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Overcoming the COVID Credit Crisis

MoneyWise / Rob West and Steve Moore
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January 25, 2021 7:03 am

Overcoming the COVID Credit Crisis

MoneyWise / Rob West and Steve Moore

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January 25, 2021 7:03 am

The loss of income during the pandemic has forced many Americans to max out their credit cards. And even as the COVID crisis will start to lessen, this credit crisis may take years to overcome. On the next MoneyWise Live, hosts Rob West and Steve Moore talk with Neile Simon of Christian Credit Counselors about a way to speed up your financial recovery. Then it’s your calls and questions on the financial matters you’d like to discuss. Overcoming the COVID credit crisis on the next MoneyWise Live at 4pm Eastern/3pm Central on Moody Radio. 

Finishing Well
Hans Scheil
Finishing Well
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Rob West and Steve Moore
Rob West and Steve Moore
Rob West and Steve Moore
Rob West and Steve Moore

I was about Hastings VP here at Moody radio and we have a unique sponsor for this podcast at United faith mortgage the faith focused mortgage team with a very specific advantage that can save families money. Here are two things you need to know number one United faith mortgage was started by a dad and his son and his wife and they've grown into a team helping families all across the US and number two, they have a unique advantage. Their company is an arm of a bigger company, which is a direct lender meaning there is no middleman. Their company uses its own money and makes its own lending decisions within its own walls. Again, no middleman, and often this allows them to get you a better rate on a new home purchase, refinance, or cash out refinance which could save you money over a lifetime. Check out the faith and family mortgage United faith mortgages, a DBA of United mortgage Corp. 25 Millville Park Rd., Millville, NY license mortgage banker for licensing information, go to an MLS consumer corporate MLS number 1330. Equal housing lender not licensed in Alaska, Hawaii, Georgia, Massachusetts, North Dakota, South Dakota and Utah and has vaccines rule we may soon see light at the end of the golden crisis tunnel but it making years to overcome the credit crisis and ensuing loss of income during the pandemic force many Americans, maybe you should rely on credit balances today host Rob West assignment of credit counselors find a way to speed up your financial coverage process. Your calls at 805 five 7805 five 7000 credit crisis. Next right here on Rodney Lee.

Simon is the director of strategic partnerships and Christian credit counselors where they've no doubt logged some over time recently helping coach deal with the credit crisis brought on by COBIT and were taking your calls today. On this particular subject.

If you're dealing or struggling a bit with some credit issues credit crisis issues and now is the time to call 800-525-7000. Oh, while we have open lines from Jan, there's no doubt Steve that the folks are really struggling because a COBIT in many cases, and that has resulted in debt merely great to have you back on the program. Thank you so much for having me on the shelf sure you know you come across some information here that reveals the extent of the credit problems. Many folks are facing today due to COBIT. I love free to begin by just bringing us up to speed stress. I think all of us are pretty well aware that there's been a huge impact in terms of job loss and income reduction in this 2020.

CNN actually stated that 27 million Americans are out of work due to COBIT those numbers near something like what we are dealing with in the Great Depression, so I think for many people there still struggling and have fallen behind on their bills and are running up credit card balances or taking out 401(k) loans or have even fallen behind on the taxes so it's really difficult for people to keep their heads above water.

They have been impacted so I think it's really important that were here today to share trusted resources, providing people exposure so that they can have more choices in terms of what to do next.

You absolutely go ahead yet something I came across self ethnicity is a company that collects financial data. They did conduct a survey of over 2000 US consumers to learn the extent of the impact on people's finances during COBIT and what they found is that over half of the people surveyed experience temporary or permanent job loss or loss of income due to the pandemic and the majority of those affected are still having difficulty staying current one is data statistics there that I read is that there's about 15% of those impacted by the crisis have experienced permanent job loss or income reduction so there's no question that there is going to be definitely a ripple effect for years to come. Based on this COBIT pandemic. But really, I got a look at some of the data and I know that that we've heard reports about assistance being provided, whether that's payment to your holidays or putting interest on the backend but I know many that responded to this particular survey said they haven't been offered a way to ease the loan terms during the pandemic is not right. Yes, a lot of people have been given temporary relief. Right.

