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Gratitude: A Performance Enhancing Substance

MoneyWise / Rob West and Steve Moore
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November 26, 2020 7:03 am

Gratitude: A Performance Enhancing Substance

MoneyWise / Rob West and Steve Moore

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November 26, 2020 7:03 am

Can being thankful be good for your health and life in general? Research shows that grateful people tend to be healthier and happier and exhibit lower levels of stress when it comes to their financial wellbeing. On the next MoneyWise Live, hosts Rob West and Steve Moore detail the benefits of gratitude. An attitude of gratitude on MoneyWise Live at 4pm Eastern/3pm Central on Moody Radio. 

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Thanksgiving. It may seem to bring up science. Many people believe that science is at odds with the Bible.

We think research may actually confirm God's word this time. In the case of red researchers now say that gratitude being thankful is good. Calling it a performance-enhancing substance who know kingdom advisors Pres. Rob West has the details for you and we are very grateful to Joseph to take time to listen to me not actually in the spring, so don't call in a place to stay to we have some prerecorded calls and will get to those later on my life.

Rob is always on topic science eventually can bring biblical for decades, naysayers said that Pontius Pilate never even existed because there was no physical evidence to confirm it.

Then in 1961 archaeologist dug up the cornerstone of a sports stadium with his name on it looks well, we probably shouldn't gloat, but it is certainly fun to see God's word supported through archaeology, which it always is in every case and now it's happening again with gratitude, Steve.

The Bible has, of course, many verses to inspire a thankful heart, but one in particular that details the benefits of gratitude is found in Philippians 4 verses six and seven do not be anxious about anything but in everything by prayer and petition with Thanksgiving present your requests to God and the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus, and now science is giving us an idea of what that piece of God actually looks like with respect to her physical and emotional well-being that's exactly right. Listen to this, researchers at the University of California, Davis and UC Berkeley are confirming that the spirit of gratitude has wonderful effects on your mind and body and their even suggesting we should keep gratitude journals to enhance those effects essentially writing down every day. The things were grateful for. Have to jump in here and say that I've heard more than a couple Christians in my lifetime suggest that we do the very same thing. What were those positive effects that were found and how do you actually determine something like this. While the researcher studied groups of people who Gratitude journals and then documented what those test subjects reported about their experience. They broke down the positive responses into three separate categories. Physical, psychological, and social start of the physical benefits will one of those. Well, for starters, the respondents reported having stronger immune systems. Not sure how you quantify that maybe they had fewer cold or something, but they also said they had fewer aches and pains, lower blood pressure, better sleep and an increased desire to exercise and take better care of their health. All that just by fostering an attitude of gratitude. Amazing. Okay, next in the psychological category. What did they find there. While the positive psychological effects of gratitude included higher levels of positive emotions in general that respondents also said they were more alert, alive and awake. They felt more joy and pleasure even more optimism and happiness.

You just hit me here, gratitude journals, so which is what the scientists are recommending perhaps is just another way, biblical way of saying count your blessings in verse that comes to mind their notes in Colossians. I think devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful that when we keep track of all the ways the Lord provides for us it's impossible not to be grateful. So it seems that keeping a prayer or gratitude journal is a great way to foster an attitude of thanksgiving to the social impact.

The respondents reported they became more helpful, generous, and compassionate. They felt more forgiving, more outgoing and less lonely and isolated. Now the researchers had to come up with a reason.

While of these benefits flow from a spirit of gratitude. And that's where things get really interesting. First they said that gratitude is an affirmation that, despite all its problems. There is goodness in the world. Second, I think this is where things get a bit tricky for them. They recognize that the source of that goodness exists somewhere outside of ourselves. It's not something we did and that true gratitude acknowledges were dependent on something or someone else. They even admitted could be a higher power. If one is spiritually inclined someone who quoting from the study gave us many gifts big and small to help us achieve the goodness in our lives. This is a scientific study helping his dear. I say this sounds an awful lot like God. It certainly does in my book.

