do with where God has planted you and so if God has redirected you somewhere else. For whatever reason, including proximity and that's where he has you right now, even if he may not know, or may move you somewhere else before you actually settle on a new church home. I would say where you're at now.

Go ahead and start to your time there and you again at some point the Lord will make it clear to you where you need to plant yourself, invest yourself get involved in serving be a part of the body. And if that's at this place great, but in the meantime, I would just say go ahead and redirect your storehouse giving right where he has you today Karen.

We hope that helps.

Great question.

Thank you very much. We hope you enjoy your new church, Fort Payne, Alabama. Mike is their musical group from that area somewhere not sure what my yeah yeah Alabama Martin group Alabama for my study were from Kansas a little money clip that you might will never be another group exactly right now. He did that. I'm not as young as I look what you question my my work schedule like me notice when you talk about insurance.

A lot of times you think to referred time off over whole universe while just wondering what this great question Mike. You know, for most people and you know were talking to the masses here on a radio broadcast recognizing there's always gonna be some exceptions. So when I talk about. I prefer term insurance. It's really the majority if not almost all the people were talking to save some in unique situations that the reason is because most people are looking to replace their income over a certain period of time, typically during those years where you're working, raising your children paying off your mortgage as your pressing toward retirement and so you need to cover that period of time.

You know, between whatever age you are now and let's say, 65, at least as a starting point with the most affordable coverage possible where you can buy the proper amount of insurance, meaning you know at least 10 to 12 times your income and then in some cases over and above that you might want to add any debt you need to pay offerings or other major expenses like college, but term is gonna be the way that you do that most effectively and you don't need permanent life insurance because you believe, and I happen to believe that you can invest your money better. Rather than getting it giving it to an insurance company and and entrusting them with it to invest it for you and give you a return on it, which that's what a permanent policy is it's it's the pure insurance plus a savings vehicle.

I believe that if you're systematic and diligent in your investing with a proper investment strategy that you can actually perform much better over time. So what are those cases where you might consider whole life insurance will again there there minimal unit for some folks it would be on an estate taxes but keep in mind estate taxes lease this year. Don't kick in till nearly $12 million for an individual that's a pretty big estate. If you have a lifelong dependent a child with a disability that might be a situation where you'd need one.

If you want to be able to spend down your retirement savings in full because you does not service, last, and you want to leave a small inheritance or some money for final expenses like funeral costs that would be a way to do it or if you had a closely held business. Maybe a business that you started and were operating you were to leave that to one child. So you want to equalize the inheritance for the other children.

That's where permanent policy might come in. But again, those are kinda few and far between, and the vast majority of people just need the most affordable coverage with the right amount of coverage during those working years and then when they get to the period where they've self-insured because they've saved in their living off of their retirement savings and their Social Security. They drop it and there's no need to continue to pay for the death benefit during your retirement years because you don't have a need in that area. If something were to happen to you nobody's depending upon you for income because whatever assets to cover that to retirement income are already in place. Does that make sense Mike usually dial so the car because I think 90% of whatever you did is that they will like that. Let I don't think so and I and I don't want to insinuate that somebody's trying to get to this out. You know by some because the commissions are bigger, but that is true. There are bigger commissions on a permanent policy.

So you gotta look at is this person is giving me this advice, objective, and they may be. I'm not saying they're automatically not, but are they being objective or is it in their best interest for me to buy one policy over another.

I think the second thing is just where is the best place for you to save over the long term, is it inside an insurance product or is it on your own in a tax-deferred vehicle that's properly invested.

I prefer that now, this idea that the majority of the term life insurance policies are not collected on that's absolutely right, and that's a good thing that means you're still alive, but it doesn't mean that you still don't need the coverage while you're living because we don't know our next breath right that's up to the Lord, and if something were to happen you during those working years. I don't want your wife and your children to be left without a means to provide for themselves. So this is just offset a risk that we hope never happens and that's in fact exactly the way we've done it now you get to pay that mortality expense.

In either case, the question is just you want to add a savings vehicle on top of it through an insurance company and I think there's better ways to do it Mike were glad you called today.