So whether it's you know forbearance on credit cards or mortgages or student loans, but the reality is, eventually they're going to need to pay that and a lot of times to they have to pay the catch-up amount right so it's really I think a lot of things that have happened our band aid fix and were really going to see a lot of the ripple effect come 2021 and what's gonna happen for people I know personally what where experience when people call us that businesses have, you know, just completely depleted their savings trying to stay afloat. They've maxed out their credit cards on out-of-pocket expenses and now their businesses are having a close so it's a tough time for a lot of people and we have the kids are are at home during the home school so sometimes parents have to stay at home.

They've experienced a loss of hours at their work bills or higher food bill utilities so there's there's a lot going on.

That really is making people uncomfortable or maybe even fearful because there's so much that uncertain in the future right now based on COBIT no doubt is a lot more to talk about this in your questions.

You question related to this issue.

Credit issues credit cards nearly Sayreville. That's right 800-525-7000 really Simon, a Christian credit already seven with us today as he was alive was more were talking about dad credit struggling a little bit with some issues in those particular areas. Maybe we can help credit counselors a tremendous ministry nationwide, helping folks who were well dealing with these kinds of issues and who may need some outside help and really Simon is all of that. Yes she sure is you may be dealing with some of the fallout from the Cove food crisis, higher utility bills, credit card bills and uncertain future.

No unemployment programs that were over and above the typical employment have ended and so have so many of the relief program so it can put you in a really precarious spot in Neely's here to help along with her team at Christian credit counselors and really back to the survey from Felicity was a very particular demographic that was hardest hit by job loss in income reduction shares to the survey revealed that people making an annual income below 50,000 have suffered the greatest impact.

So when you think about it. That industry includes restaurant, hotel, airline workers, most of which have lost their jobs or income in the last year, so there typically the most vulnerable and are having the greatest difficulty staying current, and keeping up on their payments can certainly imagine before we take some calls on these topics, and by the way, Neely's here to help.

800-525-7000 Neely. How do you help folks facing these really difficult and challenging times find peace in the midst of the stores.

I think the most important thing is to reach out and at least explore what your options are. I know at Christian credit counselors were getting calls people are in a little uncomfortable. They never had to do this before explore their finances, asking for help, but I say the first at his is to step out and asked for help at our company were there to listen to people to provide solutions walking through a budget and a plan if they have credit card debt that'll really provide them with a long-term solution in terms of getting out at that and creating some more disposable income. If the if the need goes outside of what we do. We also have a lot of resources and partners that we work with, such as money wise budget coaches so will do a budget with someone, but if someone wants ongoing budget coaching they can utilize your coaches. We also encourage them to stay connected with friends and families and small groups. But most importantly confront the issues at hand. I know a lot of times things can become scary, especially if you don't know or have the resources to solve the problem but they're not going to go away. So the best thing you can do is to confront them work with people that love and care for you and use trusted resources so that you can get out from underneath the struggle Neely with your permission will start taking a couple calls are okay. They're coming in now so will see 800-525-7000 Akron, Ohio W CRF and Joshua. How can we help user your spirit I will like you. My first time reaching out out out like this library a lot a lot of personal issues you know going all but give it back to God. You know I do like the situation is still there but I'm not I'm not wrapped up in it, but listen to the radio station the day you guys are encouraging people to call in to help us offset of mine as well, very personal, but will send loan where you well were happy to help your and certainly you don't have to review anything you're not comfortable but would love to try to provide some practical assistance.

In addition to praying for you to the Joshua anything you might share about your situation that would specifically related to a question you have on where you go from here. What's going on or out, you know, just corroded.

I lost my job social worker lost my job you can imagine the money you make an air about him clearly not so the build off all very behind always and I'm trying to get caught up on just wanted rent electricity. You know also have a young lady told me that she's pregnant. My child however she could not give me a good, but I'm kinda really anxious about figuring out how I should be going about that also never been in the situation of the machine you can write this before.