Little wonder then that the apostle Paul writes in Romans 1136 for from him and through him and for him are all things to him. That is God be the glory for thanks for my crack research team for their work on this. Today's program is recorded so don't call in, but we do have some calls all lined up those money and life run on the same track. Unfortunately, sometimes it seems like your money is heading in a different direction from your goal, and never enough three keys to financial contentment. Author Ron blue helps you to break down all your financial options to a basic floor and then shows you how to keep it all chugging along in the right direction on the same track never enough three keys to financial contentment available when you click the store button at moneywise live out of work for 30 years and sound mind investing has been helping Christians reach their financial goals. Step-by-step guidance for investors at every stage from those just getting started, those getting ready for retirement through scriptural principles and practical suggestions.

SMI offers financial wisdom information, including a short audio webinar on profit and peace of mind, no matter what's happening in the market is available at sound mind investing.hi Don, looking kids play mom or dad when you watch the kids kisses the mind. The dreams we have for them. Help us suit the weight from the chaff. It's amazing how we can wander through life thinking things and doing things that are okay but not brilliant, but the base we watch something on TV and we think that was okay, but if someone asked us will would you like that for you kids would you like them to say that what you think. That way we could cancel. The reason is that most parents want the best for the kids.

What if God looks at us and see some of the rubbish that goes on in our lives just if God's like any day. He just wants the best for his kids very best strategy for your career. Even your retirement strategy for your getting Christian foundation and your family maximize your resources to learn how to listening to moneywise live find us on the but we're not lives phone number please don't stick around.

Lots of good information talking a little bit about a study that came out from UC Berkeley indicating that gratitude having a life of gratitude.

Exercising gratitude can actually help you in many many ways. They didn't come right out and mentioned God per se, but they did say it was something outside us was that the what what was the exact terminology. There is something you were something that's exactly right. You got a little tricky for them as they had to point why that might be and they said to gratitude, acknowledges were dependent upon something or someone else. This could even admit a higher power. If one is spiritually inclined, the report said someone who and I quote from the study gave us many gifts big and small to help us achieve the goodness in our lives. Now we know that points to the Lord. There's little wonder then that the apostle Paul writes in Romans 1136 for from him and through them and for him are all things to him be the glory forever as people think through this particularly many of our listeners. Someone might wonder. Oh, how would someone who doesn't know God still experience the blessings of gratitude in the thoughts along those lines, yeah well it's a great question, but we know that God's financial principles did work for every believer and every nonbeliever staying on a budget living on less than you earn. Saving for the future. Of course all lead to financial well-being and so this spirit of gratitude is for courses beneficial to everyone. It's why Jesus said it's more blessed to give than receive. In terms of generosity. We know gratitude is closely follows behind that and so our hope and prayer.

Of course, is that everyone would come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and trust him as their Lord and Savior accept that free gift of eternal life, and then live as a steward, recognizing that at that point. It's about faithfulness to what we been entrusted not only our financial resources, but our time and our stewardship of relationships in God's word. All of it, but we know that this attitude of gratitude as this study points out really does apply to everyone.

Even if we don't know the source of everything that we have in our lives and that of course is the Lord's right and who knows how God will work in any specific person's life. I think we are all created in his image, but in many other ways.

We are each unique and so God certainly is capable of reaching us differently in unique ways and maybe just adjusting our attitude of gratitude is just the beginning. For some people, who knows how God is going to do it, but our prayer is that he will continue to work in the lives and hearts of everyone around the world today and again that even applies to our money and our finances. We've heard from people in the past. Rob, as you well know who have come to Christ by listening to this radio program, a program about money and this gets people thinking will maybe God knows other stuff and people have come to a saving knowledge of him.

So we praise him for this opportunity to write.