God bless your brother thanks very much, this is money wise live he's Rob West, I'm Steve Moore. We can talk about insurance. If you'd like. Giving the saving marriage, getting out of debt. Whatever's on your mind today give us a call. Maybe we can help. 805 five €7000 in all, this is money wise live Rob West taking calls today at 800-525-7000 times more and to Illinois hi Reggie, we appreciate your patience. What's on your mind. Hi, over 5000 shares of stock that made a profit of over $1 million at something that I cannot really tell a lot of time for one and I am very I'm not sure if I pay the IRS upfront $0.37 per line. I hello, did you own the shares of stock to Reggie that you liquidated.

They were bought 2019 and 18 year okay great seal.

Short-term or long-term capital gain which is a good thing you note with it, depending upon the amount and obviously this is a significant amount of gain. You typically want to pay the capital gain you expect to owe before the due date for payments that apply to the quarter of the sale so you know's next quarterly due date for 2021 would be April 15 and then June 15, September 15 and January 15, so if you sold it after January 15. On the next quarterly due date would be April 15 and I would go ahead and connect with your tax preparer if you don't have one. Start looking for one so that they can go ahead and send that amount and that you owe prior to that quarterly due date so that there's never a question as to whether or not to because the amount were talking about, that they might add interest or something to it. So that's always good to be the safe approach and that it given you what you got here.

Obviously you think it would be good to get some tax advice just to make sure you doing things properly know in the future it would be great for you to always be thinking about investing for the long term, it sounds like you did that to lease get past the threshold on the capital gain want to try to always invest the best you can. Inside retirement plan, so the taxes are not an issue. You want to use capital losses to offset capital gains, and then you would like I'd love for you to think about in the future. If this happens again, perhaps making charitable contributions out of the gains prior to the sale because then you get the deduction on the full amount of the gift. You don't have to pay the gain the ministry or your church doesn't pay the gain so everybody you know wins because you get a bigger deduction.

They get more money to use for whatever great work they're doing at the nonprofit and you know that there will offset some tax liability. So I think those are things to think about in the future but for the time being, I think. Step one is connect with the tax preparer, professional, and number two, think in terms of paying this estimated payment prior to April 15. Reggie does that work for it is at help a little bit. You can type financial and either because I really wouldn't like some help. Prior to Ahmed yeah absolutely and and you know I think the key is learned from Lipton… Lord willing you'll be in this predicament again in the future. You can have somebody walking alongside you. Absolutely I would go to our website.

Reggie just got a money wise money wise and you go see a button that says find ACK stands for certified kingdom advisor put in your city and state or ZIP Code, and I would interview two or three and find one that's gonna be the best fit for you Reggie were glad you called today wish you the very best and if you have to be in a predicament. I guess that's the kind of predicament to be right now that no that's God's money, and literary ways to use it. Indianapolis, Indiana Rosemary year on money wise live and what you question for Rob to write here will be large cannot type. While that might pollute all I have my upright under a racetrack application blinded for a January 1, 1954 he will not have any current other year. She had, however, he lost his job about six months to get out and he is not able to find anything out and connect finally dented by having applying to get my charity and heartbreak Cricket application.

Yes, I am wondering fact because he cannot get job and obviously income is considerably lower going to affect the amount that he will rate the part charity in Don my down there mean the loss of the job is going to affect it. Yeah well you know it's going to be based on the highest amounts of income he had over the quarters that apply and so we won't be replacing lower income quarters with higher ones, but he should necessarily see a decline in he's been working for a long long time.

The restricted application makes a lot of sense though to collect spousal benefits only and allow the other spouse to continue to defer and get a higher payout in the future. So I think this makes a lot of sense what you do and I'd say stay the course and will be back in question number two pleasure and an honor to have you tuned in today is money wise live for the last backflip phones a Indianapolis Rosemary understand you thinking of selling your house right what's what's the question that we can help out down five older and don't try make two-story home to get one level, there are a few things not made care that it probably should be picked up at out like we don't have the money to pay back and we are unable to do it ourselves. I've been told that we probably sell our home and had a nap. Money that we can't pay cash for another pound smaller line than what we have now if we were to do that we would not have to apply for a marketer beat. Our mortgage correct that's correct. Yes, you were going to pay cash as long as you're gonna wait for the sale of the first home to go through and actually close on it and receive the proceeds and then either have a simultaneous closing or rent back your current property while you purchase that second property, or if you have a family member or some other place to go. In the interim. Yet, as long as you can sell the first property get to the closing table. Get the proceeds have been clear the bank and then be able to go by that next property with cash and have the funds ready at that closing to buy in full, then yeah, you would not have to qualify for mortgage because there would be no mortgage.