You are certainly going through the credit card debt to speak of addition to the building behind you realize that I realize that Mark Craig my car payment for college. The latex affected my credit very badly.

So credit cards all loans.

Can you go back to school you not in the realize they… Looked up and it was bad so yeah well I appreciate you being transparent in describing some of what's going on Celia Joshua situation is one that a lot of listeners are probably lost a job and things of been spiraling bills got behind, which is simply impacting their credit got credit card debt where you encourage somebody to go first as they try to get on the right track shares. So Joshua, I'm so glad that you called. Then I just want to share with you that that the first step would really be to sit down and do a budget with you. Certainly the most important things are a roof over your head electricity and a car so that you get to and from work. I take a credit card would would come later. I'm not telling you not to pay your bills but I think the best thing to do this kind get your arms around what's most important. We could certainly walk you through comparison estimate in terms of what we could do with the credit card but keep in mind on our program. If you have fallen behind you know and you do choose to start the program all the credit card late fees and all the creditor calls. But I think at this point in time you need to take care of the basics have an idea and a plan on what we can do to help you and then navigate that plan.

Once you have more income and start taking care of the credit card debt. We think, I totally agree and that if you work your website moneywise Joshua and do a search for the May Day budget.

It's a program we did for somebody in your specific situation where we got a deal with the big foray. We gotta keep food on the table was a Neely said to keep the mortgage of the rent. We gotta keep utilities on. Got to keep the transportation so that you can either look for work or keep your current job. Apart from that, everything else is going on the table if you will, as you manage this crisis. I think the other key thing Joshua is that you are in a Bible believing church you are around other believers who can encourage you walk with you. Most importantly, above all of this is your own personal salvation.

If you've not ever place your trust in Jesus Christ. That's the beginning point today.

Above everything, and if you want to know more about that. Go to meet We pray for you if you don't mind.

Father, we just look Joshua up to you.

He's got a lot on his plate, but nothing's got you by surprise, Lord, you are his provider and sustainer is Savior, Lord. And so we just trust him again to you, tell you today.

We trust you with his life and that we discussed you give him wisdom to know how to navigate the days ahead that you'd be nearer to him. Encourage him and provide for him and we want to thank you in advance for what you can do in Christ Joshua again to reach out to Neely's organization Christian credit counselors. The easiest way to do that is 800-557-1985, 800-557-1985 and God bless you Josh.

We appreciate your call today. Thanks quickly to the state of Maryland and Charmaine what you situation how can we help my my credit really bad boy at the actual devoid 2015, but he left before that date and I left with that I can in the bag and trying to get out of that. I did a modification on my primary mortgage and we had a home equity mortgage that I got a charge because it would be paid.

But then that got transferred to another loan company bank collection eight I got an they wanted payment but my credit I had that my mom packed in a new credit card that get into her funeral and all that and take you long to get keep the house I hatch children in the home, and I didn't want to lose their stable point. While everything else is going on but that my church family, and often daylight out of you do it, but you doing it but now I managed to pay up pretty much all the credit card now but when I got ready to refinance my car with delight. 522, we can't refinance the bill I held off Michael now takes to motivate my and now I got it up. I think it was the lack of time.

My challenge is going but I can't get there effect and how we could. The charged-off account. The home equity line. They may have it on record that I am delinquent on late Cheryl Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac at Freddy Bates won't do anything with payment that are late your fortune were going to have to break your just a second. My heart goes out to you realize you've been through it and yet I'm delighted to hear church families walked alongside you, and they've even acknowledged your diligence, your faithfulness in the Lord's provision. During this think you need to keep paying on time and look for a nonconventional loan option for refi potentially fit into your budget so I would begin checking with some of the online banks to see if you can find a program outside Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac refi on type A or school keep coming up and will be back more Simon is our guest today for some challenges to your credit and your debt. These are wonderful folks to contact again Christian credit or 800-557-1985 Neely just before the break we were talking about the real challenges that folks are having many of them across the country related to finances.