Amen. If we can help you today. Give us a call open lines at 800-525-7000 Tyler, Texas hello David, how can we help user question here. I had a credit score like around 800 for number of years and I missed a payment and drop me down like 662 yeah pickling water from 100. My goodness yeah yeah it was yeah quite quite a surprise. There been times where I would maybe miss a payment. Once a year to the credit card company and extend forgiveness and not be fine. This happened so it is really took me by surprise. You know it's, it does sound drastic. I will say though I'm not as surprised. Perhaps as you are, you know that according to FICA, which is the fair Isaac Corporation who produces at least one of the most popular scores. They say a 30 day delinquency could cause as much as a 9210 point drop and so obviously you've seen something a little bit more significant than that with 140, but you're not too far away from that range and I suspect it probably has to do a bit with just the amount of credit that you have on your report. If you have a fewer number of accounts or you don't have quite as much history as other algorithms or other reports that you're being compared to that could cause a more precipitous drop, but regardless I think there's a couple of things we need to do moving forward here David number one. Let's use this as an opportunity to go ahead and pull each of your credit reports from the three reporting bureaus experience aqua facts and Trans Union.

You can do that for If you're not familiar with that you can get one per year from each of those three bureaus. Let's go ahead and pull those and just make sure there isn't other negative information on there that's affecting you either information you just either weren't aware of, but it's accurate or what's often the case is in accurate negative information and of course there is a way to dispute that and get that cleared off. Assuming it cannot be verified and that will have to be done in 30 days. According to the law. The fair credit reporting act. So that's the first thing let's check each of those reports and just see if there's anything negative that's inaccurate that we need to dispute think the second thing, of course, and this just goes without saying but just really use this as an opportunity to be reminded of the importance of being on time payer because that's really your best way to see that score begin to come back as you make your payments on time and the good news is the most recent information impacts you the most and so as that late payment gets further and further behind you. It's going to have less of an impact so that score will begin crawling back up and now you know good news for most of us is born out the out there seeking new credit, you know, really, although we want to keep a good credit score.

It's not going to have a terribly negative impact on you unless you were getting ready to go shop for a new mortgage or you needed to take out a loan or something like that. Do you follow that.

Though David well yeah I did gonna route pull credit report. Several months ago I could find. Eight. All I had to literally go and talk to each of these credit card companies and their able to pinpoint exactly what was wrong with him I did I really could bit no question along these lines is again my credit score has been for number years hovered around 8800 and so for me and how what boosted want to get back up to what kind you boosted about 800 yeah well you know I'm really not.

You may be different, but I wouldn't be terribly concerned about that moving forward because, again, let's try to limit the need for credit, number one, number two, anything north of 780 you're going to qualify for the top tier of credit offers so you really there's not any significant need to see a score moving beyond 780 or 800 just in terms of the real benefit to you and so I think if you just follow these biblical principles we talk about here moneywise live your responsible. You keep on track of things.

Make your payments over on time. It will get back up into that range and that 800 score is really going to get you everything you need in terms of the very best and most competitive rates and again, even though the 140 Drop Is Not Way out of balance because even FICA will say is very, wishing the best thing very much. When we returned on moneywise and I will be chatting with Mary, 76, was to know about buying insurance.

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When somebody called me know. Over and over again when you know you may be a good find. Knowing him been promised. Thank you to meeting you as many people adopt an attitude toward marriage and finances that it will all work out somehow. But sadly, it often doesn't financial woes can devastate a marriage but there is a better way. God's way, money and marriage God's way by Howard date will help you discover God's approach to growing your finances and strengthening your relationship with your mate and cultivating godly joy, money, and marriage God's way is available when you and moneywise have you with us today. This is moneywise five times more that other guy with the guy with the answers he's robbed less than work happy to have you with us on the program.