And that would be great change had technically we would not have to pay any tax. Current capital gain might add that crack well this is your personal residence that you lived in two out of the last five years. Is that right yes 29 years okay and what do you think you have an profit is more than half $1 million now okay yeah so then there is money.

This could change hands but you would be exempt from any capital gains because it your primary residence that you lived in for the last two out of the five years and so you with the husband and wife. You have plenty of room there for the game on the exemption and that would allow you then to take the proceeds that wouldn't be taxable and then you could put those right into the next property. Rob why did you ask if if the houses were or if the gains were over $1 million half-million dollars. What what be the concern well yeah we're talking about the homestead exemption for being able to get out of capital gains on the sale of your primary residence and if you're married, you have up to 1/2 $1 million worth of gains that are exempt soon.

I didn't mean homestead exemption that typically applies to county taxes, but you're exempt from capital gains on the first 250,000 of your single of 500,000. If you're married and you can use that once every two years really good to know Rosemary got bless you. Thanks so much Mentor Ohio WC RFR station in that area and Judy are on with Rob West. This meant going to have a question about a charitable qualified charitable distribution.

I heard that your program it sounds really good and I have in Iran. The start about 1600. I want to know if I can divide it up and get like 500 to 3 different places or do I have to give it taught just one place. I know you could you could give it multiple places.

What you want to do is you want to contact your plan did not. Your plan administrator, but the custodian of your IRA. Is that what what you have an individual retirement account yeah okay and send you your statements every month or every quarter.

Who is your custodian Florida so Florida and Ohio. Okay, so it's a financial advisor. Yeah, I mentioned that he he said I don't know about those electric contact somebody else okay with that.

That's not encouraging. I wish I could go back to this is your investment professional you know not only what I want that person to be familiar with this.

I would hope that they would be ready and willing to walk alongside you to get all the information and even facilitate the transfer for you but yeah they can doesn't have to go to a single place and it could absolutely be for as much as you have the qualify distribution for. In fact, it can go all the way up to $100,000 and you decide where it goes.

You have to alert those ministries that it's coming and you'd work with the custodian of the advisor that you're working with has the money custody that an institution it could be Charles Schwab or Ameritrade or Raymond James and I could rattle off a dozen of them in all of them would have the paperwork and help you initiate this qualified charitable distribution. If you feel like you don't have that relationship where you can have these conversations and some is going to jump on and help you facilitate it or you have somebody that's not coming to you with these kinds of opportunities. It might be time to consider whether a move is in order to another advisor who was gonna be perhaps a little more proactive. Just based on what I'm hearing so many rates, you should be able to do it to more than one place and I think would be a great idea for you Judy.

Judy got bless you that you so much Port Richie Florida Valerie. I went a couple minutes before the break here so how can we help you about praise God for your program. We are products of your program as well as the Lord and we have now retired from the world down so will be going to full-time ministry and we different plan including annular destruction, etc. were up early. One of our annuity and maturing about looking at that again or given plan we really want to have this right before we got here advisor yeah well I think the idea Valerie is that no annuities the reason they're not my favorite is the limit your access to your funds so they typically have a surrender penalty were. Were you can withdraw the money or if you do you have some hefty fees they tend to be complex and so you have to understand what it is you're getting into. With this contract with his insurance company. There they can have hefty fees and I mentioned the penalties the way they're taxed is and always in in your best interest.

So those would be the disadvantages that there certainly are some advantages you know folks who are not wanting to bear the risk of having their hard earned retirement assets invested where the market could go down and they could lose some. No principal, even if it's unrealized meaning it wasn't sold. There is risk there and they'd rather transfer that to an insurance company for a quote and quote guaranteed return.

You know, giving them some protection from what we call market volatility, or you want to convert a lump sum to an income stream for life where you know that maybe there's a shortfall between what you're getting in Social Security and what it's gonna take for you to fund your lifestyle for the rest of your life and you'd rather, an insurance company so yeah will take this amount of money and will guarantee X amount you know per month for life and that's gonna make up that shortfall and that gives you some peace of mind.