As a result of coded has resulted in debt for many folks and you were talking about finding peace and that by connecting with somebody at Christian credit counselors to begin to make a plan, starting with the budget income and expenses and try to get the numbers to work but then beyond that, looking at how credit counseling can be an effective tool and I was going ask you to explain that, but it sounds like Steve our next caller wants to know just that. So let's do that.

Okay, let's see, Willard, Missouri Rebecca nice to have you there. Thanks for holding and what's on your mind. Reverse mortgage is the right thing to do if you're trying to say and keep a home.

I don't know if that's possible. Reverse mortgage at all and your debt. Sure, tell us a little bit about your situation. Rebecca what are you doing with your well I am a guardian of my dad and I am doing all his financial business and plus I have a home of my own paid off and I also care for my mother's home and paying down mortgage plus I have a couple credit cards I need to get a debt what income sources do you have rolled this well. I work as a I'm driver for the Postal Service and I pay my own way there, but he also had to think I might have to manage and should I do a reverse mortgage with him. I say okay's solicitor to keep these separate for a moment as guardian for your father. You have to make sure his bills stay paid. Is there a shortfall in what he is receiving his income and what it's can it take to continue to fund his expenses on a monthly basis. All right, it's just that the mortgage is needing to be put down credit card that he had created before I ever had him carrying Evan and their biggest need to be that need to be taken care of and fully make payments on it, but if you have more than one credit card and you want to put it in one payment in reverse to mortgage that okay with that be a good idea how much equity does he have in that home about 5000.

What is it about what you think you could sell the home for them and what is he on the mortgage while you are about 180, 200,000. Okay Santa reverse mortgages to start with her expensive brother. Not fun lifestyle. With that, but you really as a general rule of thumb have to have 50% equity or more to even be considered for route reverse mortgage so that's really not good to be an option here that Neely though specifically with the credit cards would you explain just how credit counseling works is that may be a great option share Rebecca so credit counseling offers was called as a debt management program in the way that it could potentially benefit your fathers that we have pre-negotiated interest rates, terms and conditions with the creditors which enable us to lower the payments and the interest rates and then we consolidate all of that into one monthly payment so he would be continuing to make monthly payments each month. All the creditors.

Those payments would just be made through us with the counselor on the plan and then once an account gets paid payment and gets applied to another account to expedite the payoff Simon from Christian credit counseling circuit interrupter. Neely will be right back after effects of prices that are so with this today. Neely Simon from Christian credit accounts will Neely just before the break you were sharing how credit counseling can work and really this could be a solution for so many of our listeners that find themselves in credit card that is a result of this pandemic know it involves pre-negotiated interest rates that lower the payment and the interest rate and then consolidating the debt into one monthly payment but we say consolidation. Often there's some confusion about that. So tell us the rest of what we need to know about credit counseling service. I think it's really important understand that were not a settlement company and were not providing a consolidation loan. The benefits are through lowering the payments and interest rates and snowballing that that through that process, we can get people out of that about 80% faster while honoring their debt in full. Our interest rates with the creditors or an arrangement between 2% to 12.5% APR and there can vary per creditor. So I just want to share tell the listeners out there. If you are struggling with credit card data. Or maybe you're making payments but no progress or need to create some more disposable income, I recommend giving Christian credit counselors a call allowing us to work you free consultation which will consist of a comparison estimate which will outline the new APR's cost savings interest savings estimated time for repayment or payment is also allows to walk you through a budget and we send you all that information along with the next steps so you can think about it pray about it. Share with the spouse and make a decision whether it's a good fit for your family well.

This is a wonderful team of people, folks, and these are godly men and women to really see this just as much as their ministry as it is their work and they want to serve you. They want to be here to help and they will walk alongside you every step of the way. So Neely so thankful for your time today. Thanks for the research you've done for your partnership in serving our listeners were grateful thanks so much. Take care and God bless.