Today, however, we are pre-recorded. We will be taking your calls but we've lined up some calls in advance that I think you'll find interesting, helpful and very very practical. At least we've tried to make them that way but I think the upcoming information will help you and bless you and make you a wise steward of what God's given you as an email from Jared he says dear Rob, should I tithe on rental properties. The total rent generated monthly? Anything yeah I wouldn't tithe on the rent generated monthly net. Let me back up. You can't out give God. So whatever you want to do in the way of giving is great to be prayed up about that and hold everything loosely and then let's give generously. We know the Lord is very generous and lavish with us in terms of his grace and what he bestows upon us. Now when you use the word time though. We go back to the principle of the tie that we saw practiced in the Old Testament certainly still practiced today as well. There are obviously different schools of thought under as to whether were still under the Mosaic law were not. It's been replaced by the law of Christ and yet I believe the principle of the tithe is a great starting point. We are to give as we been prospered. We read about in the New Testament, so we should give generously and being a systematic giver on the increase of of what the Lord gives to us I think is a great beginning point, the word tithe means 1/10 and then we give generously. Beyond that, and that's where sacrificial giving comes then I would add to that if you go to a Bible believing church that teaches the principle of the tithe, and you absolutely should be a tither now how do we apply that to rental properties. Well, just like any business, your increase is really after expenses.

This is not for your personal income. This is for a business and I would put a rental property in that category. Your increase is not the total rent you receive every month because you have business expenses that have to be offset by that you may be paying interest to a mortgage, you may have a maintenance account. You may have to market the property. You certainly have your taxes and insurance that you're paying on that property. So the way I would typically approach this with any business, including a rental property is to say, perhaps quarterly or even annually.

What is my true increase for this period of time after expenses.

Even if I retain it doesn't mean I have to take it as income. Even if I retain it. What is my true increase and then to give a tithe on that. I think that would be a proper application of that principle. Thanks Robin Jared thank you we appreciate receiving that email Mary's in Jacksonville, Florida Mary, we sure do appreciate your patience what your insurance question for Rob my call. My concern is long-term care insurance all my heart with inflation protection and I didn't think about that. I may not need it, I'll just take care him but I'm getting older.

Thank hey long-term care insurance and around and not going to be pretty costly from my 870 so my question is why take out a long-term care. Maybe my mom how annuity that I have to have homecare, upbeat nursing ladders stay at home and have home healthcare, a Laramie's great questions and I'm glad you're thinking about this, you know, this is an issue that obviously is one of the most significant during that season of life.

If there is something that's going to involve a major unexpected expense during those retirement years is it's often going to be related to healthcare. We know that just the number of people age 65 years and older who will require some sort of long-term care and it's typically 18 months to two years in length is over 70% and by some studies, and so it's very common and the costs continue to rise. So how do you take care of that.

Well, planning and saving over the long term, but then also getting coverage for something like this is a great way to do it. Unfortunately, Mary. It does become chronic, cost prohibitive and the number of insurers who are willing to even write it beyond age 76 or 75 drops dramatically in the costs rise dramatically and so it's probably not an option.

Yoke the insurers scrutinize health significantly. At that point and so many of them just stop issuing policies altogether. I know that 70% of the applications over 75 are declined. Just because of the health reasons, and if it is even offered the costs just tend to be very dramatic and are not workable in the family budget so that does that mean you shouldn't look around know you certainly could do that.

I'm just concerned that you're gonna find a small number of carriers willing to do it. And even if there will will write it, it's probably not going to fit into the budget for most people. So where do you go from here.

Well, I think you're exactly right. We just need to depend on. First of all, the Lord is your provider and so that's our starting point, I think. Second, let's be grateful that you have a policy in place for your husband that will step in. In his situation at least part, in part, offset those costs, and for you. At least we've mitigated that risk because he's got coverage and so yeah, I think you'd have to rely on your own savings and if you have an annuity asset that be a great place to think about the pulling from in terms of where you go, whether you stay at home or you're in a care in a facility obviously in-home care is gonna be more cost-effective single one again to check into that.