So again, there are some benefits I just think for most folks because of the complexity the cost. The limited access to your funds. I'd rather see you move toward a traditional investment strategy with an advisor who can invest the money for you turn it into an income stream, but you still have access to the money. It's a little more understandable and less complex and often less expensive. Valerie will you have to run here, but I hope that information helps you gutless.

You and your husband as you move forward.

We combat say hi to Enoch wants to help his adult child and manage a large sum of money that and more truly great to have you along. Today it's moneywise live on one not try that tomorrow and I'm thinking I'm Christian. He's right. I want to hear that hello my hello I'm Seymour and and I used to be the cohost by tomorrow. There's no chance of knowing if I'll be here not going to say. I think that it's a pleasure to have you with us today also was a pleasure to hear from you in regard to well keeping this ministry on the year without your prayer support and without your financial support. We just wouldn't be here each day because to be real honest with you. There are bills to pay and as a ministry we depend greatly upon the people that love us that listen to us and support us and you can make a gift of any size when you visit our website moneywise and click the donate tab right there at the top of the page and we thank you for that in advance.

Moneywise, just click the donate tab at the top of the page portage Indiana Enoch.

Thank you sir for your patience and how can we help you and Cheryl. But right now I died.

My wife and my wife and I died together. Our oldest daughter. I'm wondering if you have any way to correct what happened with that money like that director. Not well, but I did know about what turned out, yeah, the question would be Enoch, how you want to handle that. In terms of whether or not you want control on when the money is dispersed. If it's at death obviously your will could make that determination. But if, in the event you and your wife passed away in your daughter was still a minor. Let's say and you wanted control over under what conditions or ages. The money is then dispersed and to whom.

For her benefit. That would be where a trust would come into place a revocable trust. It probably cost you somewhere around $1500 to set up and it's now if you want a certain amount of money to go to your kids care when their minors. You can structure the trusted payout to cover those costs and that if you want them to receive the funds that remain. Let's say when they turn 18. You can create a stipulation that gives them the remainder of your life insurance benefit of that time.

The flexibility here is key for young and growing families because you can adjust the revocable trust in an ongoing capacity as your kids get older your financial needs and wishes change so that would really be the tool by which you do that you know to make sure that it's handled appropriately and according to your wishes. So what I would encourage you to do is to connect there in Indiana with a estate planning attorney.

So many are specializes in this. Who could really help advise you on how to set that up with the cost would be if you don't know someone connect with a certified kingdom advisor in your area and ask for a referral. Every advisor will have access to an estate planning attorney may not Bless your brother thanks for coming in today. I let's go to Illinois Rob and see if we can help. Joe Joe, thanks for calling today. How can we help you write him a question about mortgages okay. We have some debt and want to get rid of that and wanted to know is a mortgage or home equity loan or HELOC, which is the better of the three options what what should I do, yeah, what type of debt is it Joe credit card okay and what you owe roughly about 70 okay 70,000, and it was the situation that led to the debt in the first place is not been resolved.

Is this result of the medical event of failed business.

Is it just kind overspending. It's built up over time and tell me how you got to this point, loss of job, and multiple times and sit in their early never being able to make me just slowly building up equity in, make sense tell me about your home that you have now what is it worth and what is the current mortgage you have in place worth about 241 down to about 140 okay and what you're interested 4% okay and have a good credit score 740 50 RA that's that's really helpful. So here's my thought on this. You know what I rush out and get a mortgage and roll all this unsecured debt and security her house, I wouldn't.

Now I realize on paper. This could make a lot of sense because if you got a 740 credit score and you found employment.

We didn't talk about tablets that you have in you document your income. It's probably not a bad idea as long as you don't extend the term for you to refinance that mortgage get that down to let's say 2.6%. If you been paying on the 10 years I look at a 20 year mortgage not a 30 if you been paying on 15 I'd get a 15 year mortgage. I don't want you to increase the term but you could save a bundle in interest by refinancing, but it would be very tempting to cash out role that debt in and say well were going from an average of 14%. I just made that up with say it's 14% interest on the credit cards might be higher were going from average of that down to below 2.62.75, whatever it is, why wouldn't we do that well. The reason is again were making unsecured debt secured to your house of some happens and you can't pay.