Thanks Neely you two and again if you have a pencil in hand door panel or an iPad. Whatever, here's some contact information will also put it in today's show notes. You'll find that the show notes when you visit moneywise, you'll find Neely Simons organization Christian credit and their toll-free number 800-557-1985. Thanks for tuning incidents moneywise live with Rob last time Steve Moore.

Our phone number 800-525-7000 Boynton Beach, Florida Carol, how can we help you my daughter been doing the last three years, but she said long as my only income is Social Security income that I don't need to file but I don't want to get in trouble with the company and having her file them anyway and then also for this year be 2020 we got the $1200 stimulus check so I don't know if that may be another reason why I would have to file taxes you can never go wrong Carol filing a lease that will you comply with the law. If you don't know anything that will be made clear. If your hundred 65. You don't have to file a federal tax return. If your income is less than 22 skews me 12,200 if you're over 65 that increases to 13,008 50 again. If your income is under that you would not have to file a federal tax return if it is over that that then you would, and you may owe some tax specifically related to the stimulus checks they are not taxable. That is not taxable income. The irises made that very very clear.

So take a look at that again you can't go wrong.

Filing that return it's probably simple. There's even some free online solutions for how you can do that and if you don't know anything at the very least you may get a refund or if not give up anything in you may be in a situation where you don't go, but if you do you want to know that clearly because the penalties and interest will quickly. We appreciate your call today.

Douglas thanks Carol Ingle side Illinois Cheryl.

How can we help you. About a year and 1/2 dollar.

Another element trying to be wise on what to do and how to I didn't I know it income side. I believe I need to write and and do I just do it to my church or can I spread it out to different organization Christian organization law. Sure sure sure will appreciate the call, you know we love getting here in moneywise live and love to talk about what God's word says about giving because clearly giving is on God's heart. I believe it calibrates our hearts to his he's the ultimate giver and remember we were created in his image.

This idea of the tithes is a great one I think of for many folks, it should be the beginning point for the giving out were no longer under the Mosaic law were under the law of Christ.

And we see in the New Testament that we should be systematic and are giving we should get proportionately, but it's about the heart right and that we should be being a conduit with God's provision into God's activity and I think doing that off of the increase is a great way to do that, beginning with your local church.

Now let's talk specifically about because you mentioned the tithe, and you mentioned an insurance settlement.

I really don't see that as income member and insurance settlement is a compensation to offset a loss that you have either expenses because you have medical bills or you had damaged her real property that this is is compensating for so it's it's really not an increase. At the end of the day though you can't out give God some of you said, Lord, regardless of how I got this and that it's a settlement from an insurance payout. I still want to honor you with the firstfruits of this that's great that's never a bad thing and I'm confident the Lord will be delighted that that your hearts desire. But in terms of the tithe applied to an increase which is income. I really don't see an insurance settlement fitting into that category. I think you should make this a matter of prayer, though, get on your knees and say, Lord, what would you have me to do and then just follow his leading as to how much and where you want to give it Cheryl. We appreciate your heart of generosity.

In that regard. Thank you for calling us today. Indianapolis hi Kathy, just a couple of minutes.

How can we help so long. Although they're all on all coronavirus though I have a salary. I haven't paid anything toward that because they're on hold right now but have additional extra money coming in on one time And time trying to decide which one to put it toward one of the 5%. One of the 4% 3% when actually, again wondering 5% or 3% on the lot. Yeah, you appreciate this question very much and I like the idea of you paying this as soon as you can.

I realize that nothings do with this boy because of the situation were in with the coronavirus and forbearance, but we want to get those paid off just as quick as you can and the interest rate is zero right now for federal student loans, which is a great thing means every dollar you send is going to write the principal if obviously you don't have the means to pay it, then this is a great opportunity not to do so. But if you do I go ahead and start paying these down as quick as you can as to which one I really like the snowball method which basically ignores the interest rate and they're fairly similar.