But I think a policy is not when you go at age 76 and Mary would have to run him right in time wishing the very best long long time or moneywise investing is more than just return. It's an expression of who you are and what you value is the way you invest your money reflect your identity as a Christian that eventide we design investments for performance and a better world so you can invest with the confidence to reach your financial goals while remaining true to your Christian values and commitments. We call this investing makes the world rejoice more is invest Thank you from the bottom of my heart I could've had the procedure I needed without CHF's help sharing the bills that letter from a member displays Christian healthcare ministries purpose to glorify God and serve his people. CHF is the original noninsurance voluntary health filesharing ministry, enabling its members to share the cost of each other's medical bills, call 800-791-6225 or visit CH ministries not more.

My name is communications major at Moody Bible and giving them either radio.

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The president says we have much to be thankful for the US Supreme Court back to religious groups over New York's restrictions on gatherings to curb the spread of the coronavirus recorded a five for vote back to houses of worship that were challenging New York State's latest restrictions and coronavirus hotspots. Federal officials say national reading and math test used to track what your students know are being postponed next year to 2022 over concerns about whether such testing would be feasible or produce valid results amid the pandemic Wall Street taking the day off for the Thanksgiving holiday. US markets open on Friday but only only abbreviated session. This is SRN use moneywise live and we talk about our telephone number.

Often, usually because we live today pretty recorded so if you hear mention of the phone number please don't call us. You can find us The apostle Paul reminds us if I give all my possessions to feed the poor and if I deliver my body to be burned but I do not have love, it profits me nothing. Something worth thinking about daily basis back to our phones, Cleveland, Ohio hello Charlie, what's on your mind's car and I have not to make some money. Yes or no to the best that I can Ray so you look at put this money to work so you are going to have earned income Charlie are to be working. Is that right no, I have are not good, or to make correct or monitor the far right, following that already vegetable ice and yeah very good. You know you do have the opportunity, if you wanted to put it into a tax efficient account.

You can make contributions to a Roth IRA after age 70 1/2.

That is not the case for the traditional IRA where you get the deduction. But there is no it age limit for the Roth IRA so long as you have earned income up to the amount of your contribution, and then you could leave it in there as long as you like. You would be able to then choose the investments that that those funds are invested in and it could continue to grow. So for that portion of this earned income that you have Charlie from the farm that you don't have an immediate use for either giving more as a part of your lifestyle or some other use of it in the short term. You absolutely could put that into a Roth IRA at age 85 and I continue to do that over the years. Assuming you have the earned income equivalent to the contribution amount. If you want some more information about where to open a Roth IRA or you're looking at some mutual fund options or need some godly advice there.

You can visit with our If you're on the Internet again sound mind but we appreciate your call today and Steve got done about you, but I'd love to have some of those vegetables off the farm. Charlie what you what your best vegetable. What would what would you sell us once everything ripens up. What's your best vegetable what would you sell us once everything is ready to go on the market.

I have okay well I learn with Charlie were glad listen were glad you called. And if the if we can be of any more assistance. You know, let us know and maybe we can talk you off the year and even supply you with some additional websites or information, but let the person you spoke with the know if we need to chat with you further on this and we were glad that you got through today. Thanks very much, okra, fried okra, good for your heart. I've heard fried okra specially that I could be confused and that is something to know Ohio and not far from where Charlie is in Cleveland hi Ken, what's on your mind today.

I my wife and I thought of home about two years ago we got a fixer-upper we got pretty good price for a lot less than what it actually worth that time and were planning on getting the amount of profit out of it over.

Looking ahead at what we want to do next and were not quite sure how we make money on this house. How does it rolling to buying second and I got you and eat a kind of an idea how that works yes and can you're talking about just how you get the money out by selling one and then trying to the immediately following her simultaneously move that into another in terms of the timing or you talking about from a tax standpoint yeah okay well it's it's possible to close on the two houses on the same day, but it often doesn't happen that way.