Now you've lost your home.

A second reason is often were treating the symptom and not the underlying issue. The underlying issue is we gotta be able to have a spending plan that balances even in the difficult times. Sometimes we have to go to a made a budget where we say we just can keep the lights on the mortgage paid food on the table and gas in the car and everything else goes to the extent it can and you know were going to dial back or spending and were not taken on any debt. The problem is, as soon as you take all that pressure off you roll this into the houses like okay we can breathe again. Now we just extended the payout for 15 or 20 years and all of a sudden you know you call me a year from now when you say Rob I got 10,000 housing credit card debt.

What I do and it's because we haven't solved the underlying issue which is we gotta live a spending plan. I realize there often times things just out of our control, especially right now with COBIT and people losing jobs. I don't want to minimize that.

I don't want to make this sound like it's easy, it's not. It can be very difficult. Were talking about losses of jobs in medical events and all of those things but I'm just not excited about you taking this and attaching it to the house and running that roughly hundred thousand dollars with the equity you have up to where all the sudden you know you've got your 30,000 in equity. So what what I do instead.

My starting point, Joe would be to call Christian credit counselors or go to their website.

Christian credit and let's see if we can get you out of that 80% faster by getting the interest rate down to between two and 12% instead of 12 to 22% and get you one monthly payment that fits into the budget do the hard work get out of debt, get on a spending plan and stick to it and have a story to tell. A few years down the road that you did this and you still have the equity in your house and you've learned from it and you're not gonna repeat no repeat this down the road so I don't like a home equity line of credit because it's a variable rate and that would be my best advice right now so I hope that makes sense and I really do appreciate your call today. Yet thank you John that's Christian credit a great place to start. God bless you Joe Chicago, Illinois.

Trish your final caller today and moneywise live. What's on your mind and make a decision. All requested I get to the nail after years ago I now sent in and how do I know which is really safe and to request help for feeding the children in so many others. Yes, very good.

Well, yeah, I think there's a couple of thoughts here. Trish number one.

I appreciate your giving heart which is you want to be giving to ministries that are meeting real needs in the name of Christ. That's great and you should be doing that and I would say secondly just because somebody asks, doesn't mean you have to get right so I think the starting point is on your knees, saying, Lord, what would you have me to do, how much should I be giving out of what you've entrusted to me and then once you know that amount or you've decided what it is, at least for a period of time at say the next calendar year, and then use okay where my going to give it a night. Start with one of the things that align with my heart and God's heart in one of those things whether it's the ministry of God's word, or the ministry of God's mercy of the ministry of God's justice and all the different issues that fall under those three broad categories which ones are the ones that you really pricked my heart and keep me up at night thinking about people in these areas and then which ministries are doing the best work in the name of Jesus. And I realize that's what you're asking about in terms of where I would go to evaluate that first is at say wherever you can give to where your personally involved in. You know the leaders are your able to experience some of the work that this ministry is doing.

That's always better.

Number two, you can go to a website called Charity Navigator charity navigator and they will give you information about those ministries you can look for the Expo logo, ECF, a Evangelical Council for financial accountability to know that their handling God's money that they been entrusted well and you could check with her friends at the National Christian foundation in CF and asked them for a recommendation for ministries doing great work responsibly and effectively in an area that you're passionate about and I know they love to help you. So again charity navigator look for the Expo logo E CFA and then call her friends at National Christian foundation or go to in CF and typically Trish you might want to check your mail a little closer but typically if it's if it's an email that will be at the very bottom of the page an opportunity for you to opt out of future emails of fundraising emails and even if it's paper mail. Typically need somewhere on the card over the letter will be an opportunity for you to do that as well or a phone number so look a little closer look for those opportunities but we appreciate your phone call today and we can understand where that's coming from so many of us do give meaning to only give once or twice, and 10 years later were still getting those those Michelle things were glad to call. Thanks so much moneywise live is a partnership between Moody radio and moneywise media.

Thanks so much for tuning in and for listening today. Our technical crew composed of Amy Erin Devon to force the inevitable inevitable is a good guy Jim Henry join us again tomorrow will be back with another edition of moneywise

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