Even though I realize there's a difference. But the snowball approach is going to start with the smallest balance getting you pay the minimums on all of them wants to kick in, and then you apply any extra to that smallest balance or if there's nothing to do to send some money send it all to the smallest balance that's good to get that paid off really quickly, which is going to give you the emotional when and perhaps the encouragement to discontinue right on down the line pay off that one to the next one. So thank you very much for five open lines right now 800 557 pleasure heading with us today.

Thank you so much for calling 800-525-7000 805 five 7000 homes. However, do an email. It's been a while since Rachel's email. She says dear Rob and Steve, do you have any advice for wise stewardship of the stimulus check from the government. Normally we tithe and save any extra money we receive. But the point of this check is to help stimulate the economy. Right after tithing.

Should we support small businesses in our neighborhood.

Rather than save it so couple of different things going on. The question yeah you know I appreciate the question, but at the end of the day. The stimulus check is really to provide much-needed income assistance to Americans who have been affected by the coronavirus.

So what you need to do is take this money that has been entrusted to you, which is now now makes you the steward of this portion of God's resources and really ask him, Lord, what would you have me to do. The good news is he's given us all kinds of direction in the form of principles in his word as to what should be the primary uses of this money, including giving I would see this as a part of God's provision. So give proportionately, including setting some aside for the future. This precious oil in the house of the wise, the foolish man swallows it up. So let's fund that emergency fund.

If it's not fully funded of the wicked borrows and does not repay, so let's get out of debt right because of your emergency fund is funded. What about paying off some credit cards and we could kinda move right on down the line so I wouldn't do anything based on what you think of expectation of the government is I would see it as needed assistance and support to Americans see it as now money that you've been entrusted as to being a faithful steward and then look to God's word for direction on where you go from here, Rachel. Great question. Thank you very much for that and if you have a question for Rob and you can keep it brief, just a couple of lines and you'd like to email it a here's the address questions@moneywise.o our school south a bit, Miami, Florida Mary Lou, what's on your mind today about gonfalon financial advisor and I wanted you preparing for retirement.

I will have $20,000 sitting in the bank and the person advised me to buy an annuity 20,000 island with the bank was given me like 22,000 after 10 years, and on April so that it's maturing. What should I do with it there or if there's something one may have been prepared for retirement. Well, this is a tax-deferred meeting. This was money that is in a tax-deferred environment. Inside that annuity. I would roll that out to an IRA and invest, you know, the fact that it's been in there as long as it has, and it's only going from 20 to 22 is one of the reasons why I'm not a big fan of annuities.

You know I'd rather see that invested in a properly diversified investment portfolio of stocks and bonds consistent Mary Lou with your agent objectives and risk tolerance so that it's growing over time. With the market now you gotta have the right time horizon for that meeting you really 10 years plus. But keep in mind even once you hit retirement. You know those who reach age 65 life expectancies can be somewhere around 83 or 84 so you're in good health even when you hit retirement age now that you all of a sudden have to stop working. I don't think you're calling from the Lord ever expires but if you redirect your time and energy or find yourself in a place where you just can't work for pay any longer. Even when you reach that point. You likely have a decades long need for this money and so we would still want it invested probably was some portion of it in a stock allocation. This can give it some growth which is going to allow it to perform better lot better than what I'm hearing that annuity did so I would look to roll it out to an IRA where you go for that. Well, I'd open one IRA.

Probably a Charles Schwab or TD Ameritrade. Our could be a great resource to help you that given the right direction even find some good high-quality mutual funds to put that into want to roll it over. So head over there sound of mind and begin to peruse that godly advice there on investing and I think that'll be a real help to Mary Lou God bless you.