And so that's why most people will sell one first and then find a way to temporarily live somewhere else while they're hunting for another property. Because of that very reason they need to use the proceeds from the first sale to get into the second one they don't want to go out and go shopping for the new home without selling the first one unless they have a contingency and that would basically just say the new home purchase is contingent upon the sale of your previous home of the challenges of a lot of folks don't like to take those contracts because they don't if they're selling their home to you. They don't want to have to be concerned whether your home sale falls through.

And so that's going to be perhaps a negative against you in this type of market where there are so many buyers and prices are very high in the housing market in most markets and there's multiple buyers out there and so somebody coming in without a contingency either on the spring sale of a previous home or mortgage contingency and there perhaps offering a cash offer that's going to be more attractive. So those are really your your primary options where you either sell the one and then find somewhere to live temporarily while you're looking for the next one or you go out and find the property and put it on with a contingency. I don't like the idea of you committing to one without a contingency hoping yourselves quickly because it can put you in a situation where you have two mortgages, assuming you're buying for that.

The next property and I just don't want to get overextended. If for some reason there was just an unforeseen event that caused yours to either not sell quickly or to be delayed.

Do you follow that the what I needed was bothering you like what would happen one full before moving to another house or that planning exactly how me just around one other option and this would be something you'd have to look at but in some cases, if you want to try to move only once. You could get your buyers to sell your property. First you get your buyer to agree as a part of your sale of your current home to rent the property back to you for a period of time.

And so it did you close on it. It's their home, but you're still living in it.

Based on a rental agreement which gives you time then to go out and find that next piece of property negotiated and ultimately get the closing and then you could perhaps simultaneously close on those well you would want to close on the previous property but your your rental. Would end at the time you're closing on the new property and that's one other way to go just avoids the extra cost of you having to move twice. I realize that okay yeah right you're welcome Ken, thank you for listening and calling Sir you think you can.

God bless you know lots of people may be in their middle age or older when they decide to move to a larger home don't necessarily have to sink all the property going to make it into the next home and they might consider keeping the home arena and renting it out is that a good idea for most people, becoming a landlord having a house you live in and having a rental house. I wouldn't say for most people talk about that is to the financial wealth you leave behind could be the best thing that ever happened to your loved ones or the worst, and it splitting hairs, giving your money and things to your children without ruining their lives.

Ron blue explains why it's important to make these decisions now, instead of forcing your heirs to do it later. Splitting hairs will foster a real appreciation for the precious resources that God has entrusted to you, and it's available. Click the start button moneywise. hi I'm very glad I'm here to help you understand how urgent it is to share your faith every opportunity to the eyes of a layman. In fact, it's never been more urgent. This is not the time to pray. Even so, Lord Jesus.

Quite the opposite. Because of what's going on right now, it's time to make hay while the sun shines seriously, this nerve and easily people to Jesus and right now, almost every nonbeliever wants to believe there's a God that can make sense of this chaos and most have no idea that God loves them and wants to spend eternity with him. What you take for granted is inconceivable to every time you talk with those in despair as if they know that God loves them that he loves them as much is ever loved anyone and he loves them as much he loves his own son.

We would all get mad at you when you tell them God loves. There is nothing more exciting than knowing God is using you people closer to join is not

This is maximum fine salt preserves and light illuminates but if sold, no longer preserves and light is hidden value isn't listen to the Bible. Matthew five you are the salt of the if the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again. It is no longer good for anything except to be thrown out and trampled by men you like of the wound city on a hill cannot be hidden.

Neither do people light a lamp and put under old.

Instead they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house in the same way that the owner light shine before men that they may see your good deeds and praise your father Matthew five listen to the Bible so to hear more radio a wrong turn when it comes to money.

We all past mistakes and steer clear financial potholes this month.

Moneywise the magazine is all about helping you make money wise decision with explicit podcasts and articles to steer you in the right direction where free inscription is waiting for you right #.

This is our final segment of the broadcast.

We previously recorded. Thanks so much for being with us today and we hope you'll stick around and enjoy the rest of the program right before the break, I asked a question that didn't give you enough time to answer it, but you're in your 40s, your getting ready to vacate your first home into something a bit larger. You take the prophets and sink it all into the mortgage of the second home or might you consider keeping that first home as a rental property. Any thoughts in that regard. Yeah, you know, I think Certainly I like the idea of owning real estate as a rental, I would just say couple of things number one make sure that you have the ability in terms of living within your means with margin to fund.

I think stock and bond portfolios.

First, I would see that as your default if you will for your retirement plan, but the extent to which you are on track in terms of funding up to what the Lord you believe is called you to. In terms of getting to your financial finish line over your working life, whatever that might be and I don't think there's a specific number. We all need to target. We need to approach that prayerfully, but assuming were on track with those plans, then considering another asset class like real estate. If we have the financial wherewithal to do it and we have the expertise were willing to put in the time to take the phone calls and maintain the property and keep it rented and were not relying on too much debt to do that, therefore getting us overextended, then absolutely real estate can be a very effective investment tool and it applies the principle of diversification we find in Ecclesiastes and the Bible were diversifying among asset classes, stock, bonds, and then also real estate so that's a good thing but for most people they don't have the time to put into it or they're not on track with funding their long-term plans and the typical company-sponsored plan. It would require them to take on some debt and therefore add more risk and so they be better off just plowing the proceeds into the next property and trying to get to the place where the property is paid in full. That would be you know the more conservative approach and the approach I prefer they take downright good things from okay does go back to our phones, Kalispell, Montana hello Ken, thanks so much for holding certain what your question, I have a question. Talk with you guys today, but in the area of investing we we have some monies from my just when my mom died about eight years ago, that are invested in stocks and bonds where he loved to give and the Bible talks about aspects of giving light. Proverbs 1917 he that gives to the poor honors the Lord and the Lord will repay with interest and under.

I just thought about the secular investments, no programs of stocks and bonds versus God program in the Scripture how you invest in licensing printed in chapter 9 nieces were not to be holding tanks were to be distribution centers and insert for a whole new shift.

I realized then and now are putting money into people not expecting return from them, but respecting the return sovereignly from God and doing this work 80 years old and done we want to make art lines counts as best we can for the Lord.

Believe it he will provide as we use this money for his purposes in a right way. Just need your feedback on that please. Well Ken I couldn't have said it any better than what you just said to me getting your reflecting the heart of God as you search the Scriptures you see clearly that throughout the old and the New Testament were to be givers that we were created in the image of God and he's the ultimate giver so I like to say were most like him when were giving and I think giving calibrates our hearts to his and clearly there are some some things on God's heart as it relates to the where of argument we should be giving to the ministry of God's word evangelism and preaching and teaching and discipleship of the ministry of God's mercy, the poor and needy. You mention food club to clothing and shelter, healing and recovery, even the ministry of God's justice of the oppressed and helpless victim so you we can't out give God and you as you talk about the return on investment.

Clearly the best return on investment is when we can invest money in God's economy unit compounds for all eternity. It does even compared to the earthly return on investment. So how do we balance that with our desire to take what God has entrusted to us and set aside a portion of it for the future.

What should we give away now and what should we hold onto it, should we invest what should we seek a return on that all of that needs to be taken before the Lord in prayer and the Lord may encourage you to take some of what you have been saving for your future and give it away now and I would say because our trust is in him and he is our provider follow the leading of the Lord there, he may direct you to take a portion of it in and keep it invested so you have access to it.

I think for each of us were on this journey and what I've found Candace that our financial journey is one of the key ways. God shapes our spiritual journey because it reveals where we placed our trust in it reveals what we value and when you get to this place in life, you and your bride are 80 in your 80s and you realize that you know what we don't want to increase her lifestyle anymore.