Thanks so much. Chicago Nikki welcome to moneywise live. How can we help them what all we were able to get additional IRA transfer over to about 23 I see it was your age, Nikki 25 okay great well yes, often times when no traditional pension plans are closed by the company. They encourage workers to roll those pensions into individual retirement accounts. I raise which you did and that was a great decision whether or not you want to move that to a Roth is something you could certainly consider. I like the Roth IRA a lot. It would involve you doing what's called a Roth IRA conversion where this traditional IRAs converted to a Roth. When that happens. Nikki all of that money is going to be taxable to you, so will be added to your taxable income in the year of the conversion, so you have to have the money to pay that tax bill. Why would you do that well. The benefit is once you pay the tax.

Then the money from that point forward, let's say, this money grows for the next 20 years between now and retirement.

That's good to grow tax-free meeting all the gains that you have over the next 20 years of investment results are not going to be taxable to you when you take it out you would've Artie paid the tax on the starting balance, but not on all of the gains.

The other thing you've got to working for you. There is there's no required minimum distribution on a Roth IRA.

So at some point down the road of this is money. You don't need because your income is covered in retirement. You can just leave it there. Let it grow so I like the idea of the Roth I'd probably check with your tax preparer just to make sure that it makes sense and also make sure that you're ready for that tax bill and you got the money to pay it. But again, if you do I think that could be a great tool in your toolbelt as you look at your retirement assets growing in the future. Nikki God bless you.

Thanks so much for that and Vinnie in Utica New York. I think your final call for the day. How can we, how can we help as we squeeze it in here but I also got a question retirement all my all managers using living income after I retire.

Well, couple of things on the first of all your little bit in a different situation with regard to considering the Roth because she was 20 years retirement your two years from retirement and so I would just consider the growth prospects of that and whether or not now is the time to go and pay that tax bill or would be better just to let it go and you'll perhaps even though tax rates could be higher down the road your income will likely be less then it is now two years from retirement. You're probably earning some your peak earning dollars and that this may not be a good time to convert, not to mention the fact you don't have time on your side in terms of that you're continuing to grow, so I would just consider that as you think about it doesn't make sense to you right as to the reverse mortgage, you know, they're not my favorite because their obviously there cost facility associated with them. Lender's fees FHA insurance fees, closing costs, then you got the interest rate so there structured that both the adjustable and the fixed rate financing is available, but often times there higher than the prevailing rates.

You've got to know your home can be foreclosed. If you don't know keep everything paid and you gotta think about, you know, passing it on. In terms of errors if they wanted to keep the property in the family, but as long as you do your due diligence you understand the costs going into it now if you plan to stay in your home, for the rest of your life, so to speak, and you you've got all this equity there and your short in terms of your living expenses from other sources and you'd like to convert this to an income stream for life. You counted the cost and you understand the implications from an inheritance standpoint, then certainly it's not something I would say there's never a reason to do it.

I would just look for other ways to accomplish it. Notably, perhaps selling the property downsizing and not you know funding your lifestyle with that but again if you plan to keep it and your short and this can provide a needed to know the coverage if you will of that gap on a monthly basis by converting it to an income stream for life. You certainly could do it. I would just go in knowing exactly what you're getting into. Vinnie Fletcher called today. Glad you got through.

God bless your brother we appreciate that.

Thank you very very much almost out of time.

But Rob, tomorrow's guest is going to be a good friend, Bob Dall above is an economist. He manages over $4 billion worth of assets which is almost as much as we have together and he's going to give us some thoughts and projections for 2021 were looking forward forward to that. I will well we sure about his good friend.

He's a Wall Street executive. He's worked on Wall Street for couple of decades now or more very well respected.

You've probably seen him on CNBC or FOXBusiness is a frequent contributor, but he loves the Lord and he's just a phenomenal bill market commentary that he provides every week and annually he does his 10 predictions, which are often the sought after in the industry. So he's going to share those predictions. What is he looking for in the market this year 2021.

That's all coming up tomorrow will he have a prediction for the Super Bowl so we can ask it. I think we should ask ask. I will definitely say thanks for tuning in her for listening today. My thanks to our tech team. Aaron, Amy, Danny and Jimmy for Rob West, I'm Steve Moore moneywise live as a partnership, radio, and moneywise God bless drive safely doing this again tomorrow

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