We don't need to pay any more taxes we don't need to save anymore for the future. We paid off all of our debt, basically giving is all that's left and so at this point you need to prayerfully consider Lord what is my financial finish line. How much is enough. And beyond that we want to give it away and get it into circulation in God's economy. So, I absolutely affirm what you're saying. I think you're right on scripturally and spiritually, and I think now you just need to define enough for you in terms of what you hold onto and then give the rest away.

Can it sounds like you guys really have your priorities straight and we wish you the very very best as God continues to use you and bless you because of your generosity and work that you call today. Thanks Cleveland Ohio W CRF and Deborah what you question for Rob West how you do it helped me so much. I am going to be nearing retirement in about three years and I am a public employee.

I covered by ER at eight teachers retirement system and my district happened to have a Holocene where you can get non-you lead, reimburse for a percentage of the of what you make an exit at the big exclamation. It might be close to 30,000 and at the lowest probably 20,000 and so I was wondering what would be the best thing happening initially roll it over into something and then you can take it out but they will for you to roll it into a particular program and I was just wondering. I'm going to become debt free but not Beck's refi was wondering if that didn't last. Or should I pay something out.

Have 100,000 still on my house you know 20,000 a whole lot house so what would you yes and if I hear you correctly, this is going to be rolled over as a lump sum it's not just going to dial up a monthly pension payout is that right okay what you have in that particular retirement account right now with before you get that that an increase through your sick leave. Probably I think the last time I looked like $348,000 and you can have an additional 20 so option one is you just go from 348 to 368 and that's just additional money you have available to you correct yet okay and then the question is what is the best priority use of that funds. I heard you say you have about 100,000 left on the house. Any other debts will be paid off. My be paid off by that time, but I have at least one home loan that my work redone and I wasn't planning on it.

I suppose you have renovated house. It wasn't totally renovated, but at all.

That story so I could pay off a couple of personal loans I mean you know those kind of loan. Well, I think that the steps are these. Number one is I wouldn't necessarily look at this as something to be treated separately from everything else. It's just all available to you as your retirement account so the question is is you into retirement.

What's the best way to prioritize the use of the resources God has entrusted to you. You got 360,000 you to be debt free except for $100,000 on your house and a few other loans. The key is you need to start with the spending plan what is going to take for you to fund your lifestyle and then compare that to Social Security and what you might need to draw from this retirement account every month in the form of income to cover your expenses. Beyond that, I think what might make some sense is for you to start with the personal loan.

In some of these other loans to knock those out and then work with your tax preparer to determine over what period of time. It makes sense for you to go ahead and eradicate this hundred thousand that's remaining on your house because that's gonna take a major reduction in your monthly expenses because now you're meant not make a house payment anymore. You're completely debt-free, which brings the peace of mind with it and then you have what's left let's call it $250,000 or so that you could then convert into an income stream if needed to supplement retirement and cover your bill so I'd look at the whole thing physically your tax preparer starting with those personal loans eventually getting the home mortgage paid off and up make sure you have a budget that reflects everything you've got. Each month coming out. Deborah, thank you very much for your phone call and with that, Rob. I think were going to have to put a bow on it, or a bow on the Thanksgiving turkey whatever any final boards for us.

Well Steve I would just say you know we need to be grateful and thankful every day. We've been given so much, but this is a great day to be reminded of God's faithfulness in our lives and how much we have abundance. The beginning with what he's done through his son sacrifice on the cross, that we might have life, so may you reflect on God's goodness and live gratefully today. That's right, Raven. Don't forget, I mean we all enjoyed the trappings of Thanksgiving the turkey the pie all that but remember the pilgrims were there with the Native Americans thanking God for his blessings and we should be doing that to absolutely thanks so much for joining us today on this Thanksgiving day moneywise lives. The partnership between Moody radio and moneywise media join us again next

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